New Classes on Outschool 2022-08-07

There are 1022 new classes on Outschool the week of August 7, 2022 to August 13, 2022.

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for High Schoolers - Lesson 2

STEM and a Story- On Going Class of Creating and Learning

Virtually Travel to Iqaluit NU: Canada’s Newest Capitol

Summer Falls Into Autumn: Crafts and Stories

D.R.E.A.M. (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Executive Function Coaching Age 7-10 (Ongoing)

Be Money Smart: How to Create a Spending Plan to Manage Money (FLEX)

Middle School English Language Arts (ELA): Ongoing Vistas (Advanced Writing)

Math Workshop-Master Kindergarten & First Grade Mathematic Concepts and Skills

Halloween Party! Ms. B and Friends Costume Party!

Fall Fun: Pumpkins

A Journey Through History: Let's Travel to the Ancient World!

Poetic Justice: The Activism & Art of Tupac Shakur

Drawing Winter and Holiday Gnomes

Read-In and Write-In With Teacher Cindy

Spanish Packgage Lessons Meet Twice a WEEK!

Learn to Type II (FLEX - Ages 13-18)

Learn to Type I (FLEX - Ages 13-18)

Personal Finance - Homeschool Full Year Course for High School Students-2nd Semester

Personal Finance -Homeschool Full Year Course for High School Students-1st Semester

Health & Wellness 101 Skills High School Class

Beginners Spanish (Laying a Great Foundation) Pre-K-2Nd Grade

1:1 Calculus and AP Calculus - Private Tutoring Sessions (Ongoing)

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Pumpkin

Beginner Reader Phonics Skills With Funny Dogs

Art Along | Mess It Up! Drawing Club

The Ultimate Space Race Series #academic

Grade 1 - 2 Math Review with Toothy®

Monster Truck Memory Matching Game!

Grade 5 Singapore Dimensions Math Book A- Certified Teacher- SMALL GROUP

Introduction to the Piano - 25 Minutes, Beginners, 7-12 Years Old

Spanish Vocabulary/ Easy Grammar - Beginners 1

Let's Go! ESL Beginner Vocabulary Fun! (Ongoing)

Private Invitation Only Gaming Class- Roblox Games or Minecraft

Private English Language Tuition for ESL and EAL Learners.

Wild About Cooking: Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Math Multiplication Fluency Skill Builders

Let's Learn Japanese 1.8: Places and Directions

Flex Class: Building Better Writers, Level 2

5th Grade and 6th Grade Advanced Math Challenge and Enrichment

Music Theory: Introduction to Time Signatures

Music Theory: The Circle of Fifths, A Major, E Major, B, F# Major - Class 4

Introduction to the Piano - 25 Minutes, Beginners, 13-18 Years Old

Introduction to Music Theory: 6-11 Year Olds

Creative Writing: Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan Fanfiction

1:1 Mandarin Chinese Tutoring for 45 Minutes With Ms Peng(彭老师)

Splatoon 3 - One Time Gaming and Socializing Class

Let's Study: Note-Taking Skills-The Cornell Method, Mind Mapping and Outlining

Let's Learn Science: All About Light Flex Course B2+ CEFR

Let's Learn Science: All About Sound Flex Course B2+ CEFR

Let's Learn Science: Deadly Disasters Flex Course B1+ CEFR

Writing Laboratory

The Birth of the Ancient Olympic Games

Social Media of the Ancient World

Fairytales & Stories in Italian: Cinderella (Part 2)

The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt: What Came Before and After Giza?

Henry 8th and His Wives (British History: One Time Class With a UK Teacher)

Incredible Buildings of the Ancient World! Egypt, Greece and Rome

Fashion Through the Ages (One Time Class on Fashion History: 1900s to Present)

Hawaiian Class: WĀ Alemanaka (Calendar Time)

Learn to Crochet: For Beginners!

Drawing Pokemon: Ninetails

Fine Art Fundamentals: Create Your Own Color Wheel

Photography with Visual Interest: Creative Photography & Composition

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: The Salem Witch Trials (American History)

Essay Writing Using the 4 Square Method for Beginners (Semester Part 1) English

Spanish Tutoring 1:1 Private Lesson!

Introduction to 4 Square Essay Writing for Young Writers Semester Course English

Drawing a Deer With Ornaments With Watercolor Pencils

D.R.E.A.M. (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Executive Function Coaching Age 11-14 (Ongoing)

Draw Realistic Ice Cream (Ages 10-15)

Show and Tell Fun Club !

ASL 2 Review: A Review of Intermediate Sign Language

Math 1:1 Tutoring K-12, Or Full Year Homeschool Curriculum; Customizable 50 Min.

ASL 1 Review: A Review of Beginner's Sign Language

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 2--The Rules of Check, and Checkmate!--Ages 13-18

Masks RPG - Heroes Rising (Camp)

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 1--Move the Pieces/Set up the Board--Ages 13-18

Gory Halloween Makeup Made Easy! Special FX Makeup Flex Class

Personal Finance - Homeschool Full Year Course for High School Students-1st Semester (FLEX)

Personal Finance - Homeschool Full Year Course for High School Students-2nd Semester (FLEX)

Private 1-1 Gaming Class- Roblox Games or Minecraft

Draw Kawaii Cats With Me! (Part 2)

Bridging Generational Gaps: Understanding Age Groups for Better Communications

Be a Cybersecurity & Internet User Hero! All About Online Safety Awareness

Write and Read in Cursive (Ongoing)

Queer Creativity Club (for Trans, Non-Binary, GNC, Lgbtqia+ Teens, and Allies)

Let's Chat About Video Games Social Skills

Intro to Division (Ages 5 - 9)

Introduction to Poetry (6 Week Homeschool Course)

Music Academy: Private Voice Lessons

Summer Spelling Camp: Hand's on High Frequency Words - Fun Way to Blend and Read

Little Writer to Published Author FLEX Class

French 1 Year Long High School Class With Kim, Cycle 1. Also for Year 1 GCSE.

Let's Paint Fantasy and Sci/Fi Miniatures !

FLEX Video-based Class *Introduction to Creative Writing!

Weekly Mini Grammar, Spelling, Reading, and Vocab Lessons!

Read With Me- 1:1 Class

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises | Explore Their Adaptations, Habitats, Diets, and More!

Math- Converting Between Percentages, Decimals, and Fractions

Beginner Flute!

Homeschool Fifth Grade 5th Grade Full Curriculum Ongoing All Year

Draw, Paint, Use Oil Pastels & Sculpt Clay Animals, 1 Medium per Week

Spanish for Travel Abroad: Costa Rica

Music Theory: The Circle of Fifths, a Review

Let's Practice Writing with Easy Outlines (FLEX class)

Full Curriculum Seventh Grade Math Course

Bilingual Chinese & English Story Time - Elmer the Elephant 花格子大象艾玛

Masks RPG - Sidekicks to the Rescue (One Time)

Flexible Schedule Class- Paint Like a Famous Artist

Coding a Multiplayer Splatoon Game in Scratch

SAT/ PSAT Vocabulary Prep Class

Math: 1:1 Tutoring Time With a Certified Teacher for 45 Minutes

FLEX Acrylic Fall Painting Set: Create 4 Easy Art Acrylic Paintings!

Understanding Exponent Rules

Digital Art: Procreate Drawing Club for Beginners! | Procreate 101 (Ages 9-13)

Let's Learn Science: All About Electricity Flex Course B2+ CEFR

Let's Learn Science: All About Heat Flex Course B2+ CEFR

7th/8th Grade Ongoing Language Arts (Reading Comprehension and Writing)

Digital Art: Procreate Drawing Club for Beginners! | Procreate 101 (Ages 6-8)

Fashion Design + Illustration Sketch Club

Arts & Crafts Corner: Marble Paint Your Own Galaxy!

1:1 Private Math Tutoring | Prealgebra, Algebra, Geometry

2X 30 Min 1:1 Personalized Tutoring

Cuphead | Intermediate | Gaming & Social Club | Knockout! | Inkwell Isle II

Phonics Fun

Private Coaching, Mentoring, and Tutoring for Creative Writers

Private Creative Arts Tutoring with Ms. Astrid (Ongoing)

Los Colores (Colors) - A Spanish Class for Tweens and Teens

Los Deportes (Sports) - A Spanish Class for Tweens and Teens

Los Animales (Animals) - A Spanish Class for Tweens and Teens

Hola Mis Amigos (Hello My Friends) - Beginner Spanish Class for Tweens and Teens

Elementary Math: Adding and Subtracting With Fun Games!

Tagalog for Littles 11

Video Game Coding Class: Code Your Own Snake Video Game in Scratch

Flex: Truly Tough Vocabulary Words

Italian Intermediates: Idioms (Really Understanding Italians)

Private tuition by highly experienced special education primary teacher for catch up or building confidence with Maths, Reading, Phonics or English.

Learn To Read and Write With Play and Story-Telling - Part 3 ("Talk For Writing" Program - Science of Reading)

1 Time Class Writing a Paragraph for Middle School

The Heart of the House Ongoing Cooking and Baking Dinner Class

Paint Like a Famous Artist

Book Talk: Bud, Not Buddy

1 on 1 Tutoring in Math (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Etc.)

Semester Long Contract Law Class

Learning to Play Dungeons and Dragons (Ages 9-12)

Winter Workshop: Salt Dough Ornament Christmas Crafts (Ages 12-16)

Breyerfest 2023! Share Breyer Model Horses & Experiences From the Event.

Strange Undersea Creatures in the Ocean

Introduction to the Greek Golden Age

Introduction to the Wars and Fall of Ancient Greece

Who's Shakespeare?

Music With Ms. Annette: Elementary Musical Fun

Math Tutoring: Build Math Confidence With Mr. Malikai

Music Academy: Piano Club!

English 3: American Literature & Composition Sem A FLEX

Gifted and Talented

Basic Guitar and Collaborative Songwriting 4-Week Course

Escape Room: Escape from the National Museum of Natural History!

Escape Room: Escape from the National Air and Space Museum!

Spy School: Codebreaking and Secret Codes!

Spanish 1: Greetings, Self, Community by a Certified Master High School Teacher

Don Quixote De La Mancha - Spanish 4/AP Book Study - Certified Spanish Professor

Spanish Level 3 (14-18 Years Old) by Certified Native Spanish Speaker Professor

Reinforce Reading: K - 3rd Grade by a Special Education Certified K-12th Teacher

Hands-On History: Making Ancient History Come Alive! (Part 1 Of 2)

Braille for Beginners at Your Fingertips, Certified Braille Education Teacher MA

STEM Lab: Awesome Science Experiments!

L1: Belief, Visualize, Design, Plan, Cut, and Sew With Fashion Designer DAlgarin

Introduction to an African and Hispano-Americans History by SS Certified Teacher

Note-Taking Strategies for Short 'n Long-Term Memory by Reading Specialist, M.A.

2Feet, 2Hands, 'n 10Fingers for Writing by a Certified Special Education Teacher

Private Guitar Lessons for Spanish Speakers

Prek Curriculum: Science, Arithmetic, Social Studies, Reading, 'n LA: Semester 1

Spanish 1:1 Class

1 Week Guitar Crash Course!

Elementary German (Part 1) Beginners

German for Preschoolers Ongoing

Wildlife Tracking: Part One - Introduction to Tracks!

Private Guitar Lessons for Beginners

German Tutoring: 1-on-1 Ongoing Class

Let's Learn German 2: Immersion German Class (Intermediate)

Elementary German (Part 2) Beginners

Beginner Guitar & Collaborative Songwriting

Escape Room: Escape From the Zoo!

Multiplication Mastery With Times Tales: 2 Day Class

Latin One to One: Enhanced Tutoring and Support

Paw-some Pups Memory Matching Game!

Draw a Puppy with a Bow

Growing a Family's Low-Maintenance Pollinator Garden

High School Spanish Grammar Series: The Present Tense and Present Progressive

Health & Wellness Skills 101 Middle School Class

200 Minutes of Spelling Fun

Top 10 Amazing Animals | Animals with WILD Adaptations!

Digital Art in Procreate! Kawaii,Character Design,and More! Social Club(Ongoing)

Find the Right Fit! Informal Reading Assessment

Weird Animals From Around the World- Ugly, Slimy, Stinky and Even Adorable

D&D Character Creation: Beginners Guide

Gamecon - Drawing a Nintendo Switch Monster!

Common App and College Application and Essay Writing 101 Flex

5th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 2)

Homeschool Draw and Learn: US State Birds and Flowers Edition

Rising Cellos: Lessons for the Intermediate Cello Student

Creative Drawing - Super Mario Alien Universe

Fun With Verbs: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Introduction to Garageband on the iPad for Kids (Flex Class)

Dance to Get Your Sillies Out With Imagination (6-8, Ongoing)

Private Vocal Lessons With a Professional Singer

Solo Time! An Ongoing Performance Experience for Kids

Dance to Get Your Sillies Out!

1:1 Private Multi-Day Pilates and Yoga Fitness (Ages 13 -18)

Camp - Roblox - Game Designing - Make Your Own Obby Game

Introduction to Drawing: Draw and Color the Grey Striped Beanie Boo Cat Kiki

Little French Adventurers - Let's Learn Beginners French!

Daily Grade 4 Math (Ongoing)

4th Grade Math: Full Year Curriculum- Ongoing

Major League Baseball Teams and Their Histories

Private 1:1 Reading Tutoring - With Oxford Reading Tree Biff, Chip and Kipper!

Music Reading Boot: The Bass-ics of Getting into Treble

Beginning Drawing: Purple Unicorn Beanie Boo Rosette With Markers.

Semester of Science (Ages 8-12)

Semester of Science (Ages 13-17)

Valiant Violins: Group Lessons for the Beginning Violin Student

Live Coding Classes for Ages 6 - 11

Triumphant Trumpets: Lessons for the Beginning Student

Anatomy Semester: Major Body Systems (Ages 8-12)

Anatomy Semester: Major Body Systems (Ages 13-17)

Live Coding Classes for Ages 11 - 17 [Ratio 2 : 1 ]

English Immersion Playgroup- Learn English While Playing With a Native Speaker

Christmas Seasonal Holiday Clay Club: Weekly! - (Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving)

Learn to Read and Learn to Write! (1:1 Tutoring- Two 45 Min. Sessions in 1 Week)

Learn to Read and Learn to Write! (1:1 Tutoring- 45 Minute Session)

Interactive Shapes: Move, Grove and Sing Along As We Learn Shapes!

Math Escape: A Challenging Maze of Arithmetic - Grades 3 & 4

Shakin' With Shakespeare-- A Midsummer Night's Dream for Kids

Basic Blues Harmonica for Harmonikateens – Multi-Day Version

Marine Biology Club: Let's Help Our Ocean!

The Most Dangerous Animals in the Ocean: Saltwater Crocodiles, Sharks and More!

Marine Ecology and Our Oceans Ages 13-18: Semester Course

The Most Dangerous Animals in the Ocean II: Bull Sharks, Cone Snails and more!

Marine Biology: Marine Vertebrates and Invertebrates - Semester Course

Camp: Dystopian Short Stories--The Future? or Now?

Figuring Out Figurative Language

Magic Three Persuasive Writing-- Ages 10-13

Roots and Words and Wings to Soar.

Trumpet Time 102: Articulation-Enunciating the Notes

Persuasive Writing-- the Magic Three Advanced

Vigorous Vocal Training for Acting and Speeches Ages 8-10

Marine Biology: Exploring Ocean Animals Ages 13-18 -On-Going Class-

Basic Blues Harmonica for Harmonikats and Harmonikiddos

Shakin' With Shakespeare-- A Midsummer Night's Dream for Kids

Songwriting: Poetry in Motion-Younger Students (Ages 9-13)

Trombone Time 102: Articulation—Enunciating the Notes

Marine Biology Club Ages 13-18: Let's Help Our Ocean!

First Steps for Brass: Lessons for Young Brass Players

Herbal Studies: Private Wildcrafting Section

Sing Your Way Through ELA ( English Language Arts)

Active Meditation Program: Meet Your Power Animal and More!

Marine Biology: Exploring Ocean Animals -On-Going Class-

Marine Ecology and Our Oceans: On-Going Class

English Language Arts Private Tutoring--Grades 3-12

Zoology: Full Year Curriculum High School Course -Ongoing Class-

Help! My Drawing's Stuck! 1-1 Let a Pro Help You Defeat Artist Blocks!

Book Club: Freak the Mighty (and Knights in Shining Armor?!)

Grammar Detectives: Perfecting Proofreading One Funny Story at a Time

Discovering Dystopia in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Trombone Time 103: Slidework—Flexibility, Fluidity & Finesse (Summer Music Camp)

Biological Oceanography 13-18 Years Old: Climate, Currents, Plankton and More!

Basic Blues Harmonica for Harmonikats and Harmonikitties

A Doodle a Day: Sketching Journal Workshop - Plants, Worlds, Ruins, Structures

MuseScore 4: Your Music, Your Computer

Basic Spanish: Learn While Traveling the World!

(FLEX) Anime Manga Drawing for Young Otakus - Learn at Your Own Time!

Stars & Stripes: Patriotic Tunes for Brass

Biological Oceanography: Climate, Currents, Plankton and More!

Mythology Explored Through Readers Theater

Right Brain, Write: Adventures in Creative Thinking and Writing

Dystopian Short Stories--The Future? or Now?

Best in Class—Lessons for Brass

Anime Boot Camp - Manga Drawing Crash Course!

Intro to Fitness for All Exercise Levels

English Language Arts (ELA) 9th/10th Grade (FLEX) -- 1St Trimester Class--Part 1

English Singing and Talking Club!

Paleontology Club

Cooking/Baking Homemade Yeast Cinnamon Rolls and Vanilla or Cream Cheese Icing

Marching to War: Can You Stop World War 2

The Art of Wizarding: Potions Class

Fun With Watercolor Painting: Create a Beautiful Sunset for Young Artists

Drawing Pokemon: Cyndaquil

Drawing Nintendo: Yoshi

Drawing Pokemon: Mew

Design Your Dream Board!

Draw Silly Monsters en Français

Art & Craft Social Club: Fall! Ongoing ( 8 Weeks / Once a Week / Homeschool )

Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons

Fashion Design Course: Create Your Own Fashion Collection (Ongoing)

Fun Learning All About Clouds & Weather

Happy Readers!! Small Group Coaching

MS Photography - A Full Semester Packed Into 4 Weeks- DSLR or Any Camera!

1:1 Tutoring- Learn About Your Camera! Digital DSLR Tutoring

1:1 Tutoring for Reading-Happy Words Series. Ongoing.

Middle School Genetics Course

1:1 Art Lesson: Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Sports-Themed Memory Matching Game!

Private (1 on 1) Water Color Painting Class: Beginner to Intermediate

Mummies of the Ancient World! From Egypt to South America, Asia and Europe.

1:1 Ongoing, Private Flute Lessons for Beginners - First & Second Year Students

One-On-One Singing Lessons (8 Week Block)

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for High Schoolers - Lesson 4

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for High Schoolers - Lesson 5

Fashion Designing & Sketching: Drawing a Croquis (One Time Class)

Photography 101 - Full Semester in 4 Weeks.

Book Club: Annabel the Actress!

Basic Guided Writing Strategies & Structure

Vocabulary Builder - 1

Guided Writing Summer Camp 100

Guided Writing Summer Camp 200

Guided Writing Basics 3: An Essay a Day

Critical Thinking Puzzles: Semester Course

Write On: Semester Narrative

Guided Reading Practice: 2

Writing Challenge 1: An Essay a Day

Guided Writing Basics Review 1 : An Essay a Day

Critical Reading Practice

Guided Reading Basics 1

Guided Weekly Paragraph: 2

Guided Semester Reading: Stories, Novels, Plays

Guided Weekly Paragraph: 1

Guided Reading: Short Stories

Basic Grammar Review 1

Guided Writing Basics 2: An Essay a Day

Guided Writing Basics 1: An Essay a Day

Guided Reading Practice: 1

Write On: Expository Essay

Write On: Persuasive Essay

Guided Writing Camp 1

Basic Guided Explanatory Writing

Guided Reading Semester

Guided Reading Basics 2

Write On: Semester Course 1

Writing to Texts

ACT/SAT Reading Prep

Basic Grammar Review 2

Descendants Trilogy Sing-Along and Trivia!

Improv for Beginners

Adding Fractions 101

From Boys to Men - Taking Care of Yourself

Solving Single and Multi-Step Word Problems

Story-Telling and Reading Comprehension Tips for Kids

Disney 101

Basic Lifeskills

Escape Room Hour!

Vocal Lessons for Beginners

Superhero and Super Villian Comic Book Making

Algebra : One and Two Step Equations

Tips For Writing When You Have ADHD/ADD Or Just Cant Focus

Public Speaking...For Kids!

Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving

Best of Broadway Sing-Along, History Lesson, and Trivia!

Basic French for Kids!

Paragraph and Essay Writing

Acrylic Painting: Learn How to Paint! (Level up Your Painting Skill)

Draw What You Hear With Synesthesia

Introduction Lyric Writing (With a Professional Songwriter)

Roblox Games: Play Adopt Me! and Make Friends! Jobs!

Create and Use a Counting Rope! Number 5

IEW Fix It! Grammar ( The Nose Tree) Part 1

Spooky Genetics: Halloween Themed Genetics Class

Algebra 1: Making Sense of It All! Part 3

Algebra 1: Making Sense of It All! Part 2

Geometry: Trimester 1

Algebra 2: Making Sense of It All; Part 2 of 3

Dog Training: Same Method Used to Train Service Dogs

Algebra 2: Making Sense of It All; Part 3 Of 3

Algebra 1: Making Sense of It All! Part 1

Private Spanish Tutoring for Kids

Computer Skills - Microsoft Office and Google Suite Weekly Skills

Sign Language Class "My First Signs" Onetime Class

Chess Club for Rising Knights: Historical Master Game Analysis

Book Talk Between the Fiction Lines: Hatchet and Gone to the Woods book discussions

Reader's Theater Grades 3 and 4-Builds Fluency and Comprehension Skills!

English 1: Intro to Literature & Composition Sem A - FLEX

Mrs.Stubb's Book Club (At the Back of North Wind)

Reading Comprehension, Writing & More! English Skills Galore!

High School Writing and Reading Level C Year 1 IEW- Part 1

A Jurassic Adventure : All About Dinosaurs (Ages 4-6)

Learn and Draw Your Own Cute Princesses

Les Dinosaures : French Language Dinosaur Summer Camp (Ages 4-6) (Beginner)

Learn and Draw Your Own Super Heroes and Villains

DINO World: A Weekly Exploration of Dinosaurs [Ages 5-8]

Art-venturers: Exploring the Magical & Artistic Universe through Drawing [ Ages 5-8 ]

Dinosaur Art : Drawing dinosaurs one step at a time (Ages 4-8)

Dino-Mite Standard Based Pre-K & K YEAR ROUND Curriculum: Letters, Sounds, Numbers, Calendar, Pre Writing skills, Sight Words & Dinosaurs!

Weekly French Tutoring (One on One): Custom and Personalized Curriculum Created for Your Learner! [Ages 4-15]

Private French Tutoring: Custom Curriculum & Program Created for Your Learner! [Ages 4-10] - TWICE WEEKLY

FUN-Tastic Learning : Full Kindergarten (ALL YEAR) curriculum for Ages 4-7

Dino-Phonics : Learning How to Read With Dinosaurs and Lots of Fun! (Great kindergarten prep)

The Original Dino-Letters Class : Tracing & Letter Sounds Recognition for Pre-K Dinosaur Lovers!

Fun with French I : Weekly French Lessons by a Native French Speaker

Learn and Draw Easy Kawaii Animals

Pokemon Club: Discuss and Draw Subscription Class

Dinosaur Art I : Science Meets Directed Drawing (Ages 5-8) [FLEX]

Cute and Easy Kawaii Drawing Class (Age 4-10)

Becoming a Skilled Writer With Ease for Ages 14-18 | 9th 10th 11th & 12th Grade

Transform Into a Model With Our Expert Coaching at New York Modelling School!

The Truth on How to Become an Actor With Weekly Lessons: Part 2

Stranger Things School of Acting: Acting Classes! You as the Star (Semi-Private)

"Step into the Magic: Act in Your Favorite Disney Films & TV Shows"

Millionaire Mindset Success University: Manage Your Time & Invest in Yourself!

Explore Magical Kingdoms and Fairytales Through Guided Meditation(Semi-Private)

Unlock Secrets of Hollywood's Top Acting Techniques by Studying With Top Coach

Attention, All Aspiring Entrepreneurs! Get Ready to Become a Millionaire!

The Truth on How to Become an Actor Complete With Weekly Acting Lessons: Part 1

Are You Dreaming of Becoming a Millionaire? Let Us Help! Holiday Camp

Millionaire Mindset Success Club: Master Your Life WITH Top Coach!

Become an Audition Star and Create More Callbacks With This Acting Class!

Disney School of Acting: You Are the Star!(Semi-Private)

Acting Techniques Hollywood Stars Use! Learn Their Secrets!

Comedic Improvisation: Improv Club!

Meditation and Mindfulness for Stress Relief and Community

Stranger Things School of Acting: Taught by Talent Agent! Top Acting Classes!

Unleash Your Inner Audition Rockstar and Land Your Dream Role!

Private Acting Classes With Top Coach

Hollywood Acting School: Act in TV Shows- You as the STAR

Disney Frozen School of Acting: STAR as Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff! Acting Class

Private Acting & Audition Training With Top Coach! Read More!

Hollywood School of Acting: Act in Famous Roles & Be the STAR!

Acting Summer Camp: Unleash Your Talent and Master Hollywood Secrets!

Discover Hollywood Acting Secrets! Learn What it Takes to be an Actor!

Hollywood School of Acting: Top Acting Classes with Top Coach! (Semi-Private)

Master the Art of Acting Ages 7-9! Top Acting Classes With Actress!

Act in Iconic Star Wars Scenes. Baby Yoda & Darth Vader, Mandalorian….

Boost Your Confidence, Reduce Anxiety, and Enhance Public Speaking Skills!

Let's Learn English! Beginner ESL 1:1 Tutoring (Non-Native)

Read & Learn - The Cheetah! Greyhounds of the Desert

Top 10 Keys to Unlock Test Prep Success!

Talk about a Career in Law

Unicorn Fun Camp!

Among Us Camp!

Mermaid Fun Camp!

Rainbow Fun Camp

Slime Lovers Club

Recycled Arts and Crafts with Toilet Tissue and Paper Towel Rolls

Among Us Club

Girls’ Coloring Social Club

Build a Website for Beginners! A STEM Class on HTML and CSS

Geometric Nail Art

🌻Compound Word Fun! (ESL Friendly)🌻

Kindergarten & 1st: Learn to Read Special Sounds & Vowel Pals, Write & Do Math

Drawing Sea Animals

Drawing Monster Trucks

The Human Body - Identifying Body Parts - Summer Camp

Fancy Nancy's Mermaid Ballet: Read & Dance!

Comic Book Exclamations

Drawing Dinosaurs

Drawing Planes and Helicopters

Fall Art: Autumn Landscape Collage

Drawing Sweet Treats

Perspective Drawing

STEM - How Cars Work: How Brake Fluid Works & Why We Change Oil

Ocean Animals - Summer Camp

Fall Art: Colorful Leaves

Fall Foodies: Learn to Bake Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes From Scratch

5 Day Summer Dance Camp With the Book "Jocelyn Learns to Dance"

Drawing Horses and Unicorns

Super Summer Culture Club

Christmas Art Class

Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts! Valentine's Day Reading, Dancing, & Crafting.

Pinkalicious: Mother's Day Surprise! Read, Dance, & a Handmade Card!

Drawing Sea Animals 2

Animal Art Camp- Big Cats

Drawing Farm Animals

Art and Outer Space

Animal Art Camp- Pets

Encanto Dance Party!

8 Week Beginner Introduction to Ballet & Dance

Santa Pete the Cat: Read, Dance, & Santa Pete Craft! Christmas Class!

Black History Month Art Class: Ages 5-7

Business Class 202: Customer Profiling & Understanding Who Your Customers Are

Stack of Presents: 2-Point Perspective Drawing

A Frozen Adventure With Olaf & Friends! Read, Dance, & Craft.

4 Weeks of Intermediate Ballet for Ages 5-8

Crochet Owl

What Are You Thankful for? Read & Craft

A Halloween Dance Party for Ages 3-8!

Art History for Kids: Create Art Inspired by Famous Artists: Ages 8-10

Beach Art Camp

Rainbow Art Class

Level 2 / Grade 2 Phonics and Literacy Club (3 X Week) Small Group

Animal Art Class- Sea Creatures

Princess Art Camp

Backyard Photography - A Class That’s Right Outside Your Door!

¡Español Es Divertido! Spanish 2b Semester Class for High Schoolers(14-18)

Bread Baking Basics! Let’s Learn How to Make a Delicious Load of Homemade Bread

¡Español Es Divertido! Semester Spanish 2a for High Schoolers (14-18)

4 Days of Winter Dancing & Crafting

Space Camp

Blue*Y Summer Camp: Read, Dance, and Craft!

Winter Art Class: Ages 4-6

Elements of Art: Ages 5-7

Animal Art Class- Bugs

Pirate Art Camp

Elements of Art: Ages 8-10

Principles of Art

Color Schemes in Art: Ages 8-10

Halloween Art: Colorful Spiderweb

Superhero Art Camp

Reading and Writing Private Class

Super Spanish!

Beginning Photography- 4 Days of Fun and Learning!

4 Weeks of Beginner Intro Ballet for Ages 3-6

Spanish Is Fun! Spanish 1b Half Semester for High Schoolers (14-18)

Afro Dance Basics (Teens)

Level 1 / Grade 1 Phonics and Literacy Club (2 X Week) Small Group

Let's Learn to Read! Level 0 Part 1: Abcs (2X / Week)

Level 3 / Grade 3 Reading and Writing (3 X Week) Small Group

Level 4 / Grade 4 Reading and Writing (2 X Week) Small Group

Reading and Art: Draw a Book Character

Private Cello Lessons

Colored Pencil Animals: Advanced Drawing Techniques

A-B-C Dance With Me! Creative Movement Dance for Toddlers.

On-Going Beginner Ballet Level One: Recommended Ages 3-6

Brazilian Samba Dance (9-14)

Bilingual Buddies Spanish Club

Disney Dance & Craft: An on-Going Class

Homework Club 6th/7th Grade

Learn Afro Dances From Tik Tok

The Art of Pitching to Sell Your Ideas: Persuasion and Public Speaking Skills

Snapshots Weekly Photography Club

Afro Dance (6-11)

Entrepreneurs Business Builder 1: 1 Mentoring Club With a Kebloom Mentor

Ukelele Summer Camp

💜on-Going🩰 Beginner🩰 Ballet 🩰 Ages 6-9 💜

Little Creatives Art Class

Art History for Kids: Create Art Inspired by Important Art Movements: Ages 5-7

Ready to Read CVC Words & Beyond! Phonics Blends, Read, Write, and Do Math!

Literacy Assessment / Intervention Plan

Art History for Kids: Create Art Inspired by Famous Artists: Ages 5-7

Reading and Writing Private Class

Art History for Littles

Art Around the World: Ages 8-10

Art Around the World: Ages 5-7

Christmas Eve With Veranda Santa * Read, Game & Dance Party!

PreSchool & Kindergarten Circle Time Fun 2x/Wk: Learn Letters, Numbers, &Phonics

Herbivores Carnivores & Omnivores - Plant Eaters VS Meat Eaters - Zoology

Private Guitar Lessons

Creative Movement and Show-&-Tell: Intro to Dance & Lots of Fun*Ages 3-7 Welcome

Business Class 201: Come up With a Business IDEA and Turn Passions Into Purpose

Secondary Level Reading and Writing (3 X Week) Small Group

Private Ukulele Lessons

Art Across the USA: Ages 8-10

Introduction to the Cello

Summer Camp- The Human Body - Identifying Body Parts - FLEX Course

Teen Entrepreneurs - Get ready to turn your innovative ideas into reality with our immersive 8-week program

Teen Entrepreneur Business Camp and embark on a transformative journey where your ideas come to life in just 5 days.

Art Across the USA: Ages 5-7

Kid Entrepreneur Business Camp - From Business Idea to Launch in Just 5 Days!

VAMOS: Spanish Summer Camp with Sra. Kimberly

Fancy Nancy Summer Camp * Stories, Dancing, & Crafting!

Level 3 / Grade 3 Reading and Writing (2 X Week) Small Group

Multilingual Mania: An invitation to the Romance Languages

Middle School & Teen Cursive: Learn to Write Cursive & Read Letters From History

Spanish Is Fun! Spanish 1a Semester Course for Middle Schoolers (9-13)

Level 2 / Grade 2 Phonics and Literacy Club (2 X Week) Small Group

Fancy Nancy's Fancy Valentine's Day Party!

Level 3 / Grade 3 Reading and Writing (1 X Week) Small Group

Cinco de Mayo for Cinco - $5 Dollars!

Introduction to Ukulele

Introduction to Guitar

Pinkalicious Apples, Apples, Apples * Read, Dance, & Craft!

Be a Phone Camera PRO (or DSLR)!

Princess Ballet With Favorites From Encanto, Frozen, the Little Mermaid, & More

One-Time Ballet Class

Teen Entrepreneur Business Camp! Discover the secret formula to transform your business idea into a soaring reality in an unbelievably short span of just 3 days!

Kids in the Kitchen: An Ongoing Baking Club for Young Chefs

Afro Dance (8-13)

Saturday Spanish!

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Techniques

The I Love You Class: Read, Dance, & Valentine's Love Bug Craft!

Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is Cool! Read, Dance, & Craft.

Level 4 / Grade 4 Reading and Writing (1 X Week) Small Group

Winter Art Class: Ages 7-10

Bluey "the Grannies" - Read, Dance, & Craft Fun!

Ballet With Themes, Crafts, Stories, and Lots of FUN!

Bluey: Dance Mode Musical Statues Dance Party!

Fancy Nancy's ❄ Snow Day Fun ❄ 📖 Read & Craft ✂

Entrepreneurs Club: Kebloom Business Community Gathering for Young Entrepreneurs

Ready to Read Bossy/Silent E & CCVC Words! Phonics, Sight Words, Write & Do Math

Snap! One Time Photography Class for Ages 5-10

Launch Your Business Idea & Create Your Own Online Store & Start Making Real $$!

FLEX Pre-K Creative Movement Dancing, Alphabet Fun, & Coloring Pages Each Week!

Kid Entrepreneurs - From Ideation to Launching a Real Business in 8 Weeks!

Business Class 102: Step-By-Step Process How to Start Your Own Business

Business Class 101: What Is an Entrepreneur & Can Kids & Teens Be Entrepreneurs?

Spanish Immersion Club

Afrikaans to Zulu: World Languages Spoken in Africa

Spanish for Travel Abroad: Spain

Winter Craft & Dance: Snowman Fun!

Dual Language Immersion: Travel Abroad to Mexico

Color Schemes in Art: Ages 5-7

Homework Club 4th/5th Grade

Pre-K & Kindergarten Fun~Full Curriculum W/Letters, Numbers, Phonics. 4x/week

B*L*U*E*Y* the Pool * Read & Craft!

Spanish Is Fun! Beginners Spanish 1a Semester for High Schoolers (14-18)

Pinkalicious's Pinkatastic, Eggstraordinary Easter! *Read*Dance*Craft*

Animal Art Class

Pete the Cat: Five Little Bunnies *Read*Dance*Craftivity*

Weekly ABC's In English and Spanish

Pretty Pumpkin Macarons! Learn How to Make Deliciously Cute Pumpkin Macarons

Halloween Art: Haunted House at Midnight

Art History for Kids: Create Art Inspired by Important Art Movements: Ages 8-10

Drawing Trains

Fancy Nancy's Fancy Earth Day Celebration! *Read & Craft*

Mrs.Stubb's Crochet Club: Basics

Fun With Fiber-Sharing and Exploring Fiber Arts

Make a Stuffed Bear-Flex Class

Single Stitch Diagonal Wash Cloths-Flex Class

Crochet Topped Hand Towels-Flex Class

Second Grade Science: Complete Curriculum- Ongoing

Science Experiment: This Is the Way We Wash Our Hands... and Why!

Explore Continents & Map Draw: Africa the Countries Cultures & Geography

Learn To Read and Write With Play and Story-Making - Part 1 ("Talk For Writing" Program Online Class)

How the Greeks Outsmarted the Persians: The Battle of Salamis (Greek History)

Animal Arts and Crafts Club

Draw a Penguin Holding a Snowman Ice Cream

Nox Ludōrum: Lūdī Dīscipulīs de Lingua Latina (Early Intermediate Latin Games)

Play, Talk, Create, Have Fun Socializing

Pop Songs - Beginners Ukulele Summer Camp

U.S. History: Exploration Through the Revolution for Ages 13-18 (Semester-Long)

Ancient Civilizations FLEX: Rome, Maya, Aztec, & Inca for ages 13-16

Ancient Civilizations FLEX: India, China & Greece for ages 13-16

Rapping the Vowels: A, E, I, O, U....and Silly Letter Y

Conquer the Bedrock Tower: Minecraft Escape Room Part 1

Franklin the Turtle Book Club: Reading Comprehension, Social Skills, Mindfulness

Book Club: The Sisters Grimm - Book 9 - The Council of Mirrors

Book Club: The Sisters Grimm - Book 8 - The Inside Story

Book Club: The Sisters Grimm - Book 7 - The Everafter War

Beginners/Intermediate Procreate Fashion Design: Learn to Draw and Color Beautif

Valentine's Day Adventure: Holiday Traditions & Celebrations Around the World

Famous Easter Eggs, Traditional Decorating, Games & Easter Holiday Art!

St. Patrick's Day Adventure: Learn Traditions Around the World and Create Art!

Lucky Leprechaun Adventure: Travel on a St. Patrick's Day Journey & Create Art!

Artist Storytime: I Can Create With Shapes!

Artist Storytime- You ARE an Artist!

Spanish Boot Camp 1b - Talking about School, Hobbies & Pastimes

Social Skills for Autism Teen Girls

Would You Rather Fun Social Summer Class- Bring Your Lemonade and Snacks!

Learn With Ms. Price: Learn to Write Interesting, Descriptive Sentences With a Certified Teacher! {FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE CLASS}

Realistic Butterfly Drawing Using Colored Pencils/Art

Private 1:1 Violin Lessons With a Professional Symphony Musician!

A Literature and Film Study of Jane Austen FLEX

Let's Find the Circumference and Area of a Circle

Start Your Own Photography Business With This Starter Toolkit!

Creative Photography 201, Full Semester Course

Little Musicians Beginner Piano Christmas Course 1 (Flexible Schedule)

Myths & Legends of the Easter Bunny, Fox, Rooster & Other Animal Stories

Success & Happiness: Social Skills, Executive Functioning, Self-Improvement

One on One Math Homework Tutoring (55 Min)

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for Middle Schoolers - Lesson 5

Art Class: Drawing & Painting Animals (Ages 9-12)

FULL Year 5th Grade Math Class, Taught by a Licensed Teacher!! (2x/Week)

Let's Learn Tagalog: The Filipino Alphabet and Numbers

Let's Learn to Introduce Yourself in Spanish-For Beginners

Let's Learn the Alphabet and Learn to Introduce Yourself in Spanish

Spanish Immersion 101 for Beginners (7-11 Years Old)

Tagalog Language Course for Primary Kids (Ages 7-9)

Let's Learn Tagalog: Lessons I - 6 (FLEX)

Let's Travel to Asia: The Philippines

Tagalog Language Course for Teens (Ages 14-18)

Beginners Conversational Spanish Immersion level 1 (8-12 Years Old)

Beginners Conversational Spanish Immersion Level 2 (9-13 Years Old)

High Intermediate Conversational Spanish Immersion (13-16 Years Old)

1-on-1 Private ESL (English as a Second Language) Class for Beginning Learners

Let's Speak Tagalog: Asking Questions in Filipino (Ages 9-14)

Tagalog Language Course for the Youth (Ages 10-14)

Spanish Private Tutoring

Let's Speak Tagalog: Introduction to the Filipino Language

Spanish Private Tutoring For Siblings

Spanish Immersion for Little Ones ( 4-7 Years Old)

Tagalog Language Class for Young Kids (Ages 4-6)

Tagalog Language Course for Primary Kids (Ages 7-9)

Let's Have Fun: Fundamentals of Preschool and Kindergarten

Beginner French Reading: Small-Group Interactive Class

Dragonology Adventure Quest: Preparing for the Quest

Adventures With Rainbow Magic: The Color Fairies Literacy and Art

Sing, Move and Learn French: Body Parts!

Sing, Move and Learn French: Numbers!

Dragonology Adventure Quest: The War and the Prophecy

Adventure Quest on the Isle of the Lost: Search for the Stolen Artifacts

Creative Play Date: Sofia and Me

Sing, Move and Learn French: Letters A, B, C, D!

Make Your Own Arcade Video Game: Super Mario Bros. Edition

5 People From French History Who You Should Know

Descendants Adventure Quest: Welcome to the Isle of the Lost

Shakespeare's Famous Comedies B

Pig Explores the Pumpkin Patch: An Interactive Sight Word Story- October Only

Dragonology Camp: Jade Mountain Academy Adventure Quest

Shakespeare's Famous Tragedies A

Alexander Hamilton is Better Than Thomas Jefferson

Pig Goes to Egypt: An Interactive Theme-Based Sight Word Story Time

Wings of Fire Escape Quest: Flames of Hope The Quest to Save Pantala

Minecraft Coding Camp

Aviation Science: The Effects of Acceleration on Pilots

Learn to Fly! Level I--Flying the Airplane

Learn to Fly! Level II--The Aviation Environment

Aviation Science: The Effects of High Altitude Flight on Pilots

Aviation Science: Spatial Disorientation

Ch3mi5try For Everyone Camp

Creative Play Date: Dragon Party

Pig Goes on Safari: Interactive Sight Word Story Time

Women Wrote, Too: The Lesser Known Playwrights of Early British Theatre

Pig Goes to Space: Interactive Sight Word Story Time

Wings of Fire Escape Quest: Dragonets of Destiny

Adventures of Pig - Christmas Edition Interactive Sight Word Story

Creative Play Date: The Perfect Princess Tea Party

Creative Play Dates: Holiday in the Castle

Shakespeare's Peers & Rivals: Meet the "Other Guys" in Elizabethan Theatre

Sound Design for Theatre

Learn Gujarati - Four Days a Week

Private Group Tutoring for Gujarati/Hindi

Beginner French Reading: Small-Group Interactive Class

Great Works: Survey Literature, Art, Authors, Artists, & Thinkers

Weekly Topics in Aviation - Fun Flying Discussions

Algebra for Everyone Camp: Expressions/Like Terms/One Step/Two Step Equations

Learning Gujarati! (Beginner)

Learn the Basics of Sewing With a Sewing Machine!

Pig Journals: Story Telling & Journaling Summer Camp Adventure for Early Readers

Shakespeare's Famous Tragedies B

Shakespeare's Famous Histories B

Beginner Character Development for Fests, LARP, & RPG (Ages 13+)

History of the Cold War

5 Battles that Changed the Course of History

10 Speeches in American History You Should Know

1:1 Math Tutoring From Trained and Experienced Special Ed Teacher (1x/Wk, 4 Wks)

Aviation Science: Weather

Minecraft Coding: Ride the Ender Dragon and other Fantastic Beasts

Shakespeare's Famous Histories A

Dragonology: Jade Mountain Academy Year 1

1:1 Reading/Writing Tutoring From Orton Gillingham Sped Teacher (1x/Wk, 4 Weeks)

Shakespeare's Famous Romances

Learning Gujarati - Level 2

Shakespeare's Famous Comedies A

Hacking Web Games: Coding With Javascript and Modern Developer Tools

A Brief History of Democracy: Where'd The Right to Vote Come From?

Pig Goes to the Circus: An Interactive Sight Word Story Time

American Sign Language Music Club

The Crochet Social Club: All Inclusive Ongoing Interactive

The Sewing Club: A Friendly Place to Sew and Socialize

Adventures of Pig Detective: Interactive Sight/ Theme Word Story Time

ASL 2 (American Sign Language) Intermediate

World of Warcraft Social Club - Pre-teens

World of Warcraft Social Club - Mature Players

American Sign Language (Beginners)

The Shakespeare Society Club for Teens

Meet the Presidents: Introduction to the US Presidents

Private Tutoring (Gujarati/Hindi)

The Strangest Secret: Big Ideas That Will Change Your Life

Multiplication Masters

Dragon Trainers Club

5 Philosophers You Should Know: Introduction to Philosophy

Dragonology Adventure Quest: A Message From Hiccup

"Halloween Party With American Sign Language"

Culturally appropriate American Sign Language for LGBTQ community

Pig Goes Trick or Treating: An Interactive Sight Word Story- October Only

Pig Cage Dives With Sharks

Pig Explores Spring Flowers: Interactive Color Themed Sight Word Storytime

Pig Explores a Haunted House: An Interactive Sight Word Story- October Only

Pig Goes to a Halloween Party: An Interactive Sight Word Story- October Only

Creative Play Dates: Storybook Adventures

Dragonology Craft: A Guide to Raising Dragons: The Dragon Egg

Rosemary for Remembrance: A Journey Into Shakespeare's Garden (Ages 13+)

Christmas in Guatemala! Learn Guatemalan History, Culture, Christmas Traditions

Weekly Minecraft Intermediate Coding Fun! Awesome Coding Projects Every Week

Beginner French Reading: Interactive FLEX Class

Rosemary for Remembrance: A Journey Into Shakespeare's Garden (Ages 9-12)

Learning Gujarati - Level 3

Roblox Game Design Class: Make Your Own Obby Game

Read to Me Private Session

Christmas in Denmark! Learn Danish History, Culture, & Christmas Traditions

Pig Explores the Grand Canyon: An Interactive Sight Word Story Time

Aviation Science: The 4 Forces of Flight

Wizard Academy: Year 1

Learn to Fly - Intro to Air Navigation

Learn to Fly! Level III - Aircraft Systems and Emergency Procedure

Beginner Conversation Gujarati

Learn to Read Gujarati Alphabets (Only Consonants)

Pig Explores the Rainforest: An Interactive Sight Word Story Time

Basic Conversations Gujarati Camp

Pig Explores the Ocean: Interactive Sight Word Story Time

Hindi Conversation Class (Age 12-17)

Learning Gujarati: Level 4

Gujarati Conversational Club! (Age 11-15)

Wings of Fire Escape Quest: Escape the Queen's Arena

Creative Play Date With the Brave Scottish Princess

Wizard Academy: Halloween Celebration

Wings of Fire Escape Quest: Escape the Cave

Cakes and Ale: A Feast at Shakespeare's Table (Ages 13+)

Adventures With the Dragon Masters: Reading, Craft, and Escape Room

All the World's a Stage: Tips and Tricks for Reading Shakespeare (Ages 13+)

Weekly Minecraft Coding Beginner Fun! Learn to Code With New Projects Every Week

Cakes and Ale: A Feast at Shakespeare's Table (Ages 9-12)

Beginner French Reading: Interactive FLEX Class (4)

Science Continuum for Everyone: From Atoms to Space to Cells to Humans.

Wings of Fire Escape Quest: Ending the War of Sandwing Succession

Dragonology Adventure Quest: Wings of Fire Roleplay Adventures

Wizard Academy Common Rooms

Beginner French Reading: Private 1:1 French Tutoring

Beginner French Reading: Semi-Private 2:1 French Tutoring

Gujarati Group for Summer

5 Battles that Changed the Course of History (Condensed)

Wings of Fire Escape Quest: Escape the Kingdom of the Sea

Learning Gujarati: Beginner (Age 5 To 8)

Christmas in Australia! Learn Australian History, Culture, & Christmas Tradition

Reading Comprehension Tutoring 1:1 With an Experienced Literacy Specialist

Around the USA with Mr. Clark

Around the World with Mr. Clark

A Very Brief History of Democracy: Where'd The Right to Vote Come From?

Ready to Read: Blending/Segmenting (Phonemic Awareness) 1:1 Dyslexia Tutoring

Sing, Move and Learn French: Body Parts

Sing, Move and Learn French: Letters E, F, G, H!

American Sign Language ASL 1

Stunt Pilot! How Pilots Make Airplanes Do What They Want

The Pilot’s Lounge

Air War! The Origins of Air Combat

Reading Assessment From Literacy Specialist, Dyslexia Tutor, Special Ed Director

Spanish Club (Introduction to Spanish)

Gujarati Conversation Club: For Ages 8 To 12

100 Ch3mi5try For Everyone: An Interactive Approach to the Atom and Elements

Adventures with the Rainbow Fairies Summer Camp: Story and Craft

A Dragon Trainers Guide to Training Dragons: Color and Chat

Adventures With Rainbow Fairy Magic: Weekly Imagination and Craft

Wizard Academy Adventures: Roleplay, Escape Rooms, Potions, Treats, and More.

Learning Gujarati - Level 5

American Democracy: Advanced Placement (AP) US Government & Politics

Coding Web Games: A Clicker Game W/ HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Become a Code Archaeologist: Intro to Javascript and Hacking the Chrome Dino

Drawing Sonic Characters Step by Step Flex

Understanding The Way Things Work Now: A Guided Study of Machines! Semester 1 (10-14yo)

Public Communication & Speaking: Tips to End Nervousness & Giving Great Speeches

Write a Novella in 10 Weeks FLEX

Horses 101 - What It Takes to Have a Horse, From Feeding to Riding

Archaeologist in Training! Learn How to Excavate Your Own Site.

Threats to Marine Ecosystems (Ages 12-16)

Weekly Animation Club Using Procreate for iPad

8th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 1, Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation)

Watercolor Flex Class

Highschool Algebra 1 to 1 Private Tutoring! - 1 Day per Week

A Black People's History of the United States

Photoshop / Photopea 101 Camp

Tutoring With Mrs. Baxley! One-On-One Tutoring.

Private Songwriting Coaching

Let's Escape: Can You Solve The Crime? B2+ CEFR

Easter Holiday Party & Candy Fun: Jelly Beans, Chocolate Eggs, Bunnies & Art!

Little Zoologists: Animal of the Week!

Little Astronauts and Astrophysicists: Space Exploration Club!

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for Middle Schoolers - Lesson 4

High School Chemistry: Ongoing

The Outsiders: Literature Study and Writing

1st Grade Full Curriculum Ongoing

Basic Biographies Presidents of the United States - Ongoing

2nd Grade Full Homeschooled Curriculum (3 Times A Week)

1st Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum (3 Times a Week)

Food History: An Ongoing Series Making and Learning About Candy Through History

Let's Speak Spanish! (Intermediate Level Conversation, Once a Week)

Let's Speak Spanish! (Relaxed and Guided Beginner Level Conversation, Once a Week)

Recorder Club! - Level 2

Math Escape Room: My Teacher Is an Alien! Ages 7 - 9

Spanish Chat Club Beginners (Ages 12-15)

Chinese Cooking Soybean Paste Noodles (Zha Jiang Mian)北京炸酱面

Let's Talk About DOGS!

Go for the Gold Olympic Mania! What Do You Know About the Olympics? Kahoot-style

Science: Clouds Exploration Ages 5 To 8

Jumpstart Your Reading With Word Families and Vowel Teams!

Phonics Level 1: Letters S, T, and L

Play the Pirates' Way

Ancient Egypt Mystery Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Professor!

Build Confidence & Self Worth While Increasing Social & Emotional Skills! 12-15

New Year's Winter Adventure: Holiday Traditions & Celebrations Around the World!

Poetry Writing: Metaphors (and Similes) Be With You!

Spring Art Made Easy : How to Paint a Lamb Using Watercolor

Thanksgiving Turkey Science: Travel on a Holiday Animal Adventure & Create Art!

Latin 1 (Class 1): Pronunciations, Conjugations, Translations, Oh, My!

Play Together! Minecraft SMP Survival Club

Autumn Owl and Pumpkin Art

Level 4 Form Drawing -Rome & Geometry - Ongoing Course

Beginner’s Drawing- How to Draw Your Own Face! (Self Portrait Study)

"Toddler Tune Time" Music & Movement Class for Kids With Ms. Annabelle (3-5)

Math Escape Room: Our School Rules! Ages 9 - 12

Draw Dragons Inspired by Wings of Fire | Dragon Drawing and Sketching for Beginners

Math Escape Room: My Teacher Is Missing! Ages 6 - 8

Social Skills for Kids With Autism

Cursive Handwriting - Upper and Lower Case Letters and Art (FLEX Class)

Cursive Handwriting - Ongoing Class

Semester Ukulele Class

Phonics to Build Reading Fluency

Anatomy and Physiology

Chinese Dim Sum - Siu Mai /Shao Mai 烧卖

Cats of the Ancient World! A History Through Art and Archaeology

Ready to Write: Essay Skills Writing Workshop

Fashion Design and Clothing Illustration: Pretty in Pink & Purple

Learn American Sign Language -ASL in 30 Minutes! Basics

Christmas Holiday Adventure: Trees, Ornaments, and Decorations Around the World

Christmas Holiday Animals: Travel on a Reindeer Adventure to the North Pole!

Halloween Bat Science: Travel on a Bat Adventure, Meet Animals & Create Art!

A Gingerbread Mission - Merry Christmas From Mars & Seasons Greetings From Space

Festive, Fizzing Candy Canes: A Winter Science Class

1:1 ESL - Blue!

Practice Pythagorean Theorem

Investigating Algebra Two (Part2 Of 5)

101 Private - Learn to Play Favorite Songs - 1 Hour Weekly

2Nd Grade Full Year Math

1-on-1 Tutoring: Elementary School Sentence Building and Basic Grammar

Level 2 Reading Instruction - Phonics and Guided Lessons

Realistic Animal Drawing and Sketching | Slow-Paced for Beginners | Semi-Private Art Class

Meet Your Teacher!

SAT Math Test Prep

Arts & Crafts Corner: Paint an Autumn Tree Using Cotton Balls!

Teens Cook: South African Favorites FLEX

Let's Go on a Piano Roadtrip! Part 1

Fiction Writing Crash Course! for Middle Schoolers

Teens Bake FLEX: European Breads

Pre-K Music & Movement for ALL Learners (ASD, ADHD, Special Ed)

Five-Paragraph Essay Workshop: How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Let's Get Organized: Clean Your Room (13-17)

Elementary Math- Long Division Made Easy (One Time)!

High School Music Appreciation: Ongoing

High School Geometry: Ongoing

Let's Practice English: An ESL Class

Wild Animal Art! Watercolor Painting and Oil Pastels

Waldorf-Inspired Fairytales, Letters, and Form Drawing

Dance Party Workout!

1,2,3 Let’s Fiesta! On-Going Spanish Classes for Beginners, Once per Week

Chick Chick Chicken Fun (Flex)

ACT Study Group - English and Reading

Got My Mojo Workin': Muddy Waters & The Great Migration

Give Peace a Chance: Protest Music of the Vietnam War

We Shall Overcome: Music of the Civil Rights Movement

Combat Rock: Punk Rock and the Cold War

Beginner Sight-Singing Club: Learn to Sing From Sheet Music! (Middle School)

Violin, Viola, or Cello Lessons - Private 1:1 Violin or Viola - Multi-Day Format

Middle School Health: Part 1 Flex

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 3 Pt 5 (Age 13-18)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Begin. Class 3 Pt 4 (Age 13-18)

Beginner Sight-Singing Club: Learn to Sing From Sheet Music! (High School)

High School Study Skills One on One Coaching, Homework Help and Time Management

Strange Sharks Beneath the Ocean Waves

Learn Your Colors in Spanish

Let's Learn Our Numbers in Spanish 1-10

Waldorf-Inspired Human Being and Animal Block

Sunshine Violin Group Class Level 1 C

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Flex!

Language Arts Semester 1- Ages 10-13

Dungeons and Dragons Classics! Keep on the Borderlands (Shadowdark)

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Celebrations!

Speech, Presentation, Public Speaking Club for High Schoolers

Way Below the Withdraught: Dungeons & Dragons Through the Multiverse (Ages 10+)

ACT Study Group - Math and Science

Learn How to: Add, Subtract, Multiple, & Divide in Equations and Word Problems!

Art History: Drawing and Painting Exploration (Semester)

Level 6 Violin Group Class

Artsy Custom Drawing Birthday Party!

Private Lessons on Brass Instruments

Private Math Tutoring: In English or French!

Crochet: Puppy Dog

Crochet: Deer/Reindeer

Summer SPLASH (Rising 3rd Graders)

Life Science Semester Class

The Thesis Statement: What You Need to Know in Order to Improve Your Writing

A Space Odyssey: 5th Grade Science (Full Curriculum)

Writing, Grammar and Punctuation Course - FLEX - 15 Weeks

Add and Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Be a Lawyer: Legal Studies Through Star Wars Parodies

SMALL GROUP Level 2 SAT & ACT Reading Prep | Weekly Practice & Guidance

Learn to Make a Paper Star Decoration for the Holidays (15-18 Yo)

Ongoing Spanish Immersion Curriculum For Beginners

Arts & Crafts Corner: Paint an Easy Watercolor Jellyfish!

English Language Arts (ELA) 9th/10th Grade -- 1st Trimester Class (Part 1 of 3)

Learn About Horses: Horse Colors!!

First Grade Sentence and Paragraph Writing

Math 8th Grade Homeschool FULL Curriculum

You, Me, & the Book!: Interactive Shared Reading for Ages 6-8 (1st/2nd gr) 1x/wk

Daily Salsa 5 - Senorita Tren (FLEX)

Ongoing Distance Running Club!

7th Grade Full Curriculum English Language Arts (ELA) 2nd Semester

Elementary Music FUNdamentals With Ms. G | First Grade General Music Class

Session 2 - Japanese for Kidz II

Summer Science Trivia- What? Why? How? Let's Answer All Those Tricky Questions! (With Sink or Float & an Experiment!)

Remedial Math 101 A - Fundamentals of Math Help Class A

Let's Chat: Building Social Skills through Conversational Practice

Individualized Art and Drawing Course! (Ages 10-14)

Get Leaping With Leonardo Da Vinci Art Drawing Class! - Meets One Time

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for High Schoolers - Lesson 1

Minute to Win It: A Silly, Wacky Game- Play Date/Birthday Party Edition

Create with Modeling Dough Autism Class

Major Goddesses of Greek Myth: 5 Week Flex - Mighty Women of Mythology

Reading Enrichment Levels Q-T/Fall

Social Media Wealth for Teens (Intro to Business in the Digital Age) Ages 14-16

Semi-Private Music Lesson - Learn an Instrument in a Friendly Small Group

Piano Primer: Songs on the Black Keys B - Ongoing

Making Words 1st 2nd | a Proven Approach to Strengthen Spelling Decoding Phonics

Making BIG Words! 4th & 5th Grade | a Proven Approach to Strengthen Spelling

Scholastic News Summer Camp! 2nd 3rd Grade | Reading, Writing, & Vocabulary

Scholastic News 3rd 4th Grade Summer Camp! | Reading Writing Language Arts

Elementary Health: Part 1 Flex

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: ESL Beginner Pre-A1 for Older Learners, Ages 7-11

Disney Imagineering: Classic Rides

(Flex Class) 9th Grade Health and P.E.

Discover Niagara Falls Ages 12-15 Flex

ESL: Show-And-Tell, Conversation, Speaking

Middle School Geography Full Curriculum

Learn English and Make Friends: Alphabet and Phonics Pre-A1 Course

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: ESL Total Beginner Pre- A1 Alphabet and Phonics Club, Ages 3-7

Let's Escape: Race Around The World Escape Room

Adjectives and Nursery Rhymes: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Fruits and Vegetables in French

Top Most Terrifying Fish on the Planet!

Stress Management: Managing Stress and Anxiety

Introduction to Geometry Class: Angles and Polygons by Certified Math Teacher

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 2 (Age 13-18)

Yoga + Mindfulness (Teens/ Ongoing)

Simple Acrylic Painting: Landscape Sunset

Understanding Structure: Bridge Design

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