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New Classes on Outschool 2022-08-14

There are 466 new classes on Outschool the week of August 14, 2022 to August 20, 2022.

M-F Gifted and Talented Homeroom: Brain Teasers and Gifted Psychology Lessons

Becoming Your Best Self! Emotional Intelligence & Social Skills Ongoing Class

Hands on Oceanography

Preschool Circle Time Fun and Games

Gaming Club: Kirby's Dream Buffet!

Advanced Algebra | Art of Problem Solving (AOPS) | Full Curriculum

Puppy Cafe ( Weekly Training Sessions)

Photoshop 103: Chop Shop Camp

First Grade Math Curriculum (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Roblox Club: Royal High Fans!

Children Learn as They Play

Storytelling: Oral Narration Only (Dysgraphia and/or Dyslexia Focused)

Camping and Constellations(Reading, Story-Telling, STEM)-Part 2(Ages 6-9)

Let's Play MEDIEVAL Minecraft SMP! (Java PC/Mac) - Weekly meetup!

4-Week (FLEX) Camp- Monet (Perfect for First-Time & Beginner Painters)

Everyone Is an Artist: High School Art Course Semester

Ongoing Private Spanish Tutoring (1 Hour/Week)

Piano Summer Camp- Happy Birthday Song

Full Year of 5th Grade Mastery Method Math (Part 1 Of 4) *ESL/EFL Friendly!

Photography Club: How to Make Your Images Great! Camera or Phone

Magical Cat Wizard -Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Introduction to Statistics: Probability

Music Theory for Guitar Players Understanding Chords and Chord Formulas

1:1 Private Spanish Tutoring (30 Minutes/Ongoing)

Not All Sheroes Wear Capes: Women's History, Girl Power Bootcamp & Activist Art!

Snacks & Books, Book Chat Cooking Club

(On-Going) Don't Believe Everything You Think. Ways to Cope With Anxiety

Creative Writing Club (5-8 Grade)

Keeping up With the Kingdoms and More!

1:1 Math Tutoring 6th-9th Grade -5 Days a Week - Ongoing

Phonics and Reading Tutoring for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Graders

JACK O’LANTERN FUN! Halloween Paper and Crayon Art

Time Management With Time Blocking in Google Calendar-10-13 Yrs.

Secondary English: A Full Semester for 7th, 8th, and 9th Graders

My First Spanish Class - Spanish and English Circle Time for Preschoolers and K

Small Group Orton Gillingham Beginning Reading, Part 4

1:1 Free Your Inner Freewriter and Begin Any Writing Assignment

Reading & Spelling Unlocked (2x a Week Support for Dyslexia & Growing Readers)

One-on-One Creative Writing and Art Class | Draw and Write Novels or Stories 1:1

Sunshine Violin Group Class 1 D

1-on-1 Spanish Tutoring (Middle/High School, AP Exam Advising)

Group Singing Lessons for Young Beginners

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Math Class - Telling Time

Let's Practice Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Facts Tricks

How to Learn New Vocabulary Words in Seconds

What Do IVY League Schools Look for In Your College Application?

30 MINUTES Private Math Tutoring Grades 3rd Through 8th by Former Math Teacher

Manage Your Time Like an Ivy League Student

How to “Get in the Zone” & Reach Your Peak Performance

Descendants Themed Dance Camp

Subtracting Numbers with Borrowing (Re-Grouping) Super Easy

One-To-One Private Math Tutoring 3rd - Pre-Algebra (One Time Class)

One-to-One Private Math Tutoring Once a Week (Ongoing) (3rd-Pre Algebra)

7Th Grade Math Quarter 1

6Th Grade Math 1st Quarter (5 Weeks)

Fun Math Through Kahoot!

How to Study Smart: Crack the Code to Higher Test Scores!

Study Tips for Straight A’s & Learning in Half the Time

Weekly Dance Class - P.E. Substitute

Public Speaking for Youth

5th Grade Summer Math Camp (Ongoing)

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Elementary Math Class - Geometry

Private Dance Class

Let's Sign Together: ASL Club for Beginners

Preschool & Sight Words With Miss Tiffany

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 15-- Forcing a Stalemate!

Meet the Teacher

Be Your Own Boss: Entrepreneurship Club for Kids

Do You Have an Eye for Photography? Summer Photo + Tip Sharing Club!

Star Wars Bad Batch Season 2 Discussion Group

Montessori Culture Club: Diving Into Ocean Zones

The Confidence Club for Kids Who Want to Stay Cool, Calm, and In Control!

Mathletes 6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Class With a Licensed Teacher (1x)

Beginner Latin: Language, Roman Culture/History &Mythology - Homeschool Friendly

Fashion, Accessories and Makeup of the Ancient World: Let's Draw and Learn!

One Minute To Find It: Scavenger Hunt Social Club-Start Your Day-Move Your Body!

Dance With Me Second Position - Ongoing Session

Book Club: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Dungeons and Dragons: Bounty Hunter's Guild

Cute Chibi Princess Drawing Club -- Tinker Bell (One-Time)

Genres #3: A Dash of Magic - Academic Fantasy Literature & ELA Semester Course

One-on-One Tutoring for Advanced or Gifted Learners

Drawing Masterclass: How to Draw a Realistic Halloween Pumpkin!

Kindergarten Math Curriculum (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Fun Phonics 2 : Reading Support With Cvce, Consonant Blends, Vowel Teams and Much More!

Parts of Speech - English Grammar Course - Homeschool, After School, & TESOL

1:1 Test Prep: How to Succeed in Test-Taking

Geometry, Analytically | Precalculus, Module 7

Aesop’s Fables, Ongoing Story Time

Advanced ASL Part 4 Ages 5 To 8

Drawing Animals: Step by Step

Cryptocurrency for Beginners - Learn Blockchains, AI, Bitcoin, Metaverse NFTs, a

Middle School Life Science - 32 Week Curriculum - Ongoing - Certified Teacher

Children’s Classic Poetry Story Time, Ongoing 25 Minutes

Private Art Class - Draw, Sketch, Watercolor, or Acrylic Paint! 1-On-1

Beginning Creative Writing: Science and Nature Focused Writer's Workshop

Unlocking the Power of Your Brain: Strategies for Social Anxiety.

Managing Classroom Anxiety. Taking Care of Your Mental Health In School.

American Government I - The Constitution

3rd and 4th Grade American History Class

Gifted Enrichment Club for Little Brains (Ages 5-7)

Draw a Cute Giraffe

I Can Read Sight Words for Kindergartners! Reading & Learning With Teacher Dianne

One-On-One Art Tutoring! Drawing, Sketching and Painting of All Levels (35 Min)

Two Research-Based Note-Taking Systems to Significantly Enhance Learning

MATH Homework Help and Tutoring- 55 Minutes

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 3--The Rules of Castling!--Ages 13-18

Christmas Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Present! (Ages 7-9)

5th Grade Math Unit 2 (Addition and Subtraction with Decimals)

Raptors: Birds of Prey

Writing a Research Report (MLA Format, Grades 5 & 6)

Let's Dance! (K-pop Dance Class)

Chemistry Made Easy: 30 Minute Private Tutoring Session for AP Chem

Holiday Chat and Craft: Drink Hot Chocolate and Make a Hot Chocolate Craft!

7th Grade Math Quarter 1

Converting Units of Measurements in Easy Steps

Private Math Tutoring Grades 3rd- 7th (One Time Class)

Learn to Multiply- What is multiplication?

Multiplication Facts Tips and Tricks Part 1

Finding the Volume of Prisms Step by Step

One-to-One Private Math Tutoring Once a Week (Ongoing)

Preschool With Nearpod: Colors, Letters, Shapes, Songs, Phonics, and Numbers 2x Week

The Land of Stories Book Club: The Wishing Spell (Book One)

5th Grade Math Camp (Ongoing)

The Land of Stories Book Club: The Enchantress Returns (Book 2)

Magic Tree House Book Club: Story Mapping, Visualization, Comprehension, and Discussion

Junie B. Jones Book Club: Story Mapping, Visualization, Comprehension, and Discussion

Finding the Percent of Change

1:1 Private Tutoring for Reading and Handwriting: Preschool to Second Grade

Let's Doodle!

Semi-Private Math Tutoring Grades 3rd- 7th

Calculating Sales Tax and Tip

Private Math Tutoring Grades 3rd-7th (Ongoing 2 days a week)

Whatever After Book Club: Story Mapping, Visualization, Comprehension, and Discussion

Practice Book Talk: Social Club Ages 11-15 (Ongoing)

Creative Writing: Draw a Story Using Teamwork and Creativity (Ongoing)

Share What You Are Reading: Social Group for Bookworms Ages 7-11 (Ongoing)

Letter Detective: Learn Letters and Their Sounds for Beginning Readers Pre-K/Kindergarten

Sight Word Practice: Reading, Writing, and Spelling

Chat and Craft: Reindeer Christmas Card

The Land of Stories Book Club: A Grimm Warning (Book 3)

6th Grade Math End of the Year Review

Mastering the "No Makeup" Makeup Look for Everyday/Anywhere Beauty

German for Friends (Beginners) Homeschool Class Full Curriculum

1:1 Accountability and Inspiration Station

Draw a Cat by Draw So Cute

French for Friends (Beginners) Homeschool Class

Lite Summer Spanish Camp for Beginners, Part 2

Full Introduction to Watercolour Painting - Self-Paced

LITE Summer Spanish Camp for Beginners, Part 3

Fun With French II : Weekly Advanced Beginner Lessons for Ages 5-9

Let's Learn About Animals!

Cello Lessons - Private 1:1 Cello for Beginners to Advancing Musicians

Bake Delicious Pie Crust and 3 Show Stopping Pies, All From Scratch-Video Course

Young Architects! Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Hands-On Activities

Geography Middle School Semi Private with Feedback

The Girl Who Drank the Moon: Literature Study

Space Mission 1: Intro to Astronomy-Telescopes & Constellations (Ages 10-14)

Space Mission 1: Intro to Astronomy-Telescopes & Constellations

Music Academy: Private Composing Lessons

Psychology of Language: Semantic Illusions

Día de los Muertos Vocabulary Class

Piano Lessons or Music Keyboard Lessons

Fashion History of Wedding Dresses From 1900s to Present (One Time Class)

Geometry Class First Quarter: Part 1 of 4 Certified Math Teacher

High School Literature 2: Reading, Comprehension, Writing, & Literary Analysis

Study Skills for the College-Bound: W-O-O-P for Time Management & Motivation

A Taste of Kitchen Science: A Four Week Appetizer of Kitchen Science

Music Academy: Singing Club!

Trumpet Time 101: Truly Transparent Tone

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Class - For All Skill Levels

The Ultimate Comic Club: Have Fun Writing as a Beginner Comic Creator!

Singapore Dimensions Math 8B (Weeks 9-16)

Singapore Dimensions Math 4B (Weeks 9-16)

Singapore Dimensions Math 2B (Weeks 9-16)

Hands-On Math Extension- Review It Wednesday

Singapore Dimensions Math 3B (Weeks 9-16)

Singapore Dimensions Math 1B (Weeks 9-16)

Creative Writing Through Imagery

Ornithology Camp: Research, Draw/Craft Project and Present Birds!

Marine Biology Camp 1: Research, Draw/Craft Project and Present Marine Animals

Hands-On 2nd Grade Math | Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication | Multi-Sensory

Math Masters! 1:1 Math Intervention Tutoring Struggling Learner Dyscalculia 30 min

IEW Fix It! ( the Nose Tree) Part 2

Let's Read and Play! Reading Practice and Games for 2nd Grade~Reading Club~ 2X/Wk

Writing 6 Paragraph Essays to Perfection

Montessori Kindergarten Circle Time (4-6 Year Olds)

Prealgebra Unit One With a Licensed Math Teacher

French - Let’s Read Stories (Beginning Readers)

Aviation Everything Spring Camp

Learn Typing and Computer Skills for Elementary School

Fortnite for Everyone One-time Class

Creativity on the Page: Mixed Media Art Journaling (Collage, Paint, Draw, Etc)

Algebra 1 Series: Solving Systems Using Elimination.

A Bookworm's ELA - 5th - 6th Grade Full Curriculum - Semester 1

How to Get a Perfect 1600 SAT Score Math & Reading

6th Grade Math Unit 1 (Operations with Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Fractions)

Spanish Review of Present Tense Verb Conjugations

Level 2 Spanish Club!! (3x a Week)

Mastering 6 Paragraph Essays With Ease 14-17

Mastering 6 Paragraph Essays With Ease FLEX 13-17

The One and Only Ivan: Literature Study

Mandarin Chinese Calendar and Circle Time (K-2) (Academic Year) (Level 1)

Space Mission 1: Intro to Astronauts & Space Travel (Ages 10-14)

Space Mission 1: Intro to Astronauts & Space Travel

Spanish Club Level 2 (Beginners conjugation and Sentence structure)

Kickoff Your Piano Playing With Keyboard Kickoff

Space Mission 1: Intro to Space-Exploring Our Solar System (Ages 10-14)

Space Mission 1: Intro to Space-Exploring Our Solar System

Flee the Dark Forest: Minecraft Escape Room Part 2

1 on 1 Guitar Lessons - 55 Minutes

Small-Group Gymnastics - Ongoing

1 on 1 Guitar Lessons - 25 Minute

Kickstart Your Ballet Training! (Beginner Self-Paced Flex Course)

Semi-Private Writing Tutoring - College Prep Writing Instruction & Essay Review

Writing Cursive Sight Words

An Introduction to Addition

A Week in Preschool

Becoming a Reader!

Fifteen Minutes With Letters and Sounds!

Writing and Speaking in Sentences

Private Piano Tutoring (Ages 8-12)

Piano Clinic: Tutoring for Piano Technique and Theory Ages 8 to 13

Social & Communication Skills Club ~ Speaking, Listening & Following Directions!

Beginner Latin - Part II: Latin Language, Roman Culture, History, and Mythology

4th Grade Full Curriculum Ongoing

3rd Grade Full Curriculum Ongoing

FLEX Side Hustles & Businesses for Kids Entrepreneurial Money Skills 8W1

FLEX Side Hustles & Businesses for Kids Entrepreneurial Money Skills 8W2

5 Day Great Side Hustles Jobs / Business for Teens to Make Money Now Class 5W2

5 Day Great Entrepreneurial Side Hustles Jobs / Business for Teens to Make Money Right Now 18

General Psychology - Explaining What We Do and Why We Do It - Semester Multi-Day

Fantastical Aliens I (Ages 10-14)

Private Tutoring Math - One to One - Ongoing - 40 Mins

Book Club: Raymie Nightingale by Kate Dicamillo

American Girl Time Travellers: An American Girl Camp With Art and Games

Creating Watermelon Cupcakes

Guided Meditation and Journaling - Camp for Tweens

Chinese Culture Exploration ( Cycle Teaching )

Famous Artists Club

Treehouse Shenanigans- The 143 Story Treehouse Reading Book Club by Andy Griffiths

Mastering 6 Paragraph Essays With Ease FLEX 10-14

Hola! La La La 2! Learn MORE Spanish Through Song (6-9)

1-on-1 Private Tutoring

Reading Comprehension and Writing High School

Reading Comprehension and Writing Middle School

Reading Comprehension and Writing Elementary

Dissecting Dystopia: Intro to Dystopias

A Is for Alphabet: Let’s Learn Our ABC’s!

One-On-One Kawaii Animal Drawing Lesson

Milkshake Drawing Mania...Let's Draw Fun and Easy Milkshakes!

Mastering 6 Paragraph Essays With Ease 9-13

Tagalog for Beginners (Ages 5-7)

Herpetology-Snakes 1: Research & Discuss Snakes Around the World! 10 Wk (Ages 9-12)

6th Grade Full Curriculum Ongoing

Level 3 Sketchnoting for the ADHD Brain: Note-Taking for Divergent Thinkers

5th Grade Full Curriculum Ongoing

Private Piano and/or Singing Lessons, 8-Session Bundle of Music

Multisensory Reading and Spelling Help Using Orton-Gillingham Principles 4x/Week

Social: What's Going on Here? (Inclusive)

1:1 ESL -Would You Rather Game- Practice English

Draw Alligator Pie Shapes and Lines

Roblox - Beginner Spanish With Native Speaker Ongoing - Meets Once a Week

Pre Algebra: Sequencing and Finding the Missing Numbers

Upbeat Intermediate Hip Hop Class - 9-12

Upbeat Beginning Hip Hop Ages 7-10

ASL for Beginners: 20 School Signs

Math Checkers: A Math Game for the Mind - Grades 3-6

Math: Algebra 1 Semester 1 *First 1/2 of the Year* Course!

Super Spellers Middle School Edition Part 1

"Minions: The Rise of Gru" Jazz Dance Class

Beginner Beam Skills

Small Group Orton Gillingham Beginning Reading, Part 2

Private Class: Mini Math Mysteries (2nd Grade Concepts)

5th Grade Math Unit 1 (Addition and Subtraction with Fractions)

Molecular Chemistry Building Like a PRO!

Small Group Orton Gillingham Beginning Reading, Part 1

Time Management Tutoring

Montessori Math Time With Golden Beads: Place Value, Making Numbers & Operations

Beast Academy 3C: Math for Gifted Students

1:1 Weekly Tutoring- Creative Writing for Middle School Students

1-1 Piano and Beyond (Piano, Songwriting, Music Production, Theory!)

Learning Spanish Is Fun! - Practice Spanish Singing Children's Songs

*WINGS OF FIRE DRAGONS* Polymer Clay Sculpting Dragons "Dragonets of Destiny" #1

"C" You in the Middle - Piano Club

Critical Thinking Skills Using Art

Pumpkin Patch Fall Mystery

Zoology Weekly

Preschool Pumpkins: A Fall Themed Preschool Circle Time

Botany - A Scientific & Creative Arts Study of Plants: A Waldorf-Inspired Class

1:1 Tutoring | Pre-Algebra Through Calculus (25 Minute 4-Pack of Sessions)

Spanish Vocabulary/ Easy Grammar - Beginners 2

Algebra 2 Full Curriculum: Ongoing

World Literature Part 1 of 4 I Full Year Curriculum Self-Paced

Super Space Science and Art Club With Miss Erin

Into the Wild of English With Cats: A Full ELA Semester for 5th, 6th & 7th Grade

Ongoing French Immersion Class (Conversation)

Let's Become a Junior Leader: Level 2

High School Economics: Ongoing

Ukulele Tab Reading and Finger Picking

*WINGS OF FIRE DRAGONS* Polymer Clay Sculpting Dragons of the "Jade Mountain" #2

Level 10 Reading, Reading, Reading: Phonics, Fluency and Fun!

Explore a Poem, Write a Story: The Listeners by Walter de la Mare.

Homeschool Writing Portfolio Part 2: Semester Long Writing Course

1:1 High School Geometry Tutor - 1 Hour

60 Minute Test Prep for Lower, Middle and Upper ISEE, HSPT and SSAT

Spooky Scientific Method: Variables & Graphing with Halloween Theme

Storytime Fun! Stories and Games for Fun and Learning

*WINGS OF FIRE DRAGONS* Polymer Clay Sculpting Dragons of the "Lost Continent"#3

Ornithology Weekly

Novel Writing

Super Mario Bros: Let's Play!

A Cosmic Adventure Into Space

1-on-1 Math Escape Room Adventures for 3-6 Year Olds

Virtual Field Trip: Let's explore the National Parks!

All-Star Writing Challenge: All-In-One Writing Curriculum

Let's Dance! Let's Learn Basic Zumba Rhythms and Steps! Let's Learn Merengue!

Just Anime Talk (Ages 10-13)

Just Anime Talk (Ages 14-18)

Montessori Tutoring for Kindergarten/Preschool/Prek - Phonics, Reading, Writing!

4th Grade Math Unit 1 (Place Value and Adding/Subtracting Multi-Digit Whole Numb

Baseball Preview and Predictions: How Will 2024 Play Out in MLB?

Morning Meeting: Friendship and Socialization for Grades K-2

Poetry, Passion, & Purpose: Black Women, Girls, & The Art of Poetic Expression

1 - 1 Reading/Writing Tutoring - Early Literacy - Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Informed

Draw With Me: Superhero Spider-Man & Villains (Self-Paced Class)

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 14-- Perpetual Check!

Comprehensive 4th/ 5th Grade Math: Full Year Complete Core Curriculum! (Ongoing)

Private Sewing Lesson, Ongoing: Choice of Topics 1:1

Earth Science High School Semesters 1&2: Geology, Weather, Oceans, Space, Geog.

1-on-1 Escape Room Mystery Adventures for 7-9 Year Olds

What Do You Think? Thought-Provoking Questions Lead to Critical-Thinking Skills (Ages 7-11)

Monthly Private Piano or Voice Lesson

Roblox Club: Bloxburg!

Private ( 1 on 1 ) Drawing Classes: Beginner to Intermediate | 10-Week

Advanced ASL Part 3 Ages 13 To 18

Earth Science Middle School Semester 1: Geology, Weather, Oceans, Geog, Space MD

Rice Krispy Brain Model

Mechanical Fun: The Physics of Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Hands on Earth Science

Create a Minecraft Guide

Brilliant Bioluminescence: Make a Pop up Angler Fish

Fun With Physics: Newton's Laws

Pop up Layers of the Earth Card

Human Biology Project Based Learning

Paper Projects and Everyday Physics-Flex

Exciting Entomology: Insect Morphology, Diversity and Mechanics! (Older)

Just Desserts Beginner to Intermediate #2 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Let's Talk Tanks!

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade Seven Part One

Individual Piano Lessons-Flipped Classroom Style

First Grade Math: Full Curriculum Ongoing

The Unbranded Project, Jr. - Media Literacy

Teen Entrepreneur: How to Start Your Own Business & Earn $$$ (Ages 14-18)

Tween Entrepreneur: How to Start Your Own Business & Earn $$$ (Ages 9-13)

Creative Photography 101 Semester: Shooting & Digital Darkroom Editing

Digital Illustration: Art With Digital Tools! Adobe Illustrator Level 1

Storyboarding 101

Summer Photography Camp for Ages 9-12 (Level One)

My First Music Class

Summer Photography Camp for Ages 5-9 (Level One)

Beginning Music Theory

Singing Lessons

FLEX Primer Part 2: Piano Adventure Beginner Course (Practice Videos + Kahoot!)

Digital Illustration: Art With Digital Tools! Adobe Illustrator Level 1 - KIDS

Camp for Beginner Musicians

Making Music Theory Fun! (Level 2)

Intermediate Music Theory

The Abc's of Music: Intro to Music Theory

Beginning Music Theory

The Abc's of Music: Intro to Music Theory

Intermediate Music Theory

Beginning Music Theory

Composer Quest: A Journey Through the Life of Great Composers

FLEX: Fun & Easy Beginning Piano for Kids (Ages 6-9) #Piano

Ongoing One-On-One ELA Tutoring!

Illustrating Your Own Map for Writers & Gamers

Ms. Diana's 2023 June Piano Recital

Ongoing 1-1 Private Classes With Ms. Diana: 50 Minutes

Ongoing 1-1 Piano Adventures With Ms. Diana: 25 Minutes

Piano Adventures Camp With Ms. Diana! MUSIC & PRACTICE VIDEOS INCLUDED PART 1

Primer Part 1: Beginner Piano Course (Practice Videos + Kahoot! Included)

Surface Pattern Design: Creation & Uses

Teen Entrepreneurs: Side Hustles, Jobs, and Gigs- Ways to make Money! $$$

FLEX Primer Part 3: Piano Adventure Beginner Course (Practice Videos + Workbook)

Succulent Kern!

Composer Quest: The Life & Music of Great Composers

How to Start a Sticker Business (for as Little as Ten Bucks)

FLEX Primer Piano Adventures FAVORITE SONGS with Ms. Diana!

Intro to Music for the Young

Wings of Fire Social, Writing, and Roleplay Club

Spanish Role Play for Advanced Students

English- Let’s Read Stories (Automatic Readers) (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: B2)

American Government - The Legislative Branch

Music Academy: Recorder Club!

Lost Mine of Phandelver: A 10-Week Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Crazy Critters: Animal Adaptations

1:1 Hour-Long Tutoring With a Rocket Engineer! All Math and Science Subjects

Monet: Simplified Bridge Over Pond Step by Step Acrylic Painting

Private 1:1 Learn to Read in 100 Days of Classes - Ongoing: 3 OR 4X a Wk Option

Van Gogh: Simplified Starry Night Step by Step Acrylic Painting

Private Tutoring for Struggling Readers (Orton-Gillingham)

Vamos a Comer (Let’s Eat!) - A Spanish Class for Tweens and Teens

Legend of Zelda Social Club for Teens (Weekly)

4th-6th Grade Science Curriculum: STEM Hands-On and Project Based Semester Learning (Ongoing)

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master Club RPG Adventure and Story Crafting

Algebra 1.5

Math Mashups - Puzzles, Riddles, and Brain Teasers

Princess Story Club and Sharing Time: A Magical Princess Experience

Math Private Tutoring - One to One - Once a Week - 55 Mins

Spanish with Profe Natalia - Ongoing/Full Immersion Class!

Typing for Middle School - Homeschool Keyboarding / Typing & Computer Applications Semester Curriculum

Algebra 2 for Mathematicians: Lab Explorations Hands-On Activities

Algebra 1 for Mathematicians: Lab Explorations Hands-On Activities

Circle Time: Letters, Beginning Phonics, and Sight Words! (1x/Week)

What's for Dinner #34 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Writing Workshop: Elementary Creative Writing

Spanish for Beginners: Hola Amigos, Learn the Basics Weekly Class

Nature Meditation for Middle School Students

Shoe Tying 101

Private, Individualized Math Tutoring/Classes for k-8th grade.

Sonic Drawing Club

Roblox Adopt Me! Building Camp - Learn to Build Like a PRO!

Autumn/Fall Social Club: Apples, Leaves, Pumpkins, & Scarecrows!

Learn to Make a Paper Star Decoration for the Holidays (8-10 Yo)

Advanced Prealgebra Using the Art of Problem Solving (AOPS) Quarter 1

Artefacts of the Ancient World! Learn and Draw Ancient Treasures.

The News in Rap : Current Events & Language Arts Class (Ongoing)

Video Game Talk - Special Education (ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, etc.) (Teens)

AP Calculus AB: Easy as Pi! (Weekend Review)

Charlotte's Web Novel Study. A Reading Comprehension Building Book Club

All About Writing (Pre-K Through 4th Grade)

Axolotl Social and Share

Biology Group

Winter Math Class

2nd Grade Full Curriculum Ongoing

Private 1:1 English Tutoring All Levels - Reading, Grammar, Writing and More!

Introduction to Paragraph Writing With the 4 Square Method Semester Class

Life Skills With Virtues - Happiness (Age 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues - Gratitude (Age 7-12)

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Outer Space Stamped Planets!

Amelkin's Ace the Digital SAT Grammar and Reading!

Grades 1-3 Math (Summer Camp): Number Sense and Math Facts

Beginner Recorder!

Drawing Pokemon: Rowlet

Creative Car Photography Ages 10-13: Make Toy Cars Look Like Real Cars

Drawing Pokemon: Vulpix

The Mamenchisaurus Dinosaur Who Is Extinct but Alive in Our Hearts.

Let's Have Fun With iMovie! (Mac Computer)

Punjabi - One on One Conversation Class for Older Students

Drawing Super Heroes

Lines Move and Wiggle: Art Class

Music Cryptography: Hidden Messages in Music

Dungeon and Dragons Open World Silfaria (Mid to Advanced)

Full Semester: Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time & Curriculum (Parts 1-9)

1:1 PSAT/SAT Test Prep Tutoring & Strategy 4 (English) Reading & Writing, Math

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Fall Birch Tree Painting!

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Fall Tree Painting!

What's for Dinner #33 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

U.S. History: Revolution Through Reconstruction for Ages 13-18 (Semester-Long)

Nature-Ific Circle Time - Outdoor Exploration Right at Home

Spanish for Teens: Individual, Siblings or Friends Semi Private Weekly Class

Holiday Paint Fun at Priscilla's Paint Factory! Lets Paint a Happy Snowman!

Beginner Family Meals #2 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for High Schoolers - Lesson 3

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