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Wizard Academy Common Rooms

Prepare for magical adventures in this group inspired by wizards and magic. Learners become students at Wizard Academy, collaborating on wizard inspired challenges, Escape Rooms, Trivia, and more!
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Introducing Outschool Groups

Wizard Academy Common Rooms

Wizard Academy Common Rooms is a community of learners that come together on Outschool to share what they’re learning, ask questions, participate in challenges, and get feedback on their projects
Challenge: Halloween Adventure Escape Room
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Group Experience

This class is taught in English.
Learners are encouraged to participate and interact “in character” as much as they would like. Together they will explore monthly challenges through the lens of Wizard Academy, building team work, leadership, creative problem solving, and self confidence all while having fun working together remotely to earn house points.
Miss Rachel offers popular Wizard Academy interactive collaborative classes on (and off) Outschool through which learners explore the world around them through the lens of the Wizard World. Using cross curricular methods intertwined with theatrical and dramatic skills learners can "enter the world of the story" as they work together to solve challenges, explore academic topics through a wizard lens, and have fun sharing their love for fiction about wizards, magic, and fantasy worlds similar to those in popular books.
Welcome to Wizard Academy! 

This group is YOUR group, and will be the most fun if you interact often and get to know the other group members, and members of your smaller group or house! 

Every interaction will earn points for you, and your house. The more you interact, the more badges you earn for yourself, and the more points you earn for your house. (You can check the status of your badges and your house points by clicking the link in the group posts and visiting the Wizard Academy Hub) 

There will be numerous post/threads active at any given time; 

CHALLENGE POSTS: complete these activities and share your results to earn House points and badges

ADVENTURE POSTS: These are roleplay adventures in which learners help build a story together. Check in often to read and help move the story forward. 

LEARNER POSTED: Have a question? Want to share some knowledge or discoveries with your friends? 
View and create posts any time, at your own pace..

Group Leader

Rachel ElizabethImagination and Education
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About Me

NOTE: If you don't see a time that fits your schedule, please send a request with times that work for you! I am often able to accommodate suggestions. 

Since most of my classes depend on learner interaction, I will reach out to families enrolled... 
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