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New Classes on Outschool 2022-07-31

There are 911 new classes on Outschool the week of July 31, 2022 to August 6, 2022.

The Escape! Close Reading Comprehension Strategies Using Suspenseful Text

D.R.E.A.M (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Navigating Middle School Girls Ages 11-14

The True Story of the Radium Girls

NFL Football Analytics & Discussion (Ages 11-14)

Discover Niagara Falls Ages 12-15

English With U.K Native Tutor Amanda: Practice Your Reading Skills 'Katie in London'.

Play With Dough: Balance and Symmetry (Dough Art Class)

How to Write an Essay for Beginners | Easy Method With Great Results!

Ongoing, Private Art Lessons 1:1 (Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Games, and More!)

Geography Circle Time: Sing, Play, and Explore: Preschool and Kindergarten

Intro to Social Media Cybersecurity

Comic Strip Writing Workshop: Procedural Writing

Art: Let’s Paint an Acrylic Gum-Ball Machine Step by Step!

Art With Ms. Heidi: How to Make Paper Snowflakes ❄️

Ukelele for Beginners Introductory Music Class

Advanced Grammar for ESL and EFL Students

Art: Let’s Paint a Cupcake Step by Step!

Art With Ms. Heidi: Let’s Draw a Bear Wearing a Sweater

Unstable Unicorns 101

Let's Talk Space: An Introduction to Planets.

English Sight Words Ages: 4-6

Verbs In Action: Understanding, Identifying and Using Verbs as Parts of Speech

Let's Talk Space: Planets

1 on 1 Math Tutoring with Games! (6th, 7th, 8th Grade, Algebra 1, Algebra 2)

Cogat 101 -Intro to the Test

Alphabet Surprise Eggs

One-On-One Private Tutoring in Spanish With Music and Fun Games!

Draw and Paint: Three Snowy Winter Animals

Preparing for the SHSAT Reading and Writing Section

Get Energized with A Four-Day Multiplication Fact Workshop!

Playful Piano Journey for Ages 5-9, Part D (FLEX Class)

Drawing Class | Bookworm Owl

Division Facts Fluency Rainbow Adventure

Drawing Class | Fall Hedgehog

Piano Primer I - Part A: Songs on the Black Keys - Ongoing

Elsa & Olaf - Spring Celebration

1-On-1 Easy Start Mandarin Chinese (On going for Age 5-11)

How to Make a No Sew Blanket

Time to Tell Time-Introduction to Telling Time-

1:1 Reading/Writing Help With a Special Education Teacher

ASL for Beginners - Ongoing Class

Brain Dump Journal Writing Social Club for Teens: Draw, Write, and Talk

"Paint-Tastic" Painters Club!

Building a Moon Village!

Introduction to the Notice & Note Strategies for Close Reading

Math Talks: Let's Think and Talk About Math! Ages 7-9

You, Me, and the Book!: Interactive Shared Reading for Ages 6-8 (1st/2nd Grade)

Create Your Own Prime Numbers and Prime Factors Grid

Simplified Mandarin Chinese Beginners A2 - Speak/Listen/Read/Type

Simplified Mandarin Chinese Beginners A1 - Speak/Listen/Read/Type

Fruits of Fall: Seasonal Fall Crop Identification

Beginner Japanese Club - Gain Knowledge, Develop Skills and Build Confidence

Reading Camp: Let's Read!

My Hero Academia Art: Anatomy Sketching & Drawing Intermediate Course: Flex

Let's Draw Fairies and Fairy Gardens!

Discover Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” | Travel Through Time! | Art for Kids

Psych Chats

The A-Z of the Current 208 Sovereign States - Geography, History, Language 12-17

Drawing Class - How to Draw and Colour Sunflowers

Human Beginnings- Our (Homo Sapiens) Ancient Ancestors!

First Time Learning Letter Sounds and Recognition With Mrs. Madison

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Part 5 (Age 13-18)

Explore Horse Riding Disciplines!

Black History: Untold Stories for Young Learners

History and Music - Meet the Beatles: What Makes the Fab-Four so Fabulous?

Preschool Gymnastics - Let's Learn to Forward Roll!

ESL Conversation Practice Private One-On-One, One-Time Class

ESL Conversation Practice Ongoing Private One-On-One Class

Neuroscience For Middle & High School Mini Session (4 Week FLEX Class)

I Can Read Even More Level Two With Mrs. Wolf

Introduction to Alkanes

Write a Novella in 10 Weeks

Map Making Made Easy: Create Your Own Town!

Pre-IB Math - Skill Building (Grade 8-9)

Plotting Workshop: Plan and Start a Novel with Published Novelist Kim Purcell!

Fantasy Dollhouse Field Trip: Private 1:1 English/Language Development Tutoring

Adopt Me Roblox Mini Neon Extravaganza + Eggs/Boxes!

The Process of Visual Arts - The Future of Virtual Production in Movies & TV

Let’s Learn About and Draw Robots!

Unicorns Unbridled

Devious Descriptors: Halloween Costumed Critter Chaos With Parts of Speech

Algebra 1: 1st Quarter With Certified Math Teacher

Middle School English Language Arts (ELA) Unit 1: How We Change and Grow

Blending CVC Sounds With Word Families Using Trucks and Other Vehicles

Circle Time With Ocean Animals: ABC, 123, Vocabulary & More - ESL Friendly!

Bassoon Private Music Lesson Tutoring: All Levels

Dragons From Dinosaurs

Dark Night Scene Acrylic Painting

Kindergarteners/First Graders Learn to Read With Systematic Phonics: Part 1 Of 4

Kindergartners Learn to Read With Systematic Phonics: Alphabet Part 2 Of 2

Along Came a What?! Spooky Story Writing Adventures: Halloween Parts of Speech

Extra Tutoring (ongoing)

STEM - Geology, Energy and Earth Science

Paint and Learn About Koalas | Art & Science for Kids!

Fly Into Spring With Watercolor Butterflies! Art & Zoology for Kids!

Wild and Unstructured Geography for 3rd/4th Grade

For the Love of Mermaids

Elementary Music Appreciation: Ongoing

Art Adventures: Afterschool Art Club

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Book Club

Conversation Practice With Peers (Disability & Person Autistic ) Social Club

Why Do I Have to Brush My Teeth? Kids Oral Hygiene 101

Travel to Rome: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Paint & Learn About Giraffes | Art for Kids!

Pre-Algebra Prep Boot Camp Part 2 (4-day)

Writing Fashion and Jewelry Stories

Pastel Flower Acrylic Paint Along

Beatrix Potter Book Club

Flex Class : I Learn How to Read in French Intermediate

How to Write a Complete Sentence and Paragraph

The Dreamer Novel Study, 3rd-5th Grade, Deep Discussions on Novel's Messages

Roblox Social & Gaming Club: Piggy Build Mode

Socials Skills and Conversation From the Mouths of Children

Princess Art Academy (Flex): Draw Elsa, Moana, Ariel, & Jasmine Step by Step!

Flex Class : I Learn How to Read in French Beginner II

Flex Class : I Learn How to Read in French Expert

Addition and Subtraction Within 1000 (Level 1)

Animal Club: Desert, Ocean, Underground, Snow Animals, Animals That Glow & More

Back to School Math Boot Camp

On-Going Advanced Logic Puzzles

Beginner Art: Simple Mountain Painting With Acrylic Paints

Kindergartners Learn to Read With Systematic Phonics: Alphabet Part 1 Of 2

High School Creative Writing Club: Exercise the Mind, Stretch the Imagination

1 on 1 | Build Communication, Social, & Conversation Skills with a Pro Coach

Early Readers Phonics: Read, Write, Spell: CVC & Sight Words: Section 1

8Th Grade US History: Semester Class (Part 1)

Individualized Structured Multisensory Literacy Instruction

ESL - English as a Second Language Tutor - 1 on 1 Tutoring Subscription

K-2 Writing: I Can Write!

Everyone Needs Hugs and Sight Words

Private Math Tutoring and Math Homework Help (60 Min)

Solving Systems: Systems of Equations

Roundup Rounding: 2- and 3-digits (2 -day course)

Arts & Crafts Corner: Easy Watercolor Hearts Painting

Coral Reef Acrylic Painting

Under the Sea! Coral Reef Painting With Thickly Applied Acrylic

Manners for a Dragon

Game That Math: Complete 5th Grade Math 1x a Week

6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Quarter 4

4 Effective Ways to Multiply 1-Digit by 2-Digit Numbers (Ages 8-11)

Fun Creative Writing Time (Ages 10-13)

Roundup Rounding: Part 1

Chocolate Coconut Cake; Intermediate Plus Chefs - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Intro to Celtic Guitar

Young Aviator Flight School - Get Ready for Takeoff

Roundup Rounding: Part 2

Weekly Chess Tournament

California 4th Grade Common Core Math Test Preparation

Study Airplanes With Hands-On Projects | Aerodynamics Engineering (Multi-Day)

Private Tutoring Lessons With Mrs. Katreece: 2 Days

$1 Million Coach: How To Be a Millionaire: Private Tutoring (Ages 8-18)

Science Around Us: Understanding the Environment Sequence

Acrylic Landscaping Art Theory Study - 1:1 Camping Tent Painting

Middle School Music Technology: Part 1 Flex

Middle School Music Appreciation: Part 1 Flex

Latest Discoveries in Astronomy From the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)!

Applied Digital Skills: Learn and Share Group D

Applied Digital Skills: Learn and Share Group C

Applied Digital Skills: Learn and Share Group A

Science Around Us: Geology and Chemistry Sequence

Creative Writing Workshop for High Schoolers

Tree P.E.: A Nature-Inspired Story and Movement Session

ELA Literature Book Club - Island of the Blue Dolphins Scott O'Dell Ages 10-14

Voice Lessons for Young Musicians

Books and Barbies

Future Doc: Skin-Ology

Learn Latin Root Words From the Ancient Roman Chariot Races

Creative Writing Session

One on One Science Tutoring

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry - Life Sciences - Applied Biology

Doodle Club: Drawing Patterns and Flowers!–FLEX

Scoundrels, Villains, Traitors - Speak Out! Show Them Up in Style (Ages 9-13)

How to Draw a Realistic Cat! Ages 9-14

Pre-School- Draw Nursery Rhymes! (ESL Too!)

Be a Wolf: Book Review of “A Wolf Called Wander” by Rosemary Parry

Reading Spanish Is Easy! Semester 3 - Reading Practice (FLEX)

Learn to Draw Different Anime & Chibi Body Styles in Female Form: Flex Schedule

Let's Talk: Conversation Skills for Introverts - Back to School Special

The Cute Animals Club: A Creative Writing, Journaling, and Social Club!

Reading, Writing, and Spelling Foundations: Multi-sensory 1-on-1 tutoring

French Beginner Class: J'apprends le Français (Flex)

4th Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum (3 Times a week)

Let's Learn Letters! ABC Preschool/Kindergarten Phonics Fun! SMALL Group 2x Week

Spanish Immersion Kindergarten (FLEX) - Full Curriculum Part 1 of 4

Digital Art Club For All Levels! (Krita, Medibang, CSP, Autodesk, ibis Paint)

Rocket League for Kids With Sensei Bob! (Non-Competitive)

Fortnite for Kids With Sensei Bob (2hrs Non-Competitive)

Create a Cartoon Strip: Drawing a Story

Fortnite for Kids With Sensei Bob! (2 Hrs Competitive)

Fortnite for Kids W/Sensei Bob! (Non Competitive)

Flute Club!

Clay Sculpting for Beginner+: Famous Story Characters

Alphabet With Phonics: Beginning Reading With Purple Monster

Art History for Kids ! Part 2 (Flex)

Black History in the United Kingdom Ages 8-12 (Semester Long Black History Class)

Mindful Matters: Developing Positive Connections With Self and Others

U.S History: Reconstruction

Grade 8 Literature - Semester 1 - Esperanza Rising, When You Reach Me, more FLEX

Grade 7 Literature - Semester 1 - Roll of Thunder, Graveyard Book, and more FLEX

Be an Astronaut. Review Scott Kelly’s Book “Endurance, Young Readers Edition”

Little Mermaid Drawing

Learn to Read: Decode Phonetic Sounds and Build Words (CVC & CVCC)

Disney Crochet Club: How to Crochet a Mickey Mouse Coaster

Story Time Detectives: Language and Literacy Development Through Stories

Color and Chat - Horses (Ages 4-7)

Zany Zoology: Fun With Scientific Names (Ages 13-18)

Zany Zoology: Fun With Scientific Names (Ages 7-12)

My First Sounds & Words in Mandarin Chinese For Beginners w/ No Prior Experience

Adobe Photoshop Essentials

All About Sharks: A Class to Sink Your Teeth Into!

The Flying Art Classroom

32 Must-Know Kindergarten Sight Words

Private Tutoring English / Math Course - 1 to 1

The Strangest Animals on Earth!

First Grade Circle Time and More! (4 Days/Week)

Algebra 1-Part 1 | Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities (3 Days per Week)

Becoming a Skilled Writer With Ease for Ages 9-13 | 4th 5th 6th 7th & 8th Grade

The Science of Emotions - Hope and Curiosity

Genetics: Semester 1 (Ages 11-14)

Notice and Note Reading Strategies-A Novel Study

Waldorf Gentle Yoga and Meditation With the Sloth

Beginner English-5-Day Camp-One-Hour a Day for 5-18 year olds!

A History Mystery: The Princes in the Tower

Learn the Constitution! The Bill of Rights and How it Applies to You

U.S History: A Nation Divided

Art With Ms. Heidi: Halloween Drawing Club

Drawing Bowser From Super Mario Bros!

Bring Your Puppets Social Circle - We'll Chat, We'll Laugh, We'll Act, in Fact!

Applied Digital Skills: Learn and Share Group B

Beginner Cooking Class: Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

Careers and Leadership in the Arts

Uglies Book Club - Book 2

8th Grade English Language Arts: Semester A, 2x weekly

7th Grade English Language Arts: Semester A, 2x weekly

8th Grade English Language Arts: Semester A, 1x weekly

Fantastical Aliens I-Introductory Class

How to Ace Your IB Economics Exams!

IB Economics: Real-World Examples!

6th Grade-Full Year Math Class Taught by a Licensed Teacher!!

ASL Is Music to My Eyes - Signing Songs (Part 1)

1-on-1 Private Reading Tutoring: Building Confidence, Vocabulary, and Skills

Dungeon Master 101: Learn to Be the Game Master

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for Middle Schoolers - Lesson 3

Pig Plushie: An Amigurumi Crochet Class (Penelope And Peter)

Homeschool Music Class

Easy Italian: Fall Semester [AGE 10-14] [X2 Week] Elementary 1

Let's Play Minecraft: Birthday Party! (Bedrock Edition)

Arts & Crafts Club: Coloring, Painting, Lego Building, Sewing, Perler Beads and More!

D&D Battle Royale w/ Jingleheimer

Beginner Spanish for Young Leaners With SeÑor Panda- Part 1

Pre-K Everyday Reading

Draw Your Own Baby Yoda Coloring Page!

Flute Private Music Lesson (1:1) Tutoring: All Levels

High School Music Appreciation: Part 1 Flex

It’s All About Point of View - Literature, Music, and Advertising (Ages 9-13)

Ongoing One on One Math Learning

Arts & Crafts Fairy Camp - Let's Make Fairy Things!

The Excellent Reader Jr: 5th (Fifth) Grade Language Arts Class (Semester Two)

3D Design: Build a Rocket Ship!

Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, and All Things Magical Spring Break Camp!

Voice Lessons- Jazz, Opera, R&B, Pop, Musical Theater

Catastic! Cat Lover's Book Club for Ages 10-12

Horse Lover's Book Club, a High School FLEX Course: The Scorpio Races

7th Grade English Language Arts: Semester A, 1x weekly

Creative Writing - Awesome, Amazing, Alluring Adjectives - Take It Up a Notch

Young Artists Guided Drawing

1:1 Grammar and Writing Tutoring | Homeschool Friendly (Ongoing)

Money at the Movies 101

Weekly Homeschool Yearbook Club (Ages 8-13)

Style Study: Rock Piano

Start Your Coding Journey -> Intro to Python Coding (Ages: 7 to 12)

Little Artists Guided Drawing

Fun, Easy, Beginner Watercolor Sloth Drawing or Painting

Let's Paint a Watercolor Landscape! (+ 5 New Techniques)

Effective and Confident Public Speaking

Talking Shakespeare: What Are They Saying? Hamlet

Identifying Types of Conflict in Literature (Middle School)

Farm Friend-zy! Singing and Movement for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Pre-K Circle Time: A Multisensory Approach (4X)

Ms. Colleen's Grade 4 Math Class - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Math Class: Word Problems

Reading Spanish Is Easy! Semester 1 - Spanish Alphabet and Greetings (FLEX)

Reading Spanish Is Easy! Semester 2 - Spanish Phonics (FLEX)

Create an Adventure Journal for Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder Characters

7th Grade Math Enrichment 2022-2023 School Year 1x/Week

4th Grade General Music Class - Including Ukulele

Math Problem Solving: All Aboard

Animals! 1 on 1 Reading & Conversation With an ESL Teacher (Tesol Certified)

Essay Writing Made Fun With Your Favorite Video Games

Social Emotional Learning: Morning Meeting

Mr. Darrell's 5th and 6th Grade Voiceketeers Singing Group

Weekly Plan With Me Social Club: Planning, Organization, Time Management

Ongoing 1 Hour Violin Lesson Ages 13-17

Semi-Private Music Theory for Young Beginners - Book B

One-On-One Voice Lessons With Broadway Actress Annabelle Kempf Beginner-Advanced

(1:1/1:2) Focus Class: Vocabulary/Spelling Curriculum Tutoring (Grades: 3rd-8th)

Digital Composition for Beginners, Pt 2: Bass Rhythms, Ages 16-18

Bloomin' Nail Art

First Grade Together Ongoing - Full Year Curriculum 3x per Week

Digital Composition for Beginners, Pt 2: Bass Rhythms, Ages 13-15

1,2,3 Let’s Fiesta! Spanish Class 1-on-1

1,2,3 Let’s Fiesta! Spanish Class 1-on-1, Twice per Week

1,2,3 Let’s Fiesta! on-Going Spanish Classes, Once per Week

Music Theory for Young Beginners (FLEX)

Digital Composition for Beginners, Pt 1: Drum Beats, Ages 13-15

Paint Chip Poetry

1,2,3 Let’s Fiesta! Spanish Class, Once per Week

Sunshine Stream Watercolor Class

Instrument Syllables! Bring an Instrument and Let's Learn About Them.

Mexico Lindo-Traditional Dances

Private 1:1 Language Arts and Social Studies Tutoring From a Certified Teacher

Talking Shakespeare: What Are They Saying? Macbeth

Snowy Shed Watercolor Painting Class

Dungeons and Dragons: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight! (Ages 11-13)

Fall Science and Craft Corner: Prek, Kindergarten, & 1st (FLEX)

Algebra 2 Course- Part 2: It's Hip to Be Square

Fast-Tracked Spanish - Me Gusta/No Me Gusta II (Basic Conversation 11th - 12th)

Law and Literature: The Classics 1

Interactive Video Game Social Group for Gamers! Play and Chat Version!

Summer Camp: Model UN World History Zombie Pandemic Model/Summit!

All About Alaska High School Age - Learn About the People, Land, and Animals

Introduction to Observational Astronomy: Night Sky Navigation

Fall Elementary STEM Challenges: Candy Corn & Pumpkins (FLEX)

The Mysteries of Human Brain - Brain Diseases - Brain Club for Curious Kids - Brain Biology

Let’s Pretend: Prince and Princess Party!

Waldorf Plant Parent Houseplant Club

Journal Writing: Journal Writing With Prompts, Write Sentences, and Draw Details!

"The One and Only Ivan" Book Club for Advanced Readers

"Hatchet" Book Club for Advanced Readers

"Graceful Moves" Ballet Summer Dance Camp Ages 7-10yrs old

Learn to Read Stories in Latin, Stage 2

Back It Up: Using MLA Quotations and Citations - Back to School Special!

Talking Shakespeare What Are They Saying?: Romeo and Juliet

Run Effective Meetings: Be a Parliamentarian

Life Skills With Virtues, Peacefulness (Ages 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues -Moderation (Age 7-12)

Learning to Read for Beginning Prek & Kindergarten (CVC & Phonics Curriculum)

Recorder Club! - Level 1

Arts & Crafts With Fairy Princess Nancy - Let's Make a Fairy Wand!

Music Theory: The Circle of Fifths, C Major, G Major, D Major - Class 2

Disney Ukulele Camp

Music Fundamentals: Basic Rhythms

Two-Day Guide to Annotating Text - Back to School Special

Shutterbug Club Social: Photography Fun!

Scratch for Kids Group Lessons - (Level 1)

Beethoven Lives Upstairs: 2 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

Brainy Detectives: Critical Thinking and Logic

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: 4th of July Fireworks!!

Weekly French Beginner Class: J'apprends le Français

All About Space: Sun, Moon and Earth!

Let's Weave: The Basics

Alphabet Soup- Letter Sounds & Phonics

Doodle With Me!

Birthday Party-Let's Celebrate Your Birthday! Create, Play & Have Fun.

Drawing a Crow With Watercolor Pencils

Fun First and Second Grade Math - Ongoing

Middle School Writing: Multi-Paragraph/Five-Paragraph Essay Club

BIG Cats of the Week!

Private Math Class: 1:1 (Kindergarten-4th Grade)

I Love Chinese: Easy Chinese 123: Speak, Read & Write (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

Vocabulary Words for Early Readers - "Sight Words"- Meets Once a Week

Spanish for Teens, Beginners Semester Part 1

My Favorite Book Show and Tell With Mrs. Atkins

Simplifying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

It's Fall Y'all California Soul Baking Class: Carrot Cream Cheese Muffins

California Soul Cooking Class: Fresh & Healthy Apple "Donuts"

FLEX Class: High School Anatomy & Physiology

Gifted Enrichment Club (Ages 10-12)

All About Space! Astronaut Training

Introduction to Ukelele

Adopt Me Roblox Weekly Egg Giveaway Social Class: Free Eggs for All Enrolled!

Intermediate Cooking Class: Spaghetti With Meat Sauce and Garden Salad

California Soul Cooking Class: Yummy Jamaican Jerk Chicken Bowl

SAT Study Camp!

Cultural Cooking for Kids: Eating Europe

Stress and the Brain: What's Happening and How to Cope

4th Grade Math Course with a Licensed Teacher: (2x/Week) - Quarter 1

6-Week: Star Wars Reading Jedi Book Club

Autism Brick Builders

Digital Comics for Beginners

Crochet for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Crocheting for Ages 8-11 (4 Weeks)

Become a Better Writer: Better Essay Introductions

Girls Talk: Social Group (Ages 9-12)

Girls Talk: Social Group (Ages 5-8)

Private English Tutoring!

Nature Camp-Nature Based and Waldorf Inspired Activities

Give Me S'more Camping! Summer Adventure With Mrs. Atkins

Beginning Level Spanish With Allie 1:1 (Hour Session)

Super Speller Beginners! a Fun, Engaging Spelling Class

CAD Drafting and Engineering Design With Fusion 360 - Level 2

Spanish Spot: A Semester of Vocabulary and Immersion for Advanced Beginners

Middle School Video Editing and Production

Music Performance Class

Algebra Basics FLEX: 4 Week Algebra 1 Crash Course

Ukelele Fun One-on-One Lessons

Sensational Sloths: Draw, Learn Facts, and Chat!

High School Video Editing and Production

Kindergarten Math Help! One on One Tutoring Session

Let's Try the Trumpet! - Trial Lesson (Small Group)

Water, Water Everywhere! Hands-On Lessons & Activities

7th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 1, Ratios and Unit Rates)

Hearing and Reading Arabic in Color: Where Is...? (Immersion)

Show Off Your Pet! A Special Show & Tell Opportunity (Ages 11-13)

Talking Shakespeare, What Are They Saying?: Othello

Preschool Full Curriculum: Phonics, Math, Science, and Spanish

Can We Play Now!?! - Twice Weekly Literacy Coaching for Early Readers

Creative Writing: Write & Revise Your Own Spooky Story With 5 Basic Tools (MD)

Ukulele Chord Movement: 1-2-3!

Private Piano Lessons - 1 Hour, Any Level, 7-12 Years Old

American Government: The Executive Branch (the Presidency!)

AP Spanish: Workshop #1: How to Write a Perfect Email Response

All About the Bass Clef - Private Lesson

Math Is Everywhere! Early Math Skills With Everyday Objects.

Let's Go to Central Park!

Create-a-Card: How to Make a Digital Greeting Card for Any Occasion!

Black Maternal Health: African American History & Culture Survey

The Maya, Aztec, and Incan Empires: The Rise and Fall

Halloween Around the World

Cooking Across Trinidad and Tobago Cultural Cuisine

Private Ongoing ELA Tutoring From a Certified Teacher

Happy Little Acrylic Painting Art - Paint a Flapjack Octopus Step by Step

Studying and Reading An Inspector Calls for GCSE English Literature

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Novel Study

All About Space! The Planets

Gifted Enrichment Club (Ages 8-10)

Miss Allys Art Class: Seahorse Drawing and Painting Class

Process Art Preschool: A Reggio-Inspired Semester Classroom for Back to School

Scotland National 5 (10th Grade) Math - Trigonometry (Part 1)

Math Homeschool FULL Curriculum 7th Grade

Private Piano Lessons, 45 Minutes, Any Level, 7-12 Year Olds

Acting: Monologues for Auditions and Performance

How to Be a Historian

Math Homeschool FULL Curriculum 6th Grade

Trivia Time: American History

Hot Wheels STEM Summer Vacation Camp (4-5Yr): Week 3

Pirate Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction? (Includes STEM)

Hot Wheels STEM Summer Vacation Camp (4-5Yr): Week 2

Wild and Unstructured Middle School Civics

We Are Scientists! Weekly Science Class for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Music: Singing and Songwriting Class (One Time Class)

Cool Cats - Fanciful Cat in Vines - Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

Cool Cats - Cartoon Kitten with a Toy - Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

Anime Translation 101: Komi Can't Communicate - Season 2 (8 Weeks, Live Class)

Dungeons and Dragons: Curse of Strahd 5e Campaign Adventure Club

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Drawing Villagers

D&D Candlekeep Mysteries w/ Jingleheimer (A Dungeons and Dragons Game)

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Math Class: Fractions

Ms. Colleen's Grade 4 Math Class: Equivalent, Simplifying & Comparing Fractions

Digital Composition for Beginners, Pt 1: Drum Beats, Ages 16-18

Dictionary Detective - How to Use a Dictionary Successfully

ESL English Phonics: Long and Short Vowels Class with the Bossy E Rule

Spanish 1:1 Tutoring / Conversational Skills

Creative Writing:4-Week Camp W/Award-Winning Screenwriter + Neurodiverse Coach!

ESL English Halloween Class: Spooky Vocabulary, Grammar and Conversation

Physics in Action: Rollercoasters!

Learn About US States & Draw Famous State Icons - Art, Social Studies, Geography

Small Group Book Club!

Semester Language Arts Ages 8-10

My Name Is A Story | Little Readers (International Day of the Girl Read Along)

Grade 6 Literature - Semester 1 - Tuck Everlasting, Hatchet, Fever 1793 FLEX

Introduction to 6th Grade Math - Private Session Upon Request

Advanced Reading Success Book Club - Harriet the Spy

Back to School Story, Chat, Show and Tell

"Can We Get a Dog?" Puppy & Dog Care for Young Dog Lovers- Earn a Certificate!

Favorite Toy Show and Tell!

Pet Show and Tell - Come Show off Your Furry (or Not so Furry) Friend!

First Grade Circle Time Prep - Get Ready for School!

Private Reading Tutoring

Back to School Spanish Review: Present Tense

Get Ready for Kindergarten Class Part A

Playing Piano, Level 1 CAMP

General Music CAMP

Camp- Women in Art: Natasha Wescoat

Summer Camp: Design a Martian Colony with TinkerCAD 3D (Advance for Ages 9-13)

Pre-K Math: Patterns, Sequencing, and Tangrams by a Certified Math Teacher, M.A.

Mighty Minds: Not Just a Scribble

Practical Homesteading: Beyond Kidding: Dairy Goat Breeding, Birth and Milking

Writing the Alphabet in Cursive: Upper and Lowercase Letters

D&D Storm King's Thunder w/ Jingleheimer (A Dungeons and Dragons Game)

World Languages: Introduction to the Dari Language

Science Secrets: Fingerprints Revealed

The Sharing Show with Mr. Darrell!

Friendship Skills for Life Age 5-7

What Is It Like Being a Deaf Person?

Equivalent Fractions - Play and Games!

Marine Biology For Grades 6-12 Oceanography 1: 12 Weeks

Bomb: The Race to Build-And Steal-The World's Most Dangerous Weapons

4-Week: Word Collector Book Club: Star Wars Jedi Skills: Build Vocabulary

Spanish 2: Let's learn about past tense in Spanish

Private Piano Lessons (Ages 9-14)

Zoology of Pokémon: Lepidopterology! Butterfly & Moth Pokémon (Ages 13-18)

A LEGO® Escape This Story- The Magical Kingdom

Zoology of Pokémon: Lepidopterology! Butterfly & Moth Pokémon (Ages 7-12)

Flex Spanish Beginners Course Professional Native Spanish Speaker From Spain

Flex Spanish Advanced Course Professional Native Spanish Speaker From Spain

Fun With Cantonese! Conversational 3 (Beginner's Course) FLEX Class

Seasons of Joy Story Time: Stone Soup

Composer Chats for Ages 13-18

Everyday Pre-K Math Class (Kindergarten Prep)

Seasons of Joy: Leprechauns and Rainbows Circle Time

Telling Time: Analog and Digital Clocks

1:1 Piano Lessons Intermediate Level

SAT Prep by Perfect Scorer (1600/1600) - American College Entrance Test Prep

Revising and Editing: How to Find and Fix Mistakes in My Stories

Sunshine Violin, Viola, Cello or Beginner Piano and Ukulele: Private Lessons

Kitchen Math Digital Escape Room

Science: Water and Carbon Cycles

Weekly Reading Comprehension

6th Grade Math FLEX Quarter 1

Practice Makes Perfect: Private Tap Dance Lesson

Tackling Anger Management

Flex Your Spanish: Vocabulary (7-9)

Get Audition-Ready With Miss. Michelle! (Ages 11-18)

Weekly French Conversation About Books-Advanced Level

Adulting 101

Disney Math Class – PreK / Kindergarten Level (Age 4-7)

Literacy/Math One on One Tutoring

SAT Speed Reading and Vocabulary 1 to 1 Tutoring

First Money Lessons: Needs & Wants (Ages 4-6)

Set Yourself up for Success With Goal Setting! Flex Course

The Listening Lab for Ages 7-12

Full Second Grade Math Curriculum - Standards Based Lessons and Games

Great Ladies Series: Cleopatra

Young Artists Beginner Step by Step Drawing Club - Ongoing

Everyday Mathematics: Why We Need to Know Math!

Master Debate Class - 15 Week Full Curriculum for Advanced ELA Students

Save Santa!- A Scratch Jr. Challenge for Beginners

Ocean Exploring | Zones, Coral Reefs, Shipwrecks, & Deep Sea Creatures

Understand French Verbs Conjugation for Intermediate & Advanced Learners

Paint Haitian Art Like Teacher Lina!

Brilliant Brachiosauruses: Dinosaur-Themed Math Club for Second Graders

Greek & Latin Word Roots Weekly Jeopardy Game

Human Body Anatomy— Science for Kids: My Stomach Digests Food.

Creative Writing With Twelve - Write a New Poem Each Week! Improve Your English

American Sign Language (ASL) for Intermediate Learners (Part One)

Quick Steps to Reading Success - For Early Readers

Elementary Science Cycles With Legos Or Building Blocks (4 Weeks Of Fun)

Games With Friends - A Social Group for Kids Who Like to Move - Ages 7-10

Games With Friends - A Social Group for Kids Who Like to Move - Ages 3-6

Yoga and Chill: Improve Flexibility and Relax

Let's Talk Houseplants! (Ages 8-12)

Fashion Industry / Modeling 102 - One on One Mentor Class!

Barbie Girl, Barbie's World: The History Black Barbies & Doll Play

Let's Travel Africa Together, Learn World Geography, Culture, Food (FLEX)

1 on 1 Elementary and Middle School Math Help: Private Tutoring

Let's Talk Actions in Progress: Spanish 2

Exploring South American Birds

Art Hour - Draw People in Action Poses From Reference Photos

Drawing Animals: Design a Llama

Break Dance Fitness (Ongoing)

Biology - Veterinary / Vet /Animal Science - Dog Parasite “Most Wanted” Project!

Easy Italian: Halloween Insieme! (Multi-day Fall Month Oct.) [AGE 7-10] 50 Min

Storytime With Elizabeth

Reading & Writing German for Advanced German Speakers (8-12 Years)

6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Quarter 3: Coordinate Plane and Data Analysis

Piano Class for Kindergarten Through 2nd Grade - Part I

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Book Study

Chalk Art Drawing Class ~Little Artists ~Summer Ocean Theme

Ongoing 5th Grade Math Class

Math Word Problem Wizards!

Bastien Level 2 Piano Class - Ages 8 to 13 (Part II)

Reading Between the Lines - What's an Inference?

Let's Draw the Waldorf Way FLEX Class

Splatoon 3 - 3 Days of Socializing and Gaming for Gamers

Youtubers: FIRE Tips for Growing Your Channel

Dinosaur Romp, Stomp and Chomp!

Sports Podcasting, Broadcasting, and Sports Radio Careers for Intermediate!

Sports Broadcasting & Podcasting Flex - Learn the How To's 8 to 12 Years Old!

Podcasting Flex - Learn How to Create, Record, & Publish a Podcast ages 8 to 12!

Fall Guys Weekly Gaming Social Club

Improv: Learn to Speak, Act, and Think Quickly on Your Feet!

Meet the Toy Dog Breeds

Music Theory for All Levels: Semi-Private Lessons - (Ages 8-18)

Phonics: Short Vowels and the Alphabet

Sonic the Hedgehog Paper Craft Club! Create, Learn & Chat!

Paint With Nicole! Acrylic Thankful Pumpkin Painting on Canvas or Acrylic Paper

Twinkle Toes Ballet

#ProjectBasedCoding: Intro to Python Programming (Part 1 of 3)

Reading Express Club - Continue Building Foundations for Reading

What's for Dinner #32 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Halloween Sight Word Bingo: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Halloween Sight Word Bingo: 1st and 2nd Grade

My Spanish Spot: Pre-K Spanish Story Club (Trimester)

Middle School Math - Ongoing Math Course

Bastien Level 2 Piano Class - Ages 8 to 13 (Part I)

Pokemon Math Challenges for Neurodivergent: Grades 1-2

Pokemon Math Challenges for Neurodivergent: Grades 5-6

Masters Market! (Counting Money: 1st and 2nd Grade Math)

2D Shapes Are Everywhere!: Learn About Shapes, Sides, Vertices

Music and Movement

Ongoing Weekly Art Class-Botany: Exploring the Plant Kingdom Through Art (6-9)

Pokemon Math Challenges for Neurodivergent: Grades 3-4

I Can Build a Snowman!- A Scratch Jr. Challenge for Beginners

Catching the Love Bug- A Scratch Jr. Coding Challenge

Learning Our Letters

Moving to Mars!

Jungle Trek: Drawing the Ecosystem of the Rain Forest

Ongoing Cooking Classes With a Food Blogger - Recipes From Around the World!

Fantasy Football Weekly Recap

MultiVersus | Let's Play!

How to Create a College List With the Best Return.

Learn How to Create an African Sunset Silhouette Painting

Mathletes 3rd Grade Summer Review With a Licensed Teacher: 1X Week

Private Mathematics Group Tutoring High School (On-Going Format)

Introduction to Art History for High School: History of Photography

Famous Poems You Should Know

Social Club: FNAF, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Cuphead,Poppy Playtime,and More!

Introduction to Homer's Iliad

Orton-Gillingham: Morphology, Vocabulary, Grammar, and More! Semester 1

Film Studies/Creative Writing: The Hero's Journey and Character Archetypes FLEX

10th Grade English Language Arts: World Literature & Composition Semester A FLEX

Readers and Writers Unite: Creative Writing Club

Flex Class: Make Your Own Escape Room With Google Forms and Google Sites

A Young People's History of the United States

FLEX - Roald Dahl Semester Long Novel Reading Book Club - Part 2

Roald Dahl Novel Reading Book Club - Part 2 (Semester Long)

FLEX - Roald Dahl Semester Long Novel Reading Book Club - Part 1

Roald Dahl Novel Reading Book Club - Part 1 (Semester Long)

Movies From Literature 2 - High School ELA

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!

Drawing More With Jerry Joe Seltzer

History Thru Doctor Who

High School English Language Arts Part 1

Reading Assessment - Phonics, Fluency, and Comprehension, Ages 7-12

Music Book Club:"88 Instruments" by Chris Barton

Book Links- Starfish by Lisa Fipps, Novel in Verse Moving,Powerful,Life-Changing

Flash Fiction II (for Teens)

Nihongo Challenge With あきこ Sensei! - Ongoing Japanese Class for Intermediate Students

Introduction to Design Principles

Jurassic Park/World Dominion Dinosaur Workout

California Soul Cooking Class: Yummy Cajun Blackened Salmon Bowls

Cool Compound Words for Reading and Writing!

Private Tutoring: English as a Second Language - Conversational English

Intermediate Cursive With Aesop's Fables

Miss Delicia's Leadership & Character Academy (Age 14-18)

1 Palette 4 Looks (Flex Class)

Science Secrets: Eyes - An Inside Look

Mario Kart Worldwide Race Club!

Springing Into Science Is Fun!

Second Grade Homeschool Pod With Ms.Abby. Reading,Science,Writing,Math and More

Kirby Reading Comprehension Club!

Book Club and Tingz (Ages 9-11)

The Abcs and 123s of Preschool

Ongoing Advanced Cryptarithms

FLEX Cryptarithms

1:1 Private Spanish Class Tutoring

(FLEX) Novel Study - The Witches by Roald Dahl

(FLEX) Novel Study - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl

(FLEX) Novel Study - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

(FLEX) Novel Study - Matilda by Roald Dahl

(FLEX) Novel Study - James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

(FLEX) Novel Study - Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

(FLEX) Novel Study - The BFG by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - Matilda by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - The BFG by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - The Witches by Roald Dahl

The Confidence Class! Overcome Fear, Gain Courage, & Be a Confident Communicator

Let's Have Fun with CapCut (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) (1:1 Lesson)

Totally for Teens Journaling: Ongoing Creative Writing, Journal, & Social Club!

Totally for Tweens: The Creative Journaling Club! | Mrs. Meade's Life Skills

Visual Lit Presents: Writing Your Graphic Novel Level 1

7th Grade Math | Full Curriculum | Summer Review and Prepare

8th Grade Math | Prealgebra | Full Curriculum (Common Core) | 2 classes/week

Greek Mythology for Beginners: Intro to the Heroes of the Ancient World Ongoing

Nurture Yoga Ongoing - A Weekly Interactive Fun Yoga Class for Young Children

Super Math Strategies: Individualized Tutoring

Flex Spanish Intermediate Course Professional Native Spanish Speaker From Spain

Cryptarithms for Beginners

Songwriting for Singers, Writers, Music Lovers: Write Your Own Awesome Songs!

What's the Weather?

Let's Create Beautiful Faux Agate Gemstone Geodes! Polymer Clay Art Sculpture

Fun With Letters - 3rd Grade Spelling

Sounds Like English! Multi Sensory Phonics & Word Study - Small Group Semester

Mastering Multiplication: Practice & Tips

How to Draw Baby Yoda

Solving Sudoku Puzzles

[One-Time] Pokémon Social - Guess That Pokémon, Virtual Battle, Show & Tell [10-15]

Pokémon Social Club - Guess That Pokémon, Virtual Battle, Show & Tell [10-15]

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 13-- Tricky Moves!

1:1 Critical Thinking Builder: Math Problem Solving & Puzzles

Mathletes 4th Grade Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher: 1X Week

Introduction to Programming With Scratch!!! No Experience Needed

1:1 How to Do Polynomials in Algebra 1: Making It Make Sense

One to One Animal Biology Drawing

How to Draw People!

Drawing Different Outfits!

The Polymath Museum

Preschool Pals: Oceans of Fun

Crafty Kids: Fall Themed Crafts

Ongoing Weekly Bird Tweets Draw & Painting Club-Watercolor, Pencil, Color Pencil

ESL English Is Confusing

5th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 1)

Communicate in Spanish From Day One - Spanish 1 Conversation and Vocabulary (ages 13-18)

2nd Grade Math: Foundations of Addition with Place Value

Phonics Farm! Learn to Read with Chester Chicken

Procreate 102 | Procreate for Intermediate Learners | Digital Art Class

Arts & Crafts: Build a Mini Paper Town

French Immersion - Free Draw

SAT Crash Course

Let's Draw Hamster, Art and Fun Facts

Introduction to Landscape Architecture: Career Choice (12-16 Years Old)

Learn to Draw: Features of the Face and Portraits (FLEX) (Age 9-12)

Sunshine Violin: Let's Learn to Fiddle

Reading Camp: Graphic Novels by Raina Telgemeier: Smile, Sisters, Guts & Ghosts!

Book Club: Graphic Novels by R. Telgemeier: Smile, Sisters, and Guts!

Arts & Crafts Corner: Paint a Cherry Blossom Tree Using Sponge Painting!

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Private One on One Voice Lessons for the Teen/Tween Singer

Rising Violins Fall 2022: Group Lessons for the Beginning Violin Student

Rising Clarinets Fall 2022: Group Lessons for the Beginning Clarinet Student

How to Draw a Red Panda!

Let's Get Flute-y Fall 2022: Group Lessons for the Beginning Student

Cheese Powder Pollination Experiment: Messy But Fun Science Lab Series

Summer Math Algebra Boot Camp: Algebra Math Review | Get Ready for Algebra 2

Summer Math Grade 5 Boot Camp: Math 5Th Grade Review - Get Ready for Grade 6

Ye Olde Tyme Dungeon Crawl #3 (An Unofficial Druidawn® Sidekick Adventure)

Tiny Worlds: Introduction to Quantum Physics (Homeschooling / Afterschool)

Space Wonders: Stars (Astronomy for High School / Homeschooling)

Toy Show, Share, and Tell

Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition Homebrew for All Levels (Ages 10-15)

Exploring Birds Through Observation and Journaling

One-on-One ELA Homework Help

Math Grade 6 Winter Boot Camp : Math 6Th Grade Review - (5X/Week) - Jan 2023

Drop in 1-To-1 Math Tutoring Grades 5 Through High School Calculus

The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Rectangle - A Math Class for Number Geeks

Hamilton the Broadway Musical: An in-Depth Study

'Escape the Boov' Escape Room

Horse Lover Group! Learn About Horses While Making Friends and Sharing Your Love of Horses!

Creative Writing Workshop for Advanced French Students

Summer Math Geometry Boot Camp: Geometry Math Review - Get Ready for Algebra 2

The Silk Road and 1001 Arabian Nights: Read, Discuss and Draw

Influencer Bootcamp: Become a Social Media Star on YouTube, TikTok, & Instagram!

Fishing Lures: Designing Our Own and Learning How to Use Them

Spectacular Style: Understanding Fashion for Teens | Life Skills with Mrs. Meade

ACT Science - Intermediate Level

Middle School Music Appreciation: Ongoing

The Archaeology of Ancient Greece – The Origins of Democracy c. 700 BCE-300 BCE

Mathletes 3rd Grade Summer Review With a Licensed Teacher: 2X Week

Mathletes 4th Grade Summer Review With a Licensed Teacher: 2X Week

Mathletes 5th Grade Summer Review With a Licensed Teacher: 2X Week

Mathletes 5th Grade Summer Review With a Licensed Teacher: 1X Week

Mathletes 6th Grade Summer Review With a Licensed Teacher: 1X Week

Mathletes 6th Grade Summer Review With a Licensed Teacher: 2X Week

Alphabet Games Small Group Class

SOS! My Essay Is Almost Due.

Deep Thinkers - Weekly Philosophy Discussion (12-15)

Let's Breathe: Mindfulness and Me Flex Course - Series 1

Let's Grow: Building Empathy and Social Skills Flex Course - Series 2

Let's Grow: Building Empathy and Social Skills Flex Course - Series 2

Let’s Get It Write - A Writing Class for Reluctant and Overwhelmed Writers

ACT Reading - Intermediate Level

Weekly Ongoing 3rd to 5th Grade Science With Nearpod: Lets Be Scientist!

Let's Learn About the Constitution!

Watercolor Club Basic Level (Subscription Class) by: The Painting Panda


Italian for Beginners: Greetings and Favourite Food

Creative Writing: Write and Draw Your Graphic Novel

The 1st 100 (A-L) of the Current 195 Fully Sovereign States - Part 1 of 2 - FLEX

Japanese Bilingual Storytime & Music Club (Weekly, Ongoing)

ESL Book Club Charlotte's Web

Award-Winning Berklee College Graduate - Music Theory Class

Calendar Math

Starship Design II in Minecraft Java - The Sequel!

Let’s Learn English: One-On-One, Private Novel Study, ESL-ESOL-EFL

FLEX-English Language Arts (ELA) for 3rd-5th Grade (Level 2) (Semester Length)

Reading/Literacy Theme: Exploring Animal Mobs of Minecraft

SAT S.A.T Prep Math Course Test Prep Algebra Geometry

Kids Can Cook Breakfast Series: Jam Muffins

Kids Can Cook Dessert Series: Lemon Cookies

Homework Hangout Grades 3-5

ELA Reading - See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles - Middle School Literature Book

Easy Italian: Halloween Insieme! ( 50 Minutes) [AGE 7-10]

Easy Italian: Halloween Insieme! (2 Days X 55 Minutes) [AGE 7-10]

STEM Challenges 2

Kids Can Cook Dessert Series: No Bake Monster Cookie Bites

The Bookmark Bunch; a Monthly Book Club for Ages 8 - 10

Let's Learn About Procreate - the iPad App!

Alberto's Group Guitar Series: How to Read TABS

Writing Detectives: Weekly Grammar Lessons to Write 5-Star Sentences!

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Simple Future Tense. Let's Go On Holiday!

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: I Love Vehicles! Simple Future Tense.

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Let's Travel, Simple Future Tense, Phonics /sh/

Pre-Algebra - 7th / 8th Grade Accelerated Semester Math - 2x/Week - Part 3 of 3

Pre-Algebra - 7th / 8th Grade Accelerated Semester Math - Part 2 of 2

SAT Crash Course

Makeup 101 (Flex Class)

Spanish Storytime: "The Little Red Hen" Let's Learn, Read, and Draw!

"The Power of Scholarships! Creating the Strategy 101"

1:1 Inviting Writing: Tutoring with a Certified Teacher (Ongoing)

U.S History: The American Civil War

Feminism and Famous Feminists

Dungeons and Dragons Welcome to the Continent of NodelrÛN! Oceanwatch Roleplay!

Learn to Read Level 4: EndIng Blends & R-Controlled Vowels

Exploring Birds Through Observation and Journaling Flex

Introduction to Colour Theory

Mermaid and Friends Drawing Class (Ages 5-10)

Art Club: Weekly Show and Tell

The Dragons of Blueland Reading Comprehension Camp

Learn to Read Level 3: Long Vowels and Beyond

Elmer and the Dragon Reading Comprehension Camp

My Father's Dragon Reading Comprehension Camp

Ballerina Book Club

Mighty Mathematicians: Interactive and Hands-On Pre-K and Kindergarten Math

Zombies Freeze Dance Party

Acting, Drama, Theatre - Creative Dramatics

Creative Writing With Coach Jen: Journaling + Editing W/a Screenwriter! ($2 Off)

7th Grade Full Curriculum English Language Arts (ELA) 1st Semester (Multi-Day)

Page Turners; a Monthly Book Club for Ages 11-13

My First Singing Class - Winter-Themed

D&D Multi-Campaign

FLEX-English Language Arts (ELA) for 3rd-5th Grade (Level 1) (Semester Length)

Warrior Cats Character Conversations Kahoot! Club

Learn to Read Level 5: Vowel Pairs and Diphthongs

Weekly Ongoing 3rd to 5th Grade Math With Nearpod: Practice Makes Perfect!

SSAT Analogies Bootcamp

Creative Writing Camp for Gamers (Ages 9-12)

French Immersion Advanced - Claude Monet and Painting

French Immersion - Small Talk: The Weather

Idioms Amped-Up: Don't Miss the Boat!

Think Like a Hacker Bootcamp: An Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity

They Grew up to Be President

My Spanish Spot: Semester of Story Based Lessons for Advanced Beginners

Expression Reading for Young Readers

Mrs. Pope's Office

Heroes and Villains:Forensic Science Pod- With Integrated Approach to Education

French Immersion Intermediate - Small Talk

French Immersion Intermediate - Video Games

1:1 Math Tutor Middle School, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 60 Min

Pre-Algebra - 7th / 8th Grade Accelerated Semester Math - 3x/Week - Part 1 of 2

Drawing and Art Adventures

Beginners Gymnastics Handstand Clinic with a Retired Level 8 Gymnast!

Roblox Social Club for Royale High Gaming Fans!

Using the RACE Strategy to Answer Text-Dependent Questions (High School Edition)

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: General Homework Help Semester Class

Third Grade Math Skills (Full School Year-Ongoing)

Cute Frozen Drawing Club (Ongoing)

2nd Grade Math: Foundations of Addition Using Base 10 Blocks

Custom Mini-Fig Creator Club!

Road Ready: Teenage Driver Preparation

Kids and Keys 2: Advanced Beginner Piano Class

Draw Kawaii Dogs and Puppies With Me!

20 Cool Facts About Planets!

Area Model - Multiplication

Super Mario Bros Theme - Mario Mashups Drawing and Social Club!

Geography - Maps, Mountains and Meanders

Multiversus Club

Immersive English - A Beginner ESL (English as a Second Language) Class (8-13)

Deep Sea Dive: Drawing the Marine Biology of the Oceans

Let's Practice! - Weekly Simple Division Math Concepts

Safari Adventure: Drawing the Animals of the Savannah

Python Coding| Project-Based Programming Class for Private Learners!

Private ACT Test Prep

One-On-One Watercolor Class: Paint Any Animal You Want!

Teens Cook FLEX: Mother Sauces Workshop

Handy Writing Tips: Using Phrases to Enhance Sentences in Your Essays or Stories

Zombies 3: Ain’t No Doubt About It- Dance Routine!

High School Essay Writing Made Super Simple

Intro to Public Speaking and Debate - Elementary ELA 10 Week Fall Curriculum

Little Artists - Dragons & Unicorns - Let’s Draw & Colour Together!

Pop Singing Club for Kids

Practice Your Multiplication Tables With a Deck of Playing Cards

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Lesson 10, Numbers 6-10 Letters Ss, Tt, Uu

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Lesson 12, Letters Xx, Yy, Zz

Middle School Essay Writing Made Super Simple

1:1 Tutoring with a Certified Teacher | Math | Reading | Phonics| Writing

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: My Family, Simple Past Tense /ai/ Part 1

Creative Writing Accountability Club: Ongoing

Seasons of Joy: One-Time Halloween Circle

Concept Oriented Reading / Science: Roblox Adopt Me Animals Real-Life

Biology Colouring FLEX: Biochemistry

Private Tutoring

Second Grade, Here I Come! (Reading & Math Camp: Camp One)

Weekly Homeschool Yearbook Club (Ages 14-18)

Farm Science For Future Veterinarians (Elementary Science: 9 Weeks Of Flex Learning Scrapbook Style)

Music Vocabulary Bingo - Italian Terms and Performance Directions

Private Reading Tutor

Learn to Read Level C (Section 3)

Private ESL Tutoring- Tesol Certified With Teacher Senoria

Ukulele Pop Songs - Taylor Swift Edition - Intermediate Level

Anatomy and Physiology Full Curriculum: Ongoing

Award-Winning Berklee College Graduate - Music Theory Class

My First Piano Class - Trial Class

Stone Age Art History Class: Cave Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings and More!

First Chapter Genre Book Club

Wild and Unstructured Emotions Sympathy Empathy

Introduction to Law for Kids

Candy Math Mashup: Delicious Ways To Do Math

Art with Ms. Heidi: Let’s Draw A Big Colorful Pumpkin

English With Native U.K Tutor Amanda: Our Planet, Past Progressive Tense, /to See/ /to Live/

Show Me the Pets!

Let's Learn About Money! (Flex)

Music With Ms. Annette: Not-So-Spooky Halloween Songs for Little Ones

Creative Writing Workshop for Teens (5-Weeks)

Create Your Own Utopia--

Fine Art Friday and Chat

A Chemistry Curriculum for Middle School Students (Unit 1)

Afternoon Video Game Streaming Club

Afternoon Video Game Club

Computer Building & Tech Masterclass

Kids Can Cook Breakfast Series: Quiche Cups

Are You Ready for Preschool?

Music With Ms. Annette: Piano Lessons for Beginners of All Ages

Learning English for Beginners: Back to School Vocab and Phrases for ELL/ESL

Let's Learn Piano! - An Introduction to Beginning Piano

Cursive Handwriting Review With an OT- Game Show Style

Math Practice With Miss Sloves!

Fun with Phonics: Level 2! (CVC Word Families)

The Official Creative Writing Workshop: Comedy Edition!

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