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New Classes on Outschool 2022-07-31

There are 374 new classes on Outschool the week of July 31, 2022 to August 6, 2022.

The Escape! Close Reading Comprehension Strategies Using Suspenseful Text

D.R.E.A.M (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Navigating Middle School Girls Ages 11-14

The True Story of the Radium Girls

NFL Football Discussion (Ages 14-17)

Geography Learning Circle: Sing, Play, and Explore Countries of the World

Art: Let’s Paint an Acrylic Gum-Ball Machine Step by Step!

Art With Ms. Heidi: How to Make Paper Snowflakes ❄️

Ukulele for Beginners Introductory Music Class

Art: Let’s Paint a Cupcake Step by Step!

Art With Ms. Heidi: Let’s Draw a Bear Wearing a Sweater

Verbs In Action: Understanding, Identifying and Using Verbs as Parts of Speech

1-1 Math Tutoring, Homework Help, and Games! (6th - 8th Gr., Pre-Alg. & Alg. 1)

Cogat 101 -Intro to the Test

Playful Piano Journey for Ages 5-9, Part D

Drawing Class | Bookworm Owl

Division Facts Fluency: A Rainbow Board Game for Group Math Facts Practice

Drawing Class | Fall Hedgehog

Piano Primer: Songs on the Black Keys A - Ongoing

1-On-1 Easy Start Mandarin Chinese (On going for Age 5-11)

How to Make a No Sew Blanket

Private Spanish Lessons

Interactive Spanish for Beginners. Native Speaker. Conversation Focused.

Reading/Writing Help With a Special Education Teacher

Creative Time Travel: History-Inspired Art Camp for Kids

Math Talks: Let's Think and Talk About Math! Ages 7-9

You, Me, and the Book!: Interactive Shared Reading for Ages 6-8 (1st/2nd Grade)

Create a Prime Numbers Grid

Seasons of Joy: Let's Color Together!

Seasons of Joy: Form Drawing for Beginners, Grades K-3 (Ongoing Class)

Intro to iMovie: Part II

Black History: Untold Stories for Young Learners

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and the Study of Vikings and Norse Mythology

Write a Novella in 10 Weeks

Learn How to Plot Your Novel and Write It This Summer!

Adopt Me Roblox Mini Neon Extravaganza + Eggs/Boxes!

The Process of Visual Arts - The Future of Virtual Production in Movies & TV

Middle School English Language Arts (ELA) Unit 1: How We Change and Grow

Weekly 1:1 Bassoon Private Lessons: Friendly Professional Tutoring for All

Kindergarteners/First Graders Learn to Read With Systematic Phonics: Part 1 Of 4

Along Came a What?! Spooky Story Writing Adventures: Halloween Parts of Speech

Elementary Tutoring (certified teacher)

STEM - Geology, Energy and Earth Science

Elementary Music Appreciation: Ongoing

Travel to Rome: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Writing Fashion and Jewelry Stories

Roblox Social & Gaming Club: Piggy Build Mode

Adding and Subtracting With Toothy®

Animal Club: Desert, Ocean, Underground, Snow Animals & Animals That Glow!

Back to School Math Boot Camp

On-Going Advanced Logic Puzzles for Gifted Learners

Kindergartners Learn to Read With Systematic Phonics: Alphabet Part 1 Of 2

High School Creative Writing Club: Exercise the Mind, Stretch the Imagination

8Th Grade US History: Semester Class (Part 1)

Individualized Structured Multisensory Literacy Instruction

Private Math Homework Help (60 Min)

6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Quarter 4

Creative Writing Time for Ages 10-13 (Ongoing Small Group)

Introduction to Playing Irish (Dadgad) Guitar

Young Aviator Flight School - Get Ready for Takeoff

California 4th Grade Common Core Math Exam Preparation

Private Tutoring Lessons With Mrs. Katreece: 3 Days

Acrylic Landscaping Art Theory Study - 1:1 Camping Tent Painting

Middle School Music Appreciation: Part 1 Flex

Latest Discoveries in Astronomy From the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)!

Applied Digital Skills: Learn and Share Group D

Applied Digital Skills: Learn and Share Group C

Applied Digital Skills: Learn and Share Group A

Creative Writing Workshop for High Schoolers

Tree P.E.: A Nature-Inspired Story and Movement Session

Voice Lessons: Contemporary, Classical, and Popular Styles.

Future Doc: Skin-Ology

Drawing and Singing Fun! Preschool / Kindergarten

4th Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum (3 Times a week)

Digital Art Club For All Levels! (Krita, Medibang, CSP, Autodesk, ibis Paint)

Flute Club!

Clay Sculpting for Beginner+: Fairy Tales

Alphabet With Phonics: Beginning Reading With Purple Monster

U.S History: Reconstruction

Intro to iMovie: Part I

Procreate Drawing Camp

Color and Chat - Horses (Ages 4-7)

My First Sounds & Words in Mandarin Chinese For Beginners w/ No Prior Experience

SAT Bootcamp - Math

The Strangest Animals on Earth!

First Grade Circle Time & More! (4 Days/Wk)Lang Arts,Math,Science,Soc. Studies

Genetics: Semester 1 (Ages 11-14)

U.S History: A Nation Divided

Halloween Drawing Club

Drawing Bowser From Super Mario Bros!

Applied Digital Skills: Learn and Share Group B

Fantastical Aliens

6th Grade Math, Full Year Class(2x/week), Taught by a Licensed Teacher!!

1-on-1 Private Reading Tutoring: Building Confidence, Vocabulary, and Skills

Dungeon Master 101: Learn to Be the Game Master

Purl Scouts: Beginner Knitting for Middle Schoolers - Lesson 3

Homeschool Music Class

Easy Italian: Fall Semester [AGE 10-14] [X2 Week] Elementary 1

Arts & Crafts Club: Coloring, Painting, Brick Building, Sewing, Perler Beads and More!

D&D Battle Royale PvP w/ DM Jingleheimer

Pre-K Everyday Reading

Master the Flute with Personalized Flute Private Music Lesson (1:1) Tutoring: All Levels

High School Music Appreciation: Part 1 Flex

The Excellent Reader Jr: 5th (Fifth) Grade Language Arts Class (Semester Two)

3D Design: Build a Rocket Ship!

🦄Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, and All Things Magical Spring Camp!

Style Study: Rock Piano

Fun, Easy, Beginner Watercolor Sloth Drawing or Painting

Ms. Colleen's Grade 4 Math Class - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Math Class: Word Problems

4th Grade General Music Class - Including Ukulele

Essay Writing Made Fun With Your Favorite Video Games

Social Skills and Leadership Building!

Mr. Darrell's 5th and 6th Grade Voiceketeers Singing Group

Ongoing 1 Hour Violin Lesson Ages 13-17

One-On-One Voice Lessons With Broadway Performer Annabelle Kempf Beginner-Advanced

Bloomin' Nail Art

1,2,3 Let’s Fiesta! Spanish Class 1-on-1

1,2,3 Let’s Fiesta! on-Going Spanish Classes, Once per Week

1,2,3 Let’s Fiesta! Spanish Class, Once per Week

Dungeons and Dragons: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight! (Ages 11-13)

Fall Science and Craft Corner: Prek, Kindergarten, & 1st (FLEX)

Fast-Tracked Spanish - Me Gusta/No Me Gusta II (Basic Conversation 11th - 12th)

All About Alaska High School Age - Learn About the People, Land, and Animals

Introduction to Observational Astronomy: Night Sky Navigation

Fall Elementary STEM Challenges: Candy Corn & Pumpkins (FLEX)

"Graceful Moves" Ballet Summer Dance Camp Ages 7-10yrs old

Life Skills With Virtues, Peacefulness (Ages 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues -Moderation (Age 7-12)

Recorder Club! - Level 1

Music Theory: The Circle of Fifths, C Major, G Major, D Major - Class 2

Disney Ukulele Camp

Mexican Traditional Drinks: Agua Frescas Horchata and More

Summer High School Chemistry Basics 2: Math Basics, Mole & Stoichiometry

Beethoven Lives Upstairs: 2 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

Weekly French Beginner Class: J'apprends le Français

Drawing a Crow With Watercolor Pencils

Fun First and Second Grade Math - Ongoing

Middle School Writing: Multi-Paragraph/Five-Paragraph Essay Club

I Love Chinese: Easy Chinese 123: Speak, Read & Write (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

Basic Spanish for Teens: Building Confidence and Fluency, Introduction Class

Gifted Enrichment Club (Ages 10-12)

Rainbow Friends Roblox Weekly Gaming Social Class

SAT Study Camp!

4-Week: Star Wars Reading Jedi Book Club

Autism Brick Builders

Class Mini: Become a Better Writer - Better Essay Introductions

Girls Talk: Social Group (Ages 9-12)

Girls Talk: Social Group (Ages 5-8)

CAD Drafting and Engineering Design With Fusion 360 - Level 2

Spanish Spot: A Semester of Vocabulary and Immersion for Advanced Beginners

Ukelele Fun One-on-One Lessons

High School Video Editing and Production

Let's Try the Trumpet! - Trial Lesson (Small Group)

7th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 1, Ratios and Unit Rates)

American Government: The Executive Branch (the Presidency!)

All About the Bass Clef - Private Lesson

Black Maternal Health: African American History & Culture Survey

The Maya, Aztec, and Incan Empires: The Rise and Fall

Happy Little Acrylic Painting Art - Paint a Flapjack Octopus Step by Step

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Novel Study

Gifted Enrichment Club (Ages 8-10)

Miss Allys Art Class: Seahorse Drawing and Painting Class

Math 7th Grade Homeschool FULL Curriculum

Private Piano Lessons, 45 Minutes, Any Level, 7-12 Year Olds

Acting: Monologues for Auditions and Performance

Math 6th Grade Homeschool FULL Curriculum

Hot Wheels STEM Summer Vacation Camp (4-5Yr): Week 3

Hot Wheels STEM Summer Vacation Camp (4-5Yr): Week 2

Middle School Civics

We Are Scientists! Weekly Science Class for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Music: Singing and Songwriting Class (One Time Class)

Cool Cats - Cartoon Kitten With a Toy - Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

Dungeons and Dragons: Curse of Strahd 5e Campaign Adventure Club

D&D Candlekeep Mysteries w/ Jingleheimer (A Dungeons and Dragons Game)

Ms. Colleen's Grade 3 Math Class: Fractions

Creative Writing:4-Week Camp W/Award-Winning Screenwriter + Neurodiverse Coach!

Small Group Book Club!

Semester Language Arts Ages 8-10

My Name Is A Story | Little Readers (International Day of the Girl Read Along)

Advanced Reading Success Book Club - Harriet the Spy

"Can We Get a Dog?" Puppy & Dog Care for Young Dog Lovers- Earn a Certificate!

Make Any Game W/ Data Structures! Intro Probability + Computer Science W/ Python

Anime Style Drawing: Shonen Style

Spanish Immersion: “Let's Get Talking! En EspaÑOl!” Summer Camp

6th Grade Review Club (Ongoing)

Piano Camp! Learn Piano Now (Level 2) with Dr. Nathan

#3 Can You Crack the Code? - The Polybius Square

Social Book Club With Ms. B: Flat Stanley, Book 1

Pre-K Math: Patterns, Sequencing, and Tangrams by a Certified Math Teacher, M.A.

Breathe Magic to Life: Dungeons and Dragons Character Design 5th Edition

Drawing Pokemon: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle

Practical Homesteading: Beyond Kidding: Dairy Goat Breeding, Birth and Milking

Architecture Hands-On Structures CAMP Rocks! (Arch Rocks Lesson 1-9)

D&D Storm King's Thunder w/ Jingleheimer (A Dungeons and Dragons Game)

The Sharing Show with Mr. Darrell!

Bomb: The Race to Build-And Steal-The World's Most Dangerous Weapons

Zoology of Pokémon: Lepidopterology! Butterfly & Moth Pokémon (Ages 13-18)

A LEGO® Escape This Story- The Magical Kingdom

Zoology of Pokémon: Lepidopterology! Butterfly & Moth Pokémon (Ages 7-12)

Fun With Cantonese! Conversational 3 (Beginner's Course) FLEX Class

Seasons of Joy Story Time: Stone Soup

Everyday Pre-K Math Class (Kindergarten Prep)

Seasons of Joy: Leprechauns and Rainbows Circle Time

Sunshine Violin, Viola, or Beginner Cello, Piano and Ukulele: Private Lessons

Kitchen Math Digital Escape Room

Practice Makes Perfect: Private Tap Dance Lesson

Self-Paced Spanish: Vocabulary (7-11)

Adulting 101

Private Tutoring (Math and/or Reading) Kindergarten to 2nd Grade With a Certified Teacher

Money Basics for Preschoolers - Needs & Wants Semi-Private Lesson

Set Yourself up for Success With Goal Setting! Flex Course

Full Second Grade Math Curriculum - Standards Based Lessons and Games

Cleopatra -Great Ladies Series: Women in History

Master Debate Class - 15 Week Full Curriculum for Advanced ELA Students

Save Santa!- A Scratch Jr. Challenge for Beginners

American Sign Language (ASL) for Intermediate Learners (Part One)

Quick Steps to Reading Success - For Early Readers

Games With Friends - A Social Group for Kids Who Like to Move - Ages 7-10

Games With Friends - A Social Group for Kids Who Like to Move - Ages 3-6

Beginner Semester Long Spanish Course (2/3): Let's Talk Actions in Progress

Break Dance Fitness (Ongoing)

Biology - Vet / Veterinary Science- Dog Parasite Project

Easy Italian: Halloween Insieme! (Multi-day Fall Month Oct.) [AGE 7-10] 50 Min

Reading & Writing German for Advanced German Speakers (8-12 Years)

6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Quarter 3: Coordinate Plane and Data Analysis

Piano Class for Kindergarten Through 2nd Grade - Part I

Ongoing 5th Grade Math Class

6th Grade Summer Math Review!!

Bastien Level 2 Piano Class - Ages 8 to 13 (Part II)

Splatoon 3 - 3 Day Winter Camp for Gaming and Socialization

Dinosaur Romp, Stomp and Chomp!

Improv: Learn to Speak, Act, and Think Quickly on Your Feet!

Meet the Toy Dog Breeds

Music Theory for All Levels: Semi-Private Lessons

Phonics: Short Vowels and the Alphabet

Sonic the Hedgehog Paper Craft Club! Create, Learn & Chat!

Paint With Nicole! Acrylic Thankful Pumpkin Painting on Canvas or Acrylic Paper

What's for Dinner #32 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Middle School Math - Ongoing Math Course

Playing Pokemon TCG Live: Math Edition: Grades 1-2

Playing Pokemon TCG Live: Math Edition: Grades 5-6

2D Shapes Are Everywhere!: Learn About Shapes, Sides, Vertices

Music and Movement

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - Plant Kingdom Drawing (Ages 6-9)

Playing Pokemon TCG Live: Math Edition: Grades 3-4

I Can Build a Snowman!- A Scratch Jr. Challenge for Beginners

Catching the Love Bug- A Scratch Jr. Coding Challenge

Learning Our Letters

Fantasy Football Weekly Recap

Learn How to Create an African Sunset Silhouette Painting

Mathletes 2nd Grade Summer Review With a Licensed Teacher: 1X Week

3rd Grade Math Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher (1x)

Introduction to Art History for High School: History of Photography

Social Club:Poppy Playtime, Bendy and the Ink Machine and More!

Introduction to Homer's Iliad

Orton-Gillingham: Morphology, Vocabulary, Grammar, and More! Semester 1

Readers and Writers Unite: Creative Writing Club

a People's History - US History

Roald Dahl Novel Reading Book Club - Part 2 (Semester Long)

Roald Dahl Novel Reading Book Club - Part 1 (Semester Long)

Literature on Film 2 - High School ELA

High School English Language Arts

Reading Assessment - Phonics, Fluency, and Comprehension, Ages 7-12

Book Club- Starfish by Lisa Fipps, Told in Verse -Powerful,Life-Changing Themes

日本語チャレンジ- Ongoing Japanese Class for High Intermediate to Low Advanced

Private Tutoring: English as a Second Language - Conversational English

Drawing Nintendo: Toad

Intermediate Cursive With Aesop's Fables

Miss Delicia's Life Skills, Leadership & Character Academy (Age 14-18)

Springing Into Science Is Fun! Full Year Curriculum, Weekly Science for Ages 6-9

Kirby Reading Comprehension Club!

Novel Study - Matilda by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - The BFG by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Novel Study - The Witches by Roald Dahl

7th Grade Math | Summer Review and Prepare | Full Curriculum

8th Grade Math | Full Curriculum | 2 Classes/Week

Greek Mythology for Beginners: Intro to the Heroes of the Ancient World Ongoing

Super Math Strategies: Individualized Tutoring

Fun With Letters - 3rd Grade Spelling

Mastering Multiplication: Practice & Tips

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 13-- Tricky Moves!

1:1 Critical Thinking Builder: Math Problem Solving & Puzzles

4th Grade Math Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher (1x)

1:1 Animal Biology Drawing

Ongoing Weekly Bird Tweets Draw & Painting Club

5th Grade Eureka Math Companion Class (Module 1)

French Immersion - Free Draw

Let's Draw Hamster, Art and Fun Facts

Sunshine Violin: Let's Learn to Fiddle

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Private One on One Voice Lessons for the Teen/Tween Singer

Toy Show, Share, and Tell

Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition Homebrew for All Levels (Ages 10-15)

Drop in 1-To-1 Math Tutoring Grades 5 Through High School Calculus

The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Rectangle - A Math Class for Number Geeks

Horse Lover Group! Learn About Horses While Making Friends!

The Silk Road and 1001 Arabian Nights: Read, Discuss and Draw

Middle School Music Appreciation: Ongoing

The Archaeology of Ancient Greece – The Origins of Democracy c. 700 BCE-300 BCE

3rd Grade Math Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher (2x)

4th Grade Math Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher (2x)

5th Grade Math Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher (2x)

5th Grade Math Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher (1x)

6th Grade Math Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher (1x)

6th Grade Math Summer Review Camp With a Licensed Teacher (2x)

Alphabet Games Small Group Class

Deep Thinkers - Weekly Philosophy Discussion (12-15)

Let’s Get It Write - A Writing Class for Reluctant and Overwhelmed Writers


Creative Writing: Write and Draw a Graphic Novel

Japanese Bilingual Music & Storytime (Weekly, Ongoing)

ESL Book Club 🕷️Charlotte's Web 🐷

Easy Italian: Halloween Insieme! ( 50 Minutes) [AGE 7-10]

STEM Challenges 2

Writing Detectives: Weekly Grammar Lessons to Write 5-Star Sentences!

Makeup 101 (Flex Class)

U.S History: The American Civil War

Mermaid and Friends Drawing Class (Ages 5-10)

The Dragons of Blueland Reading Comprehension Camp

Elmer and the Dragon Reading Comprehension Camp

My Father's Dragon Reading Comprehension Camp

Zombies Freeze Dance Party

D&D Multi-Campaign

Warrior Cats Character Conversations Kahoot! Club

SSAT Analogies Bootcamp

Idioms Amped-Up: Don't Miss the Boat!

They Grew up to Be President

My Spanish Spot: Semester of Story Based Lessons for Advanced Beginners

Mrs. Pope's Office

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: General Homework Help Semester Class

Cute Frozen Drawing Club (Ongoing)

Kids and Keys Advanced Beginner Piano Class

Draw Kawaii Dogs and Puppies With Me!

Mario Mashups Open-Ended Creative Drawing Club!

Deep Sea Dive: Drawing the Marine Biology of the Oceans

Where in South America?- An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Around South America!

Where in the World?- An Interactive Scavenger Hunt to the Seven Continents!

Where in North America?- An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Around North America!

Safari Adventure: Drawing the Animals of the Savannah

Where in Europe?- An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Around the European Continent!

Where in Australia?- An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Around Australia!

Where in Asia?- An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Around the Asian Continent!

Where in Antarctica?- An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Around Antarctica!

Where in Africa?- An Interactive Scavenger Hunt Around the African Continent!

Tiny Travelers Club- Weekly Scavenger Hunts Around the World!

Tiny Travelers Club- USA Edition!- Weekly Scavenger Hunts Through the 50 States!

Python Coding| Project-Based Programming Class for Private Learners!

1 Time Back to School Grammar Class: Using Phrases to Enhance Your Writing

Zombies 3: Ain’t No Doubt About It- Dance Routine!

Intro to Public Speaking and Debate - Elementary ELA 10 Week Fall Curriculum

1:1 Math Tutoring | Special Education Teacher

Creative Writing Accountability Club: Young Teens

Seasons of Joy: One-Time Halloween Circle

Let's Escape: Can You Solve The Crime? B2+ CEFR

Biochemistry Colouring - Self-Paced

Private Tutoring

Private Reading Tutor

Ukulele Pop Songs - Taylor Swift Edition - Intermediate Level

Anatomy and Physiology Full Curriculum: Ongoing

Award-Winning Berklee College Graduate - Music Theory Class

Art with Ms. Heidi: Let’s Draw A Big Colorful Pumpkin

Music With Ms. Annette: Not-So-Spooky Halloween Songs for Little Ones

Create Your Own Utopia--

Fine Art Friday and Chat

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Letter Fun

Drawing Pokémon: Sylveon

Drawing Pokémon: Jolteon

Read & Draw With Me! - Pout Pout Fish

Fun Sunset Painting!

Computer Building & Tech Masterclass

The Official Creative Writing Workshop: Comedy Edition!

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