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New Classes on Outschool 2024-06-02

There are 627 new classes on Outschool the week of June 2, 2024 to June 8, 2024.

Kaiju Godzilla Jurassic Dinosaur Monster Reading Class Fun

Shred the SAT - Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

Spell Like a Champion ~ Learn Spelling Secrets - Parts B [S-P Classes]

Introduction to American Sign Language Through Games! (Ages 5-7)

Breakdance Camp: Musicality (Multi-level)

Summer Activity: Show and Tell Mystery Series: Learn, Laugh, Make New Friends

Right Brain Sight Words 1

Fairy Tales Unlocked: Reading and Comprehension Practice

Women in History: Queens that Changed the World

National Park Mysteries Book Club

Summer '24 YA Pick From Reese’s Book Club: Twelfth Knight + Craft

Science Book Club : Entangled Life

Taylor Swift Enchanted Arts & Crafts Camp for Teens

A Look at Tokyo

Daily Grade 3 Math (Nehemiah)

Writing a Sentence: Daily Writing Practice Ages 6-9 | ELL & ESL Friendly

1 on 1 Phonics Interactive Beginners Reading. UK Curriculums. "That Sound?"

Let's Sing Solfege!

1-on-1 Whiskerwood Cat School of Magic Escape Room Learning Adventure!

Tiny Tales English, Vocabulary Adventures for Little Learners.

English Adventures, Navigating the Cambridge Steps, Flyers A2

English Adventures, Navigating the Cambridge Steps, Movers A1

English Adventures, Navigating the Cambridge Steps, Starters Pre A1

LDCA (Student Request): Inside Out Drawing - Anger

Beginning Reader Practice

Creative Convergence: Art, Social Studies & Humanities Exploration

4th Grade Full Year Curriculum | All Subjects | 1 on 1

Enrichment: Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Strategies Grades 3-5: 1x Week

Year-Long A-Z Book Club: Creative Reviews & New Bibliophile Friendships

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness for Kids and Teens

ASL: Dr. Seuss Summer Camp

ASL: Pet Summer Camp

ASL: Bear Signs

Pokemon Go Club! (Tips and Tricks for Trainers)

Creative Writing Prompts!

Autism & Special Needs Group Chat

Historical Adventure Camp || WWII: Predicting Hitler's Foreign Policy

Summer Writing Club- Social Emotional Learning*

History, Mystery, or Just Plain Conspiracy

Summer Math Review: Solving Equations Mini Camp

1:1 Creative Writing Ongoing Club -Using Movies to Inspire: Experienced Teacher

Private English Tutor (1:1 Lesson)

Group Beginners ESL Conversation English Class UK Curriculum What's That Sound?

Wizards Writing Workshop- Write Like you Have a Magic Quill Doing the Work

1:1 1St and 2nd Grade Math Tutoring

Portuguese (Brazil) - Summer Unit - Middle School

Portuguese (Brazil) - Summer Unit - Elementary

1:1 PSAT/SAT Test Prep Math, Reading and Vocabulary

Summer Spanish Vocabulary Boost Camp For Tweens and Teens

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Let's Play Keys

Full Semester High School Level 1 Spanish Live

Ratatouille Color Mixing Class for Littles

Computer Science and Programming Fundamentals

Pokémon and the Human Brain

Middle School English Language Arts Bootcamp: Spelling Essentials

7th Grade Math Summer Review

Guitar Performance: Chord Progressions

Little Scribblers: Fun with Handwriting!

Proper Fractions for Middle Grades Novice Learners 1 Week Self Paced Course

One on One Tutoring- Phonics

AP Language and Composition Tutoring

3Rd and 4th Grade Science Fun at Your Own Pace!

PSAT/SAT Test Prep Tutoring & Strategy Reading, Vocabulary & Writing

PSAT and SAT Math Test Prep

Fantasy Characters and Story Building Camp Part 3 - Scene Integration

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

Straight Out of the Story: A Media Cooking Class

1St and 2nd Grade Science Learning at Your Pace!

Little Mathematicians: Division Edition!

Intro to Pop Basics on Keyboard/Piano

Fantasy Characters and Story Building Camp Part 2 - Fairies

Little Mathematicians: Multiplication Mania!

Watercolor Snacks

Stardew Valley Summer Camp

Acting, Facial Expressions, Feelings, and Empathy

All About Pre-Algebra

Charting the Course: A Guide to Middle School Success

Trailblazers: Uncovering Your Leadership Journey (Ages 10-12)

Spanish Vocabulary Basics Level 1 for Total Beginners Level 1

Spanish 101: Basic Spanish

Song Lyrics Makeover

Group the ESL English Conversational Place, Practice and Free Talk Class

Grade 4: Identifying Digit Values in Numbers up to Four Digits

Reflective Writing Club: Taylor Swift Music Videos

Little Mathematicians: Subtract and Solve!

From Ideas to Music: Dive Into Music Composition With Musescore

Web Design for a Shrimp: Prototyping in Photoshop

Great Outschool Campout Chat Group (June 15 - July 30)

Let Your Pride Flag Fly! Watercolor Painting and LGBT-Q&A

One-On-One Modern Calligraphy Intensive Class

Great Outschool Campout Summer Challenges: GOCO24 (Outschool Unlimited)

Great Outschool Campout Summer Challenges: GOCO24 (Self-Paced)

1-on-1 Private Violin or Viola Lessons

One-Off Writing Lesson - Persuasive Writing for Teens (Being A Realtor)

Little Mathematicians: Add It Up!

Summer Spanish Immersion Escape Room Adventures

Meet the Teacher

Waldorf Middle/High School Private Vimala Cursive Course II

Tongue Twisters in English

Waldorf Summer Camp: Cursive Writing Course II

How to Start Writing Your College Application Essay / Personal Statement

Summer Spanish Book Club With Native Speaker

Book Club: The Toll (Scythe Book 3)

Test Prep for SAT Math, ACT Math, Asvab, Toefl, Esl/Esol, Regents

The Sciences: Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Volleyball 101: Passing/Bumping for Beginner and Intermediate Players

Mewnited States 50 States Camp for Curious Cats - States 1-10

Flex-First Semester Survival Skills and More--With a Marine

Shakespeare on Film - Romeo+Juliet

Kaiju Reading Tutor: Name the Characters, the History of Godzilla 1 Student Fun

Social Studies - Regions of the USA: Exploring the Southeast

Social Studies - Regions of the USA: Exploring the Midwest

World Geography - Full Year Curriculum (Ongoing)

Boys Roblox Gaming Club: Let's Play Roblox and Make New Friends! *Ages 9-14*

Drop-In Flute Club

Digital Social Skills: Safe Online Communication for Kids and Teens

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills for Teens

Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving for Preteens

Friendship Foundations: Making and Keeping Friends for Kids

Executive Functioning: Skills for Success for Preteens

Math Explorers: Journeying Through Upper Elementary Concepts with Confidence

Group Phonics ESL Class Interactive Beginners English Reading Class. That Sound?

Her Own Words: Creative Writing Club (Ages 9-12)

Essentials of Geometry| Full Course| Ongoing

LDCA (Student Request): Fortnite Drawing - Peabody

4th Grade Math IXL the Ultimate Workbook Study

Master 6th Grade Math - (Full Standards Based Course) - Licensed Math Teacher

Master 7th Grade Math - (Full Standards Based Course) - Licensed Math Teacher

Grasping Grammar: Conquering Commonly Confused Words

American Sign Language - Summer ASL Unit (13-18)

American Sign Language - Summer ASL Unit (8-12)

Ukulele Lessons - 45 Minute

Ukulele Lesson - 60 Minute

Trumpet Lesson - 60 Minute

Ukulele Lesson - 30 Minute

Trumpet Lesson - 45 Minute

Guitar Lesson - 60 Minute

Trumpet Lesson - 30 Minute

Guitar Lesson - 45 Minute

Filmmaking Summer Camp

Phonemic Awareness Fun!

ESL Beginner Class Ages 6-8

ACT & SAT Math Course 4 of 4: Geometry & Trigonometry

The Ultimate Teen Survival Guide (For Crushing Life)

ACT & SAT Math Course 2 of 4: Algebra in the Second Degree & Beyond

ACT & SAT Math Course 3 of 4: Algebra 2

ACT & SAT Math Course 1 of 4: Algebra in the First Degree

Vocabulary and Spelling 1st and 2nd Grade

Elementary Education, Common Core, Elementary Math and Elementary Science

Mastering 7 Time Tables

Java Programming

Reptile Camp 2: Research & Discuss Reptiles From Around the World! Ages 9-12

Math: Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry

Guitar Lesson - 30 Minute

1:1 Personalize Sketch and Shade Drawing Lesson - Art for Beginners to Advanced

Write College and Scholarship Essays That Make You Stand Out

Get Ready! Math Prep-Grade 1

Wizards Writing Class- Write Like You Have a Magic Quill Doing the Work

Exploring "Charlotte's Web": A Book Study

Get Ready! Math Grade 6

Get Ready! Math Prep-Grade 3

Fun With Phonics!

Video Games and Storytelling

Material Detectives: Exploring the Science of Stuff!

Flex Cartoon: Drawing Inspiration From Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Bluey & Sponge Bob

Get Hooked on Crochet Granny Squares! Crocheting for Upper-Beginners

Spelling and Reading Assessment to Determine Your Child's Reading Level

Dress To Impress and Chat

Biology and Drawing Club: Cell Biology, Scientific Method, & Draw Animals

Read & Write! - Pre-K & Kindergarten - The Building Blocks to Success!

Middle School Math Support

Conquering Spelling: Master 4 Common Spelling Mistakes

Solving Equations | Filling in Pre-Algebra Gaps

The Case of the Missing Lasagna Ingredient SPaG (Spelling & Grammar) Mystery

Adventures in Wordland: Reading Quest for Young Explorers

Draw Shaved Ice | Food Art

Spanish Vocabulary Basics Level 1 for Total Beginners Part II

Beginners Pastel Painting Class

Opinion Paragraph Writing: I Want a Pet!

Intro to Acrylic Painting

Breaking the Math Code: Tutoring with Ms. Washington

Award Making Fathers Day Drawing

How to Draw a Realistic Zebra + Fun Zebra Facts!

Get a Head Start on Pre-Algebra Concepts Camp 1.3

Excellent writing

The Forge of Fury: Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp (2 Weeks)

White Plume Mountain: Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp (1 Week)

Get a Head Start on Pre-Algebra Concepts Camp 1.4

German Translation Once a week Club

Minecraft Club for Special Needs

Art History and Artists Series 1 - Learn About 8 Artists |Interactive On-Demand

Art History Artists Series 3 - Learn 8 Interior Designers |Interactive On-Demand

Art History Artists Series 2 - Learn About 8 Architects |Interactive on-Demand

Descendants Dance Party!

Science Book Club : Invisible Women

So You Want to Be a Veterinarian? How to Apply and Get Into Veterinary School.

Editing Your Writing

Subtraction With Regrouping Across Zeros

Add/Subtract/Multiplying/Dividing Decimals-With a Special Education Teacher

Farm Anatomy 101

Explore the Human Body & the Amazing Functions Part 1

Drum Pad Basic Skills Ages 15-18

Interesting Problems in Algebra 1: Part A in 4 Weeks

Speak Like a PorteÑO: Argentine Spanish Intensive for Real-Life Communication

Speaking English Every Week!

Math Tutoring for Early Elementary (Grades 1-3) - Small Group

Super Mario Simple Addition and Subtraction Practice

Teacher Tammi's Tutoring: Executive Functioning & Student Success

Dr. M's Math Marvels: Moving Up to 3rd Grade

Blast Into the Past: A Writing Adventure!

Flex Studio Art Set B: Art Concepts + Fun Projects

The Wonders of Weather: A Journey Through the Seasons!

Biome Habitats Kids Yoga Summer Camp

Academic Boost: Master Your Skills 1-on-1

Writing Numbers: Mastering Number Formation for Ages 3-5

Little Thinkers: A Debate Club for Kids!

1:1 Voice Lessons, Acting Lessons, and/or Audition Prep

Quizbowl Masters- High School

Quizbowl Masters- Middle School

Quizbowl Masters- Elementary

Gimme A Break: Building Your Onscreen Acting/Modeling Career, Step 2

How to Draw Portraits, Drawing Portraits for Beginners, Fun One Time Art Class

Practical Effects Bundle

Flex Yoga Art Summer Camp: Calming Yoga + Creative Expressions!

Green Architecture Now!

Play Violin Like a Pro! Private 1:1 Lessons (All Levels: 45Min)

Play Violin Like a Pro! Private 1:1 Lessons (All Levels: 60min)

Wild About Animals! 20 Questions and Facts About a Wild Animal

STEM Gaming: Car Mechanic Simulator for Teens

Private 1:1 ESL Class- Engage and Fun Lessons! Experience Teacher

Letters and Sounds With Ms. H in Spanish!

Fractions Camp: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, & Dividing

Architecture Studio: A Drawing & Sketching Workshop

Art History: Warhol, Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, and Dine!

Forensic Psychology

Math Jokes and Riddles 6: 2D Geometry Subscription

Boost Your Spelling & Reading Skills by Learning the 6 Syllable Types

SUB Level 1 Creative Photography: Subject, Light, Composition Ages 10-12

Summer Singing Camp: Sing Like A Disney Princess

Art Class Where We Create a Radial Relief Sculpture With Cardboard

2nd Grade Mathematics Builders

Summer Sign Language Course for Beginners: 5-Week ASL Course

Animal A Capella: A Wild and Wonderful Singing Session

Math Escape Room: The Sand Castle Caper, Gr. 5 - 6

Get a Head Start on Pre-Algebra Concepts Camp 1.1

LDCA (Student Request): Lego Drawing - Lego Sonic

Multiplication Tutoring for 3rd-5Th Grade

Procreate Digital Drawing

Intro to Graffiti Lettering

French Summer Camp Beginner 1 Part 1 Intensive

1st Grade Mathematic Warriors

Fantasy Characters and Story Building Camp Part 1 - Dragons

Using AI Ethically Summer Camp

Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt: Logic & Problem Solving - 8 FUN Weeks

High School Biology (a Year)- Honors Class.

Summer School 2nd-Grade Readiness Math and Language Arts Review With MAD LIBS 🤪

1:1 Summer Intensive Math Tutoring

Math and English Homework Help With a Qualified Teacher

Let's Play the Organization Game - ADHD Friendly Organizing

Spy School

High School Biology

Math Summer Camp: 1st Grade Review & Get Ready for 2nd Grade!

STEM Gaming: Car Mechanic Simulator

Brazilian Portuguese for Young Learners: Intermediate Level (Part 1)

Super Mario Club for Special Needs

Year-Long A-Z Teen Book Club: Creative Reviews & New Bibliophile Friendships

Elementary Music at Home! General Music Class for Kids in Grades K & 1

Ace Your Audition: One-Time Workshop for Aspiring Performers

Basic Drawing Private Class

1:1 Private Reading Tutor With Guided Novel Studies for Grades 3-6

Private Custom Tutoring Class | Choose Your Own Topic! (Weekly)

15 Minute Guided Piano Practice: Piano Practice Support Between Piano Lessons

Writing Skills for Standardized Tests: Narrative/Informational/Argumentative

Math Tutoring One-On-One 60 Min

Makeup Summer Camp for Beginners

Basic Drawing

Recorder Ninja - Level 1

Literary Quest:Teen Book Club Edition

High School Spanish 1 Full Year -1X/Week(Accelerated)Bilingual-With Profe Angie

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Makeup SFX Magic: Special Effects Masterclass

Introduction to Food Science and Food Technology for Teens (With Labs) Part 2

Morning Movement Break

Multisensory Individualized Reading and Phonics Instruction

Crafting Your Personal Narrative: College Essay & Scholarship Tutoring

One-On-One Theatre Audition Coaching

Chemistry-High School, Part I (Self-Paced)

The Game Show Club

Math Mania Summer Camp: Fun With Fractions

1:1 Acting and Performance Lessons with a Professional Filmmaker

Math Skills Summer Camp: Second Grade Skills Review

July 4th Cat Mystery Adventure Escape Room: The Missing Fireworks

Little Dungeoneers Painting Club

Glowing Neon Watercolor For Teens

Mastering the Slope: A Crash Course for Middle and High Schoolers

Get a Head Start on Pre-Algebra Concepts Camp 1.2

ELA Reading Supplement for IEW's U.S. History-Based Writing Courses (Adv or Reg)

1:1 Conversation Practice With Mrs. Sturdevant

Montessori Hands-On Multiplication Facts With Multiplication Bead Board

Synonyms & Antonyms - 2nd Grade Grammar Skills

Writing Course - No Book; No Homework; Learner Chooses Topic; Patient Pace (IEW)

Fractions Masterclass

Sew Much Fun Summer Camp for Ages 8 to 12: Upcycling Made Fun and Easy With DC!

Full School Year - Language Arts - 4th grade

1:1 Film Editing Sessions for Movies or YouTube with a Professional Filmmaker

French Summer Camp - Beginner Level A1

1:1 College Essay Support

8-week SAT Prep Course - Live

Canva Creators: Fun Graphic Design for Young Innovators

Write, Publish, Rank: Creative Storytelling & Writing for Wattpad

Music Theory for Little Learners

Story Time & Draw Art: Read Unicorn Book | Draw a Unicorn

Squishmallows Paragraph Academy: 1-ON-1 Writing With Miss Sammi

Italian 1:1 Or Private Tutoring (Italian Help or for Italian Trip) 45 Min

College Essay Writing Camp

1:1 Math Tutoring - Private Math Tutor Grades 4-8 (30 Minutes)

Let's Learn All About Python for Beginners Level 1! (Summer Camp)

Learn All About France!

Classic and Modern, Section 2: Homeschool High School English 1 Or 2

Literacy Building Blocks: Mastering the Fundamentals of Reading and Writing

Math Tutoring For Special Needs

My Personal English Lexicon - A Verbal SAT Course for English Language Learners

Middle School Madness

Rock 'N Roll Summer

"Bud, Not Buddy" Comprehensive Novel Study (Christopher Paul Curtis)

ESL Fun Curriculum in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening English Language

Master Social Skills: Confidence, Communication, & Friendship Building

Foods of the World

Dumb Ways to Die: Deadly Encounters

Growing Your Super Self: A Journey to Self-Worth for Kids

Private 1:1 Tutoring for ACT, SAT, CLEP/DSST, ELA, Math, Social Studies, Spanish

First Steps on Violin: Beginner Jumpstart in One Session (45 Min)

1:1 Assessments for NZ Primary: Reading, Writing & Mathematics (4 Sessions)

One on One Interactive Mandarin Lessons

Mastering Math Magic - Tricks to Add Numbers Faster!

Drawing A Cartoon Great White Shark! Fun Step by Step Art Class for Beginners

Upcycling Made Fun and Easy: Turning Your Used T-Shirt Into a Cool & Useful Bag!

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 8 Summer Scene Paintings | 8 on Demand Classes

"Mr. Stink" Comprehensive Novel Study (David Walliams)

"Meet the Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of 4 Sisters..." #1 Novel Study (Birdsall)

Lego Challenge with the Teacher!

The Babysitters Club Graphic Novel Book Club

Private Magic Lessons

Graphic Design in Star Wars

Acrylic Painting Course| Paint 8 Summer Night Paintings | 8 on Demand Classes

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 8 Summer Sky Paintings | 8 on Demand Classes

Fun with Reading

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 8 Sea Life Paintings | 8 on Demand Classes

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 8 Plant Paintings | 8 on Demand Painting Classes

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 8 Landscape Paintings | 8 on Demand Classes

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 8 Flower Paintings | 8 on Demand Classes

Acrylic Painting Canvas | Paint 8 Summer Scene Paintings | on Demand Summer Camp

Play Violin Like a Pro! Private 1:1 Lessons (All Levels: 30Min)

The Amazing Digital Circus Animation Class: Animate Your Favorite Characters!

Prek-Kindergarten: Alphabet, Sight Words, Show & Tell and Storytime!

Glowing Neon Watercolor for Tweens.

Growing Our Knowledge of Science

College Essay 101

"Gangsta Granny" Comprehensive Novel Study (David Walliams)

Sight Word Summer Camp Circle Time!

Collector's Show and Tell: Coin, Stamp, Antiques, Etc, All Collections Welcome

"Sarah, Plain and Tall" Comprehensive Novel Study (Patricia MacLachlan)

Welcome to Bloxburg 1 on 1 Class- Let’s Build Together! (Roblox)

Birds - Animals Around the World Zoology

Real Estate Explorers-How to Get Your Real Estate License?

Spanish Storytime! Vocabulary, Writing, Immersion, Theatre and Poetry (Waldorf)

Science, STEM, and Hands-On Explorations With Engineering Design Challenges

Beginner Chinese: Fun Basics for Kids

2D Art & Design - Part One: The Elements of Design

Eco Art Lab

Reading for Beginner’s Class With Teacher Tracy

Digging Deeper Into Science for 1st and 2nd Graders!

Algebra 1 Math Mastery: Algebra 1 Summer Camp Review With Teacher Bob

Letter Reversals(B/D): Let’s Fix It!

What Am I ? Flower Identification and Observation

Spanish Conversational Intermediate to Advanced (13-18)

Exploring the Wonders of Animal Life Cycles and Habitats

1:1 Ongoing -Crack the Code to Reading

Math Tutoring for Early Elementary (Grades 1-3)

Nature-Based Creative Arts Camp

Learn to Draw the Amazing Digital Circus: Art Class and Social Club

First Grade Vocabulary Builders: Becoming Word Wizards

Third Grade Vocabulary Builders: Becoming Word Wizards

Second Grade Vocabulary Builders: Becoming Word Wizards

Fourth Grade Vocabulary Builders: Becoming Word Wizards

Musical Open Mic!

Let's Draw Roblox Adopt Me Pets (4 Weeks)

Fifth Grade Vocabulary Builders: Becoming Word Wizards

Private/One-on-One Ukulele Lessons

Highschool Geometry Summer Math Review Camp With Teacher Bob

Sixth Grade Vocabulary Builders: Becoming Word Wizards

8-week SAT Prep Course

Dr. M's Math Marvels: Moving Up to 4th Grade

Pre Algebra I Boot Camp

Italian for Bimbi: Easy Italian for Beginners (Bluey, Seasons, & More) 30 Mins

American English Pronunciation Workshop - R, V, and Th

Dr. Seuss Book Club

1v1 French Starter Courses

Assembling Your Art Portfolio: Get Application Ready!

8th Grade Math Mastery: Grade Eight Summer Camp Review With Teacher Bob

6th Grade Math Mastery: Math Summer Camp Review With Teacher Bob

Restaurant Skills

Summer Math Refresh (2nd Grade into 3rd Grade)

Draw Cute Cotton Candy | Food Art

"Mind-Blowing Multi-Digit Multiplication Mental Math Strategies for Gr. 5-8."

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Pokémon Paragraph Academy: 1-ON-1 Writing With Miss Sammi

Full School Year - Math - 4th grade

Make Reading Comprehension Fun! Self-Pace Class

Perfect Hook and Thesis Statements

Extraordinary Essays: Opinion Writing | Summer Camp | 2x/Week | 3 Weeks

Discovering LGBTQ+ Studies, Culture, & History for Teens (Part 1 of 2)

Extraordinary Essays: Informational Writing | Summer Camp | 2x/Week | 3 Weeks

5th Grade Math Mastery Summer Camp - 4 Weeks

Gaming 1:1 with Ms Astrid

Draw Cute Ice Cream Cups

7th Grade Math Mastery: Grade Seven Summer Camp Review With Teacher Bob

Draw Cute Milkshakes

Draw Cute Cupcakes

I Can Write My First Sentences! Summer Beginner Sentence Writing Session

Comprehension Essentials: Building Background Knowledge, Vocabulary + Morphology

LDCA (Student Request): Pokemon Drawing - Lillie & Vulpix

LDCA (Student Request): Soccer Drawing - Neymar Jr.

Beginner's Reading Class

Celebrating Diversity - LGBTQIA+ Heroes and Their Legacy

AI and Coding Classes for Kids - 5 to 10

Peacock / Step by Step Realistic Drawing

How to Draw a Big White Shark/ Realistic Drawing

Words in Context: Master SAT & ACT Vocabulary through Literature

Bluey Italian and Drawing Summer Camp I 3 Days

Intensive Preparation for High School Entrance Exams (ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, SHSAT)

Science Tutoring 1-On-1 30 Minutes (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Test Prep)

Advanced Latin: Vergil

SAT Math Exam Preparation Part 37

Draw Your Own Solar System Masterpiece!

Third Grade Science - Full Year (Semesters 1 and 2)

Bridge to Geometry | Preparing You to Enter High School Geometry

The Basics of Business: An Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Exploring "House on Mango Street": Novel Study & Creative Writing

Music Discussion Social Club

Draw Cute Cupcakes

Pokemon Addition Battles (Autism. ADHD, Neurodiverse Learners) Self-Paced

Alotl' Fun! : Axolotl Painting

Fun math tricks

Summer Singing Camp: Sing Like Lauren Daigle

Ready to Read in 10 Lessons: Advanced PreK/Kinder Prep

Full School Year Course - Math - 6Th/7Th

Opinion Piece (Creative Writing)

Greek Mythology: The Twelve Olympians

"the Mighty Miss Malone" Comprehensive Novel Study (Christopher Paul Curtis)

Skin Care, Makeup, Stanley Aficionados Social Club (Teen Edition)

Private Math Tutoring | Pre-Calculus (Weekly)

Unstuck and on Target: Deep Dive Into Flexibility CAMP

Gobag Disaster Survival

US History: Precontact to the 1920's

1:1 Academic Life Coaching | Helping Teens Build a Confident Future

Fun ESL Conversation Club

Elevate Your Writing: Private IEW Classes

Summer Camp: Unleash Your Inner Sax Star! 2-Week Saxophone Jumpstart (30mins)

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Summer Reading Camp

Lets Create an Abstract Artwork!

2ND-Grade Summer Reading Camp

Japanese Katakana Writing and Vocabulary Semester

Japanese Katakana Writing and Vocabulary Semester

Second & Third Grade Math Camp!

Discovering Marine Biology

1:1 Elementary Reading Tutoring | Reading Specialist | Science of Reading

ABC Adventures: Fun with Phonics and First Words

The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe.

Full School Year - High School English Class

Grammar Bootcamp: Practicing Grammar, Spelling & Mechanics (Island Explorers)

Super You Movie Poster With Photoshop

Summer Singing Camp: Sing Like Selena Quintanilla

Math Adventures: Exploring 6th Grade Ratios and Rates

Anatomy - Skeletal Whiz Kid: Discover the Awesome Structure & Function of Bones!

2nd Grade Science Fusion

Video Editing: For Beginners (Davinci Resolve)

American Sign Language ASL for Age 10-12 Beginners

Come Together, Write Now

1 on 1 tutoring with IEP goals

Second Grade Learning Pod - A Full Year of Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Math

Auditioning 101: Theatre, Film, TV, Commercials

Microsoft Clipchamp Video Editing Boot Camp

Let's Learn Skeletal Anatomy!

Italian for Beginners and Intermediates for Teens I Weekly Club

1-on-1 Phd Tutoring Primary Level ISEE Exam Prep and Mock (Entrance to G2/3/4)

1:1 Middle School ELA & Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Photoshop Magic. Design a Magazine Cover for a New Animal Species.

Swiftie Sing Along: Let's Sing and Make New Friends

Emotions from the Inside Out 2

Trombone Private Lessons Abrsm Levels 1 - 8

Let's Learn About Planets!

Art Club: Beginner Drawing Class and Doodles

Art Club: Drawing Bluey Characters

Art Club: Comic Book Drawing (Marvel & DC included!)

Art Club: My Singing Monsters

Learn With Ms. Price | Summer Writing Camp With a Certified Teacher!

Art Club: Drawing Studio Ghibli

Art Club: Drawing Anime

Fourth Grade Math Curriculum- A Full Year of Math Fun!

Guitar Private

Music History for Teens

Beginner Ukulele Camp for Ages 14-18

Lego Fortnite Gaming Club for Tweens - Let's Build Together!

Private Ukulele Class - Learn New Chords and Your Favorite Songs

Intro to Card Magic: Foundational Techniques, Effects, and Theory

Letter Sound Knowledge

Pokemon Math Addition Battles (Autism, ADHD, Neurodiverse Learners) Self-Paced

Biz Kidz Futurepreneur Workshop

Phonics Adventures: Early Reading Skills, 1:1 Homeschool & ESL Friendly

Essay Writing made Easy!

Reading the Galaxy: An Adventure in Star Wars Stories

Human Anatomy - 12 Major Body Systems, Organs & Their Functions Tutoring (10-13)

Write Your First Producible Short Script NOW

A Social Club For Roblox Gamers

Self Paced Book Study- Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Skin Care, Makeup, Stanley Aficionados Social Club (Tween Edition)

Animals Around the World Zoology Bundle

Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Reading Intervention - Barton - 4 Meeting Starter Pack

Advocacy Superheroes: Empowering Kids With Autism to Speak Up!

The Giver: Literature Study

Fathers Day Guided Drawing and Craft

Arizona State Civics Test Prep

Harry Potter Christmas Escape Room: Mystery of the Missing Christmas Presents

Vocabulary Retention (ESL)

Electric Violin Private

Summer Kids' Choir

1-on-1 Phd Tutoring Canadian Achievement Test (CAT5) Prep and Mock G1-G4

Engaging Multiplication Skills Camp: Quickly Solve and Memorize Time Table 0-16

Introduction to Awesome Artists Mini-Course: Series C

Roblox Pizza Obby Adventure: Creating and Playing Your Own Obstacle Course

Minecraft Modding Adventure: Build a Time Machine in Minecraft

Introduction to Food Science: From Farm to Fork W/Labs Part 2

Phonics for Beginning Readers, Semester 1- Taught By a Licensed Teacher

Phonics for Littles - Small Group Kindergarten Phonics & Reading Comprehension

Happy 4th of July ASL Signs

Camp Aviation: Understanding Flying Pioneers by Reading Informational Texts

Roots & Shoots: Uncovering the Secret World of Plants!

Essential Elementary Grammar Skills: Parts of Speech & Mechanics, Semester 1

Teach Us About Endangered Animals in 3D: Build a Diorama!

Learn Icelandic!

Myths and Legends Summer Camp Edition

Dragon Camp - Myths, Legends, Culture and Geography

Multiplication Facts With Times Tables Practice - FUN Online GAME

Yoga for Preschoolers

The Untold Stories of Famous Artists! Private 1:1 Tutoring Art History Class!

The Animal Original Character (OC) Drawing and Social Club!

Wild World Wonders: Exploring the Animal Kingdom!

Number the Stars by Lois Lowery- A Historical Fiction Novel Study

French Language and Culture for Beginners - Intensive Summer Camp (Ages 6 to 10)

Sketch & Scribble Art Class: How to Draw Animals!

Summer Camp: Executive Functioning: Memory, Focus, Self Control, Neurodivergent

Summer Camp: Anger Management, Older Learners, Coping Tools, Problem Solving

Summer Camp: Anger Management - Triggers, Coping Strategies & Problem Solving

Photoshop Magic. Create a Warhol Style Selfie.

Summer Camp: Learn Violin! 2-Week Violin Jumpstart: 1-On-1 Coaching (30min)

Analyzing a Story without a Plot: Raymond Carver's "Why Don't You Dance?"

Math Games Summer Camp - Second Grade Review With a Certified Teacher

How to Be Motivated

Camp: Writing the Perfect Paragraph Quest Middle School

The Read and Discuss Book Club!

Literacy Support

Reading the Mario Brothers Characters - Short Live Class With Cowboy Joe!

Project-Based Graphic Design in Canva - Art Styles and Movements

Creating Artworks Inspired from Female Artists.

Acrylic Painting | 8 on-Demand Classes | in and Under the Sea Art Classes

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 8 Bird Paintings | 8 on Demand Paint Classes

Let's Resin! - A Social Art Club for Resin Crafts

Frightening Fractions into Friendly Fractions (Mulitplying)

Explore the World-Reading Time

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 8 Summer Life Paintings | 8 on Demand Classes

Homeschool 10th Grade Full Curriculum: Individualized, STEM, and Project-Based 8

All About Fractions

Music Theory Composition Performance Personal Challenge 1

Musical Theatre HIIT Workout

Introduction to How to Practice Music 1.0

Pajama Storytime!

Sketch & Scribble Art Class: How to Draw a Landscape!

Teddy Bear Tea Party Storytime

Lit-lab Self-Paced Series: Identifying Main Idea and Supporting Evidence

LDCA (Student Request): Pokemon Drawing - Alolan Marowak

Sketch & Scribble Art Class: How to Draw a Human Figure!

Small Group Waldorf Steiner Extra Support

Books Are Cool! Summer Reading Bingo Camp - Share What You Are Reading

High School Reading Help - Small Group I

Fraction Operations Camp

Kindergarten Readiness: rhyming and beginning phonemic awareness skills

Dungeon and Dragons 101 (Learning the Rules and Character Creation)

Tennis Fans (Let’s Talk Wimbledon)

Theatre Games for Budding Stage Stars!

Grammar Clean-Up! Practice English Language Skills: Grade 4 (ages 8-11)

Private Tutoring: Writing

Early Reading Tutoring

Writing from a Prompt: Enhancing Skills

Beginner Ukulele Camp for Ages 8-13

No-Bake Cooking For Kids!

Introduction to Chatgpt: Your First Step Into Artificial Intelligence

Beginner Ukulele Course

Puffer Fish Painting: Acrylic Paint and Socialization

AP Computer Science a - Review

Oil Paint Is Great: Tips, Tricks, Techniques + Create a Masterpiece Weekly!

Spanish Ongoing Class 5

Poetry Writing Class ( Ages 14-18): Shakespearean Sonnets

Poetry Writing Class ( Ages 9-13): Shakespearean Sonnets

People Sketching Camp Part 3 - Movement and Scene Integration

Spy Craft 101: The History and World of Spies

Exploring Black History: Celebrations, Milestones, and Cultural Influences

IEW Modern World History-Based Writing Lessons (Part 2)

IEW Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons (Part 2)

Innocence Lost: The Experiences of Children During the Holocaust

Literary and Lyrical Analysis of 'We Didn't Start the Fire' - A History Course

Exploring Life Part 3: Changes & Connections (Biology Curriculum Grades 4-6)

These Hands Can Talk - Beginning ASL (Learn at Your Own Speed)

Building Blocks of Nutrition: Calories, Macronutrients, and Micronutrients

Executive Functioning: 10-15 Yrs, Organization, Study Skills, Self-Control, ADHD

Alabama Adventures: Discovering the Wonders of the Yellowhammer State

Young Adult Survival Guide

Interior Design Part 2 of 2 | Interior Exterior Home Design | 20 Week on Demand

Interior Design Part 1 of 2 | Interior Exterior Home Design | 20 Weeks on Demand

Happy Strummers: Ukulele Basics With Miss Faith

Elementary English: Second-Grade English Language Arts

1:1 Algebra Tutor

Ace the ACT: Expert 1:1 Science Tutoring for Success (ACT Science Tutor)

Ace the ACT: Expert 1:1 Reading Tutoring for Success (ACT Reading Tutor)

Ace the ACT: Expert 1:1 Math Tutoring for Success (ACT Math Tutor)

Ace the ACT: Expert 1:1 English Tutoring for Success (ACT English Tutor)

1:1 3 R's Tutoring (Reading, W(r)iting, and A(r)ithmitic K-8th

Financial Literacy | Budget Credit Savings | On Demand Financial Course

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