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New Classes on Outschool 2024-05-26

There are 480 new classes on Outschool the week of May 26, 2024 to June 1, 2024.

Spell Like a Champion ~ Learn Spelling Secrets - Part A [SP Class]

Middle School Science: Designing an Experiment Using Scientific Inquiry

Vocal Jumpstart: Find Your Vocal Power in One Session (45min)

Outfoxed!- A Cooperative Detective Adventure!

Certified French Teacher - Over 15 Years of Experience

Intro to College

Math Masters- Area and Perimeter

Exploring Our World: 2nd and 3rd Grade Science

Reading the Minecraft Characters - Short Live Class With Cowboy Joe!

Sketch & Scribble Art Class: How to Draw a Face!

Mastering Reading Comprehension: 1:1 Tutoring for Middle School Students

Math - Addition Subtraction Multiplication and Division - Fun Quizzes

Pre-Algebra 1:1 Summer Enrichment **Short Sessions!

Beginner Piano Lessons

Paragraph in a Flash

Intro to Spanish Ages 5-10

Science Experiments for Kids

Private Tutor: English Language Arts (20 Min.)

College Application Essay Writing

Portuguese (Brazil) Beginner - High School

Portuguese (Brazil) Beginner - Middle School

Portuguese (Brazil) Beginner - Elementary

Pokemon Math Addition Battles -No Regrouping and Regrouping Lessons (Self-Paced)

Book Club- Olive’s Ocean- Newbery Honor

LDCA (Student Request): Slugterra Drawing - Burpy Megamorph

Read and Sing Around the Zoo for Early Childhood Learning

Spanish Reading in Spanish for Total Beginners

Historical Adventure Camp || Ancient Greece: The Greco-Persian Wars

IEW Fix-It! Grammar: Town Mouse and Country Mouse, Part 1

Summer Camp: Learn to Sing! 2-Week Vocal Jumpstart: 1-On-1 Coaching (45min)

Summer Camp: Learn to Sing! 2-Week Vocal Jumpstart: 1-On-1 Coaching (30min)

Self-Paced Summer Camp With Ms. Megan

Victorian Fiction: News of the Engagement by Arnold Bennett

Phd Tutoring for Small Group Aops Pre-Calculus

5th Grade Vocabulary: Prefixes and Suffixes

U.S History: Colonies to the Constitution

When I Grow Up: A Dreaming and Planning Session

1-on-1 Phd Tutoring for AMC8 Preparation With Aops Volume 1 the Basics

1-on-1 Math Tutoring and Enrichment

Reptile Part 4: Research & Discuss Reptiles From Around the World!

Bonne Nuit Mes Amis! French Bedtime Stories With Madame Colleen

Draw Cute Animals! Learn How to Draw and Color 10 Adorable Kawaii Animals!

Addition/Subtraction Flashcards

Logic Detectives: Using Critical Thinking to Spot Logical Fallacies

PE Power Half Hour! Fun Fitness for Kids Ages 9-12 (Ongoing)

Among Us Roblox Gaming Club

Tower Defense Roblox Gaming Club

Youtube Summer CAMP - Get You Ready for Your Own Channel! (Self-Paced)

The Noun Family (Montessori Style). Learn About Articles, Adjectives, and Nouns!

Ecosystem Bootcamp! Explore, Learn & Write (Upper Elementary) Ongoing

Let's Multiply - An Introduction to Multiplication

A Semester of Signing

Ghosts of Saltmarsh: Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp

Letter Sounds, Blends, and Sight Words, Oh My!

Crochet a Small Draw String Bag/Soap Hanger!

Introduction to the Violin for Beginners

Real Estate Explorer’s 2024 4-Day Camp-Middle School Edition

Let's Learn to Write With Ms. Jessica! Pre-Writing Strokes to Letters!

Process Art - Watercolor

Real Estate Explorer’s 2024 4-Day Camp-High School Edition

German 101 - Subscription by Native German University Professor

Intermediate Latin for Young Children Part 1

Meet the Teacher - Trial Class for Teacher Introduction

4th Grade Vocabulary: Idioms and Context Clues

Understanding Contract Law in the UK

Gujarati Calendar and Meeting Time (3-5) (Level 1)

STEM Design Challenge With Building Bricks

Balance, Focus, Strength and Agility

Review of High School Spanish 1 in 7 Lessons - Self Paced

Ms. Jessica's Tutoring

Pre-Algebra Boot Camp - Self Paced

1-on-1 Phd Tutoring for Aops Pre-Calculus

Real Estate Explorer’s 2024 Summer 4-Day Camp Elementary Edition

Writing the IEW Way: People and Places in Our Community (Early Elementary)

Summer Reading and Writing Get Ahead not Behind for Next School Year

Debate Like a Champion!

Life Skill: The Art of Learning

Storytime W/ Foil Fun Arts & Crafts!! Unicorns Edition

All About Butterflies!

Third Grade Full Math Curriculum - Standards Based Lessons and Games

Draw a Graduation Puppy by Draw so Cute

1:1 Pre-Algebra & Algebra Tutoring

Drawing Cartoon Robots

Math Homework Help Grade 06

Math Homework Help Grade 07

Math Homework Help Grade 08

Math Exam Prep Help Grade 06

Math Exam Prep Help Grade 07

Math Exam Prep Help Grade 08

NYS Earth Science Review

Art Camp: Summer With Impressionists and Crafts.

The Philosophy Essay (College Writing Prep)

**Name That World God & Goddess

**Name That Roman God & Goddess

CLEP Humanities Exam Prep

CLEP Social Sciences & History Exam Prep

English 2: World Literature and Composition - Drama Unit

Adventures in Writing IEW: Fall 2024

Let's Play: League of Legends Wild Rift (One-Time Trial Class)

Let's Play: Pokémon Unite (One-Time Trial Class)

Beginner Chinese Language Class 中文

Daddys Rock!

Tabletop Simulator: Virtual Board Game Fun for Teens

Social Club: Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Gaming Session

Riding...I Mean, Writing Our Way Through Disney "Writing From Pictures"

Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Reading Intervention - Barton - 8 Meetings

People Sketching Camp Part 2 - Cartoon, Anime & Realistic Styles

Krita Creations: A Online Digital Arts Class

Getting to Know Grogu (Baby Yoda): Everyone's Favorite Force Sensitive Child

Singing 101 With Miss Faith

Learn to Cook Chinese, Japanese, and Other Asian-Inspired Meals (Ongoing)

Beginning Ukulele

Math Jokes & Riddles 6: Negative Numbers

Bilingual Preschool Storytime with Madame Colleen (French and English)

Kindergarten Assessment: A Test to Determine if Your Child Is on-Track

Riding...I Mean, Writing Our Way Through Disney "Writing About Walt"

Riding...I Mean, Writing Our Way Through Disney "Retelling a Story"

How to Be Ready to Read in Kindergarten by December (Fall Class)

Drawing a Cartoon Fox! Fun Step by Step Art Class for Beginners

Personalized Piano Lessons for You!

Coding Trial Class

Caticorn Digital Escape Room Mystery Adventure Class

People Sketching Camp Part 1 - Fundamentals for Beginners

Pencil Sketching - Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors and Monsters

High School Science - Introduction to Medical Immunology

Explore Australia Summer Class

Ghostbusters & Starting Your Own Business

All About Python Coding for Beginners | Python Coding Level 1

Bienvenidos! Spanish for Beginners

Public Speaking for Teens: Delivering an Effective Speech

Micro Habits: Big Improvements Through Small Steps

Preteen Social Skills (Ages 10-12 W/ Autism, Anxiety, ADHD)

Full Body Exercise- Workout, Health, PE- Strength Basics and Cardio! (SUB)

Zumba Dance Club! High-Energy Exercise and Dance Workout Brain Break! (SUB)

Level 2 Recorder Instrument Music Club! One-Time Class

Microsoft Excel for Beginners--Real Life Examples (Subscription)

German 3 for High Schoolers (Part 3 of 4) - weekly live session + guided work

German 3 for High Schoolers (Part 2 of 4) - weekly live session + guided work

Drivers Ed & Learning Responsible Defensive Driving Skills for Teens

Getting to Know Din Djarin: Everyone's Favorite Mandalorian

Discover Piano!

Scratch Stars: Beginner Coding for Aspiring Programmers

Music Private Lessons Tuba Euphonium Trombone French Horn Trumpet (1 hour)

Number Fun for Preschoolers - Numbers Six to Ten

Number Fun for Preschoolers - Numbers One to Five

English 3: American Literature & Composition - Drama Unit

Igcse French - 1 On 1 Private Tutoring

STEM Sprouts Gardening Class

Storytime and Chat for New English Learners

Managing Anxiety: Quiet The Mind & Embrace Inner Calm

Embrace the Calm: Managing Anxiety for Tweens

Level up Your Communication: Confidence, Enthusiasm, Self-Awareness & Boundaries

Global History & Geography Regents Review Class

Hacking Your Brain to Learn, Socialize, and Regulate Emotions (Ongoing)

Organic Chemistry for High Schoolers

Plateup! Weekly Social Club (Nintendo Switch Version)

Complete Job Search Bootcamp With a Former Recruiter!

1 :1 Preschoolers With Autism

Night Sky Photography Camp for Teens - Exploring Long Exposures & Light Painting

Ocean Science Series: Basic Fish Anatomy and Physiology

Who are our Community Helpers? Do you know?

Fourth Grade Learning Pod - A Full Year of Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Math

Super Spanish Speakers Summer Camp- Alphabet Fun

One-on-One Developmental Editing for Your Book

German 3 for High Schoolers (Part 4 of 4) - weekly live session + guided work

Confident British English Reading

Summer Time Themed English, Maths and Creativity Classes

Ukulele Strum and Sing

1:1 Middle & High School Essay Writing Support With English Language Expert

1:1 Middle & High School Reading Comprehension Tutoring With Language Expert

1:1 Math Tutoring for Gamers

Star Wars Trivia Extravaganza

Let's Learn to Read, Write, and Spell "Short A" Word Family Words

3rd Grade Summer Math Prep 2 - {Get Ready for 3rd Grade}

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Coding Summer Camp

Sight Word Reading Frenzy

DIY Creators Hangout

Shakespeare's Tragedies: A Comprehensive Curriculum

Overcome Anxiety! Learn About Your Brain, the Stress Response & Coping Skills!

Learning With Mrs. Tucker

Create a Monster/Monster Face in Adobe Photoshop!

Summer Social Studies Camp: WWI & WWII Introduction

Bloxburg Design Challenge: Random Room Makeover

Social Emotional Learning Class: Emotional Awareness & Social Skills

Your Unique Superpower Book Club-For Those With Dyslexia/ADHD/ADD/Anxiety

High School 9th 10th Grade Full Comprehensive Grammar Curriculum Part 1 of 2 SP

Third (3rd) Grade Adventures Semester 1 of 2: Full Curriculum Circle Time

Summer Social Gaming Club: Multiversus! Games

Japanese 1 on 1 Tutoring for Beginners

Fashion Dreamer Video Game - Weekly Social Club

Escape Simulator Weekly Social Club

Harry Potter-Inspired Mystery Escape Room Game #4 | Troll in the Castle Crisis

Harry Potter-Inspired Mystery Escape Room Game #3 | The Disappearing Owl

Dystopian Book Club: "The House of the Scorpion"

Summer Camp Python Level 2 Project Based | Summer Camp Live Python Coding

What's So Special about Spiders?: Prek Learning with Ms. Liz

Gamers in the Kitchen Cooking Food From Legend of Zelda: Energizing Glazed Meat

Third Grade Learning Pod - A Full Year of Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Math

**Name That Greek God & Goddess

Middle School Math

Exploring the Animal Kingdom: Research Writing for Beginners

Ready for First Grade--An Introduction to Reading CVC Words

$1 First Flute Lesson With Ms. Lynlie

Time Management for Tweens & Teens: Fun and Focused Days Ahead!

Organization Check In

Biomes of the World: Discovering Diverse Ecosystems

**Name That Safari Animal

My Father's Dragon: An Excellent Reader Jr 4th Grade Language Arts Class

Get Ready for 2nd Grade: Math Bootcamp with Certified ECE Teacher

Middle School Reading Comprehension

High School Reading Comprehension

Waldorf Form Drawing Summer Class

Creative Drawing Club

Camp Real Estate Investing

Introduction to 2-Digit Subtraction: Regrouping / Borrowing / Breaking Apart 10

Introduction to 2-Digit Addition With Regrouping / Carrying / Making a New 10

Fireflies in Our Nighttime Skies: Prek Learning With Ms. Liz

1-1 English Reading and Writing

Page Turners: K -8Th ELA Explorers | ELA-Reading

SAT Math Prep Workshop W/ Desmos (15 Weeks)

Shakespeare's History Plays

Social Skills Camp: Quest For Connection-An Adventure For Kids

Speed Mental Math- Summer CAMP

Creative Craft Club: Fun Weekly Art Projects for Ages 9-12

Ant Research 1: Research & Discuss Different Ants From Around the World!

Become a Leader for Your Team Today! Sports Leadership 101

Foundational Math for High School Science

Think and Play Game Night

Math 1:1 Tutoring - Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trig, SAT Math With Desmos

1:1 Music Tutoring

Right Start Math Level D (Daily Math)

1:1 Math Tutoring for Middle School

**Name That Wild Animal 101

5th Grade Science: NGSS Aligned Full Curriculum, Earth, Matter, & Astronomy

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring | Pre-Alg, Algebra, Pre-Calc

IEW: Fix-It! Grammar: The Nose Tree, Part 1

Vocabulary Builder W/Silly Poems (6th - 8Th)

Private Math Tutoring - Ages 6 - 16 (Ongoing)

Informational Writing for First Graders

Art History: Medieval, Romanesque and Gothic Art and Architecture

Norse Mythology for High School (Self-Paced)

Literature & History Study: Mansa Musa (Ages 10-13)

Shine Your Light and Be Your Best Self

The French Revolution

Dough Creations: Weekly Adventures in Sculpting and Socializing

French for Middle & High School - Beginners (Second Level)

Summer in Ancient Egypt!

How Are You Feeling? Social Emotional Learning Summer Camp

Summer Camp! 1:1 Violin Lessons for Beginners (5-Day Workshop)

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

**Name That Ocean Creature 102

Make Your First Video Game

Discover! Sketching and Drawing Animals for Beginners

High School English: English II, Semester I (10th Grade-Sophomore)

French 1 for Middle School - 2 Times Per Week

Ultimate Roblox Tycoon Gameplay

Spanish 2 for Middle and High School (2 Times Per Week)

Name That Farm Animal

Mastering an Informative Essay on the Importance of Water

Between the Lines Book Club: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi

Violin Intensive: Nailing Your Orchestra Audition!

Dr. M's Math Marvels: Multiplication & Division Bootcamp (Private)

Canva for Beginners: Minecraft Creeper Edition!

Creative Craft & Chat

Curly and Coily Hair Coaching 👩🏾‍🦱👩🏽‍🦱

Paragraph It! Paragraph Made Simple on Demand

Let's Make Monsters! Drawing Camp for Creative Students

The Indian In the Cupboard: A Novel Study

The SCP Foundation Club

The Magical Art World Of Harry Potter

Science and You Camp!

Harry Potter and Philosophy: The Good and the Bad of a Hogwarts Education

Middle School Science: Designing an Experiment Using Scientific Inquiry (SP)

**Name That Ocean Creature 101

Scale Karate for Flute Players: Earn Your Musical Black Belt!

The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous

Beginner Japanese With Anime (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Individual One on One Preschool Skills Private Tutoring- Fun Lessons!

Summer Coding Camp: Code Your Own Superhero Games With Javascript

Taylor Swift Dance Club! High-energy Zumba Routines and Exercise for Swifties!

Swiftie Music Class: Learn About Music With Taylor Swift Songs

Anne of Green Gables Young Readers Story Time & Journal Craft

Weekly Fifth & Sixth Grade English Language Arts - Reading, Writing, & Grammar

Vocabulary Workshop! 1st 2nd | Word Usage, Communication, Spelling, & Reading

Life Skills With Virtues - Social Skills for Success Course

Weekly Second Grade English Language Arts - Reading, Writing, and Grammar

Vocabulary Workshop! 7th 8th | Word Usage, Communication, Reading, & Spelling

Personalized 1-1 Reading Instruction Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Metaphor Magic: Unleash Your Imagination in an Hour!

Discover Piano!

Individual One on One Kindergarten Readiness Private Tutoring- Fun Lessons!

Enchanted Choices: A Bedazzling Taylor Swift 'Would You Rather' Journey

Creative Writing with Squiggle Stories

WILD (Non-Fiction Reading) by Emily Hughes

Beginning Grammar with Sentence Diagramming

Adaptation Exploration: What if You Had...Series

Private Literacy Tutoring

Scratch - Beginning/Intermediate Coding Class

One-On-One Private Piano/Keyboard Lessons=One Time

Hindi Calendar and Circle Time (K-2) (Level 1)

The Bard's Brilliance: Exploring Shakespeare's Masterpieces (A Summer Camp)

ESL: B1-B2 Conversation Practice "Travel Through Texas!" (9th-12Th Grade)

ESL: B1-B2 Conversation Practice "Travel Through Texas!" (6th-8th Grade)

Persuasive Paragraph Writing: The Cookie Contest

Mindfulness Storytime - "Meditate With Me", One on One

1:1 Math Tutor + Homework Help(1hr)

Philosophy Through Storytelling for Teens

Philosophy Through Storytelling for Kids

Good Manners Dog Training Class

Summer Reading Camp - Pre-K & Kindergarten Learners

Pre-K & Kindergarten Full Curriculum & Circle Time~2X/Wk With Mrs. Tori

3Rd Grade Reading Comprehension: Test Prep

Musical Storytime

Phonics Power Grade 1-3

High School Writing Full Year: Semester 1, Essays & Poetry Writing Workshop

Grammar Course 1:1 - No Books Needed, Institute of Excellence in Writing

Tack så Mycket! Extra Swedish II

Teacher Mel's Summer Math Magic Camp: Let's Make Math Easy and Fun!

A Kitty Kat Detective Cupcake Mystery : Discovering The Magic of Binary Code

Art Adventure Club: Learn to Draw Realistic & 3D Skills ~ Super Fun!

1:1 Elementary Reading Tutoring: Encouragement for Reluctant Readers

Horse Talk! a Group for Horseback Riders & Horse Lovers

Writing a Newspaper Article Inspired by a Fairy Tale (for Teens)

Country Steppers | a Country Line Dance and Exercise Dance Party w/Miss Tee

Girl Power Through the Ages: Exploring History’s Greatest Female Heroes

The Five Greatest Archaeology Hoaxes in the World (Small Class!)

Eating Smart 101: Nutrition Basics for Tweens (Ages 10-12)

U.S. History Explorers

Kindergarten Art Studio -Weekly Art Class to Explore, Create, Imagine & Connect!

Saxon Math Tutoring 5/4 - Summer Program

Adventure Books - An Ongoing Book Club for Advanced Thinkers (Grades 1-3)

Barton Reading & Spelling System: Dyslexia Orton-Gillingham Reading Intervention

Robotics Summer Camp: Build Robots and Learn Coding with Microbit

Robotics Summer Camp: Build Fun Robots With Microbit

Roblox Summer Camp: Create Your First Obby Game Ages 7-11

Bookworm Besties: Weekly Summer Social Club

Summer Camp: Teen Intro to Spanish Through Conversations

Fun With Numbers! From Arithmetic to Algebra.

English for Young Children 4-8 Years Old

Third Grade Math Fun! - Unit 1: 3-Digit Numbers: Place Value, Add & Subtract

3rd Grade Summer Math Prep 1 - {Get Ready for 3rd Grade}

Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test

General Chemistry Prep

Furry Friends - Cheetah - Realistic Graphite Drawing Art

Sewing for Pre-Teen and Teen Beginners

Tutoring: Todo Español/Everything Spanish (30min sessions)

1:1 Vocal Tutoring - Guidence That Will Help You Achieve Your Singing Goals

X62 VISTA an AI Piloted Highly Modified F16 Aircraft

1-on-1 Phd Tutoring AMC8 Preparation Summer Camp Aops Algebra Accelerated

1-on-1 Phd Tutoring_BA (Beast Academy)/Aops_Summer Camp

Montessori Reading & Writing Tutorial: Vocabulary Enrichment - Emerging Readers

1-on-1 Phd Tutoring_AMC 8/10/12 Preparation_Aops Intermediate Level

4th Grade Summer Review Fractions, Word Problems, Geometry, and More!

Summer 3rd Grade Review, Multiplication, Division, Word Problems and More!

Improve Your Reading Skills This Summer: 1:1 Tutoring for Reading Strategies

French Summer Camp- French for FUN!

Summer Art Camp

Change Makers

Vocabulary Success With Reading Comprehension and Writing-Middle School SP

Digital Art: Drawing Stone, Fire, Water, and More (Procreate, CSP, Krita, Etc.)

One to One Private Math Tutoring 45 minutes

Measures of Central Tendency and More!

Magic Tree House Book Study: Book #1 Dinosaurs Before Dark

More Early Learning Tutoring With Ms. Jessica Multi-Day

Zumba Dance Club! High-Energy Exercise & Dance Workout! (Self Paced)

Social Skills Summer: 5 Day Camp

Crafting Social Club: Make Friends! (Ages 6-10)

Soldering Basics: Practicing Soldering Wires and Component Pads

Middle School English Language Arts Summer Tutoring

Digital Drawing Club

Essays Made Easy: Take the Stress Out of Writing

Grammar Summer Boot Camp: Comprehensive Review for Grades 6-9

Detangle with Me - Intermediate - Do Your Own Hair

Get Ready For Kindergarten Summer Camp Session 2 (of 2)

Let's Start Your First Business!: 1-On-1 Business Help for Young Entrepreneurs

Social Skills Summer: Intensive 3 Day Camp

Summer Reading Storytime for Ages 4-6: Pets (and Wish Pets) Week!

Painting Acrylic: Hop Into Summer Double Canvas

Staying Home Alone - Safely and Confidently Self Paced

Brick-Building Animal Science

Geometry Enrichment for Evan with Certified Math Teacher

Annotated Narratives: Exploring Short Stories Across Layers of Meaning

Performing Arts: Awesome Audition Secrets (Ages 10-14)

Writing Tips, Tricks, and Methods for Creating Your Story or Book

Elephant and Piggie Reading & Drawing Course- All 25 Books

Third Grade Reading Comprehension- Taught by a Licensed NC Teacher

First Grade Reading Comprehension- Taught by a Licensed NC Teacher

Second Grade Reading Comprehension- Taught by a Licensed NC Teacher

First Grade Math- Homeschool Semester 1, Taught By a Licensed Teacher

Second Grade Math-Homeschool Semester 1, Taught By a Licensed Teacher

ESL Talk Time

Design Your YouTube Destiny: Canva Basics & Crafting YouTube Thumbnail Magic

Nature Camp: Exploring Bird Beaks and Their Adaptations

The Story of US History: American Civil War

Empoweru: Journey to Self-Awareness

AP US History Summer Prep - Get Prepared For Your Fall Course!

Banned Books Club for Story Geeks

Social & Emotional Skills for Young Learners: Managing Emotions( Ages 6-8)

Spies and CSI's in Training: Science Camp

German Calendar and Meeting Time (3-5) (Level 1)

Voyage to Victory | Student Orientation| New & Current Students

Free Talk Conversation for Intermediate ESL Learners!

Fear & Anxiety Based Emotions & the Choices We Make Because We Expect the Worst.

ADHD & What Goes With It. Anger, Big Emotions, Overwhelmed, Staying On Task.

Let's Draw Doodle Prompts and Drawing Challenges

Ongoing 1-On-1 Private Spanish Class: ¡VIVA El ESPAÑOL! Spanish Tutoring

Become a Roblox Piggy Master With Strategies, Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Time Management for Middle School

Weekly Spanish Classes for Beginners Part 2

The Joy of Reading: Literature Study

Reading Practice Comprehension & Rock Art/ Story Stone Painting Craft: (Gr 1-2)

Discover! Project-Based Graphic Design in Canva - Art Styles and Movements II

Roll A Drawing: Unicorn Ice Cream Cone

College Ready Reading: Jane Eyre

Self-Paced Shorthand: Take Better Notes, Faster! (15-18)

Self-Paced Shorthand: Take Better Notes, Faster! (12-15)

Self-Paced Shorthand: Take Better Notes, Faster! (9-12)

Create Your Own High Fantasy World Map With Rice and Art Supplies

Creative Writing for Young Children Part 1

Real-Life Math: The Math You Need (Consumer and Applied Math)

Pre-Algebra: Unleash Your Math Potential

Private Tutoring Phonics, Sight Words and Math Tutoring-Licensed Teacher

Two-Step Word Problem Introduction: Self-Paced

Build a Story!- Wild Animal Edition (Self-Paced)

Fraction Multiplication and Division Made Easy

Genre Hopping for 4-6 Graders

Purrfect Cats: Fun Adventures With Feline Friends!

The Life of Jonas (Based on the Giver by Lois Lowry)

Mindfulness & Joy Storytime - The Hermit and the Well, One-On-One

American Colonial History

Discover! Project-Based Graphic Design in Canva - Art Styles and Movements I

Astrophysics (Self-Paced)

Echoes of Conflict: Exploring World War II Through Fiction

Get Ready for 5th Grade: Multiplication with Decimals

Algebra Review Class

Charting the Course: A Guide to Middle School Success

Contractions Summer Camp

Pre-K All the Way

Super Snazzy Shapes Part 2

3rd Grade Prep - Addition With Regrouping | 2nd Grade Math Skills Review

Homeschool Hangout for Ages 5-9

Core Math Skills for 8-10 Year Olds: Support and Practice of Fundamental Maths

Sight-Singing and Ear-Training 101: 8 Week Music Theory Course for Singers

Draw With Me: Weekly Sketchbook Drawing Ages 13-17

Trailblazers: Uncovering Your Leadership Journey (Ages 10-12)

Understanding & Managing Anger: Triggers, Problem Solving & Calming Strategies

A Year of Middle School Ancient History: Quarter 4 (Lesson & Project Based)

Fearless Against Bullying Camp

Let's Debate: Camp 3x Week

Share as the Confident Speaker You Are: Level 2

Homeschool Hangout for Tweens

Private Reading Tutoring

Let's Learn Japanese 2.5: Cooking

1St-6Th Grade Spelling Words - With a Special Education Teacher

Multiplication Math Facts With Blooket

Geometry Semester 1 Tutoring With Certified Math Teacher - Private

Exploring the World of Seventh Grade Math (Summer Camp)

1:1 Spelling Tutoring: Fill Gaps, Accelerate Progress, Feel Confident! (6-12Yrs)

Let's Make Nutella French Toast Casserole

Songwriting Summer Camp: Let's Write Some Songs!

1 to 1 Reading Comprehension With Jas: Early Elementary

Learn to Speak French : A Self-Paced Course for Beginners

One on One ESL Conversation Speaking Practice- American Accent- Engaging Lessons

Sentence Builder! Use Your Critical Thinking Skills to Work on Sentence Stucture

Functions of Words: The Preposition Montessori Inspired

Multiplication Fact Fluency Mastery

Full Curriculum - Third Grade

NEW! Letter Reversals, Writing Checklists, & Reading Strategies

Urban Landscapes Sketching & Drawing Semester Camp: Cityscapes & Architecture

Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) for Absolute Beginners - Teens

Create Your Own Squishmallows With Miss Sammi (Small Group)

Summer Paragraph Writing-Learn How to Plan, Organize, and Write a Variety

Picture Book Parade

Harry Potter-inspired Escape Room Games | 2 Week Self-Paced

Stack 'Em Up!: A Virtual Sight Word Stacking Game

Summer Camp With Classical Music and Crafts.

Music Theory Composition Personal Performance Challenge 2

Get a Head Start on 4th Grade Math

Welcome to 7th Grade Math! Full Curriculum Course- Common Core Standards

Timmy Failure Book Club

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