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New Classes on Outschool 2024-06-30

There are 473 new classes on Outschool the week of June 30, 2024 to July 6, 2024.

ELL Conversation and English Usage.

Spanish - “Say in a Day” Class

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Book Club

Chess Tactics for beginners class

Weekly SAT Math Review

Mastering SAT Math: Prepare for Success!

Fairy Tale Read Aloud Club

Closing the Gap: Middle School Math Skills Review- 6Th, 7th, 8th (Common Core)

Chess Tactics for Beginners Tutor

Pirate Adventures: French Creative Writing & Grammar Workshop for Young Writers

Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Mobility Mix Workout! Full Body Strength and Movement!

Animate Comics with Code in Scratch! (ages 8-12)

Horses! Learn to Draw Beautiful Horses & Ponies - Course #22

Elementary Math Essentials Review

Intro to Pop Basics on Keyboard/Piano

Squishville Storyland: 1-ON-1 Reading with Miss Sammi

Art Camp :Bear Art Projects Inspired by the Seasons

Drawing a Lava Lamp Art Project

Write YOUR Story - A Creative "How-To" Story Writing Course

Ballet Dance Class for Ages 9-11

Reading Comprehension for Middle School: Short Stories

Chinese Conversation Practice Club | Practical Way to Learn Chinese

The History of Arizona - From Ancient Tribes to Modern Times Self-Paced Course

Bring Your Popcorn!

Smarty Pants Music Basics for Early Childhood

Smarty Pants Music Basics - Musical Pitch - High and Low Notes

Lego Deserted Island Challenge: Problem Solving, STEM, and Creativity!

A Point in Time: Critical Reading and Writing (1:1; 75 min; marking + feedback)

Beginning Life Science: Egg to Butterfly

Watercolor Painting for Beginners - Weekly Art Club

1:1 Shakespeare Study: The Tragedies of Macbeth, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar

Classics Reimagined: Timeless Stories Through Graphic Novels for Ages 8-12

Preschool & Kindergarten Readiness Tutoring For Special Needs

Before Happily Ever After: Unveiling the Dark Origins of Fairy Tales

Brazilian Portuguese for Polyglots - Level 3

Bears - Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, Sun Bears and Many More!

Mini American Colonial History

American Girl Book Club - History For Girls, Ongoing Children’s Literature Group

I Survived Book Club - Where Reading and History Collide - 3rd-6th

1:1 Fluency in Writing With an Experienced Teacher (75 min; marking + feedback )

Animal Habitats - How Are Animals Adapted to Their Homes?

Hippos and Their Close Family Tree! Learn All About These Amazing Animals

Advanced Reading Tutoring With Reading Specialist Teacher Chadwick

Math in Sports

Group Ferrari Formula 1 Race Car Themed ESL EAL Class, STEM

Escape Room Shopping “using percentages”

Smarty Pants Music Basics - What’s a Rhythm Pattern?

Smarty Pants Music Basics - Dynamics…Loud and Quiet!

Creative Challenge in Sims 4: Design and Build Your Town!

SAT Math Prep Class

Biology One-On-One (Tutoring) Age 13-18

Spanish Book Club: Immersion Reading, Writing & Discussion

Anything I Can Write, You Can Write Better - Self - Paced (No Live Meetings)

Wild About Writing! - Discover Animals and Master Writing Sentences - K-2nd

Kindergarten Adventures Semester 2 of 2: Full Curriculum Circle Time

COMPLETE Introduction to the Violin: Posture, Care, and More! Hablo Español!

Illustrator: Beginner's Guide

Candy Math: M&M’s Estimating, Sorting, Graphing, Patterning, & More!

College Prep - Intro to Business Careers - Finance and Consulting

1:1 English ESL Curriculum for Beginners: Level 5 With a Private Native Speaker

Back to School: 100% Immersion Spanish Club

Accent Stars: Mastering British Pronunciation

Extraordinary Essays: Informational Writing | Summer Camp | 3x/Week | 2 Weeks

Reading Comprehension and Writing Tutoring

Exciting STEM Adventures for Elementary Learners

Small Group ADHD Social Club

Food, Nutrition, and Folklore for Teens

1:1 Music Lessons With Miss Faith: Singing or Ukulele Lessons *Ages 10-18*

Warrior Kidz Kickbox & Self Defense LLC~ Coach~ Mentor

Pet Nutrition Course - Dog Edition With Kitty Tips Too!

Beginning Life Science (Botany) : How Seeds Sprout

Surfing Bear Art Project

Number Navigators: Mastering Math

Phonics Tutoring 1:1

Storytime and ART: Insect Theme

Get Ready For Kindergarten

Algebra 1 Review - Just for You

Waldorf Reading Course: Digraphs and Word Families

9-12 Graders: Decode Your Destiny- Turn Strengths Into Superpowers

Cinematic Theory and the Science of Filmmaking

Super Mario Party Jamboree Video Game Weekly Social Club

Beginners- Learn Spanish Vocabulary Through the Movie Encanto (Part 1 & Part 2)

Extraordinary Essays: Opinion Writing | Summer Camp | 3x/Week | 2 Weeks

Cobblemon Video Game Weekly Social Club

Play Wuthering Waves Together! (Ongoing Social Gaming Club)

Travel to Japan: Landmarks, Food, Holidays, People, Money & More!

Math 5th Intervention Workbook

Math 4th Intervention Workbook

The Wild Robot Summer Reading Book Club!

Grade 3 Math- Ongoing 1-1 Private Tutoring

Preschool/Pre-K Adventures Semester 2 of 2: Full Curriculum Circle Time

Early Education Reading, Phonics or Math Tutoring 1-On-1

Adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood: A Winnie the Pooh Read Aloud

Leveling up Your Writing How to Haiku for Gamers

Smarty Pants Music Basics - What’s a beat?

Spoken4: Slam Poetry Intro Class

Jazz and Hip Hop Dance Class! Intermediate

Executive Functioning Adventure Academy

Stoic Philosophy for Teens: Learn Resilience, Self-Control, Courage, and Wisdom

All About our US Flag

Miss-Representation: A Study of Powerful Women Who Shaped and Defied History

Reading Comprehension - Extra Support for Teens

Personalized Homeschool Tutor

The Babysitting Boss Course: Essential Skills for Teens

1:1 English ESL Curriculum for Beginners: Level 4 With a Private Native Speaker

Internet Safety: What You Need to Know

1:1 English ESL Curriculum for Beginners: Level 3 With a Private Native Speaker

Weekly Essay Practice for 4th and 5th Grade

1:1 English ESL Curriculum for Beginners: Level 2 With a Private Native Speaker

JUST ASK! Stop Feeling Intimated & Get Out There! ~ 1-Day Bootcamp (+Coaching)

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

High School Spanish 2 Full Year -1X/Week(Accelerated)Bilingual-With Profe Angie

Weekly Lego Mystery Build Challenge

Reading, Writing and Spelling Through Stories and Drawings - Waldorf Inspired

Self-Paced | Mandarin With Mi - Unit 1 Chengdu (Beginner, Traditional)

Amazing Clay Creations

Self-Paced | Mandarin With Mi - Unit 1 Chengdu (Beginner, Simplified)

Private Poetry Tutor - Writing and Reading

Private 1:1 Reading Comprehension Tutor

Barclays Life Skills for Ages 5 -11

Self-Paced | STEM Challenge: Make 4 Lego Beyblades!

Math 8th Intervention Workbook

Math 7th Intervention Workbook

Private 1:1 Creative Writing Tutor

Preschool: Alphabet, Numbers, Show & Tell, Storytime! Summer Camp

AI Masterclass - A Fun Beginner’s Journey Into AI Text, AI Art & AI Pokemon!

Creative Writing: Tell Me a Story for 3rd to 5th Grade

Create a Bluey-Inspired Squishmallow Drawing!

Middle School Math Tutoring and Enrichment

Photoshop AKA "The Beast" Beginner's Course

Structured, Supported One on One Math Lessons

Pokémon Page Turners: Gotta Read 'Em All! 1-ON-1 Reading With Miss Sammi

5th Grade Math: Fractions, Decimals, Measurement, Geometry, Word Problems & More

Boys Epic Minecraft Gaming Club

Algerise: Pre-Algebra Course for Struggling Students Game-Based Learning 2x Week

Kindergarten Kingdom - Full Kindergarten Curriculum

Amazing Adventures in STEM | 2024-2025 School Year

Quilting for Beginners

1:1 Write Your Own Musical

Game on Math! Mastering Addition + Subtraction Through Game Play!

The Legend of Zelda Creative Writing Workshop! (Self-Paced)

Intermediate Karate Class | Blue to 1st Red Belt

Visual Anatomy and Physiology

What's for Dinner? Cooking Basics for Beginners, Part 1

Dinosaur Phonics

Smarty Pants Music for Preschoolers Camp - Self Paced

Car Enthusiasts Racing League: F1 (Formula 1) 2024 Gaming Club

Car Enthusiasts Racing League: Gran Turismo 7 Gaming Club

A Journey Through Baking, Part 3

A Journey Through Baking, Part 1

A Journey Through Baking, Part 2

Learning Letter Sounds!

Rainbow Sailboat Collage Art Project

Action Storytime! "Once Upon a Witch's Broom"

Blues Piano Boot Camp: Get Groovin' Today!

Art From The Heart

Minecraft Find Every Item Survival Challenge (Bedrock Edition)

Poetry for Beginners! Learn How to Write Your Own Poem. No Skills Needed.

Fun With Erosion

Ideas for Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Paint Summer Landscape in Watercolors- Step-By-Step Directions- 1:1 Advanced

Drawing Your Favorite Anime & Manga Art Styles! = Anime Club =

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Elementary Activities Self -Paced (Many Videos)

Supported Writing - Narrative Writing For Teens (Inspired By Alma)

Book Study for Teens (Teacher Read-A-Loud) for ELA (Reading and Writing) 1xweek

Minecraft Creative Build Challenge - Whimsical Worlds

Minecraft Creative Build Challenge - Fun Themes

Minecraft Creative Build Challenge - Around Town

BOB book club - learn to read : Summer Camp

Pattern-making 101

Draw & Paint a Realistic Horse Portrait - Watercolour Project + Fun Horse Facts!

Big Hugs and Happy Thoughts: Pre-Teen Girls

Academic Writing Essentials: How to Write Essays, Research Papers, & More

Brazilian Portuguese for Polyglots - Level 1

Little Learners: Mario Lovers Pixel Art Club

Little Learners: Pixel Art Club

SELF-Paced Dystopian Writing Class

Animal Science- Marine Mammals Study- Marine Biology, Experiments & Edible Art!

Science and Art: Flight of Hot Air Balloons, Planes, and Rockets

PreK Rocks! Story Time, Math Fun, Reading Skills, and Crafts

Fearless Against Bullying 1:1

Hindi - "Speak in a Week" Summer Camp

1-1 Science Tuition: Personalized Biology, Chemistry, Physics With Expert Tutor

Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

Let's Draw: Pop Art People and Characters

Talk to an Oxford Grad! Tips for Applying to Your DREAM University!

Language Arts Crash Course

Full Course: ELA (Reading and Writing) 3rd Grade Part 1

Minion Mayhem, Despicable Me Workout Adventure Club! Exercise & Socialize!

Let's Alter That Garment!

Math Class - Fractions + Geometry

Water Cycle- Fun in a Bag

Summer Drawings With the Art Elements

Pre-Algebra Tutoring 30 Mintues

Adventures of Creative Writing

First Grade Reading Boost

Improvisation and Acting Drama Workshop for Pre-Teens!

Draw a Realistic Eye!

Chemistry - Bonds, Reactions, & Quantities With Labs: Homeschool Part 2

Little House in the Big Woods - Fall Book Study

Little Mindfuls: Yoga and Mindfulness Adventures

Little Mindfuls: A Yoga and Mindfulness Adventure

Calm Kids: Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Philosophy 101: Improve Critical Thinking, Public Speaking, and Debate Skills!

Socializing Club for Autistic Kids

Private Anxiety Tutor

Teen Confidence & Connection Club (Ages 15-18)

LGBTQ+ History: Understanding and Celebrating Pride

Fantasy Worldbuilding 101 | Create Your Own Fantasy World - Ages 15-18

Sketchnoting, Organization, & Executive Function for the ADHD Brain 2

Life Cycle of a Frog Art Project

Art With Kendra: How to Draw Realistic Facial Features. Eye + Nose + Mouth

Mandarin Math Summer Camp for Kids

Bookmark Bonanza!: How to Make Your Own Bookmark

Primary Reading and Writing fun with Kim

Vet Careers Club

Poetry Writing With Mrs. Ginny: Limerick and Haiku

1-on-1 Reading Comprehension Tutoring: Reading Closely for Meaning

Python for Beginners

Full Course: ELA (Reading and Writing) 2nd Grade Part 1

IEW SSS 1B Year 1 Level B (Part 1) IEW Writing Structure and Style for Students

Creative Writing Group

Play Dough Social Club

Logic Games/Puzzles for Kids 5-8

Private Art Lessons for Pre-teens

SAT Math Preparation 1 - On - 1

German Reading Club for Developing Readers (Read! Write! Discuss!)

Phonics CVC Words Camp: Summer Prep (5 Days a Week)

How to Draw: Amazing Animal | Drawing 101 for beginners

30 Minute Dance Move and Strech Jazz Class

IEW Frontiers in Writing (Part 2) Spring Semester IEW Writing

German Reading Club for Effective Readers (Read! Write! Discuss!)

Let's Draw Level 2: Advanced Realistic Drawing Techniques and Practice

Princess Dress-Up Movie Club

Film Club - Modern Movies & Classics

1 0N 1 Fitness Training W/ a Certified Personal Trainer (All Ages, All Levels)

One-On-One: Literacy School Readiness (Ages 7-14)

Learn Competitive Pokemon 1-On-1

Math Mastery Hands on Facts

Pre-K/Kindergarten Full Curriculum - 2x week

Summer Prek and K-1 To 1 Tutoring & School Entry Assessment Preparation

German - "Speak in a Week" Summer Camp

Executive Function & Study Skills Group

Class Two Waldorf Steiner Year

Mindfulness Storytime for Body & Mind Balance - "I Am Yoga", One-On-One

Puberty: Understanding Changes in My Body for Boys

Puberty: Understanding changes in My Body for Girls

From Stage Fright to Spotlight: Acting Coaching for Youth (Ages 9-18)

Genshin Impact & Honkai Gamers Social Hangout Club

Spellsmart: Advanced Phonics and Spelling, Beginning Writing

Neurophonics: Orton-Gillingham Phonics: Beginning Sounds

Write an Extraordinary Opinion Paragraph! 2nd-3rd Grade

Princess Ballet Dance

Mastering MS Excel: Basics to Pro

Horses for Kids- Learn About Horse Care and Behavior

Girl Power! Learn About Influential Women Artists in This Art History Class!

1:1 Tutoring Back to School Review

Place Value Powerhouse - Grade 4

Explore the World of Fashion Media

Narration and Discussion With Mcguffey's Reader

Algebra 1 Review: Get Ready for Algebra 2!

First Grade Summer Math Splash!

Master Math: Equivalent Fractions (Self-Paced)

Learning Chinese Traditional Characters by Drawing for Beginner 1

Multi-Sensory Reading and Spelling Instruction for 2nd-5th Graders

Math Tutoring! From Algebra to Calculus and Beyond.

Insect Camp 2: Research and Discuss Different Insects! Age 13-18

Stories for Early Readers and ESL: See Me Ride

More Summer Pokemon Fun (With Some Sneaky Grammar!)

Cursive Animal Pop-In Class

IEW Editor!

Interior Design: Learn What It Is Like to Be a Professional

Magic Tree House Book Club - Mummies in the Morning (Book 3)!

3-Week Summer Camp Writing Basics (Paragraph Writing) 3주 초등 라이팅 기본반 (문단 만들기)

Handwriting Tutoring for 6-10 Year Old Twins

Powell Family Cooking: No-Bake Desserts Series (Ages 8-12)

Learn to Speak Spanish! From Day 1! With Profe Angie (8Weeks-Part 2)

Charlotte Mason Nature Study Semester 1

101 - Create Art With Python Code

Write Now: Journey into Creative Writing

1:1 Writing Tutoring and Coaching for 3rd - 8Th Grade

Quick Grammar and Editing Skills for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students

Rounding Addition and Subtraction Foundations of Value Place.

Nature Drawing & Botanical Illustration Color Pencil Full Semester Course

1:1 Special Education Consulting and Tutoring: Reading and Math Concepts

Creative Writing for Teens: 1-On-1 Skills & Prompts With a Certified Instructor

Comprehensive Daily Math Review and Skill Reinforcement for 4th Graders

Stories for Early Readers and ESL: I Read Everywhere

Ballet Dance Class! Ages 6-8

Middle School Poetry Slam: Signs of Summer

Essay Writing Essentials: Academic Writing Class & Personalized Feedback

No More "I Just Don't Get It" in English Class

Vocabulary and Spelling Grades 1-2 Long Course

Powell Family Cooking: Cooking With Confidence (Ages 12-16)

How to Draw & Paint a Golden Retriever - Watercolour Project + Fun Dog Facts!

Powell Family Cooking: No-Bake Snacks Series (Ages 8-12)

Write Your College Application Essays (Jrs & Srs in High School Only)

Silly National Holidays - July Edition

Learn to Speak Spanish! From Day 1! With Profe Angie (8Weeks-Part 1)

3-Week Summer Camp Writing Foundations (Sentence Writing) 3주 초등 라이팅 기초반 (문장 만들기)

Upper Elementary Book Club: The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

Note Taking and Study Strategies for University and College

Shapes Art Project

Play a Dungeons and Dragons Adventure With a Youtuber!

Ice Cream Cone Science and More!

Bilingual ELA 4th Grade Semester 1 with Mr. A (English/Spanish)

3-Week Summer Camp CVC & Digraph 3주 완성 CVC + Digraph

Get Hooked on Crochet Granny Squares! Summer Camp for Upper-Beginners

Confidently Conquering College Admissions Essays

1:1 Tutoring - Academic Writing, Grammar, or Literary Analysis

Subtraction Strategies & Facts in Kahoot

Draw a Fire Breathing Dragon

101-Game Building With Python -Pygame

Portuguese for Beginners with a Native Speaker

Speaking and Debate

Ace the ACT English and Reading: The Ultimate Prep Experience

Introduction to Italian for Middle & High School 2 - (Second Level)

Ace the SAT Reading & Writing: The Ultimate Prep Experience

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Science | Year Round Concepts & Hands-On Fun!

Shooting Star Art Project with Chalk Pastels

Pokemon Doodle Class: How To Draw Simple and Cute Pokemon!

Summer Bug Explorers: A Journey Into the World of Bugs and Insects (Ages 3 - 5)

Semester-Length 1:1 Asynchronous Spelling and Reading Support Through SWI

Summer Bug Explorers: A Journey Into the World of Bugs and Insects (Ages 6 - 8)

IEW Frontiers in Writing (Part 1) IEW Writing Class *New Book*

Chess Tigers | Weekly Club

Learn to Play Guitar for Beginners

Crafting Mid-Autumn Festival Lotus Lanterns

10th Grade Full Curriculum Course

Wind in the Willows

STEM: Automotive Technology - Build a working 4 Cycle engine model

STEM: Automotive - Electric Car Technologies

Machine Sewing- From Beginning to Advanced stitchers...

Chess Intermediate Lessons - Part 2

Grade 4 - 5 Math Multiplication, Fractions, Decimals, Geometry , Pre-Algebra

A2-B1 Boost Your Conversational Skills in US English With a Native USA Speaker G

Life Skills Lift-Off Lab: Transforming Teens From Lazy to Leader

Super SEL Adventures: Growing Strong Hearts and Minds!

Physics 501 - Conservation Laws (5 of 6) [Science]

Ancient Greek 1-On-1 Tutoring

¡Aventuras Españolas!- Beginner Spanish Camp

Preschool & Kindergarten Review for Special Needs

Trufluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 2.1, 10-12, 2X/Wk

Singing Without Hurting Your Voice!

ACT Power Prep

ABC Adventures: Fun With Phonics and First Words

Interior Design: Learn How to Plan & Organize a Project (Self-Paced)

Medical Curiosity: Preparing for Medical School and Becoming a Lifelong Learner!

Photo Club!

Junk Journal Club!

Back to School Physics

Portals and Prophecies: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Dystopian Writers Group

Bilingual Drawing Class (Under the sea)

Design Your Sensory Menu

Back to School: 100% Immersion Spanish Club

Wild Predators: Live Feeding of Reptiles Arachnids and Aquatic Hunters

Bringing Imagination to Life: Intro to 3D Printing with Tinkercad

Full Year Middle School French - Level 1

1:1 Private & Personalized Fine Art Lessons With a Professional Artist! 1 Hour

1-on-1 (Private) Drawing Class: Learn to Draw & Color Your Favorite Animal!

Essential Science Skills

Roblox Coding 2

Let's Learn English: Words, Words, Words - Spelling Camp 1 3x Week

Learn Spanish With a Native Argentinian: Customized 1:1 Tutoring

Silly Stories Book Club With Miss Meghan

Multiplication Practice and Movement

Microscopic Biology: Getting to Know Your Microscope

Science of reading, Reading Intervention 1:1 with Teacher Cindi, M.A, ECSE

Summer Time Social Clubs for Teens

Having Fun Using Nearpod

Hat Tricks!: Learn to Create Custom Crochet Hats - Private Class

1:1 Tutoring - Becoming a Better Reader

Roblox Coding 1

Ever Changing Mysteries

Weekly U.S. History

Camp Global Landmarks: Understanding Monuments by Reading Informational Texts

Advanced Multi-Sensory Spelling Club (Orton-Gillingham)--Dyslexia-Friendly

Confidence Booster for Young Ladies!

Meet the Teacher: Mini Session for Discussion or Assessment

Draw a Cute Panda

1:1 Homework Help & Tutoring

Young Boss Academy

Vivacious Vocabulary: SAT Words

IEW SSS 1A Year 1 Level A (Part 2) Structure and Style for Students

Book Club and Crafts: Charlotte's Web

History of the United States! Semester-Long American Civil War Course!

History of the United States! Semester-Long American Revolutionary War Course!

History of the United States! Semester-Long World War One Course!

Multiplication Word Problem FUN- Day at Magic Kingdom/Disney

1:1 Japanese for Beginners

Fluency Fun Reading Camp

Tissue Paper & Paper Plate Giraffe Art Project

1:1 Cambridge CAE Exam Preparation

1:1 Cambridge FCE Exam Preparation

1:1 Cambridge PET Exam Preparation

1:1 Cambridge KEY Exam Preparation

Storytime and ART: Rainforest Theme

Animal Science on the Farm, Learning About Llamas!

Who Is: President Elect Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo?

Big History Project - Semester B

Trufluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 2.1, 10-12, 1X/Wk

1:1 Cambridge Flyers Exam Preparation

1:1 Cambridge Movers Exam Preparation

Fourth Grade Crash Course with Ms. Kim M.Ed: Third Grade Review Camp

1:1 Cambridge Starters Exam Preparation

Private Guitar Lessons (Ongoing 45 Minutes)

AP African American Studies: History and Culture

Summer From Republic to Empire: The Rise and Fall of Rome

Yoruba - "Speak in a Week" Summer Camp

Crystal Mania

Number Talk Grade 5

Latinx Lit: A Middle Grade Book Club

Mandala Mania! Positive Petals Flower Mandala

Award Winning - Creative Writing Class

Draw Your Day: Art Journaling

Drawing Class - Fourth of July Squishmallows!

Word Families - Learning to Read with Word Families - Part 3

Plant Biology and Cool Native Plants in North America

Teenpreneur Bootcamp: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

All About Reading Level 4 Group Class

Small Group Multiplication and Division Practice Course

Dungeons and Dragons: Monday to Friday D&D Summer Club!

Creative and Essay Writing

Bilingual Nursery Rhyme: Los Pollitos

25 Minute Private 1-On-1 Tutoring for Elementary-Aged Students

1:1 Composition using Musescore

1:1 Use ChatGPT to Code and Build Your Own Website!

Math Fact Fun! Simple Addition Tips and Tricks!

1:1 Improvisation and Acting Lessons

1:1 Silly Songwriting

5th Grade English/Language Arts - Session 1

IEW SSS 1A Year 1 Level A (Part 1) Structure and Style for Students

Show and Tell Presentation:Practice Public Speaking | Summer Camp | ESL Friendly

Winter's Sleep Watercolor Class

Sunny Fields Watercolor Class

Amphibians and Reptiles Around The World! (Ongoing Adventure of Herpetology)

Computer Science Principles

Taylor Swift Inspired Lover Era Escape Room Adventure | Swiftie Challenge!

1-on-1 Reading Tutoring (Kinder-6th Grade)

1:1 Taking Care of Your Pet Bird, Dog, Cat, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Bunny or Fish

Group NASA Adventures & Space Exploration Camp! Afterschool Homeschool #Stem

Discover the Joy of Math Problem Solving!

1 Week Summer Camp: 5th and 6th Grade Literature & Nonfiction Reading

Sea Turtles Art Project Inspired by Romero Britto

Keyboarding Summer Camp_Learn to Type or Improve Typing Skills (7-12)

Math Classes - Custom Schedule

Building Punctuation Confidence - for Teens

Reading and Writing With Anime Literature

Understanding Exponents Pt 1: Integer Exponents

Paragraph Writing - IEW's Unit Four Using Our Five Senses

Dear Diary Summer Writing Camp - Write and Share Your Summer

Fold Paper Airplanes With Ms. Jessica

Calendar Journal Writing & Art Prompt - Handwriting Practice and Art

"Kids' Coding Quest: Building Awesome Websites Together"

Fun Preteen and Teen Summer Spanish Camp for Beginners Week 4

Fun With Chinese: Level 7D

Exploring the Foundations of Government

Founding Principles of the United States Government

Radiate Confidence: 1 On 1 Affirmation & Meditation Course

Radiate Confidence: Affirmations and Meditation Workshop

Art Club with Mrs Wailes

Drawing Club with Mrs Wailes

Songwriting Lessons (Private Hour)

Drawing Class - PokÉMon Cafe Dessert Delights (Self-Paced)

Scratch - Intermediate Coding Class

Beginner Piano Small Group

Beginner Tagalog Montessori Language for Preschool to Kindergarten

Minecraft Weekly Social Club- Let's Survive Together!

Vet Science Club

The Road to Creative Writing

Reading and Comprehension Tutoring 40 Mins

Private Italian With a Native Italian Speaker

1st Grade: Semester 1 Full Curriculum, ELA and Math, First Grade

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