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New Classes on Outschool 2024-06-23

There are 515 new classes on Outschool the week of June 23, 2024 to June 29, 2024.

First Grade Reading & Phonics Curriculum 2X Week With a Certified Teacher

Girls Night in: Skincare, Snacks, and Games!

Chess for Beginners: Foundations

Bass Guitar: (4 Strings) Modern Method-Beginners 45 Min - Promo Till August 31st

Songwriting Part 1 for Ages 10-14 (8 Weeks)

Intro to Chess: The Basics

Bass Guitar: (4 Strings) Modern Method-Beginners 30 Min-Promo Till August 31st

Beginner Russian Language. Level-1.

Bass Guitar: (4 Strings) Modern Method - Beginners 1 Hour Promo Till August 31st

SAT Reading & Writing: Private Tutoring for Top Scores

Dora the Explorer Activity and Drawing Class

Math Workshop: Balancing Equations

Summer Camp in Spanish - 1 per week

Scratch Coding Lab: Beginners Summer Camp

Waldorf Archetype Fairy Study for Middle/High School

Predator Prey Yoga

How to Paint a Rainbow Dream Cat - Watercolour Tutorial + Fun Cat Facts!

Scratch Coding Lab: Advanced Summer Camp

45 Minute Tutoring Session ELA: Phonics, Reading Comprehension & Writing

Anansi's Six Children and Their Superpowers

Addition Strategies and Facts in Kahoot

Crime Scene Sleuths: Forensics and Crime-Solving Adventures

Bengali for Polyglots - Level 1

Piano Lessons Level C - Lessons #15-24

Private Sewing Lesson, Ongoing: One Hour Session

Summer Boot Camp PART II: Master Reading Long Words with Advanced Concepts

Math Tutoring

Faster Computational Speed With Prime Factors & Divisibility

Art + Wellness - Summer Senses LABS

Executive Functioning Summer CAMP

All About Pirates! Unit Study

Compose Your Own Question for Reading Comprehension

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 23 Neutral and Hostile Mobs

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 22 Irregular Verb "Estar"

Poetry Workshop

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 21 Irregular Verb "Ser"

Poetry Explorer Camp: Reading & Writing Literature ESL EAL UK Curriculum

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 20 I Can Craft! Vocabulary

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 19 Irregular Verb "Poder"

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 18 Builds Vocabulary

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 17 Irregular Verb "Dar"

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 16 More Biomes

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 15 Irregular Verb "Ir"

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 14 Food and Plants Vocabulary

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 13 Irregular Verb Tener

Easy Eats and Tasty Treats! Cooking with Miss Meghan

Crochet Social Club for the Summer Time Fun

Creative Writing Camp for Students in 2nd - 5th Grade

Private Session Learn How to Draw Female Figures and Poses

Bug Out With Miss Meghan

Exploring Life Part 4: Classification (Biology Curriculum Grades 4-6)

Number Talk Grade 3

Positive and Negative Numbers - Refresher Course

Patriotic Fun Week: July 4th Adventure for Little Learners

Drawing A Cartoon Sea Turtle! Fun Step by Step Art Class for Beginners

Chess Right Now! (Beginners)

All Aboard the Brain Fit Train!

Let's Speak: Intro to Public Speaking

Tiny Hands, Big Signs: Basic ASL Vocabulary for Young Learners 1, Asynchronous

Tutor Ready to Help With Math, Reading, and Writing

Gratitude Journaling

Advanced Writing and British Literature

Camp Vowel Teams! - Summer Boot Camp

The History of Slime + Making Slime

Podcasting for Kids: Create and Share Your Own Show!

The Word Problem Challenge

Spanish 1! Beginner Classes for Ages 9-13

Exploring Careers at Disney

IEW: Fix-It! Grammar: Robin Hood, Part 2

IEW: Fix-It! Grammar: Robin Hood, Part 3

Canva Basics for Young Creators

Dive Into 4th Grade Math!

Scratch - Beginning Coding Class

IEW: Fix-It! Grammar: The Nose Tree, Part 3

IEW: Fix-It! Grammar: Town Mouse and Country Mouse, Part 2

IEW: Fix-It! Grammar: Town Mouse and Country Mouse, Part 3

Transforming Your Dog's Behavior With Games!

Russian Language Learning Through Traditional Fairytales

Fast Fitness Fun - Level 2

Composition 101

Exoplanets: Alien Worlds

Beginner Sentence Diagramming: Intro. to Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure

10 Minutes Anime Drawing With Art Prof Sanya

Anime Eyes- Drawing and Shading- Part 1

Six Syllable Types to Improve Spelling

Piano Lessons Level A #1-4

Wordsmith Academy: Mastering Vocabulary for Reading and Writing Success Part 1

Novel Study: A Wrinkle in Time

TikTok for Beginners: Create and Grow a TikTok Account

Math Workshop: Understanding Place Value

Amazing Mystery Destination Game

Lets Watercolor

Adding Fractions With Unlike Denominators

Simplifying Fractions

Mastering Notes: A Guide for Middle School Success

Beginning Spanish Minecraft en Español 5 Using AR Verbs "Hablar" and "Necesitar"

Beginning Spanish Minecraft en Español 4 Basic Pronouns and AR Verbs

Beginning Spanish Minecraft en Español 3 Useful Phrases and Basic Pronouns

Beginning Spanish Minecraft en Español 2 Alphabet and Colors in Spanish

Flex- Art History + Travel Pack a: Great Barrier Reef, Greece + Famous Artists!

Middle School 101: Scientific Method and Collecting Data

6th-8th Grade Art: Create Your Own Comic, Manga, Graphic Novel

Art With Kendra: Contour Drawing, Scribble Shading, and Cubism Exploration!

Virtual Science Fair - 12 Week Science Unit

All About Horses

The Mystery of X: Solving for a Variable

How to Write a Paper in the MLA Citation Style

Game Development for Absolute Beginners - How to Make Your First Video Game

Master Python Fundamentals with Fun and Engaging Projects!

Modern Dance For Beginners

Dance to the Movies!

Unicorns! Crafts for a Rainy Day!

Young Wordsmiths- Poems and Descriptions

Fashion 101: Drawing and Designing Fashion

Become an Illustrator in Procreate: Luna Lovegood's Wand! (OS Unlimited)

Become an Illustrator in Procreate: Fox! (OS Unlimited)

6th Grade Vocabulary Workshop | Learn A & B Vocabulary Words With Games & Codes!

Let's Learn to Fingerspell! (American Sign Language)

Budgeting 101: An Introduction to Financial Planning for Middle Schoolers

Book Club: The Giver

Science Fun for Ages 9-11

Pre-Algebra FDP: Converting and Comparing Fractions, Decimals & Percents

IEW: Fix-It! Grammar: The Nose Tree, Part 2

Chemistry: Introduction to Atoms and the Periodic Table

Mindfulness, Process Art & Nature: 3D Explorations

Mindfulness, Process Art & Nature: 2D Explorations

Yoga Exploration: Moon Poses and Meditations

Cutie Squishmallow Drawing Art and Social Club (Ongoing, Phd Teacher)

Private Guitar Lessons

All About Grammar

Introduction to AI and Machine Learning | AI & Python Coding Class Level 2

Ballet & Dance Making Pre Teens

Sea Otters Art Project

All About Spelling Level Six: Steps 8-14

Zen Doodle: Unleash Creativity Through Pattern Drawing

Summer Disney Themed Class with ASL American Sign Language

Mathlete's 8th Grade Pre-Algebra Study Hall

Chess: 64 Mini Lessons for Rapid Improvement

LDCA (Special Feature): Bluey Drawing - Indy

Add It up! Give Me All the Strategies.

LDCA (Special Feature): Bluey Drawing - Honey

Beginner Spanish Summer With Roblox

LDCA (Special Feature): Bluey Drawing - Terriers

LDCA (Special Feature): Bluey Drawing - Unicorse

Explore Nursing Career Options & Academic Paths

Self-Paced Intermediate Nutrition With Ms. Megan

*Book Club: What Is/Was…? Series (Historical Events)

Summer Camp in Troy: Exploring the Trojan War

Western Civilization Part 1: The Ancient Mesopotamian World

Make Art With Code! Discover the Beauty of Javascript [Digital Art + Animation]

Good Morning SAT [Algebra]

Good Morning SAT [Advanced Math]

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 12 More Questions With AR Verbs (Review)

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 11 Using This/That and These/Those

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 10 All About Adjectives

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 9 More AR Verbs

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 8 Mobs, Materials, and Vocabulary Review

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 7 Tools, Mobs, and Biomes Vocabulary

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 6 Numbers 1-100 and more AR verbs

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 5 Using AR Verbs "Hablar" and "Necesitar"

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 4 Basic Pronouns and AR Verbs

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 3 Useful Phrases and Basic Pronouns

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 2 Alphabet and Colors in Spanish

Beginning Spanish with Minecraft 1 Common Phrases and Greetings

Self Paced: Social Media Marketing and Safety for Young Entrepreneurs

1 on 1 Dyslexia Support for Reading and Spelling for Struggling Readers -25 Mins

Passing by Nella Larsen: Book Club and Novel Study

Consequences of Gossip, Judging, Disruptive Behavior & Let’s Look at Both Sides.

The Songs of Laufey

English Explorers: Adventures in Language!

Kindergarten Readiness

French Summer Camp - Part 2

Trivia Tuesday! - Test Your Knowledge - Teens Only

Read, Write, and Spell "Short I" Word Family Words - Beginning Phonics

In Living Color: Introduction to Common Literary Techniques (Writing, Reading)

Success Squad: Executive Skill Adventures for Young Explorers

Gabby's Dollhouse Dance and Disney Princess Pals Workout Club!

Kids Crafty Hands

Doodle and Color Animals

Geometry Enrichment with Certified Math Teacher

One on One Middle/High School Math Tutoring

1:1 Spelling Session Using the All About Spelling Program (45 Minutes)

Write an Essay! (Self-Paced Class)

The Little Red Hen Story Reading With Story Elements Application Self Paced

California State Exam Preparation

Financial Literacy for Teens Independent Course

Life Science (Biology) for High Schoolers: Yearlong Course

The Piano Players Toolkit

"Beat Basics: A Fun Start to Music Theory"

SAT Power Prep

Chemistry - Matter, Atoms, & Periodic Table - Let's Chemistry!

Engaging Fun Reading With Funny Books Summer Camp by Phd Teacher

Tap for Beginners - Ages 6-8

Personal Narrative Paragraph Writing: Yes Day!

Reading and Writing for Young Children

ELL Conversation and English Usage

High School Geometry for Homeschoolers || Full Curriculum

Focus on Writing: Summer Fun With Sentences

Reading Intervention: Dyslexic & Struggling Readers

Engaging Lego Building Summer Camp by Phd Teacher

French Club

Minecraft: Outschool Kingdom. Create, Socialize and Make Friends! (Bedrock)

High School Chemistry - 2nd Semester

Miss Haseena's Birthday Escape Room Class for Princesses, Pirates and Wizards

Play Settlers of Catan - Board Game Group for Teens

High School English Full Year: American Literature in Historical Context, Sem. 2

Magic Treehouse Yoga Summer Camp

1:1 Elementary Reading Tutoring: Incredible Wild Animals Edition

One-On-One Creative Corner (10-14 Years Old) With Mrs. Sarah Anne

Transforming Functions: Mastering Graph Modifications

Math Wizards: Mastering Key Concepts for 6th Grade Success

Summer Sunglasses Art Project

Second Grade Math Full Curriculum With a Licensed Teacher (2X)

Algebra 2 Full Course for Homeschoolers

Algebra 1 Full Course for Homeschoolers

Brawl Stars Weekly Drawing Club Draw Your Favorite Brawler Inspired Characters!

First Grade Math Full Curriculum With a Licensed Teacher (2X)

Private 1-1 Times Tables Practice Grade 2-5: Rapid Recall of Facts.

Exploring Canva for Graphic Design for Teens

Leaf Riot Watercolor Class

Beginner Fun Russian Class With Games

Mountain Waterfall Watercolor Class

One Piece Discussion Club!

Let's Continue Finding the Logic Fallacies

Public Speaking and Debate 101

English 2: World Literature and Composition - Hero's Unit

Private English Class

Public Speaking & Debate Club - (Level 2) - Public Forum (Ages 13-16)

Philosophy: Improve your Critical Thinking, Public Speaking, and Debate Skills

Living Healthy: The Importance of Hygiene, Nutrition, and Fitness

Summer Intensive Honors ELA With Classic Short Stories

Math in the Zone: Basketball Trivia for Young Learners!

If I Owned a Magic Tree House: Creative Writing to Foster a Love of Writing

Middle School English Language Arts Writing With Minecraft: Grammar & Flow

1:1 Songwriting and Composition With Chatgpt

The Admin Edge - Workplace Preparedness Class for High Schoolers

Flash Fiction Creative Writing Camp

10th Grade English Full Year Course

Learning English Vocabulary from News Articles (for Teen English Learners)

Fun French Yoga & Mindfulness (Ages 6 to 10)

Guitar Lessons For All Levels - English or Spanish - 30 minutes

1:1 Tutoring ESL | American Slang & Everyday Idioms | EAL ELL

Summer Themed ASL Signs Camp

A Lot to Say: Creative Writing Camp

Beginning Spanish Minecraft en Español 1 Common Phrases and Greetings

Learn How to Knit and Have Fun

Group Reading Tutoring

Money Masters Financial Literacy Practical Skills Full Course (Lvl 1)

Popsicle Day - Watercolor Painting

Private 1:1 Tutoring Session for Kindergarten Through 6th Grade (Weekly)

Private 1:1 Tutoring Session for Kindergarten Through 6th Grade

Grammar & Sentence Safari: An Adventure With the Greats PART 2

Guitar Flatpicking for Older Beginners 2

Let's Speak in Bengali!

Grammar Detectives: Investigating the Eight Parts of Speech

Grammar & Sentence Safari: An Adventure With the Greats PART 1

Theatre Games Drama Workshop for Teens!

Learn to Read With Bob Books - Beginning Readers - Semi Private Lessons 1:2

Penguins Inspired by the Summer Season

Get Ready or Review Algebra 2!

Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read Course! (Dyslexia Support) (+Worksheets)

Book Study for Teens (Teacher Read-A-Loud) for ELA (Reading and Writing) 2xweek

8th Grade Math in Minecraft

Level up Your Piano With Peaches! (From Super Mario Brothers)

Let's Paint Silly Monsters - Whimsy Watercolor (Summer Camp) Ages 9-13

Piano Lessons Level B - Lessons #5-14

7th Grade Math in Minecraft

Canva Versus Google Slides: Which Designs the Best Presentations!

Art Games for Creative Learning- Exciting Art Challenges - Learn Through Games

1:1 Reading Fluency and Comprehension Tutoring With the Cats: Twice Weekly

10-12YO Wild and Domestic Veterinary Science With an Animal Scientist Vet Tech

Read Like a Champion! 1:1 Private Reading Tutoring With Ms. Hazard

G8 Math Bridge Summer Camp by Phd Teacher

Algebra II Math Bridge Summer Camp by Phd Teacher

Group Singing Lessons with Licensed Music Teacher

Doodle Bugs Drawing Class

Picture Book Writing 101

Small Group - Robotics: Coding Challenges With VEX IQ

1-on-1 Ukulele Lessons

Young Astronaut Adventures: Planets, Stars & Beyond!

Beginner Recorder Summer Session

STEM - Create a Real Video Game With Unity Level 1

Summer Remedial Course: Master Operations (+, -, X, ÷, Pemdas) | Grades 04 - 06

Summer Remedial Course: Master Fractions & Decimals | Grades 04 - 06

Summer Remedial Course: Strengthen Algebra | Grades 06 - 08

Summer Remedial Course: Strengthen Geometry | Grades 04 - 08

Get Ready For Grade 06: Summer Prep Camp

Get Ready For Grade 07: Summer Prep Camp

Get Ready For Grade 08: Summer Prep Camp

Let's Draw: Cute Summer Animals!

Let's Draw: Cute Summer Cats!

Nature Collage Creations: Learning About Mixed Media

Kid's Drum Course Age 5-8

English for Beginners (Speaking, Conversation, Vocabulary) - Level A1

Word-Problems & Problem Solving Made Easy for Elementary Students

Roblox and Relax: A Cozy Game Club

AP Euro Bootcamp

4th Grade Full Year Curriculum

Tutoring - Gifted Scale Up

AP World History Modern Full Year Cirriculum Part 1

My Weird School Book Club with Teacher Dianne

Folk and Fairy Tales Guided Reading Adventure! Self-Paced Class

Teen Social Skills Mastery Club: Empowerment, Communication, and Friendship

Social Club for Taylor Swift Fans!

Read Aloud Over Lunch: The Purloined Letter

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: ESL Conversation Club 3x Week Camp

National Dog Day: How to Draw Two Cartoon Dogs

Learn to Crochet: Master Crochet Basics for Absolute Beginners

Let's Learn Greek Mythology! (Ages 7-11)

Preparation to AP® French Language and Culture – Private Tutoring

How to Draw The Dragons From Wings Of Fire

Little Dreamers Character Art: Inside Out Drawing (5 Day) Summer Camp

Get Ready for Kindergarten. Kindergarten Readiness

Yarn Art for Elementary Learners

Stretch Club

Children's Literature Read Aloud: If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

Trufluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 1.1, 10-12, 3X/Wk

Draw With Me: American Girl Kirsten Larson

One Piece: Student Pirate Alliance

Equine Science: Horse Breeds

Understanding Notes and Time Signature With Guy

1-on-1 Homework Help: Using AI to Understand Concepts

7 Minute Phonics Drills for Kindergarten

Phonics Drills Class for Kindergarten

Crochet for Beginners 101 Camp | Make Your First Amigurumi Chicken Plushy

Crash Course High School Human Anatomy!

Food Animals Clay Sculpting Club - Summer Snacks & Treats

Mastering Math Facts: Effective Strategies for Success

Physics 401 - 2D Motion (4 of 6) [Science]

Learn & Practice ESL English While Acting! a Fun 1-On-1 Tutoring Class for Kids

6-8th Grade Math + 9th Grade Algebra Tutoring

July 4th Cat Mystery Adventure Escape Room: The Missing Fireworks (Ages 7-10)

Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science - Complete Curriculum

Canva Collages with Miss Meghan

Guitar Basics!

Bug Out With Miss Meghan

Basic Drum Lessons

Mathematical Thinking 5B: A Singapore Math Curriculum (Dimensions Math)

Let's Study: Study Skills, Note-taking, and Research Skills Camp 3x Week

Future Fluent, Cambridge Quest for Teens, PET B1 Group Course

Future Fluent, Cambridge Quest for Teens, KEY/KET A2 Group Course

Club Fiona (Fan Club for the World Famous Hippo)

3-Week AI Prompt Engineering Course for Grades 6-8 (No-Coding)

Social Media Graphic Design Essentials Using Canva

Graphic Design for Business and Marketing with Canva for Teens

Ongoing Pre-Algebra (7th/8th Grade Math) With Gimkit & Kahoot Games

Become a Money Master: Personal Finance Camp for Teens

Math Jokes & Riddles Grade 6: Multiply and Divide Fractions

"ABCs, 123s, and Colors Galore: Fun-filled Adventures in Early Learning!"

Draw with me: American Girl Samantha Parkington

Draw With Me: American Girl Josefina Montoya

French for Beginners (Semester long)

Draw with me: American Girl Addy Walker

Leveled Reading Instruction, 1-on-1, With Ms. Stacey (Reading A to Z)

Draw with me: American Girl Molly McIntire

Draw With Me: American Girl Felicity Merriman

Kickstart Arabic Reading

Life Skills 101: Preparing for College

Creative and Academic Writing Mentoring

1-on-1 Tutoring - Middle School Social Studies

Binomial Mastery: Pascal’s Triangle, Theorem, and Probability

Roblox Multiplication Tutoring 1-on-1: Play Games and Earn Robux

Reading Tutoring with Ms. Davis

Math Tutoring With Ms. Davis

Small Group Reading: Language Comprehension

Reading Can Be Puzzling: Beginner

Little Actors Virtual Workshop & Production of “Where The Wild Things Are”

Mandarin Story Time with Color Monster

Manicures With Miss Madison

Equine Science: Horse Common Injuries

Not Quite Normal Gossip

Get to Know Ms. Davis

Camp Once Upon a Crime- A Critical Examination of Lizzie Borden

Drawing Anime Chibi Character

Mathematical Thinking 4B: A Singapore Math Curriculum (Dimensions Math)

Spanish/English Story Time With Mrs. Carol

Gloomhaven Social Club Boardgame Group

The Tutor Spot: Math, Reading and Grammar 1:1 Tutoring Support

4th Grade Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Comprehension

1:1 Private Reading Tutor with a Reading Specialist

1:1 Private Reading Tutor with a Reading Specialist- grades K-5th

Mr. Johncraft's Creative Social Club (5-10): Minecraft Education Edition

Move up, Reading Level! - Individualized Summer Tutoring (2 Meetings per Week)

Move up, Reading Level! - Individualized Summer Tutoring (1 Meeting per Week)

Summer Art Camp! 3 Days of Artists and Painting - Lichtenstein Hokusai Rousseau

Animal Alphabet Adventures Letter Sounds for Beginner Readers, Early Reading 🐾

Harry Potter's Magical Book Study

The Sisterhood: Summer Talent Show

Sparkle and Shine: Kids' Jewelry Crafting Workshop

On-Demand SAT/ACT Math 1-On-1 Tutoring

Squishmallow Paper Craft Art! 5 Adorable Squishmallows to Make! Self-Paced!

Theatre Games Drama Workshop for Pre-Teens!

Sentence Galore

Mathematical Thinking 3B: A Singapore Math Curriculum (Dimensions Math)

Music Maker - Editing with Garage Band

Let's Learn Letters

ASL Reading Summer Camp

D&D Adventure Camp: 5-Day Online Dungeons & Dragons Experience

Classic and Modern, Section 3: Homeschool High School English 1 Or 2

Exploring Alaska: Ecosystems, History, and Economy

Equine Science: Horse Conformation

Taylor Swift Fashion Drawing Ongoing Club

Individual Acting Session

Drawing Realistic Portraits of Historical Figures - Portrait of Rosa Parks

Equine Science: Advanced Horse Veterinary Medicine

Roots of Kindness

Self-Paced: Make Your Own Crochet Granny Square Bag for Upper Beginners

Private French Lessons - One Hour

Songwriting Club: Let's Write Some Songs!

Private 1-On-1 Spanish Tutoring with a Native Spanish Professional Teacher

Exploring the Literature and Lore of Kingdom Hearts

Private Spanish Lessons or Tutoring 20 Minutes With Native Speaking Teacher

How to Draw A Wings of Fire IceWing Dragon

Introduction to French Level 2B

3rd to 4th Grade Math Bridge

Summer Advanced Spanish Escape Room Adventures

Reading Banned Books: Novel Study for Upper Elementary

Learn to Draw Realism

How to Structure Your Story Like a Hollywood Blockbuster

Summer Art Camp! 3 Days of Artists and Painting Keith Haring, Miro, & Hockney

How to Draw a Wings of Fire Sandwing Dragon

Fitness Fun - Self Paced Summer Exercise for Busy Students - Level 2

ADHD: Navigating My Gift

Life Skills 101: Buying and Taking Care of Your First Car

Wildlife Science: Antarctic Penguins (Ages 6-10)

Introduction to French Level 2A

Move-to-Improve: High-Frequency Word Fun for 7-9 Year Olds!

Ipad Animation for Beginners With the Procreate Dreams App

A Bookworm Learns to Write

How to Write a Magical Story!

Introduction to Economics Asynchronous

Pointillism Petals

Cooking with Miss P

Factoring Made Simple: Your Key to Algebraic Mastery

Exploring Music Through Fun and Creativity!

Animal Crossing Island Sharing Show Me and Tell Me

ESL Vocabulary Builder: All About Me

High School Italian 1 Full Year

Middle School Italian Full Year

Elementary Italian Full Year

SAT Math Prep 1-1

One-On-One Tutoring for Algebra 1 and/Or 2

1:1 Individual Weekly Spelling

ESL 1 to 1 Tutoring

1-on-1 Computer Science Tutoring and Enrichment

Let's Speak Spanish Together: Advanced Beginner: Part 1

Taylor’s Version: A Swiftie Fan Club + Trivia

HS Physics - Rube-Goldberg Challenge & Lost in Space (Semester 1 Of 2)

Travel and Art Camp: Paris C’est Magnifique! Art and Architecture

Let's Speak Spanish Together: Beginner: Part 1

Simple Social Skills: A Group for Shy, Anxious or Autistic Girls

Equine Science: Introduction to Horse Veterinary Medicine

Let's Learn the Branches of US Government - Pokemon Style (Autism, ADHD, Neuro)

Pokemon Card Social Club

Kindergarten Review & First Grade Prep: Summer Camp (Part 2)

Struggle-Free Essay Writing From Beginning to End

Broadway Karaoke Club!

1:1 ESL Conversation | American Accent & Pronunciation Support

Self-Study! Learn to Fight like Obi-Wan Kenobi with Soresu

Drawing Class - Summer Squishmallow Pool Party! (Self-Paced)

Beginning Piano Music Class - Little Musicians Rising Stars Semester Class

Author's Corner: Creative Writing Club for Fiction Writers

Weather Forecasting for Pilots

Confident Communication: Speaking, Sharing, & Social Skills: 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade

Drawing Class - Elegant Unicorn (Self-Paced)

Summer Math Prep for Incoming 4th Graders

One-On-One Tutoring for Pre-Algebra

Private Art Lessons for Littles

Nutrition Camp: Macronutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, and the One-Day Meal Plan!

Literature Based Language Arts: How Do Poets Argue?

College-Level Writing in the Humanities: A Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale

Understanding the US Constitution Through Graphic Adaptation

Art Lab: Exploring Creativity and Technique

Artistry Unleashed: Advanced Techniques and Creative Expression for Teens

Historical Fiction Book Club: A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Mastering Screenwriting: Character, Voice, Genre, and Beyond in One Semester

Life Skills: Empowerment Mini Course (Teen Edition)

Life Skills: Empowerment Mini Course (Tween Edition)

Teen Confidence (Ages 12-14): Think for Yourself, Do What You Love (6 Weeks)

Teen Confidence (Ages 15-18): Think for Yourself, Do What You Love (6 Weeks)

Health-9th grade

Happy Pages: Kids’ Guide to Joyful Journaling!

5th Grade English Language Arts: Semester Course

Summer Music Camp: Fiddle Songs Class for Violin & Viola

Among the Hidden: Analyzing A Teen Dystopian Novel Book Club

Happy Strummers: Ukelele Basics 8 week course

Mathematical Thinking 2B: A Singapore Math Curriculum (Dimensions Semester 2)

Summer Writing Bootcamp for 3rd to 5th Grade - Learn 4 Structures in 4 Weeks!

AP Physics 1 PREP

Full Curriculum ELA & Math 2nd Grade Learning Pod W/ Ms. Kim (Masters in Ed.)

Grammar 101 Class: The Most Important Writing Skills for Middle & High School

Wordly Wise 3000 Vocabulary Class/Level 7

Wordly Wise 3000 Vocabulary Class/Level 6

Drawing Realistic Portraits of Historical Figures - Portrait of Harriet Tubman

Trigonometry Explored: From Circles to Complex Angles

Polymer Clay Cat Art Project

Forensic Psychology: Competency to Stand Trial

World War II Tanks (Self-Paced)

Oh, For the Love of Logarithms!

July: Every Day Is a Holiday!

One-to-One Tutoring for all Middle and High School Math Levels

Equine Science: Horse Diseases

Equine Studies: Project Based Learning: Build a Barn

Play Roblox and Earn Robux With Mr. Jeff!

Camp: Essay Writing My Favorite Spot

PSAT National Merit Math Practice Test Part 13

Russian Tutoring

Self-Paced Class: Middle School Writing Instruction for Reluctant Writers

Kitchen Japan - Tanghulu Candied Fruit Kabobs (Allergy-Friendly)

Kitchen Japan - Dalgona Candy (Allergy-Friendly)

Practically Magic | It's Not Magic, It's Science

Learn to Read - Level 1 Worksheet & Handwriting Class for July

Learn to Read - Level 2 Worksheet & Handwritiing Class for July

Right Brain Sight Words 2

Silly Slime

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