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New Classes on Outschool 2022-08-21

There are 465 new classes on Outschool the week of August 21, 2022 to August 27, 2022.

Let's Study: The Power of Mind-Mapping A2+ CEFR

Paint-Tober Fest: Let's a Witch Legs Step by Step (Ages 7-12) | Halloween Art

Fall Pumpkin Trio Paint Along Ages 7-12

Paint-Tober: Let's Paint Cats on a Fence Step by Step (Ages 8-13) |Halloween Art

Jack Skeleton as Santa Acrylic Painting (Ages 7-12)

Love Cactus

Vacation Kitty Acrylic Painting

Paint-Tober Fest: Butterfly Jack-O-Lantern (Ages 7-12) | Halloween Art

Fall Breeze Acrylic Painting (Ages 7-12)

Birch Tree Winter Forest

Christmas Window

Holiday Penguin (Ages 5-8)

Paint With Me: Kitty Corn (Unicorn Cat)

Watercolor: Valentines Day Doughnuts

Painting Made Easy: Cool Cactus

Draw With Me: Cute Sushi and Other Japanese Kawaii Foods

Cool Cats Acrylic Paint Club Session 1

Paint With Me : Let's Paint a Sunflower Together Using 4 Acrylic Paint Colors

The Yeti: Paint This Cute Yeti Step by Step Using Only 4 Acrylic Paint Colors

Gnome Along With Me : Christmas Gnome Acrylic Painting

Winterfest : Cocoa Party

Step by Step Animal Drawing Lessons: Ages 7-12 (Ongoing)

The Space Lab

Creative Canvas: Using Creativity and Imagination in Art!

Star Wars Fan Club: Rebel Scum Crew

The Periodic Table (Flex)

Let’s Learn How to Read (PreK) - Level 3 (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: Pre A1 A1 A2)

Sports Psychology - Weekly Discussion Class (Teens)

1:1 Internet Safety and Gaming Addiction

Roblox Social Gaming Club Ongoing

Math Is Fun! Fifth Grade

Baseball Talk - Let's Chat About Baseball and All Things MLB (Teens)

3rd Grade Reading Class! Analyze Characters, Make Inferences and Summarize.

The Bad Guys Ongoing Novel Study

1:1 High School Geometry Tutor - 30 Min

Advanced Literary Devices: Improve Comprehension and Analyzing Literature & Art

Literary Devices...Metaphors, Hyperbole, Alliteration and More #Academic

Beginner French Summer Camp for Kids (Part 1)

Reader’s Theater With Scenes From Disney’s Lion King and Little Mermaid

10 Weeks of Black Poetry 2.0 (Ages 10-15)

Spanish Immersion for Kids: Ages 5–7(Intermediate) Twice Per Week.

Beginners All About Adjectives - Wonderful Writing With One Word at a Time (ESL)

Roblox Club: Let's Keep on Playing Rainbow Friends Chapters 1 and 2!

Honkers for Penguins!

Maestra Arelis: Singing Your Way to Spanish Part 1.

(1:1) One on One Private Drawing Lessons

Italian, Simple and Easy

Love Learning-Build Strong Foundations in Reading, Writing, and Communication

Learning to Read!-Rules and Skills for Decoding...Sight Words Too!-1st and 2nd Grade (Certified Teacher)

7th Grade Middle School Life Science/Lab

Mig 29 Fulcrum the Highly Maneuverable Soviet Fighter

Adorable Peacock Drawing & Watercolor Painting

So You Bought a 3D Printer, Now What? 1:1 3D Printing Lessons & Troubleshooting

Adorable Red Panda Drawing and Watercolor Painting

Stretchy Sentences: Add Details to Your Writing and Expand Your Simple Sentences

Private, 1-On-1 Writing Class With a Certified Creative Writing Teacher Biweekly

Ongoing Private Spanish Tutoring (2 Classes/Week)

Math Escape Room Games for First-Fourth Graders | 4 WEEK Self-Paced

Gaming Club: Fall Guys, Ultimate Knockout

Full STEAM Ahead! - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math Fun

American Sign Language (ASL) Practice Class (Ages 11-14)

Summer Reading Book Club: My Weird School Daze (Books 1 & 2) Let's Read!

Reading 1:1: Sight Words, Phonics, Short Word Reading, Multisyllabic Reading, and Reading Comprehension-1X/Wk

Animals Around the World - A Fun Zoology Class! (Ages 6-8)

Pre-History: How the World Was Before “Civilization” (World History)

Wild Wolves - Learn Awesome Facts About the Wolf

Game Design With Roblox (One-Time/Sample Class)- Ages 9-13

Fix It! Frog Prince Book 5, Lessons 16-30

Beginning Grammar: Fix It Nose Tree Lessons 17-30

5th Grade Math Topic 1 (Place Value)

Poetry Writing With Paint Swatch Colors

Thick and Thin: Asking Questions to Improve Reading Comprehension

Happy Halloween! Lets Draw a Cute Halloween Anime Chibi - Step by Step

Private 1 on 1 Tutoring: Reading, Language, Sound/Auditory Skills: 40Min 2x/Week

Private Piano Lessons, 45 Minutes, Any Level, 13-18 Year Olds

Money: Financial Literacy for High School Students Part 2

Fahrenheit 451: First Section - The Hearth and The Salamander

Spooky Sketches - Draw Ghosts, Spiders, Skulls, Pumpkins and More!

Ongoing Weekly Art Class - Animal Kingdom Drawing (Ages 9-12)

Mardi Gras: Look at Costumes & Masks in Famous Paintings and Make a Craft Too!

1 Day Star Wars Drawing Art Class: Design Yourself as a Cartoon Style Jedi

Weekly Creative Writing: Create a New Story Each Week!

1:1 Djembe/West African Drumming Lessons With Mr. T

The Supercharged Essay Writing Tips Class!

"Stranger Things" Season One Fan Rewatch Class With Blooket Trivia Games

A Passion for Drawing Fashions

Relaxing With "Captain Underpants:" Making Mindfulness Fun in a Weekly Book Club

Modeling Dough Fun: ABC's, 123's, and Shapes

WWI History: Summer Camp! the First World War in 8 Easy Lessons - WW1 - One

Wild Cat Fan Club: Big Cats Around Our World

Spelling and Phonics: Blending Letters to Create Sounds and Writing

2nd Grade Math (weeks 1-8)

Weekly Debate Club (Older Learners)

Conversational English Discussion of Sports Younger Learners

Fast Track Prealgebra: Kahoot! Challenge

Unlocking Literature: A Prep Journey for AP English Literature and Composition

All Emotions Are Okay

“Little Monsters” - American Sign Language Vocabulary Fun, Music & Storytime With Miss Dena!

Multiplication Facts Ongoing (Gimkit Game)

Basketball Talk and Trivia!

1:1 Math Support

Lots of Fun Learning to Read With ADVANCED High-Frequency Sight Words (Level 3)

Halloween Art Ongoing - Drawing and Painting

Growing Young Readers With Roald Dahl

Halloween Freeze Dance Party

3D Design - Tinkercad Private Lessons!

Bunny Bunny! I Love Bunnies!

Halloween Party Roblox Adopt Me Gaming Giveaway: Vampire Dragon for All Enrolled

Racing on Rainbow Road: Mario Kart Social Time

Learn to Write Cursive- Handwriting Instruction With an OT (Once a Week)

BTS Butter Dance Routine!

Algebra 1 (Full Curriculum) Homeschool Course W/ Certified Teacher

Start Reading With Sight Words!

Russian Revolution Thru Animal Farm

Drawing Class - Cute Halloween Mummy Unicorn

Let’s Draw and Paint Cute Kawaii Food Mixed Media for Beginners

Let's Draw Cute Halloween Cats! Kawaii Cartoon Kitties

Let’s Draw Cute Animals Together🐼🐈🐸🐠 (Ages 3-6) | Join Anytime!

English Speaking: Talk for One Minute About YOU! (ESL)

Drawing Class - Cute Halloween Pumpkin Kitty

Paint-Tober Fest: Night in the Cemetery Acrylic Fall/Halloween Painting

Paint-Tober :Paint Jack and Sally With Acrylic Paint (Ages 8-13) | Halloween Art

Paint With Me Watercolor: Animals, Bugs, Flowers and More

🔍🦕🦖Art & Science: Dinosaurs & Their Habitats | Join Anytime!

English Speaking: Vocabulary Recall One Minute Races (ESL)

English Speaking: Talk for One Minute About People (ESL)

English Speaking: Talk for One Minute About Places (ESL)

Headshot and Resume Advice: For the Stage and Screen

4th Grade Math Topic 1 (Place Value)

Summer Tutoring for Elementary Students

Pre-K and K Coding & Robotics Camp

Adorable Duck & Duckling Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 17-- King and Pawn Endgames!

1st - 2nd Grade Coding & Robotics - Camp

Audition Coaching - Private 1 on 1 Session

1:1 Math Tutoring| Grades 8-12| Ongoing

Grade 6 Singapore Dimensions Math Book A- Certified Teacher - Small group class

Home Economics-Teen Time: Jelly and Pickle Making Cooking, Baking, Crochet, Bath Bombs, and More!

Girls' Social Club! (Ages 6-9)

High School Writing: Multi-Paragraph or Five Paragraph Essay Club for Teens (Ongoing)

Let's Read: A First Grade Phonics Club

2nd Grade Math Curriculum (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

One-On-One Reading Comprehension (Tutoring) (45 min)

Dinosaurs & Beyond | Pre-K & Kindergarten | Facts, Music & Move, & Show & Tell!

Research Paper: A 20-Day Writing Journey

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 5 - Beginners - Ages 6-10

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 3.5 - Beginners - Ages 11+

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 7 - Ages 10+

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 8 - Ages 6-9

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 8 - Advanced Beginners - Ages 10-15

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 7 - Ages 6-9

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 6 - Beginners - Ages 11+

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 6 - Beginners - Ages 6-10

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 6.5 - Ages 6-9

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 5 - Beginners - Ages 11+

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 4 - Beginners - Ages 11+

Comprehensive Japanese Language/culture Lower Begin. Class 4 Pt 1 (Age 13-18)

Keeper of the Lost Cities - KOTLC Obsessed!!

Healthy Eating Habits

American Folk Music for Violin

African/Black Mythology and Collages (Art With Ms. Sydney)

Writer's Club: Creative Writing Workshop. Let's Have Fun Writing!

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Animals

The French Corner Level 4

*HP Themed Wizardly Characters and Figures! Polymer Clay Sculpting: Self-Paced

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Candy Corn Monster!

Private Tutor - Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling.

Easy Painting Club (Various Subjects) - Weekly Acrylic Painting Club

Mathsters Full Curriculum 4th Grade Math (1X a Wk)

Mathsters Full Curriculum 2nd Grade Math (1X a Wk)

Taking Notes: Practice Note-Taking in Class for Teens (Ongoing)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/culture Lower Begin. Class 4 Pt 2 (Age 13-18)

Five-Paragraph Essay Workshop: How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Math Jeopardy for 2nd Graders (One-Time)

Vagabond Writing Club (Creative Writing Workshop and Collaboration)

Kawaii Weekly Art Club

Math Club, Middle School Math With Blooket & Nearpod (2x/Week)

Private Art Class-Art History Exploration: (Drawing and Painting) 1-On-1

ASL Conversation: Guided Topics

LOL and OMG Lovers - Creative Writing

Growth Mindset - Clean Your Room - Get Organized.

Transformations and Congruence | Prealgebra, Unit 1

Social Club Hang Out! Ages 12-15. Talk About Your Interests, Week, and More!

One Hour Private Piano Lessons for Levels 1 & Up

1:1 Creative Writing Tutor

Entrepreneurship - How to Start and Run a Small Business

Fashion Design Camp Part 3 - Rendering Accessories

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills with Clarity, Cadence & Confidence

3-Week Coding and Animation with Scratch Part 2 - Principles of Animation: Sonic

Roblox Gaming and Coding Club (Roblox Studio Lua) (X2 Week)

Adorable Squirrel Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Creative Watercolour Painting for Beginners- Step-By-Step Ongoing Art Lessons

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Animals

Let's Sound Out Word Families and Jump Into Reading~Beginner Reading With Games~1X/Week

Third and Fourth Grade Science- Interactive Learning: Full Curriculum Quarter 2

French Holiday Fun: Scavenger Hunt

Math Escape Room Games for First-Fourth Graders | A New Mystery Each Week!

Violin 101: A Group Violin Class for Beginners!

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 2 - Beginners - Ages 6-10

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 1 - Beginners - 11+

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 3 - Beginners - Ages 6-10

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 4 - Beginners - Ages 6-10

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 3 - Beginners - Ages 11+

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 2 - Beginners - Ages 11+

Weekly Vietnamese Class - Class 1 - Beginners - Ages 6-10

1:1 Tutoring/Homework Help for Grades 1-5

Acting Audition Help (Private Lessons) for British Accents

8th Grade Math Unit 1 (Roots, Scientific Notation, and Operations Review)

Social Club: Color, Chat, and Work on Conversational Skills With Friends!

History Herald: Horrible Histories & Terrible Tales of the Past - Part TWO!

Regency Era Dressmaking - A Two Week Jane Austen Sewing Camp!

YA Dystopian Book Society: Uglies

Exploring Our World Through Nature Journaling (Ages 10-13)

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat: Intermediate Level Latin (Part Five)

Getting To Know American Girl Claudie & Her Life During The Harlem Renaissance

Virtual Reality Gaming Club: Nock VR Sport Club (Oculus/Meta Quest Required)

Heroes for Sheroes: How Boys Can Join the Fight for Equal Rights (Chat & Craft!)

1-on-1 Math Tutoring: Grade 4

Animate With Procreate - Weekly Club

Improve Your Writing - Using Writing Revolution Techniques

1:1-Spanish Tutor and Homework Help Class (Levels 1-4)

Animate With Procreate

Graphic Design 101 - Junior Class

Photography 101: Building Your Photography Skills

Spelling Bee Club - Words of the Champions (Advanced)

First Grade Daily Meeting 4x Weekly

English Speaking: Talk for One Minute About the House (ESL)

Farm Animal Bingo

Private Math Tutoring

Beginning Spanish Lesson: Learn Spanish With Songs!

Sing Along Disney Songs

Latin Summer Camp: Latin for Kids - Latin Level 3 (Ages 9 To 13)

Guided Meditation and Journaling - Summer Camp for Teens

Latin Summer Camp: Latin for Kids - Latin Level 2 (Ages 9 To 12)

ADHD Kid's Organizing: Ways to Plan, Schedule, and Organize Your Time (9-13)

Learn to Rock Algebra Word Problems in One Week

Math Tutoring for 3rd and 4th Graders!

Playing the Piano - First Steps

Fantasy Fiction Creative Writing Camp: Gothic & Spooky

Sketching: Learn How to Make a Realistic Sketch of an Animal (Smithsonian)

Cool Cats - Cat in the Shadows Drawing with Pencil (Graphite) Art Project!

Pre-K/Preschool Circle Time Fun! Letters, Numbers, Colors & Shapes (1x/Week)

Middle School Life Science-Semester 1

Human Anatomy Full Curriculum - Ongoing (Full Semester) - High School Science

High School Biology - Full Year Curriculum High School Course (Part 1 Of 2)

Learn to Love Math: Personalized K-8 Tutoring

United States Travel and Geography. Travel 50 States. One State Each Week.

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 3rd Grade-Math

Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners (Level 2)

Mandarin Chinese - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Prek4)

French - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Academic Year)

Ongoing 1:1 Tutoring: Happy High School English Comprehension and Homework Help

Roblox Social Gaming Club - Let's Play Doors Retro Backdoors and Regular Mode

Waldorf Archetype Animal Study for Middle/High School

Characters and Confidence: One to One Theatre Arts Exploration

Girls' Social Club (Ages 10-13)

Little Crockpots Baking Club -Vegetarian and Vegan Options (3-8 Yrs)-Ongoing

Ongoing Level 4 Montessori 1st Grade Full Curriculum (Reading, Math, Culture)

1-1 Private Reading, Speaking, And Grammar Tutoring - 60 Mins

1-1 Private Reading, Speaking, Vocab, and Grammar Help - 60 Mins

High School Adv Bio-Human Body

Waldorf-Inspired Bedtime Stories

Enriching Vocabulary Words Using Antonyms, Synonyms, & Homonyms

1-1 Private Math Help And Practice - 60 Minutes

7th Grade Math Unit 1 (Numerical Operations)

Private 1-On-1 Spanish Tutoring - 45 Minutes Beginners to Advanced

Private 1-On-1 Spanish Tutoring - 55 Minutes Beginners to Advanced

Soulful Flow: Yoga for Teens (Series)

Murder at the Halloween Party: A Murder Mystery Experience (Ages 9-12)

Math Intervention 101 for Struggling Mathematicians One-On-One

Nine Commonly Used Characters in Fantasy Fiction: Let's Meet & Write About Them!

Reading Interventions for Struggling Readers: Phonics and Word Study One-On-One

Let's Draw Cute Monsters!

Mathsters Full Curriculum 3rd Grade Math (1X a Wk)

Halloween Logic Puzzles

Coding: Beginner Python (Level 1) Creating Animations & Games

Intermediate Drum Lesson Level 1

Certified Math Teacher! Tutoring 2 Times per Week; K-12Th Grade; Customizable

8th Grade Homeschool (Full Curriculum) W/ Certified Teacher

First (1st) Grade Circle Time Fun: Full Year Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 9

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 16-- Pattern Recognition

Halloween House Party: HipHop Dance Class

Let’s Make Halloween Ghost French Macarons for Learners 11-14 Years Old

Art Class: Draw With Me! Directed Drawing and Colouring Cute Animal Faces Using Shapes

Preschool and Kindergarten Beginners Circle Time Club Full Curriculum 5x/Week

French 2 Year Long High School Class With Kim

Private Ongoing Hawaiian Lessons for Siblings

Archaeology/History - Minoan Civilisation: Technology & Trade in The Bronze Age

*NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Themed Polymer Clay Sculpting: Halloween / Christmas

Write a Quality Sentence With a Mentor Sentence Level 1

Fun With Phonics: The Dot, D Sound, and Watercolor Art

Birthday Party! Have a Private Fun Art Party

Splatoon 3 Social Battle Club!

Beat, Beat Feel the Beat 4

Beat, Beat Feel the Beat 3

Grade 3-4 Language Arts Part 2

Kindergarten Homeschool Language Arts -Part 2

Kindergarten Homeschool Language Arts -Part 3

Kindergarten Homeschool Language Arts -Part 1

Let's Draw Fall Squishmallows!

Building Self Confidence in Teens

Spanish Class (1)- ABC's (Clase En Español 1- Aprendiendo El Abecedario)

Do You Know What Are Nouns? Lets Learn Together!

Spanish Is Fun- Learning the Colors

ESL- English Class (1)- Learning the ABC's Easy As 1,2,3

Draw Roblox Adopt Me Pets

Worry Management for Kids: How to Help Myself When Worried

Reading Comprehension Strategies for ADHD students

English, Writing, and Reading One-On-One Private Tutoring 25 Minute Ongoing

Prevent the Summer Slide: Summer Review 3rd Grade-ELA/Reading

Christmas Trees & The Environment

Getting Started With Viola/Violin

Learn to Write Poetry Ongoing Class

Composer of the Week - Set 2

Japanese History: Part 1

Intro to Drawing Caricatures - The Profile View

Spanish Club Beginners Level ( 6th- 10Th Grade)

Ongoing Multiplication Facts Drill Drill and Play! (Expanded)

Let's Go Learn: One-On-One Elementary Math Personalized Tutoring

Beginner Guitar Group Class ( Ages 6-12 years) Ongoing

STEM: Engineering, Physics, Electronics, Programming Hands-On Course - Beginner

Private/Solo Dance Lesson- All Ages

STEM: Engineering, Physics, Electronics, Programming Hands-On Course Intermediate

Spanish Spelling Bee Club

Draw a Koala by Draw So Cute

Getting Started With Sound Editing and the Audacity® App

Private Math Tutoring K - 6

Individualized Reading and Writing Tutoring

Egiptóloguitos: Club semanal Para Investigar La Civilización Egipcia

Strategies for Division

Second Grade Math With Singapore 2A - 2022 Edition

Science Is Fun! Learn All About Atoms, the Building Blocks of Matter

Advanced Elapids (Cobras, Mambas, Taipans, Sea Snakes and Kraits - Herpetology, Zoology)

Advanced Viper Biology ( Herpetology, Zoology Camp )

Halloween Costume and Cookery Party (Private)

Zoology 101 Sharks! (Marine Biology, Taxonomy and Species)

Advanced Shark Biology ( Zoology, Marine Biology Camp )

A Beginners Guide to Identifying Dangerous Snakes of North America

Advanced Crocodiles, Alligators and Gharials ( Zoology, Herpetology Camp )

Second Grade Math - Singapore 2B

Fix Your Own Breakfast - Fruity Baked Pancake

Complete Course on Fractions for Second Grade

Top Ten Animal Club, (Zoology, Biology) Who's the Best?

Mighty Mini Monsters, Terrifying Tiny Predators

Fifth Grade Math (Singapore 5B) For Students Older Students

Orton Gillingham Sound Bingo - Consonants

Singapore Primary Mathematics 4A

Yummy & Healthy - World Baking/Cooking - Ongoing

Weekly Topics in Singapore Math 3A

Prehistoric Titans! a Beginners Guide to Megalodon, Titanoboa and Sarcosuchus

All About Ancient Egypt

Orton Gillingham Reading Assessment

Orton-Gillingham Tutoring 1:1 for Students with Dyslexia

Multisensory Spelling and Reading Tutoring with Orton Gillingham

Orton Gillingham Based Latin and Greek Roots Level 1

En Español - Matemáticas De 1 Grado

Fifth Grade Math With Singapore Primary Mathematics - 5A

Halloween Costume and Cookery Party (Private)

Become Critical Thinkers

Maths - With Numicons and More Full Curriculum (Year 2, Grade 1, 6-7 Years)

Cook With a Book Zucchini and Orange Loaf With an Animated Book Zora's Zucchini

Third Grade Math - Singapore 3A

Bake a Valentine Special - Red Velvet Cupcake With a Lovely Animated Storybook

Pencil Sketching Camp Part 4 - Landscapes & Perspectives

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Pumpkin

First Grade Fun! Full Curriculum Year Long Semester Class for 1st Grade (Part 2)

Video Game Design (One-Time/Sample Class)-- Ages 7-10

Math Games for Young Math Gurus

Learn to Persuade Others (Without Throwing a Tantrum)

Piano Music Class 7 - Ongoing (Part H)

Algebra 2 - Full Year Course

Private 1:1 Viola Lessons With a Professional Symphony Musician!

Engineering Fundamentals - Loads, Forces & Materials - STEM at Work

Let's Play Minecraft PVE: TOWER DEFENSE (Bedrock PC/Xbox/iOS/Switch) - Weekly!

A to Z Mysteries Book Club (ESL Friendly)

Individual Trumpet Lessons: One-On-One Guidance With a Professional!

Master High School Essay Writing

Individual Euphonium Lessons: One-On-One Guidance With a Professional!

Anime Art Club - Draw Manga Like Pokemon Naruto Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer

Alphabet Fun for Preschool and Kindergarten

Ongoing: Cooking and Baking Savory Meals for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Jumpstart Summer High School - Biology Prep & Review Class

Super Hero Math Club for Grades Three and Four: Multiplication, Division & More!

Earth Systems Science for 8th Grade

Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales (IEW) Course Part One

1:1 Kindergarten and First Grade Guided Reading

Hebrew - Alef-Bet, Vocabulary & More!

Private Tutoring for College Level Writing Preparation--Ongoing

Beginners Writing Club- One Sentence at a Time (CEFR a2-B1)

Amphibian Expedition: Exploring the Fascinating World of Frogs and Toads

Level 2: Robots - Beginner Coding with Tynker Junior

Pokémon Gaming Group

Hominid Evolution -Archaeology, Palaeoanthropology, Science, Prehistory, History

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" Book 1 Social Book Club

Halloween - Pumpkins Are Not Just for Carving! Animals Love Them Too!

Let's Escape: Can You Catch The Thief? B2+ CEFR

Public Speaking & Impromptu Speech in Spanish

Let's Escape: Race Around The World Escape Room B2+ CEFR

Music Theory: The Circle of Fifths, C - F# and F - Gb Major - Class 6

Saxon Math Homeschool 6/5 - Part 2/2

Saxon Math Homeschool 5/4 - Part 2/2

Saxon Math Homeschool 6/5 - Part 1/2

Magic World Escape Room! Solve a Mystery Through Puzzles, Riddles & Quizzes

Ten Famous Female Artists

Ultimate Art Camp

D&D Adventure Club

Art Camp Outside Activities

Cheer Extreme Allstars!- Ongoing Cheerleading Class *SUMMER SECTION*

Saxon Math Homeschool 5/4 - Part 1/2

Roblox Club Adopt Me: New Garden Egg Release Party (Special Event)

CAMP Arts and Crafts for Creative Young Minds! 2nd-4Th Grade

Breaking College App Writers Block: Personal Statement Essay Brainstorm Session

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Spring Rolls

Paul Klee City Scape

Unlocking the Poet Within: A Creative Poetry Journey

ASL Kids Club 3 -Sign Language Practice Advanced Ongoing Ages 13-18

Stargirl: The Movie Vs The Book

Anna • Frozen Story Time & Show and Tell

Anger Management for Kids Part Two Classes 6 To 10

Building Vocabulary

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing Skills - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks (Ages 12-17)

Why Are Moles Showing up in My Chemistry Class?

Creature Feature: Snakes (10-13)

Creature Feature: Salamanders (10-13)

High School Literature 1: Reading, Comprehension, Writing, & Literary Analysis

Creature Feature: Frogs (10-13)

Creature Feature: Turtles (10-13)

Creature Feature: Lizards (10-13)

The German FW 190 WWII Fighter Aircraft

Montessori Circle Time for Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Let's Escape: Can You Solve The Crime? B2+ CEFR

Let's Escape: Help The Marvel Squad Solve The Challenge! B2+ CEFR

Let's Escape: Help The Marvel Squad Solve The Challenge! B2+ CEFR

ESL for Kids 1 (Easy English 1)

Get Creative and Learn Embroidery! Self-Paced Course

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: A Succulent Garden

Creative Writing Camp 2023 / Authors in Training - Ages 9-11

Level 1: Ocean Odyssey - Beginner Coding with Tynker Junior

"Drum Lessons"

Beginner Level Latin With Day in the Life Stories of Ancient Romans Part 1

Looking Good in Ancient Egypt (Small Class!) 𓅓𓄿𓈎𓅲𓊪 𓄿𓈖𓂧 𓅃𓎼𓋴

Weekly Easy and Fun Beginner Farsi/Persian- Reading, Writing and Speaking

Private ESL Chemistry Themed Class- Fun, Engaging Lessons! Interesting Topics

Photography Creative Travel

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 3 (Age 13-18)

Learn to Paint in Watercolor!

Creature Feature: Lizards (14-18)

Beginner Flute Summer Camp - Week 2

Beginner Flute Summer Camp - Week 1

Speak Egyptian Arabic! Explore + Build + Create (Beginner 3 Of 9)

Catching the Wave - Intermediate Math Pre-Algebra

Creature Feature: Crocodilians (14-18)

Creature Feature: Snakes (14-18)

Creature Feature: Turtles (14-18)

Algebra 1 Course With Certified Math Teacher

Creature Feature: Frogs (14-18)

Creature Feature: Salamanders (14-18)

Astronomy: High School Curriculum (2nd Semester) - Black Holes and Big Bangs

Creature Feature: Crocodilians (10-13)

Fashion Design and Clothing Illustration: Fantasy Holiday Party Costumes

The Penderwicks Book Club 3

The Hunger Games Book Club

Fall Guys Weekly Video Game Social Club

How the Government Works - United States Civics Self Paced

Ongoing Private Spanish Lessons for Preteens and Teens

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