New Classes on Outschool 2020-07-26

There are 507 new classes on Outschool the week of July 26, 2020 to August 1, 2020.

Plan It Out: Bullet and Junk Journaling for Teens

Religions Around the World; Explore 5 Religions and Create a Craft FLEX

If Video Game Trailers Could Talk: Learn About Persuasion and Messaging

The Pokemon Lounge!

Upper Elementary (3rd and 4th Grade) Art: An On-Going Live Art Course

Math Class: First Grade Number Madness!

Lower Elementary (1st and 2nd Grade) Art: An on-Going Live Art Course

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Storytime and Craftivity

Five (5) Paragraph Essay Ongoing Writing Practice (Ages 11-14)

Kindergarten Complete Curriculum First Semester Class-Part One

Let's Draw Doodles: Step by Step Drawing Art Class

Word Families CVC Words (Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Reading Fluency, Letter Sounds)

Sight Words #1: Elephant and Piggie- Today I Will Fly!

High School Chemistry Part 2 (of 3) - Live Course

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Vegetable Curry

Fantasy Football Club For Kids 8-13 Play in a Real Season Long Fantasy League

Disney Inspired Fashion: Learn How to Disneybound

High School Chemistry Part 1 (of 3) - Live Course

Do-It-Yourself L.O.L. Surprise! Furniture

Singing for Beginners

Kindergarten/First Readiness Book Club: Let's Leap for Literacy!

Learn French with Ms. Erika: One-on-One French Class

High School Chemistry Part 3 (of 3) - Live Course

Welcome to 9th Grade English Language Arts Part 2 - Spring Semester 2024

Math Games: Fractions for Beginners (Gaming in Math)

Public Speaking (SEMI-Private) Social Skills for Young Speakers (Ages 5-9)

Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Dumplings

Math Enrichment: Explore Ways Math Can Be Found in Nature (Ongoing)

Reading Adventure! Weekly Storytime With Aunt Sam

Broadway Musical Theatre Kids! (Ages 5-8)

Mock Trial 1: Criminal Law Trial Camp - Prosecute or Defend a Drug Charge!

Ongoing Anime Discussion and Club for Younger and Avid Anime Watchers ( 9 - 13 )

Ongoing Anime Discussion and Club for Older and Avid Anime Watchers ( 14 -18 )

Scream Machines - Wacky, Bizarre and Unusual Roller Coasters

Learn World Geography through Animals Around the World

The Planet We Live on: Montessori Geography Part 2

Where Do I Live? : Montessori Geography Part 1

Physical Science for Middle School Full Curriculum #1- Matter Unit - Live Class

Grammar: Introducing Subjects and Predicate in Sentences

Fun and Easy Grammar! A Lapbook Flex Class

Starting College in High School - Intro to Dual Enrollment

Let's Go Dance and Exercise Dance Party Part 4: Fire Station

Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Jajangmyeon

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: Let's Make Sushi

Job Ideas for Kids. Grow Your Money as You Grow.

Halloween Stories, Fun, and Crafts 5-7

Star Wars: Lightsaber Training for Kids (Beginners)

Uke Can Sing and Play: Intermediate Ukulele Club

Mega Space Mission: Amazing Space Voyage-Astronomy & Space (Ages 14-18)

Tutoring for Orton-Gillingham & Advanced Readers + Remedial Math

Weird Writing Weekly: Short Stories of the Weirdest Combos Ever

Our Morning Meeting | Pre-K, Kindergarten Circle Time and Full Year Curriculum

Multiplication, Division, Decimals and Fraction Math Skills

Fractions, Decimals, Percents-Oh My!

Disney Theme Park Rides! Discuss, Design, and Imagineer

Movie Bites Learning: Foley Art - The Magic of Making Sound Effects for Film

Draw a Cartoon Cat!

Hindi for Tots! 1B : A Continuing Language Class for Kiddies Ages 3-4

Dance Class Bundle #1-8 Different Themed Dance Classes - Hip Hop (8 Week Course)

After the Dinosaurs: Ancient Australian Monsters

Dino Discussions

Let's learn Spanish! Ages 7 - 10

Word Family Fun! Learn to Read Words With Long Vowels Phonics

Camp - Speak Mandarin Chinese Correctly: Learn Common Sentence Patterns

How to Stay Safe on Social Media: Appropriate Sharing and Internet Safety

Creative Pet Photography #1: Sit, Stay, Click for Ages 6-10 w/ Erika

Frankie -Stein Acrylic Painting Paint -A -Long

Group Photography Tutoring With Erika Hatfield for Teens

Individual Tutoring: Middle School Math Through Algebra

Second Grade Math Summer Course

Beginning Piano Class, Level 1A (Ages 10-13)

Beginning Voice Class, Part 2 (Ages 4-7)

Preschool Music - Movin and Groovin - Singing and Stomping With the Dinosaurs

Preschool Music - Movin and Groovin - Zoom Zoom Bring Your Stuffy to the Moon

Architecture 101 Camp

Guided Reading Tutor: Kindergarten Through Third Grade

Private Photography Tutoring With Erika Hatfield for Any Age

Level 2 Creative Photography Class for Teens: Film, Variety, Editing

Level 2 Creative Photography Class for Ages 6-10: Film, Variety, Editing

Level 2 Creative Photography Class for Ages 10-13: Film, Variety, Editing

Level 1 Creative Photography Class for Ages 6-10: Subject, Light, Composition

Math Tutoring: Kindergarten to Second Grade

Weekly 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Math or Algebra 1 Homework Help Private 1:1 Tutoring

Third Grade Math Curriculum Study

BOOK CLUB~Preparing for Reading Success~Reading Comprehension, Literacy, Fluency

Let's Rhyme~Early Childhood Education~Developing a Strong Reading Foundation

Writer's Workshop Camp

LEARN TO READ Kindergarten/Preschool

Virtual Escape Room - Minecraft Math (3rd Grade) - FLEX

Virtual Escape Room - Minecraft Math (2nd Grade) - FLEX

AH! Kevin! "Home Alone" Trivia Kahoot and Booby Trap Design!

Ongoing Spanish Reading and Writing Workshop - Intermediate

Film School Adviser: 1:1 Sessions for Filmmakers

Make That Puppet Talk - Ventriloquism Made Easy

FLEX Business 101 for Teens How to Start a Successful Business From Hobbies 9W1

Arcade Coding Class: Code a Retro Game in Scratch

STEM Coding Class: Code Your Own Shark Chase Game in Scratch

Cooking for the Heart FLEX: Whole Food Dinner Dishes

4-Day Summer Dance Workshop!

4th Grade Part B, Creative, Interactive Elementary Math...Together, We Can Do This!

Girl Builders Unite! Brick Building Club for Girl Engineers!

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Pad Thai

Ballet Workshop-Intermediate Part 1

Draw Your Own Comic Based Upon the Dog Man Series!

Violin for All: Lessons for Any Age Group and Level (Beginners to Advanced)

Seasonal Watercolor Ages 7-11 Ongoing

Wee Musicians Music Theory: I Can Find the Beat and Rhythm!

Music Theory for High Schoolers

Fundamentals of Science: An Introduction to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Toothpick Puzzles Class Two

Yoga Makes Me Strong Inside and Out

American Literature & Composition: Semester 2 (High School Homeschool English)

Acting and Writing and Directing and Sound … Oh My! (Ages 14-18)

Skills for Competency Based Interviews

Introduction to Email Communication: 'Wow' Your Teachers and Future Employers!

Reggio-Inspired Learning Experiences

Private Math Tutoring With Mrs Aubrey 45 Minutes Advanced Levels

ASL Beginner Camp I for Ages 8-10

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 1A

Fun Spanish: SEMESTER Enrichment Club for Reading, Speaking & Writing Program 1

Hawaii - Native Plants, Animals, and People of Hawai'i!

Intro to World War II: What Lead to War in Europe?

Montessori Reading & Writing: Mastering Digraphs for Emerging Readers 2x/Week

If You Give a Moose a Muffin: Storytime and Craftivity!

Reading Comprehension Boot Camp

ASL Beginner Camp for Ages 11-15

Fraction Action

Fun Math: Games Club

Tank: Armored Warfare in World War 2

Feminism for Early Elementary

Five First Ladies Who Changed America

Future Technology: 3D-Printing, Robotics, Genetics, Space Travel, AI, and More

History of the World: Prehistoric, Ancient, and Classical World History

Marvel’s Avengers: Superhero Workout for Kids

Elementary Math Without Tears Tutoring - Fun, Math Teacher W/ Master's Degree

Quick and Easy Time Management Tips: High School

Growing Grammar - Writing Mechanics (ages 9-12)

6th-8th Grade Art Course: Create Your Own Comic, Manga, Graphic Novel

Let's Make Words~ Phonics/Phonemic Awareness~Early Childhood Education

Vegetarian, Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking: How to Make Kimchi

Meaningful Math: Third and Fourth Grades

How to Draw Realistic Limes/ Fruits With Colored Pencils/Art

Creative Writing: Build a Portfolio!

Drawing: The Great White Shark: Lesson and Step-By-Step Drawing Tutorial

Storytime & Drawing: Diverse Books and Fun Art Projects

Adventures in: Grammar, A Semester Course

Junior Wild About Cooking (Flex): Chocolate and More Chocolate 1!

Millionaire Mindset - Multiple Streams of Income - Start Your Business Today!

Review: Let's Practice Multiplying Decimals

Reading Class: Long Vowel Review

Colonial Cooking: Yes, They Really Ate That!

Architecture Career Discovery Course- Flex Schedule

Brawl Stars Enthusiasts: A Social Class of Gaming Glory!

Show and Tell Spanish Club 2

The Gingerbread Girl Storytime and Craftivity!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Halloween Party

Book Club - Newberry Honor Book - On My Honor- Peer Pressure, Decision Making

Learn to Debate - 10 Week Advanced Fall Curriculum

Fourth Grade Science-Core Curriculum Class for Second Semester

Private Weekly Piano Lessons Ongoing - 30 Minutes (Ages 4-16)

Stuffed Animal Fitness and Hugs!

I Can Write a Sentence! for Younger Beginning Writers

Preschool Drama Club: Theater and Acting for Kids

Raise the Barre: Fun Barre Dance Fitness Class!

Welcome to the Theater: Acting for Beginners

Master Phonics Skills and Read a Book

Declaim, Recite, Hold Forth! Speech and Debate for Beginners

Preschool / Pre-K Playtime With Ms. Julie and Pippa

Theater Kids: Drama Club for Young Actors

Digital Drawings in Procreate

Fun Fridays with Ms. Julie

1, 2, 3 - Learn Math With Me!

How to Be Motivated

Reading for Beginners: Systematic and Explicit Phonics Instruction (Phonics)

Essentials of Writing: 5 Weeks on Essay Writing!

Individual Tutoring

Scratch Jr. Coding Advance Level - A New Project Every Week Level 2

Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation (Ages 12-16)

Trash Free-No Debris! (Ages 12-16)

Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle (Ages 12-16)

Let's Draw Mushrooms: Learning About Fungi

Travel Costa Rica 5-Day Camp

Learn 3D Modeling With Sketchup!! Let's Build an Apartment!! (Flex)

Characters Galore! Write Believable Characters

Forensic Science: Fundamentals & Investigative Techniques High School Course

Hip Hop Dance in Your Pjs!

Private Piano Lesson - Ongoing (Ages 7-18)

A Book Club for Writers

Let's Go to the Ocean Together. Kids Yoga Class.

Cultivation of Fruitful Conversation

One-On-One Math Confidence Tutoring (2B)

World History I: The Dark Age, Vikings, and the Islamic Golden Age (Part 3 of 4)

World History I: The Late Middle Ages and World Conflict (Part 4 of 4)

Social Psychology - The Path to Understanding the Influence of Others

A Book Club for Writers: Wrede on Writing (Flex)

Middle School Spanish Semester 2

Book Club: Life Lessons From "Harry Potter" (Flex)

Smallest Dog Breeds of the World

Ballet and Tap Dance Class: 4 Week Flex Dance Class #1

Math Made Easy! - Learning Addition and Subtraction

Food Science: How to Make Edible Juice Bottles and Popping Boba

Origins of Western Civilization: Cultural Anthropology & Human Pre-History

Puppy-Love, and Care: Comprehensive Course for New Puppy Owners

Spanish 1 for Middle and High School: First Semester

Food Science: Candy Colors and Chromatography

Private Guitar Lessons Ages 13-18

Friends and Fossils: Science Show and Tell - Featuring Real Amber and Fossils!

Going From 8th Grade to 13th Grade? Taking a College Level Class in 9th Grade

College Application Personal Statement or Supplemental Essay Tutoring

Minecraft Trivia and Jokes

Kindergarten Prep Assessment / Private Tutoring

How to Draw a Fox with The Bunny Lady

Fruit Drawing/Pencil Sketching and Shading/Art

Wings of Fire Fan Club Role Playing and Writing a Story With Friends and Dragons

Learn to Speak & Read Hebrew From a Hebrew School Teacher - Beginners Ages 6-11

Extraordinary Anime Art!

Drawing People with Gesture and Movement - Figure Drawing Level 1

FLEX: Little Ninjas: Martial Arts Inspired Movement and Play, Month 1

Private Tutoring for Handwriting

Montessori Cosmic Education Series

Draw Dragons Inspired by Wings of Fire & How to Train Your Dragon | Beginners

Piano Fundamentals 3

Phonics Fanatic: 2nd Grade Course

Long Division Time!

Personalized Live Coding Lab for Ages 6 to 9 [3-To-1 Ratio]

Money Matters Made Fun: Unraveling the Value of United States Coins

35 Min (1X)-Individualized Private Tutoring-Phonics/Literacy/Grammar/Writing

Explore Cubism Art and Draw a Picasso Face!

Learn Art of Multiplication Till 100 Within Seconds

Art Class - Oil Pastel Art Creation (Peacock)

Camp - Scratch Jr. Coding for Beginners (3 Times a Week, 2 Weeks) Level 1

Scratch Jr. Coding for Young Ones (Twice a Week, 3 Weeks) Level 1

Art Journal Club: Drawing, Painting, Design and Collage

Friends and Feelings With Pippa and Ms. Julie

Vocabulary Circus - Express Yourself! Take 2 (Semester Class)

Write Poetry Inspired by Your Favorite Books

Individual Tutoring- Special Subjects

Piano Lessons for All Levels

4th Grade Part A, Creative, Interactive Elementary Math...Together, We Can Do This!

Let's Roar and Learn About Dinosaurs!

Mastering Time: Understanding Hours and Half Hours

Cookie Time: Learn to Bake Classic and Unique Cookies

Pre-Writing Skills for Preschool Kids

Kaiju Club III(13-16):Think, Discuss, Learn About The Genre Beyond the Monsters

Drawing a Realistic Horse for Beginners! (Ages 9-13)

What Makes a Masterpiece? Learn What Makes a Great Work of Art Truly Great

If Commercials and Art Could Talk: Learn About Persuasion and Messaging

Let’s Make Mochi: Japanese Ice Cream, Fruit Flavored & Dipped in Chocolate

Let’s Bake & Dip: Truffles, Cake Balls, Ice Cream Cake Pops & Make Candy Clay

Reading Christmas Stories, Singing Some Carols & Crafts

The Six Living Kingdoms (Flex)

Callie's Corner: Intro to Chemistry - Atomic Structure & Theory (Ages 9-11)

Yoga Fitness and Workout Class (Ongoing, 2/Week, Ages 8-13)

Yoga Fitness Class for Focus and Flexibility (Ongoing, 1/Week, Ages 8-13)

Animals Around the World: All About Animals, Zoo Keepers, & Conservation (FLEX)

30-Minute Writing Prompts for Teens

Building Multiplication Understanding and Fluency (8 Weeks)- Flex

Animal Detectives Needed!-Let's Learn Describing Words-Colors, Numbers, Patterns

Novelty of Bubble Tea (Gluten and Dairy Free)

Why We Should Shower. The Science of Self Care: Pimples, Body Odor, Deodorant

10th Grade Semester I - ELA Literature, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Essay Writing

8th/9th Grade Semester I ELA Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary

Yoga with Marisa

AMERICAN GIRLS GO TO SCHOOL - Samantha, Rebecca, Kit, Molly, & Julie

Brazilian Portuguese: Conversation and Culture Class (Beginner)

AMERICAN GIRLS GO TO SCHOOL - Felicity, Caroline, Josefina, Kirsten, & Addy

Chinese Mythology and the 12 Animals of the Zodiac: Which Animal Are You?

1:1 Private Ongoing Class: Create & Edit Comic Books for Publishing! Ages 6-18

Logo Design - Learning How to Create Your Own Logo!

Private Tutoring with DeAnn: Learn & Review Math Concepts (30 mins.) 2nd-9th gr.

Second Grade Book Club

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre/Jazz, Princess Themed Dance Class (8 Week Course)

Zoey and Sassafras Book Club!

Montessori Reading & Writing: Phonics Fun - Blends for Beginners 2x/Week

Guthriegabs About Exploration Age of Discovery 16th Century Colonies

Halloween Themed Dance Class - Beginner Level Hip Hop

Tuning 101: Basics of Guitar Tuning

Pathways in Medicine: Surgical Specialties (FLEX)

Gymnastics Practice: 2 On 1 Semi-Private Instruction (Ongoing)

Stretch and Strengthen

Fitness Dance Party!

Books and Bricks Club: Story Time With Lego Play

Time for Tap! (Beginner On-Going, Ages 4-6)

Spanish I for Middle School

Play Animal Crossing Together! (Ongoing Gaming Club)

Happy New School Year! Best Practices for Starting College Online

Happy New School Year! Best Practices for Starting High School Online

Happy New School Year! Best Practices for Starting Middle School Online

Weekly, Ongoing-The Art in Nature Program Part I ™ : Ages 5-9

Argument Writing: Assert, Reason, & Counter

One-On-One College Application & Preparation Mentoring

Become a Chess Pro: Lessons for Advanced Learners (Ages 13 & Up)

Become a Chess Pro: Lessons for Advanced Learners

Butterfly: Life Cycle, Story & Art Activity

Creative Writing Club

Make Your Own Country

How to Create a LOGO for Your Business?

Book Bugs: A No Stress Reading Comprehension

Meteorology: Winter Weather

All About Weird but Cool Animals. Unique Animals From Around the World.

Intensive Cursive Writing for Beginners!

Cursive Writing for Beginners!

Dungeons and Dragons 250: Ghosts of Saltmarsh, a D&D Pirate Adventure Campaign

Low Sensory Chess Lessons (for Ages 4+)

Summer Reading Camp: Kinder & 1st Grade

Creative Writing: Writing From a Picture Prompt

Art: Let’s Draw a Colorful Owl!

Classic Car Art Drawing Club (Sr)

Law School for Teens - Intro to Criminal Law (Part 1)

Law School for Teens - Intro to Criminal Law (Part 2)

Spanish: Paper Craft Activities (Intermediate-Advanced)

Individual Trombone Lessons: One-On-One Guidance With a Professional!

Math - Make Sense of Two-Step Word Problems!

Cracking the STEM (Engineering) Code: Simple Machines for Young Readers (Part 1)

Engineering: Does Your Learner Really Need It? This One Will Help You Decide!

Engineering: Does Your Young Learner Really Need It? This One Will Help You Decide!

Engineering: Does Your PreSchooler Really Need It? This One Will Help You Decide!

Enrichment: Vocabulary Supersleuths with Greek and Latin Roots- Part 1

Animal Crossing / Pokémon Combo Special: Cool Coelacanths! (Ages 7-12)

(FLEX) US History: WW2, Cold War & Globalization

Cracking the Engineering (STEM) Code: Four Fields of Engineering For Future Engineers (Part 1)

Cracking the STEM Code: Intro to Simple Machines for Young Learners (Part 1)

ELA Storytelling: Unleash Your Imagination With Picture Prompts

FLEX CLASS: Drawing and Learning About Sharks

Become a Bellionaire! Animal Crossing Treasure Hunt

Ballet and Tap Dance Class - Beginner

Let's Vote! US Civics for Homeschoolers With Aunt Sam

A Day of Hip Hop Dance Junior (Ages 5-7)

Introduction to International Law: A Flex Class

Fifth Grade Spelling With Weekly Lists Focusing on Phonemic Awareness-Flex

Personal Choices: How Hard Decisions Today Clear a Path for Tomorrow!

Flex - Yummy KETO Cooking

A Book Club for Writers: Dear Ally, How Do You Write a Book? (Flex)

iMovie Video Editing Projects: Series 2 (Camp)

4th Grade Fall Quarter Math | We Can All Be Mathematicians! Q1

All About Orcas. Killer Cool Facts About the Orca/Killer Whale

Hot Wheels and Matchbox: Collect, Learn and Play. Become an Awesome Collector!

Math Tutoring - Fun, Certified Math Teacher With Master's Degree

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Dance Party Just for Fun

Home Economics Flex Class: Doing All the Things

ABC - Learn the Alphabet with Me (Early Literacy)

Ongoing Adventures (Continent Series #1 )(An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Five Presidents Who Changed America

Beginner Level Japanese_Intro to Japanese 01 (10-13)

Beginning Cursive Writing: Formation of Lower Case Cursive Letters and Words

Social Club: Snack Chat/Lunch Bunch: Grab a Seat and Let's All Meet!

Judging a Book by Its Cover: Get the Most Out of Every Book You Read

Adventures in: Outdoor Survival Skills

Moving Beyond Gender Stereotypes: A Cross-Cultural Exploration 13-18

Critical Analysis: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Conflict Management Tools - Ages 5 - 7

Create a Better Life: Change Your Attitude to Gratitude

Kaiju Club II (9-12): Learn, Share, Draw About Godzilla & Other Monsters Weekly

Piano Lessons for Ages 15-18, Fall Term A

Piano Lessons for Ages 10-14, Fall Term A

Piano Lessons for Ages 5-9, Fall Term A

Adventures in Beginner's Spanish: A Semester Course

Critical Analysis: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe for Middle Schoolers

Creative Writing With Silly Sentence Starters (Ages 11-14)

Codecrafters: Game Design & Coding Adventures With Python & Blockly

I Can Read: Phonics & Reading One-On-One Instruction

Circle Time and Kindergarten Reading Skills- Semester

Dog Man: Discover the Funniest Moments

Abstract Photography: Water Droplet Refraction for Smartphones

Summer Camp Let's Dance: TV & Movies!

Beginning Long Division

Pre-K/Kindergarten/First Grade Math: 1 On 1 Tutoring With a Certified Teacher!

A Penguin Expedition: Exploring the Wonders of Antarctic Birds

Cyber Safety Workshop (Ages 5-8)

Intro to Criminal Law/Mock Trial: To Kill a Mockingbird (Integrated Novel Study)

Equations, Lines, and All Things Linear: A Survey of Linear Topics

Summer Camp Let's Dance: Six!

Explore Art and Artists! Elementary Art With Ms. Amy (Certified Arts Teacher K-12)

Art Passport! Weekly Art Class (Certified Art Instructor)

Kodály Singing and Ear Training Unit One, ages 7-10

Full Body Fitness Blast(One on One)

Math Part 2: Counting and Adding by 2s With Legos!

Star Wars: Ultimate Jedi/Sith/Lightsaber Training Workout Camp for Kids (FLEX)

Doga- Yoga With Your Dog!

Private 1:1 6th Grade, 7th, Grade, Pre-Algebra or Algebra Tutor (25 minutes)

Private 1:1 6th Grade, 7th Grade, Pre-Algebra or Algebra Tutor (50 Minutes)

Halloween Art and Craft Activities in Spanish

199 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation (Ages 7-11)

Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle (Ages 7-11)

Sentence Diagramming Grammar Class, Session 1

ESL, EFL: Beginner Conversational English Small Group (1x per Week, Ages 3-5)

Learn to Debate - 10 Week Introductory Winter Curriculum

Hindi for Beginners Level 2 (Twice a Week, 6 Weeks)

Junior Creators: Robot Lab STEM / STEAM Session

Exploring Barbie Fashion Design and Play (Ages 5-8)

Preschool Music - Movin and Groovin - Let's Sing About Puppies

Preschool Music - Movin and Groovin - Let's Sing and Dance Like a Bird

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Let's Go to the Zoo and Sing About Animals

Preschool Music - Movin and Groovin - Lets Sing About Farm Animals

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Let's March in a Parade

Meet Gus the Plus & Learn to Add!

Full Immersion Spanish Book Club: El Soñador by Pam Muñoz Ryan

I Love to Read!

All About Birds - Beginning Birding (Flex)

All About Instrument Families Flex Class

ESL Reading Tutoring 1:1 - Comprehension Grades 3/4

Hola, Let's Learn Beginner's Spanish in Just One Hour!

Game on! Spanish: Level 2 (Ages 9-13, Beginner) - Live Video Class 3x/Week

Private Spanish One-On-One Tutoring With Native Speaker! (One Hour)

Art With Ms. Amy: Art History Studio- Certified Art Teacher

World History I: The Rise and Fall of Classical Empires (Part 2 of 4)

WWII History: The Battle of the Bulge - Hitler's Last Chance to Win World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: Blitzkrieg! the German Army's Campaigns in Poland and France During World War Two - WW2

WWII History: The Invasion of Sicily and Italy - World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: China, Burma, India - World War 2 in the Far East - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: World War 2 in North Africa, 1940-1943 - World War Two - WW2

Science: Introducing Bat Facts

Private Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Tutoring (Phonics, Reading, Fluency, Dysgraphia)

World History I: Ancient Civilizations (Part 1 of 4)

"There's a Map on My Lap!" Geography Fun in the Style of Dr. Seuss

Would You Rather? A Conversation Class for Kids

High School English: English I, Semester I (9th Grade-Freshman)

German Language for Beginners (Flex)

How to Invest Your Money Long Term for Beginners, Part (Supp)

Intro to Finance 101 : Princess Edition!

Intro to Finance 101 : Superhero Edition!

Baking Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Creative Writing With Dr. Gretchen

First Grade Language Arts Academy

Sewing Beginner: Dinosaur Slippers

From Petra to the Taj Mahal: A Whizz Through the New Seven Wonders of the World

Super Hero Sight Words with Ms. B

Anger Management Leads to Healthier Well-Being

1:1 Private Yoga Lesson

Sewing Confident Beginner: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Swirly Skirt

Sewing Beginner - Make a Mask

Sewing Novice: Reusable Lunch Sack

Reading & Comprehension Tutoring- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th Grade!

Building a Love for Math: Grade 7 Saxon Math 8/7 87 (Part 1 Of 4)

Basic TinkerCad 3D Design: Ages 6 & 7

Learning to Love Math-Grade 6 Part 1 of 4 (Saxon 7/6 76)

Learn to Write Sentences Using Your Favorite Pokemon Character One-time Class

French or Spanish Private Classes

Let's Chat in Spanish! Conversation for Beginner Spanish Students (Ages 12-15)

Nature Phrases and Words in Polish - 7

School Phrases and Words in Polish - 6

Beginner Fun Russian Class With Games (All Levels)

Geometry Fun for 8-11 Year Olds

FLEX Reading Comprehension Strategies UNIT 1 (4th Grade Reading Level)

Kindergarten Ready Warriors! (Flex)

Marine Organisms Part 1: Research & Explore Marine and Coastal Animals! Ages 12-17

Biology 9-Week Course w/ Labs | (Part 2 of 4) Semester Course | w/ Report Card

Learn 3D Modeling With Sketchup!! (Flex)

Music First Steps: Beginner Preschool and Kindergarten Music Class (3, 4, 5)

Learn to Draw a Medieval Castle Step-By-Step. Excellent for Dungeons & Dragons!

Lego Photography Club (FLEX)

Math Tutoring - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

Math Word Problems Simplified

Discovering Writing Idea Treasures: Journaling to Generate Ideas

Magnificent 5th Grade Math (Part 2 Of 3: Winter)

Math Homework/Tutoring for Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra 2

Cursive Handwriting: The Basics Ages 8-10

WWII Kahoot Challenge!

Spelling Bee Games 5th and 6th Grade

Spelling Bee Games 3rd and 4th Grade

(FLEX) US History: Gilded Age to the Depression

Learn to Read and Learn to Write! 1:1 Tutoring- Package of Four, 45 Min. Classes, One Per Week

Kindergarten Reading Sight Word Superstars!

Learn 3D Modeling With Sketchup! Let's Build an Apartment! (Flex)

Learn to Draw an Under Sea Scene Step-By-Step With Fish and Plant Wildlife

Personalized Themed Birthday Party/ Private Class (All Ages)

Learn to Draw Two Amazing Dinosaurs Step-By-Step in This Fun Art Class

African American History: The Remarkable Jackie Robinson || Black History

Dolphins Alive! All About Dolphins With Drawing Activity!

Exciting Entomology: Insecta and the Chaos Crew!

Super Volcanoes and Powerful Waterfalls: The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

History Bingo: The American Civil War

High School Spanish 1 Semester 2

YouTube Money & Management - How Video Creators Earn Money on YouTube [Ages 8-18]

Grammar Fun: Adjectives

Private Piano Lessons - 45 Minutes (Weekly)

Ancient Egypt in 40 Minutes

Level 2 Crocheting Course: Amigurumi, Let's Make an Octopus!

Photography Kids Club | Take Creative Photos with Your Phone or iPad

Artistic Adventures: Drawing With Keith Haring's Pop Art Magic!

Film Workshop: An Ongoing Class for Screenwriters

Multiplication Review/Tricks for 6s-12s Times Tables (Basic) Multi-Day

Fun With Math: Learn to Add/Subtract Numbers and Graph (Intro Course -FLEX)

"You Don't Say!" Public Speaking for Poise and Confidence (Ages 10-13)

Learn Saxon Math 7/6 From a Fun, Experienced, Certified Math Teacher and Tutor

Pre-Algebra: Review of Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Beginning Fractions

Pre-Algebra: Let's Practice Simplifying Fractions

Review: Let's Practice Dividing Fractions

“You Don’t Say!” Public Speaking for Beginners (Ages 7-9)

Second Grade Math. Rounding, Fractions, Division, Multiplication, Etc.

Unicorns! Trivia and Jokes

Engineering Medieval Europe

Investigating Energy: A Middle School Physics Course

Danganronpa Cosplay Hangout

How to Be a Successful Student Athlete

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Club (Ages 8-12)

Introduction to the German Language 4 Day Course #Academic

English Language Arts: Greek Mythology for Middle School Students

Special Topics in High School Geometry (Part 1)

Photography: New Camera? Get to Know Your DSLR/Mirrorless Camera!

Lyrical Jazz Dance (One Time Class)

Photography 2: Intermediate Photography! Ages 12-17

I Love Taking Pictures, but What Careers Are Possible in Photography?

Drawing: Weekly Animal Lesson and Step-By-Step Drawing

Mastering Algebra 1 for 8th-10th Grade Students

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