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Architecture Career Discovery Course: Self-Paced

Amber D Nelson
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In this 2-lessons-per-week flexible schedule Architecture course with a friendly university professor, students curious about becoming an architect will get a taste of what architecture school and a career in architecture is like.

Class experience

Beginner - Intermediate Level
8 units//14 lessons//8 Weeks
Unit 1The Design Process Step 1: Site study
2 lessons1 Week
The Design Process Step 1: Site study
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Introduction & Sketching
TOPIC: Introduction to this course and architecture as a profession. Site study. SKILL: sketching the world around us
Lesson 2
Site Conditions & Program
Unit 2The Design Process Step 2: Program + Precedent Study
1 lesson1 Week
The Design Process Step 2: Program + Precedent Study
 Week 2
Lesson 3
Sacred Places & Precedents
TOPIC: Beloved childhood places, precedent study SKILL: sketching our memories
Unit 3The Design Process Step 3: Conceptual Design
3 lessons2 Weeks
The Design Process Step 3: Conceptual Design
 Week 2
Lesson 4
Diagrams & Scale
TOPIC: Solving problems with design, conceptual design SKILL: diagrams and program
 Week 3
Lesson 5
TOPIC: design evolution SKILL: parti
Lesson 6
Getting Started on SketchUp
Unit 4The Design Process Step 4: Schematic design
2 lessons1 Week
The Design Process Step 4: Schematic design
 Week 4
Lesson 7
Site Plan
TOPIC: Reading architectural drawings, schematic design SKILL: drawing elevations, plans and sections of everyday objects
Lesson 8
Floor Plan
Unit 5The Design Process Step 5: Dimensioned Drawings
3 lessons2 Weeks
The Design Process Step 5: Dimensioned Drawings
 Week 5
Lesson 9
TOPIC: Dimensioned drawings SKILL: drawing elevations, plans and sections of your own design
Lesson 10
 Week 6
Lesson 11
Mid Review
Unit 6The Design Process Step 6: 3-Dimensions
1 lesson1 Week
The Design Process Step 6: 3-Dimensions
 Week 7
Lesson 12
3D Model Making
TOPIC: Materials, 3-dimensions SKILL: scaled model
Unit 7The Design Process Step 7: Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
1 lesson1 Week
The Design Process Step 7: Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
 Week 7
Lesson 13
TOPIC: Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) SKILL: CAD model
Unit 8The Design Process Step 8: Presenting your Work to Clients
1 lesson1 Week
The Design Process Step 8: Presenting your Work to Clients
 Week 8
Lesson 14
Final Review & Course Conclusion
TOPIC: Studio courses, Presenting your work to clients SKILL: Final design review and closing comments. Celebration!
  • 🌇Goals of the class🌇 •To simulate an architecture "studio" class in college. •To get a taste of what an architect does in his/her career. •To learn the basic tools that architects use during school and to do their job. •To acquire skills on how to take an idea out of your head and into the real world to solve a problem! •To have fun while learning some critical tips about time management (just in time for college). Please see above in the "Class Experience" section for topics and skills students will learn each week.
When I was 16, I took a similar architecture career discovery course that cemented my conviction to study architecture. Now I'd like to return the favor! During my architectural studies at Columbia University and UC Berkeley, as well as afterwards, I was fortunate to teach many design courses, ranging from visual representation, construction, and environmental design, to sacred landscapes and design studios. I have also taught over 7 courses online.
Homework Offered
Students will be expected to complete work related to the topic and skill learned in the week and submit it to the classroom for review by Amber and sharing with classmates for group learning. Assignments are all visual representations of their design, and may take as little as 1 hour, but could take several evenings if the student is inspired to "run with it." Architecture is a great alternative to TV and social media. ;) PLEASE NOTE: this class is simulating a college-level course, so it is best for mature learners who can handle complex instructions, and are able to time-manage homework assignments. If a learner falls behind, the provided videos and slideshows will help them catch up. I'm also available and I encourage questions to be posted publicly for the enrichment of all learners. Additionally, class interaction between teacher-learner and learner-learner is expected and very important.
4+ hours per week outside of class
Assessments Offered
Feedback on assignments is done weekly. There is a mid-review and final review in which the learner will submit a recorded video presentation. Progress is measured simply by submitting the homework for review and putting effort into it. It is easy to know when a student has rushed through their designs as opposed to carefully composed them. Personal satisfaction of the learner's work is also directly related to the amount of effort put in. Please message Amber before class begins if this class is to be counted as credit. She is happy to work with your grading rubric and provide assessment appropriate for your learner's school system.
Grades Offered
Overall letter grade offered upon request at the beginning of the course.
A comprehensive materials list is posted with the other class resources (or by navigating to https://cutt.ly/Architecture_Discovery_Materials_Flex ).

Assuming that many of the supplies you will already have at home, the rest should cost around $45-60 and are available at any craft store or online at Amazon. In the above link, there are Amazon links to each material.
I've designed this class to be a simulation of a real-life, client-architect situation, in which the family will serve as clients (the encouraging, supportive kind). Additionally, we'll need different supplies throughout the course, so it will be helpful if you are checking in regularly to the posts to see what materials you will need for the next class.
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Master's Degree in Music/Theater/Arts
Master's Degree in Music/Theater/Arts
Bachelor's Degree in Music/Theater/Arts
Hello! I'm thrilled to teach several Architecture Discovery Courses here on Outschool. Each of them are aimed at teens/preteens contemplating their future career options. I've designed the course in several formats so that learners can choose the... 
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