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New Classes on Outschool 2020-07-19

There are 676 new classes on Outschool the week of July 19, 2020 to July 25, 2020.

Poetry Fun: Halloween Edition

Rhythm Detectives Camp

Musical Theatre Performance: Sing, Act, Dance! (Theater)

Elementary Beginner Spanish ~ Part 1 (1 of 8)

Math Games: Division for Beginners (Gaming in Math)

Multiplication Review/Tricks for 0s-5s Times Tables (Basic) Multi-Day

Astronaut Training for Beginners!

Periodic Table Powers: Design Your Own Elemental Superhero!

Flesh and Bone Hip Hop With Miss.Rose!

Reading Camp: Comprehension Review (A Short Story With a Surprise Ending)

Artist of the Week: Create and Celebrate!

Fun With First Grade Math: Semester 2 (Worksheets and Bingo Card Included)

Dogs Are Animals! Let's Explore Them All! Ruff-Ruff

Private Reading, Writing, and/or Math Tutoring: 1:1 For K, 1st, and 2nd Grades

Pre-Algebra - Full Curriculum | Unit #1 (of 4) | Linear Equations

Ongoing Club: Sight Word Fun!

Learning English as an Additional Language (Age 9-13) 2X a Week

Play Wipe Out on the Ukulele! 4 Week Music Flex Class, 14-18 Year Old Beginners

Play Wipe Out on the Ukulele! (4 Week Music Flex Class, 7-10 Year Old Beginners)

Play Wipe Out on the Ukulele! 4 Week Music Flex Class, 10-15 Year Old Beginners

Play Surf on Your Ukulele! 4 Week Flex Music Camp for 10-15 Year Old Beginners)

Play Surf on Your Ukulele (4 Week Flex Music Camp for 7-10 Year Old Beginners)

Daily Salsa Spanish 2 - Caperucita Roja (FLEX)

Creative Writing: How to Complete a Story (One-Time Class)

Group Guitar Lessons With Colleen Ages 8-13 Years

Discover Traditional Russian Food: Pelmeni (Meat Dumplings)

Bake-O-Rama Easy Spiced Apple Bread

Quick Fire Abs Blast

Drawing Letters 2.0: More Styles to Make Your Art Work Stand Out, Ages 13-18

Drawing Letters 2.0: More Styles to Make Your Art Work Stand Out, Ages 8-12

Ukulele Camp for Young Beginners: Level 2 (Ages 5-6)

Halloween Art and Craft Activities in French.

Little Ninjas: Weekly Ninja Martial Arts Inspired Movement and Play

A Day in France: Food and Culture

Let's Talk Paleontology

Domesticated Animals of the World - A Challenge Game!

1st Grade Math (weeks 1-8)

NASA: Spaceships, Planets and Astronauts

Christmas in July on the Piano

Kimyco in the Kitchen: Coo Coo for Cookies Camp

History of the 1960s Sixties in the US | In-Depth Study of Culture & History

US History Herald: United States U.S. American History - Middle School Part ONE!

Tanks of World War II: Build & Learn

Fun With First Grade Math: Semester 1 (Worksheets and Bingo Card Included)

✍ Creative Writing - Story Games, Creating Poetry & Group Activities! (Ages 6-12)

A Look in the White House

App Designers! Coding Video Game Apps for Computers & Mobile Devices (Ages 6-12)

Python Programming 6 Sessions

Python Programming | Beginner | 06 Week Flex | Rock, Paper, Scissors, Python

Mandarin Chinese With Games and Music Level 1 D

Learn to Read and Write Korean!

Explore Pop Art and Draw Ice Cream!

Pokemon Art Creation Drawing Challenge: Invent New Pokemon Weekly!

1:1 Spanish for You -- Individual Tutoring and Spanish Help

Biology 9-Week Course w/ Labs | (Part 1 of 4) Semester Course | w/ Report Card

Let's Experiment! Science through Children's Literature with Aunt Sam

8th Grade Middle School Science /Lab

Model United Nations & Global Current Events Club

Breaking the Rules: Defiant Women in WORLD History

Math Tutoring to Deepen Understanding

Disney-Themed Multiplication Jeopardy II Game

Intro To Fractions!

Pondering About the Piano? A Beginner's First Piano Lesson

One to One Violin/Viola Class

Preschool Ready: Part I

Let's Learn and Review Our Parts of Speech With Songs, Pictures, and Diagrams

How to Clean Your Room: Life Skills and Writing All in One!

Sewing Beginner: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Babydoll Dress

Fancy French Baking Camp

Bolognese Over Pasta - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Chili for Beginner to Intermediate Chefs - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Let's Paint! Fun Colorful Landscape Forest Painting Impressionist (Ages 8-12)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Severe Weather for Young Meteorologists (Flex)

Introductory Psychology: Six Key Approaches (FLEX)

"Explore Brain Teasers With Dr. Gretchen"

Let's Write Roblox Adventure Stories! (FLEX)

Ceramics Pottery Course- Handbuild With Clay (Flex)

Trash Free-No Debris! (Ages 7-11)

Animator’s Toolbox: Character Design! Drawing and Animation Legends!

Stage Make-Up 101

Art Time: "Think Outside of the Box" to Create a One of a Kind Drawing-- Part 1!

Create a Flipbook! Intro to Hand-Drawn Animation

All About Red Pandas: Fun Facts, How to Draw and Create an Adventure Story

All About Quokkas: Fun Facts, How to Draw, and Create Your Own Adventure Story

Famous Female Artists From History: A Look at Some Beautiful Paintings

Divisibility Shortcuts for Faster Division + Fun Math Game & Resource Sheet

Let's Practice Multiplying Fractions

Let's Practice Subtracting, Unlike Fractions.

Let's Practice Subtracting Like Fractions

Review: Let's Practice Adding Unlike Fractions

Review: Let's Practice Adding Like Fractions

30 Minute Fun Math Review Game: Let's Practice Arithmetic & Logic With Bingo

Review for Positive and Negative Numbers - Math Camp

Holocaust Academic Novel Study: Young Adult Book Prisoner B-3087

Super Semester Writing Course

One Time Beginner Reader Class With Mrs. Bell

Diggity Dog and Pippity Pup: An Apology Story

Learning Basic Parts of Speech & Fluency With Pokemon

Bringing Ideas to Life: Understanding and Using Personification in Poetry

Alphabet and Phonics for PreSchool / PreK

Vocabulary Circus: Express Yourself! Take 1

Found Poetry: Write Black-Outs, Cut-Ups, and Other Found Poems!

(14-18) Dungeons and Dragons Beginners' Adventuring Party

From Letters to Words (Level 1) - Systematic Phonics Instruction (Small Class)

Stop Teasing Me!--Lessons to Help Children Deal With Teasing and Bullying

Stop Teasing Me!--Lessons to Help Young Children Deal With Teasing

Amazing Animals: Lesson 1

Let’s Take a Walk in the Woods: Introduction of Woodland Animals for Young Ones

"Winter Days in the Big Woods": Let's Make Butter!

Everything Zelda: A Zelda Gameplay, Lore, and Trivia Discussion Group

Pathways in Medicine: Genetics (FLEX)

Conversational Russian for Age 13-18 Level 2

The Seven Continents and Their Animals

Middle School STEM Book Club

Drawing Anime & Manga Style Characters for Beginners Camp

Who Does What??? Three Branches of the American Government (8-13)

Elsa and Ana; as Different as Night and Day; Opposites

ASL Learn Your Colors

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Speaking Club for Native Speakers by Native Speaker - Runs Full School Year - Native Kids 1 - Ages 9 to 14

Kindergarten ABC Fun: Let's Learn & Write Our Letters!

Making Sense Out of Reading: Comprehension Skills & Strategies

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Voice & Performance for the Teen Singer (Flex)

Weekly - NK2 - 100% Spanish Immersion - Speaking Pod for Native Kids by Native Speaker - All School Year - Ages 9 - 14

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Speaking Boot Camp for Native Speakers by Native Speaker - Runs Full Year - Native Kids 1 - Ages 6 to 9

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Basic Jr. - Spanish Speaking Boot Camp by Native Speaker - Runs Full School Year - Ages 4-6

Life on a Film Set! What's It Really Like?

Early Modern Times: World History for Young Learners

Nightmare Before Christmas: Learn This Is Halloween on Ukulele or Guitar

Show and Tell (Ages 3-5)

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Beginner - Spanish Speaking Boot Camp by Native Speaker - Runs Full School Year - Ages 7 - 11

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Intermediate - Spanish Speaking Boot Camp by Native Speaker - Runs Full School Year - Ages 9 - 13

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Advanced - Spanish Speaking Boot Camp by Native Speaker - Runs Full Year - Ages 10 to 15

African American History: The Resilient Rosa Parks

Le Français, C'est Fun! Ongoing French For Beginners

Spanish for Beginners: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Spanish 2

Who Was That? A Look at Music Composers and Song Writers (Teen)

Who Was That? A Look at Music Composers and Song Writers

Defeating Stress Like a Superhero!

Ongoing 1:1 One on One Individualized Mandarin Chinese Lesson

Ongoing Individualized Mandarin Chinese 1:1 Lesson for Young Children Age 3-6

African History: The Rise and Fall of the Dahomey Kingdom

Summer Camp Reading Grade 2, Reading Workshop, Mini Mystery Book Club

Big Nutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, and Water

Interior Design: Learn the Basics, Plan, & Design Your Own Room! (1 Week Camp)

4th Grade Reading/LA/- Yearly Curriculum: ~Licensed Teacher~ ongoing

All About Drawing Sketching, Animals, Creatures, and Landscape Art ongoing Class 12-17

Let's Paint a Tree Frog!

Arts-Based Piano Lessons (One-Time)

Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

Let's Practice Subtracting Decimals

Review: Let's Practice Adding Decimals

Let's Practice Subtracting Across Zeros

Phonics for Dinosaurs (Phonemic Awareness and Kindergarten Readiness)

Reading With Mrs. Bell Part 2!

There, They're, or Their? Grammar With Kahoot!

Dance Class: Jazz and Hip Hop - Zombies Themed - Jazz and Hip Hop Dance

Lego Show and Tell and Challenge Club (4-7 Years Old)

Beginner French: Monster Fun! Learn Colours, Shapes, and Numbers

Words Words Words - Part 1 - 3rd-5th Grade (English, Spelling)

Write It! - Part 1 - All the Reasons to Write (English, Writing)

French for Beginners: Welcome to French 2

Frozen Ballet Dance Class - "Into the Unknown" with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Friends!

Let's Draw Fish!

Tip Toes and Tutus: Beginning Ballet

Drama Class: Acting for Stage and Screen

Ongoing Piano Classes With Teacher Michelle

Playful Piano Journey: Pre-Primer Piano Lessons for Ages 4-7

Preschool Math - Fun with Gummy Bears

12-Week Pre-Algebra Course for Grades 6-9

More Math Concepts to Master in Elementary School Before You Graduate

Do-Re-Mi: Music and Movement 2

Learn Acoustic Guitar With Dave (Ages 9-13)

Learn Acoustic Guitar With Dave (Ages 14-18)

So You Want to Be a Secret Agent? CIA & FBI Inspired Workout Class

Real Detectives, Real Crimes: The Most Famous Detectives in History

Fun Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Saturday Morning Sports Club - (Anyone Ages 7-18)

Machine Learning in Python With Raspberry Pi & Sensors (Level 2)

It’s Fall: Let's Learn About Pumpkins!

Exploring Multi-Step Math Word Problems (Part 2)

Life After High School: Explore Jobs and Careers (14-18)

Draw It: Wolf Pup

Treasure Island Co-Ordinates Maths Adventure

Creative Movement Dance for Preschoolers!

4th Grade Science: Physical and Life

4th Grade Science: Earth and Space

Aprende a Programar Coding-Juegos en Scratch (8-12 años) Learn to Code - Spanish

The Iliad By Homer (Greek Mythology)

Pokemon Comprehension Trivia - How Much Do You Really Know?

Callie's Corner: Ancient Astronomers

Be the Best Babysitter You Can Be and Be in Demand. Helping Kids Grow.

2 Day What Do I Want to Be When I Grow up - Let's Talk About Your Future Career? Summer Camp

Bilingual Pre-K Circle Time in Spanish and English- Prepare for Kindergarten

Hip Hop Dance Choreography

Wonder-Ful Mind Games Forever!

Vocalize! Ongoing Singing Lessons for Young Singers

30 Minute Piano Lessons for Older Beginners

First Grade Super Science- Semester 1, 2, and Summer (All Year With Mrs. Kristy)

Balance and Strength Yoga

Let's Speak Japanese! - Introductory Level 1 Flex Class

The 'SIX' Wives of King Henry VIII: Amazing Women You Should Know (Flex)

Latin for Beginners Part 1 of 2 Using Minimus

Archaeology Through the Indiana Jones Films (Flex)

Around the World With Ms. Wilson! (FLEX)

4th Grade Language Arts, FLEX

Beginning German for World Travelers!

Rebel Girls Book Club: Amazing Women in Historical Fiction

Chat Time With Cindy - Join the Club and Meet New Friends (Subscription)

Tell Me: Writing a Research Essay

Weekly Circle Time for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Write It! Perform It! Write Your Own Adventure Story, Poetry and Monologue

1 Day Leadership Skills: What It Takes to Be a Strong and Confident Leader

2 Day How to Be Happy and Not Fail in Life: A Life Skills Class

2 Day Investing for Teens: Beginner's Money Class to Building a Strong Financial Future

1 Day Debating - An Introduction for Beginners Class

1 Day Mastering Conversation and Body Language for Successful Communication

LEGO® Creations and Books (Flex Class)

All About Sports Cars and Super Cars (1-Week Camp)

Kaiju Club (5-8): Learn, Share, Draw About Godzilla and Other Monsters Each Week

ACT Study Camp!

The History of How We Got Here: The Republic of Texas

Unsolved Mysteries and Histories

Middle School Physical Science: Ongoing

Addition and subtraction fact families review

Beginning Multiplication and Division Fact Families

Let's Play a Division Fact Game for Review

Lego Movie Escape Room: Math Addition

Howard Zinn: A Young People's History of the United States- First Semester

Speech and Debate 101 - Becoming a Master Communicator, Part 1

Boot Camp: High School Writing Answers to Essay Questions

Boot Camp: Middle School Writing Essay Answers

Boot Camp: Middle School Basic Grammar Essentials

Cool Choreography Club 1 (Young Dancers Jazz Class)--One Time Class

Cool Choreography Club 2 (Dancers 6-8 Yrs)

ART CAMP! Tessellations: Art, Math & the Magic of Making Amazing Patterns

WEE Thumbprint Animal Art

Voice Acting: Video Game Characters

Creative Lettering: Advanced Design and Illustration (4 Week Flex, Age 13-18)

Middle School Life Science: Ongoing

Nancy Clancy- Super Sleuth; Read It Fast!

Full Year Kindergarten Literacy and Math Circle Time With Ms. Emily!

Easy Sunset Acrylic Painting

Private Coding Tutor (Ongoing)

Middle School Earth and Space Science: Ongoing

I’m Not Too Young to Play the Piano

My New Friend: Uke

Exploring American Sign Language Part 3!

Conflict Management Tools - Ages 8-12

One-On-One Cursive! Let's Learn Cursive! Upper and Lowercase Cursive!

¡Yo Hablo Español! Ongoing Spanish Playing and Conversation Club Beginners - Intermediate

Math & Letters - Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Class! (M/Wed or Sat/Sun)

Let's Craft with Cricut! Level 2

Let's Craft With Cricut! Level 3

Let's Craft with Cricut For Young Learners! Level 3

Creating Gifts With the Cricut! (Flex Class)

Sound It Out: From Letters to Words (Reading Fun for Beginning Reading)

Sea Creature Club

Blending Practice With Short Vowels—Games

Shapes Make a Butterfly – Let’s Draw and Learn About Monarch Butterflies!

Go Find It! A Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Fantasy Football Intro for Kids 8-13 Learn to Play and Live Mock Draft

Fantasy Football Club! For Kids 13-18 Play in a Real Season Long Fantasy League

Back to School Pre-K & Kinder Math With Playing Cards

Bird Adventure: Let's Explore and Draw Birds of the World

Learn How to Draw a Dog--Directed Drawing!

ESL Grammar Private Lessons

Fun Spanish: Ongoing Conversational & Reading Club for Young Immersion Students / Fluent and Dual Language Learners! (6-9 years old- Runs All Year)

Science Basics - Introduction to Chemistry (Flex)

Let's Enter the Science Fair! (Ages 12-14 Flex Class)

Let's Enter the Science Fair! (Ages 9-11 Flex Class)

Private Tutoring- English Speaking, Reading, and Writing (Multi Day)

Hola! Let's Learn Spanish 101 (Elementary to Middle School)

How to Tie a Neck Tie and Dress for Interview Success

Create a Clipping Mask Image in Procreate

Astronomy and the Cosmos

Homeroom Daily Social Group/Pod for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade (Ongoing)

No More Tears, Simplify and Find Equivalent Fractions With Ease!

Introduction to Beekeeping: Basics (FLEX)

Language Arts - Figuring Out Figures of Speech

Protein & pH Lab and Lesson

Be a Reading Detective - Summer Camp

Emergency, Adding and Subtracting Fractions Help!

Korean Storytime With Pororo and Friends

Let the Games Begin! Multiplication Facts Style

Private Guided Reading Tutor Lessons

Art That Pops: Van Gogh's Starry Night in 3D

Spanish Book Club: La Perezosa Impaciente

Digital Art: Zany Animals

Paragraph Writing - How to Stay on Track with Great Paragraph Writing!

Mind Mapping for Study Skills and Creativity: Introduction ( 8-10 Yo)

So You Want to Be a TV Presenter? - Youtube Instagram (3 Day Class)

Weekly History of English Class

World History: The Ottoman Empire Levels off 1/3 - Multimedia and Discussion

Cooking Phrases in Polish - 5

Holiday Time Spanish - Christmas & Winter Holidays in Latin America

Greek God Mythology Club

Around the World With Ms. Wilson!

Current Events Club (Ongoing)

How to Create Thumbnails and Channel Art for Youtube -Fortnite Roblox and more

Murder Mystery: Can You Solve the Mystery?

Private Math Tutoring

Dog Lovers Book Discussion

Government Civics The Living Constitution |Connecting to Today -FLEX

Speak the Speech - Introduction to the Art of Public Speaking 2 Day Course

Let’s Make Your Own Japanese Mochi Ice Cream in Your Kitchen Ages 8-13

Swim to Grammar Success with Little Mermaid

Propaganda Techniques, Literature, Media and Everyday Life (FLEX)

Amazing Race- USA Geography Edition

1st Grade Science Core Curriculum NGSS Homeschool Standards (Year Long)

Montessori Division (Division Bead Board) - Montessori Math

Boot Camp: High School Basic Grammar Essentials

Ahoy Pirates! Singing & Story Time

Full 7th Grade Math Course (Part 5 of 5)

Full 7th Grade Math Course (Part 4 of 5)

Full 7th Grade Math Course (Part 3 of 5)

Full 7th Grade Math Course (Part 2 of 5)

Full 7th Grade Math Course (Part 1 of 5)

Montessori Multiplication (Multiplication Bead Board) - Montessori Math

Merry Mornings!- Preschool Concepts Circle Time

Beginning Violin Level 2: Taught by Competition-Winning Violinist

Discover Antarctic Blue Whales

Easy Peasy Cute Art Club: The Most Adorable Drawings Made Simple!

How to Draw a Cat With Colored Pencils/Art

Joyful Journaling: Telling Our Own Stories

Canva Foundations: Learn Basic Graphic Design and Create an Incredible Image

Writing About Animals, Repetitively! (IEW Level B)

Boot Camp: How to Understand Poetry Middle School

Let's Play Guitar/Violin! Private One on One Lessons for Guitar or Violin!

Beginner Guitar (FLEX) Ages 8-12

Crochet Bouquet - Make Flowers Learn Intermediate Techniques

A Tour of the Periodic Table of Elements (Flex)

Learn how to Easily Upgrade and Build a Gaming PC /Computer Fundamentals

Extreme Self-Esteem--Boosting Confidence With a Guided Lesson

ABC Alphabet Camp ... Let's Go!

Art Journaling for Joy (Flex)

Beginner Lyrical Dance Class

Learning Time for Preschoolers: Phonics, Math, Geography & Astronomy: Age 3 - 4

Science Experiments for the Littles Using Everyday Items

Drama Club for Girls: Theater and Performance

Recorder Basics (Ages 6 - 8)

Let's Draw - Directed Drawing Through the Alphabet - Animals A-Z (Ongoing)

Radical Rabbits!

How Does It Work? Viruses and Bacteria - 4-Week Hands-On Biology Class

Explore Spanish ~ ¡Vamos a Costa Rica! (Part 2)

Let's Write!

Let's Learn About Figurative Language: Onomatopoeia ~ What Is It, How to Use It!

Minecraft English Grammar: Parts of Speech

Let's Read!

How to Write a Novel From Outline to Chapter 1, [Flex]

Weekly Chat Time for Urdu Beginners: Building Conversational Skills & Vocabulary

The Creative Writing Zone: Using Writing Prompts to Spark Creativity

Reading Word Spies: Finding Similes and Metaphors

Reading: Comprehension- What I Just Read -Ongoing

Number Discovery (Ages 8-10)

How to Become a Herpetologist 101: Let's Talk Reptiles!

Russian Language Club for Beginner Level Students

Sink or Float: Hands on Science!

Amaze Yourself and Get More of What You Want More Often: 4 Easy Steps

Art: Let’s Draw a Penguin Step-By-Step!

Let's Learn About Dinosaurs! (Ages 3-6)

Story in an Hour: Creative Writing Class

Vroom, Vroom! Let's Learn Adjectives With Cars - Hot Wheels,Matchbox (Ages 4-9)

Painting Water in Motion - Introduction to the Fan Brush

Exploring Poetry

Adventures in Learning Kindergarten Class

Forensic Science Semester 1 (10 Week)

Long Vowels Camp!

Cinderella Story Time and Sing-A-Long!

Pop Up Barre (A Drop-in Ballet Intermediate-Advanced Class)

Fantasy Cartography Club

Art & Being Brave! How to Create Artwork Using Only a Dot

Callie's Corner: Chemistry I (First Semester)

Learning ASL: Alphabet Ages 5 To 8

One on One Dog Training Help/ Tutoring (Ages 8-13)

Reading Group Kindergarten and First Grade

Enrich Kids Discovery Box Show and Tell (Ongoing)

Egg Drop Design Challenge

Private One on One With Teacher Sarah

At-Your-Pace Beginner’s Ukulele Class (Flexible Schedule) Ages 6-9

Preschool & Kindergarten Reading/English Camp with Sharing Time

Private Voice and Singing Lessons for Beginner Students (Ages 8 - 12)

K-Pop Music Videos Class - Go Behind the Scenes With the Latest Kpop Videos!

I Can Write an Essay! (Ages 8 - 9)

I Can Write an Essay! (Ages 9 - 10)

Weekly Dose of Positive Inspiration

The Handmaid's Tale: Is It Possible? Novel Study Flex Class

One-On-One With a Certified Academic Language Therapist Ongoing-2

Chicka Chicka 1 2 3 – Can You Count With Me?! (Math Skills)

Pocket Paintings Club

At-Your-Pace Beginner’s Trumpet Class (Flexible Schedule) Ages 10-14

At-Your-Pace Beginner’s Trumpet Class (Flexible Schedule) Ages 6-9

How Artists Use the Elements of Art: 9 Week Exploration

Play Ball! Sports Card Collecting

Kindergarten Math Time

Writing Reinforcement for First Graders

Foundations in Personal Finance for Middle School Students by Dave Ramsey

Abcdough EFG

Bands and Jams: Let's Be Strong Together!

Wee Musicians Music Theory: Solfege, Learning the Do Re Mi's of Music!

Motion and Movement for Little Learners: Ongoing Class

Social Skills for Teens-A Teenager's Guide to Forming Good Friendships

Social Skills for Teens-Tools for Better Communication and Confidence

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Small Reading Class: Charlotte's Web

¡Vamos a Colombia! Beginner Spanish With Songs and Movement [Flex Class]

Beginner Scratch Coding: Let's Make a Pong Game (One-Day)

The Weirdest Animals in the Sea | (Zoology) (Marine Biology)

Moana Painting! - Starry Skies and Ocean Water

Dragon Drawing Hangout

The Giver Reading and Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Immersion to Spanish Group Class

Filmmaking Tutoring Session

Latin for Beginners - First Semester

The History of Retro Arcades

Geography Jeopardy: Africa

Geography Jeopardy: Countries of North and Central America

Geography Jeopardy: Continents

Chat Noir and Miraculous Ladybug Chat Club

Math Part 4: Shopping at Target! Counting & Adding Money

Zumba Kids Dance Party!

Dragon Masters Saving the Sun Dragon

Introduction to World War I

Geographic Adventure in Google Earth! (Ages 12-15)

Lion Witch & Wardrobe Book Club

Enrich Kids Collaborate: What's Your Idea (Ongoing)

Artemis: Returning to the Moon

Story Time Yoga (On-Going)

Bounce Back Buddies: Resiliency Skills Training for Kids (1X/Week for 8 Weeks)

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Intro to Voice & Performance Technique (Flex)

French for Beginners: Welcome to French 1

Learn Like a Unicorn: Reading Readiness Skills Practice

Journaling for Self-Esteem, Positive Mindset, and Emotional Regulation

Yumm! - Baking Basics: Mrs Claus' Cinnamon Rolls

Pokemon Training Workout for Kids

Flex Learn Anatomy With Four Dissections

How to Draw a Shaded Elephant From an Image/Art

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Guinea Pig - English Cavy

I Am Socially and Emotionally Made: A Social Emotional Class for Early Learners

3rd Grade First Quarter Math | We Can All be Mathematicians Q1

You Are a Warrior Cat!

Let's Learn and Practice 2nd Grade Spelling: Set 2 of 6 (FLEX)

Introduction to Environmental Science - Earth as a Living System

Let's Learn and Practice 3rd Grade Spelling: Set 2 of 6 (FLEX)

Mulan Goes Uke (Individual Lesson): Play I’ll Make a Man Out of You on Ukulele

Photography for Kids - Creative Photography Flex Class

Week-Long Middle School Poetry Class

Easy Peasy Common Core Math - 8TH Grade

8Th Grade Common Core State Testing Review Math Camp.

Daily Calendar: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Social Chatter and Game Night

Aspiring Writer's Club || Ages 14-18

Practice Smart Internet Habits and Protect Your Identity and Computer (Ages 11-16)

Investing for Beginners (Flex)

Foundations in Personal Finance for High School Students by Dave Ramsey

Aspiring Writer's Club || Ages 10-13

It's Spanish Time! Immersion Class for 2nd - 5th graders

Take a Leap With Literacy

Learn Art Fast! Private Procreate Illustration & Design Lessons (One-Time)

Let's Learn and Practice 2nd Grade Spelling: Set 1 of 6 (FLEX)

Composer of the Week - Set 1

You Don't Scare Me Common Core Math - 7Th Grade

Math Stories-Counting

Beast Academy 3A: Math for Gifted Students

Let's Learn and Practice 3rd Grade Spelling: Set 1 of 6 (FLEX)

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in Pastels!

Would You Rather? Flexible Format

Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master Club

Animals of Anime! Lets Draw Some Cute and Fun Anime Animals

All About Animals

Amazing Scientist of the Week!

Let's Bake Dreamy Brownies!

Your Very First Spanish Class | ONGOING

Creative Writing 101 [Introduction to Creative Writing] Ages, 8-12

Mystery Bag! A Guessing Show and Tell Game Club

Shakespeare Unlocked: Macbeth

Write Blogs or Stories and Build a Website: Creative Writing 101 (SEM 14-18)

Write Blogs or Stories and Build a Website: Creative Writing 101 (SEM 9-14)

Beginner Piano Lessons!

Practice Smart Internet Habits and Protect Your Identity and Computer (Ages 7-10)

Weekly Music and Movement (Ages 3-5)

Lets Draw an Anime Girl Step by Step!

Uke Can Do It Part 1: Ukulele Lessons for Young Beginners (Flex)

Studio Ghibli Series: Totoro, Ponyo, No Face & Calcifer Watercolor Painting FLEX

I Am a Writer! for Beginning Writers (1 Day a Week)

1:1 Tutoring

Career Exploration

Strange, Kooky, & Fascinating Inhabitants of the Deep Blue Sea (PART 2)

Strange, Kooky, & Fascinating Inhabitants of the Deep Blue Sea (PART 1)

Macro Photography: Introduction and Project Class - Ages 8-13

20-Minute Creative Writing Prompts

The Art and Science of Business: Let's Learn About Marketing

4th Grade Math – 3rd Quarter

4th Grade Math – 2nd Quarter

4th Grade Math – 4th Quarter

6th Grade Math – 4th Quarter

6th Grade Math – 3rd Quarter

6th Grade Math – 2nd Quarter

FroYo Berry Bites! Delightfully Refreshing Treats!

Writing Scripts for Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Digital Art: Desert Landscape

Adventures in Middle School: Creative Writing

Awesome Ocean Animal Adaptations

Introduction to Law Enforcement (10-week course)

Flexibility & Stretching for Dancers

Boomer's Doodle Club

Would You Rather? Live Class

Build a Story: Pet Detective Mystery Creative Writing

Becoming a Stronger Reader: 1:1 Reading Support Grades 7-12

Phonics Time: Short Vowels (Flex)

Drum Set - Beat of the Week! (Ages 12-16)

City Within a City: Design It!

Ms. Stefani's Weekly LEGO Story Time

5th Grade Math – 3rd Quarter

5th Grade Math – 4th Quarter

5th Grade Math – 2nd Quarter

Geometry Quarter 4 Flex Class

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons 101 Simplified Campaign: Heroes of Hesiod

Landscape Drawing Club

Roblox Adopt Me Fan Club: Chat, Play, Trade

Introduction to Honey Bees (FLEX)

4 Weeks of Tutoring With Teacher Janie

Ballet Dance Course - Pre-Grade 1

Marshmallow Snowman Craft (No Cooking)

Finding a Career!

Korean Introduction for Beginners! Part 1

Wacky Weather: Let's Explore the Water Cycle and Clouds and Create a Craft

Teen Conversation Club

Claude Monet's The Japanese Bridge for Kids! Step by Step Crayon Resist

Create an Awesome OUTLINE for a Speech, Presentation, or Report

Guided Reading 1-1 Or Small Group (Age 4- 8)

Ballet Dance Course - Primary Grade

Law of the Land, the US Supreme Court: Understanding Our Rights in Today's World

"Don't Raise Your Voice, Improve Your Argument." How to Debate in Today's World

Travel to England with Peter Rabbit

A Young People's History of the United States: Class Struggle to War on Terror (1900-present)

Bounce Back Buddies: Resiliency Skills Training for Kids (2X/Week for 4 Weeks)

Baking Four Christmas Cookies *FLEX* Winter Camp - Tweens in the Kitchen

Science Fundamentals: Part 2 [FLEX]

Science Fundamentals: Part 1 [FLEX]

Graphic Novel Boot Camp: Art, Design, and Story

Party Dips! Beginner to Intermediate Chefs: Flex; Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Going on a Bug Hunt! Firefly Edition

Cake and Cookie Baking and Decorating: Ice Cream Cone Cake and Cookies(FLEX)

Mythology Herald: Greek Myths! Who, Why, And WHAT!

Titanic - A Five-Week Adventure

Geography of the United States - Part I - Upper Elementary Social Studies

LGBTQ+ Fanfiction Writers & Fanart Creators Club (Age 8-12)

NASA: Let's Travel to the Exoplanets (One-Day)

Personal Tutor: Mastering Math - Grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1, 2

Weekly Fun Phonics & Sight Words With Songs, Movement, and Doodling

A Writing Discovery (2x a Week)

Reading 3rd Grade Level Text (Flexible Course)

Reading 1st Grade Level Text- Level 2 (Flexible Course)

Phonics and Comprehension: Part 3 (Flexible Course)

How to Start and Grow a Business on Etsy. Watch Money Grow.

Let's Go Dance and Exercise at a Beach Dance Party

Mystery Book Club Summer Camp: Sharpen Your Observation and Deduction Skills

Literature Study for Middle School: Ongoing Classic Literature and Poetry Study

Summer Reading Practice-Book Club: The Secret Life of Bees

Fundamentals of Leadership

Academic Success: Techniques on Learning and Succeeding as a Student

Spanish Reading Comprehension and Conversation Club

Ongoing Spanish Conversation Club -Beginner Speakers (8-12)

Math: Learn Numbers 1-10 With Dinosaurs (FLEX)

Planning & Writing a Story Script for Your Comic Book or Graphic Novel

German V - Writing, Reading and Speaking

Spanish for Beginners: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Spanish 1

Personal Tutor: Mastering Math - Grades 3, 4, 5, 6

Weather Weather: What to Wear?

How to Use Scissors & Glue Sticks

Winter Game Design & Coding Camp: RPG Maker

Intro to Game Design and Coding With RPG Maker & Javascript

Boomer's Experienced Coding Club

The Crown Jewels Caper: Carmen Sandiego

Musical Shapes: A Fitness Adventure!

One on One 45 Minute Gymnastics Lesson

Empowerment Through Exercise(ETE)

Homeschool Phonics Fun: 1st Grade -1st 12 Weeks: Read, Spell, and Write

We Are Writers! Camp for Narrative, Information, Fantasy and Opinion Writing.

Bake the British Isles: Traditional English Scones

Let's Talk About Minecraft: Survival Mode

Fun Skills, Brainteasers Adventure: Ciphers, Riddles & Puzzles

Bridging Math Skills From 2nd to 3rd Grade

How to Use Colored Pencils to Create Artwork/Art

LEGO Make, Show, and Tell

LEGO Master STEM Challenge Club

Color & Chat - Make New Friends, Draw, Craft, Share Art, & Talk - Girls 8-12

Introduction to Macro Photography!

Elementary Adventure Art, Art With Ms. Amy (Certified K-12 Art Educator)

Kitty Cat Care!

USA States, Capitals and Facts Club

Beautiful Music! Song Writing & Sing-A-Long! 🎶 🎤 🎼

Space Club

What in the World Was the Korean War?

Guthriegabs About: The US Constitution and Constitution Day

The Funniest Animals in the World!

Twisted Astronomy: A Tour of Our Solar System (Ongoing)

Beast Academy 2A: Advance Math for Gifted Students

Gymnastics: Kickovers and Back Walkovers

Intro to French: Grammar and Vocabulary Building (Part 1)

No More Tears Common Core Math - 6Th Grade

More Beginning Division With Arrays

More Beginning Multiplication and Arrays

Customized Basketball I. Q. Tournament | The Science of The Game

Private Violin Lessons: Beginner to Intermediate (Ages 7-12)

Fun With Sight Words! (Kindergarten)

Report Writing- Sanity-Saving Steps

Individualized Elementary Language Arts: Reading, Writing, & Grammar (3x a Week)

Individualized Elementary Language Arts: Reading, Writing, & Grammar (2x a Week)

Creative Writing: Crafting Fascinating Fiction and Non-Fiction

Disney's Magic Kingdom Quest: Escape Room

Social Skills & Character Building: Learn, Laugh, & Grow (4-6 Year Olds)

Social Skills & Character Building: Learn, Laugh, & Grow (7-9 Year Olds)

Monster Truck Madness!

Be Heard: Learn to Become an Assertive Communicator!

Step One to Entrepreneurship: How to Make a Business Plan

Advanced Addition

Private Math Lessons

Creating an Area and Perimeter Maths Robot

Watercolor Art Intensive: Botanical/Floral Edition & 18 Watercolor Techniques

8th Grade Math Curriculum Part 2: Flex

8th Grade Math Curriculum Part 1: Flex

7th Grade Math Curriculum Part 2: Flex

7th Grade Math Curriculum Part 1: Flex

6th Grade Math Curriculum Part 2: Flex

6th Grade Math Curriculum Part 1: Flex

5th Grade Math Curriculum Part 2: Flex

5th Grade Math Curriculum Part 1: Flex

Tonight on the Titanic - A Magic Tree House Camp (4-week Flex Class)

It's Back to School! Kindergarten Circle Time

Music Spelling Bee, and Other Note Games

Intermediate: Multi-Point Perspective

Heroes and Villains: An Intro to Literary Analysis

Book Club #8 - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Literature Circle)

Creative Writing: A Mad Libs Style Adventure!

På Svenska Två- Next Level Swedish

Let's Make up Story/Act It Out (One-Time) Age 5-6, With a Professional Actress

Explore the Wonders of the World!

Yugioh Youth Club (Beginner Players) - Live Chats, Discussions

Fun With Chinese: Level 1E (Ages 4-7)

ASL: Sing and Sign With Teacher Cynthia!

Book Club: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Books 1 - 4

Exciting Entomology: Can You Spot It? Play the Phasmid Game Show!

Animal Words and Phrases in Polish - 4

The Cretaceous Period: Titans and Tyrants

Curious Kids Science Club: Make Your Car Fly With Forces & Friction

Urdu Immersion : Story and Rhyme Time

Conversational German for Beginner 1-3 Semester Course

Key Signatures, Scales, and the Circle of Fifths

Sharks 101: Introduction to Sharks - What? Where? and Why? (Ages 8-12)

Basketball Math: Basic Operations (1st and 2nd Grade Edition)

Operation Solve It: Fabulous / Fractions! Camp

Mercy Watson Book Club: Mercy Watson to the Rescue

Earth Science with Laboratory (FLEX - Middle School Science)

Callie's Corner: Chemistry 1:1 Tutoring

Cat Lovers Club

Fantasy Football Intro For Kids 13-18 Learn to Play and Mock Draft Your Own Team

Boomer's Scratch Jr. Coding Club

Dyslexia: Unlocking Your Hidden Talents (Ages 13-17)

Multi-Sensory Reading, Spelling and Writing Help (Three Times a Week Support for Dyslexia or Dysgraphia)

The Book Thief Reading and Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Social Studies for Fifth Grade - U.S. History - Part I

Individualized Elementary Language Arts: Reading, Writing, & Grammar (Weekly)

1:1 Crack the Code to Reading

How to Build Healthy VS Toxic Relationships FLEX

Reading and Writing: How to Use a Dictionary

Learn to Read With Uma the Unicorn

Secret Language of Music: Accidentals

My Social Emotional Me: A Social Emotional Class for Lower Elementary Learners

Quilting Beginner - Minecraft Style Penguin

Quilting Intermediate - Apples to Apples

Yoga Camp! Open Level

Intermediate Spreadsheets-Functions and Formulas

US History Jeopardy!

Creating a Better You! Personalized Wellness Coaching

Superhero ABCs: Learn and Practice Letters and Beginning Sounds with Movement

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