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New Classes on Outschool 2024-06-16

There are 440 new classes on Outschool the week of June 16, 2024 to June 22, 2024.

Summer Yarn Fun: Crochet Quick Start

Play Roblox Chess and Earn Robux

2nd Grade Math Summer Camp

How to Choose and Use a Planner

4th of July Build Projects With Minecraft Chemistry Items and Firework Redstone

Taylor Swift Italian Club for Swifties

All About Python Coding Projects | 8 Python Coding Projects for Intermediates

WEEKLY: Math Learning Adventure Games Club | Two New Mysteries Each Week!

Get Ready for 3rd Grade: Math Bootcamp with Certified ECE Teacher

Get Ready for 3rd Grade: Reading Bootcamp with Certified ECE Teacher

1:1 Guitar Lessons With an Experienced Band Leader (25 Min)

Summer Handwriting Superstars!

Kindergarten Readiness 1:1

Deer Art Project

Show and Tell Presentation: Practice Public Speaking | ESL Friendly

Amazing Brain Puzzle Club

Equine Science: Unique and Rare Horse Breeds

MATH For Young Learners ~ Ages 5 & 6

Beginner's Guide to Financial Literacy: Everything You Need to Know

Meet Charles Dickens - An Introduction to Dickens’ Stories!

Meet Aesop - An Introduction to Aesop’s Fables!

Vocabulary Success With Reading Comprehension and Writing-Middle School

Art Masters: Creative Expression and Techniques for Young Artists

Make an Infinity Flip Book for Project Presentations

Third Grade Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary Course

Elementary Support (1-On-1 Live Tutoring)

Geometry Summer Prep

Phonics Fun for Reading Rookies: Third Grade One-on-One Tutoring.

Math 1 Summer Prep

Math 2 Summer Prep

Paragraph Power: Regular Writing for Young Authors

Kindergarten Here We Come! (Kindergarten Readiness Program)

Empowering Young Voices: Mastering Public Speaking for Kids!

Learning to play piano from a Lead Sheet

Algebra I Summer Prep

Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom Weekly Gaming Social Club

Mindfulness Storytime - "I Am Peace", One-On-One

How To Draw A Wings of Fire NightWing Dragon

Mastering Spelling for Ages 7-10: Fun and Interactive Learning

Math Tutoring - Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and Pre-Calculus!

1-On-1 Violin Lessons: Beginner Level

Ms. Tammy’s Intro to Interpretive Modern Dance

Mission Possible: Write an Essay!

Sleuth Your Way Through Nate the Great Book: Mushy Valentine

Celebrate Your Name by Creating Your Own Monogram

Flower Symmetry Art Project

Book Club - Anne Arrives and other Anne Shirley Tales!

Let's Have Fun Reading! (1 on 1 Private Tutoring Grade 1 - Beginner) Starfall

What's For Breakfast? Let's Write About It!

Private Guitar lessons! - Beginner to Advanced -

6th Grade Vocabulary: Prefixes and Suffixes

An Introduction to Billy's Survival Minecraft Classes

Grammar: Exploring Language Basics (Part 2 of 4)

Music Composition Lessons with Marco Ramos: Private Tutoring 1:1 (60 Minutes)

Music Theory with Marco-Adrian Ramos: Private Tutoring 1:1 (60 Minutes)

Caticorn Digital Escape Room Mystery Adventure Class: The Island Expedition

Music Composition Lessons with Marco Ramos: Private Tutoring 1:1 (30 Minutes)

Music Theory with Marco-Adrian Ramos: Private Tutoring 1:1 (30 Minutes)

Intro to Easy Video Editing Using the Apple Clips App (for Ipad or Iphone)

SAT Math Journey to 800 - Ongoing Small Group Class With Mr O

Creative Adventures: Early Art Exploration for Young Artists

PSAT Math Prep Journey to Success - Ongoing Small Group Class With Mr O !

SSAT/ISEE Preparation - Get Prepared for Your Test!

Coffee Cup Art Project

Introduction to French Level 1A

LDCA (Special Feature): Bluey Drawing - Lucky’s Dad

Introduction to French Level 1B

Mastering Operations with Decimals Self-Paced Course

How to Draw a Realistic Wolf Tutorial + Fun Wolf Facts!

Wax Wonders: Melted Crayon Creations

Guided Writing for Teens (Supported Creative Writing)

Monologue Lab!

1-1 Art History/Art Lessons

7th Grade Math | Summer Prep Camp

Mastering Screenwriting: Character, Voice, Genre, and Beyond in One Semester

Private Reading and Writing Tutoring for Grades 6-8 - One to One

3Rd Grade Math in 1 Semester Full Curriculum ( Lessons & Practice Work)

One-To-One Book Study & Writing Instruction

Unlock Your Future: Explore Nursing Career Options & Academic Paths- Full Course

Alternative Ways to Pay for College and Earn College Credits

Meet Shakespeare - An Introduction to Shakespeare’s Stories!

English Language Arts: Intensive Writing - Personal Narrative

Science: Our Five Senses

Science: Biology Mini Course

Positive Psychology Mini Course

Executive Functioning Skills

Being Weird is Wonderful!

Make a Statement: Create a Personal Vision Statement for Your Life.

Roblox Game Time: Hide and Seek Extreme, Pet Escape, and More!

Chatty Snacks

SHSAT Super-Prep

Personalized Math Tutoring: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry Mastery

Creative 3-D Drawing for Kids!

Complete Geometry Class. Full School Year.

Math U See Pre-Algebra Full Year Course

Let's Play Tetris to Practice Resilience!

Learning To Read with Grade Two Dolch Sight Words! Sight Words and Sentences!

South Asian Book Club

Hide & Seek: Thinking Games

Fairy Tale STEAM Adventure

Cooking and Baking for Kids: Let's Make Eggs Four Ways!

Summer Fun Steam: Thunderstorms

Ukulele Club - Join Us Today! Fun for All Levels

Guitar Club - Join Us Today! Fun & Learning for All Levels

Small Group Beginner Piano and Keyboard Lessons (Level 1)

4th to 5th Grade Math Bridge Self-Paced Course

Baking and Cooking for Kids - Let's Make Breakfast! - Live Class

Munch & Masterpieces: Snack & Art Club

Music Appreciation

Small Group Fundamental Piano and Keyboard Lessons (Level 2)

Self Paced: Learning Grammar Through Literature Semester 1

Self Paced Math Fairytale Escape Room Games | Preschool & Kindergarten | 4 Weeks

Outdoor Pour Painting! - Come Explore and Pour With Me.

Colors of Science - Art-Based Science Summer Camp!

History: Epic Egyptians Summer Camp for 8-10 Year Olds

History: Epic Egyptians Summer Camp for 5-7 Year Olds

History: Vicious Vikings Summer Camp for 8-10 Year Olds

History: Vicious Vikings Summer Camp for 5-7 Year Olds

Math Jokes & Riddles Grade 6: Exponents, Order of Operations, and Decimals

Colorful Connections Book Club: Bedtime Bonnet

Computer Programming Intensive Camp

Book Club - The Hardy Boys Mysteries!

Rainbow Salt Dough Art Project

Let's Pack for Camp!

English for ESL Learners

Science and You!

ART CAMP: Learn to Draw Winged Mythological Creatures, Part 2

Realistic Drawing Club: (4-Day) Summer Art Camp

Earth Science Adventures

Math Mania: Addition

Character Creation 101

Yoga for Teens: Relax and Unwind With Miss Madison

Let's Have Fun Reading! Grade 2 (1 on 1 Tutoring - Reading & Comprehension)

Math Mania: Subtraction

Private 1:1 Electric Guitar / Electric Bass Lessons // All Ages

Guitar Lessons For All Levels - English or Spanish

Yoga Exploration: Moon Poses and Meditations

7th Grade Math | Segment 1: Rational Numbers, Integers, & Number Theory

Creative Writing Summer Camp: The Short Story

English Language Arts: Game Based Phonics

Disney Princess FUN Writing & Trivia Workshop! 8-Week Class!

Summer Cat Art Project

Multiplication Master

The Write Club: The Olympics, Revised!

Japanese - Private Lessons and Tutoring

Where in the World?: A Location Guessing Game (Ages 14+)

Let's Play Minecraft in SURVIVAL! Special Education (ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, etc)

Elementary Music at Home! General Music Class for Kids in Grades 2 & 3

8th Grade Math Summer Camp With Licensed Teacher

Middle School Summer Fun With Language Arts: Fiction Reading & Creative Writing

Summer Coding Camp: Build Your Own Worlds with JavaScript

High School Summer Fun With Language Arts: Reading Fiction & Creative Writing

Learn & Practice ESL English While Acting! a Fun Group Class for Kids

Anne of Green Gables Summer Book Club

Anatomy for Musicians

Twenty and Ten: An Excellent Reader Jr 4th Grade Class

High-Frequency Words Fun: Move-To-Improve ELA for Little Learners!

Private Personalized Art and Drawing Lessons

NEW Dog Man Book 12 Reading Comprehension Club with Mr. P!!!

Music Theory for the Developing Musician

Science: Extreme Earth Summer Camp for 8 - 10 Year Olds

Private Reading and Writing Tutoring for Grades 3-5 - One to One

Algebra 1- Summer Session 1- Linear Equations

1.0 Mile Happy Walk & Talk

Fun With English: Reading Adventure Club! Weekly Class 15 Weeks

The Wild Robot Book Club

Life Skill : Organization and Planning

Science: Extreme Earth Summer Camp for 5-7 Year Olds

LDCA (Special Feature): Bluey Drawing - Pom Pom & Judo

Guided Reading

Draw Kawaii Ice Cream

10 tips on improving Reading Comprehension

5th Grade Math Summer Camp With Licensed Teacher

Draw a Corgi Unicorn

ART CAMP: Learn to Draw Winged Mythical Creatures, Part 1

Spanish 1 for High School – Language & Culture

Drawing Realistic Portraits of Historical Figures - Portrait of Nelson Mandela

Summer Stained Glass Paper Art

English Foundations | Essay structure 101

Colorful Connections Book Club: Hair Love

The Hamburger Paragraph Method, the 5 Step Writing Process & Writing Opinions

1:1 English Conversation Practice! (ESL/EFL)

Science: Middle School: Mini Course

Phonics Pathfinders

SAT Math Exam Preparation Part 40

Science: Weather

LDCA (Special Feature): Bluey Drawing - Lucky

Private Guitar Lessons - Complete Beginner to Advanced - All Skill Levels!

1st Grade: Summer ELA Review

Science: Human Body Systems Mini Course

Music Fundamentals for Grades 1st-3rd

LDCA (Special Feature): Bluey Drawing - Calypso

Improv and Comedy With Fun Team Games!

Freak the Mighty Novel Study

Integers Math Camp

Makeup, Confidence Building, and Self-Care With Actress Madison

Little Art Studio! Summer Series

Art Explorers Club! Summer Series

1 Month ESL Beginner (a1) Course Using Empowered Curriculum

Disney Escape

Yes, I Speak French - Private Tutor (50 Mins)

Ocean Commotion Camp~for the Love of Literacy and Drawing

Acrylic Painting Series: Cat Nose With Snowflake

Short Stories With Critical Thinking

3Rd Grade Science Fusion: S.T.E.M. Class Taught in English

Keyboarding Camp 2: Leveling up Typing Skills With Games and Nearpod Activities!

Handwriting Without Tears Learn to Print Uppercase Letters & Numbers-With an OT

Ornithology Camp 2: Research and Discuss Birds From Around the World! (Age 9-12)

Fractions Math Camp

Rainbow Loom Friendship Bracelets (Class taught in Spanish)

Drawing A Cartoon Anglerfish! Fun Step by Step Art Class for Beginners

Advanced High School Essay Writing Camp

Applied Communications

ART CAMP: Through the Keyhole

1:1 Tutoring w/ Certified Speech Teacher- Grammar, Phonics, Communication

No Bake Cooking Camp

Riding...I Mean, Writing Our Way Through Disney Parks Summer Camp

Frogs, Stems and Roots

Colorful Connections Book Club: Wash Day

Percy Jackson and The Olympians Book Club

The Ultimate Detangling and Hair Washing Class

Learn To Read With Miss Meghan

Get Spirited Away! Anime as Art Movie Appreciation

Exploring the Wonders of Space

Real-World Math: Practical Applications (Grade 5-8)

Strength and Flexibility Conditioning- Wellness Workout for Fitness

How to Draw a Realistic Zebra + Fun Zebra Facts!

Folded Surprise Drawings Summer Camp Pt. 2! Beginner Step-by-Step Drawing Class

Talent Show for Special Needs

Learning letters and phonic sounds through music and movement

Beginning Subtraction Skills

Mastering Google Slides: Create Engaging Presentations!

Learn the Basics of French With Fun Games + French Homework Help!

Beginning Addition Skills

Draw Bluey with me

Hands on With Sight Words

Descendants Dance Party 1 On 1!

1:1 Elementary School Tutoring

Frozen Yogurt Art Project

Easy Eats and Tasty Treats! Cooking with Miss Meghan

Taylor Swift Fashion Design Course

Astronomy: True Size of the Solar System

Beauty Blossoms: Makeup and Skincare With Friends: Small Social Club

1:1 Early Literacy Tutoring: Reading - Word Recognition

So You Want to Work in a Zoo?

The Best Haitian Creole Introduction Class for Ages 8 To 12

German - Private Lessons and Tutoring

1:1 Writing for Littles - Kindergarten & Early Elementary Writing Tutoring - ELA

The Life of Blackbeard - Pirate of the Caribbean (Self-Paced)

Cracking the Code: Understanding Your ADHD Brain

Mindful Mornings - Start Your Day off Right!

College-Level Writing in the Humanities: Fairy Tale Portraits by Trina S. Hyman

Positive Self-Esteem & Confidence Building for Kids!

Empowerment Expressions: Scrapbooking Your Truth

Introducing Letter Sounds | Beginning Readers Essential Skills

Get Ready to Read! Montessori Summer Sound Camp

The Ultimate Beginner’s Braiding Class How to do Natural Twist

The Haitian Creole Introductory Class for Ages 5 to 7: Learning While Having Fun

Discover Carnivorous Plants: Notes, Nature Journaling & Adaptations Activity!

Personalized Math Tutoring

LIVE Online Art Class: Paint Beautiful Landscapes With Sunsets and Galaxies

Summer Spanish Camp for Beginners Ages 6-9

Spanish Sprint: Master the Basics in 12 Weeks

Paint Beautiful Landscapes With Sunsets and Galaxy Backgroundes

Groovology: Kids Zumba "Lento"

1-on-1 Mandarin Chinese Tutoring

The Art of Math: Fibonacci Spiral!

The Foundations of Psychology

Harry Potter and the Creative Writing Classes - Subscription Classes

Venture at Your Own Speed: A Self-Guided National Parks Tour Experience Part 1

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents !

Probability and Statistics: Exploring the World of Data Analysis

How to Draw a Face! Learn Proportions & Facial Feature Each Week Art Self Paced

Creative Paragraph Writing With Stories

Pokemon Paragraphs

Hand-Painted, Funky Floral Collage Art (Summer Camp With Miss Carrie!)

Saxon Maths Algebra 1 | Homeschool Friendly | Part 1/2 Lessons 1 - 59

Summer Coding Camp: Incredible Vehicles with SCRATCH

Social Media Marketing: Self-Paced Course for Teens in Social Media Management

Farm Fun Game-Clues to Guess Who?

1 on 1 Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar

Division Facts: Adventure Games (Lesson, Games, Story, Digital Cards, & More)

Grade 5 Math- Full Syllabus Recap

Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom

Introduction To Shuffle Dancing

ART CAMP: Kawaii Animals A-Z

Teen Cash Crunch: Budgeting your Paycheck

5th Grade Vocabulary: Idioms and Context Clues

BSC Book Group: Kristy’s Great Idea (Graphic Novel)

Kindergarten Readiness

Outer Space Clay Camp! Learn Space Science Summer Camp

Book Club and Visual Journaling in Canva - Dragon Girls #1

Story Time With Teacher Minnie

Recorder Ninja - Level 2

1:1 Early Literacy Tutoring

Gumball Machine Art Project

Coaching for Successful Interview Skills

Level 3/4/5 and Xcel Silver/Gold Gymnastics - Balance Beam Form and Technique

Harry Potter-Inspired Summer Camp | 4 Escape Room Mysteries!

IEW: Fix-It! Grammar: Robin Hood, Part 1

Kids Galaxy Painting Class | Paint With Acrylics - Level: Easy

2nd Grade Full Curriculum: Reading, Writing, Phonics, Math and Science

All About Python Coding for Beginners | 1 Hour Python Coding Class

Animal Art with Facts and Fun! -Long Eared Jerboa

High School Preparation Summer Camp: Managing Time, Expectations & Hobbies

Canada versus the States: Let's compare them

Trigonometry Mastery : Important Topic in Geometry and PreCalc

Get Moving Cardio, a Cardio Interval Class for All Fitness Levels

Fluid Art - Beginners Acrylic Pour Painting Self-Paced

Flatpicking Guitar for Younger Beginners, 1

Summa Cum Laude: Honors Level Latin (Part Four)

Wacky Science With Miss Meghan

Introduction to Psychology and Sociology Concepts for Young Learners

Globe Earth is a Cult and It's Easy to Join

SAT Math Exam Preparation Part 39

Fortnite Gaming Skills & Social Summer Camp! Battle Royale!

5th Grade Reading Camp

Summer Camp Early Literacy, Readers Course Level 1 Readers Beginners

Interior Design Course | Learn From Foundation to Finishing Touches Part 1 Of 8

The Write Club: Unreliable Narrators (Self-Paced)

Let's Bake: Taylor Swift's Favorite Recipes and Sweets!

Interior Design Course | Learn Building Structure of Interior Design Part 2 of 8

Dinosaur D&D Tomb of Annihilation Dungeons and Dragons 5E Adventure D&D

Amazing Cereal Rainbow (No Cooking Required)

Learn the Days of the Week in Spanish (for Little Ones)

Marshmallow Snowman Craft (No Cooking)

Long Division Made Easy

Boost Multiplication Facts With Montessori Bead Board Tutorial Class

Russian Language Course for Intermediate II. Part 6 Of 6.

Russian Language Course for Intermediate II. Part 4 Of 6.

Russian Language Course for Intermediate II. Part 2 Of 6.

Beginner Gymnastics - July Balance Beam Camp

Entrepreneurship 101: Essentials

Full Year High School French - Level 1

Photography 101: DSLR Camera Settings, History, Composition, Editing & More!

One Time Beginner's Music Reading Class

Fit and Fun: Workout

Summer Math Tutoring

Messy Mixtures at Home Science Fun

Story Sprouts Book Club - Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun

Vowel Adventures: Short A!

Art Club Adventures

3 Part Story Writing

The Food Group Book Series: Read and Draw: Self-Paced

Advanced High School Reading & Writing for College, Career, & the Real World

Reading Adventures

Literary Course for Middle Schoolers-Novel Study, Vocabulary & Literary Elements

3 Day Story Writing Camp

School Preparation Summer Camp: Ready for Middle or High School Writing

Master APA Writing and Scholarly Research Skills for University

Contortion Camp! Level 2

One-Time Trial Piano Lesson for Beginners and Intermediate Students

Minerals, Rocks and Fossils

Wordly Wise: Strengthening Vocabulary & Writing, Book 1: K/1st Grade (Ongoing)

Introduction to Unity Game Development and C# Programming

Spanish Class for Siblings - Beginners to Intermediate

Brainy Bunch Club: Puzzles and Challenges

Draw a Digital Waterfall Landscape Using Procreate for the Ipad

School Preparation Summer Camp: Ready for High School Reading

High School Writing Full Year: Composition for College Prep 2 | Essays & Stories

Anatomy of a Castle (Self-Paced)

Everything Teens Want to Know About Getting Tattooed

Frontiers and Frictions: Exploring Westward Expansion in America (US History)

High School & College Level Writing Tutoring & Essay Review

More Tapestry Adventures ~ Creating Shapes ~ Triangles and Half Rounds

Middle School Expressions and Equations

Russian Language Course for Intermediate II. Part 5 Of 6.

Russian Language Course for Intermediate II. Part 3 Of 6.

ART CAMP: Draw a Fancy Rainforest Bird

Middle/High School Physical Science

ASL Turtle Signs

Group Article of the Week: Non-Fiction Discussion & Reading Practice

AP Chemistry (Advanced Placement)

Summer Creative Writing and Drawing Club!

Long Division Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Summer Writing Boot Camp-Learn to Write Your Own Children's Story in 2 Weeks

Kitchen Japan - Learn to Make Asian-Inspired Desserts (Semester Long)

Python Mastery Journey - Coding 101 with BrainBytes

30 Minute Math Help Private Tutoring Session (Basic Arithmetic to Algebra II)

Summer Geometry. Preview and Review.

Art Camp: Landscape Water Color Painting (5-Day) Summer Camp

Private French Tutoring: Beginner to Intermediate

10th - 12Th Grade Exam Preparation: SAT Math, SAT English

ART CAMP: Mary Blair's Colorful Castles

ART CAMP: Robin Mead's Spectacular Sunsets

Algebra Review: Radicals (Roots)

Reading Comprehension 1st-3rd grade

Book Club and Visual Journaling in Canva - Dragon Girls #2

Creative Photo 201: Photo Assignments to Challenge Every Learner! Any Camera!

Algebra Review: Systems of Equations

Conditioning and Flexibility for Gymnasts - Evening Class

Camp Once Upon a Crime: A Critical Examination of Serial Killers

Jackbox Party and Social With Mr. J. (Random Days)

Summer Math Mastery: One-on-One Enrichment Course

(SP) Fun With Math

NEW! Leopard Painting with Miss Leigh

The Secret Zoo - A Book Study for Advanced Elementary Readers

Pokémon Chemistry: Periodic Table Class 2

Recorder Rockstars - Your Recorder Journey Continues!

Customized 1:1 Math Tutoring: Elementary to High School Algebra

Occupations (Community Helpers)

Animal Habitats

Personalized Math Assessment Grades 4-5 (Fractions Screener)

Personalized Math Assessment K-6 (Number Sense Screener)

Fraction Operations ~ Middle Grades Math (Texas TEKS 7.3B)

The Sunless Citadel | Beginner Friendly DnD 5e Dungeon Crawl

Process Art Class: Drawing Exploration

ESL Debating / Discussion Club: TBH Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money

Music Theory For Guitarists

The Acorn Fairy: Exploring Nature and Kindness Through Story, Art & Yoga

Fun in 2nd (Full Year Second Grade Social Studies & Science Course)

Jackbox Party and Social With Mr. J. (Ongoing)

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Junior Kitchen Explorers: Simple Dishes for Kids With Ms. Abby

Math Tutoring for Middle or High School Students

Fun with Numbers: Introduction to Accounting for Kids

Our Zones Are Groovy!

Typing for Students With Dyslexia and/or Dysgraphia - Private 1:1 Tutoring

Mindfulness & Wellbeing for Littles!

AP World History Summer Jumpstart

History With Henry the Hamster

Let's Discover Ancient Egypt!

Interior Design Course | Full Interior Design Presentation Plans Part 8 of 8

Interior Design Course | Full Interior Design Decorating Staging Part 7 Of 8

Interior Design Course | Learn Kitchen Design From Floor To Cabinets Part 5 of 8

Interior Design Course | Learn Bathroom Design From Floor To Ceiling Part 4 of 8

Interior Design Course | Learn Room Design From Floor to Ceilings Part 6 of 8

Private Spanish Tutoring Session (30 Minutes)

Healthy Habits of Leaders

Marvelous Minds - Exploring AP Psychology Through the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Simply Gracious: How to write a thank you note the easy way

Interior Design Course | Learn Lighting Design Interior and Exterior Part 3 of 8

An Amazing Adopt Me Experience (For Birthdays or Special Occasions)

Interior Design Course | Learn Building Structure of Interior Design Part 2 of 8

Acrylic Painting Course | Paint 5 Floral Paintings Learning Painting Techniques

Interior Design Course | Learn From Foundation to Finishing Touches Part 1 Of 8

Accelerated Spanish 1 Review: First 5 Days of Spanish - Asynchronous Class

Creative Writing Club With Mr. Hess

Summer Canvas Painting Boot Camp -Create your own canvas in FOUR DAYS!

Coding Wizards: Introduction to Scratch Programming for Kids

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