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New Classes on Outschool 2022-01-02

There are 331 new classes on Outschool the week of January 2, 2022 to January 8, 2022.

Draw a Penguin on Ice by Draw So Cute

Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) With Autodesk Fusion 360 - Camp Week

Animation and Programming With Alice Level 1 - Camp Week Format - (Age 9-14)

United States US American History: World War II - Present | Semester 2| SP

The Summer Science Lab: Hands on Science!

Roblox Gaming Club

Beginning Jazz Dance for Teens

Philosophy for Teens - An Introduction to Virtue Ethics

Friendship Class (& Personal Leadership)

Private Montessori Math Tutoring With Certified Teacher: Ages 5-10

Barbie Social Club (25 Mins)

Private AP/IB Biology Tutoring

Reading and Discussing Short Stories With Mr. Hodge

2nd grade Full Curriculum 3x a Week

One Day Pokemon Camp

Homeschool Elementary Art Curriculum #1

Which Careers Fits My Personality? (Middle School Students)

Amazing Animals Around the World

Pokémon Art and Social Club: Gotta Draw 'em All

Way Below the Withdraught Gaming Club: D&D in the Multiverse (Ages 13+)

History Herald: The Free State of Jones- True Story of Newton Knight & Civil War

World History Modern Semester 2 of Full Year Industrial Revolution - Today SP

B 24 Liberator an Awesome WWII Bomber

Art Party! (Drawing or Painting)

Among Us Gaming Crew and Social Club - Ongoing

Baking/Cooking a Valentine’s Day Pizza

Creatures of the Coral Reefs- A Fun Marine Biology Class! (Ages 9-12)

Travel to London, England: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Travel to Venice, Italy: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Among Us: Girls Gaming and Social Club (Ages 9 - 14)

Megadungeon: Delve Into OSR Dungeons & Dragons

Workshop: Make a Paper Airplane in Seven Steps!

Spanish Speakers Club With the Singing Spanish Teacher - 10 Week Semester

Cooking and Baking: Decorating Sugar Cookies With Icing

Letters From Father Christmas Book Club (by Tolkien) Taught by a British Teacher

ADHD/Executive Functioning Coaching

1 on 1 Social Skills and Confidence Building Coaching - Open to All Learners

One-On-One Hindustani (North Indian) Classical Singing 30 Mins

Tutoring Subtraction--Flash Cards: Math Ages 5-8

Beginning Tap Dance Class

Pop Into Reading: Prek ~ K ~ First

Jigsaw Puzzle Enthusiasts (Ages 5-9)

Summer Book Club!

Show & Tell for Beginner English Learners

Clothing Design 101: 8-Week Fashion Design Course

3D Game Art Maker 1 on 1 Tutoring

Stop Motion Animation One on One Tutor Independent Project Support Instruction

Let's Sing & Learn About Tu B'Shevat!

Argumentative Writing for Controversial Topics

Dinosaurs: Learn Fun Facts & Draw a Dinosaur!

Private Math Tutoring Sessions - Grades 4 to 12! (Ongoing)

Gnome in the Valentine Heart Garden - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Improving Writing for Teens: Grammar Crash Course

Beginning Reading With Mo Willems Cat the Cat Books-Kindergarten, Early Readers

Travel to Tokyo, Japan Part 1: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

ARC: Doom - An Apocalyptic Roleplay Adventure

Une Dictée Par Semaine : Weekly French Writing and Reading Exercices!

Weekly Vocabulary Fun! Awesome Vocabulary Kahoot Game for 5th-6th Grade

Awesome Paper Airplane Making - Distance Glider and Speedy Jet - Class 1

Social Skills for Teens: How to Speak so People Listen!

Social Skills for Teens: How to Feel More Confident!

Middle School Full Comprehensive Grammar Curriculum 6 7 8 Part 1 of 2 FLEX SP

Let's Talk About Your Favorite Animals! | Ongoing

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Let's Play!

Talk Tagalog (Filipino): Dialogues in Different Situations (Ages 8- 13)

Small Group English Class (Speaking, Conversation, Vocabulary) - Level a1/A2

Reading Comprehensive Class

Beginners Italian Christmas in July: Vocab, Crafts, & Song I 5 Lessons

Middle School Full Comprehensive Grammar Curriculum 6 7 8 Part 2 of 2 FLEX SP

Groovy Kids Club: Calming Yoga, Meditation, & Affirmations

ASL--American Sign Language and the Deaf Community 7-12--8 Wks Part 1

Introduction to Music History: Medieval Period

Introduction to Music History: The Renaissance Period

Adventures & Builds Minecraft Club

Catching Fire the Hunger Games Book 2 Discussion

Dragonlance: Dragons of the Spring Rising

Ongoing Advanced Reading and Writing Skills and Practice (Level 3: Ages 12-14)

One-On-One Singapore Math Class (Grade 1 to 6: 45 mins)

Fun and Engaging Private Reading Tutoring (45 Min)

Creative Writing While Learning About Important African Americans

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Craft for Developing Fine Motor Skills

Ear Training: Music for Sight-Singing (Part 3)

Ear-Training: Music for Sight-Singing (Part 4)

How Laws Are Made and Interpreted

Literacy 1-to-1 Tutoring With a Certified Teacher

ACT Prep - 15 Individual One-To-One Sessions

Math Detectives Club: Solving Math Mysteries One Case at a Time (1st-2nd grade)

Spelling Rules: The Spelling Bee

Earth Science 101

Knitting Ongoing: Improve Your Knitting With More Techniques 9-12yo

Architecture Home Sweet Home, Part 2: Exterior Design

Sewing Beginner: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Mermaid or Merman Costume

Cryptography - Learning Secret Codes

Let's Make Delicious Meatball Boats!

Let's Make Delicious Blondies

Zombies Dance Routine- Own the Night

Sink or Float!

Private Piano Lessons (Ongoing 30 Minutes)

BTS Dynamite Dance Routine!

High School Economics: Part 1 (Flex)

Learn Korean Characters Hangul With a Native Korean Teacher! 7-12

Art Private Lesson Ongoing ~Learn to Draw Realistic & 3D Animals, Humans, & More

Ongoing Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring (Kindergarten to 6th Grade)

Blue Mountains Watercolor Painting Class

Private Math Tutoring - Once a Week

Early Writing Class (Words, Punctuation, Prompts, Beg. Sentences)

Zoo Animal Clay Art Sculpting Camp! Pandas, Tigers, Lions, Snakes, Zebras!

Kids Who Love Lego: Build, Draw & Write

Engaging Discussion and Trivia About Disney's Encanto

Flex Your Spanish: Vocabulary and Conversation (7-9)

The Notebook Self-Spaced: Taking Notes You Can Use

Early Leadership: Taking Care of Self and Others in a Positive Way

ESL 1:1 Private Tutoring Beginner to Intermediate English EFL, TESOL, TEFL

Arctic Animals Circle Time!

Dog News Weekly

Chess Together: Learn to Play Chess With Your Friend or Sibling! *Scheduled by Request

Ancient Egypt: Gods and Goddesses

From the Valley of the Kings to the Library of Alexandria: Wonders of Egypt

Let's Learn How to Use Chopsticks! - History, Science, and Culture in Chopsticks(13 to 18 yo)

Animal Habitats

Fix It! Grammar 2 IEW Town Mouse and Country Mouse IEW Writing

Ancient Egypt: Journey to the Afterlife

AP United States Government Group Class Part Two

Exciting Earth Science: Meteorology Part 2 - Weather, Seasons, Wind, Climate & Tornadoes

Bluey Bonanza

Memory Minecraft Math Game! Subtraction: Level 2!

Weekly Third / Fourth Grade English Language Arts -Reading, Writing, & Grammar

Private 1:1 Writing Classes

Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1 Ribbon Routine

Memory Minecraft Math Game! Addition: Level 2!

Spanish Immersion: Origami 1

Weekly Insect Studies - Bug Out With an Entomologist

Scientific Insect Illustration Club

English as a Foreign Language/EFL/ESL Conversation Skills

Farm to Table: How to Make Broth

Letter Learning Workshop {English} Preschool/Kindergarten

Ms. Trisha's Junior Bug Club

Smile and Sign - Introduction to American Sign Language Vocabulary and Phrases

One on One Drumset Lessons - Tailored to Your Needs. All Levels Welcome.

ESL Private Tutoring: 1:1 Personalized/Structured Free Talk English Conversation

Let's Create: Weekly Workshop

Letter Writing for Valentine's Day - Let's Write Together!

Awesome Adaptations: The Human Body!

Historic Homes at Christmas: The Queen's Homes, German Castles, and More

Awesome Anime Art Drawing and Social Club

Chemistry: Private Tutoring

The Notebook Camp: Taking Notes You Can Use High School Edition

The Notebook Camp: Taking Notes You Can Use Junior High Edition

The Notebook Camp: Taking Notes You Can Use

Drawing Big Ben Clock Tower London With Black Pencils

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Unit 2-C "Everything to Be" 1-On-1

1 on 1 Tutoring for 2nd grade

Private 1 on 1 Tutoring for Early Readers & Elementary Students

Procreate Meet the Masters! Andy Warhol : Art History With a Digital Twist!

Let's Create Perspective Art Together - Indoor, Outdoor Scenes & 3D Lettering!

Snowy's Number 18 Fun!

Fix It! Grammar 2 IEW Town Mouse and Country Mouse (Part 2)

Procreate Digital Drawing School: Space

Mother's Day Letter-In French!

Mother's Day Card-In French!

Current Events Roundtable

Middle School Science Camp - Chemistry and Physics

Let's Do This Pre-Algebra Style: Fun With Math Formulas

Fix It! Grammar 2 IEW Town Mouse and Country Mouse (2x/Week)

United States of America Presidents Trivia Kahoot!

Painting Poetry With Watercolors: International Poets

The Art of Writing a Thank-You Note

High School Language Arts Mini-Course: 03

Cupid's Valentine Animals : Biology / Zoology of Valentine's Day-Themed Animals

High School Spanish Grammar Series: Reflexive Verbs in Spanish

Math Made Easy: Subtraction

Let's Write: Ongoing English Writing Course With Orchard Academy

Roblox - Game Designing- Make Your Own Car Race Game

Private Tutoring Reading Language Arts ( Meets Twice a Week)

Lets Play Forza Horizon 5! Explore, Race & Crazy Fun Challenges! All Ages! XBOX or PC

Bilingual Chinese & English Story Time - The Little Bear's Tail 小熊的尾巴

Bilingual Chinese & English Story Time - The Little Elephant's Poop 小象的大便

Build in a Survival World for Minecraft Bedrock (10-14)

Mandarin Chinese Immersion-Level 2-Unit1(人教版教材)

Book Talk: Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

Confident Speakers 1:1 Game Club

1-on-1 "Preschool En Español" (1X)

Valentine's Day Drawing - Would You Lakitu Bee My Valentine?

Friendship and Fun Club

Exploring Big Feelings With Mindfulness Strategies & Emotional Regulation

ESL Conversational English Class for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary

Reading & Spelling Support (Orton Gillingham) (Level 4) (Dyslexia Friendly)

Tutoring 1 on 1-- Addition--: Math Age 5-8

Hoppy Easter Party! (Treats, Games, Story and Coloring!)

Glitter Hearts: A Roleplay Game of Superpowers, Anime Magic, and Mythology

1-on-1 Level A: Learn to Read High Frequency Words en español"

A Geologist's Guide: Minerals and Rocks

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color a Warrior Cat Leafstar

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color a Warrior Cat Mapleshade

Draw & Color / Paint a Warrior Inspired Cat Workshop

1 on 1 Tutoring for First Grade

Build in a Survival World for Minecraft Bedrock

Creative World Build Challenges for Minecraft Bedrock (7-12)

Ballet Shoes Book Club (Taught by a UK Teacher) by Noel Streatfeild

Level 3 Form Drawing (Grade 5)-India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece -Ongoing Course

You Can Do It! 1:1 Tutoring with Teacher Katie ONGOING

Kickin' It! | Weekly ACT Prep for Math

Advanced Draw It: Snoozing Panther

Travel to Singapore: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Sesame Street Social!

Draw It: Cozy Walrus

Creative World Build Challenges for Minecraft Bedrock

Curious about College? Welcome to the College & CTE Program Exploration Course!

Curious About Careers? Career Exploration and Employability Skills!

Star Wars Dungeons and Dragons Ongoing Dnd D&D Campaign 5e Rebel Alliance

Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Mythic Odyssey of Theros 5E Greek Mythology

Social Club: Roblox:Tower Defense Simulator

English as a Second Language (ESL 1:1) One-On-One Tutoring

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color a Warrior Cat Cloudtail

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color a Warrior Cat Graystripe

Microsoft Word & Powerpoint Intro Course I 4 Lessons I Experienced Teacher

African History: The Freedom Fighter - Story of Nelson Mandela

Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Maya, Junior Edition

Exciting Earth Science: Volcanoes. Magma, Lava Lakes, Killer Ash & Igneous Rocks

Exciting Earth Science: The Carbon Cycle, Greenhouse Effect & Renewable Energy

Exciting Earth Science: Fossils, Fault Lines, Drowned Forests & Sedimentary Rock

Exciting Earth Science: Dinosaur Extinction. Caused by an Asteroid or Volcanoes?

Full Curriculum Weekly Class | Latin for Kids (Age 8-11)

A Geologist's Guide: Fun Ways to Learn and Understand the Periodic Table

Life Science: Human Body Organs N Body Systems-Review Notes + Activity-Meets 12X

What Time Is It?

RAINBOW FRIENDS | Roblox Gaming Club

Teen Roblox Social Gaming Hour: Horror Games Edition

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Let's Play Tower Defense Simulator

Math Mindset | 1on1 Math Tutoring & Homework Help 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade 45min

Math Explorers

Multi-Day Creative Writing: Write With Me!

D&D Gaming: Come Play Dungeons & Dragons With Me! (Ages 7-12)

Genlab Alpha RPG: Role-Playing a Fable of Resistance

1:1 5th Grade Math Homework Help

Little Scientist, Amazing Scientist: What Do You Study? What Do You Do? {Part 1}

Advanced ASL Part 4 Ages 9 To 12

Sight Words and Sentences: Let's Read and Write Together!

Sight Words and Sentences: Let's Read Together!

Chemistry Made Easy: AP Chemistry Group Tutoring Review

Cupcake Diaries Book Club: Katie and the Cupcake Cure

Mrs. B’s “Anne of Green Gables” Creative Writing Story Club!

Creative Letters, Cards, and Gift Wrapping Club

Beginner Drum Kit Lessons (Level 1)

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Level--Formulas & Functions

Narrative Writing: Part 3 - Writing Narratives About Other People

Fun Pencil Drawing Classes Every Week

Ukulele Christmas - Intermediate and Advanced

Exciting Earth Science: Meteorology Part 1 - Atmosphere, Clouds, Seasons & Rain

Digital Art: Bubbles

Yes! Your Middle Schooler Needs a Résumé

One on One Literature Discussions With Mr. Hodge

A Geologist's Guide: Maps, Navigation, and Our Lives

British Tea Party With the British Tea Lady (Ongoing) - UK Teacher

Ancient Greece: Athens and Delphi

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint a "Heart Garden!"

Exciting Earth Science: Earth's Core, Mantle & Crust: Seismology & Magnetism

Private Tutoring 1:1- With a Licensed Teacher

LIVE Online Art Class: Make Valentines to Give to Friends!

Exciting Earth Science: the Earth's Formation, Pangea & Supercontinents Over Geological Time

5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Writing - Third / Fourth / Fifth Grade FLEX

Alphabet Letter Sounds With Puppets - 11-Week Phonics Course

Chess for Beginners- Introduction to Chess Basics

Arabic - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Academic Year)

Born Baker | Baking French Macarons Italian Technique | Advanced Workshop

Invent a Fantasy Kingdom. Drawing and Writing Course (6-8 Years)

Women in History: The Incredible Dolly Parton

Writing with a Wand: The Potion of Powerful Plots

Writing With a Wand: Creating Captivating Characters

Writing With a Wand: Crafting Spellbinding Settings

Microsoft Excel for Beginners--Real Life Examples

Spanish - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Academic Year)

How Are Rainbows Made? Why Is the Sky Blue? - The Science Behind Light & Color

Singapore Dimensions Math 7A (Weeks 1-8)

Learn to Read Year Long Curriculum SOR With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed)

Singapore Dimensions Math 6A (Weeks 1-8)

Fun Weekly Pencil Drawing Classes (Younger Elementary)

Singapore Dimensions Math 5A (Weeks 1-8)

Singapore Dimensions Math 4A (Weeks 1-8)

Survival Club: Play on a Fun, Safe, and Minecraft Java Server!

Singapore Dimensions Math 3A (Weeks 1-8)

Singapore Dimensions Math 2A (Weeks 1-8)

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Counting, Singing and Moving

Italian for Beginners: Greetings, Conversations, and More I 6 Lessons

Math Made Easy: One on One Support for Grades 5 And 6

Sewing Intermediate: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Snow Queen Inspired Dress

Individual Reading Practice: Read to a Real Farm Animal

Extraordinary Art General Drawing Classes - Ongoing

Singapore Dimensions Math 1A (Weeks 1-8)

The Book Thief - A Novel Study

Math Made Easy: One on One Support for Grades 3 And 4

Math Made Easy: One on One Support for Young Learners

Private Piano Lessons - New Students

Ongoing Beginning Long Division

Animal Habitats: Hands on Science!

Dinosaur Math: Preschool & Kindergarten

Drawing Herbs - The Natural World Through Warrior Cats (Self-Paced)

It's a Wonderful Life

The 'Anyone-Can-Write' Writing Club

Albert Einstein's Theory of Happiness: Learn How to Be Happy

Jumping Into 6th Grade Math Summer Camp: Mini Lessons, Practice, and Games

Rapunzel Mystery Escape Room Adventure for Preschool & Kindergarteners!

Private ESL English Lessons: Conversation Practice and Free-Talk

Taylor Swift Summer Camp - Intermediate Level - Ukulele & Guitar

Sentence Writing: Weekly Sentence Building Practice for Ages 6-9

The Greatest Showman Summer Camp Ukulele Intermediate

Miss Ally’s Art Class: Rabbit Drawing and Painting Class

One-On-One Italian Private Lessons With Native Speaker

Let's Do This Pre-Algebra Style: Simple Probability and Statistics

Time Traveling Detectives: The Case of the Secret Subway

Computer Science Whizz-Kids: Internet Safety – Digital Footprint Web Adventure

Novel Study: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Acting Performance Class for Kids (Drama and Theatre)

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 4 Part 1 (Age 13-18)

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 4 Part 1 (Age 8-12)

Holiday Draw With Me!

An Introduction to Observational Drawing

Drawing a Bullfinch With Watercolor Pencils

Feel Safe Speaking! 1-1 Interaction With a Trusted Grownup & Friend

Women in History: Marie Curie

An Amazing Art History Club With Show Host Teacher Carly


Once Upon a Crime- A True Crime and Mystery Social Club

Join The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

Private Reading Class: Introduction to Kindergarten Sight Words [2-Week Course]

Would You Rather Social Club (Summer Section)

Would You Rather Social Club (Fall Section)

Pokemon Social Club for Trainers (1x a Week)

Drawing Toadette From Super Mario Bros!

Super Mario Memory Math Game Addition! LEVEL 2! Lets-A-Go!

Interview Practice and Feedback for High School, College, or Career

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