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New Classes on Outschool 2021-12-26

There are 582 new classes on Outschool the week of December 26, 2021 to January 1, 2022.

Graphic Design Club | Cute Kawaii Art

Animal Adventures With STEM

Botany for Warrior Cats - Discover Plants (Flex)

Super Mario Memory Math Subtraction! LEVEL 2! Lets-A-Go!

Beginning Guitar for Young Learners (FLEX)

What's on the Farm? Let's Write the Mystery Word! (Sounds to Letters to Words)

American History: States History Part 2 Ages 9-13

Draw Winter Squishmallows

Electricity Fun - What it is, Circuits, and Batteries

5th Grade Math - 18 Weeks Full Year Grade 5 Semester Class

Rectangles and Ratios

Private Reading Tutoring

Preschool and Kindergarten Advanced Circle Time Club Full Curriculum 5x/Week

American History: States History Part 1 Ages 9-13

Measurement and Unit Conversions (Ongoing)

Mathlete Geniuses: Hanging Out With Sally! PEMDAS for Intermediates (Multi-Day)

Mathlete Geniuses: Meet Sally! PEMDAS for Beginners (Multi-Day)

Love to Dance - Private Lessons (45 Minutes) With Ms. Irina_Schedule Per Request

Create Your Own Dragon and Present in Google Slides

Become a Chess Pro: Lessons for Advanced Learners (HOLIDAY CAMP)

Sight Word Games Level 2

Let's Draw Nature! Realistic Plants, Fungi, Shells, Crystals and More!

Dance Class Bundle #2 -8 Different Themed Dance Classes-Hip Hop (8 Week Course)

Zombies Valentines Day Themed Hip Hop Dance Class

Hans Christian Andersen and the Fairy Tale

Make up session

Ballet Dance Class - Encanto - "All Of You"

'The Mitchells vs. the Machines' Escape Room

Mastering Math: 25-Minute Individualized Lessons (Ongoing)

Weekly Vocabulary Fun! Awesome Vocabulary Kahoot Game for 4th-5th Grade

Draw Better Comics! (Ages 8-12)

Introduction to GarageBand on the iPad (or iPhone/iPad) - Drums and Beats!

Comic Book Club: Antiheroes, Superheroes, Villains (Ongoing)

Anne Frank: The Diary of Anne Frank Book Club

Small Group Help for Calculus

Private Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring (1x55 Mins Meeting per Week w/ a 5 Mins Break)

Roblox Social Gaming Hour: Story Mode Edition

Positively Productive Students: Create More Time

English Language Arts (ELA) Tutoring: 1:1 Middle & High School: 30 min: Ongoing

Life Science for Middle School

Oh Snap! DSLR Photography Fundamentals I (FLEX)

Tutor Time With Lizzie! Private Tutoring in Primary Maths and English (x 2 week)

3rd Grade Semester Math Class - Full Year Course

Dungeons and Dragons: Saltmarsh Ongoing Campaign

History Quest 1: The Dawn of Civilization (Full Curriculum Grades 4-6)

Women Who Ruled: Explore Women's History Through Powerful Women

Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Movement Part 1

Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Movement - FLEX

Let's Make Kindness Coupons (7-12)

Life in the Coral Reefs and Bioluminescense: Explore Glowing Ocean Creatures!

ELA: Language Arts: Literature: Never Let Me Go, YA Dystopian Novel/Book Study

1st Grade Circle And Calendar Time 2x week (With a Certified 1st Grade Teacher)

Sentence Makers! the Basics of Sentence Writing.

(Flex) Writing with Wings of Fire

Planets in Our Solar System Trivia Kahoot!

Recognizing Figurative Language in Poetry | Lesson, Activity, and a Game

Advanced Brick Builder's Social Club (Ages 9 - 14)

1:1 Tutor- Personalized Reading Intervention: A Multisensory, Comprehensive Reading Program for Struggling, Dyslexic or Emerging Readers

Private Class: Nathaniel

Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Movement Part 2

Graphic Design Basics | Create an Axolotl Design With Canva

Weekly Minecraft Trivia With Kahoot

Luca Trivia With Kahoot

'the Art of Sketching' - Class 2, a Step Beyond

Learn the Days of the Week With Elephants

The History of Military Aircraft

Our Lungs and How We Breathe

Social Club for Brick Builder's (Ages 9 - 14)

Take Back Your Room!!! Learn To Declutter And Organize Your Space

Math Tutoring - Private 1:1, Weekly (Up Through Pre Algebra) *Taking requests

1 on 1 Spanish Tutoring

Pre-K & Kindergarten- How to Draw a Butterfly! (Identify Shapes and Colors)

Cat Kid Comic Club Book #1

Cat Kid Comic Club Book #2 Perspectives

Bodybuilders Workout Club- Full Body Workout- Active Exercise for Fitness & Fun!

Doodle Drawing: Weekly Doodle 2

Let's Learn Amazing Coin Magic

Talk With Your Hands: Advanced ASL 7

Public Speaking & Debate Tournament - Prep & Competition Class

1st/2nd Grade Morning Math

Kindergarten/1st Grade Math

Let's Grow: Gardening Basics

Future Nurses' Academy: All About Nursing

Cooperation in Fairy Kingdom

Semester Guitar: Let's Continue to Play Guitar Level 2 (Ages 9-12)

Earth's Crust & Surface - Plus 30 Natural Landforms | Lesson, Activity, Game

Art Flex Course: Let's Learn Perspective Drawing! (High School)

Build a Snowman Creative Story Writing

FLEX 4 Weeks to a Clean Room! Less Mess and More Fun!

Miraculous Directed Drawing Art Class (Ongoing)

Memorize the Hardest Multiplication Facts with Me

Cryptocurrency Game for Beginners! Learn Crypto Basics & How to Invest

Father's Day Traditions Around the World

Shoelaces 101 - Learning to Tie & Lace Shoes

Olaf's Summer Dream: A Math Escape Room to Save Him From the Heat of the Sun

Letter of the Week: Writing Practice

Fun Easter Traditions Around the World

Earth Day History and Traditions Around the World

Mother's Day Traditions Around the World

April Fools Day Around the World

A Fun Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Club

Middle School Math and Logic : Proportional Relationships, Circles, and Graphing

Group Guided Reading 101

Making Friends Is Fun!

Guthriegabs 1:1 1V1 Tutoring Reading Comprehension Non-Fiction & Fiction

Letter of the Week: Math Time

Letter of the Week: Story Time

Learn to Draw a New/Different Pokemon Every Week in This on-Going Class

Part 1 - Writing a Super Simple Essay

Math Around the Farm-Skip Counting Fun By 2 & 3

Epic Brain Teasers, Riddles, and Puzzles: Think Outside the Box! (Part IV)

Mad Libs: Funny Easter Stories

Piano Lesson Fun! 1:1 Intermediate Level Piano

Mad Libs: Funny St. Patrick's Day Stories

Mad Libs: Funny Valentine Stories

Science Escape Room Challenge: Lost in the Rainforest!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festivale Event With Pave

Private Small Group Art Lessons- 5 Class Set- Nature Journaling and More

Decode and Read Multisyllabic Words: VCCV and VCV Syllable Patterns (6-Weeks)

Subtracting 2, 3, 4, and 5 Digit Numbers

Phonics With Oscar 'Phase 3 Sounds Ch and Sh and the Tricky Words He and She.

Farmer Animals! Let's Share Stories and Photos!

Spanish: Building Bricks (Beginner)

Spanish with Maestra Arelis

Third Grade Homeschool/After School Reading Fluency, Comprehension, and Phonics

A Basic Phonics and Reading Discovery: R Blends & Digraphs Sh, Ch, Th, Wh, Ph, -Ck

1:1 Tutoring With a Certified Elementary Teacher

Strengthening and Conditioning Workout-12 Weeks FLEX

Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Ghost Spider and More Themed Ongoing Workout!

Multiplication + Graphic Design | Learn Times Tables While Designing in Canva

Celebrate the Seasons: Summer Dance and Craft Along!

Celebrate the Seasons: Spring Dance and Craft Along!

Holiday Present Show and Tell!

Breyer Horse Club Social: Corner Corral

Creative Writing and Journaling Club

Algebra 1: Solving Radical Equations

Spanish Introduction -Ongoing Sessions Ages 7-11

How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Organize Your Life

Learn English: One-On-One ESL Tutoring for Beginner and Intermediate English Language Learners

Walt Disney: His Dreams and His Life.

Drawing: Panda

1, 2, 3 Multiply With Me!

Learning Piano is Fun

Buy This! Marketing and Advertising - Why Companies Market to Tweens and Teens

Beginning Cursive Fexible Class

Would You Rather -Answer Crazy Questions & Practice Debate and Social Skills

Order of Operations (PEMDAS) Kahoot!

Summer Camp: Poetry Book Creation

Imagine Math: The Story of the Four Operations - FLEX - (Waldorf Inspired)

Explore Spanish ~ ¡Vamos a Peru! (Advanced beginner)

Private Birthday/Party Roblox Games/Among Us/Escape Room: Themed Event Bookings!

1, 2, 3 Add With Me!

World Explorers: UK Animals (FLEX)

Fascinating Animals of the World! (FLEX)

Let's Talk About Groundhogs!

Beginner's Reading Class

Masks RPG - League of Young Heroes (Ongoing)

Learn Reading! Systematic Phonics Instruction - Private Lessons - 3 Times a Week

The Witches by Roald Dahl: A Spooky & Hilarious Third-Grade Book Club!

Creating and Writing From Outlines for Middle School Students (Level 1)

Little Women Book Club

Creative Writing Through Journaling! 2nd-3rd Grade

Practicing Addition and Subtraction With Story Problems:(K & 1st Grade)

Read and Write in Japanese! Level 2 - The First 80 Kanji (JLPT N5-Level) (Flex)

Algebra 1 Full Course: Ongoing (Saturdays Only)

One-Time Private Tutoring 1-1

Pre-Algebra Full Course: Ongoing (Saturdays Only)

Learn to Draw Portraits

Individual Tutoring Zoe

Would You Rather...? Valentines Edition

Semi-Private French Lessons

Guitar 101 - Introduction (Single One-On-One Lesson)

Valentines Day Fun- Scavenger Hunt

Let's Draw! (Skating Penguin Edition).

Mighty Memorization: Private Tutoring With Teacher Veronica

Hand Lettering + Drawing Class: Be-You-Tiful Floral Modern Calligraphy Wall Art

Activities to Master Algebra 1

Secret Notes: Learn to Write in Elian Cipher Script

Accelerate Your Child’s Path to Reading Success!

Writing Club

ESL (English Second Language) Free Talk - Advanced

Snaxolotl: Live Axolotl Feeding With Snack Time Q&A

Roblox Escape Rooms and Puzzle Challenges

Ongoing Weekly Adorable Animal Drawing & Watercolor Painting Club! Ages 4-6

Pre-Algebra (Math Camp Part 2)

Roblox Adopt Me Gameplay + Social Club (One-Time)

Reading Readiness: Getting Ready to Leap Into Second Grade Reading Camp

One-on-One Sight Word Tutoring with Games!

Let's Explore Earth! Weekly Geology Lessons for 11-14 Year Olds (Ongoing)

Homophones Kahoot!

How to Draw: A Very Kawaii Winter Break

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat, Stormy, and Pip Ice Skating

How to Draw: Cozy Snowy Day with Pusheen the Cat and Stormy

Let’s Talk, Read and Write German 1 for Beginners Teens 13-18 years (12 weeks)

1:1 Interactive Sight Words/Reading Comprehension 30 Minutes

Private Sewing Lessons (Beginner~Intermediate)

Middle School Math Tutoring 1:1 (45 Min)

One-on-One ESL: Tutor or Conversational (Once per Week)

Magical Mighty Mathematicians: Hands-On Early Math Concepts

A Basic Phonics and Reading Discovery: Short Vowels, Glued Sounds, Bonus Letters, & L Blends

Amazing Animals: Tiger Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Cerebral Palsy: What Is It?

Montessori Math Time: Dynamic Multiplication With the Stamp Game

Spanish Immersion: Winter Paper Craft

Fun Philosophy: Morals and Should We Always Act for the Greater Good?

Literature Group & Social Time - Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds

3rd Third Grade ELA Language Arts-Reading, Writing, & Grammar (Literature Based)

Prepositions of Place With Piccolo (in & on) ELA/ESL

Private One-To-One Art Lesson- 5 Class Commitment

Focused Awareness: Pause. Listen. Breathe.

The STEM Express: Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

World History: The Golden Age of Monarchy

Learn to Zentangle! High School

Fun Philosophy: Does Our Evolution Control Us? Can Selfish Genes Allow Altruism?

Approachable Shakespeare - Semester Study

(Ages 13+) Colonial Mischief: Pick Your Own Path Through the Pre-Revolution

Draw Sonic & Friends and Learn Facts About Hedgehogs - Art Class

Fun Philosophy: What Is Consciousness? Zombies Help Us Explore Inner Space!

Fun Philosophy: Do We (Accurately) Hallucinate the World All the Time? Even Now!

Fun Philosophy: Are You the Same Person Over Time? Can You Survive Teleporting?

Amazing Animals: Kangaroo Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Small Class Show and Tell Social Club!

Amazing Animals: Zebra Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Ongoing Weekly Adorable Animal Drawing & Watercolor Painting Class! Ages 7-11

Grammar in 20 Minutes (Part 8 of 8) - Punctuation (Elementary Edition) ELA

Grammar in 20 Minutes (Part 7 of 8) -Capitalization (Elementary Edition) ELA

Pokémon Regions and their Real Life Influences: A Brief History

Cut the Clutter in Your Writing!

Skyward (Book 1) - Book Club for Teens

Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew Campaign: Saturday Sidequest!

Happy New Year Kahoot!

Mrs. America: The ERA, Feminism and America FLEX

Nature Journaling for the Wild: Marine Mammals

Nature Journaling for the Wild: Exploring the World of Mammals

Animals of Africa - Lions, Giraffes, & More! - A Fun Zoology Class!

Engineering and Robotics: Let's Construct Ozkar, the Vacuum Robot

One Hour Private Dance Lesson

Movie Bites Learning: Prop Masters - The Magic of Movie Props

Draw With Me: The Grinch

Learn to Tap With the Nutcracker Overture

Singapore Math... and Dragons! (3A Summer Camp)

Our Solar System: Hands on Science!

How to Draw Fantasy Maps

Earth, a Perfect Planet for Us - An Astronomy Perspective - Semi Private

Yoga With the Bard - For the Serious Actor!

Graphic Design Basics | Create a Bubble Tea Design With Canva

Full Year of 3rd Grade Singapore Math (1x/Wk Ongoing) Starts in NOV 2022

Full Year of 2nd Grade Singapore Math (1x/Wk Ongoing) Starts in Jan 2022

Let's Write a Spectacular Book Report!

Her Story: Important Periods of History From a Female Perspective

1:1 English Tutoring for ESL Learners

Spring Camp: Poetry Book Creation

Fantasy Creative Writing Class Part 2

Winter Camp: Poetry Book Creation (Valentine's Day Theme)

Yoga With the Bard

Let's Write & Recite Tongue Twisters! (1 time class)

Amazing Animals: Elephant Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Writing 101: Unicorn Writing! Learn to Write a Simple Paragraph for Beginners

Second Grade Readiness/Review Summer Camp

Fun Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - High School Science Intro Ongoing

Amazing Animals: African Penguins

Daily Inventions: Black and African-American Inventors and Inventions

(Ages 8-13) Colonial Mischief: Pick Your Own Path Through the Pre-Revolution

Flex Class: The FBI and 20th Century American History

Private 1 on 1 Reading Intervention/Tutoring: One-On-One Reading Confidence!

Animal Crossing Get Together Social Class

Sing Like Olivia Rodrigo! Group Singing Class!

Disney Group Singing Class. Learn to Sing and Use Your Voice!

Let's Practice! ~ Weekly PreK - Early Kinder Math Concepts

Travel on an Animal Safari Adventure to Meet Giraffes and Create Art!

What Exactly Is a Serving?

Draw & Paint Colorful Birds and Ocean Animals: Watercolor Mixed Media Art

Warrior Cat Writers Camp

Dinosaurs: The Mistakes of Jurassic Park

Private Lesson (One Time)

Camp Fun: Marsupials

Let’s Learn Cursive! (Beginners Cursive Class!)

Miss Julia's Magic Schoolhouse (for ESL Learners)

Animal/Ocean/Science Themed Writing Weekly Activities!

High School Spanish 3 Semester 1

Crafting With the Letters

Crochet Club for Advanced Beginners to Intermediate Crocheters

Mad Libs: New Year Fun

LGBTQ+ & Support Allies Rainbow Pride Social Class: Doddle, Chat and Mini Games!

Talk With Me - Learning English

Mrs. America: The Feminist Movement, the ERA and the Debate Over Women's Rights

Art Careers Seminar with Chris Chien - How to Become a Professional Artist

Bigfoot Escape Room - Don't Get Stomped!

RQ-170 Sentinel & RQ-180 White Bat USAF Drones

6th Grade Math | 2x week | ONGOING Homeschool Sixth Grade Math (w/ worksheets)

Princess and the Frog Trivia With Kahoot

Let's Read Together: AlphaPets Interactive Social Book Club Story Time

Let’s Draw and Color Together!

Watercolor Art: Let’s Draw and Paint!

Dog Man and Cat Kid Comic Club Series: Flexible Schedule-Book Club (FLEX)

March Themed Reading and Drawing

52 Week Journaling: Sparking the Love for Writing Weekly

Learn Reading Fundamentals-Improve ELA Skills & Increase Careful Listening-Hi Fly Guy

Once Upon a Crime- A Social Exploration of the FBI Case of D.B. Cooper

ALL NEW American Girl Time Travellers - An American Girl Camp With Art and Games

Elementary Writing: Building Stories

The Jokes on You April Fool's Day Party

Space Exploration and Beyond Club

How to Focus and Achieve Peak Performance

Full Year of 1st Grade Singapore Math (1x/Wk Ongoing) Starts in Jan 2022

Algebra 1 (Flex)

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Adventuring Club

Draw It: Skating Polar Bear

Escape the Haunted Mansion - Multiplication and Division Practice

Draw It: Napping Buddies

Draw It: Funny Ferret

Draw It: Hibernating Bear

What in the World!? Geology and Earth Science with Virtual Field Trips

Pilates for Kids!

S.T.E.A.M. Space Club

Draw It: Baby Bunny

Watercolor: Learn How to Paint a Wild Animal Portrait - The Animal Kingdom

My Calendar English as a Second Language. (Qualified TEFL teacher)

Homeschool Hangout - Ages 5-10

Flute 102 With Pam Irwin, MM (Intermediate Level)

How to Publish a Book: An Inside Look at Traditional Publishing

Small Scholars: Let's Learn Alphabet Letters | 1X

Photography Basics for Teens: Controlling the Blur in Action Photos

Let's Learn, Laugh, and Draw Amazing Penguins ( Art & Science) (Ages 5-7)

Pre Primer Sight Words: Holiday Edition!

F Is for Fall, P Is for Pumpkin! Tracing Letters, Fall Theme!

Counting and Tracing Numbers 1 to 10, Holiday Style!

Acting: Scene Study & Improv for Theatrical Preteens 2/ Online Play Edition!

The World of Pokemon

Chess for Hawks | 30 Minute Puzzle Workout

Violence Prevention and Defense for Teens: An in-Depth Course

Bully Prevention for Kids: Psychological and Physical Principles

Learn to Read: Pop It Reading & Spelling- CVC Words (Prek & Kindergarten)

Hacking Your Amazing Brain for Happiness!

Koalas: Are They Bears?

Brain Bending Optical Illusions and Crazy Mind Melting Phenomena and Craft!

Brain Bending Optical Illusions and Crazy Mind Melting Phenomena Club!

Magical Beasts Story Time Art Camp (3 days)

Watercolor Painting: Colorful Birds & Butterflies

6th Grade Math: Dividing Decimals

Waldorf Leprechaun Class

D&D Weekly Adventures in Phandelver

Watercolor: Learn How to Paint a Baby Cartoon Animal - Visual Dictionary Animals

Beanie Boo, Squishmallows, & Stuffed Animal Social PALS! (Ages 5-8)

Amphibians Around the World - A Fun Zoology Class!

Fun Philosophy: I Think Therefore I Am. Did Descartes Prove We Exist? Maybe Not!

Winter Fun: Word Puzzle Game Show

The Arkidecture Academy: Holiday Houses (Beginners) (Architecture) (Camp)

Snow Way! Sing With Me Snowflake Singalong (Ages 4-6)

Fractions: Multiplying, Dividing, Reducing Review*Also, Available Upon Request

“Sky Lanterns Art” Using Colored Pencils and Watercolors

Japanese Through Anime: Komi Can't Communicate - Season 1 (2 Weeks, Live Class)

Watercolor: Learn How to Paint a Butterfly - Butterflies

Fashion Design: How to Sketch an Attire With Watercolor and Ink

Physical Science- Physics and Chemistry- Review Notes + Activity :Ongoing

Pokemon Virtual Escape Room: The Kanto Region

Add and Subtract Decimals With Blooket

Coco Melon Freeze Dance Party

The Ultimate Guide To Roblox Master Class | Setting up, Safety, secrets, creating a game and more!

Shopping for Colors

Valentine's Day Party! Story Time, Song, Activities, Game and Heart Bear Craft

Spanish Lesson: Let's Conjugate Regular Verbs in the Present Tense!

3rd Grade Reading & Writing Course With a Licensed Teacher

Conversational American Sign Language Part 2

Chaffles, Chaffles and More Chaffles Live Class

Pokémon Battle Training: Exercise like a Pokemon!

Italian for Kids (FLEX): Greetings, Colors, Numbers, Days, Months, & Seasons

Math Test Preparation or Fill In the Learning Gap - Assessment or Review , to Perform Better!

Super Mario Bros. Super Art Super Paper Craft Club! Create, Share & Learn!

Canva for Beginners

A Grand Tour of the Solar System & Beyond

Super Mario Brothers Directed Drawing Class

Silly Birds Learn & Draw - Kinder & 1st Grade Science + Art

4th & 5th Grade Math: Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers - Area Model Strategy

This is EPIC! | Pre-Calculus | Entire Course Group Class | For Students Looking for Mastery! (Ongoing)

Let's learn the ABCs!

Private Tutoring for Reading Comprehension Passages w/ Certified Reading Teacher

Chemistry Connections

Reading for Kindergarten and First Grade With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed.)

Watercolor: Learn to Draw and Paint Cute Animals!

Waldorf Library Story Time Celebrate Spring

"Hooked" On Crochet: Let's Learn The Basics (Flex)

Blocks and Books Book Club and STEM Building Challenges

The Adventures of Sophie Mouse Book Club!

Elementary Math

Little Learners- Ms. Colleen's Ongoing Preschool

Group Violin Warmup: Wake up With Your Instrument! (Ages 8-13)

Mathematics Storytime Book Club With Simple Hands-On Projects + Activities FLEX

Dungeons and Dragons: The Sunless Citadel!

Pirate Escape Room - Can You Find the Buried Treasure? - Ciphers, Codes, Logic..

PVP Minecraft Social Club - Bedrock Edition

Share Your Pets! Featuring LIVE Reptiles!

Deep Sea Dive! Crazy Fish of the Ocean Club!

Private Math Tutor

Awesome Adjectives: A Creative Writing Technique

Graphic Design Camp | Spring Break Comprehensive | Canva!

Word up Vocabulary: Anagram Weekly Game


Middle School Economics: Part 1 (Flex)

Coding and Tech Tutoring 1:1

First Grade Science-Core Curriculum Science for Second Semester

Kitchen Warriors Healthy Options: All About Chaffles Cooking and Baking Flex Class

Essay Essentials: Paragraph Practice Writing Club, Beyond the Basics (with Personalized Feedback)

Freeze Dance Party - Get Your Wiggles Out

Grammar Guideposts | Compound-Complex Sentence Structure

Creative Writing: Create Compelling Characters

Elementary Art: Winter Themed

Classics for Kids Private Reading Language Arts Tutoring

Elementary Art: More Basics

Blue Truck Valentines Fun!

Acting: Comedy Performance Club for Kids

Writing Is Fun!! When We Use the 6 Traits of Writing

Beginning Recorder


Area & Perimeter: Squares and Rectangles

Animals! Letters! Stories! Ongoing Preschool Alphabet With Animals Lesson

Stitch and Witch

Into the Feywild - Search for Baba Yaga and her Dancing Hut (A D&D On-Going Adventure)

Musical Theater Deep Dive Appreciation Study Part 2

Film Studies: Introduction to Film (High School Elective) *FLEX*

One on One Writing Workshop

Kitchen Warriors: Healthy Options Cooking and Baking FLEX Class

Tiktok 101: How to Grow Your Tiktok, Get a Viral Video, and More!

Careers in Psychology

Crochet a Plushy With Grace

Small Group Reading & Vocabulary Games for Pre-K/KG/1st Grade/ESL -TESOL Certified Teacher

Kitchen Warriors: Healthy Options Cooking and Baking Live Class

Music: 16 Ukulele Lessons for Beginners: Live Private 1-On-1 Lessons Ages 7-10

Creative Writing: Plotting a Story That Is a Page-Turner

Spanish for Equestrians Language Series: Writing an Equestrian Diary in Spanish

6th Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (2x / Week)

Topics in Science for the Elementary Learner: Exploring Beyond a Textbook

Spanish for Equestrians Language Series: Reading Stories in Spanish About Horses

Advanced Voice, (Ages 4-7)

Cinco De Mayo: Is It Celebrated in Mexico?

4th Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (1x/Week)

3rd Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (1x/Week)

2nd Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (1x/Week)

The Nutcracker Experience Taught by a Sugar Plum Fairy

Russian Formal Dialogue Conversation Winter Camp. Elegant and Affluent.

Spanish for Equestrians Language Series: The Irregular Present Tense at the Barn

The Scientific Method: Learning How to Apply It to Everyday Life

Happy New Year! Dance Class - Hip Hop style

5th Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (2x/Week)

4th Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (2x/Week)

3rd Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (2x/Week)

2nd Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (2x/Week)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 2 Multiday (Age 8-12) (Pre-Req.)

Let's Learn, Laugh, and Draw Amazing Penguins ( Art & Science) (Ages 8-12)

Spanish for Equestrians Language Series: Regular Present Tense Verbs at the Barn

Algebra 1: Quadratic Formula

Spanish for Equestrians Language Series: Western Riding in Spanish

Spanish for Equestrians Language Series: Dressage and Showjumping in Spanish

Draw & Paint Colorful Ocean and Water Animals: Watercolor Mixed Media Art Club

Monthly Calendar Date Tracing or Writing Class

Music Appreciation - The Elements of Music and Rhythm

1st Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (2x/Week)

First Grade High Frequency Sight Words - Fun, Fast Paced, Engaging, Hands On!

Mandalorian Gymnastics Camp With Baby Yoda Craft

Introduction to Art History for High School V: Exploring Global Architecture

Arabic - Let’s Read Stories (Effective Readers)

Russian - Explore Prek the Polyglots Way (Prek4)

Arabic/English Bilingual Calendar Routine (K-2) Lit. Focus 4: Reading Sentences

Arabic/English Bilingual Calendar Routine (K-2) Lit. Focus 3: Vowels & Verbs

Arabic/English Bilingual Calendar Routine(3-5) Lit.Focus 1: The Alphabet (1X Wk)

1:1 Tutoring with a Certified Elementary Teacher

Uncover History: The Stone Age

Learn to Read Musical Notes! Quick Class For Beginners

First Grade Social Studies (K-2) | FLEX

ESL (English Second Language) Free Talk - Private 1:1

Writing: Introduction to More Fun With Writing Book Reports

Art Flex Course: Let's Learn Perspective Drawing! (Middle School)

First Grade Geography and Meteorology (K-2) | FLEX

Let's Learn German! Individual German Tutoring for all Levels (Ages 7-18)

Arabic/English Bilingual Calendar Routine (K-2) Lit. Focus 2: Forms & Vowels

Where Are They Going? Endangered Species of the World **Flexible Schedule**

Arabic - Let’s Read Stories (Automatic Readers)

Multiplication Made Easy -Times Tables From 0 to 10 With Fun Games

Design and Create a Unique Pokémon Inspired Board Game - Flex Class

Half/Time One-to-One Tailored Teaching

Amazing Animals: Koala Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Empower Hour Individual Tailored Teaching - 25 Subjects, Pre-K to College

All About Chickens - Let's Learn About Farm Animals Veterinary Science

Modelling Clay Monster Project

Story Time!

Music Class: Piano Adventures for Older Beginners (16 Live 1:1 Private Lessons)

Let's Learn! K-4 Tutoring with Aunt Sam

Escape Room Challenge-Escape the Solar System!

Intro to Watercolor: Let’s Make a Rainbow!

Let's Practice Addition ! - Math Practice for Grade 2 / Year 3

Ongoing Private Tutoring: Social Studies, Research, Writing, Civics, Geography

Roblox Games: Work at a Pizza Place

Learn How to Draw Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang in This Camp

Journey to Antarctica: A Really "Cool" Introduction to the Icy Continent, 8-10

Journey to Antarctica: A Really "Cool" Introduction to the Icy Continent, 11-13

ABC's & Learn To Read with Mrs. Dee

Math: Place Value, Comparing Numbers and Add/Subtract (6-Week Course)

"Tie Dye" Planet Art & Science Class

FLEX: Orton-Gillingham Inspired Letter Reading/Writing Reversals (B,D,P,Q,M,W)

Songwriting Workshop - Fun With Prompts!

Building With Bricks and Story, "Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs" STEAM

Multiplication Games: Movement, Blooket, and More

Weekly Writers Club With Middle Grade Author Kim Ventrella

Story Geek Book Club: Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, English Language Arts ELA

Story Geek Book Club: The Clean Getaway by Nic Stone ELA English Language Arts

Everything You Need to Know About Megalodon

Fantastic Folk Art: Let's Paint a Swedish Dala Horse!

Introduction to Broadway Musical Theatre for Kids - Sing, Act, Dance! Encanto

Let's Write a Pigeon Story Together! Penmanship with Pigeon (Cursive)

Pokemon Paper Craft Art and Social Club! Learn and Create!

Heart in a Jar

Draw Character Hearts in the Style of Chris Uphues

Guitar FUNdamentals - Beginner Players

Introduction to Spanish for Middle & High School - Beginners

New Years Party With MS Abby- Story-Craft-Song-Countdown-Kahoot

One-to-One GarageBand for Mac Computer Tutorial Session

Alien Life Form Drawing Club With Dustin

FLEX: Guided Field Trips Through Different Ecosystems

Let's Write: Ongoing Upper English Writing Course With Orchard Academy

Creativity Hour: Ongoing STEM Club for Creativity & Engineering

Spanish for Equestrians Language Series: Communicating With the Vet in Spanish

World History: The Russian Revolution

All the Kings and Queens of Europe - History, Politics, Battles, and Intrigue

The United States in World War II: In Depth

Rebel Girls Color and Chat: A Conversation About the Impact of Powerful Women

LEGO Master Jessica's Gingerbread House Holiday Steam Class! Ages 9-14

LEGO Master Jessica's Gingerbread House Holiday Steam Class! Ages 4-8

Graphing Calculator Basics (TI - 84)

Multiplication, Division, Decimals and Fraction Math Skills--5 weeks

Lizards Around the World - A Fun Zoology Class!

Word Search Social Club

How to Paint Winter Watercolor for Beginners January 2022 FLEX

How to Paint Winter Watercolor for Beginners December 2021 FLEX

How to Draw Winter Art for Beginners January 2022 FLEX

Adulting 101: Time Management Based on Priorities for Teens

Map & Compass Ongoing: A New Place and New Scenario Every Week! 9-13yo

How to Draw Winter Art for Beginners December 2021 FLEX

Changing Decimals to Fractions Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths

Draw With Me: Landscapes (Ages 5-10) CAMP

YouTube Basics - Essential Growth LVL 2

YouTube Basics - Essential Growth LVL 1

Journey to the Arctic Desert (Animals)

Reading Response Skills for Grades 4, 5 And 6

Sun & Moon Watercolors

Let's Talk, Read and Write German Course 1 Beginners Ages 7-10 Years (12 weeks)

Grammar Galaxy Yellowstar Unit 4: Missions in Writing and Speaking for 3rd-4th

AlphaPets Read Aloud Book Club: Learn ABC Letters and Daily Scavenger Hunt FLEX

Dear Elvis: Learning to Write Letters

Let's Be Librarians (FLEX)

College Preparation Writing for High School--Crash Course! MLA Citations

Fun With Fidgets! Show & Tell - One Time Class

Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring (Ages 14-18)

Math Tutoring (Ages 9-14)

Persuasive Writing for Gamers

Writing Spooky Stories With Author Kim Ventrella

Journey to the Antarctica Desert (Animals)

Igniting Creativity! Painting Watercolor Animals in Their Habitats Ongoing Class

Count & Color: New Year's Countdown Math

Understand Topographical Maps: Find Your Way When Your Phone Dies 9-13yo

Dickens, Scrooge and Parliament: The Real Reason for a Christmas Carol

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World Travel Class With Barnabas Bear

Fun winter Pokemon Camp!

Ongoing Logic Puzzles and More for 6 & 7 Year Olds

Reading Comprehension for Gamers

Learn With Ms. Price | Learn to Write Proper Paragraphs! {LIVE GROUP CLASS}

Introduction to High School Physics for All Students (Semester 2)

Grammar Galaxy Yellow Star Unit 3: Missions in Grammar for 3rd-4th

ROBLOX: Spanish Club with Native Speaker on Private Server. Intermediate Level/Meets Once a Week

Jedi Arts and Crafts: Paint Your Own Droid

US History Middle School Semester Class 4 Of 6: Constitution and Government Structure

Dr. Death: The Story And Legal Theories Behind Convicting a Killer Doctor

One on One Ongoing Elementary Math

English and Chinese Conversation Club: Let's Talk and Play Together

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World Travel Class With Orchard Academy

Spanish for Equestrians Language Series: The Weather at the Barn

Grammar Tales: Monsters Can Mosey - Understanding Shades of Meaning

Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy!

Atom Secrets Levels 1-4 Semester Course (16 Sessions Meeting Once a Week)

Fun Russian Step 2 (Ages 5-10)

Advanced Stretch, Strength and Flexibility for Ballet Figure Skating and More!

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