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New Classes on Outschool 2022-01-09

There are 379 new classes on Outschool the week of January 9, 2022 to January 15, 2022.

One-On-One: Book, Poetry and Novel Writing Mentoring

Middle School French - Level 1

A - Zebra: Animal Exploration With Journaling (Ongoing)

One-On-One Writing Tutoring for the College-Bound Student

Drawing Club! Age 8-12

Baking/Cooking: Valentine’s Day Cracker Toffee Crunch

Alphabet Chef - Cooking With the ABC's!

Spring Flowers Surprise Drawing

Math Tutor: 1-On-1 Ongoing Grades 1-3 Meets 1x per Week

Reading Tutor: 1-On-1 Ongoing Grades 1-3 Meets 1x per Week

Valentine's Day Cards: Prints + Patterns

A Day on the Farm, Animals, Caring for Babies, Gather Eggs & Loving Outdoors.

Dog Man Book Club: Dog Man and Cat Kid Book #4

Dog Man Book Club: A Tale of Two Kitties #3

Dog Man Book Club: Dog Man Unleashed Book #2

Multiplication Fact Fluency With Kahoot!

Dog Man Book Club: Dog Man Book #1

Math Mindset | 1on1 Math Tutoring & Homework Help 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade 30min

Math Mindset | 1on1 Math Tutoring & Homework Help 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Grade

"Night of the Blood-Wolf" Interactive Improv Roleplay Wizard School Theatre

1:1 Handwriting Tutoring With an OT 6-18 Years

1:1 Handwriting Tutoring for Older Students-With an OT

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Unit 1-A: "All About Me" 1-On-1

Hip Hop Encanto Dance Class - "What Else Can I Do?"

Let's Draw, Create, and Learn About Winter Matter! (Science & Art) (Ages 5-7)

Private Literacy Tutor Lessons (Week long sessions)

Super Mario Drawing Club

Afrofuturism: Art Study for Black History Month

Google Apps Intro - How to Use Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive (Ages 8-13) - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks

Musical Theatre Dance Kids: Encanto “Surface Pressure” (Theater Dance)

Fitness Zoo Adventure With Our Stuffies - Let's Exercise Our Way Around the Zoo

Book Club: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Art and 10 Week Social Club for Girls Ages 12-15

We the People - A History of the United States (Middle School)

Ongoing: Make Great Videos In Less Than One Hour! (Movavi Desktop or Laptop) 9-12yo

Alla Prima Art Academy: Paint Like the Modernists

Different Ratio Representations

Escape From Cybertopia

Christmas Party: Show & Tell and Games!

Beginner Japanese Level 2 (Twice a Week)

Brazilian Portuguese Calendar and Circle Time (K-2) (Academic Year) (Level 1)

Friendship Facts: Social Skills Workshop (ASD, ADHD, 2e) (12-17)

Critical Thinking and Philosophy: Ongoing Weekly (13-18 Teens)

Miss Ally’s Art Class: Blue Octopus Drawing and Painting Class

Russian Conversational Club 1 Greetings, Family, Sports

Beginner Reader Phonics Skills With Hungry Shark

The Fermi Paradox and First Contact Science Fiction

Cash Camp: Empowering Teens With Financial Literacy Skills for Life

Pokemon Spring Break Camp

Think Like a Champion: Use Sport Psychology to Improve Athletic Performance

Valentine's Day Drawing: Axolotl with Hearts

Italian Intermediates: Time, Verbs, Conjugating, and Indirect-Object Pronouns

Let's Learn About Sloths, Color and Chat!

Ongoing Adventures (Continent Series #4)(An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

The Child Actor Social Club: Tips on Acting, Auditions, and The Business

Typing 103 - Bottom Row - Keyboarding - Learn How to Type - US QWERTY keyboard

Let’s Learn English: One-On-One, Private ESL-EFL-ESOL Tutoring

Math Tutoring With Mrs. Boham - 30 minute session - Ongoing

“Escape the Wizard's Tower” Interactive Role-Playing Theatre Quest: Ages 7-12

Python Coding 4 Kids / Introduction ( One Day a Week)

Unicorn Drawing Club

Google Slides - Learn How to Use Google Slides

Google Sheets - Learn How to Use Google Sheets

Code Roblox Minigames Level II: Code, Publish, and Play Cool Games With Friends!

(Ongoing) Urban Wildlife - Know Your Nutty Neighbors

Draw With Me: Star Wars (Part 1) Self-Paced Class

Math Strategies: Partial Products Method of Multiplication

Math Strategies: Area Model Method of Multiplication

Russian Alphabet for 4-7 Years Old: Learn and Play

Draw With Me: Superhero / Avengers (Part 1) Self-Paced Class

Writing: Introduction to Writing to Compare and Contrast

Encanto Freeze Dance Party Ages 7-12

Essay Edits and Revisions With an ELA Teacher

What's for Dinner? #27 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Pokemon Multiplication Memory Game 1-On-1 Multi-Day Practice!

Sharks! - A Fun Marine Biology Class!

What's for Dinner? #26 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Adopt Me Gaming Camp Fun: Drawings for Virtual Prizes All Week!

Adorable Penguin Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Adorable Sleeping Fox Drawing & Watercolor Painting

What's for Dinner? #25 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

What's for Dinner? #24 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Cinderella Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Slippers!

Violin or Viola Basics

3rd and 4th Grade Social Studies Curriculum (FULL SEMESTER)-Nearpod

Affordable Art Class: Pencil, Charcoal and Ink

Baking 101: Sugar Cookies!

Mastering Multiplication/Division

1:1 Speech and Language Tutoring / Individual Pre-K Tutoring

Oil Pastel Art: The Indian Peacock (Animal Lesson, Oil Pastel Art Tutorial)

Division Mini Math Mystery: The Case of the Ruined Rainbow

One on One Math Tutoring. From Fractions and Algebra to Trigonometry or Precalculus.

Owl Pencil Drawing/ Shading/Art

Little Art Studio: Drawing & Painting Club!

Excellence in Exaggeration: Hyperbole and Personification-Creative Writing

Decimals for Beginners: Learn How to Add and Subtract Decimals While Shopping!

Kindergarten: Mini Math Mysteries

Vibrant Verbs: Parts of Speech for Writing

Weekly Themed "Dough" Learn, Create, & Play Social Time

Lovebirds: The Birds That Inspired Valentine's Day

Notetaking/Drawing on the Ipad With Apple Pencil and the Notes App (0ne to One)

How to Draw: Cute Spring Hedgehog

3rd Grade: Mini Math Mysteries

Scratch Coding Club: Games, Animations and More

Just Desserts Beginner to Intermediate #1 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Let's Learn English: Private ESL Class Level 1

Draw and Learn About Animals Club (#Creative)

På Svenska 3-Intermediate Swedish

Mastering Times Tables Jeopardy-Superhero Edition

Homework Help: Private Tutoring - PreK-5th Math, ELA, Science, or Social Studies

Social Skills Social Club

Magical Friends: A Weekly Sailor Moon Fan Club & Social Group!

Private French Tutoring With Madame Amelie Vallieres (55 Mins.)

Private Tutoring 1:1 Reading Practice

Algebra Students: Let's Learn Multi-Step Equations

Food Science Experiment: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology in Cooking Experiments

Break Dance: Cypher Camp (Level 3)

Contemporary African American Book Club for Middle-Schoolers

Can-Do Cursive: Learning to Write in Cursive Using Correct Letter Formation

Handwriting Helpers: Learning to Form Letters Correctly

Adventures in the World of JÖRD (an Ongoing Pathfinder Campaign)

Zoology for Kids: Draw and Learn About Amazing Animals(Ages 5-7)(Science & Art)

Zoology: Draw and Learn About Amazing Animals(Ages 8-12)(Science & Art)

Gamer Lounge: Video Gaming and Chat Social Club - For Mature Gamers! (14-18)

1:2 Spanish Tutoring Ongoing ~ Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Students #Confidence

ESL/EFL 1:1 - Free Talk - Have Fun With English Conversation Practice!

Boost Your Spelling & Reading Skills by Learning the 6 Syllable Types Self-Paced

Canine Science: Wolves, Foxes, Dholes, and More!

Minecraft Noun/Adjective Sort

Pokemon Multiplication 1-On-1 Memory Math Practice!

Dystopian Book Club: Red Queen

Antarctica Discussion Club: News, Animals, Science, Culture, History! 8-10

Antarctica Discussion Club: News, Animals, Science, Culture, History! 11-13

Lord of the Flies: Maybe It's Only Us

Fun Montessori Circle Time With Miss Jen (Preschool-Kindergarten)

Math Skill Builders - Advanced (Ongoing)

Algebra 1: Evaluating Negative and Fractional Exponents

Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Veterinarian? Exploring How Vets Could Use Math.

Pokemon Math Club -2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and 4th Grade Math - Multiplication and Division Facts

Fitness, Exercise, and Health One Time Class - Middle School Fitness Series

Soccer Explained

Raccoon Acrylic Painting Paint a Long With Ms. Muse

8th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 4

8th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 3

8th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 2

8th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 1

7th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 4

7th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 3

Songs & Stories for St. Patrick's Day!

Ongoing Homework Help - Elementary and Middle School

Counting From 1 to 10 (Catch the Butterfly) (Private Lesson)

Kids Spanish Immersion Class - All Levels - 1 On 1 With Native Speaker

UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter & Black Hawk Down in Somalia

Gymnastics and Acro Private Lesson (Specializes With Mental Blocks)

Roblox Bedwars Meetup With Mr. Mike (One-Time)

28 Day Ultimate Practice Challenge! -- A Practice Challenge for Musicians

Drawing Realistic People With Muscles & Anatomy - Figure Drawing Level 2

Beginner Chess: How to Win

Encanto Freeze Dance Mystery: Let's Find Bruno!

Beginner Private Spanish Class

All About Advanced Math Review One and Two-Digit Long Division (Ongoing Class)

Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Journaling & Discussion Class

Sight Word Practice (Sound Out, Read, Write, Spell)

Yoga & Meditation for Stress Relief and Fun (One-Time Class)

Beginner Chess: The Opening

“Share Your Book” Public Speaking Book Club Age 5-8

Draw It: Sleepy Tiger Cub

Private Piano Lesson- Advanced Learners or Accelerated Pace

Every Day Guitar, Electric or Acoustic, You Pick

Character Lab 101: Design an Awesome, Original Fantasy Character

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Novel Study

"Encanto" Inspired Cheese Arepas!

Imagine Math: The Story of Place Value (Waldorf Inspired)

Music Theory 101 - Notation Writing Skills

Would You Rather? US State Capitals Edition

French Tutoring - K to Grade 3

Encanto Freeze Dance Party Ages 3-8

The History of Dance: Country

The History of Dance: Ballroom

Let’s Make Dessert! A Weekly Baking Club

Camp Half-Blood 2: Medea's Madness - Greek Mythology Role Playing Game

“Share Your Book” Public Speaking Book Club Age 9-12

Division Fact Practice With Fun Games! Ongoing

Conquering Your Worry Monster

Writing: Sentence Fluency Part 2--Semester Group Class (12 Weeks)

Emotions and Coping Tools

Waldorf Archetype Study: Cinderella Around the World

Ongoing Science Class: Brain Games - The Brain and Body Systems (Ages 7-10)

7th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 2

Waldorf Fairytale Lesson: The Snow Queen

7th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 1

Shakespeare for Beginners

TruFluency Kids, 10-12 Years, 1.1 Level, 1x/week

Beginner Piano Lessons: Level 1a

Portuguese for Younger Learners: Intermediate Level (Part 1)

Dungeons and Dragons: Weekly Improv Workshop at the Stonehill Inn

Beginner Portuguese for Younger Learners (Part 2)

Beginner Portuguese for Younger Learners (Part 1)

Exploring Our Planet - Earth Science Self Paced

Beginner French for Younger Learners (Part 1)

Spanish Calendar and Circle Time (K-2) (Academic Year) (Level 1)

Spanish Calendar and Meeting Time (3-5) (Academic Year) (Level 1)

Spanish for Beginners - Level 1 (Grades 6-8)

Write Now! Creative Writing Club

Basic London History 1800 Part 2: Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole (Age 7-12)

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw a Sweet Sloth!

5th Grade Summer Review

7th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 5

"My Name" - Japanese for Little Kidz Series #1 (Ages 4-6)

Spring/Summer Math 6 Week 1:1 Private Tutor Grade K-6 Learning Syllabus Included

Sewing: Bowl Cozies (Sewing Machine)

Art and You: Private Art Lessons One on One | 45 Minutes

Intermediate: Three Point Perspective a Birds Eye View

Intermediate One Point Perspective: A Road Through Town

Dungeons and Dragons: Sinister Spire

Dungeons and Dragons: Barrow of the Forgotten King

Nonlinear Functions: Precalculus, Part 3

Christmas Around the World (History of Cultures and Traditions)

Science: Planets in Our Solar System- Learn About & Color the 8 Planets

Algebra Students: Let's Learn 2 Step Equations

Algebra Students: Let's Learn 1 Step Equations

Algebra Students: Let's Learn How to Multiply Binomials

Groundhog Day

Italian Cooking Class (Spring Edition)

Algebra Students: Let's Learn Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms

6th Grade Summer Review

One-On-One 6 Week Intro to Hebrew 45 Min (Reading, Writing, Alphabet)

Introduction to Paragraph Writing Ongoing Practice (Ages 8-10)

Beginner Spanish for Younger Learners (Part 1)

Horse Club Show and Tell: Schleich's, Breyer's Photography and Costume Contests

Beginner Spanish for Younger Learners (Part 2)

Private Tutoring for Young Children

Money Management for Teens: How to Build Wealth

1:1 Reading Instruction

Algebra Students: Let's Learn Degree, Leading Coefficient, & Descending Order

Science Escape Room Challenge: Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea!

Sloths: Are They Monkeys?

Animals and Pokemon! the Life Science Class ( Small Group Version)

Creative Writing Workshop for Teens | Weekly Prompts, Tips, & Feedback

iPad Digital Drawing for Beginners Using Sketches School (Part 3) - Cityscapes

Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Brown Belt

Python Pygame - Create Your Own Videogame L3 Level 3.3

Roadmap to the Stars: The Night Sky Explained

Introduction to Photography: How to Become a Better Photographer

Narnia Book Club: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Modern Mythology of Marvel

Let's Play Roblox Shark Bite - Game Time on a Safe, Private Server

Roblox Shark Bite 2 Gaming and Social Club • Play Shark Bite 1 and 2 !

Art & Archaeology of the Ancient Maya: Pakal the Great's Sarcophagus Lid (Teens)

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch Human Facial Features (Authentic Portraits)

Class 1: Make Great Videos In Less Than One Hour! (Movavi Desktop or Laptop) 9-12yo

Math - Middle School Tutoring Once Weekly With Certified Teacher

Individualized ESL /ELL English Conversation, Writing, Reading -Graded HW 14-18

The Tuskegee Airmen

The Seneca Falls Convention - The Beginning of the Women's Suffrage Movement

YouTube Creator Academy FLEX Class → How To Grow A Successful Channel

The Miracle Is You: An Encanto Themed Musical Theatre SUMMER CAMP!

Italian for Teens Club: Connecting & Learning Italian

Explore Your Sensory Differences in Depth

Pokémon Math 2

Italian for Beginners Club: Connecting & Learning Italian

Healthy Baking with Mike- Healthy SuperMoist Chocolate Cake

Lego Club: Weekly Building Challenges

Shakespeare Stories

Private Beginner Piano Lessons Ages 5-10

TruFluency Kids Spanish, 1.1 Level, 10-12 Years, 2x/wk

Oboe Reed Making Camp - Learn How to Make Your Own Oboe Reeds

Cute Valentine Lovey Birds - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Let's Create Valentine Mice! Polymer Clay Art Animal Sculptures : Beginner Level

Adorable Valentine Puppy Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Escape the Safari: Math Addition and Subtraction Word Problems With Animal Facts

Spanish II con Ms. Kat :Me Gusta el Español (Beginners II)

Feel Good 30! Orton-Gillingham Mini Session (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Reading, Fluency, Phonics)

Private SAT Math Practice

Little Tykes Sing-A-Long Voice

ESL Private Free Talk, Tutoring, and Practice 1:1 (One-Time)

Roblox Social Gaming Club Squishmallows

Earth's Cycles: The Rock Cycle

Proofreading: Skills Excellent Writers Use

Phonemic: Blending Consonants (Sh, th, Ch, Ck, Kn, Wh,Ph ,Wr, Sh, Ss, Tch, Ng)

Popular Songs: Violin & Viola Music Club

Let's Play Minecraft: Survival Mode! (Monsters on - Bedrock Edition)

All About Amazing Animals

Small-Group Hangul Korean for Young Learners [in Korean] Level 1 - Age 5-7

The Tyrant Lizard King! (T.Rex)

Encanto Ballet Dance Class!

American History, The American Revolution (Era 3)

Art & Archaeology of the Ancient Maya: Pakal the Great's Sarcophagus Lid

Small-Group Hangul Korean for Young Learners Level 1 - Age 5-7

Delightful Decimals Doing Math

Algebra 2: Quarter 4

(LIVE) Friendship, Laughter and Feelings With Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Valentine Characters

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw a Cute Rainbow Unicorn

Memory Minecraft Memory Game: Introduction to Fractions!

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Making Food!

Private Piano Lessons - 35 Minutes, Any Level, Scheduled and Ongoing

The Thirteen Colonies

High School Figure Drawing Club (Intermediate- Advance)

Encanto Sing Along!

The Notebook FLEX: Taking Notes You Can Use High School Edition

The Notebook FLEX: Taking Notes You Can Use Junior High Edition

Friendly Fractions and Their Operations

Chinese New Year - The Great Zodiac Race Story Adventure

Procreate Meet the Masters! Wayne Thiebaud's Food Paintings

Tips and Tricks to Learn Thousands of Spanish Words in 60 Minutes

History Herald: Horrible Histories & Terrible Tales of the Past - Part One

Draw a Disney Princess!

Clock, Clock: I Know How to Read the Clock

1:1 English Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocab, 1x/Wk (25 Min) Ongoing

Let’s Cook!: Learn French & Make Crêpes for La Chandeleur!

Poetry for Beginning Writers A Fun Filled Creative Writing Course

One-On-One Private Tutoring: Language Arts

Drawing Pokemon: Slowpoke

Middle School Integrated Science: Unit 2-Life and Enviromental Changes

Let’s Cook Breakfast! A Weekly Cooking Club

Middle School / Junior High English Language Arts Part 1

Reading, Writing, Comprehension--Practicing Language Arts

Fractions Intermediate Grades 3-6 Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide!

Among Us Social Club - Find the Imposter - The Fungle

Amazing Animal Partners!

Dinosaur Stomp! Let's Count Our Favorite Dinosaurs, Dance and Sing!

Math Tutoring 1-on-1 Math Help One Session or Ongoing

1-on-1 Reading Help Phonics and Reading Comprehension

Spanish World Geography and Culture

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Take One Trip to My Treasure Island! (for Teens)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Take One Trip to My Treasure Island

1:1 Authentic Communication

Private Voice (Singing) Lessons - Ongoing

Introduction to Music History: Twentieth-Century

Friendship Facts: Social Skills Workshop (ASD, ADHD, 2e)

Pokemon Memory Math Game: Introduction to Fractions!

Let's Learn Geography: Ongoing Upper Course With Orchard Academy B2+

Pokemon Memory Math Game! Subtraction Level 2!

Christmas With Anne of Green Gables Book Club (Taught by a British Teacher)

Anne of Windy Poplars Book Club by L. M. Montgomery

Pokemon Memory Math Game! Addition Level 2!

Fractions for Beginners Read, Write, and Draw the Whole, Half, Third, and Fourth ESL Friendly CEFR B1 B2 C1 C2

7th Grade Math FULL CURRICULUM Seventh Grade Math

Pokemon Memory Math Game! Addition Level 1!

Dead Founders Society

Russian for Beginners - Level 3 (Grammar)

Preschool French

ESL/EFL - Colorful Dough Creations Show-And-Tell!- English Conversation Practice

How to Draw: Morning Time with Pusheen the Cat

Polymer Clay Art 2: Sculpt an Axolotl Figure! (Intermediate)

First Grade Phonics

Mystery of the Alien Admirer - A Valentine's Day Escape Room

Introduction to One-Point Perspective: Let's Create an Outdoor Scene

Future Historian Camp (Ages 10-15)

Easy Animation for Beginners Using Keynote on the iPad (Part 1)

Introduction to Music History: Romantic Period

Science Tutoring (One Time Section)

Frozen Stretch and Move!

Bucket Drumming and Music Learning With PETS and Wild Animals!

Learn to Read With Phonics Level 2: Long Vowels

Photoshop Editing Class

BTS Stretch and Move!

1-on-1 Individual Lessons in Spanish - Spanish with Stories & Games

Fun Philosophy Summer Boot Camp 10 Weeks: Critical Thinking, Metaphysics, Morals

Public Speaking & Guided Impromptu Speech - Level 1

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages One-time

Mythological Winter Blast! - Holiday Party

Let's Talk: Bring Your Pet to Chat Class

Class 1: No Experience To Making a Great Video In Less Than One Hour! (iMovie Vi

Word Genius: Have Fun Expanding Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Writing Skills

Wire Wrapping with Crystal Rings Jewelry Pt. 2

Wire Wrapping with Crystal Rings Jewelry Pt. 1

Transitioning Into Kindergarten (Ongoing, Full Curriculum) 5 X's/Week

Exciting Dog Man Trivia With Kahoot

Wire Wrapping with Crystal Jewelry Pt.2

Summer Break Farm Animals & Crafts Camp: Goats, Chickens, and Horses

Guided Practice Writing Five (5) Paragraph Essays (Ages 8-10)

Analog and Digital Time A 3 Week Introductory Class for Elementary Students

Intermediate Drawing - How to Draw a Realistic Face!

Beginner’s Drawing- How to Draw a Face!

Draw a Polar Bear Holding a Heart | Valentine's Day

Fall/Autumn Mini Book Club!

Waldorf Library Story Time: Seasonal and Fairy Tales

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