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New Classes on Outschool 2022-08-28

There are 967 new classes on Outschool the week of August 28, 2022 to September 3, 2022.

The Pickwick Papers Writing Club

Dinosaur Lovers: Let's Learn About the Crested Dinosaurs

The Inheritance Games Book Club - Book 3

2 Days a Week - Private Tutor - Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar!

Who's in the T-Rex Family? Let's Learn About Tyrannosaurids

Hooked on Piano! 1:1 Beginner Piano With Mrs. K!

Morning Tea Social Club for Homeschoolers / Distance Education / All Learners

Dialogue Tags: Beyond Said and Asked

Kindergarten Kraze: Kindergarten Practice With Animal Friends!

Let's Draw Creatures of the Desert World Step by Step!

Right Triangle Trigonometry - Interactive Review of Sine, Cosine, & Tangent

The Hunger Games Trilogy: A Discussion In Your Favor

Loose Watercolor Flowers Paint Roses and Leaves Kids Beginner to Intermediate

I Can Craft! Super-Fun, Easy & Useful FLEX Arts & Crafts Class for Little Learners

Creative and Fun - Improv for Teens

Design a Logo | Entrepreneurs Create a Custom Logo for Your Business or Club

Pilates for Kids

Chess Club - Intermediate to Advanced Level Players

One Time - Drama Coaching - Monologue Prep - Private Drama Class

Jake Maddox Reading Club Grades 2-4

Boho Style Paper Clip Jewelry

Sketchbook Club: Lino Printing Project

Roblox - Jailbreak (Ongoing Gaming Social Club)

Roblox - Hide & Seek (Ongoing Social Gaming Club)

Private/ Semi-Private Minecraft Coaching (Bedrock)

Communications & Storytelling

Creative Adventures (Part 1)

Hands-On Science 6/7! Flex Part 1/3: Evolution and Biodiversity | 13 Wks | STEM

9/11 and the War on Terror: Discussing and Debating the Legal and Moral Issues

Learning More About Yourself With Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

Private Energetic Reading and Writing Tutoring: Perfect for Homeschool!

DNA for young scientists

Holiday Spanish Escape Room: Let's Help Santa en Español Intermediate and Advanced Level

Watercolor Loose Flower for Teens: Roses and Leaves | Beginner to Intermediate

Anywhere, Anytime | Pre-K & Kindergarten Curriculum & Circle Time! (SEPTEMBER)

Art History Adventures: Shapes & Colors (One-Time)

Discover DNA

October-Music With Art & Crafts- Making Flower Pens for Halloween

"Wolf Hollow" by Lauren Wolk: Critical Thinking Literature Circle Book Club

Magic Treehouse Merlin Missions Book Club

Colour Changes and Cabbage Juice- A pH Adventure

Zoology Study All About Hedgehogs

Facial Expression Gesture Drawing - Pen or Marker Only!

Time for Mindful Kindness-Listen/Wonder With Corduroy, the Green Little Bear 1:1

AP Calculus: Differentiation of Polynomials

Pokemon Legendary Drawing Club! (Talk, Draw. Color, and Learn About a New Legendary Pokemon Each Week!)

Let's Make a Cloud!

Portuguese Circle Time

Learning Science with SuperScience!

Let's Craft It! An American Girl Doll Coffee Shop Part 1: Food & Drinks

Castles and Historic Buildings (Part 3) with a UK Teacher

Creating Short Stories

Haunted Library Book Club - Book 9

Master General High School Chemistry in Winter Semester - Ongoing (2X/Week)

How to Make Nutella Cookies - Easy Recipe for Kids - Beginner Baking for Tweens!

1-on-1 College Entrance Essay Writing Help With a Licensed English Teacher

1-on-1 Writing Homework Help (With a Licensed English Teacher)

Orton-Gillingham -Let's Fill in the Missing Blanks of Reading, Spelling and Writing - Private

Meteorology and Weather Maps: Learning How Meteorologists Predict Weather (Flex)

Discovering the United Kingdom 2

Mess It up! Make Art With Mistakes

New York 4th Grade Common Core Math Test Preparation for Homeschooled

Journey to the Sun

Fractions and Measuring With a Ruler

Let's Draw for the Fall

1 : 1 Private ELA Tutoring : Weekly Personalized Tutoring Tailored to Your Interests : Reading and Writing Tutor

Improvised Debate Club: Using Comedy for Public Speaking

Let's Share, Talk, Socialize, and Make Weekly Goals!

1:1 Private Reading, Writing, ESL Tutoring (Ongoing)

Cooking With Stephanie: Let's Make Macaroni Salad

D&D for Young Learners: The League of Adventurers

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 2 Part 1 (Age 13-18)

Preschool American Sign Language Class Great for Ages 3-5

ASL - Beyond Beginner American Sign Language Words and Phrases (Section 5)

Mandarin Chinese Conversation Corner: Intake Class

Introduction to Exoplanets (Live)

Flex Psychology - High School Elective (Part 2 of 4)

One on One Reading/Writing Tutoring. (ESL Friendly)

Bump, Set, Spike; Volleyball Basics

How to Draw Summer Art for Beginners August 2022 FLEX

Bird Tweets - Robin on a Branch - Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

Ace Your Homework: Unlock the Secrets to Success - 30 Mins Weekly

Spelling With Phonics: Stretch Your Spelling Skills

Bird Tweets - Colorful Bird in Flowers-Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art Project

“ABC Extravaganza: Learn Your Alphabet the Fun Way!“

Adorable Hedgehog in the Woods - Drawing and Watercolor Art Project!

Hands-On Multiplication Bootcamp! (LIVE) Introduction: Tables 1-6

Everything D&D Discussion Class

Composite Class Curriculum Grade/Year 2/3/4 Homeschool/After School FLEX 4 weeks

Roblox Club: Let's Play Doors!

6th Grade Math Lesson #2: Multiplication & Division of Whole Numbers & Money

Pre-K Circle Time _Beach Theme!

Conversational Spanish for Teens Learn Real-Life Spanish With Native Speaker

On-Going Sudokus Galore

How to Paint Summer Watercolor for Beginners August 2022 FLEX

French Native Tutor for Elementary, Middle School & High School! 1-1-1 Tutoring

Essentials of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

French Native Tutor for Elementary, Middle School & High School! 1-1-8 Tutoring

1-on-1 Ongoing Reading Tutoring for Beginning or Struggling Readers

Ballet Private Dance Lessons With Miss Jamie

Halloween Creative Writing | Minecraft Edition

Algebra 1 - Strengthening the Basics

Fun and Easy! Beginner Drawing and Painting - Textured Pumpkin With Watercolors

Third Grade Year Lessons and Support (Tutoring) 2022-2023

September- Music With Arts & Crafts- Making Flower Pens for School

Back to Basics Math: Fraction Basics to Operations for 6th, 7th, 8th Grade

Mean Median Mode & Range Made Simple

Positive Affirmations | Success Club | Life Skills

Goal Setting | Success Club | Life Skills |

Proofread Like a Detective! Essay-Writing Tips & Tricks for Revision and Editing

Getting Ready to Read! Beginning Phonics for Early Readers and Writers.

How to Paint Summer Watercolor for Beginners September 2022 FLEX

1:1 Advanced Water Color Scarlet Macaw- Step-By-Step Art Lesson

Comprehensive 3rd and 4th Grade English Language Arts: Reading and Writing

Comprehensive 5th and 6th Grade English Language Arts: Reading and Writing

How to Draw Summer Art for Beginners September 2022 FLEX

The Floor Is Lava/Natural Disaster Survival/Sharkbite Roblox Gaming Club!

Let's Design a Zoo Exhibit!

Valentine Chef: Bake Valentine’s Day Popcorn Treat

Times Tables Made Simple (11 - 13 year olds)

STOP! "Hunting & Pecking" - Typing/Keyboarding for Coders (One-Time, Ages: 7-12)

C'est l'halloween - Halloween Conversation Class in French

Sounding Out and Spelling Sight Words (FLEX)

Storytime Theatre: The 3 Little Pigs (Story, Craft & Dramatic Play!)

Fall in Love With Dot Painting

It's Fall Y'all Southern Cooking Class: Tangy Honey Mustard Chicken Bowl

Soul Food Baking Class: Southern Banana Pudding Cake

Art Class: Color Theory and Color Chart Lesson One-Time Class!

1 to 1 Essay Writing Tutor With a Certified Teacher/Published Author

Science Tutoring for Ages 10 to 15- (Schedule a Time Convenient to Student)

Comprehensive Middle School English Language Arts: Reading and Writing

Time Traveling to Famous Landmarks Around the World (Ongoing)

Spring Semester Book Club: Ages 8 - 10 FLEX

Spring Semester Book Club - Ages 11-13 FLEX

High School US History for Homeschoolers (FLEX) - Part 1 of 5

Elements of Poetry - Interactive Notebook Format - Ongoing - (4th - 8th Grade)

What Will You Find? Owl Pellet Dissection Lab

Coloring U.S. History (Ongoing)

Sketchbook Club: Exploring Printmaking

Baking Outside the Box - Baking Like a Boss - FLEX

California Soul Cooking Class: Sunset Skirt Steak with Smashed Potatoes

Science With Miss Robyn: The Science of Cyclones , Hurricanes, and Typhoons

Rhythm Basics for Beginners

Big History Project - Semester 1

Creative Cooking - Let's Get Cooking FLEX

Blue Belt Level Three

1:1 ESL Private Tutoring (American Accent)

Basic Spanish Blooket Review

Drawing Class | Kawaii Halloween Cats

“The Office” (American) Halloween Party Rewatch Social Club

Drawing Class | Halloween Squishmallows

Creative Writing Club

Art Class: Pick Your Own! Private 1:1 4 Week Flex Course (Drawing & Painting)

Roblox Gaming Party With Mr. Mike!

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 6 Multiday (Age 8-12)

Introduction to Painting: With Trees, Nature, and Landscapes.

5th/6th Grade Ongoing Language Arts (Reading Comprehension and Writing)

7th/8th Grade Ongoing Language Arts (*Reading Comprehension and Writing*)

Easy & Fun Introduction to Note Reading

Getting Into a Daily Sketchbook Habit (Taught in French)

ELA English, Writing, and Reading One-On-One Private Tutoring 25 Minute Multiday

Be a CVC Word MVP-With Mrs. E!(B.S. Elementary Education) Certified Teacher

Cracking the STEM Thinking Design Process for Young and Future Creators

Elementary Writing Workshop: My Pet (by a Licensed English and Reading Teacher)

Art by April: Watercolor Gingerbread House

Art by April: Clay Gingerbread House

Art by April: Acrylic on Canvas Snowy Night

Art by April: Acrylic Painting, 3 Day Winter Camp-Set 1

Art by April: Acrylic Painting a Snowperson

Art by April: Acrylic Painting a Holiday Gnome

Art by April: Acrylic Painting a Cartoon Winter Penguin

Art by April: Acrylic Painting Santa Sloth

1:1 Algebra 1 Help | Lessons | Tutoring | Certified Math Teacher (50 Minutes)

Thinking Like a Detective

Getting Curious About Data (9th & 10th Grade)

Fall Squishmallow: Draw a Chipmunk!

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Icewing Lynx

Private 1:1 English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutoring

Forensics: Fingerprint Science For Kids 4 Weeks

Piano Lesson Fun With Mrs. K! 1:1 Intermediate Level

Let’s Cook! Learn How to Make a Yummy S'mores Snack Mix

Brick Masters Social Club: Build and Share With Friends

Amazing Antarctica: Geography, History, Extremes, Animals & People, 8-10

Amazing Antarctica: Geography, History, Extremes, Animals & People of the Ice

Women in STEM

Create Your Own Mandalas With Ms. Sydney

1-on-1 English Written Development Private Tutoring

Investigative Science Skills For Middle Schoolers : 8 Weeks

How to Draw a Cute Elephant!

5 Sessions of Private Writing: Star Wars Edition

Junior Bookclub, Italian Storytime 🇮🇹

Art: Still Life Sketching and Drawing With Ms. Sydney

Intro to Using Procreate, Plus Draw 4 Different Nature Scenes

It's Showtime! Creating a fun at home performance

Socialize and Build Class with Minecraft-Ongoing!

How to Build a Minecraft - Mob Spawner XP Farm

Intro to the Parts of Speech

How to Make Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies - Easy Beginner Baking for Kids!

Montessori Math for Elementary Schoolers

Art Class: Ongoing! Get Creative and Draw Cool Things! Think Outside the Box

IB MYP 8th Grade Math - Law of Index

IB Math Exam Topic - Sets and Venn Diagrams

How to Create an Original Character, From Concept to Completion

Numberblocks! Learn About Fact Families – Addition and Subtraction to 20 - UK Teacher

Oregon 6th Grade Math Test Preparation

California 5th Grade Common Core Math Test Preparation

One-On-One Video Editing Class on Clipchamp!

Dive Into Writing: Adding Details to My Weekly Writing Practice

11 Plus Mathematics Small Group Course

ESL Reading Skills

1:1 Private Tutoring or Independent Study: Mythology and Magical Creatures

Beginning Sentence Diagramming and Parts of Speech

I Love Animals Too: Pet Show and Tell

Igniting Creativity! Wonderful Water Acrylic Painting - High (11-16)

1:1 with AP English Teacher ( Writing, Literary Analysis, & Poetry)

How to Student (Note-Taking, Planning, Studying) for Grades 6-10

Masterpiece Academy: A Cornucopia of Artists and Techniques

Dance Me A Story Workshop-Sleeping Beauty

Getting Curious About Data (7th & 8th Grade)

Building Character: Let's Explore Real Life Examples of Incredible Leadership!

Art History: Warhol, Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, and Dine! (Flex)

Fun With Chinese: Level 4A

Story Time - Fletcher and the Falling Leaves!

ASL 1-1 | Americain Sign Language One on One Private/Custom Lessons

Comprehensive High School English Language Arts: Reading and Writing

Easy Italian: Fall Semester [AGE 14-18] [X2 Week] Elementary 1

Monster Mash - Halloween Dance Class (On-going)

Creative Writing: Composing an Opinion Paragraph to Express Ownership of Ideas

Reading and Comprehension Skills: Pre-K Through 2nd Grade

Creative Movement

Anxiety Management One-On-One (1:1) Class for Teens

Essentials of Reading: Comprehension, Phonics, Fluency, & Vocabulary

Beginner Ballet for Teens

Science Squad Jr.: Science for Littles

Weekly Writing Club (Ages 6-8)

How to Build a Minecraft - Iron/XP Farm/Villager Trading Center.

Spanish One on One for Beginners

Taking Care of Earth | English Club | ESL | Intermediate Level | Small Group

Fix It! Grammar (the Nose Tree) Part 2 ( 2X week)

Fix It! Grammar (the Nose Tree) Part 1 (2X/week)

Early Readers Phonics: Read, Write, Spell: CVC & Sight Words: Section 4

Pokémon Elementary Mathematics: The battle to flex place values

Holiday Frozen Ballet With Miss Lexa: That Time of Year

Beginner Ballet for Ages 9-12

Elephants, Wolves, Big Cats, Jellyfish- Awesome Animals Course

Voice by Adam - Private Voice Lessons for Singers (30 Minute Weekly Option)

Orton-Gillingham - Let's Fill in the Missing Blanks of Reading, Spelling and Writing (Ages 11-14)

Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Ballet With Miss Lexa

7 New Wonders of the World (Ongoing)

Financial Literacy World - Minecraft Education Edition

Level 7! Part 1 Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Guitalele

Gluten Free Baking Skills With Ms. Tracy

Photography Photojournalism and The Art of Storytelling Middle School Art Class

Master Phonics With Drawing: Easily Spell Words With Beginning /k/ Sound C or K

Basic French

Orton-Gillingham - Let's Fill in the Missing Blanks of Reading, Spelling and Writing (Ages 8 -10) Private

Mario Kart 8 One-Time Video Game Social Club

The Wonders of Trigonometry (and Beyond!)

1:1 Private Public Speaking: Creating Confident Conversations Class

Passion Four Pawz: Trick Training for Old and New Dogs Primary (Ages 6 To 10)

Comprehensive Reading & Spelling Skills Assessment |Struggling Readers; Dyslexia

[English]Young CS Thinkers- Learning Computational Thinking With Scratch

Dungeons and Dragons Intro to Character Creation - Mechanics and Story Crafting

Learn How to Easily Divide Fractions- Ongoing

Afterschool - The Art of Star Wars Films. ( and Make a Film Too.)

Musical Theater Fundamentals: Drama Class in Acting, Voice, and Dance (Ages 9-13)

Fall Paint Fun at Priscilla's Paint Factory!Van Gogh Kitty Painting!

Drawing Monsters, Aliens and Other Fantastic Beasts! a 8-12 Ongoing Art Class.

Fantasy Football Talk - Let's Chat About Football Stats and All Things NFL

Perforated Art With Decoupage Fabric Frame

Make Your Own Beads With Paper!

Let’s Paint the Ocean in Watercolor

Super Math Strategies: Individual Tutoring 1 Day

Orton-Gillingham - Let's Fill in the Missing Blanks of Reading, Spelling and Writing (Ages 8-10)

Add & Subtract Fractions With Uncommon Denominators- Ongoing

Middle School Weekly Grammar Focus

Early Readers Phonics: Read, Write, Spell: CVC & Sight Words: Section 3

Today's Readers are Tomorrow's Leaders

Early Reader Phonics: Read, Write, Spell: CVC & Sight Words Section 2

Private Tutoring for Young Children: Writing

Can You Escape in Time? The Ultimate Art Heist Escape Room

Guthriegabs About 1:1 One on One Reading Tutor Fluency and Comprehension

Armchair African Safari!

Science Tutoring: Biology, Chemistry and All Life Sciences (1-On-1)

Super Star 3rd Grade! Full Curriculum-Math, STEM, Grammar, Reading (5x/Week)

Drawing Roblox Adopt Me Pets Art Class

4th & 5th Grade ELA Full Curriculum

Learn to Read: Halloween Phonics Fun for Early and Beginner Readers

6th & 7th Grade ELA Full Curriculum

Afterschool - The Art of Disney Frozen Animated Films ( and Make a Film Too. )

Super Summarizer: Multi-Day Fun!

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 4--The Staircase Checkmate!--Ages 13-18

Winter Maze Design!: A Beginner Drawing Lesson (Small Group)

Greek & Latin Roots Flex Part 2

Photography the Art of Storytelling and Photojournalism for High School

Begin Writing Letters and Phonics Sounds

Basics in Singing. Small Group Voice Lessons

Homework Help or Tutoring 1:1 For Elementary Students With a Certified Teacher

Afterschool - The Art of Photography - Get Noticed on Social Media!

Pre-Algebra Curriculum Part 1 (Integers, Expressions, Equations & Inequalities)

Greater Than or Less Than? That Is the Fraction!

Converting Fractions!

Show Me the Money! Identifying Coins

Multiplying Fractions!

Dividing Fractions!

Creative Writing: A Short Story

Basic Watercolor Painting for Beginners

Original Characters: Draw It! Write It! Act It!

How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay

3 Days a Week: Private Tutor - Grammar, Writing, Spelling, and Reading!

Introduction to Microsoft Excel for Kids

Three-Digit Addition With Regrouping

Reading Booster & Vocab Builder - Reader’s Theater - The Three Little Javelinas

Grammar Express

Earth Science, Geology, and Waterfalls: Let's Take a Virtual Trip!

Animal Science Class

2nd Grade Full Curriculum | FLEX | Section 1

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch: Creative Writing Using Figurative Language

3rd Grade Full Curriculum | FLEX | Section 1

We're on the Same Page - Book Club

The Never Girls Book Club Literature Lessons: Book 13: Under the Lagoon

Recess, Lunch and Free Time E-Bingo Game About Countries

Easy Peasy Math: Slower Pace for Grade 4 Age 9 Multi Day

Spanish/English Immersion Full Curriculum: Grades 1-2 (Ongoing)

Beginning Phonics - Let's Learn to Read & Write Word Family Words

Stock Market - Part 3 Virtual Stock Market Game Investing for Beginners - (Age 8 - 13)

Fun With Spelling! (8 to 10 Yo)

Creative Drawing With Prompts

Fact Sharing and Snack Time Social Club

Fun and Silly Sing-Along Songs

Vincent Van Gough Sun Flowers

Cooking: Valentine's Baking: Red Velvet Chocolate Cookies with a Kiss!

Amazing Plants - Pirate Pete STEM Social Club for Kids 6-9 .

How to Draw Cute Fall Critters FLEX Class with The Bunny Lady

Learning to Write Paragraphs

Animal Talk! Show and Tell Your Pet With LIVE Animals! Share Your Pet (Ages 8-10)

Animal Talk! Show and Tell Your Pet With LIVE Animals! Share Your Pet (Ages 5-7)

Let’s Make Lunch: Halloween Lunches With Dessert (Flex)

Let's Draw & Paint a Fall Guinea Pig

Let's Draw & Paint a Fall Fox

1:1 Maths Tailored Tuition: Numeracy Support by a highly experienced teacher (Kindergarten and Elementary)

Drawing and Story Time Fun

Writer's Workshop for Beginners-Halloween Edition!

Kindergarten Handwriting - I Can Write My ABCs! (Part 2: Capital letters M-Z)

Haitian Creole Tutoring for Ages 5 To 7

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Hangout and Play Club

Sight Word Swing Level 1- Halloween Fun!

Giving Your Best Effort

Summer Math Review Club With Kahoot!

Subjects and Predicates: What You Need to Know for Your Grammar and Writing!

Monday Morning Football Talk

Hispanic Studies for Fifth Grade-Who Was Pancho Villa

Composite Class Curriculum Grade/Year 2/3/4 Homeschool & After School FLEX - 'A'

Composite Class Curriculum Grade/Year 2/3/4 Homeschool & After School FLEX - 'B'

Halloween STEAM

Let's Gossip About the Gilmore Girls!

Debate Club: British Parliamentary Debate (BP)

Conversation Club (Show and Tell)

Learn the Bill of Rights in 30 Minutes!

Novel Study: The Toothpaste Millionaire

History Thru Doctor Who Famous Writers, Painters, Inventors

Guided Reading for One: Private One on One Reading Class

Weird Laws from Around the Globe

Law School - What Do You Learn?

Weird Laws From Around the United States

Animal Law & Animal Rights Law : Where Does It All Fit In?

Design Your Perfect World (Tweens & Teens)

Hunger Games; Culture, Politics, Economy, and Nature

The Mockingjay ; Signs and Symbols of Political Movements

Weird Things People Used to Believe (and Maybe Still Do)

Hunger Games and the Resistance

Animal Rights and Animal Law Series for Teens & Tweens

Introduction to Guided Reading: A Reading Class for Two!

Guided Reading Group for Beginning Readers!

Guided Reading Group for 1st Grade!

Morning Meeting and Calendar Time!!!

Animal Rights Club

Book-To-Movie Club: Is the Book Always Better?

African American Literature: The Life, Times & Poetry of Langston Hughes II

Halloween History 101

3rd Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum (3 Times a Week )

A Semester of Leadership Skills & History: The Antarctic Shackleton Expedition

ABC’s of Health & Wellness

Halloween Not-So-Scary Costume Party!

Summer Math Algebra 2 Boot Camp: Algebra 2 Math Review | Get Ready for College

ESL ELL EFL Intermediate Academic and Practical Vocabulary

Kindertastic Math: Entire Kindergarten Math Curriculum 1st Quarter

Stories and Soundtracks: Using Classical Music for Your Favorite Books

Ongoing: Grammar Champs (Parts of Speech)

One on One Sign Language Tutoring (Beginner to Advanced) ASL - Ongoing

Grammar Galaxy Yellow Star Unit 1: Missions in Literature for 3rd-4th Grade

Beginner's Guide to Japanese

Pre-K Reading Curriculum: Fall Semester (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Pick Your Starter: An Introduction to Greek and Latin Roots

Let an Expert Help You -Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1- Geometry Made Easy

Let an Expert Help You -Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1- Algebra II or Algebra 2

Let an Expert Help You -Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1- Algebra 1 Grade Math

Let an Expert Help You -Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1- 8Th Grade Math Pre-Algebra

Let an Expert Help You -Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1- 7th Grade 7 Math Tutoring

Let an Expert Help You -Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1- 6Th Grade Math Tutoring

Create Your Own in-Person Escape Room: Logan’s Surprise!

Photography the Art of Storytelling and Photojournalism for Middle School

Animal Talk! Show and Tell Your Pet - Weekly Class With LIVE Animals! Share Your Pet (Ages 8-10)

How to Reduce Test Anxiety and How to Master Objective Test Questions

Study Skills for Homeschoolers - Grades 6th - 10th

Math with DeAnn: Algebra 1 - Full Course of Ongoing Classes - 3x/week (45 mins)

Mathematics Challenge

Private Guitar Lessons (All Ages, All Skill Levels)

The Fin Footed Frog Fish

Fall Story Time and Pre-K Skills

Phonics and Accuracy Reading Class

English Literature: The Life, Times & Sonnets of William Shakespeare III

English Literature: The Life, Times & Sonnets of William Shakespeare II

Superstar Writing With Expanded Expressions

Wonder Book Club

English Literature: The Life, Times & Sonnets of William Shakespeare I

How to Draw Sports Kawaii: Learn Step-By-Step Directed Drawing Doodles

Creative Writing: Halloween Poem [Writing and Drawing]

Earth Science: Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes

4th Grade Science Full Curriculum | FLEX | Section 1

Beginner Ballet for Ages 6-8

Advanced Writing for High Schoolers: How to Ace Your College Writing Courses

Microsoft Office -PowerPoint - The Basics of Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Let's Write! Introduction to Personal Narrative Writing for Beginner Writers

Let's Write a Spooky Halloween Story: A Cooperative Creative Writing Course

Hey Hey…It's Spanish Bingo Time.

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Intermediate Skills (Ages 12-17) - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks

Reading-Cracking the Decode-Beginner Reading (ar, er, ur, and ir)

Reading-Cracking the Decode -Beginner Reading (sh, ch and ck)

Thoughtful Action - Theme of the Week

The Cat Kid Comic Comprehension Club!

Lets Try Something New: Using Positive Thinking to Handle New Experiences!

Anxiety Management for Teens: Strategies to Cope and Thrive

Building Your Self-Confidence: Confidence Building Coaching Private 1-On-1 Class

Writing One on One Camp

Introduction to Psychology: History, Human Development and Famous Research.

4th Grade Full Curriculum class | Section 1

Creative Writing: Halloween Poems!

One-On-One Tutoring With Ms.Abby-One Time Class

Shocking Slimy Sea Slugs

Our Neighborhood

Your Space Your Time! Let's Talk About It!

Write With An OT: Silly Sentences Handwriting Club, In Print

1:1 Music Lessons for Neurodiverse, Autistic & Special Ed Learners

Decimal Place Value - A Deeper Understanding of Tenths Place

Be a Project Leader: Boost Your Confidence With Group Projects!

Unicorn Phonics - Let's Learn to Read CVC Words

Google Apps Intro - How to Use Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive (Ages 13-18) - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks

Animal Camp

Introduction to Watercolors: Simple Foliage and Flowers

Social and Life Skills for Kids

7 Wonders of the United States (Ongoing Class)

New Kid: A Graphic Novel, a Condition, and a Book Club

1:1 ESL Music Talk: Let’s Talk About Musical Instruments! (Pt. 1)

Miss Autumn's Public Speaking for Fun - Beginner Show and Tell

Escape Room: The Secret Life of Bugs

Cookie Recipe Exchange

High School English Class Private Tutoring

Splatoon 3 League: Inklings Unite!

Rainbow Friends Weekly Gaming Fun!

Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons 101!

FLEX: "Saxophones Take Flight!" Beginning Saxophone

A Special, Handmade Gift--Knit a Pretty Waffle-Textured Kitchen Cloth!

Preschool/Kindergarten Halloween Party!

Fun With Fall Camp

Easy Romanian: 6 Days "First Steps" Camp a1-A1+ 50 Minutes

Storyworks | Engaging Middle School Language Arts Curriculum (Ongoing)

Waldorf Inspired Bedtime Stories

Roblox Gaming Social Royale High Roleplay & Chat

Real World Writing

Hands-On Science! Elementary/Middle School Full Year (33 Weeks, Full-Curriculum) | STEM

[Trial Class/English] What Is Computer Science Thinking?

Art Class: Learn About and Practice Drawing People! New Drawing Each Week!

Punctuating the 4 Types of Sentences

1:1 Math Tutor W/ Certified Teacher (6th-8Th) & Algebra 1 (30 Min) 2x Week

Crush the ACT! Comprehensive Math Prep Review

Multiplication Practice With Gimkit

Let's Perform a Play: Acting Out the Story of "City Mouse, Country Mouse"

7th Grade - Math in the Middle - Q1

Math Escape Jurassic World Park 3rd Grade (Ongoing)

Italian Learning Club: Italian Conversations, Songs, & Vocabulary for Beginners

Stargirl Book Discussion

Coloring Club! Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, Princesses!

All About Seahorses!

Montessori Math Time: Stamp Game Static Addition FLEX Class

Art with Ms. Heidi: Frida and Her Animalitos; Read Aloud and Draw Spider Monkey

ASL Course 2 | Develop Your ASL Skills Beginner [Age 15-18] [Part 2]

Draw a Spooky Halloween Haunted House!

Watercolor Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Painting Class

Bats Over a Full Moon Acrylic Painting Class

Rounding Up Numbers Blooket Game

ASL Course 1: Develop Your ASL Skills | Beginners Guide [Age 12 -15]

Weekly 1-1 Reading Comprehension (With Elementary School Teacher)

Thrifting for Teens 101

Love House Learning Academy (8-10 Years Old)

Algebra 1-Solving Equations With X on Both Sides (Quick Lesson and Review)

Beginning Learn How to Cross Stitch! (Teen Flex Class)

Love House Learning Academy (6-8 Years Old)

Intro Jewelry Making: Make Your Own Handmade Chain Jewelry (Flex Class)

Beginner’s Guide to DSLR Photography - Learn Your Camera! (Flex Class)

Private Procreate Class : Create a Character (1:1)

Intro Jewelry Making: Make Your Own Dangly Beaded Earrings (Flex Class)

Individualized 1:1 Grammar Tutoring: Parts of Speech, Punctuation, and More!

Arts & Crafts Corner: Halloween Bat Silhouette Painting

Crochet: Bat Amigurumi

Urdu Tutoring for Siblings

An Interactive Guide to Shakespeare's London

ESL, EFL - Beginner Conversational English Small Group (2x per Week, Ages 5-7)

Animal Talk! Show and Tell Your Pet - Weekly Class With LIVE Animals! Share Your Pet (Ages 5-7)

This Hidden Bias Weighs You Down! Defy the Anchoring Bias to Make Better Choices

High School Sketchbook Club

Halloween - Jazz and Hip Hop Dance Class - 3 Week

Learn With Ms. Price | TRIAL CLASS | 1:1 Writing Tutoring With a Certified Teacher

Composite Class Full Year Curriculum Grades 2, 3, & 4: Homeschool & After School

Introductory Taster Lesson: Curious About Python Coding?

Flexi Gabby's Dollhouse Art Club

Intro to Math: Learn to Use a Number Line With Birds

Scavenger Hunt Around the House

Extraordinary Birds | (30 Minutes)

Roblox World // Zero - Weekly Meet-Up With Mr. Mike!

1 on 1 Private Tutoring for Grades K-6: Reading Comprehension, Phonics, Etc.

Stories and Early Reading-1 On 1

Learn Physics With Hands-On STEM Projects (Flexible)

Let an Expert Help You - Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1 - Grade 4 Math Tutoring

Art by April: Watercolor Painting Amazing Animals

Flexi PokÉMon Discover and Draw

Private Spanish Tutoring With a Spanish Waldorf Teacher for Siblings

Let an Expert Help You - Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1 -All Grade 5 Math Tutoring

Stretch, Blend, Read, and Spell: Short Vowel Words (CVC) and Word Families

Let's Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival in Cantonese With a Craft!

When Women Write: To Kill a Mockingbird FLEX Class

This Hidden Bias Weighs You Down! Defy the Anchoring Bias to Make Better Choices

Create and Sing Positive Affirmations to Build Self-Esteem (Ages 9-12)

Strategic Test-Taking Life Skill: Solve Math Anxiety Drawing 1 Sketch at a Time

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Spelljammer - Light of Xaryxis (14 - 17)

It’s ALL In Your Head! Study Skills Tips Tricks For Memory Retention & Mastery

Kinder Reading Curriculum: Fall Semester (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Turn Into a Jumping Spider! Bug Science With Ms. Morgan (One Time Class)

002 Chat & Color: Digital Citizenship - It's a Balancing Act!

Preschool Math and Science: Spiders!

Algebra, Middle School Math, or Science Tutoring 45-55 Min 4x a Week

Drawing a Cityscape: How to Use Perspective in Drawing

Teen Spanish Club - Beginning

Middle School United States History, Part II - Flex Class

On-Going Private Tutoring

ASL Course 2 | Develop Your ASL Skills Beginner [Age 12-15] [Part 2]

Boredom-Busters Thanksgiving Camp 2022: 4 Days of Fall Break Fun! | Mrs. Meade

Let an Expert Help You - Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1 - Grade 3 Math Tutoring

Let an Expert Help You - Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1 - Grade 2 Math Tutoring

ASL Course 1: Develop Your ASL Skills | Beginners Guide [Age 15 -18]

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Farm Animal - Pig

Let an Expert Help You - Private Math Tutoring 1-On-1 - Grade 1 Math Tutoring

Anger Management for Kids 1-On-1: Recognising and Managing Anger 1-On-1 Class

Exploring Animal Habitats: Let's Learn About Animals All Around the World.

Let's Talk and Draw: Homeschool Art Social Club for Middle Schoolers

Take a Breather: Mindfulness Deep Breathing Exercises for Beginners!

Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Gameplay for Beginners

Star Wars: Jedi Academy Book Club Ongoing Class

Summer Camp: Learn Spanish Vocabulary and Sentences Through Fun Songs A1

Summer Camp: Learn Spanish Through Games and Crafts (Part 1) A1

Summer Camp: Beginners Spanish Circle Time: Songs, Stories, Letters, and More! 2

Summer Camp: Beginners Spanish Circle Time: Songs, Stories, Letters, and More! 1

Design a Google Doodle

RPG Dungeons & Dragons for Beginners: Learn How to Create Your Own Character!

Halloween Grammar: Parts of Speech and Fill-In-The-Blank-Stories

Miss Sue's Multisensory Preschool

Reading Masters! Multi-Sensory Reading, Spelling, & Writing | Dyslexia

Pre-K Everyday

Play-Based English, Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Art or Social Skills | 1:1 Customised Curriculum | Interest-Led Tutoring | Suitable For Typical Learners & Autistic/ Autism, ADD/ ADHD, 2E, Other Neurodivergent Learners

Draw a Self Portrait With Me!

A Human Body Anatomy— Science for Kids: My Body Systems Work Together FLEX

What Does Smoking Do to the Lungs and the Respiratory System?

Private Audition Coaching w/Professional Stage/TV/Film Actor: 1-hour

Fall STEM Challenges (Flex Class)

Cursive Handwriting for Teens (Ongoing Class)

Reading Comprehension & Analysis 1:1 Tutoring

Roblox Gamers

Entry Jobs Into the Veterinary World What to Expect and Know

Private Spanish Tutoring Semester: Learn Spanish for Kids! (25 Mins)

First and Second Grade Science- Interactive Learning: Full Curriculum Quarter 3

1:1 Tutoring: Learn to Love Language Arts! (Multi-Day)

FAST Track Learn Spanish Semester 1 Group Class (Elementary and Middle School)

Dungeon Masters Prep Class

Biology One on One

Preschool Circle Time With Teacher Jocelyn!

Roblox Studio Coders Club Intermediate With Ms. Jeanie

Christmas Maze Design!: A Beginner Drawing Lesson (Small Group)

You Can Write a Scary Movie! Camp (Film School for Kids | Screenwriting)

Fun Speaking Drills and Prompts: Public Speaking, Articulation, ESL and Fluency

Fluency and Fun: ESL Speaking Games for Shy Kids and Beginners

Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, Princesses, and All Things Magical! (Ages 9-12)

Spanish Beginners Fun With SeÑor Panda and Maestra Gonzales- Part 2

Dragoon Fruit Drawing!

Hooked on Crochet! A New Pattern Every Week

Music With Ms. Annette: Bats and Cats and Halloween Piano Fun

Fun Foil Photography

The Heroes Journey in the Multiverse - Collaborative Storytelling & Roleplay

3rd Grade Math: Full Year Curriculum- Ongoing

Quilling: Paper Arts & Crafts - Butterfly, Tulips, and More! (FLEX, Ages 6-10)

Ready, Set, Preschool: Preschool on Your Schedule (Part 1-FLEX)

Wonder Read Aloud With Teacher Kathy

Coding With Makeblock

Elephant Plushie: An Amigurumi Crochet Class

Girls Minecraft Social Club (Java) Ages 6-10

Cursive Handwriting for Teens (One Time Class)

Ukule-Yay! Song of the Week: Learn New Simple Ukulele Songs

Social Time: Costume Share / Holiday Celebration/ Halloween Party

7Th Grade Pre Algebra (Full Curriculum) for Homeschool W/ Certified Teacher

Entrepreneur Life Skills: Start a Podcast Hobby/Business w/ Podcast Host Josie

Splatoon 3 Club

Ever Wanted to Be a Film Maker Here’s How

Beginning Private Piano Lessons

Cheer Club! Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Jumps, Motions, Cheers, Chants, & Friends!

4-Week, Private 1:1 Coding Tutoring!

45 Minute 1-On-1 Private Art Class- Portfolio Building With Any Medium!

Preschool and Kindergarten FLEX Class - All About Fall!

Amazing Affirmations: Learn How to Hand Letter Beautiful, Encouraging Messages!

Beginning Reading Rocks - Refreshing the Basics

Weekly Minecraft Club: Build and Explode (Ages 6-9)

Phonics With Oscar Phase 3 Sounds Ai and Ee and Tricky Words We and You

Spanish 2 on 1 Tutoring - 45 Minute Subscription - Sibling Discount

Kids Social 3x per Week: Homework, Gaming Club, and Movies! (Ages 6-8)

Homeschool Social Co-Op: Schoolwork, Toys, and Lunchtime! (Ages 6-9)

Max's Magical Mystery Guitar Camp: Unlocking Scales and Melodies

Ongoing Private Tutoring

Learn Japanese for Kids 2!

Book Club - Mercy Watson Series #2 -The Tales of Deckawoo Drive

Interior Design 101: Understanding Different Interior Design Styles

Bloxburg (Roblox) Haunted House Spooky Escape Challenge!

Singing Club: Weekly Voice Lessons With Pop, Disney, & Musical Theater Songs!

Private Spanish Tutoring With a Spanish Waldorf Teacher (1:1)

Boredom-Busters Winter Camp 2022: 5 Days of Christmas Break Fun! | Mrs. Meade

Sketch Fashion Design and Clothing Drawing

Personal Essay Writing Unit (Grades 4-6)

Halloween - Ballet Dance Class - 3 Week

Reading Masters Phonics Level 1

Write On! How to Study and Organize Schoolwork

Let's Plan a Vacation! World Geography Project

Halloween Story Time With Mrs. Casey!!

All About Me Social Club With Jamboard

Magic the Gathering Commander Club

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Proportions of the Face Flex Class

All About Letters & Sounds FLEX Class

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Teen Gaming Night

Write Blogs or Stories and Build a Website: Creative Writing 101 (CAMP 14-18)

English Composition & Grammar: Learn Writing From The Greats (10-13 year-olds)

Spanish: Colors, Numbers, & Fruits

Spanish Summer Camp: Colors, Numbers, Fruits & Sentence Structures

Paint a Perfect Flower!

Draw a Cute Cartoon Turkey!

About Mexico: Draw a Cute Donkey -Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Make a Book Cover: Parts of Speech, Title Capitalization Rules, & Design

Scavenger Hunt- Looking For Shapes

Listening for Letters | Bingo |

Grade 6 Math : Math Tricks, Mental Math, Fun Games and Lessons, Solving Problems

Scavenger Hunt- Looking For Letter Sounds

Halloween Preschool and Kindergarten Pre-K Show and Tell With Mrs. Casey!

Life Skills With Virtues - Sincerity - (Age 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues- Confidence (Age 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues - Determination (Age 7-12)

Introduction to Dances of India

News, Science, and Society Discussion Club

Quilling for Tweens and Teens: Paper Arts & Crafts (FLEX, Ages 11-15)

Ancient African Empires and Intro to Swahili Pod

Black History and Financial Literacy

Full Curriculum Math Lessons - Weekly Session Grades Prek-2

Entire Preschool Math Curriculum (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Flex Personalized Creative Writing 1:1 Tutor With Author of 25 Children's Books

Learn English (ESL) With Stories: The Brave Tin Soldier

About Peru: Draw a Cute Llama

Unicorn Academy: A Discovery Course

Things Are Looking up! Ongoing Backyard Astronomy Older Grades

(FLEX) Magic Tree House: Become Master Librarians! Solve Riddles! (Books 9-12)

What Is Autism? (Flex) Ages 6-11

Private One-On-One Tutoring With Miss J (Ongoing)

XCX- ESL Superhero English: Learn English With Comic Book Heroes and Villains

Learn Spanish & Make Arepas De Encanto

Doodle and Draw Flowers With Step-By-Step Instructions

Fall Thanksgiving Desserts: A Flex Baking Class

Math Investigators: An Ongoing Hands on Math Class

Learn French & Make Pain Perdu

Teen Number Boot Camp | Rote Counting & Recognition | Learn Numbers 11-20 FAST

Book Club - "A Wrinkle in Time" - ELA, Reading, Vocabulary, Science, and More!

Typing - Keyboard Basics (Ages 5-7): Part 1- Alphabet & Words - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks

Beginner Japanese for Jr. High - Level 1

Typing - Keyboard Basics (Ages 5-7): Part 2- Sentences - 1X Weekly / 4 Weeks

XCX-ARCHNEMESIS: Comic Book Supervillains and the Superheroes That Stop Them

Learn French & Make Crepes

Fun English Speaking Games- Play Games With Friends to Practice Your English!

Build Better Vocabulary!

Creative and Fun - Improv for Everyone

Blog on Your Business or Organization Website: Creative Writing 107 (SEM 14-18)

Fine Artist: Small&Private/Realistic Drawing, Watercolor, Acrylic & Mixed Medium

Make Your First 2D Video Game With Unity! Basic Coding Using C#: Platformer

1-on-1 Math Tutor/Review for 1st-3rd Graders-Practicing to Preserve It!

Welcome to Bloxburg - Roblox Social Gaming Class (Ongoing)

Practice, Practice, Practice SAT Follow Up Class

After the Dinosaurs: Chunky Pigs

1:1 Tutoring Preschool & Kindergarten Prep: Learn to Read, Write, Math & More!

"Karate for Peace Warriors" - White-Yellow-Orange-Purple Belt Course (8-12Yr)

"Karate for Peace Warriors" - Green, Blue, Brown Belt Course (8-12Yr)

Middle School Math, Logic, and Problem Solving: Linear Relationships and Plots

After the Dinosaurs: Beastly Bears

EZ Beadzy Social: Bead & Chat

Anime Club! Lets Draw Characters From Demon Slayer: Tanjiro, Nezuko and More!

Roll a Sight Word (First Grade)

Write On: Semester Course 3

1:1 Tutoring Ages 4-9 Ongoing

Sketch Everything

Gluten Free Baking Skills!

Music and Movement/ Show and Tell/ Story Time - Ages 3-6 (Ongoing 1x/Wk)

Our Morning Meeting | Pre-K Circle Time and Full Year Curriculum

Voice Over Acting for Animation: Fundamentals & in-Depth Techniques

Math With Food

1 on 1 Drawing Tutor / Mentor With Jerry Joe Seltzer

Our Amazing World Drawing Art FLEX: How to Draw Awesome Animals in Appalachia

3rd Grade Math Full Curriculum (3times a week)

Fix It! Grammar (Town Mouse and Country Mouse) Part 1

The Amazing Animal Kingdom! Explore Zoology & Wildlife Biology - Elementary

1:1 Piano and/or Voice Lessons: Beginner to Advanced, Lisa-B.S. Music Education

7th Grade - Math in the Middle - Pre-Algebra, Quarter 1

Decimal Division Algebra And Place Value

How to Create Canva Journal Covers - To Be Sold on Amazon KDP (Part 1)

Personal Piano Lessons by Sara

Psychology of Gaming: Why Do People Play Games?

Saxophone Class with Daniel Rose

Super Spellers Middle School Edition Flex

Guitar Intensive LVL 3:10 Weeks of Guitar Boot Camp

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Gnomes!

1:1 Math Tutoring - One Time

1:1 Spanish Tutoring - One Time

Gymnastics Strength + Stretch

Easy Italian: Halloween Insieme! (2 Days X 55 Minutes) [AGE 10-15]

Life Skills With Virtues- Empathy (Age 7-12)

Fascinating Fins of the Fastest Fish

Let's Talk Houseplants! (Ages 13-18)

Life Skills With Virtues - Excellence (Age 7-12)

Elementary Intermediate Spanish (Games and Conversations)

Growing With Nature: Permaculture in Action (13-18)

4th Grade Math Full Curriculum (3 times a week)

Physics Is Fun!

Escape the Apple Orchard-Help Mrs. Applebutter Save Her Apples! 4 to 6 Years Old

Let's Learn to Read Together Day 1

"I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream" Story and Activity!

Cute Cuddling Creatures: All About Otters

Altered Books-Windows, Pockets, and Collage

Fashion Design: Sketching and Drawing Club (Ongoing/ Twice a Week)

Diving Into Divine Dolphins

Cool Killer Whales: All About Orcas

Edit Your Own Videos Using a Computer! (One-Time Introductory Class)

How to Write a Complete Sentence 4 Day Camp

Bird Mimicking Moth: Hummingbird Moth

Sharks - Wonders from the Past, Alive in the Present

Wings of Fire Book Series Social Club

Fashion 101: Design, Draw, and Color!

Create Your Own Fall Pumpkin-Crochet Amigurumi-Flex Class

Edit Your Own Videos Using a Phone or Tablet! (One-Time Introductory Course)

Let's Build a House, and Other Basics: A Beginner's Minecraft Course

Create Your Own Little Baby Ghost-Crochet Amigurumi-Flex Class

Draw with Mrs. Howard: Pokémon Drawing Art Club

Ongoing Algebra One on One Twice Weekly!

Preschool Power Up! Pre-K & Kindergarten Prep | Full Curriculum - 2X/Week

Roald Dahl Children's Stories Book Club (8 Week Class)

Welcome to the World of Pre-K Math: Matching Objects! (A)

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Art - Pencil Shading and Oil Pastels 1:1

Preschool Pals: Show and Tell and Social Time

Preschool Power Up! Pre-K & Kindergarten Prep | Full Curriculum - 1X/Week

Speaking With Confidence

Montessori Math Time: Golden Beads Dynamic Addition

Deep Earth Exploration - Geology, Earth's Layers, Fossils and Archeology

Creative Writing: Write a Story Using a Picture Card/Illustration!

3 Effective Strategies for Subtracting Larger Numbers With Regrouping

Spanish Junior Assessment - What Level Am I? - Trivia Loca - 100% Spanish Immersion by Native Speaker - Ages 3-7

English Language Arts: Literature Survey Class

Figurative Writing Made Easy

A-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

Roll a Sight Word (Kindergarten)

Beginning Drawing. Creating the Owl Beanie Boo Percy

Welcome to the Nancy Drew Book Club – Nancy’s Mysterious Letter Book #8

Private Math Tutor: 1:1-Individualized Lessons for Homeschoolers & In-Schoolers

Semester Piano: Let's Play Piano Beginning Level 2

Life Science!- 3rd/4th Grade (Flex Class)

4 Lessons 1 to 1 Tutoring for SAT, PSAT, ACT or Other Subjects

Algebra 1, Full Curriculum, Flex Class With a Licensed Math Teacher, First Quarter

1:1 Coding and Game Development - Part 1 (Introduction, Private Lessons)

Microsoft Office - Word - The Basics of Creating Professional Word Documents for Beginners

Create Your Own Little Baby Ghost-Crochet Amigurumi

Three Witches - Halloween Dance Class

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Intermediate Skills - FLEX

Create Your Own Fall Pumpkin-Crochet Amigurumi

Storybook Study: Creepy Crayon! (Spooky Book Club)

Orton-Gillingham - Let's Fill in the Missing Blanks of Reading, Spelling and Writing (Ages 8-10) Weekly

Orton-Gillingham - Let's Fill in the Missing Blanks of Reading, Spelling and Writing (Ages 11-14) Weekly Ongoing

Preschool Drawing Class- Drawing Funny Characters With Simple Shapes

Weekly Vocabulary Work: Halloween Vocabulary

Discussion Club: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Weekly Vocabulary Work: Halloween Creatures and Costumes Vocabulary

XCX-Blitz Debate (Preseason Trial): Group Debate on American Football

Star Wars: A New Hope Novel Study by Teacher Debra Shepherd

Cogat - Everything You Need to Know!

FLEX Class Flower Painting: Enough Flowers to Make a Garden in Acrylic Paint

Flexi Anime Kawaii Art Club, Characters From Naruto, Studio Ghibli and More!

Celebrate All Your Creative Projects With Lisa O.

Geography Bee 8: Africa-Living South of the Sahara-Let's Kahoot It!

Reading Code Skill Builders 6-Part Course

Colour Changes and Cabbage Juice- A pH Adventure for Young Scientists

6th Grade Guided Reading: Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Guided Writing, Oh My!

Healthy Me! Nutrition, Wellness, and Self Care: 1-On-1

Escape the Great Pyramid of Egypt

Escape the Leaning Tower of Pisa

4th Grade Math - 4 Week Semester Class - Part 5 of 5

4th Grade Math - 4 Week Semester Class - Part 4 of 5

4th Grade Math - 6 Week Semester Class - Part 2 of 5

4th Grade Math - 5 Week Semester Class - Part 3 of 5

4th Grade Math - 7 Week Semester Class - Part 1 of 5

Dynamic Dolphins

Ballet Adventure: Looking for Unicorns

Hola, Let’s Keep Learning Spanish!

Math + Entrepreneurship = Success: Join the Kidspreneur Challenge

Math-Tastic Market: A Grocery Game of Numbers and Strategy - Grades Prek-1St

Drawing: How to Draw a Mountain Landscape

MASTER Full 4th Grade Math-Homeschool Camp for Long Multiplication & More-Part 1

Voice by Adam - Private Voice Lessons for Singers (All Ages)

Let's Learn Cursive-With an OT (One-On-One)

Learn to Speak Thai and Explore the Culture and Scenes of Beautiful Thailand!

Uncommon Dinosaurs - FLEX Class

Winter Art Made Easy: How to Draw an Amazing Arctic Wolf for Beginners

Tween Social! Let's Make a Dream Board.

(Un)Picky Eaters: 1-On-1

High School Spanish 2 Semester Long FLEX Course - First Semester

Sherlock Holmes Read Aloud for Older Children: A Study in Scarlet PART I

Winter Art Made Easy: How to Paint Narwhals for Beginners

Summer Art Made Easy: How to Paint Fantastic Flamingos for Beginners

Write What You Like: Creative and Purposeful Writing for Teens

Winter Art Made Easy: How to Draw a Narwhal Using Ink

Show and Tell Book Club

HS Statistics I (Investigating Data): Unit 3 (of 3): Modeling Data Distribution

Roblox Club: Let's Keep on Playing Build a Boat for Treasure STEAM/Social Class

Beginner Writers Private Class

Give a Hoot About Reading Book Club: Owl Diaries Book Series With Snack or Craft

5th Grade Guided Reading: Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Guided Writing

Private:The Basics of Pop Singing

Mystery Amelia Bedelia Story! Comprehension, Idioms, etc.

Learning Spanish Together (Spanish for Beginners)

Valentines Day Art Made Easy : How to Paint Swooning Swans Using Watercolor

Summer Art for Beginners: How to Paint Adorable Piping Plovers Using Watercolor

Calling All Future Engineers: Girls Love Legos, Too!

Human Body Anatomy— Science for Kids: My Body Systems Work Together FLEX

Play Surf on Your Ukulele (4 Week Music Flex Class for 14-18 Year Old Beginners)

Simple Embroidery Project: Make the Perfect Christmas Present!

Second Grade Grammar & Punctuation Wizards

4th Grade Math Class: Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide With Larger Numbers

Life Science Preschool/Kinder!- (10 Weeks)

Pre-Algebra Math Class - 7th / 8th Grade - 7 Week Semester Class - Part 6 of 6

HS Statistics I (Investigating Data): Unit 2 (of 3): Comparing Quantitative Data

Pre-Algebra Math Class - 7th / 8th Grade - 6 Week Semester Class - Part 5 of 6

1:1 Draw Emoji Fun Faces With Mrs. D

SAT Essay Small-Group or Private Tutoring

Pre-Algebra Math Class - 7th / 8th Grade - 5 Week Semester Class - Part 4 of 6

ESL Small Group Class - Let's Talk About Music!

Pre-Algebra Math Class - 7th / 8th Grade - 6 Week Semester Class - Part 3 of 6

SECOND GRADE Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 7-8) | 8 WEEK FLEX Escape Rooms

THIRD GRADE Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 8-9) | 8 WEEK FLEX Escape Rooms

Pre-Algebra Math Class - 7th / 8th Grade - 6 Week Semester Class - Part 1 of 6

Pre-Algebra Math Class - 7th / 8th Grade - 6 Week Semester Class - Part 2 of 6

Sign Language Class| ASL for Beginners| 5 Week ASL 1 Flex Course

Beginner Singing

Halloween STEM: Candy Catapult & Pumpkin Tower

"Intro to 3D Modeling & 3D Printing W/ Tinkercad"

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves: Story Time with Ordinal Numbers

Pre-K Letters & Numbers: Recognition, Sounds, Rote Counting (Ongoing 2x/Wk)

Write on! Reading Help

Conquering Context Clues: Game-Based Class

How-To Writing: How to Scare a Scarecrow

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Cow: Story Time With Sequencing

Super Spellers Middle School Edition Ongoing Class

Coloring and Conversation!

Numerical Python CAMP

Hands-On Science 5/6! Flex Part 1/4 | The Human Body Biology | 11 Weeks | STEM

Learn Digital Art and Improve Your Skill Set 1:1 Private Class

Pop-It Phonics Fun (1st Grade Full Semester) - With Teacher Ashley

Fun, Easy, Beginning Drawing and Painting Class. Learn How to Draw a Bumblebee!

High School Language Arts: American Literature Flex Class

French Homework Help With Certified French Teacher

Royal Frozen Storytime and Crafts with the Snow Sisters! | Ongoing Club

Hindi Conversation Class (Ongoing, Thrice a Week)

Star Wars Club: Models Built of LEGO® bricks And Building Blocks

Left or Right, East or West! Let's Beat the Confusion About Directions.

Tutoring Pk-6th Grade

Flexi Kawaii Art Club

HS Statistics I (Investigating Data): Unit 1 (of 3): Analyzing Categorical Data

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Seawing Indigo

Spice up Your Writing for Young and Talented Writers (Flex Class)

Write About Your Pet - Using Adjectives and Sentences

Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Book Club

Life Skills - Understanding Yourself and Others! Flex Course

My Skin is Beautiful

Frozen Themed Tiny Tot Ballet Class

Individualized Math Tutoring: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2

Adopt Me Royal Tea Party! Fun Gaming and Socializing on Roblox!

Blender 3D Modeling and Animation for Game Design

Kindergarten Circle Time ( Reading and Math Focused / ESL Students Welcome)

Kids Zumba Dance Party

Splatoon 3: Gaming Community

Disney Debate Club – Intro to Public Speaking & Debate Class

Flexible Creative Writing Adventures

Magic School Bus Book Club: Chapter Books

¡Vámonos! Beginning Spanish Level 4

Ongoing Weekly Art Class-Botany: Exploring the Plant Kingdom Through Art (9-12)

Draw Hocus Pocus Halloween Squishmallows Art Class + Trivia

FLEX 4th Grade Math: Full Year of Mastery Method Math (Part 1 of 4)

DIY Fashion: Adventures in Textile Art Ages 3-6

I Spy With My Little Eye - ESL & Sentence Building

Gross Science-- Hands on Experiment Fun!

Halloween Fun With Songs, Fingerplays and Games!

Singing Club for Boys: Beginner Singing Lessons for Aspiring Male Singers

Psychology of Gaming: Music and Soundtracks

Haunted Library Book Club - Book 8

Magic School Bus Book and Social Club

Super Sew Private Lesson

Inspiration and Accountability Club

Victorian Ghost Stories

Kindergarten Full Year Curriculum Ongoing Private

Persuade Me: How to Effectively Write an Argumentative/Persuasive Essay

Hocus Pocus Halloween Dance Class - Into the Night

Motivation Monday - Goal Setting, Journaling, Planning, Organizing

ESL Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Club

Learning With Stephanie: Who Am I?

Coding and Animation in Scratch for Beginners: 1-On-1 Private Lessons, 12-16

Doodling: Ocean & Sea Life Theme

Polymer Clay: Underwater Coral Reef

The Deinosuchus. Immense Prehistoric Crocodile of Dinosaur Days

Famous Scientists, Inventors, Writers, Artists and Their Achievements

Math Problem Solvers and Explorers Ongoing 1-20

Spanish Numbers Bingo

Underwater Creatures

Private Trumpet Lessons

Acrylic Painting: Winter Day Walk in the Park.

The Power 15: Phonemic Awareness Instruction for First and Second Graders

1st Grade Math Meet- With Teacher Ashley!

German for High School 2

Spooky Halloween Art for Beginners: How to Draw a Family of Bats

Summer Art for Beginners: How to Paint the Amazing Killer Whale

Halloween Art for Beginners: How to Paint a Super Spooky Haunted Shipwreck

Festive Fall Art for Beginners: How to Draw a Delightful Pumpkin Using Ink

The Endless Frontier - Ongoing Astronomy

Private Mandarin Tutor - 50 Minutes - Beginner Level

Life Science- With Teacher Ashley! (Middle School)

"The Invention of Hugo Cabret": A Literature Circle Based Book Club

Writing with Warrior Cats

3 Digit Subtraction MATHO - Like BINGO, With Math!

3 Digit Addition MATHO - Like BINGO, With Math!

Philosophy, Critical Thinking, and Topical Discussions for Middle Schoolers

Math Is Fun! Third Grade

Watercolor Drawing & Biology: Learn About Animals and Drawing Skills (Flex)

Crazy Cupcake FLEX!

The Ultimate Mystery Writing Class for Kids!

Rebounding Fun: JUMP Into Fitness

Dance to the Beat - Freestyle Movement Class

Pre-K in a Flash! - (Ongoing Class)

GameCon Side Stage: Dungeons and Dragons for Absolute Beginners

3rd Grade Math Fall Semester Camp- MASTER Multiplication & Division - Part 1

Arts & Crafts Corner: Calm Coloring- Create an Easy Abstract Design to Color

Explore the Rainbow Arts & Crafts Circle Time- Celebrate a New Color Each Week!

High School Spanish 1 Semester Long FLEX Course - First Semester

Story Time With Queen Page

Pre-K in a Day! - Full Curriculum w/ Circle Time, Science Experiments and Virtual Field Trips

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