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New Classes on Outschool 2021-01-03

There are 610 new classes on Outschool the week of January 3, 2021 to January 9, 2021.

Sewing Beginner: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Block Reversible Dress

Cursive Handwriting for Ages 13 to 18: Spring Break Fast Track Course

Making High School Count for Homeschoolers

Still Life Drawing Class

Guided Practice Writing Five (5) Paragraph Essays (Ages 11-14)

Rip-Roaring "Trivia Fun" With Dinosaurs - Jurassic Period

The French Dassault Rafale “Gust of Wind” Omni-Role Combat Fighter

Look! I Can Do Yoga.

Gifted and Talented Enrichment: Conceptual Scavenger Hunt using Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Lettering and Modern Calligraphy (FLEX)

Surface Area of Prisms, Pyramids, and Cylinders (Cones and Spheres)

Buzzing for Love- Learn How to Draw a Bumble Bee

Roar for Love! Learn How to Draw a Lion

Oil Painting 101-Discover a Fun New Skill From an Advanced Painter

Shape Spotter: Let's Learn Shapes!

Portrait Drawing Class

Sign Language Fun: Colors!

Geology Discovery: Rocks, Gems, Crystals, and Minerals!

Ready for Kindergarten? Early Literacy: Letter Names, Sounds and ASL Signs

High School Grammar Summer Camp

One off Club for L.O.L OMG & Rainbow High Doll Fans! Social & Share. Age 5-10

Sign Language Fun: Pets!

Tips & Tricks for the Right Pencil Grip!

Middle School Math Meets Architecture- Cross Curricular Fun FLEX Lessons

The Care and Keeping of an Axolotl

1 on 1 Teens Speak Intro to Public Speaking Ages (13-18) -Flex

Weekly Story Time and Activities With Little Blue and Teacher Dianne

Private Violin, Fiddle, or Viola Lessons - Multi-Day Option

"Cooking With Cathryn- Triple Chocolate Cookies"

Pokemon Chemistry: Metals

Pokemon Physics: Work and Energy

Art Birthday Party - Learn to Draw Bluey!

FLEX - Drawing Mario Bros: The Koopalings

FLEX - Drawing Mario Bros Characters (Set 2)

FLEX - Pixel Art (Set 1) 8 Bit Mario Bros on Graph Paper

The Care and Keeping of a Sulcata Tortoise

Wild About Cooking Flex: All About Holiday Cooking

Art Birthday Party - Draw Roblox Adopt Me Pets!

Learn How to Research Animals and Present Your Findings

Everyone Should Learn Public Speaking Ages (7-10) Live

Beginner Crochet Intensive One on One Lessons- An Exploration Into the Joys of Fiber Arts

Adolescent Communication & Public Speaking Ages (14-18) Live

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Celebrate, Collaborate and Comprehend

Dogs: Dachshund Love

Fun With Fractions

French Language Assessment and Evaluation

Super Trivia, Indoor Scavenger Hunt, and Games!

Quintessential Negotiation Skills

Demystifying the SAT - 8 Week SAT Prep Course

Recipe Club: Let's Make Cookie Dough Hummus

Samosas, Sarees, and Sitars: A Social Club on South Asia

Spanish Book Club! Diario De Greg - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 1

Kiddykeys Level 2: The Next Level of Preschool Piano-Class B

The Great Books--Ongoing World Literature Study

Travel Girl Art: Draw a Girl Exploring Our World

Social Skills Camp - Being a Good Friend & Conversation Strategies - PART 1 Of 4 (Ages 8-12)

Harry Potter Book Club!

Google Slides Fun: Build a Rusty Robot - Digital Art Craft

Chinese Steamed Buns

Career Day-What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

Easy Beginner Japanese for Kids: Unit 3 (4 Wks, for 6-10Yr Old)

Private Spanish Classes, Homework Help, and Tutoring - From Basic to Advanced

Multiplication in Movement! Dynamic Math with a Waldorf Teacher (Part 2)

Building Blocks of Writing: Learning to Make Sentences and Paragraphs

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade Four Part One

Geography Bee 4: Middle East - Culture, Economy & the Map. Let’s Kahoot It!

Erickson Piano: Private Piano Lessons (Beginner) (Ages 6-18)

Where Am I? History and Geography Guessing Game Club!

Python Programming (FLEX)

Social Group and Games for Learners With Disabilities! (Age 9-11)

Music Appreciation: World Music - (Ages 8-12)

History of Jazz - Flex (Ages 10-14)

Lunch With the Teacher~Conversation and Fun for Ages 4 to 7 and ESL Learners

Coding With Virtual Dash - Multi-Day

Shine On Stage: One-on-One Acting Coaching

Introduction to Acting for Elementary Ages (6-10)

Ukulele Class 3 Beginner (Ages 6-10) - Learn Strumming Patterns and New Songs

Private/ Small Group Gymnastics

Life Skills-College Admissions 101: How to Write a Financial Aid Appeal Letter

Bear and Friends Together! Story Time and Fun With Teacher Dianne

Young Animal Detectives Camp: There Are Some Lost Animals That Need Your Help!

Style Me Math: Round to the Nearest 100

Interactive Math Digital Stories - Escape Room Style - [FLEX Class]

All About Python: The Camp for Beginners (Level II)

Exploring Addition and Subtraction- Summer Class (First Grade Review)

Draw How to Train Your Dragon Toothless ~ HTTYD Beginner / Intermediate Fun!

German Storytime: 'Der Kleine Drache Kokosnuss Kommt in Die Schule'

All About JavaScript: The Summer Camp (Level II)

Watercolor Painting Alien on the Moon ~ Blow & Splatter ~ Explore Watercolors

Show and Tell Mystery

Watercolor Paint Fancy Fish ~ Blow & Splatter ~ Draw & Paint to Learn Techniques

1-On-1 Math Tutoring With A Funny Teacher!

Valentine's Day Story & Craft Class

Historical Debates

Detective Show and Tell

Bitcoin- Cryptocurrency Investing Game Challenge- 100K Virtual Money Ages 9 - 13 Summer Camp

Books for All Kids: The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade Novel Study

Introducing Oil Pastels With Still Life Projects

Science Time - Middle School Life Science Pt 5: World's Tiniest Organisms

Intro: Shaving Cream and Letter Fun!

Time for P.E! Math Movement Lab

Public Speaking Club for Ages 9 - 13

Science Time - Middle School Life Science Pt 6: Powerhouse Processes

Individual Tutoring

What's Our Eco-Impact? Calculating and Exploring Environmental Footprints

Pawsitively Cute Cat Drawing

Interactive Cutesie Food Characters Directed Drawing

Interactive Writing - Labeling Pictures for Beginners (4-6 Years Old)

Would You Rather Winter Edition - Bring Your Hot Chocolate and Cookies! (7-10)

Life Skills: College 101 - Write a Winning Common App/College Application Camp

French Horn Lessons

Small Group Violin Lessons: Your Violin Journey!

Amazing Guinea Pigs: Guinea Pig Sounds and Behaviors Pt. 1

Life Skills: College 101 - Write a Winning College Essay Camp

I Can Write Well! A Six-Week Writing Program

Would You Rather Social Club & Workout- Chat & Exercise Fun w/ Tons of Games!

My Tarantula Teacher: Live Tarantula Show & Social

Private Tutoring in Writing with Teacher Paro - 4- Week Course

One on One Piano Lessons - All Skill Levels!

Mindfulness, Show and Tell, and Social Skills Circle

All About the Wise Owl. Be Wise & Join Us in Class Today! It's a Hoot

Beginning Ballet 3/4

Ballet Feet: Strength and Stretch

Ongoing Private 1-on-1 Elementary Math Tutoring (Once a Week)

Le Prof Kim Beginning French Class-Private

Learn the Basics of Music Production With Ableton Live!! (Accelerated Course)

Critical Thinking Journal for ages 9-11: Problem Solving, Puzzles, Break-Out Rooms & More!

Scratch 3.0 - Make Your Own Video Games (Once a Week , 8 Weeks) Level 3

Let's Create Elementary Art, Ongoing

Introduction to Microbiology Semester Long Full Curriculum Science Classes

Individual Tutoring - Three Times Each Week

Musical Theatre Club for Elementary Ages (6-10)

Octonauts Mystery Creature Adventure

Rise of the Vikings Escape Room

Groundhogs Day Story and Puppet

Learn Greek & Latin Root Words to Increase Vocabulary - Ongoing 2 Days/Week

Animal Art: Realistic Wolf Sketch

So You Want to Write...a Pirate Story

Welcome to Ms. Ashley's Kindergarten Classroom (FULL CURRICULUM)!

Introduction to Music History: Classical Period - (Ages 10-14)

History of Jazz - (Ages 10-14)

Arabic Pre School Fun Learning Level 1

German 1 for High Schoolers (Year-Long, Part 1 of 4)

Learn the Secrets of George Washington’s Spy Rings

Dinosaur Circle Time With Sharing, Reading, and Drawing

I Dig Dinos: Reading, Drawing, and Writing

Pokémon Life Science: The Discovery of Photosynthesis

What Did They Do Back Then? 8 Week Class Volume 1

Narnia Book Club

Moon Day Monday: Top 10 Largest Moons of the Solar System

Full Spanish Immersion: Storytime

STEM CL6: Electrical Circuits Level 6 - Learn With Snap Circuits

Communicating Clearly (or, Making Your Teacher Act a Fool)

Spot the Difference! Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Reading Intervention Summer Camp, Intermediate/Advanced

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters - Craft, Show and Tell and More

18th Century Pockets - A Sewing and Fashion History Workshop

Private Session: Marvel and DC Superhero Chat Time

Mermaids and Pirates Dance Beach Adventure Ariel's Ocean Party With Pop-Up Class

Penguin Party- Fun Facts and Stories:PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Write What You Like- Exploring Persuasive Writing via Video Game Reviews

One-On-One With a Certified Academic Language Therapist Ongoing-1

All About Beginning Multiplication Facts and Arrays 11 and 12 Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

All About Beginning Multiplication Facts and Arrays 9 and 10 Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

All About Beginning Multiplication Facts and Arrays 7 and 8 Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

All About Beginning Multiplication Facts and Arrays 5 and 6 Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

Let's Learn Beginning Multiplication 11 and 12 Facts

Let's Learn Beginning Multiplication 5 and 6 Facts

Guthriegabs About Wildfire Science, Environmental Nature's Recycling Service

All About Beginning Multiplication Facts and Arrays 3 and 4 Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

All About Beginning Multiplication Facts and Arrays 0 to 2 Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

Book Club: Sun Tzu - The Art of War

Out and Proud: An Elementary Aged LGBTQIA+ Social Skills Group

The Biology of Cancer and New Tools in Oncology

Art History - 38,000 Years of Cat's Charm & Feline Reverence - Semi Private

Let's Learn Beginning Multiplication 9 and 10 Facts

Private Tutoring With Mrs. Joseph in Reading, Writing, and Grammar

Creative Writing for Young Children Part 6

Private One on One Reading and Comprehension

Let's Learn Beginning Multiplication 7 and 8 Facts

Stock Market Investing Club- Finance -Virtual Investing & Current Events- (Weekly) Ages 8-13

Intro to Music History

Introduction to Eating Gluten Free || Ages 14-18

Let's Learn Beginning Multiplication Facts 3 And 4

Valentine's Day Dance Party Cupid Shuffle I Love It With Pop-Up Class!

Introduction to Eating Gluten Free || Ages 10-13

Let's Craft It! An American Girl Doll Valentine's Day Party

Introduction to Music Appreciation: An Overview - Flex (Ages 8-12)

(Flex) Trees: Exploring the World Around Us

Creative Writers Social Club

Jackson Pollock Inspired Splatter & Drip Painting - Messy Art Fun!

Digital Art Drawing and Animation With Procreate Flex

Pokémon Elementary Mathematics: The Subtraction Badge

Easter Craft Camp: easy crafts for young learners

Pokémon Recreation: Jigglypuff Puppet Ribbon Contest Special

Adding & Subtracting Fractions With Like Denominators - Made Easy!

Learn How to Code! 1:1 - Fundamentals of Programming

Little Scientist: Hands-On Science Club

Pokemon Elementary Mathematics: Comparing Numbers Badge

Band or Orchestra 'Homework Help' Lesson (Elementary and Middle School)

Pokémon Life Science: Adventure in Singer Island Mangroves

What Is a Fraction?

Pokemon Recreation: The A-list Party!

Private Tutoring

Clouds and Weather

Understanding Power: How to Influence People?

How to Handle Difficult Conversations

Sing-Along, Dance and Craft: Disney Imagination Songbook

Valentine's Day Arts and Crafts Mosaic

Marine Biologist Training Class - Animal Science

FLEX Month 1 Interior and Home Design Club: Learn to Design With a Designer

Beginner World Geography ABC's of Geography FLEX : Travel & Tour the World One Letter at a Time (letters T-Z)

Beginner World Geography ABC's of Geography FLEX : Travel & Tour the World One Letter at a Time (letters M-S)

Beginner World Geography ABC's of Geography FLEX : Travel & Tour the World One Letter at a Time (letters G-L)

¡Vamos a hablar! Ongoing Beginning Spanish Class Ages 6-10

1st Grade Reading

Kid's Organizing: Organize a Closet With Style

Piano Primers 2

Small Group Piano- Disney, Classical, Pop Songs Level 1

Superhero Math Club: Level 2

Let's Learn Beginning Multiplication 0 to 2 Facts

Dinosaurs for Girls!

Beginning Multiplication Facts 9 To 12

Doodle Drawing: Lovey Gnome

Gravity Falls - Would You Rather? Part 1

Join a Magical Unicorn Adventure Based on Myths & Legends & Create Unicorn Art!

Beginning Multiplication Facts 0 To 4

Master the Argument: Building Your Public Speaking Abilities From the Ground Up

3 Cheers, Cheerleading Camp

A Persuasive Writing Challenge: Who Was to Blame for the Titanic Tragedy?

Acrylic Painting: Vase With Flowers

Exploring the Land of Mariachi: Mexico

World Book Month (Because a Day Isn't Enough) Share and Design.

Beginner Spanish Color and Chat Club (7-9 Years Old)

Draw Dragon Inspired by Wings of Fire Icewing Winter

Your Very Second Spanish Class | 5-Day Camp

French Music for Teens! (Listening Comprehension for Intermediate Learners)

One - To - One High School Science Tutoring

Writing a Literary Analysis (Part 2): From Close Read to Well-Written Essay

Writing a Literary Analysis (Part 1): Close Read to Help Find the Best Evidence

Advanced Placement US History Topic Review

Valentine's Day Party

Superhero Math Club: Level 1

Learn English Through Music!

Art Smarts Picture Study - Sculptures (FLEX)

Kid Tourist Virtual Field Trips: Geography, Flags, & Countries Around the World

High School English: English I, Semester II (9th Grade-Freshman)

Middle School English: Holes by Louis Sachar Literary Analysis and Reading

Picture Book English Practice: Practice Your English Skills Through Read-Alouds!

An Acting Class- How to Perform With Hand Puppets

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for Fitness, Focus and Fun! (POPULAR CLASS)

Twinkle Ballet (Ages 3-5)

Poop Through the Ages

Poop Through the Ages, an Introduction

Drawing: Learn How to Draw a Fish - Goldfish

Welcome to 10th Grade English Language Arts Part 2 - Spring 2023 Semester

Build a Valentine Box

Geography Jeopardy: The Continents a Semester Course

Highschool Finance FLEX: An Introduction to Money Management for Teens (Part 2)

Smart Art. Secrets of World Famous Artists.

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Singing and Dancing to Preschool Songs!

Psychology of Cognitive Biases: Examining Human Thinking

2nd Grade Math Tutor Small Group Spring Semester with Jamie ESL Friendly CEFR B1 B2 C1 C2

Let's Talk About: Squids, Cuttlefish, and Octopuses!

Let's Talk About: Dolphins!

Math 1-To-1 Tutoring and Homework Help for Grades 2-8 (25 Minutes)

Can You Prove It? Fact or Opinion

Reading Comprehension, Fluency, & Vocabulary W/Licensed Teacher/Lit Specialist

Digging Deeper With Close Reading

Stupendous Story Elements Part 2

New Year's Resolution Puzzle Escape Room

ELA One-Time Tutoring Session 7-12 Grade

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing With Letters - D

Ongoing Once A Week Animal Science Class

AP Chemistry/College Chemistry (Advanced Placement Chemistry)

1st Grade, Once a week, Private Math Tutor with Jamie ESL Friendly CEFR A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

Loom Knitting 201 - All Ages

Baking With Amelie: Valentine’s Dipped Oreos!

1-2-3 Draw With Me! Drawing for Ages 4-7

Geography Bee 3: Russia - Places and Things - Let’s Kahoot It!

Horse Craft Class Schleich, Breyer: Make New Horse Accessories Every Week!

The Easter Bunny Needs Help! Oh No! Story Time Reading With Teacher Dianne

Weekly French Class for Beginners

Let's Create Spring Bunny in a Customized Whimsical Habitat! Clay Art Sculpting

Let's Create a Spring Bunny & Friends! Clay/Dough Art Sculpture for Beginners

Multi-Day Piano Class #3 for 6-9 Year Old Students With Mrs. Karen (8 Weeks)

Cooking: Garlic Butter Shrimp

Valentine’s Day Not Cool? No Way! Story Time Reading With Teacher Dianne

Chickadee Painting: Watercolor Art

Roblox - Jailbreak!

Princess Ballet Class!

Let's Make a Comic Book: Write, Draw, Publish Your Own Comic or Manga Ages 8-10

Get Your Sketch on: Sketching for Newbies

Intro to Paragraph Writing

Individual Tutoring

Weekly SAT Prep

Valentine's Day Crafts Camp

Intro to Paragraph Writing (Ongoing)

Exciting Entomology: Story Time! I'm an Insect. What Are You? Pick a Number!

Count Me in! Preschool Number Sense Routine

Count Me in! Kindergarten Number Sense Routine

ESL-Ongoing Tutoring

Weekly Story Time And Activities With Our Favorite Cat And Teacher Dianne!

Chemistry Made Easy: The Mole (Flex)

FLEX - 6 Week Personal Finance 101: Money Management - Credit, Banking, Budgets

Masterpieces Inspired by Famous Artists

Minecraft - Color and Chat - Ages 4-7

4th Grade Language Arts III: English Quests

One-On-One Individual Tutoring in Spanish (Beginner Through Advanced)

Learn English! Practice Conversational English (Beginner)

Going Places With Grammar Thematic - 1st/2nd Meets Once a Week

Going Places With Grammar for 1st/2nd Grades (MWF) Year Long Course

Introduction to Music History: Baroque Period - (Ages 10-14)

4 X 4 Rubik's Cube Club - (Ages 9-13)

Piano for Beginners - Laid Back - Primer Book 2

Going Places With Grammar - Integrated Subjects 1st/2nd Grade Year Long

Drawing Using Pencil

Let's Dance! Enchanted Forest Fairy Beginner Ballet

Mario Color and Chat - Ages 4-8

Ms. Colleen's Guided Reading and Guided Writing Class - Grade 6 - Small Class Size

Ms. Colleen's Guided Reading And Guided Writing Class - Grade 5 - Small Class Size

The History of Ancient Rome I: Aeneas to the Punic Wars

Multiplication Review- No Frills Attached!

Subtraction Facts Review- No Frills Attached!

Summer Camp: Introduction to Spanish Through Conversation (6 Classes)

Bugs and Drugs: Mini Med FLEX Camp

Addition Facts Review- No Frills Attached!

Mini Bakers: Polar Bear Candy

Reading Part 2: Vowel and Constant Blends

Let's Write a Thank You Card! (Group Class Age 8 - 11)

My Hero Academia Fanfiction Creative Writers Club for Older Learners

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Baby Cat - Siamese (Black)

Google Slides Fun: Ocean Love Collage Card - Digital Art Craft

Floating Francine - Draw an Adorable Sea Otter Using Procreate (iPad or iPhone)

Valentine Digital Escape Room: The Love Bug

Book Links - The Novel P E T E Y by Ben Mikaelsen, an Incredible Read!

Colors Are Everywhere With Pete the Cat: Scavenger Hunt, Show & Tell, and Story

Unit 2a: Basic Java (4Weeks) 2 of 7

Hawaii - Letʻs Visit the Islands of Hawai'i!

Psychological Disorders- A General Overview- An Introduction

I Like Being Me-(Flex)

Private Piano Lessons (45 Minutes) - All Levels!

Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Test Prep: Upper Level ISEE/SSAT/HSPT 2 Hour Class

Recorder Lessons for Four-Year-Old Learners With Teacher Debbie

Individual Latin Tutoring - Half Hour, Ongoing

Disney Travel: Let's Visit Snow White and Rapunzel in Germany!

Help! I'm Stressed - Mindfulness Skill-Building for 10-12 Years (1x/Week)

Avid Reader Book Club For Those That Love to Read - Read and Discuss Two Books a Month - 4th, 5th, and 6th grades

James and the Giant Peach Roald Dahl Literature Book Club

Language Arts: Plural Nouns in Sentences

English: Introduction to Subject Verb Agreement in Sentences

English: Introduction to Writing With Verbs

French Immersion Beginner: Vocabulary (Ages 7-10)

French Immersion Beginner: Vocabulary (11-14)

Tour Manager 101: An Exploration of a Career Managing Pop Music Tours & Concerts

Move and Groove to Nursery Rhymes!

The Awesome Scavenger Hunt Club: Time for Recess! (Ages 3-6)

The Amazing Scavenger Hunt Club

Jr. Detective Agency: Mystery Show and Tell

Paper Collage Cut-Outs: Outer Space Adventures

Backyard Bug Club: Bug Hunt Show and Social

Paint Beautiful Flowers in a Vase

Stories and the Art They Inspire

"How NOT to be Racist"- An Ongoing Conversation for ages 10, 11 & 12.

Clay Sculpting for Beginners: Pokemon Club

Multiplication Facts Review- No Frills Attached!

Stained Glass Art Project: Fun with Math!

Silly Song Maker: Snowman Edition!

Silly Song Maker: The Club

The Five C's of Fiction: Enhance Your Story Creative Writing Skills

English: Introduction to Present, Past, and Future Tenses in Sentences

Horror Writers' Workshop

Writing an Outline and Brainstorming-My Dog: The IEW Way (Ages 7-9)

Dragon of Icespire Peak: a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Campaign for Beginners

Let's Actually SPEAK Spanish (3 Semesters of Spanish Completed) (Level B1)

All About the Hammerhead Shark. Creepy Cool & Unique Shark.

Math: Introduction to Multiplying Decimals

Among Us Game Space for Girls

Beginner Rock Guitar 1: Open Chords, Power Chords, Riffs & Solos (7-11)

Scientific Discoveries and Inventions and the People Who Made Them! (9-12)

Marine Biology- Valentine's Edition! Fairy Penguin- Love Birds of the Sea

Kindergarten Music Drop-In

Group Beginner Voice Class: An Introduction to Singing and Voice Lessons

Homeschool Community: Social Club for Ages 9-11 (Ongoing)

1st Grade Math Tutor Small Group Spring Semester With Jamie ESL Friendly CEFR B1 B2 C1 C2

6th Grade Pre Algebra - Part 2

Nature Art and Science: All About Bats!

Stretching & Strengthing Movements for Gymnast, Cheerleaders, and Dancers

Nature Art and Science: Nocturnal Creatures

Draw It: Platypus

Draw It: Fennec Fox

Google Slides: An Introduction to Basic Skills.

Private Tutoring With a Certified Reading Specialist

Spanish Immersion for Beginners – Learning by Talking (Ongoing)

The Magical World of Fungi Part 3: Strange Mushrooms + Role of Fungi on Earth

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Level 1 Ball Routine

One-On-One Math Tutoring

Talk With Your Hands: Intermediate ASL 4

Internet Safety for Tweens

Straight to Debate: Beginning Debate Club (9-11)

Robert Burns - His Poetry, Special Day , and Love of Haggis

Insurgent: Dystopian Young Adult Book Club

Learn Piano Now (Level 1) With Dr. Nathan

Marvel TV Series Marathon

Time Traveling With Famous Scientists and Inventors

Warrior Cats Social Club!

Ballgown and Princess Fashion Design Using Watercolor Paint

Fashion Drawing: Design a Snow Queen and Winter Fairy Costume

Learning 'Silent Letters'

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Dog - Hovawart

Twos, Threes, and Keys in Between

Test Prep: Lower Level ISEE 2 Hour Class

Music Adventure Club!

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Bird - Swan

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Sea Animal - Dolphin

1-1 Tutoring (30 minute sessions - Ongoing)

What's for Dinner? #15 (FLEX) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

SAT Study Group - Math

SAT Study Group - Reading and Writing

Colorful Logic Strategies With Mastermind - One on One

Kid's Organizing Life Skill: Fun and Games While Cleaning Our Room, Ages 5-8 (Ongoing)

Ancient Civilizations Middle-School Social Studies Part 2

1-1 All Levels Guitar Lessons (1 Hour Ongoing Lessons)

Jump in: A Japanese Club for Beginners

What's for Dinner? #14 (FLEX) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Circle Of Friends : Play Based Learning Social Club & Weekly Dance Party

How to Train Your... Hamster! (Flexible Schedule Version)

First and Second Grade Small Group Reading Fluency

Princess PreK and Kindergarten: Disney Learning

Drum Lessons (Any Level) 6 Session Package

Geography Class: Let's Travel to Peru!

Full Spanish Curriculum for BEGINNERS

Junior Explorers: Mapping My World

Practice Chanter Lessons

Core Concepts and Revision for First Grade in French


Private French or English Language Tutoring - Ongoing

Building Better Writers: Grammar & Style (Level 1)

Let's Practice! ~ Weekly Kindergarten Math Concepts

Short Story Creative Writing Camp

Private Ukulele Lessons

Yummy Edible Science Camp - PART 2 (Butterfly Cycle, Sink or Float, Tongue Exploration)

Dive in: A Japanese Club for Beginners

Animal Art: Realistic Barn Owl Sketch

Cutest Princess and Pals Art

Toy Photography Project Junior

Doodle Drawing: Polar Bear With Love

Draw a Rainbow Unicorn Poop Emoji in Procreate!

Basics of Cell Biology: Learn the Organelles of an Animal Cell

Super Spanish Semester Class B

Beginner Piano Class - Part 2

Paint With Nicole! Acrylic Beach Sunrise Painting on Canvas/ Acrylic Paper

Paint With Nicole! Acrylic Forest Green Sky Night Painting

Strength, Conditioning, & Cardio Fitness Workout

Morning Meeting Summer Check In, 2nd/3rd Grade

1:1 Beginner Private Piano Online Lessons (Ages 6-16)

Beginning Ballet (Ages 15-18)

Beginning Ballet (Ages 7-10)

Beginning Ballet (Ages 11-14)

Doodle Drawing: Penguin

Dancing Candy: Valentine's Hands on Science!

ABC Phonics (Level 1) : Learning the Alphabet Through Alphatales!

Writing Tutoring 1:1 - Structure and Good Grammar

Mandarin Chinese 101 for Middle Schoolers

Five Nights at Freddys (Fnaf) Escape Room!

Sing in French - Ages 3-6 - Le Petit Escargot (the Little Snail)

Command Your World: An Ongoing Club! [Minecraft Bedrock Edition]

Fraction Frenzy With Mrs. Whitten

Spectacular Piano / Keyboard Camp for Young Learners 2 -Ongoing

3-Year-Old Preschool Circle Time: Learning Adventures W/ Miss Audrey

Guitar Private Lesson (Beginner to Advanced) (Ages 3-18)

Ukulele Private Lesson (Beginner to Advanced) (Ages 3-18)

Harmonica (Diatonic) Private Lesson (Beginner to Advanced) (Any Age)

Video Game Music Part 2 (Ages 5-10)

Girls With Goals: One Hour Ongoing Girls' Social Chat Club (Ages 9-12)

Zelda Breath of the Wild Social Club

2nd Grade Language Arts III: English Adventures

All About Two-Digit Long Division Review Level 2

Writing Course 10-Week (Ages 7-9)

Strategies for Successful Reading: A Reading Comprehension Book Club

Calligraphy and Hand Lettering: Mixed Bag Club!

Snowy's Social Club

Procreate Drawing Club | Procreate 101 | Digital Art | Digital Drawing Art Class

The Bold Ones: Writers, Actors, and Musicians Pt 1

Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days' Queen of England

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book Club

The Most Dangerous Places on Earth

MeepCity (Roblox) Weekly Role Play and Social Time on a Safe Private Server

Stock Market Escape Room - Room of Puzzles and Trivia

ASL for Advanced - Part 5 - FLEX

Preschool or Elementary Individualized Tutoring Ongoing

Cat Club: Let's Chat and Draw Cats!

Realistic Pencil Drawing

I Have a Dream! Celebrating Diversity and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Part 2 (Age 13-18)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Part 2 (Age 8-12)

Current Events Discussion Club: Understanding Today by Looking to History

One-On-One Japanese Tutoring

Spring Break Coding Camp: Create Your First 3D Game Using Unity & C#

Voice Lessons - Private Singing Coaching Sessions

Electromagnetism Camp: Magnetism, Electricity, Photons and Solar Energy! (1-Week, 4 sessions)

Learn How to Create an Isometric Game in Unity

Guthriegabs Summer Reading List Fever 1793 Young Adult Historical Fiction Book

Exploring the Most Dangerous Places on the Earth

Speaking in a British Accent (Ongoing) (Age 12-16) With a Professional Actress

Egyptian Mummy Escape Room!

FLEX: Little Ninjas Adventure Series for Preschool and Kindergarteners!

There's No Place Like Home-Fun with "The Wizard of Oz": PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

The Public Speaking Club....Let's Give a Speech!

Drawing Club: Weekly Meet up Featuring Line, Shape, and Figure Drawing

Direct Drawing: Discover the "Hidden Drawing" Inside a Treasure Chest

Integers: Introduction to Integer Concepts

Green Sea Turtles

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Part 3 (Age 8-12)

Explore Spanish! ~ Summer Camp (Beginner)

Here's Katakana! Part 1-5 (A Japanese Writing System) (Age 13-18)

Here's Katakana! Part 1-5 (A Japanese Writing System) (Age 8-12)

Kindergarten Sight Words

Here's Hiragana! Part 1-5 (A Japanese Writing System) (Age 13-18)

Learn to Love Language Arts (3rd + 4th Grade) - 1x/Week

Intro to Microscopy (Ages 9-12)

Junior Adventurers: Magical and Mythical Creatures Collectors' Club

Here's Hiragana! Part 1-5 (A Japanese Writing System) (Age 8-12)

Super Mario Powerpoint Trivia Game- Interactive and Fun!

Pokemon Club

Code Breaker: Are You Up to the Challenge? A Verbal/Social Enrichment Club

Drawing Nintendo: Bowser

Painting With Nicole! Acrylic Flowers in Vase Painting on Canvas/ Acrylic Paper

4th Grade Yearly Math Curriculum - Fun, Engaging & Interactive~ Licensed Teacher

Time to Travel! Where Is? Book Series Twice a Month Book Club (Steam Activities)

Storytelling and Creative Play: What if We Were to Go to the Land of Oz?

CVC, Come and Make Words With Me!

Piano Summer Camp: How to Play Happy Birthday in a Blues Style (Ages 12-16)

Piano Summer Camp: How to Play Happy Birthday in a Blues Style (Ages 8-11)

Let's Learn Acrylic Painting Flowers on Canvas

Ukulele Class 2 Beginner (Ages 6-10) - Learn Chords A, Am, A7, D and New Songs

Elementary Piano Experience

Design Your Own Disney Princess Drawing Class

5th Grade Math - Semester 1

Master Math 3-4Th Grade

1:1 Math Test Prep - SSAT, PSAT & SAT

Supportive Creative Writers Group: Writing Unique Books, Working Together.

1 on 1 Private Tutoring: 30 Mins

Painting a Galaxy

Would You Rather??? The Weekly Social Question Club

The Lost Mine of Phandelver: a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Campaign for Beginners

Drawing Pokémon: Pichu

Draw and Paint Purr-Maids! a Cat Mermaid Under the Sea

One-On-One Math Tutoring

Individual Math, Science, or Latin Tutoring - Full Hour

I Love Cursive Writing! (a, c, d, g, and q)

CCVC, Come and Blend With Me! ("H" Blends)

French 101: Beginner French: Lesson 11- How to Ask Questions

Ba, Bi, Bo, Blending Consonants and Vowels!

Socializing and Creating Indoor STEM Activities-Part 2 (Ages 3-6)

Pre-K Time With Ms. Kristy- Summer Camp

Ear Training: Music for Sight-Singing - Part 2 (Ages 10-14)

Semester Biology Ecology: Energy and Biogeochemical Cycles (Flexible Schedule)

Escape Room: Among Us

Escape Room: The Black Hole

One-To-One Tutoring: All Things Elementary School Math

3rd Grade Common Core Math (Made FUN!)

ELA Skills Practice-Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar - Ongoing; Ages 6-7

Acting for Young Learners (Ages 3-5)

Phonics Instruction Storytime--Let's Read Together!

Rainbow Unicorns and Ballerina Butterflies Dance With Pop-Up Class!

Escape Room: Escape the Zombies

Unicorn Mixed Media Painting and Drawing

Watercolor Tape Art

Spring Sight Word Bingo: 2nd Grade

Paint Your Own Picture for Your Room

Reading: Have You Heard the News??? Weekly Current Events Club

Individual (1:1) Tutoring for Learners

Hanging Out With Aesop's Fables!

Multiple Path Adventure - Let’s Start a Business Interactive Math Story Game

Certified ESL Teacher to give extra tutoring classes.

Junior Adventurers: Fairy Collectors' Club (Nature Studies + Art)

Weekly Weird and Wonderful Weather

X2 Day Card Magic Tricks Class 3.0 - Ages 10-15 - How to Perform Card Magic With Style

Hamilton Time Travel Escape Room

We Need Diverse Graphic Novels - Book Club Vol. 1 (7-10 Yr Olds)

Super Summer Reading: Explore Imagery & Color Symbolism in Reading

Art Along | Still Life Drawing Club

Let's Dance! Mermaid Beginner Ballet

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Weekly Battle Club for Younger Players

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity: Where Art Meets Mathematics

Edible Chemistry (FLEX): Baking Skill Builder: Pastry

"How NOT to be Racist"- An Ongoing Conversation for ages 14, 15 & 16.

Private Creative Arts Monthly Tutoring with Ms. Astrid

All About Two-Digit Long Division Review

All About Beginning Two-Digit Long Division

Fractions: Converting Between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Alphabet Safari, Let's Walk Through the Jungle!

Nature Journaling for Explorers!

Spanish for Beginners 1

Outer Space Escape Room!

Pilates for Posture Workout (6-11)

5th Grade Social Studies: Unit 3 of Fifth Grade Social Studies (Flex)

Military History Club: The Most Decisive Battles in History

Military History Club: Greatest Generals in the History of the World

Disney Travel: Let's Visit Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and More in France!

Positive Behaviors. Techniques for Positive Personal Affirmation.

Google Slides Fun: Add-A-Dinosaur to Your Photos - Digital Art Craft (Set 2)

Introduction to Science Fair and Research Projects

Choose Your Math Adventure: Attack of the Angry Llamas! (3rd, 4th, or 5th Grade)

Social-Emotional Learning Skills for Little Learners

Weekly 3rd Grade Math Review: Let's Make Math Fun!

Show & Tell Friday: Your Pets! Drop in Class

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