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New Classes on Outschool 2020-12-27

There are 343 new classes on Outschool the week of December 27, 2020 to January 2, 2021.

Pretend Play Ongoing Club: Reborn, American Girl, Barbie and Other Dolls!

Clay Sculpting for Beginners: Pets Clay Club

Clay Sculpting for Beginners: Wild Animals Clay Club

Private Bass Guitar Lessons (1 Hour)

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Shapes - Semicircle

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing With Letters - E

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Numbers - 5

Little Dreamers Cartoon Marathon: Pokémon Drawing - Electabuzz

Mario Movie Drawing (One Time) - Donkey Kong

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Letters - B

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing With Numbers - 7

Pokemon Trainer Club for Little Dreamers!

All Things Kindergarten!

Draw It: Bush Baby

One-On-One Singing and Voice Lessons

FLEX Become a Youtube Influencer Create a Successful Youtube Channel 6W2

Star Wars: The Jedi Council Social Group

Draw It: Alligator

Draw It: Bearded Dragon

Mummy Dog Treats

Music: Beginner Piano Adventures (8 Live Private 1:1 Piano Lessons for Age 6-11)

A Tasty Introduction to Division

All About Cool Cats. Exciting Facts About Domestic Cats.

Special Needs (Ongoing) - Show and Tell Class

Non-Fiction Book Club - SUMMER CAMP! ( Down-Syndrome and Special Needs)

Unbelievable Beats: Quarter and Eighth Note Rhythm Fun

Non-Fiction Elementary Book Club - Summer Camp! (Ages 7-10) Lexile 600-800 / ESL Students Welcome

Equations, Curves, and All Things Exponential: A Survey of Exponential Topics

Elsa • Frozen Story Time & Show and Tell

Let's Learn to Read Sight Words

Magic and Mythology Book Club: Greek Gods and Goddesses Edition

Essential Math Skills: Comprehensive Decimal Boot Camp

Phonics for Reading Writing and Spelling-Level B: "CVCe, Blends, & Digraphs" K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade (Ages 4,5,6,7,8) (Decoding, Fluency, & Comprehension)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 7

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 6

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 8

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 5

Chinese New Year Guided Reading Class

Reading Detectives Semester Class - Phonics, Reading, Spelling for K-1St Grade,

Alien Collective Middle School Gifted Reading Pod: Advanced/Gifted Readers

1:1 Private Ongoing Class: 3D Video Game Design W/ the Atmosphir App! (Ages 5+)

Drawing Games: Robots and Creatures

Diving Into Writing: Weekly Paragraph Writing Club Level 1

Sentence Writing Like a Pro! Have Fun Learning to Write Solid Sentences

Volcano Isle (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

The Helicoprion Prehistoric Shark. Extinct but Alive in Our Hearts.

Achievable Origami: A One Time Class for Beginners

German Storytime: Picture Books, Vocabulary, Songs and More

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 4

Silly Sentences Make Silly Stories! Serious Strategies, Fun Delivery!

Reading the Classics - The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Read Aloud Class

Shakespeare Kids Part III: Exploring Four More Plays

Dolphins of Many Colors. Dolphin Facts & The Truth About Pink Dolphins

Roblox Club: Escape and Survive Our Favorite Games (Small Group Class)

Ariel • Story Time & Show and Tell

One-On-One: Individual Art Tutoring

Animal Art: Realistic Horse Sketch

Spanish ABC - Circle Time 3-7 yo (1x week)

1st and 2nd Grade Math

Let's Draw Cute Cats in Different Activities - Kawaii Kitties

Harmonica Beatboxing and Melody Intro for Beginners

American Girl Doll Ballet Dance With Your Special Doll Pop-Up Class! 1x(4-8)

Daily Skills Practice With Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar: Ages 7-9

Daily Skills Practice With Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar Ages 10-12

Lesson 19 - Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game-Zombie Hunter

A Donut War? Oh No! Story Time Reading With Teacher Dianne (A Donut Lover)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 3

College Level Computer Science With Java (Unit 6)

Fun & Engaging Phonics: Learn to Blend, Write, & Read Short Vowel CVC Words-ESL

Model Horse Club Social! Share Your Herd and Make New Friends!

Creepy & Cool Creatures of the Deep. Odd & Unique Deep Sea Creatures.

All About Puppy Dog Care. How to Care For Your New Pet & Best Friend.

Learn to Ask Great Questions

Pokemon Chemistry: Introduction to Atoms, Elements and Molecules

Procreate Private Tutoring

Book Series Study: Warriors: The Prophecy Begins by Erin Hunter

Singing Club Kids!

Singing Club: Pop Superstar Edition

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 2

Ear Training: Music for Sight-Singing (Part 1)

ABRSM Music Theory in Practice: Grade 1

History of Rock and Roll

What's for Dinner? #7 - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Private Tutoring: Social Studies, Research, Writing, Civics, Geography and More

Explore the NASA Space Image of the Day! (Ongoing Astronomy Club)

Nonverbal Communication Basics

AP Comparative Government Part Two

Black History: The First Black Female Astronaut - Mae Jemison

Middle School Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory Reading: Phonics & Sight Words for Cat Lovers!

Getting To Know American Girls Cecile & Marie-Grace & 1850's New Orleans Life

Getting To Know American Girl Josefina & Daily Life In The Southwest In 1824

Getting To Know 2021 American Girl Kira & Life In The Australian Bush Today

Fun With Watercolor Painting Club (Ages 9-14)

Draw & Color / Paint a Dragon Inspired by the Fierce & Vibrant Leafwing Sundew

Soil Science: Intro to Regenerative Agriculture

Learn Fun Coping Strategies From A to Z to Reduce Worries or Anxiety.

Fundraising Ideas for Kids. How Kids Can Help People in Need.

10 Sessions - Private Math Tutoring - Ages 13 To 18

Ukulele Class 1 Beginner (Ages 6-10) - Learn Chords C,C7,F,G and Songs to Play

Draw & Color / Paint a Wings of Fire Dragon Inspired by Courageous Sunny

Weekly 30min. Trumpet Lessons

Ms. Colleen's Guided Reading and Guided Writing Class - Grade 4 - Small Class

Make Popsicle Stick Bunk Beds for L.O.L, Chelsea or Any Small Dolls

The Red Lemon! Story Time and Science Fun With Teacher Dianne

Personalized Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2 Tutoring (Ongoing)

Abcs, Sight Words, and Learn How to Read - Reading Camp (Level 1 Of 6)

Reading With Friends! a Book Club for Level 2 Readers With Teacher Dianne

American Sign Language Family and Occupations Signs.

African American History: America's First Black Poet - Phillis Wheatley

Highschool Finance: An Introduction to Money Management for Teens (Part 1)

Angie's English/Spanish All About Me

Algebra 2 Weekly Homework Help and Practice - Small Group

Crafts and Spanish: Feliz Navidad! Finger Painting and Singing!

Doodle and Learn French Weekly Club! Draw and Learn French for Beginners

Draw Cute Cats With Food - Kawaii Kitties Eating Their Favorite Food

Black Holes: Fact or Fiction

Writing With a Writer: Middle School

A History of Poop, an Introduction

Math Mystery: The Case of the Disappearing Candy

Valentine’s Day Directed Drawings

Letters, Letters, Letters! ABC Preschool Readiness

The Art of Playing Sims Challenge Club: Will You Do Evil or Good?

Mini Med School: Anatomy Coloring Book Club Age 7-12

Step by Step! Writing Sentences With Dress-Ups & Sentence Openers (IEW)

Women in Science

Let It Go - Frozen Dance Camp - (Ages 5-9)

DIY Doll Furniture: Let's Make a Piano!

DIY Doll Furniture: Let's Make a Kitchen Table and Chairs!

Introduction to Beginning Division and Division Facts (Ongoing Math Class)

Dog Breeds of the World! (Part 1)

Let's Have Fun in French!

The Joy of Vocabulary I: Greek and Latin Prefixes and Roots

Space Secrets Planets Club

Reading Part 4 With Mrs. Bell

Tangled Ballet With Miss Lexa

Summer Drawing Fun- Step-By-Step Directed Drawing

Dive-In to Reading & Listening Comprehension: 4TH, 5TH Grade (Ages 9-11)

Spring Bunny Learn & Draw Class!

One-on-One with Makai

Wildlife Science: Hammerhead Sharks

Dragon Journal ~ World Fantasy Art

Animal Art: Realistic Sloth Sketch

Bonjour mes amis. French Club With Kim. Fun Activities For 4 - 7s.

Mr. B Vs. the Impostor or Is He? Among Us Social Club

(FLEX) Fast-Paced Vet Studies for Biology, Zoology, and Animal Lovers (10-12Yo)

(FLEX) Fast-Paced Vet Studies for Biology, Zoology, and Animal Lovers (13+Yo)

Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game-Soccer (2 Player)

1-on-1 "Learn to Read! Blending Sounds En Español"

Math: Introduction to Subtracting Decimals

Language Arts: Singular and Plural Nouns in Sentences

Drum Like a Rock Star Private Lessons

Chess Social Club!

Popcorn Reading With a Twist: Third Grade Reading Comprehension and Sight Words

Nintendo Switch: Mario Kart Racing Club

Map Making: Explore and Design a Functional Space Station

Math Club for Adventurers: Adding, Subtracting and More!

Intro to Art History for High School Part III (Asian and African Art)

Listen With Your Eyes: ASL Part 4

Let's Talk: Social Chat Club for Early Elementary Girls

Hip-Hop Dance: Teens Ongoing Beginning Class

Hip Hop Cardio Fitness

Introduction to Art History for High School Part I (Ancient to Renaissance) FLEX

Who Me? Yes You! Let's Draw a Kawaii Style Self Portrait!

Fun Hebrew Tutoring Private Lessons From a Hebrew Teacher - Beginners to Intermediate

Let's Talk About Point of View

Private Guitar Lessons (Ongoing 25 Minutes)

Weather Forecasting With a Focus on Aviation Meteorology

Game On! Video Gaming and Chat Social Club (6-10)

Chess for Rookies: Introduction to Chess Part II (Space, Time & Game Structure)

Learn the Art of Sewing 2: Beginner Projects

Active and Passive Voice - Creative Writing Seminar

Space Explorers: The Planets (Ongoing 2x/wk)

the Misty Land Dungeons and Dragons D&D 5e Adventure

History Explorers (U.S. History)

Introduction to Early Reading!

Fractions: Writing Equivalent and Simplifying Fractions

Lesson 3 Scratch Coding for Beginners-Make a Video Game-Dinosaur Dash

Exploration Into Early Math

Camp Fashion Drawing Draw With Me Series: Fancy Gowns

Become a Master of Drawing and Sketching People. Ongoing Art Class

Happy Jayfeather's Day: A Warrior Cat Newleaf Celebration

Smarty Pants Music Classroom - Be My Valentine

Doll and Stuffed Animal Show and Tell

Brainstorm and Build: Minecraft Theme Park Roller Coaster, Rides, Food and Games

Letters to Santa: How to Write a Letter (Ages 7-11)

Bingo: Learning to Read With Grade One Sight Words! Phonics/Blending/Reading

Book Club for Teen Book Worms!

Montessori Static Subtraction (Stamp Game) - Montessori Math

Montessori Dynamic Subtraction (Stamp Game) - Montessori Math

Impatiently Waiting for My Violin to Arrive!

Movement and Fitness: Drop-In P.E. Class for Kids-Spring Workout!

Harry Potter Book Club #1

Passion Four Pawz: Beginning Puppy Training for Children

Keith Haring Style: Draw or Paint Using Simple Shapes and Color

Stretch and Flexibility Class for Dance, Gymnastics, Figure Skating

Math Mastery Made Fun! 4th and 5th Grade Math Skills (On-Going)

Magic: The Gathering - Game Day Social Club

American Immigration History as Told in the Book "a Different Mirror"

African American History || Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month?

Curse of Strahd Dungeons and Dragons D&D 5e Adventure Club Ravenloft Vampires

Waterdeep Dragon Heist Dungeons and Dragons D&D 5e Adventure RPG

Horde of the Dragon Queen Rise of Tiamat Tyranny of Dragons Dungeons and Dragons

Circle Time Show & Tell: Social Skills and Socializing

Interactive Storytelling: Class Story Building With a Prompt

Winter Art: Sketch a Snowy Scene

Morse Code Class 1: Learn To Send Secret Critical Messages Like Pilots From World War II (9-13yo)

Learn a Foreign Language: Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian) - 2B

Fun With Hidden Mickeys!

Pretend Play: Action Figure, Dolls, Animals, Dinosaurs and More!

Stuffies Teach Social-Emotional Skills!

Uke Can Do It Part 2: Ukulele Lessons for Young Beginners

Let’s Dip Strawberries in Chocolate for a Yummy Dessert Treat

All About the Extinct Triceratops, the Three-Horned Face Dinosaur.

Writing a Science Laboratory Report

Montessori Dynamic Addition (Stamp Game) - Montessori Math

Montessori Static Addition (Stamp Game) - Montessori Math

Procreate Drawing & Social Club

Private Math Tutoring With Mrs Aubrey 30 Minutes

Have Fun With Math (Camp!)

Let’s Make Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cocoa Bombs Hearts With Cappuccino

Mrs. C's Reading Readiness Prep Program

Pop-Up Zumba Kids Jr!

Tutoring: Elementary: Reading, Spelling, Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Biology Advanced Vet / Veterinary Science 5 Farm Animals & Exotics (13-18 Yrs)

Art History - Millennia of Celebrating Family Bonds - One on One

Greek Myths Heracles: Read, Discuss and Draw

Prek and Kindergarten Summer Fun Learning and Social Time With Show and Tell

Beginner Spanish With the Singing Spanish Teacher! (2x per Week)

Believe It or Not - Odd Land and Sea Creatures! (Part 2)

One-Time Needs Based 1:1 Math Tutoring and Homework Help

Fun with Pre-Primer Sight Words! On-going Course

Read, Write and Learn Like a Ninja - Short Course

Kindergarten, First, Second, And Third Grade Math And Reading 1 on 1 Tutoring

Travel Girl Art: Colombia/ Afro-Latina Drawing (Black History Month)

Writer’s Are Us: Writing Camp

Friends Dance Party With Pop-Up Class! Ongoing Hip-Hop Sing Dance Move DJ (4-8)

Piano Level 1: Keyboard Skills, Songs, and Games for Older Beginners

Violin for Beginners: Holding Your Instrument and Plucking the Strings

Fractions: Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Recorder for Absolute Beginners

Railroad Club

ADHD and Executive Function Skills for Success: Following Directions for Neurodivergent Teens

Private Tutoring 1 Session

Travel the World - Continent and Country Geography Study

Reading Comprehension (+Fluency, Vocabulary, and Reading Strategies!) Ongoing

Zookeeper Training Class - Zoo Animal Science


Biology Advanced Vet / Veterinary Science 5 Farm Animals Exotics (8-12 Yrs)

Way to Happiness - Best of Western & Eastern Mindfulness Practices, One on One

Let's Learn More About Bones, Muscles and Joint Injuries-For Ages 13-16!

Greek Myths Pegasus: Read, Discuss and Draw

St Patrick’s Day | Pre-K & Kinder Show & Tell, Craft, Sing & Book with Handouts!

Gifted Guided Reading Tutor Session

Map Making: Explore and Draw Solar Systems and Galaxies

Voices From the Past - Primary Sources From the Holocaust for Tweens

Python Programming | Beginner | 20 Week SP | Automate Awesome

Self-Paced Business of Photography 4: Entrepreneur Mastermind

Let's Learn to Draw Both Realistic Faces and Anime Style Portraits

Halloween Party | Pre-K & Kindergarten, Craft, Dance, Games, Show & Tell & Book!

Polishing and Publishing Short Bites: Stories, Poetry, Essays (repeatable)

Daily Piano Lessons With Ms. Bri

Basket Weaving for Beginners (Ages 8-12)

Ballet and Tap: Preschool Minis Dance Class

Learning to Overcome Fears and Be Confident in Yourself

Intro to Digital Art Painting and Drawing in Procreate for Ipad

Fun With Watercolor Painting Club (Ages 7-10)

Fractions: Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Slime Making: The Science of Slime

BFF Social Club Ages 6-9: Girl Talk & Fun! Build Friendships & Social Skills

Reading and Word Study 2nd Grade Spelling, Full Year Ongoing Class.

Baking: How to Make a Marble Cake

Reading Readiness. Learning to Read Word Families with Doh

Ukulele Basics: Part 1 *Private Class*

Preschool/ESL Socializing Skills: Show and Tell, Confidence in Speaking, and Asking Questions

Ultimate: Who's That Pokemon! Trivia Game

Cruising for Skills on MS Excel - High School and College Prep

Lesson 24 - Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game-Alien Chorus

Gymnastics: 1-On-1 Private Lesson (One Time)

2B or Not 2B: Draw With 2B and/or Colored Pencils

Ongoing 5th Grade Math - Full Curriculum - Includes Extra Resources

Under the Sea Adventure: Learn About Ocean Animals (Ongoing)

Reptiles and Amphibians: Learn About The Animals, Habitat, Characteristics, Fun Facts, and Draw!

Introduction to Paleontology: All About Dinosaurs

Zoology: Learn About Animals and Their Habitats, Evolution, Diet, and Fun Facts!

Ukulele 123: Beginner Crash Course in Ukulele *Small Class Size* (Ages 8-12)

Summer Fashion Design: 4 Week Drawing and Painting Fashion Camp

(2X/Wk) Preschool / Pre K Circle Time: ABC's, Calendar, Counting, Music and More

The Pout-Pout Fish

ESL: English For You

Santa Boogie Dance Class

Let's Play Among Us - Are You the Impostor? (Ages 7-12)

Monkeys Alive! All About Monkeys With Drawing Activity

1:1 Math Tutoring 6th-9th Grade -3 Days a Week - Ongoing

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Class for Beginners/Intermediate

Barbie Bunch Sleepover: Interactive Social Time With Dolls

Kindergarten Reading Club: First Semester

Map Making: Discover and Draw Underground Cities

#7 Ongoing Group Piano Lessons

3Rd Grade Math Interactive Class: Full Curriculum Included

Stealing Freedom and the Underground Railroad

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 1.1, 4-6, 2x/wk

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 2.1, 7-11, 2x/wk

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 1 (Age 13-18)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Part 1 (Age 13-18)

Ukulele - Learn Riptide by Vance Joy

Meteorology for Kids: How to Observe and Forecast the Weather (Ages 9 to 12)

Ukulele - Learn The Cup Song (Age 13-18)

Ukulele - Learn The Cup Song (Age 8-12)

Ukulele - Learn You're Welcome (from Moana)

Ukulele - You Belong to Me by Steve Martin

Ukulele - Learn Someone To Lava (age 13-18)

Ukulele - Learn Someone To Lava (age 8-12)

Valentine’s Day Party | Pre-K & Kindergarten, Show & Tell, Craft, Sing & Book!

"Let's Learn More About Organ Diseases and Dysfunctions-For Ages13-16!"

American Girl Doll Beginner Ballet Jazz Dance Pop-Up Class! 8x(4-8)

Ukulele - Learn Hey There Delilah

Ukulele - Learn Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

Level 6: Phonics Reading Cvce Long Vowel Words With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed)

Frozen Freeze Dance!

First & Second Grade Literacy Practice

Kindergarten Together Ongoing - Full Year Curriculum

Makeup Is Art! Coaching for Beauty, Cosplay, & Special FX Makeup

Snakes Alive! All About Snakes With Drawing Activity

Hippos Alive! All About the the Hippopotamus With a Fun Drawing Activity

Orangutans Alive! All About the Orangutan With Drawing Activity

Red Panda Bears Alive! All About Red Pandas With Drawing Activity

Panda Bears Alive! All About the Panda With Drawing Activity

Polar Bears Alive! All About the Polar Bear With Drawing Activity.

Here's Hiragana! Part 3 (a Japanese Alphabet) (Age 13-18)

Here's Hiragana! Part 2 (a Japanese Alphabet) (Age 13-18)

Here's Hiragana! Part 1 (a Japanese Alphabet) (Age 13-18)

Ongoing Small Group Mandarin Chinese Class for Age 7- 14 Beginner Level

Spanish Tutoring for Beginner Intermediate Advanced 1-On-1 Personalized Lessons Tutoring

Fun Skills, Murder at the Movies: Catch the Killer With Ciphers & Secret Codes (Escape Room Style)

ASL Basics for Beginners Ages 9 To 13

ASL Basics for Beginners Ages 14 To 18

Barbie Bunch Fashion Show: Interactive Social Time With Dolls

Fractions: Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Fractions: Subtracting Fractions with Like and Unlike Denominators

Fractions: Adding Fractions With Like and Unlike Denominators

Vaccines: Their Development, Timeline, Implication, and Importance

Figurative Language Quiz Bowl #2 - 7 Types of Figurative Language

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