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New Classes on Outschool 2021-01-10

There are 262 new classes on Outschool the week of January 10, 2021 to January 16, 2021.

The Violin Virtuoso- Powerful Technique, Extraordinary Artistry! (All Levels)

Flamingos Around the World. Fun Facts & How They Get Their Coloring.

Whodunnit? An Ongoing Math Enrichment Club for Mystery Lovers

Exploring Our Earth: A Math Class With Ms. B, Grade 2-3

Teach Your Dog or Cat to Paint

Whodunnit? A Math Mystery Enrichment Camp

Camping With Ms. B: A Math Experience

Elementary Beginner Spanish ~ Part 1 (Summer Edition)

Pythagorean Theorem - Legs and Hypotenuse Together Making a Right Triangle

What's Your Learning Style? Understand How You Learn and Process Information!

Magic Pebble Stories!: Story Time & Writer's Workshop Series

Summer Kindergarten Camp

Master Your Writing: From Brainstorming to Paragraphs! Ages 8-11

Private 1:1 Programming Tutoring (JavaScript/Ruby/HTML/CSS)

Sassy Jazz Beginner Dance Class

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 3 (Age 8-12)

World Geography - Continents/Oceans/Countries/Capitals

Beginning Group Guitar Level 1 (Introduction)

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Shapes - Square

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing With Numbers - 12

Little Dreamers Character Art: Drawing W/ Letters - A

Acting, Improv & Writing Dialogue: The Art of Making Creative Choices

Private Piano Lessons

Newbery Award Winners: The Witch of Blackbird Pond- A Book Study

Cheese: A History, Then & Now

Math Mastery | Multi-Day Eight Weeks of Weekly 25-minute Tutoring Sessions

Math - That Was Easy! Pre-Algebra Expressions & Equations - Certified Teacher

Bitcoin- Cryptocurrency Investing Game Challenge- 100K Virtual Money - Ages 13-18

STEM CRL2 - Semi-Private Coding & Robotics Level 2 - Codey Rocky With Scratch!

Among Us HIDE AND SEEK! - Weekly Play & Social Club

Rocket League - 1 To 1 Private Coaching

Animal Adventure: Five of the Smallest Wild Cats!

Creating Original Characters! Theatre Acting Bootcamp in One Day

Ukulele Advanced

Rocket League Training & Play With A Grand Champion - All Ages!

Let's Catch a Leprechaun! St. Patrick's Day Story and Trap Building Time

Harry Potter Book Club #2

Prehistoric Dinosaur Adventure: Learn About Five Incredible Dinosaurs

Decision Making, Critical Thinking & Framing Arguments for Pre-Teens

Draw Rainbow Friends to Celebrate Martin Luther King & Black History Month

Reading and Comprehension for Pre-Teens, Ages 8-12 (Ongoing Class)

On-Going Logic Club for Gifted Learners

1:1 Tutoring | Pre-Algebra Through Calculus (55 Minute Sessions)

1:1 Private Elementary Math Tutoring - 30 Minutes

Geography: The Most Beautiful Places Around the World. Travel/Weekly /Ongoing

1:1 Tutoring | Pre-Algebra Through Calculus (25 Minute Sessions)

Animals and Action! - Understanding Verbs

Warrior Cat Adventure Club

Smarty Pants Music Classroom - Musical, Magical Unicorns!

Marvelous Marvel Film Studies and Movie Club

Dance With Me Second Position

Google Slides Fun: Cute Monsters Playground - Digital Art Craft

Positive News Stories of the Month: Discuss and Draw

Weird and Wonderful Weather Self-Paced Class

International English Speaking Club - ESL Meetup

5th and 6th Grade Math: Let’s Learn to Multiply and Divide Fractions!

Economics for Kids

1:1 Handwriting Tutoring With An OT; Live Demonstrations And Feedback

Singing - Private Class - Request Your Own Day/Time (Ages 14-18)

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: Ozymandius)

Polymer Clay Art Sculpting of the Cutest Baby Yoda, Grogu!

Hands-On Molecule Model Building! ( STEM / STEAM / Chemistry )

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: At the Lake)

Little Learner Circle Time

Latin Dances- Merengue, Bachata, Salsa!

How to Draw a Dog With Colored Pencils Just Like an Image/Art

Among Us: Teen Edition

Among Us Meet Up

Among Us: Game Time for the Youngest Players on a Safe, Private Server

Among Us: Game Time on a Safe, Private Server (Ages 7-12)

Learn Voice Over (Flex) - Voice Over Acting Class for Beginners - Movies, TV Shows, Commercials, YouTube

All About the Piranha. A Toothed and Ferocious Fish Who Loves to Eat.

The Only Shark That Farts. The Sand Tiger Shark Is Full of Hot Air.

Animal Cells Vs. Plant Cells: The Showdown (Flex Class)

All About the Stegosaurus Dinosaur. Extinct but Alive in Our Hearts.

Spooky Anime Girl Drawing!! Step by Step

The Spinosaurus Dinosaur Who Can Swim. The Largest Predator in History

French Conversation

Let’s Learn About Percent While Calculating Tax and Tip!

1:1 Private Tutoring Beginner Acrylic Painting Student Choice Paint a Long .

An Ongoing Animal Crossing Community (Ages 5-8)

Bitcoin - Crypto - Cryptocurrency for Beginners - Let's Talk Bitcoin Ages 9-13

Valentine Cat Craft and Show and Tell

Spring Story With Vivaldi's Music and Crafts.

Baking: Sweets and Treats Cookie and Dessert Club for Young Beginner Bakers

Read and Draw With Me: Be Brave, Little Penguin!

Read and Draw With Me: William's Winter's Nap!

1-on-1 English Tutoring: Grade 1-3

Zombies Themed Dance Party: Zombies #2 Edition

All Ears! Active Listening Club (Ages 8-10)

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: Draw)

Draw It: Bumblebee

Latin 1-2 Tutoring with Magistra Brigid (Semi-Private)

1-on-1 Math Tutoring: Grade 3

Pom Dance Cheer Squad Disney Zombies With Pop-Up Class! Get Fired up 1x(6-10)

Comic Strip Stories: Weekly Workshop

Let's Talk: Giraffes!

Pet Shelter Math Project With Ms. B

Super Math Strategies-2-Digit Addition

Become a Handwriting Warrior!

1:1 Tutoring Class- Math, Reading, Writing, Phonics Help for Pre-K to 3rd Grade

Private Virtual Birthday Party! (Science Experiment Edition)

Exploring Anime: The Culture of Japanese Animation

Waldorf Inspired Form Drawing (Techniques From Levels 1-3)

History: Characters of the American Old West: Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill

Speaking With Confidence: Introduction to Public Speaking for Kids and Beginners

Skills for Success: Introduction to Time Management for Tweens and Teens

Chit Chat Club: Social Club for Learners With Special Needs (Everyone Welcome!)

1 Day Understanding and Managing Screen Time Addiction: Insights by a Programmer

Animal Crossing Let's Collect All of the Cherry Blossom Items (2.0 Items Updated)

1:1 Dog Training Advice

Dungeons & Dragons Adventuring Academy

Cooking With Independence--Cooking Dinner for Tweens and Teens

Pajama Jammin in My Jammies Dance Party With Pop-Up Class!

Kiddykeys Summer Camp-A Piano Camp for Preschoolers

One-On-One ESL Tutoring

One-On-One Tutoring

Little Explorers Show and Share Social Club With Mrs. Sarah!

Fun Piano Camp for Little Learners 1 Self Paced

Intermediate Karate for Kids: Yellow Belt Three - Preparing for Orange Belt

5 Minute Abs - Teens - Beginner Core Workouts

Law Enforcement Cadet Academy

STUDIO GHIBLI Anime Sculpting of the River Dragon Haku: Polymer Clay Arts

Paint With Nicole! On-Going Acrylic Painting Club Step-by-Step

Private Piano Lessons: All Levels (Ages 6-11)

Next Level Speech, Storytelling & Debate!: Putting What's Inside, Out

Kinderspeech: Putting What's Inside, Out!—Public Speaking, Storytelling & Debate

Little Learners Travel the World! Discussion Class for 5-8 Years. ESL Suitable

Have Fun Learning to Read in Spanish Part I (for Preschoolers)

Sunshine Violin: Violin AND Piano Lessons In One! ages 6-18

Classic Car Art Drawing Club (Jr)

Drawing Fundamentals (Ace, Certified Instructor)

Kinder-Second Grade Fun Time!!!!!

Tasty Casseroles: FLEX Cooking Class

Weekly Soccer (/Football/Fútbol) Club

Heart to Heart - Girl's Chat Social Club

Math Fun Game Night!

Summer Skills for Mathematicians: Solving Equations (Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1)

Intro to Art, Drawing for Beginners, Adventures With Pencils! (Certified, ACE)

Emotional Regulation, Working Through Anger (for Little Learners)

Lunar New Year Fashion Art: Dresses of Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Thailand &Korea

Private Piano Lessons with Dr. Nathan

Poetry Power: How to Read and Analyze Poems

Boys Need Self Care Too: A Guide to Physical and Overall Wellness

Girl Talk: Self-Esteem and Confidence Development Social Club for Preteen Girls

What is Lego? By Jim O’Conner: Book Discussion and Building Together

Personal Finance Ages 12-15: Money, Credit, Banking, Saving, Budgets & More.

Middle School Geography of the World: Part I Mapping Skills

Soup's On! FLEX Cooking Class: Bring Me All the Soup!

4th Grade Math Curriculum Part 1: Flex

Self Paced Class How to Play Dungeons and Dragons

5 Minute Abs - Teens - Advanced Core Workouts!

Gingerbread House Drawing ~Fun & Festive Drawing!

Coding for Kindergarten and 1st Grade-Coding With Interlocking Building Bricks

So You Can Sing - Private Voice Lessons (Ages 8-18)

Dog Breeds of the World! (Part 2)

Introductory ASL: American Sign Language for Beginners

Algebra 1 for Homeschool Students 22/23 School Year - 4th 9 Weeks

Vocabulary Extravaganza: Let's Learn New Words

Individual Writing Tutoring

4th Grade 9-Week Course w/ Lab Experiments | (Part 4 of 4) Semester Course | w/ Report Card

One on One Piano Lessons

Yoga for Kids

Draw a Realistic Cobra Snake ~ Learn Step-By-Step Drawing Skills & Techniques

Draw & Watercolor Paint Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Rainwing Glory

So You Think You Can Sing - Private Voice Lessons (Ages 9-18)

A Is for Alphabet, Acting and Adventures in Space With Arnie the Astronaut

Sentence Diagramming Grammar Class, Session 2

Beginner Unicorn Hip Hop Dance Class Preschool Age

Math Airport Adventures with Ms. B, Grade 3-5 Math

Who Was...What Was...Where Is...Book Club

Individual Tutoring: Language Arts and Math

Self Awareness: A Deeper Understanding Through Horses

Beginner Spanish Private One-On-One Classes

Learn About Judaism: What Is Tu Bishevat (the New Year of the Trees)?

Ready for Writing! - 5 Step Writing Process for Ages 8-12

The Inheritance Cycle # 1: Eragon by Christopher Paolini - Fantasy Novel Study

Spanish ABCS and First Words Group With Mermoo and Friends

Valentine's Day Fashion Sketch Class

"Ten on a Sled" - Snow Animal Stories Counting Fun: Prek Learning With Ms. Liz

Drawing Mario Bros Characters - Advanced

Super Spellers: Phonics and Poetry

Russian Level 3

Girls Social Club: Color and Chat

Interactive Irish Story Time, "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day"

Young Detectives: There's a Lost Animal Somewhere. Can You Solve the Problem?

Would You Rather? Winter Edition - Bring Your Hot Chocolate and Cookies! (11-14)

Dance Like Merida From Brave: A Fun Highland Dance From Scotland

Guitar 4 Week Boot Camp for Newbies and Beginners

Pineapple Drawing/ Pencil Shading/Art

Get That Broadway Singing Voice (For Beginners, Ages 13-18)

Polymer Clay Club 1: Sculpt Animals, Food, and More!

Thrive in Third-Daily Topics, Character Building, Math and ELA Skills, and More!

Horse Chat: An Equine-Crazy Social Club (10-14)

The 1-1 Reading Room for Struggling Readers and/or Dyslexic Students [RR1]

One-On-One Tutoring 4 Kids

Valentine's Day Poem en Español: Learn A Spanish Traditional Children's Poem

Squirrels! Lucky’s Story of Freedom!

Academic Coach or Private English Teacher: One-on-One Learning

Expressive Animals: Learn to Draw Realistic Animals

Horse Breeds Throughout the Year

Fashion and Costume Design for TV and Movies

Preschool Circle Time T/Th

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog

Singapore Method Math Games for Fifth/Sixth Grade

1-on-1 Math Tutoring: Grade 1 and Grade 2

Introduction to Great Artists

Little Girls Just Want to Have Fun Too Art and Ongoing Social Club for Girls 5-7

Piano Music Class 3 - (Level D) Early Intermediate Piano

Learn to Draw a Skull in Pencil!

Private Piano Lessons

ABCs and Princess Trivia 2 for Preschool and Kindergarten

Reading Can Be Puzzling: CVC Words, Phonics, & Sight Words | Beginner Reading

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Acrylic Painting

World Geography

Gymnastics & Movement Workout

Imagined Kingdoms: Fantasy Kingdom Writing Camp (8-12 Years)

Latin for Beginners - Second Semester

Bears Story Time: Prepare for Reading Success and Build Background Knowledge

Mount Vesuvius and the Destruction of Pompeii

Minotaur Slayer & Champion of Athens: Theseus & the Marathonian Bull (Part 3)

Google Slides Fun: Sweet Animals Valentine's Day Cards - Digital Art Craft

On Our Way to English: Let's Learn Vocabulary and a Little More ESL Multi-Day Part 1

Delicious Desserts: A Baking Course

Conversation & Speaking Skills for Ages 6-9

Super Heros Swing Into Action ZOOM Fitness Exercise PE Workout With Pop-Up Class

Art Club: Release Your Creativity for Tweens

Acrylic Painting With Style for Beginners

Drawing Club: Let's Draw, Create, and Color!

Be the Artist for Young Learners!

Frozen Dance Technique Elsa Anna Olaf Princess Ballet Jazz Pop-Up Class! 1x(4-8)

Paint a Beautiful Digital Art Waterfall Scene in Procreate

Private French Tutoring & Conversation: Ages 3-17

Disney Sing Along!

American Girl Dolls: Show, Chat, and Play "I Spy"!

Valentines Day love Gnome Acrylic painting With Ms. Muse

Miss Ally’s Art Class: Draw and Paint a Fancy Fish

French Macaron Magic: Live Class for Teens With Real Born Baker Chef Instructors

Learning Manners, Behavior & Social Skills- The Best Me Academy

Wonderful Ewe : Paint - A - Long With Ms. Muse (Muse Art Studio) Ages 8 - 13

1:1 Small Group/Singing Lessons (Ages 7-10; Weekly; Ongoing; Small Group)

Let's Practice Reading! (Ages 5-7)

Intermediate Jazz Dance

Frozen Sing Along!

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Nose Tree Level One

Let's Talk Animals! (an Ongoing Pre-K and Kindergarten Social Class)

Art, History, and Crafts: Kids of the Past in Paintings (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

Valentine's Day~ Cut Hearts, Listen to Poetry, Create Four Different Cards

Princess Craft Party With a Sprinkling of Academics

Art History - Western Art Movements of the 19th & 20th Centuries - One on One

St. Patricks Day Yoga Party: A Fitness Workout to Improve Coordination

Individual Tutoring - Critical Thinking and Cultural Enrichment, Option C

Shark Circle Time With Sharing, Reading, and Drawing

Beginner Korean 101 Spring Camp: Read, Write, & Talk in Korean

Private Math Tutoring Is Exciting

Let's Talk About Toys! ESL for Beginners - Gain Confidence Through Speaking

U.S. History (Part 1): From Pilgrims to Patton

Spring Cake Decorating Event

Intro to Irish Dance for Ages 7-12

Create and Share - Building Bricks ESCAPE ROOM (5-7 yrs)

Create and Share - Building Bricks ESCAPE ROOM (8-10 yrs)

What Is My Reading Level?

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