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New Classes on Outschool 2020-06-28

There are 578 new classes on Outschool the week of June 28, 2020 to July 4, 2020.

I Don't Wanna Sleep Alone!

Social Club for Artists and Friends

Shakespeare Drama Club: Hamlet

Machine Learning in Python With Raspberry Pi & Sensors (Level 1)

Summer Camp: Project Based Python (Level 3)

Time Management, Stress Management and Study Habits (Flex)

Cooking and Baking for Kids - Delicious Desserts 2 - Flex

Cooking and Baking for Kids: Quick Breads - Flex

Sewing Confident Beginner: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Fiesta Dress

Make Your Own Coffee Shop Drinks (Coffee Free) for Teens: Part 2

Make Your Own Coffee Shop Drinks: #2 (Strawberry Frappe & Vanilla Bean Frappe)

Sign Language Story Time: Learn Signs for Careers

Move Like a Dinosaur- PE Class for 3 to 7 Year Olds

Camp: Theater (Theatre) Games for 8-10 Year Olds

Creative Writing: How to Write a Query Letter for a Publisher/Agent

Musical Theatre Mondays

Italian for Kids: Flowers and Plants in Italiano

Math Word Problems : Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide With Fortnite!

Adorable Art: Draw a Cute Unicorn

Punjabi - One on One Learning for Kids for 6 Weeks

Learn About Animals with Escape Rooms - Flexible Class

Body Camp: Learning About the Body Systems [FLEX]

Book Lovers Unite Book Club With Book Reports (FLEX) Ages 7-10

Think Like a Physician-Nutrition Edition

Beginner Korean FLEX Class! (4 Weeks)

Drama Summer Camp for Beginning Actors

Building Your Yoga Practice for Ages 9 - 12 {Vinyasa Flow Yoga Camp}

Baking Camp (Beginner): Flour + Sugar + Butter + Eggs = Everything!

Spanish Paper Bag Books- Seasons

Let's Play! Young Learner German Immersion Course Level 1

Fundamentals to Hitting a Baseball for 10 to 14 Years of Age!

I Am Socially and Emotionally Made: A Social Emotional Camp for Early Learners

I Want to Know What it is Like to... Live and Work in Russia!

Mummify an Apple: Part 2

Origami Aquarium - Create 6 Origami Animals (FLEX)

World War II History: F6F Hellcat – More Than a Match for the Japanese A6M Zero

Bienvenidos! Intermediate Spanish FLEX

Movie Bites Learning: Screenwriting - Mad Libs and Story Structure

¡Yo Hablo Español! Basic Spanish for Children I FLEX

Drawing Sweets and Treats with Basic Shapes (Beginner)

Create Your Own Digital Escape Room [FLEX]

From Van Gogh to Da Vinci: A Whizz Through Famous Paintings

Be Spooky! Reading & Writing a Story Together

Une Lettre Chaque Semaine: The French Alphabet for Beginners (One Letter/ Week)

Summer SAT Boot Camp #1 (Focus=Vocabulary) (5 Days)

(Flex) Improve Writing, Speaking, and Grammar With Three Styles of Speeches

The Revolutionary War: America's War for Independence

Trains and Games Social Class

Magic Tricks; Learn It and Show It

George Washington's Spies and the American Revolution

Chasing Jefferson Davis, and America After the Civil War

The Magic of Meditation & Breathing (Ages 7-10)

WWII History: Dictators of World War Two / WW2

Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss! Ages 5-9 (Video Course)

Reading and Phonics Sounds Tutoring

FLEX Explore with FractalMom-- FLEX--Earth Science, Satellites & Climate Change

Kimyco in the Kitchen: Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Nihongo Challenge(日本語チャレンジ) - Challenge Level 4/5

WWII History: P 47 Thunderbolt -- Fearsome in the Air and on the Ground

Sewing Beginner: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Maxi Skirt

I Want to Know What it is Like to... Work at Disney World

Super-Kid Ready, Set, Go Camp: Social Entrepreneurship for Ages 10-12

Igniting Creativity! Skill Building in Watercolor Painting Techniques (11-16)

Igniting Creativity! Watercolor Painting: Unique Student Suggested Themes (5-10)

All About Spelling Level Two: Steps 8-14

Careers in Criminal Justice

Fire Safety 101!

Lewis and Clark: Corps of Discovery an Expedition in Science and Diplomacy!

M & M Math: Preschool Edition

Hawaii - Let's Speak Hawaiian Part 2!

SPAR: Spontaneous Argument Debate for Intro to Debate Fun

Writing With Avatar: The Last Airbender: Themes, Plot, and Character Study

Movie Bites Learning: Beginner Filmmaking - Ideas, Titles, and Movie Posters

Violin 101: How to Prepare and Hold Your Violin and Bow for Playing

Literary Devices in "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde

6th Grade Math Curriculum: Ongoing

Boo Club: Make Your Own Halloween Haunted House (Age 8 - 12)

5 Sessions - Private Math Tutoring - Ages 13 To 18 - Special Pricing

Bill of Rights; the First Ten Amendments

Storytime: Library Lion

Easy Puppy and Dog Training Using Positive Reinforcement (Age 8-12)

ABC, Literally Learning Letters, Draw With Me!

Villains Galore! Create a Character, Fiction Writing Class.

All About Eagles- (Create & Eat! Science Food Art Class) (One-time)

Ukulele Private One-On-One Lessons (Beginner - Advanced)

Spanish Grammar: The Present Tense

Russian for Beginners Step One Ages 9-12

Finding Your Voice: How to Breathe & Train Your Voice for Public Speaking

First Grade Fun: Reading & Writing Success!

Ladybug Learning Tutor: One on One

Write Through Ancient History (Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians): The IEW Way

The Language of Math: Solving Word Problems (10-12)

Private Math Tutoring for Grades 3-8

How Dolphin Training Works

Shapes Make a Triceratops Dinosaur - Let's Draw and Learn!

Private Math Tutoring for Ages 13 To 18

Legendary Leaders of World War II

Intro to World War II FLEX

Jumanji Escape Room Save Humanity from Extinction

Accident Investigation Camp: Trains, Ships and Airplanes!

Let's Count! Counting and Skip Counting in Multiple Languages!

Discover the Ancient World Part 1 - History and Art (Flexible Schedule)

Op Art Part 2: More Fun Creating Optical Illusions

Middle School Writing (IEW SSS Level 1B) & Fix It! Grammar Book 3 (1st Semester)

Yugioh for Beginner Players Mini-Camp: Shark Week

Wonderful Winds - Beginning Recorder and Tin Whistle

“Special Education” Circle Time- Music, Letters, Numbers, Social Skills

Foundations of Essay Writing: Build the Skills Necessary for High School Writing & Beyond

Homeschool- Pre-School/Kindergarten Circle Time Class, Phonics, Numbers, Weather, Colors, Shapes, Games, Art, Social Skills, Show and Tell, Meet New Friends.

Grrrrr...Tigers! Magnificent and Amazing Wild Animals

Elementary Writing IEW SSS Level A Year 1 & Fix It Grammar Book 1 (1st Semester)

Shakespeare Conquest Condensed - Romeo and Juliet

Let's Learn and Make a Contraction Caterpillar

Bookclub: Bring Your Own Books!

FLEX Explore with Fractal Mom--FLEX--Planets, Paxi and the Three Solar Systems

High School Essay Writing

Voice Lessons for the Young Singer

Dress up! Royal Ballet & Tap Combo Class (On-Going Intermediate)

Let's Draw: Semi-Realistic Anime Eyes

Middle School Essay Writing

Science Camp: Discovering Science Through Fables

Forensic Science: Observation Skills

Dress up! Royal Ballet & Tap Combo Class (On-Going Beginner Ages 3-5)

Let's Talk Slime Rancher! Video Game Fan Social Club (8-13)

Seven Amazing Wonders of the World!

Ongoing Small Group Chinese immersion Conversation Club

5th/6th Grade Math Fraction Workout: Multiply and Divide Fractions with Daily Kahoot Games Review

Keep Calm and Sign On! ASL Part 3 (Ages 10-16)

Welcome to the World of ASL! American Sign Language Part 1

Welcome to the World of ASL! American Sign Language Part 1 (12-17)

Z2 Day Travel Basics Life Skills Summer Camp Class - How to Plan Your Trip / Adventure and Stay Safe / Alive

Z2 Day Travel 101 for Teenagers Traveling Basics Life Skills Summer Camp Class - How to Plan Your Trip / Adventure and Stay Safe / Alive

That's Quite a Character!

USA Learn About the 50 States - Delaware to Virginia - FLEX Class (Set 1/5)

1 Day Public Speaking: How to Speak to an Audience by a Professional Speaker

At-Your-Pace Beginner’s Piano Lessons (Flexible Class) Age 6-11

Beginner Guitar Playing Intro Class Let's Play Some Songs

Stories From Today in History

Powerful Stories Book Club #2 - From the Desk of Zoe Washington (Black Author)

Become a Confident Chemistry Student (13-17) FLEX

Veterinary Science Part 3

Veterinary Science Part 1

Positive Self-Talk

Drawing Ocean Animals! Create an Aquarium (Flex)

Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss! Ages 10-14+(Video Course)

Cooking With Friends: Winter Camp

In the Forest Biome; Learn About Forest Animals and Create a Craft FLEX Class

Interdisciplinary Social Justice Club

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Voice & Performance Technique for the Aspiring Singer

Pro Wrestling Social Club

Video Making With iMovie: Learning the Basics (iPad/iPhone Mobile Version)

Upper Elementary Montessori Tutoring

Explore Korean for Teens 1.1- Continuing Class from Introduction to Hangul!

More Plants That Eat Bugs

Comedy Club for Kids! (Ages 5-8)

Exciting Entomology: Rocket Farts, Poop Candy and Bingo! (Older)

Video Making With iMovie--Learning the Basics (Laptop version)

I Love Cats Club

Exciting Entomology: Rocket Farts, Poop Candy and Bingo! (Younger)

Part 3: How to Create an Interactive Website for Your Escape Room

Private Math Tutoring Sessions

One-on-One Writing, Performance, or Makeup Coaching

Beginner's Guide to Drivers Education Winter Camp

(Flex Course) Take it Apart with Boomer

Kids Who Collect: Show and Share Your Collection

Yumm! - Baking Basics: Simple Bread Making Club

Dungeons and Dragons: Ongoing Campaign (12-17)

Christmas Club Special One Time Class! December 23!!

Fashion and Feminism: Coco Chanel, Pants and Feminism in the 1920s

Fashion and Feminism: Bloomers, Dress-Reform and Suffrage in America

Stress Management for Kids

The Renaissance! History, Art, Science, Ideas, and Trade

LEGO Engineering Studio: Expert Encounters

Drawing Club: Animal Crossing Isabelle

The Amazing Megalodon Shark (Part 2)

2 Day Puberty for Boys Tweens + Teens Life Skills Camp Dealing With Changes & Hygiene - Growing Up

Fractions Boot Camp

Feed Your Brain: How to Satisfy the ADHD Brain, Keep Busy, and Stay Focused

ADHD and Executive Function Skills for Success: Following Directions for Neurodivergent Learners

Dave Ramsey Story Time

Sing and Dance Music Class for Ages 3-5

Young Gardener's Interactive Nature Journal: Nature's Garden Helpers

Yale Graduate Hosts Writing Summer Camp

Google Sheets, Docs, Slides

Private Tutoring: Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Theatre Monologues: Developing Characters for Performance

Monologue: Developing Characters for Performance (Teens)

Wizard Flex Book Study- Year 1, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

Learn to Speak in a British Accent (One-Time) With a Professional Actress

Do-Re-Mi: Music and Movement

Bigfoot or Gigantopithecus? A David Attenborough Show on Ice Age Creatures!

4th & 5th Grade Math Tutoring: One on One

DISCUSSION: Magic Tree House #4 Pirates Past Noon

Master the Basics Using Math-U-See Pre-Algebra (15 Weeks)

Hebrew Medabrim Ivrit Class

NJ-MS There Is No Joy in Public Speaking...or Is There? (English, Speaking)

Piano Boot Camp for Little Learners 2

The Hangout: A Social Skills Club for Kids With Autism

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake Storytime and Craft!

NJ-HS There Is No Joy in Public Speaking...or Is There? (English, Speaking)

CW-1315 - Creative Writing Part 1 - World Building (English, Writing)

Piano Private Lesson: Beginner to Advanced

Ultimate Core Strength and Ab Burner

Acai Fruit Smoothie Bowl – Cooking Healthy (Vegan)

Once Upon a Time: A Journey in Short Story Writing

Once Upon a Time: A Journey in Short Story Writing

Confident Talker - Public Speaking for Kids

Music Education 101: Reading Notes on the Treble Clef

Playful Piano Fun: A First Piano Lesson for Ages 4-7

Essay Writing Made Easy

Let's Build Houses in Minecraft (FLEX)

To Trace the Forests Wild: A Midsummer Night's Dream 2-Week Camp

Creative Writing & Film Studies: Creating Complex Characters

Let's Cook Dinner! An Ongoing Cooking Club

Ongoing Small-Group Mandarin Chinese Conversation Club

Uke Can Do It Part 2: Group Ukulele Lessons for Young Beginners

African American History: The Brave Harriet Tubman || Black History

1:1 Private Guitar Lesson

Learn 3D Modeling With Sketchup! (Flex)

English for You

How to Use a Pencil Like an Artist/ Shading/Sketching a Frog/Art

Positive Social Interactions- 5 Skills to Help

Spotlight History: Revolutionary War

Piano/Keyboard Lessons for All Ages Beginner to Intermediate

Italian I: Learn to Speak, Read, Write in Italian With a Native Speaker.

Staying Safe: Strangers & Tricky People (4-7 Year Olds)

Stock Market 101 for KIDS

Tonight on the Titanic - A Magic Tree House Camp (1 Week Class)

Private Art Class With Miss Grace

People and Places in Our Community With IEW - Semester 1

College Application Essays: A Writing Workshop to Complete Your College Essay

Need Motivation?! A Support Group for Setting and Achieving Your Goals! (14-18)

5 Day - Personal Finance & Money - Credit, Banking, Saving, Budgets & More

Social Skills for Children-Tools for Better Communication and Confidence

Fun Spanish: Ongoing Conversational Spanish for Immersion Intermediate Learners Speaking & Reading 100% en Español! (Spring / Summer Camp - Runs All Year)

Growth Mindset: Mistakes are important! Ages 8-12

5th/6th Grade Math Fractions: Dividing Fractions

Cooking up Disney Traditions: Dole Whip and the Enchanted Tiki Room

Game-Based Beginner's Basketball I. Q. | The Science of The Game

5th/6th Grade Math Fractions: Multiplying Fractions

Study Skills - What is your Learning Style?

Around the World in 84 Days - A Global and Recipe Book Club

Let's Crochet Amigurumi: A Project-Based Flex Class

I Love Pokemon Go!

Beginning Phonics- CVC Flex Version

Sewers of Despair (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Private Recorder Lessons (Suzuki Approach)

Heart Smarts: Exploring the Cardiovascular System (Ages 15-18)

Wizard Flex Book Study- Year 4, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

Polish 101 - Meet and Greet Phrases -1-

Wizard Flex Book Study- Year 3, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

Animal Crossing Ongoing Social Club: For Younger and More Advanced Players

Game With Me: Pokemon Master Trainer Board Game

I Love Pokemon Cards!

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Group Voice Lessons "Crafting A Solo" Camp

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Wild Animal - Wolf

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Sea Animal - Otter

Mr. B and the Green Screen

Georgics: Gardening, Writing, Reading, and Independence!

Convince Me! Learn Persuasion and Debate Skills in a Fun Game Format

Thumbprint Animal Art

I Can Read Shape Words and Identify Shapes!

Dogman: Book Discussion & Art

Up-Level Your Sentence Writing: Transform Sentences Into Super Structures (Age 7-10)

LGBTQIA+ Discussion Group - Bi but Not Shy!

Crikey! Steve Irwin, the Wildlife Warrior

Book Club - Understood Betsy, Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Masterpiece Academy, Da Vinci - An Artist Study With Art Projects (Flex)

Let's Get Started: Stop-Motion Animation for Beginners

Create Your World: A Sims 4 Building Camp

Let's Talk About Games!

The Physics of Sound Waves and Music- Listen and Make Musical Instruments

Preschool Explorers Discover the Desert With Ms. Nicole! (1 Day/Ages 3-6)

All About Bugs: Bees (a One Time Class)

Preschool Explorers Discover the Mountains With Ms. Nicole! (1 Day/Ages 3-6)

The Wild World of Multiplication and Division - Let's Figure Them Out Together!

Intro to Video Game Design & Coding With RPG Maker and Javascript

Naturalists in Training: Scientific Nature Journaling – FLEX

Adding and Subtracting Fractions (5th Grade)

The Science of Dragons - Using Mythical Creatures to Learn About Real Science

5 Day Beginner Conversational Spanish Camp With Skits, Songs, Games, & Props!

iOS Mobile App Development for Kids: Level 1 (Beginner)

Spanish Conversation Club - Beginners ( Ages 6-9)

5 Day Meditation and Mindfulness Camp

Primer Piano, Private Lessons

Become a Youtuber- Recording Tips, Video Editing & Creating a Channel (Flex Class)

Preschool Explorers Discover the Ocean Using Your 5 Senses! (1 Day/Ages 3-6 Yrs)

Investing in the Stock Market

Fashion Design Sketch Club

Phone Photography Basics for Beginner Photographers

All About Animals Club! (Fun Facts & Directed Drawing)

Fun With Photos: An Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Ready or Not, Here Comes 6th Grade!

Learn Spelling Rules For Older Children Who Want to be Better Spellers

Sports Card Collecting (Ages 8+)

Italian. Individual Tutoring

Let's Paint! Fun Landscape Paintings City Forest Desert (Ages 9-13) Flex Class

Let's Paint! Fun Landscape Paintings City Forest Desert (Ages 14-18) Flex Class

PSAT/SAT Words Vocabulary Class: Unit #3

Let's Paint! Fun Farm Animal Paintings Cows and Roosters (Ages 9-13) ~Flex Class

INTRO 3 (Verbs) - Japanese for Kidz

Let's Paint! Fun Minecraft Painting Course Cow Wolf (Ages 4-8) ~ Flex Class

Beginner Keyboarding 101 Camp: Learn How to Type Like a Pro (3x a Wk for 5 Wks)

Intro to Stop-Motion Movie Studio With Clay, LEGO®S and Crafts (Ages 6 To 12)

Airplane Crashes: Part Two!

A Taste of Judaism for Teens - FLEX

Yoga for Body Positivity

Adding Fractions With Dr. Torbert

Coin Camp - Show Me the Money! - Pre-K and Kindergarten Coin Exploration

Place and Value of Numbers

Multi-Digit Division Through Partial Quotients

Exploring Abandoned Towns (Ghost Towns) of the American West

I Can Multiply By 4!

Heroines of History Story Time

Veterinary Science Part 2

Social Studies Tutoring: 1-on-1 for Economics, Government, History or Geography

Equivalent Liquid Measurement Made Crazy Easy

Weird and Interesting History That Makes You Go Hmm...

Let’s Make up a Story/Act It Out (One-Time) Age 7-9, With a Professional Actress

Film Studies: Genres for Screenwriters, Directors & Filmmakers

Composers of the Baroque Period (Flex)

History of the 4th of July

French Macarons Cookies Like Those Pictured in Instagram

Kimyco in the Kitchen: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Art With Miss Una: Draw Zoology Animals, Art, Puzzles and Games (Flexible Class)!

The Law, Politics, and Government; Civics for Grades 6-8

Secrets of Disneyland! The Hidden World No One Talks About - Behind the Scenes

If I Were President Camp

Logic Essentials: Thinking Skills Camp

Cartooning - Drawing Cartoons With a Professional Raytoons Comic Book Cartoonist (Ages 5 To 12)

Disney Pin Trading 101: Collection Show and Tell

Art Illusion in Colors

Cooking Class: If You Give a Mouse a Brownie

Theatre Beginning Acting: Teens

Singapore Dimensions Math 5A Flex

Paw Paint Night

Basics of Reading Sheet Music for a New Singer, Actor, or Non-Musician

Inspirational Black Women in History Series - For All Girls - Misty Copeland

Inspirational Black Women in History Series - For All Girls - Maya Angelou

Singapore Dimensions Math 1A Flex

Singapore Dimensions Math 1B Flex

Star Wars Teaches You to Write: Flexible Schedule

Cake Decorating: Fantastic Fondant for Teens FLEX

Get Ready for the School Year With This Exciting Writing Camp!

Singapore Dimensions Math 2A Flex

Singapore Dimensions Math 2B Flex

Singapore Dimensions Math 3A Flex

Singapore Dimensions Math 3B Flex

Singapore Dimensions Math 4A Flex

Ready! Set! Learn! 3rd Grade Math!- On-going

Singapore Dimensions Math 4B Flex

Singapore Dimensions Math 5B Flex

Cake Decorating: Pinterest Perfect Cakes for Teens FLEX

Learn French With Inna: The French Alphabet

Private Percussion Lessons (All Ages)

One-On-One Private Guitar Lessons

Private Voice & Performance Coaching for Musical Theater

Basic Chinese 1st Grade (1-1) 基础中文一年级(1-1)

Let's Chat! Story-Time for English Language Learners

Private Flute Lessons, Ongoing (30 Minutes)

Principles of Social Psychology - Key Principles

One on One Piano Lessons

Fun Violin Time

ELA: Reading Program for Struggling Readers Ages 5-9 (Part B Lessons 17-31)

Sewing Novice: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Modern Swing Dress (Free Pattern)

Social Club Lets Mingle


Recipe Club: Let's Make No-Bake Chocolate Chip Granola Bites

Callie's Corner: Chemistry Basics (Ages 9-11)

Beginner Dog Training 101: Obedience and Tricks FLEX

Dive Into Writing: Weekly Writing Practice (8 - 11 Years Old)

Write It, Perform It: Writing Your Own Adventure Story

The Art and Magic of Writing (Flex)

WW1 & WW2: FLEX the Good, Bad and Ugly World History for High Schoolers

Writing Roadmap: Successfully Organize and Write a 5-Paragraph Essay!

HS Biology - Evolving Your Own Organisms (Semester 1 of 2)

Environmental Explorers: Hurricanes

Escape Room: Help Beethoven Break Out!

Beginner Spanish Vocabulary W/ Weekly Themes- Themes 1-28! Ages 7-12

Spanish Immersion for Younger Children - Let's Chat! Ages 7-10

Let's Make Ramen - The Most Popular Japanese Noodle Soup!

Virtual Architecture: Building in Sims 4

Private Tutor for Coding

LEGO Challenge: Build a Baby Dragon!

My Doll and Me - Show and Tell - Social Class for Ages 3-8

Exploring Potential/Kinetic Energy With Marshmallow Shooters Lab!

Diverse Dinos Club

Middle School French. Learn to Speak & Write in French!

Reading Readiness with Mig the Pig

Creative Writing: Write a Short Story [Ages 9-11]

Bye-Bye L'il Sebastian: A Parks and Rec Fan Club

Homemade Chocolate or Vanilla Pudding - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Baking & Decorating: Buttercream Beach Cake & Royal Icing Shell Cookies(FLEX)

Pre-K Weekly Meeting

Mathematicians at Work! Critical Thinking Math Puzzles Pre-Algebra (FLEX)

Mathematicians At Work! Solving Systems Of Equations At Your Pace (FLEX)

Algebra 1 Concepts - A Summer Boot Camp

Math Tutoring: Ongoing 1 Times a Week

Dangerous Animals! Don't Let Their Looks Deceive You. Cassowary and More.

Review: Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Tens Place

Sight Words Games

Cooking: Hawaii Fried Rice

Pokemon Sword/Shield Nintendo Switch Battle Club and Social Hour

Money Math: Having Fun With Coins

Virtual Reality Field Trip Tour: The Pyramids of Giza VR, Egypt 9-13

The Remarkable Rocket by Oscar Wilde: A Lesson in Being Humble

Precalculus Semester 1 Flex Class

Animal Crossing Friends Club (Ages 7-12)

Geography: Animals Around the World

Private Music Lesson: One Time Private Guitar or Ukulele Lesson

Just Desserts for Intermediate Chefs (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Easy Beginner Desserts (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

All About Bugs: Termites (a One Time Class)

All About Bugs: Rollie Pollies (a One Time Class)

All About Bugs: Lightning Bugs (a One Time Class)

All About Bugs: Ladybugs (a One Time Class)

The Baroque Music of J.S. Bach (Classical Composers Through Time)

All About Bugs: Grasshoppers (a One Time Class)

All About Bugs: Butterflies (a One Time Class)

All About Bugs: Ants (a One Time Class)

Creating Cartoon Portraits of Animals (& Imaginary Creatures) (Ages 5 To 10) 🦁🐯🐻🐔🐵🐶

Design, Code, and Launch Your Own HTML Website With Objects, Music & Sounds! Ages 7-12

Cryptozoology and Bigfoot: Real or Not?

Keeper of the Lost Cities Part 2 Literary Book Club: Team Valiant (Books 6-8.5)

Private Tutoring!

Hand Lettering Basics: How to Create Lettering You Love!

Art and Craft Club: Modeling Clay or Play Doh Finger Painting!

Magic Kit Magic!

Create Your Own Star Wars Lightsaber - Contrast Painting

Complete Semester Literacy Supplement Course for Grades 4-5

Asynchronous Book Club - Reading and Writing for Middle-Grade Students Who Love to Read!

Favorites! an Engaging Book Club for Students Ages 10 - 12

Exploring Oceans: Marine Mammals to the Mariana Trench (Flex Class)

Beginner Conversational Spanish With Skits, Songs, Games, & Props! 7-12

Piano Lessons for the Young Learner

Math Camp - Pre-Algebra Series

Chess Club - Tournaments and Tactics (High School)

Private Piano Lessons: Blues Improvisation (20 Minutes)

Private Piano Lessons: Pop Improvisation (Ages 8-18)

Plan With Me: A Trip to Japan (Young Learners)

Getting Started in Film and Television Directing (14-18)

Private Math Tutoring Sessions

Private Piano Lessons- Ages 16-18

Private Piano Lessons- Ages 12-15

Summer Vocabulary Detective: Weekly Vocabulary Practice for Age 10-12

Private Piano Lessons- Ages 9 To 15

Beginner Cooking: Grilled Cheese

Advance Fitness: Push Your Limits

Fun With Presidents!

Jurassic Planet - Middle School Life Science RPG (Semester 1 of 2)

Drawing Funny Looking Characters

Crash Course in Basic Fractions: Math Made Fun!

Mastering Math: Graphing with Gummy Candy

Yale Grad & Lawyer Hosts Debate Summer Camp

Learn to Read With Mrs. Bell!

Lets Learn the Abc in Sign Language

Master Algebra 1 Using Math-U-See (17 Weeks-Complete Course)

Dinosaurs, Story Time & Discussion

Get a Grip on Geometry Using Math-U-See (15 Weeks-Complete Course)

Soaring Through 6th Grade Math: A Complete Curriculum

Exploring 5th Grade Math: A Complete Curriculum

Popcorn Storytelling for 5-8 Year Olds - No Batteries or Gadgets Required!

Let's Draw People! Weekly Drawing Club (Teens 13-16)

The Beautiful You: Make-Up for Beginners



Roblox Virtual Summer Camp

Raising Chickens 101

Social Skills, Assertiveness, and Self Confidence: 10-13 Year Olds

Reading Class 5 to 7 Year Olds: Reading and Listening Skills With Short Stories Set A

Private Tutoring

Private Ukulele Lessons!

Drum Like a Rock Star! Jr High Edition Level 1

Minecraft, Time Travel and Games: A Fun Way to Learn Some History!

World War I: A Detailed Look at the War to End All Wars.

Read Aloud Club (3x/Wk) - Let’s Read Together

The History of Sports and Their Biggest Stars

Creepy Crawlies - Meet and Explore LIVE Bugs, Spiders, Millipedes and More!

How to Take Things Apart... Safely

Engineering Design for Kids

LEGO® Club- Hang Out and LEGO® Build

Apologizing: Saying Sorry and Making It Right

Life Skills: Learn Public Speaking With Legos

Draw the Dragons of Wings of Fire

Fashion Design - Designer Sketches, Figure Drawing and Garment Illustrations

Chess Know Your Level

Cursive... a Secret Code Language

Pets Make Life Better! Show and Tell

Chess for Intermediate Players - Level 2 (Twice a Week, 5 Weeks)

Exciting Entomology: Mantis, Ninja Warrior!

Division Strategies for All!

Kimyco in the Kitchen: Baking Snickerdoodle Cookies

Which Is It?Expanded Form,Standard Form or Word Form Too Many Choices!

Creative Photography Club (Teens)

Creative Photography Club (Kids)

Classic Short Stories for Middle-School Students

Chess for Intermediate Players - Level 1 (Twice a Week, 5 Weeks)

Private GSA Student Officers Leadership Class (Ongoing Subscription)

Trouble With a Good Heart- Clementine Book Club

Become a Chess Pro: Intermediate Level 1 (for Ages 5-8)

Yugioh Coach

History Herald: Robert the Bruce and the Spider- How a Spider Won a War!

Preschool Workshop: Measurements ~ How Much Does It Weigh?

Preschool Workshop: Measurements ~Which Tower Is Taller, Which Pencil Is Longer?

Reggio-Inspired Nature Explorations

Exploring Literacy Skills *One-On-One Class*

Learn How to Make Your Own Beautiful Flower String Lights!

Basketball Sports Trivia: Test Your NBA Knowledge!

Cocoa and Color: Let's Drink Some Cocoa and Paint a Cup!

Confident Communicating: Public Speaking for Younger Students

Consonant Blends: Each Letter is Heard

Fancy Flowers, Leaves, and Basket Weave! Cake Decorating-11-15 LIVE Class

Private Piano Lessons- Ages 6 To 8

Let's Sing- Around the World With Disney

American Sign Language: For Beginners Level 2

American Sign Language: For Beginners Level 2 (Ages 11-14)

Simple Strategies for Learning Time Management!

Conquering the Clutter!

Biology for Middle School

Unicorn University - Become a Unicorn for a Day

Rockstar Readers(Spelling, Reading, Comprehension)

Princess Drawing Summer Camp w/ Mrs. Howard: Moana, Ariel & Belle (1 of 3)

Nasty Animal Habits That Will Gross You Out!

The Story of the Universe 1: The Beginning (Full Science Curriculum Grades 1-3)

Creative Writing: Write Now -An Ongoing Creative Writing Class

Exploring Movie Remakes: Freaky Friday

Pixar Movie Club

Welcome to Venus

Patterns: Children Literature

Classic Short Stories // Grades 10 - 12

Exploring Movie Remakes: Escape to Witch Mountain

Exploring Movie Remakes: Aladdin

Chess Camp Part Three: End Game Strategy (7 - 12 Years Old)

Having Fun With Homophones!

Burps and Belches!

Magic Performance for Older Kids!

SpaceX and the Dragon for Kids: Humans in Space

Editing to the Beat: The Magic of Matching Video to Music with iMovie

NASA for Teens: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Good Morning Ladybugs! Preschool Circle Time

I Am Human-Biology

Message Time Magic - Literacy Skills for Kinder Kids

Private Spanish Lessons/Tutoring in a Stress-Free Fun Environment: Elementary

Private 1:1 Spanish Lessons/Tutoring in a Stress-Free Fun Environment: Middle/HS

Film Script Format: How to Write the Blueprint for Your Movie or TV Show

Spanish With Superheroes One-Week Camp!

Children’s Drawing Lesson With a Theme Story (Teaching in Mandarin) 主题故事儿童绘画课

I Will Learn CVCe Words: Long A, E, I, O, U

I Will Learn My CVC Words: Let's have fun with A, E, I, O, and yoU!

Advanced Drawing Course!

#1 Can You Crack the Code & Escape? Learn How to Use the Pigpen & Caesar Ciphers

Introduction to Two-Point Perspective

Fun With Fluid Acrylic Paints: Tulips

Sing With the Greatest Showman- High School

Singing With the Princesses

Animal Party Featuring Live Animals

Scratch Jr. : Beginning to Code (Winter Camp)

Yoga for Balance and Strength

Build a Digital Portfolio, Resume, and Cover Letter (SEM 14-18)

Ukulele Camp for Young Beginners (Ages 5-6)

Flex Class in Mental Health, Nutrition, Exercise & the Connection to the Brain

Practice Public Speaking Club: All About YOU!

Make a Friendship Bracelet! - Beginner Class

One-On-One Sight Word Tutoring

Grammar Fun: Nouns and Action Verbs

Private Reading Tutor With Certified Teacher (Masters in Reading and Literacy)

All About Dinosaurs~Science, Reading Comprehension With Step by Step Drawing

Learn Alphabet Letters With a Silly Monster! (Phonics Fun!)

Anime History & Culture

Understanding Physics: Fission, Fusion, & Radioactivity (FLEX)

French Composition & Dictation for Advanced Beginners - Level A1 - Teens

French Composition & Dictation for Advanced Beginners - Level A1

French Conversation - Advanced Beginner/Lower Intermediate - Levels A1/A2 - (9-12yo)

French Conversation - Beginner - Levels A0

Guitar Lessons

Let’s Go to Pokemon Camp! (4 days)

Early Reading: Two Letter Phonics Sounds.

Nouns, Proper Nouns and Common Nouns. Which Are Which?

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