New Classes on Outschool 2020-06-21

There are 304 new classes on Outschool the week of June 21, 2020 to June 27, 2020.

Eight Weeks, Eight Books - A Book Club for Gifted Teens Who Love to Read! (New Book List)

Virtual Reality Field Trip Tour: VR Archaeology of Masada, Israel 9-13

Practical Homesteading: Beyond Kidding: Dairy Goat Breeding, Birthing and Milking (10-14 FLEX)

Practical Homesteading: Beyond Kidding: Dairy Goat Breeding, Birthing & Milking (14-18 FLEX)

Musical Alphabet Club

Classical Literature 1: The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer

Middle School Level 1 Integrated Science Flex Class: Semester 1

"The Devoted Friend" by Oscar Wilde: A Lesson in Friendship

Story Spies in Training! Beginner Reading Comprehension Stories and Activities

U.S. History: Read and Discuss "These Truths" by Jill Lepore (Part 2 Of 2)

U.S. History: Read and Discuss "These Truths" by Jill Lepore (Part 1 Of 2)

Piano Lessons Mini Session (Ages 13-18)

Exploring The Galapagos Islands (FLEX)

A Taste of Judaism - FLEX

High School: Welcome to the World of Marine Biology: An Eight-Week Course (Flex)

Improvisation & Creation Station

Critical Analysis: "The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe

9th Grade Language Arts: Part 2 (Flexible Schedule)

Let's Go on a Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt!

Anatomy and Physiology of the Spine (Candy Model)

Anatomy and Physiology of Brain for Early Childhood

One-On-One Tutoring: Prek, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Special Education

Beginning Guitar: Easy One String Melodies #1

Violin Private Lessons

Howard Zinn: A Young People's History of The United States- Second Semester

Intermediate Band (Non-Beginner)

Let's Explore Writing

Creative Writing for Young Children Part 1

Vocalize! Warm-Ups and Breathing Techniques for Young Singers

1914-1918, World War I History & Soldier’s Poetry of the Great War

VGC Club - Video Game Chat for Teens!

Linguistic Puzzles 101: Code-Breaking and Language Patterns (Flex, Age 13-18)

The McDonald's Coffee Case (13-18)

Breakdance Private Tutoring (Ongoing)

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Lesson 1 for 2 Learners (It Matters How You Start)

Professor Pikachu! Intro to Japanese

Girl Talk: Group for Girls to Chat and Socialize (Ages 7-10)

Let's Get Cooking: Ongoing Dinner Cooking Class and Conversation

Anxiety in the Brain and Tips to Deal With It

Craft With Purpose

Ongoing Dynamic Third Grade Math Class with 5 star teacher Ms. Wendy!

Solar System in Unique Colors

Let's Battle! Math Battles! - Second Grade

Mandarin Chinese 1:1 Tutoring With Native Speaker

Book Club #2 - Enormous Crocodile Reading Comprehension Activities (ESL)

Friendly Fall Halloween Camp! (Treats, Stories, And Learn to Draw.)

(Teen Edition) Conquering the Clutter!

The McDonald's Coffee Case (10-12)

Draw, Write & Learn: Let's Draw the Animals of the World

Oceanography with an Artistic Eye

Brain Busters – A Trivia Game About Pets!

Beginning Physical Science: Motion and Energy Science Camp

History/Black/African American: The History of Racism & Black Lives Matter

Beginner Morse Code Flex Semester Class 9-13

All the World's a Stage: Shakespeare's As You Like It

Perfect Those Pirouettes - Ballet and Jazz Turns Tune-Up Class

Self Talk for Kids: How to Be Kind to Yourself

Show and Tell: Your Favorite Stuffed Friend!

Scratch Coding Winter Camp Intermediate Code-A-Thon-Games, Platformers &Robotics

Phonics Class: Sound It Out, a Beginning Reading Class

Private Math Tutoring: Pre - Algebra, Alg 1, Alg 2, Geometry, Precalc

Home Economics- Doing All the Things

Drivers Education: Beginners Guide to Car Dashboard Warning Lights & Signals

Beginner Piano Lessons Mini Session (Ages 5-8)

French Conversation - Upper Intermediate/Advanced - Levels B1+ Teens

Brain Busters – A Trivia Game About Ocean Animals

7th/8th Literature & Writing Composition: English Language Arts (2nd Semester Year 1)

Pathways in Medicine: Firefighter, EMT, and Emergency Medicine

Cups: Play the Rhythm From the Hit Movie

Professional Basketball Skills Course

African Mythology: The Igbo Gods

ESL EFL Conversation Carousel: English for Nonnative Speakers

Hawaii - Let's Speak Hawaiian!

Astrophysics - An Exploration of Our Universe (14-18)

Themed Creative Writing: Explore New Genres (Weekly/Ongoing)

Easy Peasy Poetry Writing: Muncher the Monster

Presidents and Their Pets - Normal and Weird Pets That Lived in the White House

Self-Publishing Made Easy: Publish Your Book Now!


High School Theater Ensemble: Acting, Directing, and Creation!

Math Master Tutoring

Callie's Corner: Black Holes, Comets, and Stars Oh My! (Ages 11-13)

Math, Movement and Multiplication Games

Disney Character Camp: Where Fun Meets Literacy Skills!

Let's Review Subtraction With Borrowing to the Hundreds

Speak Spanish with Señora C! - Individual Spanish Immersion

Getting to Know Luke Skywalker: Everyone's Jedi Hero

Powerful Stories Book Club #1 - Flora & Ulysses (Newberry Award Winner)

Callie's Corner: Why Do I Need Sleep? Why Do I Need to Brush My Teeth?

Intro to Public Speaking & Speech Writing - 8 Week Course

Middle School Grammar Class: Parts of Speech

FLEX CLASS: Easy One Point Perspective

Pamper Your Bunny!

Math Time: Learning Greater, Less Than and Equal To

Review: Subtraction Without Borrowing to the Hundreds

Chinese with Games and Music Level 2 A

Art Camp: Draw & Paint Cute Animals Wearing Flower Crowns with The Bunny Lady

Conversational ASL for Teens!

Develop Math Fluency-- Learn to Subitize

Private Tutoring: Reading-Phonics-Spelling-Grammar-Math -- Pre-K - Elementary

Kindergarten Readiness Camp

Making Poetry Fun With Blackout Poetry

Ready or Not, Here Comes 5th Grade!

Can You Survive? - An Interactive Science Adventure (Ongoing)

Piano/Keyboard Lesson for All Ages

Become a Chess Pro: Intermediate Level 1 (for Ages 13 & Up)

Become a Chess Pro: Intermediate Level 1 (for Ages 7-12)

Become a Chess Pro: Intro for Beginners (Ages 13 & Up)

Talk With Your Hands: Intro to American Sign Language (Ages 11-16)

Chess for Beginners - Level 1 (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

Become a Chess Pro: Intro for Beginners (Ages 5-10)

ESL ELL English Preschool Language Learning: Best Pet Puppets

𓂀 Love and Marriage in Ancient Egypt (Small Class) 𓂀

Telling Time to the Hour Sing-A-Long & Craft

My First Ukulele Class

The Gifted and Talented Cohort (Ages 8-10)

Creative Writing: Surprise Picture Prompts (Ongoing / Weekly)

Many Communities, One United States; Civics for Grades 3-5

Pre-Algebra Concepts - A Summer Boot Camp

Do Re Mi... Music with Me!

Mandarin Chinese with Games and Music Level 1E

Beyond Acceptance: Preparing to Succeed in College

Jeopardy! Disney Superfan Trivia

European History: A History of Modern Russia, From Peter the Great to Putin

Conversational French for High Schoolers!

Fairy Drawing / Art CAMP

Painting Sunflowers - Georgia O'Keeffe Style

Be Creative: Let's Write a Story

Dungeons and Dragons 105: The Magic Manor, a Beginner Spell-Casting Adventure

Mercury: The Closest Planet to the Sun

Digital Escape Room: Trapped on an Island!

Space News!

R-E-A-D: Let's Read!-Kindergarten Boot Camp # Academic

Easy Peasy Poetry Writing: Animal Antics

Minecraft Club: Creative Builds (Age 6-10)

Become a Master of Drawing and Sketching, Ongoing Art Class 12-17

Learn to Write Speech Bubbles With Knuffle Bunny

Let’s Play Bingo with 1st Grade Sight Words

History, Do Better in Every Class: See How History Follows Patterns | AP Prep

Visual Writing Prompts Camp

Geometry Semester 2 Flex Class

Chess Camp (7 - 12 Years Old)

Creative Drawing: Parts of a Cartoon - Eyes, Noses, Ears, Mouths, Etc. Ages 5+ ✎

Learn To Draw Anything: Ages 8-13

Ballet Class-Intermediate

All About Bees

Paint with Legos: Fish

STEM Club: Build Your Prototypes

Private 1:1 Reading, Math or Spelling Tutoring

Move, Shake, & Learn!: A Very Musical Preschool Circle Time

Let's Play Recorder! Level Two

D&D Adventurers Class - Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Reading Strategies: 6-Steps to Understanding & Paraphrasing

Theatre and Improvisation for Social Skills

My Spanish Spot: Semi-Private Weekly Spanish Story Club

The Lipan Apache - Past and Present (Texas Social Studies)

Brick Building With Miss Mary: Girl Themed!

Introduction to Spanish - Beginner 101 -No Experience Needed (Flexible Schedule)

Food With Me: Japan

Drawing With Shapes (FLEX)

Japanese Language for Beginners - Part 1 (Flex)

German Language for Beginners (Flex)

World Geography for Middle Schoolers - Part 1 - Semester Course

The Story of the Wright Brothers: An Adventure Through History

Babysitting Basics: Tips and How to Make the Parents Love You!

Plants That Eat Bugs

Intro to Meteorology: Tornadoes, Hail, Lightning, Hurricanes and More!

Severe Weather: Tornadoes!

Up, up, and Away! Paper Airplane Fun!

American Sign Language: For Beginners

Beginning Phonics- CVC

Moana Goes Uke (Individual Class): Learn to Play "How Far I'll Go" on Ukulele

Private One-On-One Singing, Piano, Ukulele, or Guitar Lesson

Small-Group Singing - Voice Lessons for Ages 6-9: Ongoing

Acrylic Painting Boot Camp!

Creating an Organized Closet - Keep What You Love

Can You Find It? Show and Tell Scavenger Hunt to Practice Conversational English

Design Your First 3D Video Game with the Atmosphir Game Engine! (Ages 5 To 10) 🕹️

Boys' Club: Conversation & Play for Social Superheroes

Girls' Club: Conversation & Play for Social Butterflies

Before the Dinosaurs: The Cambrian Explosion

Guthriegabs About: Nonfiction Informational Reading Comprehension Middle School

Mermaid Math - Fun Preschool and Pre-K Math Practice

Second Grade Prep- Digraphs Ch, Sh, Th

Draw Your Favorite Dogs as Andy Warhol

ADHD Superpowers FLEX: Embracing Our Strengths and Learning From Failure

Zoology Animal Classification Featuring Live Animals

Digital Escape Room: Locked in School!

Acting for Teens: Theatre Games!

Fun Spanish: Semester Enrichment Club for Advanced Beginners PART 1 - (Homeschool & Afterschool Full Semester)

Popsicle Dice Math Game to Identify, Count and Write Numbers

First Grade Readiness: A Math and LA Lesson Each Week

"Handwriting Without Tears: Numerals--Beginner Level"

PSAT/SAT Words Vocabulary Class: Unit #2

How to Master Multiplication Facts

4Th of July Craft: I Love My Country

Kids Karate: White Belt Level Two Program - Preparing for Yellow Belt

"Let's Lego! Lego Challenge Summer Camp"

Introduction to Division: Beginning Division Without Remainders Math Class

Word Family Fun! Learn to Read CVC and CVCE Words With Short Vowels Phonics

Grammar Tales: A Verb for Herb! A Lesson on Verbs

The Conspirators of Operation Valkyrie

Creative Drawing: Drawing Wacky Animal Bunny Cartoon Portraits! 🐇

Making Amazing Animated Movies - Intro to 2D Animation (Ages 6 To 12)

Int./Adv. Full Body Yoga Workout

Lino Cut Printmaking

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Unit 1: "All About Me" 1-On-1

Exploring The Amazon Rainforest (FLEX)

What's for Dinner? #3 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Learn Spanish - Flex Class for Beginners- Level 2

Celebrate Canada! (Three Day Camp)

* Kawaii Chibi Sketching! Drawing 8 Adorable Characters in Costumes With Pets

Mind Challenge Geometry With Tangrams

Beginner Spanish Summer Private One-On-One Class (One-Time)

Advanced Photography Workshop

Mixture Problems - Two Rates, How Many Kilograms Each? - Travel Hawaii Themed

Patterns: Patterns in Math Multiples/Multiplication Tables

It's Cool to Be Polite Etiquette Class for Teens

Junior Adventurers: Knights, Ninjas, Pirates & Superheroes!

FLEX Beginning Music Production Using GarageBand (Ages 9-12)!

Design Your Confidence

Middle School Spelling With Weekly Lists Focusing on Phonemic Awareness-Flex

Hands on Astronomy

Exciting Entomology: What Are Insects? How Do We Classify Them? Spin the Wheel!

Cooking and Baking for Kids: Delicious Desserts - Flex

Reading CVC Words With Minecraft Animals

One on One Private Math Lessons for After School Tutoring (Grades K-4Th)

Hindi for Beginners Level 1 (Twice a Week, 6 Weeks)

The Writing Process for Beginning Writers : FLEX

Story Time: Pete the Cat (Comprehension) (Mini)

Geometry Semester 1 Flex Class

Algebra 2 Semester 1 Flex Class

The Russian Revolution: Spies and Saboteurs in Imperial Russia

Broadway Musical Theatre Camp

STEM Class: Let's Engineer and Design a Paper Plate Marble Run

STEM Class: Let's Engineer and Design an Index Card Stage

STEM Class: Let's Engineer and Design a Foil Boat

STEM Class: Let's Engineer and Design a Paper Chain

Introduction to the Ukulele

Fireworks in a Bottle for 4th of July

Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands! Let's Explore 2nd Grade Place Value

Coding Intermediate Scratch Games Series- 4 Cool New Games! (AGES 8-13)

1 Day Financial Literacy: Understanding Credit Cards, Banks, and Credit Scores

Math Skill Maintenance Through Games:Multiplication, Division, and Fractions!

Zoology - Semester Course

Architect Spotlight: Antoni Gaudi

𓂀 Cleopatra of Egypt: The Last 24 Hours (Small Class!) 𓂀

Lego Self-Portrait: Learn How to Draw Yourself as a Lego Character

Cartoon Self-Portraits: Learn How to Draw Yourself as a Cartoon Avatar

Elementary Reading Tutor - 55 Mins, One-Time

Drawing Optical Art-Inspired Designs

ADHD & Executive Function Skills for Success for Neurodivergent Teens :Project Management & Planning

Picture Perfect Pups!

Photography Social Club: Learn, Photograph, and Have Fun!

5th/6th Literature & Writing Composition: English Language Arts (2nd Semester Year 1)

Social Media Safety - Messaging, Privacy, Texting and Cyber Bullying Awareness

Forensic Science: Processing a Crime Scene (From Start to Finish) Camp

Break the Code: Are You Up to the Challenge - A Verbal Enrichment Class

Beginner Mandarin Chinese Lesson 1 (It Matters How You Start) 1-On-1

Callie's Corner: Intro to Star Gazing

Callie's Corner: What Is an Atom?

Callie's Corner: All About the Dwarf Planets

Animal Crossing New Horizons Weekly Obstacle Course Challenge Club

Drawing Letters: Make Your Art Work, Journals and Projects Stand Out, Ages 8-12

Comedy Club! (Improv Acting)

Learn French with Ms. Erika: "Les Couleurs"

Video Making With iMovie: Moving Beyond Basics for Laptop/Desktop

Let's Go Camping and Learn About Constellations!-Part 1 (Ages 6-9)

You, Me, & the Book! Ant and Grasshopper, Shared Reading for Ages 5-7 (K/1st Gr)

We Have Begun...Our Poetry Fun!

You, Me, & the Book! Do You Know This Nose?, Shared Reading for Ages 5-7 (K/1st)

You, Me, & the Book! Birds of the Rainforest Shared Reading for Ages 6-8 1st/2nd

You, Me, & the Book! Chicken Little, Shared Reading for Ages 6-8 (1st/2nd Grade)

Cogat - Gifted Talented Exam Prep for 3rd - 5th Graders

Une Dictée Chaque Semaine II: Reading and Writing in French (Early Advanced)

Mandarin Chinese 1:1 Ongoing Tutoring With Native Speaker class

Spanish 1 Semester 2- Grammar/ Conversation (Middle/High School)

5th Grade Math Semester 2 with Daily Kahoot Grames Review

Travel Through Time - Piano Composer History Camp

Notre Dame De Paris Gothic Challenge

Multiplication: Multiply 3 Digit by 2 Digit and 2 Digit by 2 Digit Numbers

Audition Coaching: Private Session

Lets Paint a Sunset-Fun in the Sun in Hawaii Art Class!

The Ultimate Frozen 2 Story & Sing-A-Long!

Creative Writing for Animal Enthusiasts

Future Chef's Cooking Class (Weekly Club)

Ms. Amber's Beginner Yoga (Series)

Finger Painting a Five Colored Flower

One-On-One Tutoring Ongoing

Star Wars Jedi Training!

More Logic Puzzles! New Puzzles to Solve Every Week

Private Tutoring - Ages 3-8

Algebra 1 - 1on1

Let's Paint! Fun Minecraft Painting Course Steve Zombie (Ages 4-8) ~ Flex Class

Let's Paint! Fun Minecraft Painting Course (Ages 9-13) ~ Flex Class

Speed Reading Camp for Older Teens (13-17)

Entomology Research Part 1: Research & Discuss Different Insects! (Ages 9-12)

(Summer Camp) Ancient Greek Mythology and Archaeology (Age 9-11)

African American History: The Amazing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. | Black History

Let's Babysit! Babysitting Boot Camp w/Aunt Sam

Law and Moot Court Debate Club

Animal Class: Reptiles You Wouldn't Believe Exist!

Caribbean Snow Cones – A Tasty Treat!

Beginner’s Ukulele Class

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