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Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss! Ages 5-9 (Video Course)

Lisa O.
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Beginner cake decorators will go from being an absolute beginner to creatively decorating their layered cake.

Class Experience

4 lessons//4 Weeks
 Week 1
Lesson 1
Class 1 and 2
Making beginner frosting, filling the pastry bag and piping a few simple borders. Piping flowers, leaves and learning to write letters.
 Week 2
Lesson 2
Class 3
Baking and assembling the cake.
 Week 3
Lesson 3
Class 4
Learning to final frost the cake so it's smooth.
 Week 4
Lesson 4
Class 5
Creatively decorating the cake.
  • In this class each student will learn the proper way to bake a cake for decorating, how to make icing, how to smooth frost a cake, how to pipe borders, leaves and flowers and how to write words and so much more! They will design and decorate their own cake on the last day.
4+ hours per week outside of class
Frequency: available upon request
Feedback: available upon request
Details: Before Class 1: Make sure you have all of your supplies out and ready to go for this class, since the class will be fast paced. Before the Class 2: 1. Practice piping borders a few times 2. Prepare and half fill one pastry bag with medium stiff icing for flower color and put on tip #102, #103, or #104 3. Prepare and half fill one pastry bag with thin consistency icing for leaves and vines and put on tip #70 (Wilton brand) We’ll use this same leaf color for practicing words with tip #4, #5, or #7 during this class. 3. Cut up wax paper into 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch squares. You’ll need 10-20 so you have plenty to practice with. 4. Gather your supplies so they are ready for the next class and clean up your work space. Before Class 3: 1. Make some roses and carnations for your final cake. You can also pre-make leaves if you would like. 2. Practice writing words for final cake 3. Get cake recipe supplies together and measured out. 4. Gather your supplies, from the supply list, so that you’re ready for the next class and clean up your work space. 3. Make 2 batches of white icing. We’ll use some to crumb frost the cake in this class and some to final frost the cake in class 4. Before Class 4: 1. Gather together your supplies, from the supply list, so they are ready for next class and also clean up your work space. 2. Make sure you have enough frosting to completely cover the top and sides of the cake. If you’ve used some of it for practice you may not have enough. This cake will takes 4-5 batches of icing in total. Before Class 5: Fill a pastry bag half full with medium stiff border icing color and put on tip #16, #18, #32 or #21 Fill a pastry ¼-/1/2 full with thin consistency icing for leaves and put on leaf tip #70 Fill a pastry bag ½ full of frosting for writing words with tip #4, #5 or #7 Plan out your cake Practice piping borders on an edge of a pan or container
Frequency: available upon request
Details: Students will show off their work to the group and also make a final cake to show off.

  2 Pastry bags with couplers and rings (you’ll need 3-4 for the entire class) 12” or 16”
***I do want them to learn how to prepare a bag with couplers so this is necessary to complete the class.  The couplers are necessary 
     so that the tips can be changed out easily. 
***I prefer the real pastry bags rather than the disposable ones that blow out easily and are more rigid to handle.  Plus, I want to 
    encourage the students to keep decorating and if they throw out all of their bags they won't have any when they need them.  
    Cake decorating tip (Wilton brand): Tips #16, #,18, #32 or #21 (find one that's kind of a star looking shape)
****We will be using 4 different types of tips for this course.  It's not necessary to get one of these exact numbers. They are for r 
     reference since I'm not sure what cake decorating supplies are available to everyone right now. 
      1. for writing words, making vines and stems
      2. for making roses and carnations
      3. for making leaves
      4. for making borders

  4  food coloring pastes not liquids. You can find them in the cake decorating supplies section. You’ll need 2 for flower colors, 1 for 
    leaves, 1 for border color 
   Pipe cleaners or a little tip cleaning brush you can buy in cake decorating supply areas

  Vegetable shortening
  Peppermint extract 
  4 cups confectioners sugar for just one batch of icing (You’ll need 4-5 batches of icing for the entire course)
  Sifter or whisk 
  Electric mixer and beaters 
  Large mixing bowl
  Spatula to scrape the bowl
  Paper towel or kitchen towel to cover the bowl while mixing
  Wax paper/Parchment paper to pipe borders on 
  Cookie sheet or cutting board to sit the wax paper or parchment on
  Containers with lids to store and recycle icing
  Plastic wrap
  Spoon or knife for stirring color pastes into frosting
  Butter knife or cake frosting spatula 
  Notebook for jotting down notes 
  Camera to take photos


  2 pastry bags, with couplers and rings (3-4 Sets total for the entire camp)
     1 pastry bag for roses and (Wilton brand) tip #102, #104 or #103 
     1 pastry bag for the leaves, vines and tips with tip #70 (Wilton brand) 
      We’ll use this same color for practicing words with tip #4, #5, or #7. 
  Flower nail #7 (Wilton brand). We need a medium sized flower nail, nothing huge. The bigger   the rose tip the bigger the nail needs to be. 

  Spatula or butter knife
  2 clips to close off the ends of the two pastry bags
  Wax paper squares 
  Tray or halves of a paper towel tube to park the completed flowers in to dry  
  Large ziplock back or air tight container to put the pastry bags with frosting
  Containers with lids to store and recycle icing 
  Notebook for jotting down notes 
  Pen and paper to practice writing words for the cake. 


  Cake frosting spatula (I suggest a small "offset/angled" one.   The students are having issues maneuvering the large ones on such a small cake)
  Cake turntable or lazy susan if you have one.  It’s not required but sure helps!  
  2 Cake pan insulators. Wilton’s are called “Bake Even Cake Strips” (These will keep cakes from puffing way up when they bake. We 
    want a flat cake and don’t want to have to cut the cake top off and waste it.) 
  (2) 8” round or square cake pans
 ***Several students in the first camp were disappointed when they used 9 inch round pans (instead the specified 8 inch pans) with 
      this cake recipe.  
     The recipe is for 8 inch round or 8 inch square pans. Always the pan size does matter with a cake recipe, so if you want a bigger 
     cake then you need to make 1.5 batches so you can add more batter to a bigger pan.   That may be a little too much 
     as that's for a 10  inch cake but it's easier to calculate. 

  Preheated oven 350F/177C
  Ingredients for making the chocolate cake (will send before camp starts)
  Electric mixer with beaters
  Sifter or whisk  
  Coffee pot and water 
  Measuring cups, liquid measuring up and measuring spoons
  Shortening (for preparing 2 pans)
  Extra cocoa powder (for preparing pans)
  Paper towel or hand towel 
  Two cooling racks
  Cake frosting spatula (you really need this)
  Two batches of icing.  Doesn’t need to be in a pastry bag 
  Wax paper 
  Plastic wrap
  Foil or nice wrapping paper  
  Round or square sturdy cardboard, cutting board or something to display the cake
  Tape to hold the foil or paper on the back of the board


A Cake turntable is super handy to have but not required.
Also you’ll be using the cake icing spactual again today 


Paper and pencil 
The icing left over from the last class 
Hot water in a glass
Cake icing spatula 

  3-4 prepared pastry bags with 3-4 different colors of icing and tips to decorate the cake 
  Cake turntable (not required but it's sure handy!)

  Wax paper
  Pen or pencil 
  Paper to practice words 
  White frosting in case of mistakes 
  Tall cup or glass with hot water for smooth frosting mistakes  
  Clean Scissors for moving flowers that aren’t dried 
  Paper towels or hand towel
Your student may need assistance with using the oven while baking their cake and getting it out to cool. 
They may also need assistance while operating an electric stand or hand mixer if they have never used one before. 
They may also need help making the coffee for this cake batter.  
***You may also need to assist with measuring out ingredients properly.  I will not be covering this aspect in this class.  
I will be sending the recipe my chocolate cake with registration.  It does call for all purpose flour which does contain gluten.  Your student can substitute out another cake or gluten free flour if they would like and also the peppermint flavoring but I promise they won't be disappointed with this cake and frosting.   
***The cake and icing don't contain milk, eggs, butter or nuts. 
The students will be using Google Forms to take simple, fun quizzes.  They will also need to take photos or videos of their work 
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