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New Classes on Outschool 2022-04-03

There are 374 new classes on Outschool the week of April 3, 2022 to April 9, 2022.

How to Perform a Monologue: Tips for Auditions and Performances

Beginner Solo Irish Dance: Donald, Where's Your Trousers (Ages 14-18)

Beginner Solo Irish Dance: Donald, Where's Your Trousers (Ages 14-18)

Art by April Self Paced: Acrylic Painting

Beginner Solo Irish Dance: Donald, Where's Your Trousers

How Kidneys Work (Future Doctors Course)

Summer Daily Grade 5 Math Classes (Ongoing)

Princess Preschool Time

Beginner Solo Irish Dance: Donald, Where's Your Trousers

Superhero Preschool Time

Private Voice Lessons

Mastering Addition & Subtraction Within 20 in 6 Weeks: Summer Singapore Math

Grammar Tales: Quick as a Cricket - A Lesson on Similes

Photoshop Chop Shop

Photoshop / Photopea Boot CAMP

Photoshop 101: Photo Repair - for Teens

Private Tutoring

Grammar Tales: The Missing Linking Verbs! A Lesson on Linking Verbs

Sculpt With Polymer Clay, Intermediate: Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Mole Concept and Stoichiometry

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Magical Mushroom Patch

Sculpt With Polymer Clay, Intermediate: Luna Moth

Summer Spanish 1 Semester 2 Immersion Course (Middle/High School)

Bizarre Medicine: Explore Anatomy & Biology Through History -High School Science

Mythological Creatures: How to Draw a Dragon

How to Make Bubbly Boba Tea

Happy Birthday, South Carolina! a Celebration of the 8th State of the USA

Private Class: Adobe Illustrator™ Beginners Project - Cakes and Sweet Treats! #1

MORE World’s Weirdest Animals!

Practice English 1:1 Private Ongoing ESL Tutor Conversation Ages 5-18 45 Minutes

English - Private Tutoring - Ongoing Class

Happy Birthday, Rhode Island! a Celebration of the 13th State of the USA

Read and Write: Wizard of Oz

Perspective Drawing; a Journey Into the Mountains!

Step Into Perspective Drawing

Summer Camp: Letters and Sound Recognition and Sight Words Fluency

Private Tutoring Math - One to One - Ongoing

Pencil Sketching Camp Part 1 - Fundamentals for Beginners

Amazing Animals: Lion Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Saxon Math Algebra 2 (Lessons 61-122) - Full Curriculum

Saxon Math Algebra 2 (Lessons 1-60) - Full Curriculum

Private Writing Tuition: Journal Your Way to Publication: Part 1

Pokémon and Egyptian Mythology

William Shakespeare by Google Translate 10 Week Class

Algebra 1 Test Prep and Exam Review- (Class 2)

Character Design CAMP

Biogenetics-Cloning: The Story of Dolly the Sheep!

Cartooning Club - Fun Activities & Social Talk for Fans of Comic Books & Animation!

Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Advanced Technology - Discussion and Debate

The Magic of the Sea Learning Spanish With a Story, a Game and a Mermaid Craft!

Spanish Immersion for Beginners With Blues Clues & Drawings for Kids! Ongoing

Spanish Christmas Class: Make Yourself an Elf, Craft Time! 5-9 Years

Safari Adventure in Spanish, Let’s Learn the Wild Animals + Craft for Kids!

Personalized, Dynamic Spanish Tutoring for All Levels, 1-On-1 (Ongoing) 2X Week

Personalized, Dynamic Spanish Tutoring for All Levels, Let's Learn!

Let's Learn the Shapes and the Colors in Spanish With a Space Rocket Craft!

I Spy in Spanish New Vocabulary Every Week! Beginner Level

Bilingual Spanish Story: First Day of School, Clifford Goes to Kindergarten!

My Little Unicorn Learning Spanish With a Story, a Game, and a Unicorn Craft!

Spanish Immersion With Disneys Princesses, Games and Magic Stories! (Multiday)

When Saying Take a Deep Breath Doesn't Work. How to Calm Ourselves Down!

Quick Intermediate Spanish with Stories and Games (Ages 6-9)

Exploring the Moons, Stars, and Stellar Phenomena

Google Apps Support & Creativity Club: Homework Help and Fun Projects (Ongoing) - 1X Weekly

Break Dance: Style Camp

Scratch Coding Summer Camp

Homeschool Hangout: Middle School - Group for Girls

Homeschool Hangout - Preteen and Elementary School Aged Girls, Ages 7-12

Create Games in Roblox Studios With Teknik LABS!

Statistics for Mathematicians: Don't Become a Statistic! Lab Explorations

Factoring 101: Learn How to Factor Quadratics

Show Me the Money! First Job and Income-Earning for Kids

Learn About Money With a Pirate: Identify, Count, Add, and Spend!

Goals: Create a Vision Board!

Homeschool Hangout - High School Girls, Ages 13-18

2 Day How to Play 21 the Casino Card Game - The Basic Maths Behind Each Play

Study Skills - Reading and Notetaking Strategies for Text Book Reading

Goodbye Kindergarten! (Summer Readiness for 1st Grade)

Piano Level 2A - Part 1

Let's Play Minecraft PVP & PVE: BEDWARS! (Bedrock PC/Xbox/iOS/Switch) - Weekly!

Preschool Pre-K English, Science, Math & Socializing With Friends

5 Day Business Entrepreneur Summer Camp - How to Start a Successful Business for Teens

Chess Club 1000

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 8 B1 CEFR

Everything You Need to Know About Drawing Level 2 (Invite Only)

A Mindful Day: Exploring Compassion With Teacher Nikki

Money Management for Future Millionaires!

Let's Learn English: Words, Words, Words - Spelling Club 2

Let's Learn English: Words, Words, Words - Spelling Club 1

Let's Learn English: Rules, Rules, Rules - Grammar Club 3

Let's Learn English: Rules, Rules, Rules - Grammar Club 2

Let's Learn English: Rules, Rules, Rules - Grammar Club 1

Government Civics - The Living Constitution: Connecting to Today! Semester Class

A Mindful Day: Exploring Openness With Teacher Nikki

A Mindful Day: Exploring Empathy With Teacher Nikki

1 Virtual Birthday Party Fun Card Magic Class With a Pro Card Magician

FLEX: Romeo and Juliet: A Fresh Look at an Old Story

Disney Travel: Let's Visit Ariel, the Little Mermaid, in Denmark!

Primus History Class: Mummies of Ancient Egypt

Writing Introduction: Cursive and Speed Typing by Language Arts Teacher, M.A.

Tutoring Service

19th Century Grammar: Semester 1

Science 7: Life Science (Summer Class)

Animal Study + Drawing : All About Red Pandas

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sketching & Drawing Art Class: SELF-Paced

Science 8: Physical Science (Summer Class)

Comic Book Creations Club

Book Club | Weekly Books

Bake the British Isles - Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Adopt Me | FREE Desert EGG or PET Every Class Roblox

Monster Party!

Writing Short Fictional Stories Summer Camp (New Type of Story Each Week)

Figure It Out Middle School Math and Logic : Data, Sampling, and Probability

Creative Writing: World Beach Month (September) Writing Camp

Comic Book Creations - 3 Panel Comics

Animal Study + Drawing: All About Fennec Foxes

Learning to Love Algebra 2- Part 1 of 4 (Saxon Algebra 2)

Kindergarten Prep Time! Ongoing Summer Camp

Role Playing With Original Characters!

Order of the Planets - Astronomy Space Science

Beginner ASL 1-on-1 Individual Sign Language Tutoring! Ongoing Weekly (Age 4-10)

Beginners- Learn Spanish Vocabulary Through The Movie Encanto (one time)

Marker Challenge With ASL

Italian Beginning Level Conversation 1: Let's Speak Italian (Parliamo Italiano)

Draw, Build, Play! Beach Summer Camp

SAT Verbal Prep: Reading Section Boot Camp

Name That Sight Word - Learn and Practice Sight Words Level 2

ASL 1 - American Sign Language (Ages 12-17)

Let's Learn How to Skip Count Class - Treasure Hunt and Singing!

Three Essay Writing Tips

Comic Book Creations CAMP

The Stylistic Portrait Art of Modigliani: Drawing Elongated

Georgia O'Keeffe Nature Drawing and Art

Grandmaster's Chess Camp for Older Kids

Frida Kahlo Portrait and Drawing Art

Italian Beginning Level Conversation 6: Leisure Time/Holidays- Parliamo Italiano

Italian Beginning Level Conversation 5: Home and Family Terms- Parliamo Italiano

Italian Beginning Level Conversation 4: Let's Travel to Italy- Parliamo Italiano

Italian Beginning Level Conversation 3: Let's Speak Italian (Parliamo Italiano)

Italian Beginning Level Conversation 2: Let's Speak Italian (Parliamo Italiano)

Fun Writing For Reluctant Writers With Feedback

Exploring the World of Food: A Tween's Introduction to Food Science

Biology Club: Science & Art With Biomes From Around the World

Elementary Science Experiments & STEM Activities: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades

Ask Questions! Write a Story!

Grammar Galore | Parts of Speech, Punctuation & Writing Sentences | 4 Weeks

English Grammar & ELA Workshop for 3rd/4th/5th Grades: 8 Parts of Speech

Tutoring With Ducky

Intro to Earth Science: Geology10W- Dinosaurs, Fossils, Volcanoes, Gems & Pangea

Italian Private, One-on-One Tutoring (Ongoing, 30 minutes, Once a Week)

Noel Streatfeild's Holiday Stories (Taught by a British Teacher)

Hooray for Homophones: Words for Writing and Grammar!

Business Battles –the AI Race, Shark Tank, Unethical Business Practices

Expand Your Imagination: Weekly Dystopian & Apocalyptic Creative Writing

Dancing Shoes Book Club (Taught by a British Teacher) by Noel Streatfeild

Fake News: 8 Types of Media Bias

Book Club: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Pop Star Jazz: Fun Beginner Jazz Class

Art of Collage: Playing With Scrap Papers, Scissors, and Glue for Youngsters

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! (Weekly Class Nintendo Switch)

Spanish Immersion Conversation Class! for Ages 10-14-2X/Week

Weekly Fun Drawing and Painting Classes| Ongoing Creative Art Club for Beginners

Minecraft SMP Live Role-Play Club | Java Edition

Monsters Among Us

Let's Become a Junior Leader: Level 1

Fashion Design Camp Part 1 - Fundamentals for Beginners

Private Tutoring - 45 Min of Writing Curriculum, Essay Review &/or Homework Help

The 1:1 Artsy Book Club (Encouraging Reading & Writing via Creative Activities)

Brick Builds Show and Tell

Be Prepared for Precalculus

Painting Poetry With Watercolors: Four Fabulous Female Poets

Waldorf Library Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Class With Yoga

Time Travelers: The History of Vikings, Romans, and Olympics (History Camp)

2 Day Navigational Class - Basic Navigation Life Skills - Navigate Like a Pro Don't Get Lost Ever Again Map Reading

Intro to Analogies | Identify & Solve 10+ Types | Critical Thinking & Test Prep

Easter Bunny Hop - Drawing and Watercolor Painting Art Project!

All About Reading ~ Personalized Reading Tutoring: Orton-Gillingham (K-3), AAR

Math: Introduction to Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

What's a Thesis Statement?

Truly Tough Vocabulary Words, Set 1

Encanto Adventure- Zumba Fitness, Workout, Dance, Sing, Exercise, and Socialize

Let’s Learn to Draw Cute Animals! (Self-Paced)

Small Group Singing Lessons: Royal Conservatory of Music - Level 1

ASL Beginner Summer Camp 1: Learn to Speak in Sign Language Ages 8-13 (3x/week)

Violin and Viola Studio Solo Performance

Sketchbook Summer Camp! (9 to 13)

Teen Summer Book Club

Middle School Summer Book Club

Irish Dance Friends Social Club, Ages 8-13

Weirdest Things Found in Space

Fashion History & Sketching Camp: Fashion Through the Ages 1 Camp (4 Day Camp)

Money: Financial Literacy for High School Students Part 1

Discover Your Story and Develop Your Writing Through Your Own Autobiography

Semester Science- Physics- Review Notes and Activity/Experiment -Meets 15X

5 Day Digital Phone Photography Beginner Photographers Summer Camp - Apple and Android Phones

ELA and Math (Non-Zoom Meetings, Homeschool)

Semester Long Piano Basics Class

Encanto Summer Camp! (Crafts, Culture, Songs, Stories And More!)

French Conversation Club -Immersion Style - Any Age - Level 1,2,3 - 40 Minutes Weekly

101 Private - French Immersion Class - Beginners & Intermediate- 30 Minutes Weekly

Magic Spanish Minecraft:¡Cuidado con los hechizos! Careful with the Spells!

Sentence Dictation Practice (Part 2)

Let's Make 3D Art for Games and Movies Level 2 (Intermediate Class)

Quick, Low-Pressure Beginning Spanish Lessons with Stories and Games Ages 10-13

Finding Area and Perimeter Grades 3-5 with Jamie

From Little Writer to Published Author Private Class

Terrific Trolls: Summer Jazz Dance Camp

Jumpin' Jungle Lion King: Summer Jazz Dance Camp

Perfect Princess: Summer Ballet Dance Camp

Ongoing 1:1 Reading, Writing, Phonics and ESL Classes with a Reading Specialist

"Let It Go"- Frozen Ballet Dance Party

British Tea Party With the British Tea Lady (One Time Class)

The Little Mermaid- Ballet Dance Party

Cheer Extreme: Intro to Cheerleading for Beginners

French Summer Camp: Explore French for Little Learners (Beginners)

Intro to Earth Science- Geology: Overview of Main Topics, Applications & Careers

Poop Eating Animals - Draw a Whale Poop Food Chain

Adobe Photoshop: Photo Editing, Manipulation, Restoration (LIVEClass 9-11) 1:1+

Little Adventurers Circle Time Fun: Travel and Learn! (2X per Week)

Severe Weather:Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Blizzards (Age 9 To 11)

Excel at Deutsch! Forty-Five Minute Tutoring Sessions

Private Escape Room for a Birthday Party or Special Event! | (Ages 3-6)

Private Escape Room for a Birthday Party or Special Event! (Ages 7-9)

Private Piano Lessons (4-Week)

Space Art. Draw the Earth, Spaceman, Rocket, and Alien in a UFO.

Geology and Chemistry: Elements of the Periodic Table

Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Dark Blue Belt

Creative Playdate for Two: Act Out & Draw a Custom-Designed Story With a Friend

Happy Cat Acrylic Painting

Save a Peep! Bird Nest Stem Challenge

Personalized Notetaking Session

Princess And Friends Geography: Travel Around The World!

All Things Critters: Kawaii Characters

All Things Critters: Life in & Around the Sea

Superhero & Princess Kindergarten Dress-Up: Sight Words,Math,Draw,Read & Writing

First Grade Full Homeschool Curriculum

Amazing Creatures and How to Draw Them

History of Peace Symbols From Around the World

Advanced Feminist Discussion Group

2 Day Digital Phone Photography Class for Beginner Photographers (Apple and Android)

Van Gogh: El Pollo Loco

Love to Dance - Learn Greek Line Dance

Honesty & Truth. When Lying Over & Over Hurts Credibility. How to Stop Lies!

Honesty & Truth. When Lying Over & Over Hurts Credibility. How to Stop Lies!

Meet the Teacher - Mini Lesson

Amazing Animals- Habitats

US History: WWII, Cold War & Globalization || High School-Semester 2

One on One Algebra Tutoring!

Private Piano Lessons (ages 7-18) - 40 min

1-On-1 Private Math Tutoring - Elementary and Middle School, Algebra, Geometry

4 Day Camp: Learning Grammar Through Literature Part 2

4 Day Camp: Learning Grammar Through Literature Part 1

World War II History: History Debates of World War Two / WW2

History Game Show: World War 2 Overview Multi Week

Ask and Answer Where in Chinese - Big Kids

Let's Hop Into Bunnies With Coco..a Real Live Bunny.

1-On-1 Private Neurodivergent Tutoring - Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Delayed Learners

1-On-1 Private Math Tutoring - Elementary and Middle School, Algebra, Geometry

Roblox Social Club for Creatures of Sonaria Fans! Share Your Creatures & Play.

Roblox- The Ultimate Bed Wars Gaming Club

Argument Writing Summer Camp

Intro to Earth Science: Geology- Volcanoes, Killer Ash, Lava Lakes & Magma Chambers

Intro to Earth Science: Geology- Journey Into the Earth's Core, Mantle & Crust

Let's Learn Japanese 1.7: Shopping

Intro to Earth Science: Geology- How the Earth Formed, Pangea and the Rock Cycle

Creative Movement Black History Month Dance Class - MLK Speech Choreography

Fraction Masters - Advanced Operations With Fractions (Self-Paced)

The Complete Writing Experience: The Writing Revolution Summer Camp

One-On-One Math Tutoring

Beginner 1:1 Western Armenian Lessons-Level 1

1-on-1 Art Tutor: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Digital Art (40 min)

Intro to Earth Science: Geology- The Carbon Cycle, Global Warming & Renewables

1-on-1 Private Guitar Lessons

1-on-1 Art Tutor: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Digital Art

1-on-1 Private Drum/Percussion Lessons

1-on-1 Private Flute Lessons

Singing - Vocal Technique

1-on-1 Private Violin Lessons

Crochet Stitches - Beginner to Advanced - With Grace

High Energy Teen Splatoon 3 Gaming Hour

Easter STEAM Project : Making an Easter Bunny Trap

Kitty Kat Detective Class - 3 Days A Week - Math, Social, Drama, & Mystery 5-7

Easter Scene Directed Draw for Preschool & Kindergarten

Introduction to Latin, Course IX

Spanish for Beginners 3

Let's Play Roblox: Be Social, Make Friends, and Learn New Tricks

Mrs. Stubb's Crochet Club: Basic Stitching and Technique

The Man Behind the Magic, Walt Disney (History & Science)

Happy Birthday, John F. Kennedy! a Celebration of the 35th U.S. President

Volcanoes - Awesome Facts!

Move and Groove Beginning Jazz Dance! Ages 6-9yrs

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle - A Novel Study

ASL Basics 123s: Learn Your Numbers From 1-20! Beginner Friendly (Ages 5-10)

Girl Power Mantra Movement-Spring Break Edition: Dance-Fitness for Mind and Body

All About Spelling Level Two: Steps 15-21

All About Spelling Level Two: Steps 1-7

Lesson 18 - Scratch Coding Arcade Series-Make a Video Game-Pacman*

The History of Soccer (or Is It Football?)

Private English Language Arts Tutoring With Grammar and Writing Focus 1:1 ELA

Topics in Psychology - Understanding Psychopathology - Ongoing

Topics in Psychology - Understanding Behavior and Mental Processes - Ongoing

Forensic Artist Training: Composite Art

Even More Gruesome, Grisly, & Gross: More Epic Mythological Tales of Punishment

Wildlife Science: Clouded Leopards

Misinformation in the News? Become a Human Lie Detector (Ages 11-14)

Entrepreneurs - Pitch It to Win It

Learn How to Draw Animals - Giraffe

Lets Draw Together! - Sketch Every Week

How to Draw Sea Unicorns! (Narwhal and Seahorse)

How to Draw Unicorns! (Dinosaur and Horse)

All Things Kawaii! Ongoing Beginner Drawing Class With Step-By-Step Directions

Comprehensive Pre-Algebra Review | New Topics Each Week | Ongoing

Learn to Play Chess

British Castles Camp (History Summer Camp with UK Teacher)

Intermediate Video Editing Club for YouTubers, Gamers, and Influencers!

Canva Video Basics: Create a Video Clip With Music and Animated Graphics

Whodunit? Solving the Mystery of the Missing Necklace

"Let It Go: Practicing the Alphabet with a Frozen Twist!

Great Military Leaders in History

Middle School Essay Writing Made Easy CAMP

Obscure Subjects and Interesting Facts About the American Revolutionary War!

1:1 Ongoing Private Tuition Class

History Game Show: World War 2 in the Pacific Multi Week

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion, Level 1.3, 7-11, 2x/wk

ESL ELL EFL Arctic Animal Art and Reading Class

Monkeys Around the World! - A Fun Zoology Class!

Learn to Play Pokemon the Card Game! - One on One Class

Explore Watercolor: Paint Your Own Watercolor Landscape!

4 Day Camp Learning Grammar Through Literature Part 3

Deutsch Ist Klasse - Ongoing Intro to German for Beginners, Elementary

Drawing Princess Peach From Super Mario!

Come Learn to Read With Me! Private 1:1 Tutoring Sessions

Private Writing Tutoring - 1:1 Writing Instruction and Essay Help

Springtime Bunny Nail Art (Beginner Friendly) (7-12 Age Group)

How Do Plants Grow?

B 29 Superfortress the Largest WWII Bomber

Kindergarten Readiness Camp

Songwriting: How to Write a Song

1:1 Conversational Skills and Social Skills Class for Ages 9 - 18

Unicorns, Kittens, Castles and Cupcakes + The Tooth Fairy and Teacher John

AP World History Modern Unit 8 & 9 Review and Overview

Sweet Summer Science: A Frozen Treat

Mythology Tellers: Mermaids

Reading, Spelling, and Math Tutoring for 3rd-6th

BIG Monster Mandarin X Singapore Math [Private]

Math Made Easy: Double-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Easter Arts and Crafts: Let's Draw a Unicorn Bunny! Easy Beginner Drawing Class

Recorder Karate Camp: Learn How to Read Music and Play an Instrument

Pride and Prejudice Book Club Camp (Taught by a UK Teacher), by Jane Austen

1st Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum

Action Math: Grade 4 Quarter 2 - Number Operations, Measurement, and Money

Private ESL Tutoring

Art: Draw the Potato Family. Potato Pig and Tater Tot Piggies.

Science Journal Club for Teens: Discuss Current Research Like a Scientist!

Karate Camp: Lots of Fun & Learning!

Roald Dahl Reading Club Flex

Action Math: Grade 4 - Fraction Operations

Action Math: Grade 4 Quarter 4 - Geometry & Measurement

Learn With Laurie- Kaleidocycle- Steam Inspired Paper Folding Fidget Project

ESL 1:1 Private English Lessons: Conversation Practice and Free-Talk

ESL Lessons: Conversation Practice and Free-Talk

Camping in PreK

Private Tutoring

Science Journal Club: Let's Discuss Current Research Articles Like Scientists!

Intro to Piano with Pom Puppy and Mrs. Judy!

Graphic Design 201 - Advancing Your Photoshop Skills CAMP

The Ancient Salami (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Kindness, Risk Taking and Making Mistakes- How It Works

Roblox Gaming: Play Roblox Games & Make New Friends

Painting Made Easy: Easter Bunny With Traceable

Let's Celebrate Spring! Ages 13-18

Let's Celebrate Spring! Ages 7-12

Springtime Tea Party!

Learn "The Circle of Life" from Disney's Broadway Hit Musical, The Lion King

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