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New Classes on Outschool 2022-03-27

There are 886 new classes on Outschool the week of March 27, 2022 to April 2, 2022.

Area Dream Rooms

Happy Easter, Mouse - Easter Storytime, Games and Craft

May Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

Phonics With Blend Ladders: Intensive Phonics Tutoring for Kids 3-8, Multi-Day

Multiplication Practice Blooket Game

Hello, Hello! - ESL Greetings Starter Class for Beginners (Level 0)

Travel Through America's National Parks: Dinosaur National Monument

Creative Writing through Dungeons and Dragons

Lets Draw a Series of Pokemon and Watch Them Evolve!

Action Math: Grade 4 Quarter 1 - Place Value & Number Operations

Art That Teaches/Scribble Notan

Silly Sentences: Let's Write Together!

Spanish Intermediate: Animals at the Farm!! (Read, Write, Grammar, Oral)

Creative Writing for Young Children Part 10

Film Studies: Introduction to Film (Middle School Elective) *FLEX*

Greek Social Class

Reading and Writing Tutoring Grades K-12 (50 Minutes)

Let's Draw a Rainbow Cake! Step-By-Step Drawing Class for Beginners

Winnie the Pooh | A Visual Read Aloud with American Sign Language

UK Year 2 Sats Revision - Get Ready for the Exam.

Handwriting With Thumbprint Art 3-DAY CAMP

Draw It: Baby Deer

Handwriting With Thumbprint Art 3 DAY CAMP

Draw It: Turtle Mom

Digital Art: Animation 101 - Peppy Pineapple (Beginner)

Summer Pre-K and Kindergarten Readiness: Circle Time Fun!

Digital Art: Koi Fish

Earthquakes! Flex Class

Draw Dinosaur Squishmallows & Learn Facts About Dinos - Art & Science Class

Handwriting Heroes: Kindergarten/First Grade Handwriting Practice

Learn and Grow Pod: Astronomy Camp Fun Ages 8-11 (Summer Camp)

Chess Club

Fall Math Blasters Boot Camp

Easter Bunny Storytime S.T.E.M. Challenge - Socializing and Critical Thinking

Bloxburg (Roblox) House Share and Game Play in a Safe Private Neighborhood

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition on a Private Server: Roblox Social Club!

Journal Writing Club: YOUR Diary of an Amazing Kid!

Gamers Writing Workshop: Design Your Own Roblox Game Through Story!

Adobe Photoshop: Photo Editing, Manipulation and Restoration (Video Course 9-11+)

Ongoing Winter American Sign Language (ASL) for Ages 5-8

Easter S.T.E.M. Challenge - Critical Thinking and Socializing (Ages 8-12)

EZ Beadzy Level 2 - Make a Recycled Paper Pendant for Jewelry

Pre K Private Tutoring - Once A Week For Four Weeks

Fun Facts about French!

My Five Senses

Realistic Fiction, Recommendations, and Reading Habits!

Accelerated Beginner French Camp - Part 5

Abrsm - A Taster Introductory Lesson to Music Theory (preparation for the exam)

Mystery at the Smithsonian - Math Mystery Camp

1-on-1 Reading Tutoring: Private Reading Instruction

Communication & Listening Skills Without a Cellphone

Science Fiction Book Club - Masterminds by Gordon Korman

Make the Most out of Google Slides, FLEX

Let’s Play Wordle!

1:1 Mini Private Ukulele Lesson

Art Challenge Accepted! Creative Art Club

Summer Maths English Stories and Craft Class

Adobe Photoshop: Photo Editing, Manipulation and Restoration-Video Course 12-16)

Teen Tag: Fashion and Style Edition (Ages 13-18)

Let’s Make and Design Chocolate Filled Eggs or Your Favorite Candy Mold

Intensive Reading Intervention Using the Lindamood Bell Method - Level 1

Photoshop Chop: Superheroes (Ages 8-13)

Book Chat - If You Liked Wonder, You Gotta Read…

Beginning Guitar Ages 7-12 (Flexible) #5

Little Adventurers Travel the 7 Continents! (Ongoing)

Grandmaster's Chess Camp for Advanced Players

Gaming Club: Genshin Impact Social, Tips & Tricks, & Fun Socializing!

Ekphrastic Poetry: Finding Inspiration in Images

Camp First Grade

Math Confidence: 1-1 Math Tutoring (K-8th Grade)

Roblox Gaming Social Club Pet Story-Ongoing

Summer Citrus! Procreate for Beginners — Build Your Skills 3: Composition

Roblox Gaming Social Club Flee the Facility, Crew Mates and Piggy

Movie Madness Dance Class!

Fun With 3rd Grade Math Word Problems

ASL Basics: Learn your ABCs and Alphabet Song! Beginner Friendly (Ages 5-10)

Happy Mother's Day in Cantonese!

Private Math Tutoring for Grades K-4 - 25 Minutes, Once a Week

New Knitters' Very First Class

Real World Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Wonderful Weeds: Dandelions (2-Week Class)

Elephants: Earth's Largest Living Land-Animals Science & Art ( Ages 8-12)

Elephants: Earth's Largest Living Land-Animals Science & Art ( Ages 5-7)

Let's Doodle! Intro To Procreate for Beginners 101 Draw iPad Digital Art (7-10)

First Grade Social Studies

Swing Into Summer Biology

New Mexican Tastebud Tour: Cooking up Some Yummy Mexican and New Mexican Foods

Music Explorations: Dazzling Dynamics!

Mindful Eating, Thinking & Moving with KidShape

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Help Pinocchio Get His Nose Back With Math & Phonics (Ages 3-6)

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Help The Little Mermaid With Math

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Help Rapunzel Escape With Math & Phonics (Ages 3-6)

Fun Skills, Escape Room: The Three Billy Goats Gruff With Math

Fun Skills, Escape Room: The Little Red Hen With Math & Phonics (Ages 3-6)

Back to School: Summer School 1st Grade Review Camp

Earth Day: An Investigation Into Climate Change

Unicorn Math Party! Kindergarten / First Grade - Add and Subtract in Summer Camp

A Social Group for Wings of Fire Fans: Role Play, Trivia Art

Multiplication With Funny, Furry, Friendly, Four-Legged Dog Friend Faith

Draw a Dinosaur-Tyrannosaurus!

At the Beach - An Interactive ESL Discovery Class

Shakespeare in Movies and Television, West Side Story, Macbeth and More.

Shakespeare's Comic Plays

Teen Pokémon Sword And Shield Gaming Night

Madagascar - Interactive Virtual Field Trip & Story Time

Animal Adventures; Animal Guessing Game

1:1 Reading, Writing & English Language Arts - Enrichment & Support

Oh Wow! Origami

WWE and Professional Wrestling History and Social Club: Learn, Hang, and Chat

Photoshop Chop: Meme - able Magazine Covers (Ages 8-13)

Learn Math With Ms. Shaniqua: Division, Multiplication, Fractions, etc: 30 mins.

Exploring Astronomy and Astrophysics With Universe Sandbox (13-17 Year Olds)

Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology Book Club I

Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time Mania ~(4X/ Week) ~ Full Curriculum/Full Year~ Early Childhood/Homeschool/ESL Friendly

Roblox Writing: Creative Writing and Roblox Gameplay

Learn to Code - Foundations of Coding With Scratch

Algebra, Middle School Math, or Science Tutoring

Advanced ASL Part 5 Ages 9 To 12

French Immersion Intermediate Learning Group - Part 1

Coding for Beginners: Minecraft, Star Wars, Dance Party, and more!

[Korean Kids Club] Korean Language, Vocabulary, and Culture for Young Learners!

Super Mario Multiplication Memory Math Game Club! Play, Discuss & Learn!

Discover the World: Guatemala & the Quetzal

Ongoing 1-On-1 Private Spanish Full Course: From Spain With Love (2x Week)

Basic London History 1800 Part 2: Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole (Age13-17)

FLEX: IEW Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales (Part 3)

Women in Art History for Kids

The Lively Art of Writing: A Study (FLEX)

Let's Speak in a British Accent With a British Teacher (One Time Class)

Advanced ASL Part 1 Ages 13 To 18

Bitcoin- Cryptocurrency & Nfts - 100K Virtual Cash to Invest - (Ages 9-13) FLEX

Castles of the World: The Beauty, History, and Mystery

First Grade Math: Addition, Subtraction, Graphs, Skip Counting, Clocks, Money and More!

Simple Science Experiments (Summer Camp)

Spelling Superstars

Photography with iPads and iPhones!

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Little Red Riding Hood With Math & Phonics (Ages 3-6)

Private 1:1 Tutoring and Homework Help

Baby Ballerina Club - Encanto Dance Party!

Music Theory Camp for Kids

Middle School Book Club, Spring Term

Brick Building Class - Build Your Own Robot With Bricklink!

Social Emotional Crafts and Activities Camp

Zero to Song-writer Pianist Crash Course

Master Google Slides

Preschool/Prek Circle- Everything Is Blooming! Music/Movement and Flower Art!

Spelling Skills Assessment: Private Diagnostic Testing

The Inheritance Cycle # 4: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini - Fantasy Study

Passion Four Pawz: Potty Training With Putter!

Grammar Tales: Let's Learn About Analogies!

Homestead Design

Russian Mysteries for High School Students

Gifted Gals Group

Advance Martial Arts - The Journey to a Better Me Part 2

Great Personalities: Jane Goodall (Ages 8-13)

Montessori Reading & Writing: Mastering Digraphs for Emerging Writers - 3x/Week

Art Class: Easter Egg Collage

STEM: Unpoppable Bubbles (Ages 3-6)

Trial Class | Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time & Full Curriculum!

Earsketch: Learn Coding Through Music

Earth Day Poster Art! Drawing and Watercolor Painting

Phun Philosophy and Critical Thinking for Kids

Cracks in the Earth STEAM Challenge (FLEX - Middle School)

Spanish/English Bilingual Calendar Routine 2 (Gr Prek)

Blends and Beyond: Level 3a Phonics Ongoing

French for Little Learners! Ongoing Beginner French

The California Gold Rush: An Overview

Civics and Government 101

8th Grade English Language Arts Through Literature - Semester B

Private Lessons: History, Politics and Government!

Happy Writing | Reading & Writing | Critical Thinking | Ongoing Class

Icelandic Horses - Horse Diaries Book Elska

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Social Club!

The Space Race Series Part 2: Billionaires in Space (14-18yr) (Ongoing version)

Little House on the Prairie Literacy Lounge: Summertime in the Big Woods

Little House on the Prairie Literacy Lounge: Winter Days in the Big Woods

Let's Hammer Some Grammar on 4 Sentence Types

Koi Fish Watercolor Painting Class

The Space Race Series Part 2: Billionaires in Space (8-10yr) (Ongoing version)

The Space Race Series Part 2: Billionaires in Space (10-14yr) (Ongoing version)

Singing Nursery Rhymes

Easter Fun & Games- With Teacher Meg

The Space Race Series Part 1: Rockets in Space (14-18yr) (Ongoing Version)

The Space Race Series Part 1: Rockets in Space (10-14yr) (Ongoing Version)

The Space Race Series Part 1: Rockets in Space (8-10yr) (Ongoing Version)

Weekly Writing Practice - Become a Master of Comparison Paragraphs

Graphic Design 201 - Advancing Your Photoshop Skills

Mastering the Fabulous Fun of the Three Paragraph Essay

Harry Potter Book Club (1 Week Summer Camp)

First Grade Math With Teacher Meg

Visual LIT Presents: Spongebob Squarepants & Philosophy

Careers in History (FLEX)

Let’s Draw and Share Tamagotchis!

Bookworm Social Club

Ongoing Private Language & Academic Tutoring

Music: Beginning Recorder Karate Camp for Kids Level 1

Anne of Green Gables L. M. Montgomery: Summer Book Club Camp

Animal Lovers Camp - Reading, Writing, Trivia - With Kahoot!

Developing a Champion Mindset

How Diabetes Works (Future Doctors Course)

Ballet Shoes--Summer Book Club Camp (Taught by a UK Teacher)

ESL 1:1 Learn Conversational Idiomatic English With the Movie Strategy-IRON MAN

Interactive Storytime! Developing Speaking, Listening and Comprehension Skills

Little Women Part 1-- Summer Book Club Camp (Twice a Week for 3 Weeks)

PRE-K/KINDERGARTEN Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 3-6), Vol. 3 | 4 WEEK FLEX Escape Rooms

Time for the Musical Recorder

Kindergarten Social Studies

Private Writing Tutor: From Ideas to Finished Work

Understanding & Moving Past College Rejections

Let's Hammer Some Grammar on Prepositions

Public Speaking Winter Camp

5 Little Bunnies: Bunny Poem and Easter Craft Fun

Women in History: World War I and World War II

Advanced Ancient History: Historical Thinking and Historical Criticism

Singing in French: Sur Le Pont D’Avignon

Singing Basics: Bicycle Built for Two

Summer Camp: I Can Write and Publish a Novel (Taught by Bestselling Author)

Gamers Writing Workshop: Character Building With Roblox

Pusheen Unicorn Drawing!

Mental Math: Subtraction

Helpful One on One Algebra Tutoring!

English Every Week: 1:1 Conversational English (TESOL Certified/ESL/EFL) Request a Day/Time

Introduction to Drawing Realistic Hands

HTML and CSS Demo Lesson

Wild Horses

One-On-One Private Tutoring (Reading, Writing, or Grammar)

Flex Village Build in Minecraft: Build and Analysis of a Minecraft Village

Waldorf Kindy Nature Circle and Story Time

Screenwriting101 Flex-Making a Movie One Word at a Time

Stay Safe On Your Computer: How To Create And Manage Strong Passwords On KeePass

United States Escape Room: Can You Find the Missing Time Capsule? S/E Region!

Ethos, Pathos, Logos - A Study in Advertising

Acrylic Painting: Easter Spring Baby Chick

Acrylic Painting: Easter Spring Baby Bunny

Rain Cloud in a Cup Science Experiment!

Fun With Phonics

1st Grade Science: Part 1

Multi-Day: Spring Camp Grade 2 Math - Fun and Games

Summer Algebra 2 Review Camp - Let's Get Ready for the Next Step!

Primus Summer Camp: Aviation Camp with Projects

Primus Science: Aviation & Flight + Daily Projects

Kindergarten Through Second Grade Sharing Time!

Easter Pokémon Drawing: Skorbunny

Let's Learn Our Letter Sounds a Preschool Class!

Conducting Online Research Like a Pro

Simple Science Experiments - Flex Class

I Love Dinosaurs in Cantonese!

Pete & Math: Subtraction With Pete the Cat

Meet My Friends, the Bats!

Mother's Day- DIY Bath Bombs and Cards!

At Home Science: Polymers and Galactic Slime

At Home Science: Make Your Own Lava Lamp

Let's Paint!: Fall Forest Guided Canvas Painting

In Depth Shakespeare: Hamlet

Halloween Science: Totally Gross Pumpkin Guts!

Halloween Science: Pumpkins!

Halloween Science: Ghost Rockets and Bubbling Spider Legs

Halloween Party!

Halloween Dungeons and Dragons: The Curse of Strahd

Great Women in Science

Dungeons and Dragons: Wings of Fire

Dungeons and Dragons: The Death House

A Series of Unfortunate Events Novel Study: The Bad Beginning

America's First Father: A Candid Look at George Washington

At Home Science Summer Camp

At Home Science Summer Camp- STEAM Challenge

At Home Science Summer Camp: Exothermic Reactions

At Home Science Summer Camp: Our Weird, Wide Solar System

At Home Science: After School Science Club

At Home Science: Biology Basics

At Home Science: Build Your Own Electric Motor

At Home Science: Chemical Reactions

At Home Science: DNA and Genetics

At Home Science: Elephant Toothpaste

At Home Science: Hydrophobic Sand

At Home Science: Polymers and Bouncy Balls

At Home Science: Rock Candy

At Home Science: The Science of Fireworks

Beginning Creative Writing

Bey-blades! : Force, Motion, and Epic Battles

Beyblade Show and Tell

Beyblades: History and Pop Culture

Bite Size Shakespeare

Break Out!: Beginning Shakespeare Escape Room

Dungeons and Dragons : Stranger Things

Dungeons and Dragons One-Shot: The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: How to DM

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: The Sunless Citadel

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: Writing Your Own Campaign

Dungeons and Dragons: Icewind Dale- Rime of the Frostmaiden

Dungeons and Dragons: Storm King's Thunder

Let's Play: Among Us

Let's Play: Among Us (Ongoing)

Let's Talk About Beyblades!: Beyblade Club

Littlest Pet Shop Show and Tell

Shakespearean Theater Summer Camp

The One and Only Ivan Novel Study

What In the Shakespeare?

Fun With Funko Pops: Collecting, Sharing, and Discussion Group

Pixar Voice Over Acting Camp - Learn Voice Over for Beginners

Hip Hop Dance Teens: Turning Red Nobody Like U 4*Town

Encanto Fashion Designing & Sketching (One Time Class)

Unicorn Lover Arts and Craft

Cool Kids Conversation Club: The Hangout Edition!

Character Design for Writers

Anime Anatomy Sketchbook Study: How to Draw a Full Body

(FLEX) Introduction to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for Kids

College Preparation Writing II: Critical Thinking and Argumentative Writing FLEX

(FLEX) Introduction to Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop for Teens

Draw and Paint a Cute White Rabbit

Creative Commercial Photography for Ages 6-10 with Erika Hatfield

5-10 Animals Humans Need for Survival

Fun Organic Chemistry- Building and Naming Molecules - Middle School - Craft

Fingerprint Animals

Learn Science with Project Based Learning Activities

Wild Bird Discovery (Pre-Recorded Lessons With Drawing Opportunities): Join Anytime Between January-July For 5 Weeks

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game

Let's Crochet Together: Beginner's Journey

Fashion Design - Figure Drawing & Garment Illustrations: Stylish Bohemian

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring

Learn Science with Project Based Learning Activities

ESL-Learn Conversational Idiomatic English With the Movie Strategy-IRON MAN

Get Lit! Success in Writing Narrative Essays (High School, 8 Weeks)

Dino Fishing: Telling Time to the Hour

Picture This: Write a Story in Six Words or Less (Flex Class)

Fashion Design: Sketching and Drawing (One Time Fashion Class)

I Survived Attack of the Grizzlies Book- Flex

We Need a (8-12 Yr Old) Ongoing Diverse Graphic Novels Book Club

Write Every Day- Workshop for Emergent, Early, and Transitional Writers

Stock Investing: Understanding Basic Information

Preschool/Prek Circle Time - Music, Stories and Art Fun!

Stock Investing: Understanding Basic Information

Facts-Olotl: Trivia Game and Live Axolotl Check-In

Drawing a Still Life

Drawing in Colored Pencil: Flowers Still Life

Behold the Eye of the Tiger

Spectacular Snowy City: Create a Mixed Media Masterpiece/2 Day Art Camp

Private 1:1 ACT Math Tutoring (ACT Certified) - Part 5

Adobe Filmmaking: The Basics of Video Editing with Premiere Pro (Part 1)

One to One Tutoring - Mental Math Booster (25 Minutes)

Drawing and Sketching Animals for Beginners

20 Minute Private Class!

Private 1:1 Piano Lessons - 10-15 Years Old

Salem Witch Trials: Another Story Geek Book Club

Second Grade Reading: Hands On English Sight Word Game for 3rd Grade Readiness

Drawing Club: Mythical Creatures From Fairytales!

Beginner Coding and Robotics Camp! Learn in a Hands On Way!

Creating Charming Characters- A Creative Writing Technique

Wings of Fire Social Club: Let's Role Play, Play Games, and Chat!

AP Lang Essay Review and Tutoring (20 Minutes)

Let's Learn How to Skip Count by Singing Songs (Afterschool Learning!)

Let's Learn About Music Theory! (Afterschool Learning!)

Waldorf Private Reading Course

Shekere ( Drums and Percussion) Private Lessons

Money: A Financial Literacy Camp

¡Léeme! One-Time Bat-Themed Spanish Story Time With Craft

Baking Basics: Ongoing Cooking Class for Beginner and Intermediate Bakers

¡Léeme! One-Time Dragon-Themed Spanish Story Time With Craft

Let's Make a Map!

French 202A- Semester Class - Ages 13-18

Be a Mathematician 4.0: Fourth Grade Math

Private French Classes With a Native French Speaker - All Levels 10 -18 Y.O

¡Léeme! One-Time Silly Princess-Themed Spanish Story Time With Craft

ACT/SAT English and Reading Tutoring (One-On-One Tutoring)

Gifted Gals and Guys Group

Spring Into Fun With Cupcake Decorating

Goosebumps Book Club - Monster Blood

Unwind Book Club - Book 3 (Unsouled)

Weekly Private Reading, Writing, or Grammar Lessons With Teacher Debra Shepherd

Show and Tell, Story Time, and Coloring Pages

Preschool Fun - Letter Recognition, Letter Sounds and Pre-Reading Skills!

¡Léeme! One-Time Firefighter-Themed Spanish Story Time With Craft

Ongoing Cat Drawing, Coloring and Social Chat Time

April Astronomy: Stargazing and Astronomical Events

Yuri’s Night Space Celebration

Scientific American Discussion Club

Eerie Elementary Book Club - Book 1

Math Tutoring With Mr. B! Ongoing Class to Learn/Practice to Strengthen Skills

Pax Journey Home -A Beautifully Crafted Novel About Healing, Strength, and Love

ESL Adventurers Travel the World Together!

Summer Reading: A Roald Dahl Book a Week Club

Campfire Singalong Summer Camp II

Campfire Singalong Summer Camp I

10 Week FLEX ~ Virtual Field Trip Every Week ~ Interactive ~ Writing, Videos, Drawing & Fun!

Homeschool Introduction to the Piano

Brain Matters: Neuroanatomy Part 4/4

Summer Bootcamp: Getting Ready for Grade 5 Math

Lizards, Frogs, and Monkeys Oh My! Life Science by Adventure Learning

Dragon Ball Fan Club

The Process of Making Movie Magic- Life on a Real Film Set - For 13-17 Yr Olds

The Process of Making Movie Magic - Life on a Real Film Set - for 9-12 Yr Olds

Informative Writing Practice

Graphic Design for Intermediate Students

Piano Lessons - All Ability Levels Welcome

Personalized Homeschool Curriculum Plans, Grades 1-6

Early Reading Through Nursery Rhymes

FLEX | Math Mindset: 6th Grade Math Skills Review or Preview Summer Camp

Camp: Intro to Making Video Games With Unity - Beginner Level

1:1 Unity Tutoring: Game Design and Development Help

Preparing for Math 6 (Summer Class)

1:1 Reading Assessment With Certified Teacher

Misty Multicoloured Forest Painting

Game Design VS Game Development - What's the Difference?

Fun 3D Word Art With Blender

Creative Writer's Club: Come Together to Learn, Share, and Inspire.

Hamsters, Hamsters, Everywhere: Meet Sugar the Hamster and Learn All About Her

Spring Acrylic Painting 1:1-Playing Dolphin Underwater Animal Friend

Easter Bunny Storytime

Quilting Circle: A Social Sewing Circle for Students of All Levels.

Build Your Own City

Learn the Vowels | Beginning READING | FREE Vowel People Puppets | Degreed Teacher | ESL Friendly

Let's Learn Spanish Level 1 Flex Class

The Art of Public Speaking

Our Favorite Pig’s Storytime and Craft: Let’s Have a Pizza Party!

Remarkable Recycled Paper Sculptures - Build Eco-Friendly Art

Realistic Landscape Painting Discovery

Snack and Chat Summer Club!

Puppy Care: How to Take Care of Your New Best Friend

Multiplying Larger Numbers - From Partial Product to Standard Algorithm

Pokémon Sketchbook 2

Creative Writing: Characteristics of Good Writing

Creative Writing Weekly Camp for Creative Students

Pokémon Sketchbook

Wonderful Weather: Learn About Weather Around the World

Español/Spanish Immersion—Conejito's Positivity Club High-Intermediate/Advanced

Astronauts Go Poop Too! - Astronomy Space Science (Ages 9-13)

1-1 Private SAT/ACT Math Test Prep Tutoring - 60 Minutes

Cursive Writing Ongoing for Intermediate Level

Astronauts Go Poop Too! - Astronomy Space Science (Ages 6-10)

Italian Level 8 - Intermediate 3. Spring Term

Preschool Egg Dye and Fun With Chemical Reactions!

1:1 Study Skills Personalized for You (45 Mins.)

Butterfly Blitz

Draw Toy Story Squishmallows - Art Class - Buzz Lightyear, Woody & Friends

Beginning Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks

Pokémon Multiplication Memory Math Game Club! Learn, Play & Discuss!

Listen and Draw in Spanish! (Small Group Ongoing) 2x Week- Peluches (Plushies) Welcome!

Private 1 on 1 Filmmaking Help: Video Editing, Sound, Scriptwriting, & More!

I Can Write Well! Part 3: A Four-Week Essay Writing Program

Singing Lessons With Mrs. V! (Small Group 2-4)

Let's Write That Story! Private 1 on 1 Creative Writing Tutoring Session

Quilting for Beginners: Hand- And Machine-Sewing Tips for Everyone!

ESL How Are You? (Abridge Academy)

Gardeners+Cooks in Training: Lets Grow + Then Cook Our Summer Veggies and Herbs

Dogs Dogs & More Dogs!

Art, English, & Meditation: Abstract Art / Literary Elements Review & Mindset

Transport & Travel by Land, Sea, or Air - A Vehicle Themed Social Club

Cute Mouse Sculpture!

Let's Make a No-Bake Dog Treat

Book Club: Level 7 English Reading Club with Biff, Chip, Kipper and Friends

Algebra 1 Summer Jumpstart with SpringBoard Common Core Text

Standing Out From the Crowd: Being Noticed--For the Right Reasons! (Overview)

Save Money by Earning College Credit With CLEP Test

Private Piano Lessons: Trial Lesson (ages 4-18)

Mad Libs Social Club

Drawing a Fantasy Cityscape Using 2-Point Perspective

Big Trucks for Kids: Flatbeds

Big Trucks for Kids: Concrete Mixers

Conquering Spelling: Master Dependable Spelling Rules & Common Spelling Patterns (Ongoing)

1:1 Personalized Math Tutoring Multi-Day (20 Weeks) 2022-23

Focus Like a Ninja! | Beginner Karate Classes | Ages 3-5 | Ongoing

Private Piano or Song-writing Lessons

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragons Inspired by Wings of Fire Ongoing Weekly

Science Experiments: All About Chemical Reactions & Hands-On Experiments! (FLEX)

Muscles, Bones, and More! Science for Your 5th & 6th Grader

Lesson 26 Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game-Math Blaster

Summer Bootcamp: To Make Sure We Understand Grade 6 Math

Book Club: Level 6 English Reading Club with Biff, Chip, Kipper and Friends

The Frida Experience- A Beginner Spanish Class With "Frida Kahlo"

Mexican Studies: Templos Y Teocallis (Pyramids) of Ancient Mexico! (FLEX)

Gaudi's Architecture

Book Club: Level 5 English Reading Club with Biff, Chip, Kipper and Friends

Lesson 29 Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game-Martian Attack

Alphabet Learning Time (Flexible Schedule)

Python Programming | Intermediate | Python to Text Message (SMS)

Lesson 27 Scratch Coding-Make a Video Game- Memory Game

Beginning Spanish with Stories & Games for Chicos & Puppets - Lessons 25-32 FLEX

Lesson 13-Scratch Coding -Make a Video Game-Learn Over 20 Languages

The Ins and Outs of Performance Horse Breeding

1:1 Private Tutoring Ages 5-10: English (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Etc.)

Mastering Algebra 1 (Full Course) 2022-23

Practice Your Multiplication & Division With Ongoing Fun Games: BLOOKET! (2x/Week)

Science 6: Earth Science (Summer Class)

Creating Art Inspired by Artist Robin Mead - Flowers (Wolf Circus Art Studio)

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Rockets, Spaceships and Astronauts

Switch Animal Crossing Drawing & Social Club (One-Time)

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912 Novel Study

Creative Writing: Dog Man Fanfiction

Preparing for Math 9 (Summer Class)

A Pipe Cleaner Arts/Crafts Colorful Rose Bouquet of Flowers, Simple but Elegant

"That's Debatable!" Debate Camp for 1st - 2nd Grade

French: Make 3D Snowmen, Papercraft

Spotlight Play Performance Workshop (Age 12-16)

Camp: Drawing Basics for Kids!

Making Money with Photography

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Forest Animals - Birds, Bears and Bunnies

Grade 2 One to One Private Math Tutoring (Ongoing)

Alphabet Learning Time (Ongoing)

Conservation Photography - Use Your Camera to Protect Our World

Guided Co-Writing Hour

To Kill a Mockingbird: A Book Club Style Novel Study

Private Chinese Mandarin Course (All Levels) - 1:1 Or 1:2 -Twice a Week

JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Fantasy Literature Study Book Club

Book Club for Advanced Readers Ages 3-5

1st Grade Science Curriculum: Ongoing

Come Learn With Me- Math, Reading, Writing, Phonics and Science. Ages 9-11

Spring Bunnies Drawing!

~Seasonal: Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and Show & Tell (Private)

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - 5 Apples in the Apple Tree

World War II: The Pacific

Big Cats: A Virtual Safari Around the Globe

Creative Writing: The Babysitters Club Fanfiction

Save the Declaration of Independence: Virtual Escape Room

When Saying Take a Deep Breath Doesn't Work. How to Calm Ourselves Down! Flex

Multiday Tips and Tricks to Secure Your First Job!

Canadian Social Studies Summer Learning Camp (Gr. 5/6)

Song-Writing Crash Course for Young Musicians

Retrain Your Brain Workshop (Establishing Positive Thoughts, Words, + Habits)

1984 - A Novel Study

LIVE Performance Sing & Play Along - Old McDonald Had a Farm

Exercise Adventure: Learn How to use your Pal Imagination

Learn the Basics of Roblox Studio (Flex)

Beyond the Solar System: A Journey to the Stars

Communication Skills - Convey and Communicate With Confidence.

<Real Coding> With Typey & Scriptuino | Type What You Write, Load What You Code

Adulting 101: College Life Skills FLEX

Waldorf Bird Study for Teens: Yoga, Story, and Symbolism

Story Geek Book Club: Turtle Boy by M. Wolkenstein ELA, English Language Arts

Lapbook Literature Series: Merlin Missions Christmas in Camelot

Lapbook Literature Series: Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark

Multi-Day Class - Learn the TOP 3 TRICKS of Online Predators

2nd Grade Science Curriculum: Ongoing

Immersive Reader's Theatre Camp Experience

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension: Recall, Sequencing, Main Idea & More

Let's Paint- Exploration in Painting for Ages 5-7

Beginner Reader Phonics Skills With Wheels

Read About 7 Continents

Happy St Patty’s Day fun with American Sign Language!

Chefs in Training : Recipe - Cook Mexican Taco Pasta Salad for Lunch or Dinner

Sight Word Shuffle - Tutoring. Learn to read!

Blends and Beyond: Level 2 Phonics Ongoing

Weekly Adventures in Minecraft Bedrock

Great Adventure Photography Society (Ages 10-12)

Roblox Adopt Me! Weekly Hide & Seek Challenge

Blends and Beyond: Level 3a Phonics

FLEX Learn Letters with Soft Doh (Upper & Lower Case) Pre-School & Kindergarten

Solar & Lunar Eclipses: What's Coming Up!

Imatter Fiction Class

The Silver West (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

ART: Replicating the Masters

Advanced Paragraph Writing

Vocabulary Building - Greek and Latin Roots

Confident Communication Camp : Become a Public Speaker Everyone Wants to Hear

Pandas en Español for kids

Kawaii Dessert Bunnies Art

Growth Mindset: I Can Make Mistakes & Do Hard Things (Ongoing 5-7 Year Olds)

Summer Camp Week 3: Learn Grammar With Madlibs

Stay Ahead of the Game! Core Math Tutoring to Support Upper Elementary Students!

Phonics Fun With Teacher Kaylyn

Easter Circle Time and Social Party

Sign Language Club for Littles

American Sign Language Club for Beginners

1 Time: 1 on 1 Reading Placement Class

Acting: Shakespeare Club

Look-Alike Animals! Learn to Tell Them Apart

FLEX Course Watercolor Blow & Splatter Paint ~ Axolotl, Bee, Sea Horse, Fish Fun

Exploring 8th Grade Math & Prealgebra (Full Course) 2022-23

Learn to Read: Alphabet Part 1

Dinosaur Egg Hunt: Sight Word Escape Room

Guessing Compound Words - German for High Schoolers Sampler Class

Small Scholar Preschool | Pre-School | Pre-K | Kinder Prep | 1X Only

Helpful One on One Geometry Tutoring!

Find the Dinosaurs: Math Escape Room

Let's Speak Spanish! Beginner Conversational Spanish 8yrs - 12yrs Bundle

Color Portrait Drawing Class

Exploring German Names - German for High Schoolers Sampler Class

Let's Play Core Keeper! A Video Game Social Club (13-18, Ongoing)

JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: Fantasy Literature Study Book Club

Dungeons & Dragons: The Dragon Lance Chronicles

1st Grade Math Curriculum: Ongoing

4 Week Storytime and Activities with a Scavenger Hunt Ages 4-6 FLEX

American Sign Language (ASL) Through Interactive Storytelling: Teens Level 1

One Week Classics Camp: The Great Gatsby Literature Circle Book Club

Fairy Tales and Fables-Social Time/Discussion and Crafts!

Conquering 7th Grade Math (Full Course) 2022-23

X2 Day Why Video Games Are Addictive - How to Spot and Avoid Video Gaming Addiction 1 To 1

English ESL Lessons: Private Tutoring for ESL Learners

Pen-Pal Weekly Writing

Preparing for Math 7 (Summer Class)

Sound Waves: Properties of Sound (FLEX)

Summer Bootcamp: To Make Sure We Understand Grade 5 Math Multi Day

4-Day Camp Multi-Paragraph Essay Writing: Research

Encanto Adventure Club- Zumba Workout, Dance, Sing, Exercise, and Socialize

4-Day Camp Multi-Paragraph Essay Writing: Narrative

Learning to Read Together: K-2 Small Group Phonics Practice

Introduction to Coding Roblox Studio (Flex)

Listen and Hear: Follow Directions Easter Bunny and Eggs

4-Day Camp Multi-Paragraph Essay Writing: Persuasive (Argumentative)

4-Day Camp Multi-Paragraph Essay Writing: Explanatory

What is Frog in Spanish? Fun Course for Kiddos!

Summer Camp Week 2: Learn Grammar With Madlibs

Multi-Paragraph Essay Writing: Research

Deciphering German Folk Songs - German for High Schoolers Sampler Class

Introduction to Creative Writing- The Short Story!

Summer Camp Week 1: Learn Grammar With Madlibs

Summer Camp: Build a Sentence in 20 Minutes

Individualized Tutoring: Weekly One-On-One Sessions

Share Your Cool Collections!

Building a Bridge: Transition From 6th Grade Math to 7th Grade Math

IEW Fix It! Grammar - The Nose Tree (Semester Acceleration)

Roblox Social Club

1:1 Moana Sing-A-Long Class!

Bunnies, Bunnies & More Bunnies!

Blooket: Single-Digit Long Division Game Review (Ongoing)

Easter Themed Story Time Fun

Easter Egg Hunt Party for Prek and Kindergarteners

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Dinosaurs!

7th Grade English Language Arts Through Literature - Semester B

Narnia Book Club: The Horse and His Boy

AH 64 Apache Most Lethal Attack Helicopter

Inhale Exhale: Yoga for Kids

Creativity is Cool: A Group for Artists, Daydreamers, and Do-Gooders

Exoplanets: Alien Worlds (Camp)

Conjunctions Are Cool for Your Writing and Grammar!

Beaded Flower Ring with glass beads Jewelry

Private French Tutoring/Curriculum: Weekly Immersion Classes for Beginners

A Century of Conflict: France, Spain, and England in the American Colonies

Rather Be Reading: Mercy Watson and Deckawoo Drive (Ongoing Book Club)

Social Studies and Geography Mash Up - Let's Explore the World!

"I Think I Can! I Think I Can!: Developing Grit for Life"

Ready to Read: Phonics to Fluency 1:1 Reading Tutoring

1 on 1 Superstar Confidence and Social Skills Coaching Boost Camp

Sport Psychology: Mental Skills Training for Athletes

Science With Me: Formation of the Solar System

Social Group for Shy Teen Boys

Voice and Articulation Workshop for Debate, Music, Speech, and Drama Performance

Acting Performance Camp for Kids (Drama and Theater)

Beyond the Five Paragraph Essay: Flex Writing Course

Learn to Write Numbers- With an OT

Private 1:1 ACT Math Tutoring (ACT Certified) - Part 4

Private 1:1 ACT Math Tutoring (ACT Certified) - Part 3

English Language Arts and Writing Tutor, Private (Elementary and Middle Grade)

Private 1:1 ACT Math Tutoring (ACT Certified) - Part 2

Private 1:1 ACT Math Tutoring (ACT Certified) - Part 1

Learn Cursive Writing With an OT (Flex Class)

Phonics Rules! Part 2

IEW Medieval History-Based Writing: 1st Semester (Grades 3rd-5th)

Voice and Speech Acting Club

Lapbook Literature Series: American Girl Kit Kittredge

Middle School Math Prep Summer Camp

ASL Intermediate Summer Camp - American Sign Language (Ages 7-11)

Read, Write, Learn- Individualized Reading and Writing Tutoring 3-Days a Week

Art With a Story Book Club

Nancy Drew Book Club: The Bungalow Mystery (Book 3)

One on One/ Tutor-Ongoing

Canadian Social Studies Summer Learning Camp (Gr.4/5)

Your India Travel Bucket List!

Algebra 1 for Homeschool Students 22/23 School Year - 2nd 9 Weeks

Summer 5-Day Art Camp! "Pencil Power 3-D Drawing!"

Scratch Jr. Game Development Coding for Young Ones- Private Tutoring One on One

Private One-On-One Piano Lesson

ASL Beginners Summer Camp - American Sign Language (Ages 12-17, Twice-A-Week)

Fraction Calculation for Future Experts

Adorable Bright Lion - Drawing and Watercolor Painting Art Project!

Horrid Henry's Search for a Wonderful Wife: A History Socialisation.

The Yarn Circle

Actions With Fractions! Yummy Fractions: Project Based Learning & Hands on Math

Actions with Fractions! Rainbow Fractions: Project Based Learning

Actions with Fractions! Fraction Puzzles: Project Based Learning

Actions with Fractions! Introduction to Fractions

Mindful Me - ongoing

HTML and CSS for Beginners CAMP

Horse Chat Art Room

One on One Nutrition Education

BLOOKET Game: Division Practice With and Without Remainders

Review: BLOOKET: Multiplication, Division Fact Practice, and Blooket Game (Ongoing)

Private Weekly Music Lessons for Ukulele or Guitar

Private Ukulele or Guitar Camp Lessons (All Ages 7-16) Multiple Days

Little Writers Workshop- Ongoing

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 3 Part 5 (Age 8-12)

Multi-Day One-On-One ELA Tutoring

Majestic Math Concepts (Multiplication and More Flex Class)

Be Your Own Vocal Coach: Singing Camp

Italian for Kids Circle Time

Multi-Paragraph Essay Writing: Narrative

How to Write Your First Research Paper for High School Students

Beginner’s Piano Class - Tales of a Musical Journey Part 1

Gardens for Kids

Music Theory Fun01

Team Building Through Games

Making Cards and Poems for Mother's Day

Russian for Beginners - Level 1

Mad Libs Madness - Fun With Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives

Outlining and Writing About Your Own Ideas for Middle Schoolers

Cute Rabbits in a Vegetable Garden - Animals Fun Drawing Club (One-Time)

French Social Club (5-8)

Big, Bad, Bug - An Interactive ESL Reading Class (Level 1)

Using Read-Alouds to Build a Bridge to Better Reading and Comprehension

The Magic of Reading: Storytime With Teacher Veronica

Egg Hunt: A Math and Reading Review

Level 8 Reading, Reading, Reading: Phonics, Fluency and Fun!

Social Skills and Beyond!

Coding with Scratch Jr. - Turkey Trouble

Coding With Scratch Jr. - The Green Cat Stole Christmas

Coding With Scratch Jr. - The Gingerbread Man!

Coding With Scratch Jr. - Pete the Cat Saves Christmas!

Slavic Folklore: Ukrainian Fairy Tales

Lower Elementary (1st and 2nd Grade Art) Part Two: A Flexible Schedule Course

The Selfish Giant Writing Class (FLEX)

Owls! Great Book! Art Too!

Signing Storytime Book12: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Learn With Ms. Feifei- 1:1 Mandarin Private Lesson

Cooking With Sheila - Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake!

Crane Origami!

Stop Motion Animation Camp - 4 DAYS

Craft Cute Origami: Make a Dog, a Cat, and a Fox Family

Signing Storytime Book 2: Good Thing You're Not an Octopus!

A Workshop on Summarizing: Here We Go Again! (Ages 10-12)

First Grade Summer Learning

Stop Motion Animation Social Club

American Sign Language Level-II: Beyond the Basics

Play Together! Minecraft Bedrock Edition Survival Club for Younger Players

Zookeeper Training Class - Reptile Edition

Mi Segunda Clase de Español: Beginner Spanish for Young Learners (2)

Perform Like a Professional: Making Your Piano Recital an Empowering Experience

Grammar Jammers: Mastering the Structure of the English Language

ASL Social Summer Camp - American Sign Language (AGES 12-17)

Drawing Club: Flowers and Plants

Counting Money and Making Change With American Money

Read in French: Letter Combinations Part 2

Read in French: Letter Combinations Part 1

ASL Social Summer Camp - American Sign Language (AGES 7-11)

Read in French: Alphabet Part 2

Be a Princess for a Day With Ms.Abby- Songs-Story-Craft-Ongoing

Italian for Kids Circle Time: All About Colors

Spelling and Practicing CVC Words With Dinosaurs CAMP

Primer Piano II - Part 1

Read in French: Alphabet Part 1

3rd/4th Grade: Poetry 2

Koalas! Koalas! Let's Go Koala Crazy and Learn Lots About This Super Cute Animal

"Interaction With Police - Traffic Stop"

Art Camp: Summer Kawaii and Pusheen Cat Drawing

Beginner French Language Course (CEFR A1.1- A1)

A Day at the Park: Design Your Own Amusement Park (FLEX-Project Based Learning)

~Seasonal: Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and Show & Tell (Private)

Kawaii Procreate Club

FLEX Class: Prepare Now for College Writing with an English Professor

Let's Talk Music (Flexible Class)

Big Questions in Science

Guitar Story Time - Young Guitar Players

Super Spellers: Sight Words 201- 300

Super Spellers: Sight Words 101- 200

Super Spellers: Sight Words 1-100

Law School for Teens - Objection! How Evidence Works in a Courtroom

Play With Clay! (Story & Play Time with Teacher Meg)

The Young Storyteller Club - Ongoing

Custom Pre-K and Kinder Prep Lessons (Private 1:1) (Four Times a Week)

Escape the Metaverse: NFT Museum Heist

How Cells Work (Future Doctor Course)

French Immersion: Origami 1

Spanish Immersion: Origami 2

Little Adventurers Travel the 7 Continents (1 Week Winter Camp)

Paint the Elements of Art | Learn About the Element of Texture!

Going Outside to Play Pokemon Go! a Social/Raid Club

Ongoing Art Class: Anime Anatomy: Sketching & Drawing Intensive: Subscription

Studio Ghibli Art: Full Body Sketching & Drawing: Understanding Anatomy: LIVE

Learn With Ms. Price: Essay Writing 101 | How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay {LIVE GROUP CLASS}

Show-And-Tell Your Minecraft Redstone Builds!

Design Your Own Dot Mandala

Private Writing Tutoring for Middle and High Schoolers

Reverse Poetry: Practicing Positive Self-Talk Through Writing

Interactive Escape Room for Future Veterinarians: Free the Animals!

Phonics With Special Sounds: Part 1

Beautiful Flowers in a Vase: A Drawing Lesson for Beginners (Small Group)

Wire Wrapping a Crystal Tree

High Energy Teen Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Social Gaming Night

American Sign Language Level-I: 6 Weeks to Conversational Sign

9th - 10th Grade Vocabulary: Understanding Words in Context

Drawing Robots With Basic Shapes

Garage Band for Beginners

Signing Storytime Book 11: Giraffe's Can't Dance

Winter Art Course - FLEX Class with Drawing and Animals from Antarctica

Tutoring 45 minutes

Fun Chemistry - Periodic Table, Reactions, Radioactivity, Redox - Ongoing

Developing Informational Writing: All About the Ocean

Supplemental One Week Tutoring Extension

3- 6 Years Old Chinese Mandarin Camp for Beginners Session 15

Developing Opinion Writing: The Best Thing About Summer

1:1 Phonics Intervention and Reading Support With a Licensed Educator

5Th Grade Reading/Grammar and Math With Licensed Teacher

"Handy Guide to Short /a/ Vowel Sound"

Place Value Candy Store

Homeschool Social Club for Kids - Grow Social Skills, and Make Friends!

ART CAMP: Paint Beautiful Landscapes With Sunsets and Galaxy Backgrounds

Star Wars Grammar and Writing Prompts

Developing Personal Narrative Writing: My Favorite Vacation

Fun Beginner Spanish Camp with Peluches (Plushies/Stuffies) FLEX- Part 1

Developing Informational Writing: All About Dolphins

Developing Creative Writing: Fractured Fairy Tale

Beginners- Learn Spanish Vocabulary Through The Movie Encanto (Part 1)

Developing Opinion Writing: Would You Rather Swim in the Ocean or the Pool?

Signing Storytime Book 10: Dragons Loves Tacos

Developing Personal Narrative Writing: By the Water

US Geography: Regions, Water/Land Formations, States & Territories | 5 Week Flex

The Art of Anatomy: Art Component FLEX

Signing Storytime Book 9: The Very Busy Spider

Fashion Show Time!

Developing Creative Writing: The Day My Friend Brought a Pet Dinosaur To School

Middle Schooler? Have Fun and Get Ready for Calculus

Vanishing Animals | Exploring the Rarest Animals on Earth (Zoology FLEX)

Developing Informational Writing: All About Summer

Letters, Sounds, and Spelling CVC Words with Animals CAMP

Introduction to Atoms, Molecules, Elements & the Periodic Table | 4 Week Flex

Make Egg Chalk and More! 3 STEM Spring (Easter) Science Activities!

Canadian Civic Politics (16 - 18 Yr Olds)

Doodle Drawing: Spring 2

What Do You Think? Thought-Provoking Questions Lead to Critical-Thinking Skills (Ages 12-17)

2nd Grade Summer Math Camp-Practicing it to Preserve it!

The Science Challenge Series Part 2: You Vs. Science

3rd Grade Grammar and Writing: Nouns, Writing Complete Sentences and Paragraphs

ABC & 123 Easter Egg Hide and Seek (Search and Find)

Volcanoes: What Chemical Reaction Causes the Eruption? Project Based Learning

The Water Cycle in a Bag: How Does the Water Cycle Work? Project Based Learning

What Household Items Will Protect the Egg? Gravity Project Based Learning

Get Down and Dirty: How Does Soil Change With Depth? Project Based Learning

Discovering Density: What Is Density? Project Based Learning

Build a Boat and Make It Float: How Does a Boat Float? Project Based Learning

How Does Liquid Move Up Something Solid? Capillary Action Project Based Learning

Life in the Soil: Let's Dig Underground! Project Based Learning

Volcanoes: What Chemical Reaction Causes the Eruption? Project Based Learning

Egg Drop Challenge: What Will Protect the Egg? Project Based Learning

Dissolve This! What Things Will Easily Dissolve in Water? Project Based Learning

What Are the Different Phases of the Moon? Project Based Learning

Our Amazing Atmosphere: Layers & Properties | Vocabulary. Handouts and Game

Make a Rainbow: Art & Science Class ( St Patrick's Day)

Biology Colouring: Specialised Cells

Private Drum Lessons for Beginners

Sing & Sign the Alphabet Song With American Sign Language (ASL)!

Cursive Camp - Capital Letters

Private Voice Lesson!

Dinosaur Poop: Brachiosaurus Fossilized Coprolite Poop Drawing Fun! (Ages 6-10)

Geology Rocks! All About Rocks, Minerals and Crystals for K-3!

Ant Fun Camp With Musical Activities, Crafts, Science Project, and Show & Tell!

The Science Challenge Series Part 1: You Vs. Science

Anime Anatomy Sketchbook Study; How to Draw Faces

1-on-1 Scratch Coding Practice

Star Wars Film Studies: The Book of Boba Fett

Summer Camp - Younger Crowd - Learn the TOP 3 TRICKS of Online Predators

Big Trucks for Kids: Bulldozers

Weekly Story Writing for Little Ones! Become a Confident Writer

Beginner Spanish One-On-One Lessons - One Month

Flex Persuasive Essay Writing Differentiated for Your Learner

How to Make Your Own Logic Puzzles

Roblox Squishmallows Club: Chat and Play

Acting for the Camera: Film, TV, and Commercials Camp

Fractions Are Your Friends! Become a Math-Magician by Manipulating Fractions

Classic Literature Novel Study - FLEX

Everyday 2nd Grade Math

Private English as a Second Language Lessons - 50 Minutes

Upper Level Portfolio Course for Teens - Section 6

Calming Yoga: Let's Learn How to Calm Ourselves with Gentle Yoga

The Geography of Spain!

World History: World War II

5 to 10-Year-Old Black History Camp

Visual Lit Presents: Banned BOOK CLUB! Toni Morrison's Beloved

Book Club: Level 2 English Reading Club with Biff, Chip, Kipper and Friends

Book Club: Level 1 English Reading Club with Biff, Chip, Kipper and Friends

Curiosity Chronicles - Medieval History Interactive Notebooks (Part 3)

Curiosity Chronicles - Medieval History Interactive Notebooks (Part 2)

Breathwork Meditation Club *Ongoing* Age 14-18

Kawaii Clay Club

Explore Washington State Flex Age 13-17

Let's Learn about Ukraine, World Geography, Culture, Food, Landmarks & More

WWII! Salvaging Historic Tanks, Aircraft and Equipment From World War 2!

20/20 Life Visioning: Creating a Vision Board for 2023 (Ages 7-12)

*Active* Learn Simple Fractions

*Active* Order of Operation Made Easy (Pemdas)

Math Tutor 1:1 (K-12)

Writing Tutor 1:1 (K-12)

American Tall Tales: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

Alexander's Anger: Understanding Anger as a Secondary Emotion

Empower Girls (Ages 10-13)

Line up Everyone! Lines! Lines! Lines!

1:1 Writing Coaching/Tutoring

Bake Sale Camp

How to Paint Spring Watercolor for Beginners April 2022 FLEX

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