New Classes on Outschool 2020-07-12

There are 392 new classes on Outschool the week of July 12, 2020 to July 18, 2020.

1:1 Ongoing Private Guitar Lessons

1:1 Ongoing Private Ukulele Lessons

Let's Explore the Wilderness! (a Fun Survival Skills Class)

Abstract Photography: What Should I Take Pictures of With My Smartphone??

Adventure Art! -Multi-Day (Certified Educator in the Visual Arts)

Introduction to Beginning Flute Care and Instrument Basics

Tricks to Learning Multiplication Tables

Coding: Scratch Jr. With Boomer

High School English: Mastering Grammar- Part One

How to Draw: A Unicorn! (Live Demonstration)

Guided Reading Tutor: Kindergarten Through Third Grade

2nd Grade Book Clubs! Read and Chat! - Flex

Weird but Cool Animals. Animal World Oddities.

Mandarin Chinese Small Group Tutoring With Native Speaker 1:2 (Age 4-18)

Mastering Math: Patterns, Functions, and Algebra (FLEX)

Callie's Corner: Science Jeopardy (12-15)

Private Piano Lessons (Family)

All About a 10 Frame!

*PRE-READING* Phonics Camp - Alphabet Yoga, Animal letters, Sight Words, Interactive Games, Songs, Show and Tell & MORE!!! (PreK / Kindergarten / ESL/ ELL Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall)

Mandarin Chinese School - Private 1:1 With a Native Speaker (Multi-Day)

Callie's Corner: Algebra 1:1 Tutoring

Let’s Paint: Acrylic Flower Explosion!

Mock Trial District Court Club

Art for Young Learners! An Intro to Art

Mastering Math: Probability and Statistics (FLEX)

Dungeons and Dragons Summer Adventure

Tornadoes: One of Nature's Most Powerful Forces

Exoplanets: Planets Beyond Our Solar System

A Reading Discovery Through Phonics

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Novel Study and Movie Adaptation

Context Clues: Nonsense Words and Jabberwocky

Art Illusion Drawing Droplets

The Write Club: Creative Writing, Vocabulary, and Literary Devices

Roadmap to a Million

Preschool Music - Movin and Groovin - Preschool Songs With Miss Pam

Acting: Advanced Scene Performance (Ages 9-13)

Intermediate: Four Point Perspective Drawing

LGBTQ+ Fanfiction Writers Club (Age 13+)

A Young People’s History of the United States

Math Tutoring for Grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

6th Grade Math – 1st Quarter

Abstract Photography: Creative Foil Images

Beginner Lyrical Dance Class

Paint a Watercolor and Oil Pastel Jellyfish!

Brain Games, Riddles, and Puzzles

Reading, Reading, Reading: Phonics, Fluency and Fun!

Makeup Basics for Beginners

Let's Go Dance and Exercise Dance Party Part 3: Zoo

Literacy and Math Circle Time With Ms. Emily!

1:1 Writing Support

Intro to Art: Art for Young Learners! Certified Teacher in Art

Let's Learn and Practice 2nd Grade Spelling!

Let's Learn and Practice 3rd Grade Spelling! (Ongoing)

Mail Art Club: Create Fun Envelopes, Cards, and Mail Art

Beginners: Ice Cream Pop Art

CH-47 Chinook Helicopter & Shoot Down During Operation Red Wings

Creative Drawing: How to Draw a Cartoon Self Portrait (Ages 5 To 11)

Chemistry- Introduction to Chemical Reactions and Balancing Chemical Equations

Engineering Think Tank Club: TinkerCAD 3D (Seasonal Themed Designs ages 8-13)

Popcorn Storytelling Ongoing - No Batteries or Gadgets Required!

5th Grade Phonics-Based Spelling With Weekly Lists and Tests -Ongoing

Film Screenwriting: Creating a Hero's Journey

The Ultimate Rapunzel Story & Sing-A-Long!

Ongoing Public Speaking for Beginners

Homeschool Math: Leap Into First Grade Math - First 9 Weeks of Full Curriculum

How Stores, Brands, and Advertisements Trick You Into Buying

4th Grade Math – 1st Quarter

Unicorn Math, Introduction to Addition With Ms. B

4th Grade Math: Semester 1 with Daily Kahoot Game Review

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Class

Dance Class Hip Hop/Musical Theatre/Jazz, Descendants and Zombies Themed (8 Week Course)

Create and Code Your Android or iOS Mobile App (Level One)

Montessori Science Club

Art Class - Oil Pastel Landscape Art

Does McDonald's Serve Burgers Regularly? ~ Division with Mnemonics & Music

Public Speaking and Communication: Learn the Art of Speech Writing and Delivery!

Private Music Lessons: Voice, Violin, Ukulele, and Music Theory

Toothpick Math Class One

Broadway Theater Camp! Level 1

Lego Brick Building Social Club: Build, Chat, Hear Stories and More!

Exploring Movie Remakes: Beauty and the Beast

ABC's Through Yoga

Soaring Through Sixth - Full Year of 6th Grade Math

Easy Turkish Baklava

Sing! Beginning Voice Lessons - High School

Sports Podcasting, Broadcasting, Play-By-Play, and Careers in Radio-Podcasting!

Ready, Set, Let's Build Club: Becoming a Master at Brick Building!

STEM CL3: Semi-Private Electrical Circuits Level 3 - Learn With Snap Circuits!

Arts-Based Piano Lessons (Ongoing | 25min)

Exploring My Social Emotional World: A Social Emotional Class Upper Elementary

Math Part 1: Counting and Adding With Legos!

Math Tutoring for Grades 4-6: Traditional and Special Needs

Math Talks: Private Tutoring

Creative Writing: Show Don't Tell

Private Spanish Tutoring With Ms. Katrice (Ongoing)

Camp Worry: Anxiety and Stress Reduction Strategies (11-13yrs)

Camp Worry: Anxiety Reduction Strategies for School & Home (8-10yrs)

Introduction to Psychology and Practical Applications

Use Psychology and Science Hacks to Improve Your Memory 1:1

Let's Lego Too! Lego Challenge Fun!

1:1 Tutoring With Teacher Janie (12 Sessions)

Private Voice and Singing Lessons for Beginner & Intermediate Students

Arts-Based Piano Lessons (Ongoing | 15min)

Individual Cello Lessons

Make your year: Let's practice multiplication facts 10's, 11's, and 12's

Make your year: Let's practice multiplication facts 8's and 9's

Make your year: Let's practice multiplication facts 6's and 7's

Make your year: Let's practice multiplication facts 3's, 4's, and 5's

Hello from Hogwarts: How to Write a Friendly Letter!

Anxiety, Its Causes and How to Reduce at School/Home 1:1

WWII History: Obscure Subjects and Interesting Facts About World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: Updated! The Battle of the Atlantic - Surface and Submarine Warfare in World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History: The Attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States Entry Into World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

WWII History - Air Combat: The Battle of Britain: The RAF Fights for England's Survival - World War Two - WW2

High School Visual Art - Painting, Drawing, Weaving, & Sculpture

Private Piano Lesson (One-Time) Ages 5-18

Make your year: Let's practice multiplication facts 0's, 1's, and 2's

Spanish Language Intro Class: Greetings & Emotions

Drills & Skills for Front Walkovers at Home

Let's Review Long Multiplication

Middle School Science: Review with JeopardyLab

Second Grade Science-First Semester Comprehensive Science/STEM (Part Two)

Second Grade Science-First Semester Comprehensive Science/STEM (Part One)

Singing lessons for Kids

Ready, Set, Learn! Second Grade Math Quarter 2 (8 weeks)

German for Beginners

Less, Greater Than or Equal To

Package Tutoring Sessions With Teacher Janie

Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in Greyhawk, Meet Tasha & Mordenkainen!

High School Visual Art - Painting, Drawing, Weaving & Sculpture (FLEX Class)

Let's Go Dance and Exercise Dance Party Part 2: Farm

Dinosaur Trivia and Jokes

First Grade- Phonics and Reading Comprehension- Semester 1 and 2

Pathways in Medicine: Optometry & Ophthalmology (FLEX)

Pathways in Medicine: Firefighter, EMT, and Emergency Medicine (FLEX)

Pathways in Medicine: OB/Gyn, Maternal-Fetal Medicine & Neonatology (FLEX)

Pathways in Medicine: Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (FLEX)

Creative Writing: Jump Starting Your Creativity

Criminal Justice: Investigating Shocking Cases (UPDATED)

U.S. State Capitals Kahoot Challenge!

Visiting Amazing Geographic Places in Google Earth ( Ages 7-11)

Commonly Confused Words

Amazing Authors: Oscar Wilde

Amazing Authors: Mary Shelley

Amazing Authors: Mary Wollstonecraft

Amazing Authors: Mary Shelley

Amazing Authors: Mary Wollstonecraft

The Young Feminists Club: A Social Justice Club for Youth of All Genders (9-11)

Private Piano Lessons for Beginners

Individual Harp Lessons

United States History for Kids: Part 5 (Flexible Schedule)

Secret Language of Music: 6/8 And Other Compound Times

(4 Lesson Flex Class) Pokémon, Vikings, and Norse Mythology

Chicken Chat Club

My Spanish Spot: Advanced Conversational Spanish

Real Pirates in History- A Close Look at the Pirates! (FLEX)

Get Ready for 6th Grade Math! Summer Math Camp | 5th Grade Math Review

Cookin' Like a Chef: American Regional Cuisine

Reading CVC Words With Star Wars

Now I Know My ABC's !

I Love Pokemon Club! (Ages 6 to 10 Hangout)

Debate Camp for Beginners

One-On-One Reading & Writing Tutoring With Certified Specialist

How to Improve Your Writing: 5 Creative Writing Tips for Improving Skills

How to Choose the Right Violin for a Newbie Violinist

Fancify Cake Mixes #3 Delicious Additions (Flex); Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Fancify Cake Mixes #4 That's Not Cake! (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Learn How to Sing Like a Broadway Star!

Fancify Cake Mixes #2 Delicious Additions (Flex); Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Frozen Painting! - Learning Snowy Landscapes & Importance of Stroke Direction

Sight Word Sounds Level 1: Practice Spelling, Reading and Writing Sight Words

Pixar Movie Club (Ages 13-17)

Ukulele 101: 16 Week Semester Flex Music Class for 10-15 Year Old Beginners!

Third Grade Reading and Comprehension (Five Stories/One Each Day)

Canva Creations: Weekly Graphic Design Club With Fun Themes

Tell Time on an Analog and Digital Clock While Exploring the Day of a Farmer!

Intro to Clogging

Playing Shakespeare: Advanced Rehearsal and Performance

Basic Photography for Beginners: Ages 8-11

*Sailor Moon & Magical Friends! Anime Manga Drawing/Sketching/Illustration: Flex

Your Incredible Human Body; Lessons With Coordinating Craft Flexible Schedule Class

Beginner Family Meals (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Intermediate (5th and 6th Grade) Art: A Semester Flexible Course

Lower Elementary (1st and 2nd Grade) Art: A Semester Flexible Course

Fun and Engaging Private Reading Tutoring

One on One Gymnastics Lesson 30 Minutes

To Our Galaxy and Beyond (Flex)

A Taste of India - Gluten Free With Vegan Friendly Substitutions! (FLEX)

Hymenoptera: Ants and Bees (Flex)

Optical Illusions Galore!

Disney Music Trivia

On-Going Debate Practice

Informational Writing Flexible Class

String Tricks - Advanced

Re-Theme a Disney Park Attraction! (FLEX)

Yoga Story Time

Yoga & Mindfulness (Ages 10-13/ Ongoing)

Yoga & Mindfulness (Ages 6-9 / Ongoing)

Ancient World Civilizations for High School History

Ancient World Civilizations for Middle School History

Flex - Creative Writing Over Many Genres: Comedy, Science Fiction, Drama, Scary

Pre-K & Kindergarten Reading Fun with Circle Time & Full English Curriculum!

FLEX - About Me - Creative Writing Scenarios

Holes by Louis Sachar - A Novel Study

Upper Elementary (3rd and 4th Grade) Art: A Semester Flexible Course

KidSew Step Up! More Sewing Fun for Beginner/Intermediate Skills

Psychology of Learning: Psychological Hacks to Get Awesome Grades

A Young Man's Guide to Puberty and Hygiene: Boys 9-14

Discover Our Solar System Flex

Peace Out: Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness (On-Going)

High School Drawing 101: An 15 Week Flexible Drawing Course

Let's Go Dance and Exercise Dance Party Part 1: ABC Preschool

Mastering Math: Measurement and Geometry (FLEX)

Sing! Beginning Group Voice Lessons Jr High

Acoustic Guitar: Basic Fundamentals

Primer Piano Part 2

Baking: Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Brownie Cookies... Yum!

3- 6 Years Old Chinese Mandarin Summer Camp for Beginners Session 1

Let's Get Social With Anime (Ages 10-14)

Let's Get Social With Anime (Ages 15-17)

Animal Adventures; Down on the Farm

Calculator Riddles

Druidawn®: Overlords, the Sea and Undead (Special Topics Flex)

Kooky Ukeys: Beginner Ukelele Lessons

Tell Time on an Analog and Digital Clock While Exploring the Day of a Zookeeper!

Acting Level 2: Teen Drama Class Monologues and Scenes

At-Your-Pace Beginner’s Singing Lessons (Flexible Class) Age 6-11

Middle Grade Mystery Book Club

Stories From the Jewish Tradition

One-On-One Tutoring. Math, English, Writing, Reading, Cursive

A Sweet Introduction to Probability/Graphing

Intro to Singing - Learn the Basics Before Lessons or Choir!

Piano Adventures Performance Book 2

ADHD and Me (Executive Functioning) - Semester/Camp Course - Teens

GarageBand for Kids

Telling Time To The Hour With Clocks - The Original Tick Tock (Part 1)

Individual Ukulele Lessons With Miss Katrina!! (30 Minutes Weekly)

1st Grade Math Meeting (Small Group 1-4)

Adding and Subtracting Fractions With Unlike Denominators Summer Camp

Fun Reading and Creative Writing

Math Games: Multiplication for Beginners (Gaming in Math)

Table Manners with your American Girl Doll: Using Good Manners and Etiquette

Ongoing Private 1 on 1 Ukulele Lessons (Beginning/Intermediate) (One on One) 1:1

Russian Language Step Three Ages 7-11

Cooking and Baking for Kids: Halloween Recipe Showcase

Baking and Cooking for Kids - Easy as Pie - Flex

Cooking and Baking for Kids: What's for Dinner? - Flex

Beginning Ukulele Level 1

Music With Ms. Mary-Lou! Year-Round Holistic Pre-K and Elementary Music Class

Cool Careers in Science!

Spanish Enrichment for Immersion Students K to 2nd Grade: Learning in Spanish!

Bricktastic Engineering Challenge (Ages 8-12)

Introduction to Public Speaking and Effective Communication for All Levels.

The Young Engineers' Society

Kid Brick Builders Club: Skills and Builds!

Storytime: Safety With Officer Buckle and Gloria

Your Incredible Human Body; Anatomy Lessons With Coordinating Craft Live Class

All Things Kindergarten! ( Fall FLEX) Part 1

Fantasy Football Club: A Place to Share, Debate, and Enjoy!

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Small Group Private Voice Lessons for the Beginning Singer

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Recital Ready!

Opposites: Princess Dance Party

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Small Group Private Voice Lessons for the Teen/Tween Singer

4th Quarter Spectacular Science: 5th-6th Middle School Comprehensive Science

3rd Quarter Spectacular Science: 5th-6th Middle School Comprehensive Science

2nd Quarter Spectacular Science: 5th-6th Middle School Comprehensive Science

Vienna Marvelous Garden Drawing

Movie Bites Learning: Directing and Acting - Silly, Serious, Zany Action!

Learning Social Skills to have Positive Interactions

Amazing Animal Adaptations: Change Helps Survival: Bat, Chameleon, Puffer, Frog

Hawaii - How the Islands of Hawai'i Came to Be... Myths, Legends, and Science

Space Science - Individual Tutoring

1st Quarter Spectacular Science: 5th-6th Middle School Comprehensive Science

Middle School Earth Science: Plate Tectonics

Life Science II - DNA, Meiosis, and Punnett Squares

Rainbow Art and Science: Let's Learn About and Paint Beautiful Rainbows

Fifth Grade Science With Hands-on Fun! Semester One

Science Time - Middle School Life Science Pt 2: Ecology, Environment and Energy

Hot Wheels Little Engineers Weekly Club (5-9Yr)

Modern Russian Literature in Historical Context

ACT: The Animal Club for Teens (Ages 13-18)

Stay on Top of Second Grade Math!

Cookin' Like a Chef: Vegan Eats

Nosotras Hablamos: A Conversational Spanish Class for Girls

Creative Writing: Write Your Own Story (Private Tutoring)

Guided Reading Practice - Private Tutoring

What's up?: Astronomy Round Table Discussion (12-17 Year Olds)

I Can Read Words With the Short Vowel U Sound!

I Can Read Words With the Short Vowel E Sound!

I Can Read Words With the Short Vowel O Sound!

I Can Read Words With the Short Vowel I Sound!

Future Chefs' Cooking Camp Extreme (4 Days/Week)

ASL Alphabet!

Let's Play in Polish - 2 (Phrases and Words)

5th Grade Math – 1st Quarter

Disney Diversions: Executive Function Coaching

Fact Fluency Fun: Addition & Subtraction Games

Mastering Multiplication/Division

Paint Week! Acrylic Painting Camp

Let’s Make Art and Inspire Our Creative Writing!

The Weirdest Mammals on Earth | (Biology) (Zoology)

Great Directors, Ron Howard, Garry Marshall and Steven Spielberg

Musical Theatre 101: Building a Better Performer (7-12)

Middle School (7th and 8th Grade) Art: A Semester Flexible Course

Octonauts Preschool Training

Draw My Cat as an Egyptian Goddess

Art Supply Improv (JR)

Art Supply Improv (SR)

Do Better in Every History Class: Social Studies -Patterns Connections AP FLEX

Private voice, piano, or songwriting lesson for ages 3-18

English Homeroom ELA - Semester - Paragraph Writing Development 1

High School Introduction to Visual Art: A 15 Week Flexible Schedule Art Course

Early Childhood (PrepK and Kindergarten) Art: A Semester Flexible Schedule Course

Can You Hear Me Now? Effective Communication in Personal Relationships.

How to Draw!-Beginners Weekly Drawing / Art Club 3-5 Years Preschool

All About Pigs~Down on the Farm~Science, Pig Facts/Game, Step By Step Drawing with Non Fiction Labels

All About Cows ~Science Research, Step by Step Drawing, Riddles/Facts and Non Fiction Labels

What Is College? a Personalized Conversation for Middle Schoolers

A Map to Writing Success

Linguistic Puzzles 102: Code-Breaking and Language Patterns (Flex, Age 13-18)

Spanish 1 for High School Students With SeÑOra Nicely!

One-On-One Practice in Reading, Writing, or Spelling

So you want to be a T.V Presenter? -YouTube Instagram T.V

Positively Painting: "I Am...." Affirmations!

6 Week Beginner Conversational Spanish 1 W/ Skits, Songs, Games, & Chants! 7-12!

Hindi for Tots! 1A

Italian Level 1. Fall Semester

Private One on One Basketball Training (Ages 9-18)

Study Hall: Pomodoro-Style! - Time Management and Group Study

Spanish Class: Abcs En Spanish Spring Class

Fitness, Movement and Workout Club - Middle School PE

Learning Mandarin Chinese for Beginners 1:1

Weekly Feminism Social Club

Cooking Class: Tie Dye Icebox Pie

Advanced Kindergarten & 1st Grade Bullseye Full Curriculum 4X/Wk

Logic Puzzles and Beyond!

Beat the Teacher! Competition Math Games for Kindergarten and First Grade

Brick Builders Social Club, Ages 4-7

Fancify Boxed Cake Mixes #1 Poke Cakes (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

What's for Dinner #8 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

"Makeup for Beginners" for Ages 10 -14

I Can Multiply By 12!

I Can Multiply By 9!

Sewing Intermediate: 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Wizard Robe

Let's Go Visit the White House!

"Alice in Wonderland!": Down the Rabbit Hole!

Algebra 1 for Homeschool Students 2024 School Year - Semester Long

The Gifted and Talented Cohort (Ages 7-8)

“On My Way to a Happy Life” by Deepak Chopra: Book Reading + Guided Activity (7-12 years old)

Escape Room Mania, All Sets | 11 Academically-Based Escape Rooms (FLEX)

Cat Cafe: Show and Tell • Bring Your Furry Friend to Class! (Ages 6-10)

Science Time - Middle School Life Science Pt 1: Unlocking Cell City

After the Dinosaurs: Ancient Horses and Their Relatives

Rabbit Club Junior

Game Design 3 with Scratch

The History of Video Games & Retro Arcades 🕹️

Introduction to Computers 6 Sessions

Name That Sight Word - Learn and Practice Sight Words Level 1

Latin Level 2 for Kids (Age 9 to 12) - Building Onto Latin Level 1 for Kids

LIVE Online Art Class: The Leaves of Autumn

Roll the Dice: Practice Adding, Skip Counting, and Multiplication

Middle School English Language Arts: Writing a Literary Response Paragraph

Bonjour, Mes Amis: An Introduction to French Greetings and Conversation

Farsi First Grade, Part 2, فارسى اول دبستان

Latin Level 2 for Kids (Age 7 to 8) - Building Onto Latin Level 1 for Kids

Weekly - 100% Spanish Immersion - Basic - Spanish Speaking Boot Camp - 6-10Yrs

Are You Me? : Life Stages of Aquatic Animals

Life Science I - Cells, Organelles, and Mitosis

Introduction to Acting: Acting the Scene

Pet Photography!

Circle Time Fun for Preschool~3X/WK~ABC's, 123's, Games, Stories, and More!

Mastering Math: Getting Ready to Hop Into First Grade Math Boot Camp

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre, Descendants Themed Dance Class (FLEX Class)

2nd Grade Writing Workshop 6 week Narrative Writing - Flex

Spanish Tutoring- One Time Homwework Help All Ages

German for Intermediate ! Das Neue Deutschmobil 2! Niveau A2 - Semester Course

Algebra 1 Weekly Homework Help and Practice - Small Group

Life Is Better With Algebra: Pythagorean Theorem, Distance Formula, Statistics

Life Is Better With Algebra: Order of Operations, Solve Equations, Find Slope

Yale Graduate and Lawyer Hosting Debate Club

Baking/Cooking: Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Carmel Ages 4-8

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Carmel Rods Like Those on Instagram Ages 9-14

Time Management for Teens | With Follow-Up Sessions | Get More Done in 24 Hours

Book Club: The Tiger Rising by Kate Dicamillo

Ocean Creatures Flex: Learn About Ocean Creatures; Create a Fun Craft

Map Skills and Geography of the United States

Article of the Week: Comprehension, Vocabulary, & Analysis (5th-7Th)

Middle School Earth Science-Semester 1

Intro to Python

Explode the Volcano!

Amphibians and Their Habitats

Callie's Crafting Corner (13-15)

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