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New Classes on Outschool 2020-06-14

There are 599 new classes on Outschool the week of June 14, 2020 to June 20, 2020.

The Wild Ponies of Assateague Island

Writing Workshop C (First Semester) Grades 2-4

Writing Workshop B (First Semester) Grades 1-3

Introduction to Psychology Camp

So Many Feelings. How Do I Express Them?

How Does the Stock Market Work? Introduction to Investment - Flexible

Them's Fightin' Words! History Of Secret Slang

Life Lessons With Avatar: The Last Airbender

Travel With Me: Japan

Reading the Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson

The Baby-Sitters Club Teaches You How to Write Fiction: Flexible Schedule

Biology's Big Ideas -- Evolution

What's up? a Conversational English Class for Intermediate ESL Students Age 7-10

Intro to Art Journals: Drawing, Painting, Printing, and Collage, Ages 8-12

Dissection Class (Flex)

Want to Go to Paris? Learn About the City of Lights and Basic French

Horse Camp: Basic First Aid - Flex

Cooking Class: Unicorn Fudge

2 Day Card Magic Tricks for Beginners Ages 9-14 - How to Perform Magic With Style

1 Day Financial Literacy: Understanding Credit Cards, Banks, and Credit Scores

Sports Broadcasting, Play-By-Play, and Podcasting!

Elementary Reading Tutor - 30 Mins, One-Time

Learn Typing-Advanced Level

Learn Typing-Intermediate Level

Let's Learn Shapes!

Anime Drawing Club

Global Cooking With Joy

5th/6th Grade Math: Order of Operations

Superhero Training!

Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time & Full Year Curriculum! Homeschool/ESL Friendly 5x/wk

WONDER-ful Brain Games Summer Camp

Video Editing 2

Frozen Sing Along and Learn Shapes While Drawing Olaf!

Flex - Learn Popular Tik Tok Dances

Grammar Guideposts | Parts of Speech Escape Room

White Belt Tiger Cub

Introduction to Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives

Kids in the Kitchen: Mermaid Edition

Future Lawyers Club 1: How to Become a Lawyer (12-15)

Website Design + Graphic Design With Wordpress & Canva - Design Like a Pro!

Draw Cute Animals Summer Camp! (Panda, Narwhal, Unicorn, Llama, Koala and More!)

How to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving! (Story, Craft, Sharing!)

Rudolph Christmas Party! (Show and Tell, Songs, Reindeer Food and Story)

Holly Jolly Christmas Winter Camp! (Making Treats, Drawing, Stories)

Travelers Club | SE Asia Geography & Culture

All About Elon Musk, Tesla, and SpaceX (and Our Future in Space)

Patisserie Flex Class: Fancy French Desserts

Star Wars RPG Experience: The Adventure Begins!

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Adventures for Kids!

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure for Beginners: Into the Borderlands!

Marvel Comic Book & Marvel Movie Book Club. Make Mine Marvel!

Wings of Fire - Ultimate Fan & Original Character Club

Let's Count Money With "Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday"

|News Around the World: WWI Bombs Found in Ypres, Belgium!

Let's Learn All About the Wild West - Cowboys and Desert Animals

Creative Writing: What is Your Writing Style? Plotter vs. Pantser

Ms. Lindsay's Marvelous Magic Tree House Book Club (Ongoing)

Lego Social Club Show and Tell: Let's Play Together

Early United States History - A Historical Book Club

FLEX-Let's Cook Dinner. A Broad Variety Of New Recipes. Only $40 A Month!

Slow Cooker Meals! Meats, Casseroles, Soups, Even Breakfast Foods (Ages 9-13+)

What Do You Believe? A World Religion Class for Tweens

Basketball I. Q. Tournament | The Science of The Game

Ways to Grow and Decorate With Houseplants

Who Wants To Do Experiments? Camp With Miss Hope

Animal Class: Birds You Wouldn't Believe Exist!

Zoomania Fun: Amphibian Characteristics Weird, Huge, and Amazing Ones!

Dinner Is Served! Four Weeks Of Dinner Salads And Light Meals(Ages 12-17)

The Little Red Hen Is a Producer and a Consumer: An Economics Lesson

More Than Basketball: Life Lessons From the San Antonio Spurs

Private Piano: Elementary to Advanced Levels

Calm Yoga for Relaxation

6th Grade Summer Math Camp!

Mastering Math: Fraction Fun with Candy

Discovery Chess: Intermediate / Series II / Ages 8 - 12

Science Foundations: Level 3 (FLEX)

Come Learn Your Digraphs!

Stretches With Stuffed Animals Camp

Individual Reading and Writing Private Tutoring

Express Yourself Through Writing - Journaling

Story Time and Craft: Sharks, Sharks, Sharks!

Athletics Through Art: Drawing People in Motion Club

Let's Explore the World!

Sight Word Fun! - Unit 3

Summer Scrunchie Fun Crochet Craft Class - The Best Beginner Project!

Time Management & Study Tips 4 Teens: Reduce Your Distractions, Manage Your Day

Magic E Long Vowel Phonics- CVCe

"Are You Ready for Algebra?" Summer Bootcamp!

Nature Photography Camp! Taking Beautiful Pictures in Your Own Back Yard!

I Love Pokemon!

How to Be a Writer: 6 Creative Writing Habits for Serious Young Writers!

ACT Prep - One-to-One Tutoring

Let's Split Water in Half! Electrolysis of Water. Is It Magic or Science?

Sentence Diagramming Grammar Camp, Session 1

Math Help 1:1 Math Tutoring

Become a Barista in Your Kitchen (Holiday/Christmas Miniseries)

Targeted Reading Intervention Private Sessions (Once Weekly)

The Process of Making Movie Magic - Life on a Real Film Set 3 - for 9-12 Yr Olds

I Scream! You Scream! Ice Cream

The Magic of Science!

The Yummy for My Tummy Paragraph: (Ages 8-11) Opinion Writing

Private Tutoring Sessions - Grades 4 to 12!

Fashion Drawing: Beginner's Guide to a Strong Foundation (Ages 13-18)

Learning to Draw Fantasy Maps

ART CAMP: Drawing and Learning About Sharks

Middle School English Language Arts (Semester 1-Fantasy)

Directed Drawing for Preschool & Kindergarten

Lego Challenges---What Will We Build Next?

Level 2 SAT & ACT Vocabulary Prep | Thorough and Engaging College Vocab Prep

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 7

Dot Dot It's a Lot: Pointillism

“Special Education” Circle Time- Prek & Kindergarten: Music, Letters, Numbers

Abstract Animals Using Procreate

Intro to Video Game Design: RPG Maker - Level 1

Fourth Grade Spelling With Weekly Lists Focusing on Phonemic Awareness-Flex

Second Grade Spelling With Weekly Lists Focusing on Phonemic Awareness-Flex

Improv: Learn to Speak, Act, and Think Quickly on Your Feet Intermediate Level!

Grammar - Diving Into Diagraming - Part 2

Rainbow Adventure; Science, Writing, and Fun

ABC's and 123's: Counting Animals from A to Z

Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Film Studies Camp: Genres for Screenwriters, Directors or Filmmakers

Let's Explore Our Emotions Through Music and Art!

Discovery Chess: Summer Camp / Ready, Set, Strategy!

Russian Language Writing and Reading Practice Step Two Ages 9-12

Read! Practicing Reading Comprehension & Fluency! (Ongoing)

Adventures in Music

Reading Readiness with Mat the Cat

Personalized Tutoring With Ms. Ariel

Beginning Art: Drawing Circle Doodles! (Ages 9-13)

Paint & Play: Explore With Watercolor (Ages 8-12)

Introduction to Spanish for Young Learners (Part 1)

Let's Make a Comic Book! 5 Day Camp for Ages 9-12

Ready, Set, Go to Kinder (Weekly Full Curriculum)

SAT Prep - One-to-One Tutoring

Deep Dive Into Polymer Clay Miniature Charms

Youtube Techniques and Strategies [Grow Your Channel]

The Deep Thoughts Club: Analytical Thinking and Writing for High School Students

Camp Big Sock Knitting:

Babysitting Basics--How to be Safe and Have Fun!

(Summer Camp) Ancient Greek Mythology and Archaeology (Age 12-14)

Star Wars: Sith Training Workout for Kids

It Is Show-N-Tell Time in Teacher Nikki's Classroom!

Draw a Noble Hippogriff!

Virtual Band- Beginner Flutes

Let's Build a STEM Boat and Learn About Sinking and Floating!

Lets Draw Like the Japanese Artist Takashi Murakami!

Money! How to Save & Spend Money Wisely in Fun, Easy Steps -The Ultimate Skill.

Private Math Tutoring Sessions - Multiple Weeks - Grades 4 to 12!

Clay Creations: Let’s Make Mini Birds!

Gummy Candy Science (Flex Class)

Tea Time! Reading Fancy Nancy Tea Parties and Having Fun!

The Notorious RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Cases That Changed a Nation FLEX

Private Tailored Lesson With a Native Speaker - Mandarin Chinese

Fruit Loop Math- PreK & Kindergarten Skills

Practical Homesteading: Naughty Goat Escape: Farmyard Problem Solving (9-14)

Practical Homesteading: Naughty Goat Escape: Farmyard Problem Solving (6-10)

One-On-One Elementary School Math Tutoring

Super Beginner Knitting: How to Knit a Cotton Towel Flex Edition

Having Fun with Mental Math

What Do My Singing Monsters Say This Week?

Sight Word Fun! - Unit 2

Writing Spooky Ongoing! a Writers' Club for Horror and Dark Fantasy

Crack the Code and Read Like a Hero: Phonics Instruction for the Bossy-R Syllable

Improv for Middle School Summer Group

It's Money Time #1: Learning to Identify Coins and Their Amounts

Photo Vs Procreate

Summer Vocabulary Detective: Weekly Vocabulary Practice for Age 7-9

"Mystery! in And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie"

Film Photography: How Did Photography Start?

Something Entirely New: Exploring Identity and Individuality in Steven Universe

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time: (3-Day - Full Curriculum Multi-Day) Month 1

Salvador Dali's Eternal Clock

Reading Skills and Strategies for Ages 9-13

Classic Literature - A Novel Study with Essay Writing

RDP Reptiles: Research, Draw, and Present Reptiles! 4 Weeks (Ages 8-12)

What Are the Different Interactions Between Organisms?: How do organisms behave with one another?

RDP Madagascar: Research, Draw, and Present Tropical Animals From Madagascar! 4 Wk (Age 9-12)

Book Club: The BFG by Roald Dahl

Math Private Tutoring (55-Minute Sessions)

Let's Get Organized: Clean Your Room (7-12)

To Kill a Mockingbird- Book Club!

Spectacular Piano or Keyboard Camp for Young Learners 1 Ages 5-10

Enrich Kids: Forest Kindergarten: Nature Inquiries Full Semester

Rise and Shine Yoga and Meditation

Ready! Set! Learn! Second Grade Math

RDP Marine Biology: Research, Draw and Present a Marine Animal! (Ages 12-17)

RDP: Research, Draw, and Present Animals Around the World! (Ages 12-17)

Music & Movement: Learning Through Song and Dance

History Game Show: The American Civil War 3 Week Class

One on One Percussion/Drum Lessons

Dog Man Club: For Fans With ADHD, Dyslexia, and Everyone Who Would Rather Draw

Little Yogi : Intro to Yoga and Mindfulness (Series)

Let's Learn the 50 States and Capitals!

American History: The 1850's Trouble Times - And the Lead Up to the Civil War!

Junior Chefs+Bakers!Let's Cook and Bake Together(Allergy + Picky Eater Friendly)

Beginner Chefs+Bakers! Let's Cook & Bake Together!(Allergy+Picky Eater Friendly)

Beginner French Academy (For English Speaking Students)- Read, Write and Speak!

Self-Made Billionaires

Tornadoes for Young Learners

Backyard Astronomy (5-8 Year Olds)

Space Exploration & Astronomy with Minecraft! (FLEX course / 6-weeks)

Oh, My! Spiders!

Scream Machines - History of Roller Coasters

Meme History (World War II)

WWII History: The Importance of Women During World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

An in-Depth Look at Human Anatomy & Physiology(14-18) FLEX

Flex Cellular Anatomy and Physiology

Fun History! Meet the Women Who Defined and Defied History

Intro to Math: Learning Shapes and Graphing With Lego

Multi-Day: Astronaut Exploration - Semester Class

Intro To Math: Learn to Add and Subtract With Bugs

Let's Turn a Light on the Dark Ages

Zoology-Animals of Australia Featuring Live Animals

Math Money : Counting American Coins Review (2 Day)

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Design Your Confidence (ages 10-14)

Jeopardy! All About Cats

Ongoing Cooking Club for Intermediate Chefs - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

The Hardest Math SAT Questions Ever

Let's Sing-Fun With Songs!

Beginning Voice Lessons - Sing Like a Star! Camp

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Group Voice Lessons for the Beginner “Disney Solos” Camp!

Music in the Lord of the Rings Movies

1:1 Private Ukulele Lesson

Learn a Song on the Ukulele: Count on Me

Animal Class: Insects You Wouldn't Believe Exist!

Individual Tutoring: Elementary Math Concepts (Grades 4-7)

50 Riddles!

Movie Bites Learning: Ongoing Club for Storytellers & Filmmakers

Brain Game Mania Summer Camp

Busy Bees and Other Bugs

Geologic Eras of Earth

Disgusting Animal Summer Camp

Introduction to Geology

That's Gross! The Science of Vomit, Snot, and more

French for Young Learners: Introduction - Part 2 (Ages 10-14)

¡Club Hola! - Early Starters

Mammal Characteristics: What is a Mammal? Giraffe, Cheetah, Blue Whale, and More

Intermediate’s Trumpet Class

ASL for Beginners - Part 3 Flex Class

Fun & Exciting Advanced Teen Crafts!!!

Creative Movement: A Beginning Dance Class

Improv: Learn to Speak, Act, and Think Quickly on Your Feet for Beginners!

What Science Says: Fruit or Vegetable

Art Illusion Comes to Town

Nilly and Nelly : A Story Time Class for the Young Nature Lover

Find the Answers to My Riddles; Colors Shapes Letters Numbers and Rhymes

Learn Piano and Have Fun for All Levels!

1-Week Camp: Drawing Ocean 1 Life With Watercolor Pencils

Art Appreciation: Artwork Study Group

A Tour Around Our Solar System: Knowledge Burst & Drawing

Creative Drawing: Imaginary Cartoon Exercises for creating your own Characters & Pokémon style Monsters

Let's Learn Money - Beginners

Study Skills 101: A Crash Course

Earth Science -- Geologic Time

International Cooking: Amazing Dessert Brazilian Brigadeiros

Earth Science -- Rocks

American Sign Language: Learn Signs for FOOD!

Speed Reading Camp for Kids (Ages 10-14)

Spanish Spot: Immersion Art Appreciation

Intro to Ukulele- Learn the Basics Before Lessons!

La Charla - Spanish Immersion - Time to Chat in Spanish! Ages 11-14

Advanced Sports Analytics: Part II to Math and Sports Analytics. Be the GM.

Time to Tell Time!

Explore Spanish ~ ¡Vamos a Costa Rica!

Let's Create And Draw a Fantasy Role Playing Map for Dungeons and Dragons

Teach Me Spanish! Beginning Immersion Instruction

Reading Your Way for Beginners: One- On- One Tutoring Sessions

Fun Spanish: Enrichment Club for Beginners 1 - Homeschool & Afterschool Fall Semester PART 1/6

Crack the Code and Read Like a Hero: Phonics Instruction for the Vowel Team Syllable

Before the Dinosaurs: Giant Insects of the Carboniferous

The Solar System - A Scientific Discovery

Journey Through Our Solar System! (Introductory Course)

Heart of the Story - Anime Discussion Class

Asteroids, Comets, Meteors and the Solar System Exploration with NASA for Kids

Learn Typing-Beginning Level

Fashion Styling Basics

After the Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Elephants

After the Dinosaurs: The Great Whales

Cat Drawing Club

Advanced Leaps & Turns for Dancers!

Musical Theatre Kids - Stage 1

Balloon Twisting 101: Learn the Basics of Balloon Art

Intro to Law for Kids!

Small Group Drum Lessons for Beginners

Let's Play Charades! (Ages: 5-8)

Virtual BAND- Beginner Percussion

Walking Water! - Science Experiment

Do you know RBG?: A class on the legendary Supreme Court Justice

Virtual BAND- Beginner Trombones

Virtual Band- Beginner Alto Saxophones

Geometry Quarter 1

Poop Eaters: The Grossest Class You'll Ever Take

Additional Chinese Mandarin Tutoring

Fractions, Fractions, Fractions: Add/Subtract Mixed Numbers

Let's Bake! (Series 1)

Crazy About Cake Pops! - Interactive Cooking Class

Story Time With Russian Folk Tales 1 (Age 3-6)

Fractions, Fractions, Fractions: Add/Subtract Fractions

Virtual Band- Beginner Trumpets

Fraction Workout: Add and Subtract Fractions with Daily Kahoot Game Review

Dive Into Writing: Weekly Writing Practice Two Times a Week

Intro to Dutch | Nederlands -- Level 2: The Basics II - Ten Week Semester Format

Virtual Band- Beginner Clarinets

Gluten-Free Baking Flex Class

Beauty & the Beast Enchanted Rose Painting

Geography & Geology of the National Parks

Dance Your Way to a Valentine Party

American Sign Language: For Beginners (11-14 Year Olds)

All About Our Solar System! - Craft Time

Grade 5 Weekly Spelling Class

Practical Homesteading: The Happy Goatherd: Goat Keeping Basics

Let's Learn About Rare Dog Breeds!

8th Grade Math Plus Kahoot in 4 Weeks!

Spanish Numbers With Superheroes!

Fractions: Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

World Traveller | Indonesia's Endangered Species

Diverse Dinos

Learn Japanese Through Culture I: Traveling in Japan

Wormy Sight Words: Hands on Phonics and Spelling

Exploring American Sign Language Part 2!

Callie's Corner: Our Natural Satellite, the Moon.

Learn Spanish While Moving and Snacking With Mermoo and Friends Fall Class

Ornithology 1: Let's Research Different Birds Around the World! (Ages 9-12)

Space Adventures Summer Camp!

Little Kitty Home Discovery

Civic Engagement: First Steps to Changing Your World

Camp Origami: Five, Fun, Foldables for Beginners

1 Day Real Estate: Buying and Selling Property Understanding Mortgages For Teens

Urdu Conversation 101: Learn Urdu Basics Through Engaging Activities (Ages 8-12)

Note Taking

Note Taking (Flex)

Crash Course in Basic Long Division: Math Made Fun!

Intermediate Music Production Using GarageBand (Ages 9-13)!

Pre-Primer Sight Word Stars!

Scooby Doo (9-12 Year Olds): Learn “What’s New Scooby Doo” on Ukulele or Guitar

Travel Through America's National Parks: Round 2

All About Llamas! (Fun Facts & Directed Drawing)

Flex - Black History From a Decolonized Perspective (African American History)

4th of July- US Flag Symbolism and Craft

Everything Science Circle Time

1 - 2 - 1 Math Tutoring: 60 minutes

Intermediate Frog Dissection

Black History From a Decolonized Perspective (African American History)

Intermediate Perch Dissection

Kindergarten Reading and Phonics Group

Disney Parks Around the World

Paper Plate Craft Time

Cake Decorating: Beautiful Buttercream for Teens FLEX

Cake Decorating: Fantastic Fondant FLEX

Little Superheroes Camp: Social Entrepreneurship for Ages 6-9

Backyard Circus! Planning to Hosting: A CAMP for Creative Minded Risk Takers

Pre-K Math: Calendar, Patterns, Shapes, and More!

Brainstorm a College Application Essay - Common App Tips

PSAT/SAT Words Vocabulary Class: Unit #1

Gaming - Boy Socialization About Nintendo Switch + "Old School" Nintendo Games

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 4

1-Week Camp: Drawing Ocean Life 2 With Watercolor Pencils

1-Week Camp: Drawing Summer Theme With Watercolor Pencils

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 5

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 6

1-Week Camp Drawing Birds 1 With Watercolor Pencils

Digital Photography 101 - 5 Day Camp: Ages 9-12

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 1

Writing Made Simple One on One Private Class

How to Bring Your Reading to Life!

Summer Camp: Ice Cream Fun! (Ages 4-6)

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 2

Private Dance Lesson!

Introduction to Musical Theatre for Kids

Phonics to Fluency: Early Reading Word Study Focus With Short Vowel CVC Words

X2 Day How to Spin a Staff Like a Professional - Advanced Staff Spinning

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 9

Learn to Read and Learn to Write! (1:1 Tutoring: Phonics, Comprehension, Spelling and More!)

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 3

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time Fun: Full Curriculum Multi-Day - Month 8

Star Wars Escape Room

Escape the Underworld - Mythology Escape Room

Trapped in Magic Kingdom! Disney World Escape Room

Fabulous Fourth Grade-CAMP for 4th Grade Reading With a 5th Grade Teacher

5th Grade Math Semester 1 with Daily Kahoot Games Review

Learn How to Take Notes! - FLEX

Myth & Magic! Unicorns are Real with Drawing Activity

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time: (3-Day - Full Curriculum Multi-Day) Month 5

American History: States History

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time: (3-Day - Full Curriculum Multi-Day) Month 3

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time: (3-Day - Full Curriculum Multi-Day) Month 6

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time: (3-Day - Full Curriculum Multi-Day) Month 4

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time: (3-Day - Full Curriculum Multi-Day) Month 2

Myth & Magic! Dragons are Real with Drawing Activity

Detectives Book Club & Critical Thinking Investigation!

Of Mice and Men - A Novel Study (FLEX)

ADHD & Executive Function Skills for Success for Neurodivergent Kids: Project Management and Planning

Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss! Ages 9-12 (5 Days-LIVE-Group Rate)

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time: (3-Day - Full Curriculum Multi-Day) Month 7

Draw and Learn about Japanese Art

Bridges Around the World That Will Blow Your Mind

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time: (3-Day - Full Curriculum Multi-Day) Month 9

Paint with Me: Lovely Little Birds

Sight Word Fun! - Unit 1

Math Patterns in Nature - Fibonacci and His Famous Sequence

31 October ( Inktober ) Drawings: Accountability Club: FLEX

Excited About - Mathematics - How to Hack Math & Have Fun (Teens)

Beginning Ballet for Ages 7-11

Chinese Chicken Salad

Magic Performance Class

Stop Motion Animation: For Beginners Starter Class

Individual Tutoring for Chess

B-52 Stratofortress the Bomber That Strikes Fear in the Enemy

Life, Earth and Physical Science for All!

Beginning Earth Science: Sunrises, Sunsets and the Science Behind Them

The True Origins and History of Halloween

Third Grade Science-Core Curriculum Class for Second Semester

PSAT Prep - One-to-One Tutoring

Cake Decorating: Buttercream or Fondant Decoration for Your Cakes and Cupcakes

Third Grade Science-Core Curriculum Class for First Semester

Private Tutoring for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Math

Project-Based JavaScript (Level 1)

Let's Make Bento - Japanese Lunch Box!

Guthriegabs: WWII Nazi Prisoner B-3087 Young Adult Historical Fiction

Getting it Together - Executive Function for Tweens & Teens FLEX Class

The Bee Keeper

Let's Learn About Creepy Crawly Super Cool Spiders and Bugs!

Turning Pages Book Club: Bk2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Flying Into Fifth Grade-CAMP for 5th Grade Reading With a 5th Grade Teacher

Canva Camp 1: Graphic Design With Image, Animated GIF, and Video Editing

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: A Sweet Treats Weekly Bake-Along

Little Astronauts Space Camp

Spanish 1 Semester 1- Grammar / Conversation (Middle/High School)

The Weirdest Things Animals Do- And Why!

Backyard Astronomy (9-12 Year Olds)

Intro to Piano- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/ABC Song

Easy Summertime No-Bake Desserts

Scratch Programming | Build a Space Invaders Game in 2 Weeks!

Her Story: Important Periods of History from a Female Perspective FLEX

Turn a test into a puzzle, and solve with success! Test prep by a test writer!

Programming With Scratch 3.0!

Majestic Sea Turtles: Knowledge Burst & Drawing

Live Piano Music Listen & Doodle!

All About Cheetahs: The World’s Fastest Land Animal

Water School: The Ways Water and Humankind Affect Each Other FLEX

First Grade Phonics Fun Summer Camp

Skittles Experiment: Making Predictions, Observations, & Conclusions

Small Group Guitar for Beginners

Heart Map: Awakening Your Inner Writer

Preschool and Kindergarten Alphabet Art Class

Space Exploration: The Auroras and Mythology

Crocodiles & Alligators Alive! All About Crocs & Gators with Art Activity!

Joyful Storytime-Magical Dress-Up Princess Party

Earth Science -- Minerals

Exploring Fast and Slow Tempos

You, Me, and the Book!: Interactive Shared Reading for Ages 5-7 (K/1st Grade)

Penguins Alive! All About Penguins with Art Activity

Exploring High and Low Pitch

Coin Collection Club: Show and Tell Your Currency, Coins, Bills, Tokens and More

Story Time! ~Developing a Love of Reading and Building a Reading Foundation

Earth Science -- It's All the Earth's "Fault"

Color and Sing a Rainbow!

Learn to Draw A Street Scene Step-by-Step!

How to Draw: Warrior Cats!

Movie Making Class ... Level 1

Bake-O-Rama: Easy Mixed Berry Quick Bread

Counting Cookies With the Cookie Monster (Preschool Age 3-5, ESL friendly)

Black History Month: Intersection of Race and the Law

Algebra 1 Quarter 4

Precalculus Quarter 2

Precalculus Quarter 4

Algebra 2 Quarter 4

Basic Spanish ABC's With Dora the Explorer (FLEX)

Geometry Quarter 4

Let's Get Cooking: Pizza

Dungeons & Dragons: Descent into Avernus

Geometry Quarter 3

How to Create Google Slide Presentations: Computer & Digital Projects for Early Teens

Design Your Own Board Game!

Getting Started With Tinkercad 3D Design Software (Older Beginners Ages 13-15)

Mathematicians at Work! Pre-Algebra (Middle School Math) Review (FLEX)

African History: Explore Africa 1 of 8 (TEENS)

Weekly Reading and Phonics Practice

Wheel of Improv! Teen Edition

Explore Africa - Teens FLEX - African History 1/6

Exploring Multi-Step Math Word Problems (Part 1)

Leaves are Falling! (Fall Themed Story and Craft)

Wonder Woman • Superhero Workout

Exploring Money

Reaching Higher for Recorder (Soprano Recorder Only)

Pathways in Medicine: OB/Gyn, Maternal-Fetal Medicine & Neonatology

Book Club: In My Words: The Stories of an Autistic Boy FLEX Class

Animal Crossing New Horizons Weekly club!

LEGO® Bricks and Literacy: Write, Build, and Challenge Yourself! (Setting)

Let's Play Recorder! Level One

Pathways in Medicine: Genetics

One on One Elementary Tutoring

Equations Camp: Be Ready for Algebra

Camp: Math Basics

Picturing a Picnic: Drawing Treats and Composing the Page

Private Tutoring for English and Essay Writing

From Sketch to Story

Sippy Cup and Paint: Ages 3-4

Explore Africa - FLEX (Age 9-13) - African History 1/6

Disney Voice Acting Class: LUCA | Learn Voice Over (For Beginners)

The Egg-cellent Chicken! A Class All About Chickens

Learning to Read and Write: A Letter Sound A Day! Phonics & Phonemic Awareness

Becoming a Super Detective: The Power of Inferencing

Backyard and Beyond: Landscape Drawing Camp

The Art of Conversation: Small Talk and More Camp (Ages 9-11)

Bake-O-Rama: Easy Black Forest Bread

Grammar Guideposts | Comma Sense Escape Room

Lego Masterminds - Ultimate Challenge Club

Tesla: The Life of a Brilliant Inventor

Gems Across America Flex Class

Beginner Starfish Dissection (Ages 7-9)

Beginner Earthworm Dissection (Age 7-9)

Earth Science -- Plate Tectonics

One-on-One Private Elementary Math Tutor

We Can’t Always Get What We Want: Scarcity and Limited Resources

Biology's Big Ideas -- Disease

Backyard and Beyond: Drawing Landscapes

Mysteries of the Universe: The Higgs Boson

Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy (Book 1) Book Club

Sunshine Violin Private Lessons-Semester 20 Min

Baby Shark- Ukulele Edition

Young Bakers: Sprinkle Cookie Edition

Callie's Corner: Astronuts Space Club (8-12)

All About Butterflies~Science Life Cycle, Reading Comprehension, Art and Writing

Baking for Beginners: Chocolate Brownies (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Vegan)

A Beginner's Guide to Decimals (Flex)

All About Ants~Science Life Cycle, Reading Comprehension, Drawing and Writing

Intermediate Crayfish Dissection

A Beginner's Guide to Decimals

Speak the speech - Introduction to Public Speaking

Disney Princess Camp: Story Time and Activity

Igniting Creativity! Chalk Pastel Landscapes Throughout the Seasons (7-10)

Igniting Creativity! Chalk Pastel Landscapes Throughout the Seasons (11-16)

Drawing Letters: Make Your Art Work, Journals and Projects Stand Out, Ages 13-18

"The Crayon Box that Talked" Accepting Cultural Diversity

Fun With Math: Learn to Add/Subtract Numbers and Graph (Camp Course 4-7)

Explore Korean for Teens 1: Introduction to Hangul!

Bake-O-Rama: Easy Chocolate Bread

Beginner Starfish Dissection

Level 2/8 ¡Yo Hablo Español! (I Speak Spanish!) Spanish With Songs for Children

Bake-O-Rama: Easy Zucchini Bread

Phonics for Reading Camp: Short Vowel Sounds!

Phonics for Reading Camp: Bossy/Magic "e"!

Don't Flip Your Lid; How to Recognize and Regulate Out of Control Emotions

Amelkin's Ace the SAT and ACT Essay! (with a current SAT scorer!)

Mythology Spotlight: All about Hades and the Underworld!

Beginner Clam Dissection

Cross-Curriculum Novel Study: 'A Long Walk to Water' for ELA & History

Animal Adventures; Ocean Animals, Who Am I?

Warrior Cats Book Club: Fire and Ice

Flex Class || Narnia Book Club: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Dungeons and Dragons Teens 200: Heroes of the Sword Coast Homebrew Adventure

Healthy and Easy No-Bake Energy Bites

Drawing Your Best Friend: Woof Woof! (ages 8-12)

Canine Camp: All About Dogs!

Everything Cat: A Class for Cat Lovers

Explore Spanish! ~ Camp 2

Java Programming for Middle & High School Students (Unit 7)

Java Programming for Middle & High School Students (Unit 6)

Bunny Alive! All About Pet Bunnies And Wild Rabbits With Drawing Activity

Bake-O-Rama: Easy Pumpkin Bread

Cooking Camp with Lydia: Cookiepalooza

Story Time with Boom Boom the Curious Goat

Narwhals- The Unicorns of the Sea

Wings of Fire: Create Your Own Dragon Tribe!

How to Draw Your Dragon: Learn How to Draw Both Eastern and Western Dragons

Java Programming I

SCIENCE: Chemistry 501 - Nuclear Chemistry (5 of 7)

SCIENCE: Chemistry 401 - Electrons and Light (4 of 7)

Batty for Bats: Facts and a Craft

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Ongoing)

Earthquakes for Young Learners

Atom Secrets 1: Atoms & the Periodic Table of Elements ( STEM / STEAM Chemistry)

Division Workout: 1 Digit and 2 Digit Divisors

Jumpstart to Middle School: Preparing for Math in the 6th Grade

Third Grade Spelling with Weekly Lists Focusing on Phonemic Awareness-Flex

1 Day Real Estate: Buying + Selling Property Understanding Mortgages For Teens

Bedtime Meditation & Yoga Flow

FLEX Learn and Practice How to Research a Topic 7 Weeks (Ages 9-12)

FLEX Class: Superb Sentences & Dazzling Descriptions

Public Speaking Summer Flex Class: Finding Your Voice!

Creative Writing: Three Short Stories (Under 10)

Let's Get Cooking: Baked Donuts

Let's Get Cooking: Bagels

Let's Get Cooking: Soft Pretzels

Animal Fiction-Beginners Creative Writing

Bat Cat Rat! Learning to Read With the -AT Word Family!

Taking Notes-The Four Seasons for 8-12 Year Olds: The IEW Way

Private Math Instruction - 2 Sessions/Week

Intermediate Hula Hoop Tricks (7-12yrs)

Learn to Draw Illustrated Maps for Fantasy Worlds (Flex)

SAT & ACT Reading List: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Literature Circle Book Club

Division, Division, Division - 1 Digit Divisors

Using an Outline to Write an Engaging Paragraph: My Dog-The IEW Way (Ages 10-12)

The Great Chicago Fire

Pawprints of History - How Dogs Influenced History

Division, Division, Division - 2 Digit Divisors

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