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New Classes on Outschool 2020-06-07

There are 208 new classes on Outschool the week of June 7, 2020 to June 13, 2020.

Ongoing Middle School Art Class

(Ongoing) Zoo & Wildlife Animal Veterinary Medicine: Care, Husbandry, & Health

Songwriting Camp! An Introduction to Songwriting

Beginner to Cake Decorating Boss! Ages 12-16-1:1+

Logic Problems for Beginners - Solve Basic Logic Puzzles

(CAMP) Summer Vet Camp for Aspiring Veterinarians: Have What It Takes? (13-18)

Scratch Coding Beginners Code-A-Thon Game Programming! (Flexible Schedule)

Private One on One Voice Lesson!

Chess Club - Learn, Play, and Socialize (Middle School)

New! STEM Camp 2024: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Hands-On Projects

It's Memorial Day! Patriotic Storytime W/Aunt Sam

Violin for Beginners

My Ongoing Weird Book Club

Suzuki Violin 1 Group Class

Lions Alive! All About Lions With Art Activity

Genius Hour

Talent Show Story Time

Class MINI: Reading Comprehension Strategies 2nd/3rd Gr Reading Levels Ages 7-10

Individual Trombone Lessons

Converting Customary Measurements: Length, Weight, and Capacity for the Newbie

Animal ABC (Letters A- Z)

Class MINI: Reading Comprehension Strategies 5th/6th Gr Reading Levels Age 10-13

2D and 3D Game Design With Unity (Level 1)

All Things Cheetahs-Motion and Conservation

Origami for the Beginner! (FLEX)

Explore Bossy E, Board Game With Long I Words

Heart Circulation-Life Science Anatomy Virtual Trip!

Stop Motion Animation Beginners for (Ages 13-17)

Fun Scratch Coding Projects With Micro:Bit (Level 3)

Storytelling: Three Stories to Enjoy and Learn to Tell!

2 Day Internet Safety for Everyone Who Uses the Web - What NOT to Do On The WWW

2 Day Business 101 for Teens: Entrepreneur Money Making Class 9

Class MINI: Reading Comprehension Strategies 3rd/4th Gr Reading Levels Ages 8-11

Think, Draw and Write - Level 1

2 Day 1-2-1 How Money Works - Understanding Money - Credit Cards - Finance

Elementary Debate Club to Build Speaking Confidence (Ages 7 - 9)

Social Psychology Experiments - Insight into the Human Thought Process

Braiding Camp! French Braid, Twist Braid & More With Aunt Sam

Celebrating Differences

Farsi First Grade, Part 1,فارسى اول دبستان

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Welcome to Our Classroom! (Phonics/ Letters Craft)

Baroque Style Violin or Viola Coaching

Attention! Boot Camp for Math Readiness #academic

Grammar: Fix It Nose Tree Weeks 1-16

Eco Art Lab

[Callie's Corner] Virtual Tour of Our Solar System (11-13)

Getting Started With Tinkercad 3D Design (Beginners Age 8-12)

All About Spelling Level One: Steps 1-6

[Callie's Corner] Virtual Tour of Our Solar System (5-7)

Oh! the Ocean Learn About Sea Creatures and Create a Coordinating Craft: Live

5th Grade Math: Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths

Women of Science Book Club

All About Volcanoes

Debate and Public Speaking Camp - Level II (Intermediate)

Sea Turtles Alive! All About Sea Turtles with Drawing Activity

Pre-Writing Skills for Early Writers

Baking: Chocolate Lava Cake

Private Violin Lessons (Beginner to Intermediate)

Exploring Loud and Quiet Sounds

Roblox Safety and Trivia Fun

Zoey and Sassafras Science Club

Brick Building Social Club

Star Wars: Jedi Training Workout for Kids

Let's Play Bingo with 2nd Grade Sight Words

Plié At the Ballet! A Prince & Princess Theme Dance Class (Beginner)

Peaches! (Super Mario Bros Movie) 2-Week Summer Piano Camp (Ages 8-12)

American Inventors Book Club

Paint & Play: Intro to Watercolors (Ages 7-12)

CogAT-Gifted Talented Exam Prep for 1st and 2nd Graders

Practical Homesteading: Beyond Kidding: Dairy Goats - Breeding, Birthing and Milking (10-14)

Breakdance Consultation for Camp Level Placement

Zoey and Sassafras Book Club--Dragons and Marshmallows

Interesting Would You Rather Questions

Math Jeopardy - Fractions & Decimals

Surfing Science Camp: An Exploration of the Ocean Through a Surfer's Eyes

Learn French with Ms. Erika: Weekly French Class Level 1

Spanish Class for Kids - Spanish 3 for Lower Intermediates- 4 Weeks

Discover Language Arts: Grades 5 - 6

Introduction to Pre-Algebra Part 2 (Ages 10-14)

Spanish Conversation Club- Beginners (Ages 10-15)

STEM CL2: Semi-Private Electrical Circuits Level 2 - Learn With Snap Circuits!

STEM CL1: Semi-Private Electrical Circuits Level 1 - Learn With Snap Circuits!

International Kids Cooking

Mexican Gourmet Bakery Cookies

Stories and Stuffed Animals

Advanced Coral Reef Ecology - Marine Biology

Colourful Money, a Canadian Money Class

Touch Point Math Makes Addition & Subtraction as Easy as 123! (2 Times)

Creative Writing Prompt Party: Personal Essay (Ages 10-14)

Uke Can Do It Part 1: Group Ukulele Lessons for Young Beginners

Mixing Colors and Making a Fizzling Rainbow

Tween Girls Homeschool Social Group

Amazing Aquatic Axolotls With Alex!

Guided Painting: Landscapes

Beginner Korean 3

Food History: Popular Foods Around the World

Part 2: Make Your Own Escape Room for Friends and Family Clues Edition

Brewed: A History of Tea

Lego Summer Camp: Unicorns, Friends and Fairies.

All Things Pre-K ! (Self-Paced Summer Semester)

Play With Me! A Beginner Guitar Workshop

Public Speaking for Shy Children-Speak With Confidence, Courage and Conviction.

Coding With Scratch Jr. for Beginners

Exploring Careers in Oceanography - More Than Just Marine Biology!

So Many Crazy Reading Rules: Digraph Reading - Part 1 (Long Vowels)

Theatre Beginning Acting

Crack the Code and Read Like a Hero: Phonics Instruction for the Magic-e Syllable

Sewing Club

Break Dance: Foundations Camp (Level 1)

Dungeons And Dragons 104: The Missing Crystal Quest Roleplaying Challenge

Strategies for the Reading Section of the ACT Test

Strategies for the English Section of the ACT Test

Unsolved Crimes: The Zodiac

Eco Challenge (Intermediate)

Abwehr: Nazi Spies in the United States

Artist's Painting Techniques! ( 6 Weeks / Once a Week / Homeschool )

Beginner Exploring American Sign Language!

Draw Cute Cats in Different Fun Poses Kawaii Style

Eco Challenge (Senior)

2 Day How Money Works: A Class To Understand Money Credit Cards Banks + Finance

Explore Bossy E, Matching game with Long E and U Words

Explore Bossy E and Long O Words With Lesson and Game

Youtube Creator Summer Camp → Channel Strategy, Growth, & Success

Mandalas: Co-Create With Nature!

Glam Camp: Effortless, Natural & Total Glam Makeup + Hair by a Youtuber

Summer High School Chemistry Basics 1: Matter, Atoms, Electrons, Periodic Table

Drawing Easy Animals With Shapes (Part 2)

Create and Share - Building Bricks CLASS (5-7 yrs)

Minecraft Modding Camp: Create a Minecraft Mod (5-Session)

Overwatch Club: Play, Practice, and Connect With Others (Ongoing)

Rocket League Club: Play, Practice and Connect With Others (Ongoing), Ages 8-13

Create and Share - Building Bricks CLASS (8-10 yrs)

Survival Camp in Minecraft: Team up & Survive the Wilds (5-Session)

YouTube Video Camp in Minecraft: Start Your Own YouTube Channel (5-Session)

Survival Club in Minecraft: Play, Survive, and Thrive Together! (Ongoing)

Smash Ultimate Club: Play, Practice, and Connect With Others (Ongoing), Ages 8-13

Drawing Easy Animals With Shapes (Part 1)

Advanced Game Design Camp in Minecraft: Collaborate and Design Games (5-Session)

Game Design Camp in Minecraft: Create Mini-Games & Playtest Together (5-Session)

Engineering Camp in Minecraft: Craft Machines & Puzzles (5-Session), Ages 10-13

Minecraft Modding Course: Create a Minecraft Mod (8-Session)

Coding Camp in Roblox: Create and Program Game Components (5-Session)

Game Design Course in Roblox: Design and Program Your Own Game (8-Session)

Game Design Camp in Roblox: Build and Code an Adventure Game (5-Session)

Coding Camp in Minecraft: Code Your Own Robot Helpers (5-Session)

Builder's Club in Minecraft: Design & Build With Friends (Ongoing)

Architecture Course in Minecraft: Design & Build Like an Architect (8-Session)

English Language Arts (Literature): Poetry Appreciation for Middle Schoolers

My First Flute Class (Ages 9-12)

I Spy Detectives: A Scavenger Hunt Color Game!

Juneteenth - An Exploration of the Celebration of Freedom


Farsi for Young Beginners, Part 1 آموزش فارسى به كودكان

Brick Building With Miss Mary: For Beginners and Learners With Special Needs

Ace 5th Grade Math in 4 Weeks! Summer Camp

Learn Voice Over - Voice Acting Class

Public Communication Summer Camp: Learn to Give Great Speeches!

Middle School Debate Club (Monthly)

Spectacular Summer Piano / Keyboard Camp for Older Beginners Level 1 & 2 (9-14)

Electromagnetism 1: Magnetism, Electricity, Photons & Solar Power! (STEM)

Line Designs: Drawing Lines and Shapes to Create Unique Art #creative

STEM: Junior Spy Camp -4 Days

Acting: Private Lesson 1:1 (Theater or Film)

Division Boot Camp

Help, I Need to Review! 4th Grade Math Review

Montessori Phonetic Letter Sounds (Print Letters)

Dog Treats for Your Special Pup

WWII History: Tanks in the East! Updated! The Invasion of the Soviet Union, Armored Warfare on the Eastern Front, and the Battle of Kursk During World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

Rwanda: A Brief Study of Its History and Politics

Let's Paint Step-By-Step: Water and Night Sky

Fun and Interactive Farsi (فارسي) Story Time With Shimoo the Mouse

Uniquely You: Helping Girls Develop Self-Confidence

5 Day Card Magic Tricks for Beginners Ages 9-16. Perform Card Magic With Style Summer Camp

Weekly Geometry Game Hour - Level 1

Speak Up: Loud and Proud! Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills

Let's Learn All About Going Camping

Marbling Magic

Draw Cute Animals Kawaii Style Art Camp - Draw Your Favorite Cartoon Animal

Investigating Insects - A Creative Introduction to Entomology

Beginning Singing Lessons for Young Singers II

Spreadsheets for Beginners Camp

Writing Camp: Writing Response Paragraphs

Compound Words~Develop a Strong Reading and Writing Vocabulary

Introduction to Math Fact Families: Multiplication and Division

Warrior Queens From History

Middle School Poetry

Gratitude Journal -Simple Thoughts-

All About Ladybugs~Science Life Cycle, Literacy, Reading Comprehension, Art

Think Like a Doctor-Nutrition Edition

Exploring Emotions Through Meditation

Stress Be Gone With Breathing and Meditation

Camp: You Are a Poet!

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in The Covenant Age

Camp: Art Journaling

Help, I Need to Review! 3rd Grade Math Review

Little Mouse Makes New Friends: Social Skills Through Creative Drama

Detective Club: Solve a Murder Mystery and Learn About Evidence and Criminal Law

Mindfulness Summer Camp for Kids, Age 7-11

3 Day How to Play Checkers or Draughts for Beginners - Class 101 - Ages 11-16

Reading: Beginning C

Minecraft Story Writing

The Mystery of the Pirate's Parrot: A Collaborative Adventure

Multi-Digit Multiplication Through Area Models

5th Grade Math Camp Part 2 with Daily Kahoot Review

Let's Learn All About Medieval Fun - Dragons, Knights and Princesses

5th Grade Math Camp Part 1 with Daily Kahoot Review

Numbers 11 to 19 (Colored Beads and Teen Boards) - Montessori Math

Guided Drawing: Koi Fish and Lily Pad

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