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New Classes on Outschool 2021-08-29

There are 586 new classes on Outschool the week of August 29, 2021 to September 4, 2021.

Stress-Free Chess: Small Group Chess Club

Sing With Me! Princess Singing Lessons (Flex)

Sing With Me! Disney (Students’ Requests) Singalong

Kids Guitar Lessons: 1 on 1

Code an Encanto Game 'Catch the Flowers'- For Users With Experience of Scratch.

Drawing 3D Objects: The Floating Sphere

Math Games for Math Gurus

5th-6th Grade Ongoing ELA

Pre-K and Kindergarten - Dance, Story & Art - (Ages 3-6) - 3x/week - Circle Time

Aesop and ASL | A Visual Read Aloud with American Sign Language

Fifth Grade Math Skills Lessons With a Certified Teacher (2022-2023)

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Sandwing Blaze

The Venomous Gila Monster. A Lizard That Can Go Three Years Without Eating!

Disney Princess Fan Club: Show and Tell and Chat All Things Princess

Introduction to Movement in Theatre

Coding Games and Animations Using Python-Advanced Class for Levels 9 & 10 -Flex

Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventures D&D Lair of the Mind Flayer

Dungeons and Dragons: A D&D Birthday Party!

Let's Talk: Conversation Practice for English Language Learners

Modern Dance and History for Beginners - Flex

Journey to Japan Winter Camp

The 1:1 Book Club for Writers: The Lunar Chronicles Will Change Your Writing!

Ancient Greek Monsters, Giants, Beasts and Mythical Tribes/Creatures (Amazons)

Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL): Vocabulary & Cool Facts 7-12

Individual Latin Tutoring Session

Gratitude Attitude Club

Math Skill Builders (Ongoing)

Roblox Gaming Social Club! Let's Play Natural Disaster Survival (Modded with free items)

Learn Java Script Basics

One-on-One Math Tutoring - Short Session

Reader's Theater: The Favorites Review (Fluency Practice)

Semester Piano: Let's Play Piano Beginning Level 1

Let's Learn Phonics Phase 2 and Begin Learning to Read

Halloween Fun En EspaÑOl Show and Tell Your Costume With SeÑor Panda N Me!

ESL VIP Club! Weekly English Second Language Private Tutoring

The Art of Anatomy: Art Component

Grade 3 & 4 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 2 of 3

Grade 7 & 8 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 2 of 3

Disney Coco Day of the Dead - All About Mexico's Dia De Los Muertos | Halloween?

Octo Ocean Art Class (2X a Week - Ages 3-6)

Happy Strumming Ukulele Club Semester Course: Beginner/Intermediate Level

Medieval Ghost Stories

Dungeons and Dragons: Unfamiliar Release the Tiny Beasts

Legendary Latinas for Littles (FLEX)

Writing and Grammar: Avoid Run-ons + Fragments by Knowing Four Sentence Types

Intro to Journalism

Broadcast Journalism for Teens

Math Word Problem Solving Strategies Using the Cubes Method 4th, 5th, 6th Grade

Private Tutoring : One on One Writing Help With Rachel

Teen (15+) Game Time With Friends!

Introduction to American Sign Language(ASL): Vocabulary & Cool Facts 13-18

All About Zebras-Create & Eat Food Art (One-time)

Converting Between Fractions, Decimals, & Percent (Multi-Day)

The Mystery Scooby Doo Reading Class

Art of Birds : Drawing Birds in Nature & Art Story Draw Zoology Animal Adventure

Automotive - Road Trip Ready - Inspection & Common Diagnosing (Age 14-18)

Automotive - Road Trip Ready - Inspection & Common Diagnosing (Age 11-14)

Ladders of Literacy for Early Learners: Ages 4-7

Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Summer Camp Kids Club: Make New Friends, Play Fun Games, Get 1 on 1 Buddy Time, & Dance!

Flex Class: Telling Time on an Analog Clock

Spanish Private Lessons With Native Speaker

Show and Tell!

WWE/AEW Would You Rather

Beginner Word Problems Champ Camp

Illustrations That Pop - Creative Writing

Los Animales Del Mar/ Ocean Animal Fun With SeÑor Panda and Maestra Gonzales

Kindergarten Class - With Teri: Full Year Curriculum with a Certified Teacher

How Anime is Made - The Magic Behind the Making of Anime

United States History Part 1 / AP US History

United States History Part 2/AP US History

Amazing Animals With Show and Tell

Writing Workshop: Ongoing Writing Class, for Second Grade

Draw and Paint a Sleeping Cat

Color Wheel Umbrella

ESL: English Language Learners Kindergarten Class

Digital Escape Room: Monty's Field Day (ELA & Math Concepts)

Clarinet, Flute, or Saxophone Private Lessons: 45 Min for Intermediate Students

Semi-Private Piano Lessons

~Seasonal-Digital Escape Room: Monty's Haunted House Field Trip (1st ELA & Math)

Spin and Write Sentences With CVC Words

~Seasonal-- Digital Escape Room: Monty's April Fool's Day (ELA & Math Concepts)

~Seasonal-Digital Escape Room: Monty's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (1st ELA & Math)

Pre-Algebra Semester 2 - That Was Easy! (7th/8th Grade) With Certified Math Teacher

Let’s Paint a Jungle: Tigers, Toucans and Trees!

Ornithologist in Training: Avian Field Ecology Project Private Mentoring

Drawing Club: Cute Animals — Playing, Jumping, Climbing, and More!

Wild Beyond the Witchlight- A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

Grade 9 & 10 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 2 of 3

The Mysteries of Waterdeep: A Dungeons and Dragon's Adventure

T-Rex, Triceratops, & More Escape Room: An Escape Room With Cretaceous Dinosaurs

Digital Escape Room: Monty is Stuck at Home (ELA & Math Concepts)

Alphabet Names and Letter Sounds With the Pokemon ABC Book! Story Time and Craft

Tips & Tricks to Secure Your First Job!

2 Day Internet Safety Class How Not to Be Scammed, Fooled, Tricked or Conned by Criminals as a Young Person

Music for Little Mozarts Private Piano Lessons

All Things Halloween, in French!

1 on 1 Math Tutoring (Any Level: From Elementary to Algebra)

Books for All Kids Book Club Flex: Fall and Halloween Edition-Diary of a Wimpy Kid Double Down

Keep It Moving: Zumba for Ages 7 - 11 (Ongoing)

Precalculus Semester 2

Precalculus Semester 1

Algebra 2 Semester 2

Algebra 2 Semester 1

Algebra 1 Semester 2

Algebra 1 Semester 1

Ancient Greek History. Democracy, Wars, Art, Mythology & Culture. World History

Halloween Colors, in French!

FLEX World Geography for the Curious- Part 1

The World's Favourite Poetry: Ten Classics That Have Been Loved by Generations

Ongoing: My Hero Academia Sketching & Drawing Portrait Series (Subscription)

Weekly Private Art Class With Stephanie Krause - Build Skills at Your Own Pace!

Who Was Walt Disney? The Biography of the Man Behind the Mouse

Science 1:1 Private Tutor: Biology (All Levels Incl. AP) & Middle School Science

Perspective Drawing: Cubism

Mountain Reflections- A Watercolor Landscape

Funny Bones Brain Break: Developing Creativity, Public Speaking, & Social Skills

30 Minutes of Private Acting Coaching (Ages 9-18)

Exciting Dinosaur Jeopardy Level 1

ESL (English as a Second Language) Private Tutoring With Teacher Daria

How to Make an "Inside" Bow Hold for the Violin or Viola

Dance It: Hip Hop, Zumba Style ( Ages 7-12, One Time)

Survival Social Club - Minecraft Bedrock

Private Tutoring : One on One ESL Classes With Rachel

Voice Lessons, One Day at a Time

Drop-In Classes: NYC Specialized High School Math Test (SHSAT) Prep Fall 2022

‘Ode’ No You Didn’t! Poetry With a Punch: Take the 'Oh No' Out of Writing an Ode

Wizard Cooking Class

Pup Dance Party!

Book Club- Reading Adventures by Genre!

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw Serpentine From Ninjago

Private 1:1 Conversational English for ESL Learners - 4 weeks

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw a Pichu PokÉMon

Drawing With Letters - N, P, S, V

Celebrate Christmas With Fun Food Ideas

Drawing With Numbers (Monday Marathon) - 1,4,6,8

Scratch Programming: One-on-One Coding Sessions

Cooling Down Your Anger Thermometer With Mindfulness and Relaxation

Roblox Brookhaven Halloween Extravaganza- Play Ghostbusters and Trick or Treat

Drawing With Numbers Marathon - 3, 5, 7, 10

LOL & OMG Doll Fans Halloween Party-Dress up, Play Fun Halloween Games and More!

Blending Bonanza! "S", "R", "L" and "H" Blends!

It's Preschool Time!- Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness (2022-2023 school year)

Oh Snap! Get to Know Your DSLR Camera (Other)

Oh Snap! Get to Know Your DSLR Camera (Nikon)

Oh Snap! Get to Know Your DSLR Camera (Canon)

Jeopardy! Weekly Second Grade Edition (Ages 7-8)

Weekly Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd Grade Math 1-on-1 Tutoring - Addition, Subtraction, Word Problems & More!

Creative Writing Cursive Practice

Marine Biology 101 - Weird and Wacky Deep Sea Animals

All About Animals

Debate Club for Kids: Arguing With Purpose!

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw PokÉMon in This PokÉMon Camp!

FLEX Course Draw & Paint Wings of Fire Dragons Qibli, Blue, Moon, Kinkajou

Individual Reading Plan (Tutoring)

The Lil' Writers Sing-Along Art Club

Book Buddies Show and Tell: Practice Presenting, Listening, and Public Speaking

Nouns Around Town: Identify & Utilize Common Nouns Correctly as Parts of Speech

Pet Pals Show and Tell: Listening, Public Speaking, and Social Skills with Pets

Private ESL Tutoring and Conversation Practice With ESOL Certified Teacher

Sprinkling Adjectives Into Your Writing: Parts of Speech for Creative Writing

Weird but True! Wild Animal Facts Trivia Learning Game Class, Ages 10-15

Nature's Wonders: Calling All Bears

"Ketchup" on Your Reading Skills! Private Tutoring With Mrs. Joseph

Elementary Music FUNdamentals w/ Ms. G | 4th & 5th Grade General Music Class

Elementary Music FUNdamentals W/ Ms. G | 2nd & 3rd Grade General Music Class

Elementary Music FUNdamentals | Pre-K, Kindergarten, & 1st Grade Music Class

Computer Applications

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure for Younger Kids

How to Write a Perfect Paragraph: Step-By-Step & Guided Practice for Ages 8-10

Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Can You Tell the Difference?

French (Private Classes)

1:1 Tutoring: Literacy, Math, Writing, Science & Social Studies (General Ed)

Study Skills - Learn to Study Effectively and Efficiently

Mrs. Jennifer's Acrylic Painting Club!

Cooking with Lydia: Ongoing Healthy Cooking and Baking Class

Daily Drawing: 20 Mins a Day (Together)

Fall Drawing: Design and Create a Halloween Fairy!

Spanish Private Tutoring 1:1- All Levels (Ages 4-18)

1st Grade Private 1:1 Tutoring With a Reading Specialist: Multi-Day

Little Explorers - Let's Explore Continents. Brrrrr We Are Going to Antarctica!

Book Club - Time Travel With The Magic Tree House Series!

Singing Club for Young Learners: Fun Weekly Group Voice Lessons (Ages 6-8)!

Advance Intermediate Ballet Class Featuring a Mini Dance Recital

Ballet and Tap Kinder Dance Combo Featuring a Mini Recital

Advance Intermediate Tap Dance Class Featuring a Mini Recital

Petite Ballerina's: Ballet and Lyrical Dance Combo Class With Mini Recital

Let's Learn Science: The Animal Club 5 With Teacher Helen

Let's Learn Science: The Animal Club 4 With Teacher Helen

Little Explorers - Let's Explore Cities - London Here We Come!

Bring Your Own Book Club (Ages 8-11)

Ahoy Matey! - A Beginners Class on Boats, Navigation, and Seamanship

Happy Birthday, James Garfield! a Celebration of the 20th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Oklahoma! a Celebration of the 46th State in the USA

Happy Birthday, Montana! a Celebration of the 41st State in the USA

Happy Birthday, Warren G. Harding! a Celebration of 29th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, James K. Polk! a Celebration of the 11th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Theodore Roosevelt! a Celebration of the 26th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Dwight D. Eisenhower! a Celebration of the 34th U.S. President

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Discussion and Q&A

Happy Birthday, Rutherford B. Hayes! a Celebration of the 19th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, William Taft!: A Celebration of the 27th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Chester Arthur! a Celebration of the 21st U.S. President

Easter Brick Building Challenges!

Animal Brick Building Club - Come Learn, Have Fun, and Build Amazing Animals!

American Girl Historical Character Doll Craft Class - Part 1 - FLEX

Sonic Speed Simulator | Roblox Gaming Club

Cute Sea Otter - Animals Fun Drawing Club (One-Time)

Lego Movie: Counting Money

Real Spanish Conversation - Listening-Speaking Intermediate Level (Ages 9-14)

Russian Language Basics for Beginners (Age 11-17)

Demon Slayer: Nezuko & Tanjiro: Sketching, Drawing & Watercolor Intensive: FLEX

Studio Ghibli: Sketching/Drawing: Understanding Anime Expressions/Emotions: FLEX

Spanish for Kindergarten and Pre-K Kiddos (2x/week)

Dynamic Language Arts Tutor with Mini Lessons and Tailor Made Lessons

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving - Let's Design a Game

Story Time + Craft ~ Creepy Carrots ~ Lets Read and Create!

Camouflage for Beginners!

Geometry Semester 1

Explore Science: Full Science Curriculum 2nd Grade - 2nd Semester

Apple Oat Chewy Horse Treats

Private Piano Lessons (1 Hour)

Space Explorers: The Planets (Ongoing 1x/Wk)

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color How To Train Your Dragon Light Fury HTTYD

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color Dragon inspired by Wings of Fire Seawing Queen Coral

Fun Piano Time (For Beginners) - Part 2

World History Part 2 I AP World History Part 2 I Full Semester

Adopt Me! Roblox Game Club (Ongoing)

Let's Draw Together: Kawaii Animals 4 Day Art Camp

World History Part 1 l AP World History Part 1 I Full Semester

Exciting Entomology: Real Life Zombies and Mummies (Younger)

One on One Piano Lessons- Ages 6 To 12

Exciting Entomology: Real Life Zombies and Mummies (Older)

Private One on One Teen Mentoring With Dr. K (Ongoing Weekly Subscription)

Puppy Paw Training Camp (Ages 6 to 11) (for Dogs and Puppies)

More London History: All About Afternoon Tea

FLEX Reading Comprehension UNIT 1 (7th Grade Reading Level) for Ages 11-14

FLEX CLASS: Draw Your Anime Character!

FLEX Reading Comprehension UNIT 1 (6th Grade Reading Level) for Ages 10-13

(FLEX) Sticker Design Course Using Procreate | Create Your Own Sticker Business

1:1 | Private Spanish Tutoring Ongoing

Ukulele Private Lesson

ESL VIP Club! Personalized - English Second Language Private Tutoring

Grammar - Writing Rocks!

Draw a Cute Animal - Step by Step Draw Along for Beginners

Grammar Guideposts | Weekly Grammar Spotlights

Talk With Your Hands: Advanced ASL 5

Private Flute Lessons for Leo

Reading Can Be Puzzling: Popcorn Words 1X (Sight Words & High Frequency Words)

Waldorf First and Second Grade Library: Halloween and Pumpkins

Procreate Meet the Masters! Picasso Frankenstein: Art History w/a Digital Twist

English Language Learning: Letters/Sounds

One-On-One Math Tutoring for Pre-Algebra to Calculus (30 Min One Time)

Disney's Frozen 2 Ballet Dance Class

Positive Affirmations | Confidence Boosting for Self Esteem | Emotional Building

Learn Multiplication and Division Through Rhythm! Rolling Numbers Boot Camp

Happy Birthday, South Dakota! a Celebration of the 40th State of the USA

Nana-Bees 1-1 Reading Readiness for 3-5 Year Olds. UK Trained Teacher

World Geography: Continents, Countries, Climates, Biomes & Physical Landmarks

¡Halloween en Español! Have Fun Learning Halloween Vocabulary in Spanish

Happy Birthday, North Dakota! a Celebration of the 39th State in the USA

A Creative's Journey to Filling a Sketchbook - Weekly Art Club

All Things Rhinos-Conservation in Zoos

Listen & Hear: Practice Listening and Following Directions (Ages 11-14) Ongoing

Procreate: Paint With Me: Stitch at Christmas

Private Tutoring

Beginner Ukulele Private Lesson

Attention All Programmers! the Turtles Want You to Be a Python Icon!

You Got a Friend in Me : Private 1 : 1 Play Based Learning : ESL & Neurodiverse Friendly

Today's News - Watch a Short Student News Show & Discuss Global Current Events

French Focus: Colors

French Focus: Family

PreAlgebra/Algebra 1/Geometry Small Group Study Hall (Flexible Schedule)

FLEX Beginner Percussion : Starting to Read Music and Play Snare and Drumset

Types of Angles Made Simple

LEGO Club Social Junior!

Airbrushing Tabletop Miniatures

Cute Mermaid 2 -- Magical Land Drawing Club (One-Time)

Learn English! Practice Conversational English (Intermediate)

Reading Is Fun! Reading Intervention Young Readers Club Reading Comprehension

Art Guided Career Skills & Aptitude Test

Happy Birthday, Nevada! a Celebration of the 36th State in the USA

Happy Birthday, California!: A Celebration of the 31st State in the USA

Happy Birthday, John Adams! a Celebration of the 2nd U.S. President

Astronomy (Middle School Curriculum)

Montessori Hands-on Head Start Early Pre-Kindergarten Preschool Ages 3-5 Full Year

Digital Club 3: Procreate Paintings With Miss Mooni

History Minecraft Challenges! Learn, Build, & Make Friends. BEDROCK

French Flex Class for Beginners: Monster Fun!

A Tightrope Walker’s Twin Tower Adventure

Consumer Math: Math with a Purpose- Practical Math Needed for Life! FLEX Part A

Play a Drawing and Writing Game! Answer Clues. Write/Draw Story. (1-3 Students)

One on One Language Arts Tutoring for 2nd -5th Grade

Basic London History 1900 - 1950 (7-12Yrs)

Highlights of Michigan History!

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter!: A Celebration of the 39th U.S. President

Reading ABC Boot Camp- Phonics to Reading FAST! Flex Class

7th Grade Math Unit 2 (Equations and Inequalities)

Let's Learn Spanish Playing Blooket- (Multi-Day)

Travel the World, Make Art! Virtual Plein Air Art Club for Painters.

Adobe Photoshop: Absolute Beginner to Creator (Video Course) Ages 9-18

4th Grade Math, Ongoing

One on One Mastering Math Tutoring 2nd-5th Grade

A-cute Class on Geometry- Part One

Preschool Sensory Science & Art! Social Time, Experiments, & Masterpieces!

ESL, EFL Conversation and Reading Club for Ages 10-14, English Second Language

Essential Middle and High School Reading Skill: Introductory Guide to Annotation

ESL EFL Conversation and Reading Club for Ages 7-10, English Second Language

More London History: Make a Tudor Queen Hat (1-day)

Smart Money: An Intro to the Value of Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters

I Have a Boat: Will It Sink or Float?

All About Apples! Fall Fun: Life Cycle, Parts, Types, & Taste Testing

Challenge: Minecraft

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Game, Socialize and Have Fun! (Ongoing Class)

How to Draw: Spooktacular Halloween Hedgehog

One on One Super Fun Conversation for ESL/EFL Kids

The Mystery Minecraft Face-Off: Can You Beat the Clock?

Procreate Meet the Masters! Picasso & Klee : Art History With a Digital Twist!

Begin to Read: CVC Phonics Patterns: Alphabet Sounds & Blending from A to Z!

Beginners Cake Decorating

“Fun With Phonics”

I Can Draw! Art Club

Marine Biology 101 - Fascinating and Unbelievable Ocean Facts

Handmade Greeting Cards: Happy Birthday! Thanksgiving! Thank you!

6th Grade That Was Easy! Math Semester 1 With Certified Math Teacher

Private Piano Lessons - 25 Minutes, Any Level, 4-7 Years Old

Learn the Sugar Plum Fairy Solo From the "Nutcracker!"

Properties of Multiplication Champ Camp

Grammar, Semester 1 (Part 1 of 4) 3rd-5th Grade (English, Grammar)

Marine Biology 101 - Wiggly, Slimy, Wormy Marine Invertebrates

Video Editing for You Tubers and Game Enthusiasts (Once a Week, 6 Weeks)

Pokemon Anatomy! the Fun, Educational Way to Learn Life Science

Music Makers: Trial Piano Lesson for Kids

Prehistoric Fun: Exploring Mega Sea Creatures of the Ancient Oceans!

Long Division Champ Camp

Sea Animal Adventure: Five Astonishing Mega Sea Predators

More London History: All About the Royal Guards

52 Women Who Made a Difference: Rule-Makers, Rule-Breakers, & Rule-Followers (High School Age)

Draw a Donut | Procreate Draw With Me | Procreate for Beginners | Procreate 101

Book Club and Reading Comprehension - Flora & Ulysses

Private Piano, Voice or Combo Class Any level Ages 6-18

Latin Language Course with Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata - Pars I

Fall Themed Roll a Story Writing

The Journey From Chewing to Pooing: Anatomy and Physiology of Human Digestion

Fall Fun, Reading and Vocabulary for English Learners (ELL)

Reading Comprehension FLEX Class: 8 Strategies Your Child Needs to Know

Wondrous Writers! (Improve Your Handwriting)

Social Studies "American Government/Citizens Responsibility"

Summer Math: Mastering Basic Math Skills (5th-7th Grade Math Level)

Advance Beginner Tap Featuring a Mini Dance Recital

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade Five Part Two

Twisted History: Animal Heroes of WWII

Economics: The World Runs on Self Interest-Semester Course

Painting With Chalk (Soft) Pastels

How to Adult! Life Skills for Young Adults

Spanish for Kiddos - Let's Talk About Deportes/Sports (8-12yrs old)

Cross-Hatching Studies

Escape Room: Return to the Musical Haunted House

French Vocabulary-Focused Conversation

Specialized High School Entry (Shsat) Prep- Reading

Beginning ASL (American Sign Language) Talk With Your Hands (Ages 7-10) (Part 5)

Drawing Hands: The Basics

1:1 Private Tutoring Reading & Writing (1x/week)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Story Writing

Forming Cursive: Active Handwriting & Form Drawing (Multisensory, Waldorf)

Zoey and Sassafras Dragons and Marshmallows

A History of Monsters in Film: Iconic Creature Features From Around the Globe

United States and Comparative Government Part 2/ AP Government

Government 1 / AP Government

FLEX Poi Spinning and Poi Juggling: How to Spin Poi Like a Circus Pro 4W2

Personal Santa Visit From His Home at the North Pole

Social Skills-Body Language, Self-Esteem & Tips for Communicating Ages 8-12 Flex

Private French Lessons 1:1

Private Math Class: Let's Learn Addition and Subtraction by Counting Stars!

Math or Reading Tutoring- Ongoing Class

Create With Canva! | Basics on Canva for Beginners | Create Digital Design

Construction ABC Learning Zone: Letter and Sound Identification

Fall Raven: Acrylic Painting Paint - A - Long ( Ages 8 - 13 )

Pumpkin Patch Gnome: Acrylic Painting Paint - A - Long

You CAN Draw Beautiful Flowers (Rose Edition)

Introduction to Museums

World Geography for the Curious- Part I

What Pet Should I Get?

Grammar Crammers!

Focus Maths Tuition/ 1:1 Tutoring

(FLEX) Unpacking Your Imagination: A Writer's Workshop!

The Creative Musician: Write Song Lyrics!

Private Story and Drawing Class

Session 2 - Japanese for Kidz

Intro to Math: Learn Numeral Recognition With Dominoes and Dice

Learn Japanese Through Anime: Level 1 Part 1

PokÉMon Digital Drawing Club: How to Make PokÉMon With Procreate

English Teacher - Reading, Pronunciation, Spelling, Phonics, Grammar, Verb Tense

The Creative Musician: Write a Song Melody

Advance Beginner Jazz Dance Class Featuring a Mini Recital

Private French Tutoring Trial Class 1:1

New Puppy Dog Training and Obedience (13-16)

Biology Advanced Veterinary / Vet Science 2 Animal Science FLEX (13-18 Yrs)

New Puppy Dog Training (13-16)

Biology Advanced Veterinary / Vet Science 2 - Animal Science FLEX (8-12 Yr)

Frozen Beginner Ballet Dance Class (Ongoing)

ESL 1:1 Tutoring With Experienced Tesol-Certified Teacher! (30 Minute Class)

Draw It: Harry the Hermit Crab

Computer Skills Elective: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel Level 2

Camp Barker: Woof-tastic Dog Club

Strength and Cardio Fitness Training

Mrs T's Reading Corner: Foundational Reading Skills for First Grade

Art 101- A Semester Long Course

Are You Superstitious?

How Do You Poop in Space?

Angie's Big Comfy Circle Time Adventure Club

Let's Learn About Pets: Show and Tell - Junior Edition

20 Minute Private Guitar Music Lessons (English or Spanish)

Marine Biology 101 - Traveling to the Deep Sea in a Submarine

Drawfully Fun Digital Art With Any Program! Art Social Club

Environmental Game Design: Topographic Maps in Zelda and Genshin Impact

1-on-1 Personalized Math Tutoring Sessions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade (Ongoing)

STEM: Building Circuit Boards With Snap Circuits - 6-Weeks

Drab to Fab: DIY Bedroom Makeover! (Flex Class)

Math Assessment for Grades 2-8

Pokemon Themed Multiplication and Division Facts Math Camp with Kahoot!

Advance Beginner Lyrical Featuring a Mini Dance Recital

Create Your Anime Character!

Heroes All Around - 3D Character Modeling 201

Basic Concepts Fun: Math In Motion - Learning Preschool Concepts in Math

Heroes All Around - 3D Character Modeling 201

Hammer Saw Drill: Intro to Woodworking (Flex Class)

Higher Level Maths Topics for Ages 14-16. (GCSE / IGCSE Course)

Advance Beginner Ballet Featuring a Mini Dance Recital

Construct: Blocks and Play Clay Dough Building Club

We Can Help!: An Intro to Community Care

Kindergarten Math and Reading

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw Zane From Ninjago

German for Beginners High School

Let's Talk About Starfish!

Flex Course Draw & Watercolor Paint "Must Love Dogs" Series ~Blow & Splatter Fun

Twisted What? The History and Secrets of Commercials!

Learn to Play Piano for Beginners Piano Adventures Level 1 FLEX Version

Twisted Geometry: Untangle Math Mysteries of Spider Webs

Preschool Experiment Explorers

Intermediate Saxophone Private Lesson

5th Grade Math - Essential Skills (Geometry, Measurement and Data, & Algebraic Thinking and Expressions)

Homework Help and Test Prep ~ Private Math Tutoring for 2nd-6th Graders

Painting Story Toward Fun Drawing

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The BIG Intelligent Chatbot Project (Flex Class)

2 Day How to Be Happy: A Life Skills Class on Achieving Happiness in Life

Outbreak: The Impact of Disease on Humanity

Fall Arts and Crafts: Handprint and Ripped Paper Apple Tree

Procreate Meet the Masters! Kandinsky & Klimt : Art History With a Digital Twist

Global Read Aloud Reading Group: "The Barren Grounds" by David A. Robertson

Grammar, Semester 1 (Part 3 of 4) 3rd-5th Grade (English, Grammar)

PRIVATE 1:1 (45 Minute): Karate Lessons With Sensei Helena!

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 8 - (Ages 13-17)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 7 - (Ages 12-16)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 6 - (Ages 11-15)

Pokemon Escape Room #2 | Escape the Poke-Centre | Small Class | Escape Rooms

Grammar, Semester 1 (Part 2 of 4) 3rd-5th Grade (English, Grammar)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 5 - (Ages 10-14)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 4 - (Ages 9-13)

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 3 - (Ages 8-12)

First Finances 3: Economics, Goods & Services, and Supply & Demand

Parts of Speech and Sentence Diagrams (ongoing)

1:1 Adulting Prep: What Are Your Preferences for Living, Learning, and Working?

Love Social Media? Explore a Career in Marketing & Content Creation

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 2 - (Ages 8-12)

STEAM Queens: Women in Science

Let's Make Dollhouse Furniture for the Living Room - FLEX Class

Let's Make Dollhouse Furniture for the Bathroom and Laundry Room_FLEX Class

Treasure Hunt: Pirate Adventure!

All About Whales! Different Types, Behaviors and More.

Writing with Wings of Fire

All About the Hippopotamus. Hip Hip Hurray! Today We Learn About Hippos

Book Links- The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart

Dragons: Behind the Legend

Learn to Draw Winged Mythical Creatures, Part 2

Young Chefs: Easy Cakes, Cookies, and Muffins — 5 Ingredients or Fewer! (FLEX)

Phonics Fun! Reading Blends, Silent e, Vowel Teams and More With Animal Facts

1-on-1 Reading Tutoring Session

Private Phonics Class: Introduction to Letters and Sounds

College Planning Seminar for High School Students

Chemistry - One-On-One Tutoring

Fashion Sketching Techniques Ongoing

Tour the Galapagos Islands & See Giant Tortoises & Other Amazing Creatures!

Curious Creatures of the Cambrian: Journey to Prehistoric Times

Adding and Subtracting 2 and 3 Digit Numbers "With Regrouping and Borrowing”

Early Reading: Reading Blended Vowel Sounds (Diphthongs)

Pete the Cat: Wheels on the Bus Read Aloud and Name Craft

Multiplication Drills and Practice With Virtual Games

Kawaii Cuteness Halloween Treats!

Little Maestros: Piano for Preschoolers Trial Edition

How Credit Cards Work & Banking Basics (Interest Rates, Late Fees & Rewards)

Procreate Digital Drawing School: Shading and Value

Money Identification and Counting With Mario (FLEX)

Star Wars Craft Class

Time to Tell the the Quarter-Hour Part 2!

How to Draw: Halloween Witch with her Black Cat and Cauldron

Basic Concept Fun: Pre-Primer and Primer Sight Word Games

Deutsch ist Klasse! - Ich Liebe Meine Familie. I Love my Family. In German

To Kill a Mockingbird: Elements of Critical Thinking Literature Circle Book Club

Halloween Hip Hop Disney Dance Break Spooktacular Vampirina With Pop-Up Class!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Club (Book 2 Rodrick Rules)

Reading Enrichment for Levels M - P/Fall

The Outsiders Reading and Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

A Semester of Middle School English: Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary

Learning Spanish! Homeschool Pod: (Beginners)

Excel Spreadsheet: Functions, Formulas, and Formatting

Time to Tell the the Quarter-Hour Part 1!

Mythical Creature Fan Club

Time to Tell the the Half-Hour!

Dance Your Wiggles Out: Fitness, Music and Fun Zumbini for Kids in Spanish.

Procreate Meet the Masters! Vincent Van Gogh : Art History With a Digital Twist!

Dance Your Wiggles Out: Fitness, Music and Fun, Zumbini for Kids 4-5 Years Old

Wild Animals Drawing Class | Easy Drawing Class for Beginners | Draw With Me

Ocean Animals | Draw With Me | Drawing Class | Draw Ocean Animals | Easy Drawing

Junior Paleontologist: Dinosaur Challenge! Prehistoric Social Club (Games + Show and Tell)

Science Class : Instinct or Learned Behavior?

Procreate Meet the Masters! Georges Seurat: Art History With a Digital Twist!

German Storytime 'Der Kleine Drache Kokosnuss: Schulfest auf dem Feuerfelsen'

Let's Make Decorative Bows

Science for Young Learners-All About Animals

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Themed Treasure Hunt

Planet Series: Our Solar System

First Grade Morning Meeting Circle Time - Ongoing

Shakespearean Acting: Tools and Techniques for Young Performers

Once Upon a Picture -Flex

Dog Man: A Reading Comprehension Adventure in Kahoot!

History Herald: Ancient History: World Civilizations & Cultures of the Past

Travel to Russia Camp: Learn, Listen and Play

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Beginners Level Latin & Intro to Ancient Rome (Part Five)

Boarwarts Academy for Witches and Wizards FLEX (11-16 yrs)

One-On-One 6 Week Intro to Hebrew 30 Min (Reading, Writing, Alphabet)

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: Innovators, Nobel Prize Winners, Artists & Activists

Spanish for Grade 3 Semester 2

Spanish for Grade 4 Semester 2

Semester 1 Spanish for Grade 4

Percy Jackson’s The Lightning Thief Summer Book Club

Show and Share Autism Tweens

Show and Share for Autism Teens

Writers Summer Camp Readiness

Third Grade Social Studies Curriculum Study- Full Year

3rd Grade Social Studies: Units 1-4 of Third Grade Social Studies

Vampires! They Don't Always Bite!

Five Little Ninjalinos: Halloween Story, Dress Up, and Costume Creation

The Decolonized Bookshelf:Books From Diverse Authors & Perspectives, Ages 11-14

1:1 Tutor- Personalized Reading Intervention

10th Grade English and Literature Semester 1

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fairy-Core Island Party

(FLEX) Let's Create Comics!

Let's Make Soft, Stretchy Slime!

Virtual Tour: Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Spanish Circle Time for Young Learners

Wings of Fire Escape Room 4 - The Gift

Writing a Descriptive Sentence

How Things Work 1: Intro to Physics (Full Curriculum Physics for Grades 4-6)

Roblox - Hide and Seek Extreme

Biology - Introduction to Zoo Animal Veterinary/Vet Care (13-18 Years)

Biology - Introduction to Zoo Animal Veterinary/ Vet Care (8-12 Years)

Let's Paint a Snowy Winter!

Crazy Critters: Write a 5-Paragraph Report (The IEW Way)

Latin Dances - Bachata, Merengue, Salsa and More

Semester 1 First Grade Math With MS Abby- Counting Sort- Math First-Grade Skills

Semester 2 First Grade Math With MS Abby- Counting Sort- Math First-Grade Skills

Accelerated Beginner French Camp - Part 4

All About Fractions

7th Grade Math Unit 1 (Integer Operations and Rational Numbers)

All Things Roos-Kangaroos, Wallaroos and Wallabies

Learn the Weather in Spanish While Drawing It and Acting It Out. (A1)

Private Essay Writing Support

The Dreaded Research Paper - How to Research and Write It!!

7th 8th 9th Grade English Testing Drills & Strategies: Grammar Writing Reading

Learn Spanish With Profe Natalia - Ongoing Class/Once per Week

Life Science- Human Body Organs N Body Systems-Review Notes and Activity-Ongoing

Animal Arts & Crafts: Patchwork Owl

Fall Arts and Crafts: Paper Quilling an Apple

Fall Arts & Crafts: Apple Tree Toilet Paper Roll

Circle Time: Kindergarten Through 1st Grade

Piano Passions Intensive

Mandarin Chinese Beginners Reading Camp - Pt. 3

Pokémon Go Raid Rally

I Got a Dog or Puppy - Now What? Tips for Training and Caring for Your New Pet.

The History and Mystery of Numbers

You CAN Draw Beautiful Flowers (Lily Edition)

Pre-Calculus - Part 2 (Semester 2)

Primary Philosophy Discussion Group: Is It Legal, Moral, Ethical?

Upper Level Art Portfolio Course for Teens- Section 1

4th 5th & 6th Grade Math Drills: Algebra Geometry Fractions Advanced Math

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