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New Classes on Outschool 2021-08-22

There are 284 new classes on Outschool the week of August 22, 2021 to August 28, 2021.

1-on-1 Piano Lessons

Fantastic Fitness Friends! Social Time, Dance & Games!

Introduction to Music Appreciation: An Overview

Procreate Meet the Masters! Paul Cezanne: Art History With a Digital Twist!

The World of Multi-Digit Multiplication 2 (Tutoring Session)

Read with Confidence! Reading Practice Group - Beginner, ESL, and Struggling Readers Welcome!

Chess for Sharks | Private Lessons

Let's Learn to Summarize

Celebrate Theory: The Royal Conservatory Music Theory Level 1

Introduction to ABC Phonics: Learning the Alphabet Through Alphatales

Ongoing Karate Personal Tuition

Blog About Trending Topics on Your Website: Creative Writing 102 (SEM 14-18)

Dungeons and Dragons Beginner Roleplaying Tabletop Role Playing Game Class

Find the Text Evidence! Reading Comprehension and Literacy Skill Development

Spanish 101: Basic Spanish

Crockpot Cooking for Dogs: Healthy Dinners, Birthday Cake, and Treats

Five Nights at Freddys Escape Room (Fnaf) Part 2! Dream World Edition

Pre-K Reading Advanced (Beginning Kindergarten) Camp

Bilingual Chinese & English Story Time - Pigs Can't Fly 小猪变形记

Journey to the Moon

Physical Science- Chemistry and Physics -Review Notes + Activity :Ongoing

Private Music Lessons - 40 Minute: Voice, Ukulele, Violin or Music Theory

Wild Animal Science: Peregrine Falcons (Ages 8-10)

Wild Animal Science: The Giant Pacific Octopus (Ages 8-10)

Violin Jump Start for Beginners!

Chinese Beginners Reading Camp - Pt. 2 (Simplified Characters)

Traveling Through America's National Parks

Race & Politics: Civic Conversations About American Policies & Challenges 15-18

Science Experiment Club Self-Paced Part 1

Easy Grammar 1: English Practice Tips!

Weekly Writing for 5th and 6th Graders

Virtual World Travel: Unesco Heritage Sites

FLEX Magic Tricks Class 3.0 Advanced Magic Perform Magic With Style 4W2

Pumpkin Paint!

Drawing Club: Learn to Draw Cute Things! Cute Animals, Landscapes, Magical Creatures, and More!

Animal Social Club | Let's Get Wild! | Age 8-11

Let's Learn English 101! One-on-One ESL Class (Ages 5-9)

"Get Moving" Scavenger Hunt

Spanish Club 1 On 1 Course (3 to 7 years old)

Creepy Cool Creatures of the Deep and the Slime Producing Hagfish

All About the Immense Pre-Historic Smilodon Saber Toothed Cat With Massive Teeth

Fun Spanish: Ongoing Club- Reading/Writing/Speaking Spanish Lower Intermed Level

Homeschool Middle School English Language Arts: World Literature, Section 2

FLEX Becoming a Good Man A Life Skills Class for Young Men 8W1

FLEX Becoming a Good Man A Life Skills Class for Young Men 8W2

Science Experiment Club Self-Paced Part 2

Project-Based Middle School English

Junior Explorers: Let's Dig Into Archaeology

3rd Grade Math: Homeschool Style

Roleplay Roblox Brookhaven! Social Class Gameplay!

Book Club: Franklin Endicott and the Third Key by Kate Dicamillo

Russian-Read and Write

Comparing Fractions: Fun Read a Loud and Hands-on Practice

Autism Among Us Social Club: Let's Do Our Tasks and Have Fun!

Pet Tales: 5-Day Comprehension Camp

D&D The Feywild Beyond w/ DM Jingleheimer

Create Your Own Minecraft Skins (Only Java Edition on Computers)

One-On-One Singapore Math Class (Grade 1 to 6: 1 Hour)

Art & Zoology : Reptiles & Amphibias. an Art & Reptiles & Amphibians Adventure

Advanced:The Hobbit Novel Study With Debra Shepherd Energetic, Certified Teacher

Awesome Science Activities for Young Learners!

(FLEX) Class: Learn to Create Animations Using Procreate | Digital Art Class

Casual English Conversations for ESL Learners (4 Students Max.)

Let’s Paint Under the Sea!

Dungeons and Dragons Creative Writing Roleplay and Class Level up With Words DND

Nature Drawing- Draw and Colour Realistic Animals, Birds, Plants and Insects

Baking: Let's Make Christmas Cake Pops

Grammar: Cracking Down on Compound Sentences With Energetic Debra Shepherd

Animal Drawing & Dress Up: Preschool & Kindergarten Math, Draw, Read & Writing

Russian Private Lessons (14-16 Years Old). Multi-day Class.

Draw, Paint, Sculpt and Explore Art History! Level 3 Art Class for Homeschoolers

French Focus: Greetings & Introductions

How to Be a Rockstar Babysitter

Multiplication Summer Camp~ Master the Times Tables ~ With Games!

Art History: Weekly Drawing and Painting Class Inspired by the Masters!

Mario Kart 8 Weekly Racing Club

Scavenger Hunt Across the Universe (Really!) Using Technology

Drawing Techniques: Complete Your Sketchbook One Sketch at a Time (Ongoing) 9-11

Drawing Animals With Colored Pencils Ages 6-8 (Ongoing)

Blog About African Studies on Your Website: Creative Writing 106 (SEM 9-13)

Blog About African Studies on Your Website: Creative Writing 106 (SEM 14-18)

Blog About Asian Studies on Your Website: Creative Writing 105 (SEM 14-18)

Blog About Asian Studies on Your Website: Creative Writing 105 (SEM 9-13)

Blog About American Studies on Your Website: Creative Writing 104 (SEM 14-18)

Blog About American Studies on Your Website: Creative Writing 104 (SEM 9-13)

Blog About European Studies on Your Website: Creative Writing 103 (SEM 14-18)

Blog About European Studies on Your Website: Creative Writing 103 (SEM 9-13)

1:1 Math Tutoring: Middle School, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I - 60 Min

Summer Art Camp: Create Like a Master Artist

Super Science: Beyond the Standards - Hands-On Activities

Math Tutoring: 25 minutes Weekly or More

St. Patrick's Day Story and Game Time!

Ongoing 1:1 Science Tutoring (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Science)

What the STEM? Five Senses Learning Lab

Math Made Easy: Ongoing Middle School and High School Math Tutoring (60 Minutes)

Magic & Math The Magical 1089!

One-On-One Hindustani (North Indian) Classical Singing 60 Mins

Draw a Real Cat ~ Learn How to Draw Bluekit a Warrior Cat

Let's Play Stardew Valley: A Social Club (PC/Mac Version Only)

Let's Talk About Anime: A Social Club (10-14)

2nd Grade Writing Curriculum (Common Core Standards): Ongoing

Geometry for Mathematicians: Proofing Geometry Math Lab Explorations

Art & Zoology Insects : Drawing Insects in Nature Art & Zoology Adventure

Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Preschool With Certified Early Childhood Educator

Wildlife Science: Giant Pacific Octopus

My Hero Academia Debate Club!

Get Ready to Read!

Full Year: 4th Grade Math (4x Week)

High School Forensics I (Semester)

Adventures in The Multiverse: A Fun Introduction on Quantum Science

Polar Minecraft Express Camp: Christmas in Minecraft (Only Java Edition)

Descriptive Writing Techniques: Alliteration, Simile, Personification, Metaphors

1:1 Learn Geography and More, Let's Travel The World Together

World History HS Modern Full Year Course Semester 1: Mid Ages - Revolutions SP

Chinese Beginners Reading Camp - Pt. 1 (Simplified Characters)

Chinese Beginners Reading Camp - Pt. 0 Radicals and Pinyin

Novel Studies 101 - Teen Book Club: The Classics (Semester class)

Practical Makeup Tips for Teen Actors

Introduction to Astronomy: 1 On1

Sight Words-I Can Read Them, I Can Spell Them!

Ocean Drawing & Dress Up: Preschool & Kindergarten Math, Draw, Read & Writing

1:1 Math Tutoring With a Special Education Teacher

Creative Writing Social Club for Girls | Unicorns, Fairies, Mermaids | Ages 9-12

Out of This World!: A Day in the Life of an Astronaut (Ages 6-9)

Let's Learn About Pets: Show and Tell

Snowy's Dough Fun!

Planet Exploration: A Journey Through the Solar System (Ages 8-12)

Hang Out & Clean Your Room!

English As A Second Language (ESL) - 1:1 English Class and Conversational Skills

Constellations: The Night Sky’s Creations (Ages 8-12)

Individual Tutoring - Single

Geology Around the World

Vehicle Design Workshop: Drawing Cars, Robots and Spaceships

Circle Time for Grade 1 and 2 - Thrice a Week - Full Year Curriculum

Private 1 on 1 Math Tutoring for Elementary Age | Practice Success in Math!

Introduction to French: Level 3 Beginner French

Race & Politics: Civic Conversations About American Policies and Challenges

Spanish Book club! Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Chess Tournaments With Grandmaster's Analyses

Session 4 - Japanese for Kidz

Creepy & Quirky SCP Field Journaling Creative Writing & Sketch Club

Wings of Fire Ultimate Fan - Special Event - New Book Release Party!

SAT Math Prep (1:1)

Two-Digit Multiplication Boot-Camp

Draw Dragons Inspired by Wings of Fire Book Covers Holiday CAMP

Art & Zoology : Ocean Animals. an Art & Zoology Ocean Animal Adventure

Beginner Sewing: Pajama Pants

One Time One-On-One Elementary Homework Help (K-6)

Let's Practice Writing With Easy Outlines Writing Club

Typing - Keyboarding-Improve Your Typing (Ongoing) (1X a Week) Ages 12 -17

Be a Coffee Shop Barista: Frappes, Teas, and Italian Soda Drinks-Teens

Mermaid Math Camp {1st Grade}

Korean Language Fun Individual Lessons Tutoring One on One Beginners to Adv.

Draw Along With Me! Step-By-Step Drawing and Social Class.

United States American History: Civil War - Now| Semester 1 of Full Year -SP

Reading Comprehension Book Club: Novel Study 2 - Wayside School Is Falling Down

Remembering 9/11 - World Trade Center Watercolor Tribute Painting With Procreate

Become a Handwriting Master!

Discover Gaudi's Architecture and Make a Craft!

Private Tutoring (45 Minute Session)

Neurodiversity Book Club (January) — "Akata Witch"

Alla Prima Art Academy: Paint Like the Expressionists

Art Club: Mastering Drawing People- Full Figures- Level 2

Algebra 1 - That Was Easy! First Semester With Certified Math Teacher

Session 3b - Japanese for Kidz

Ignite Your Artistic Spark: An Imaginative Journey Into Drawing & Creativity 108

Ignite Your Artistic Spark: An Imaginative Journey Into Drawing & Creativity 107

Singing Club: Broadway Musical Theatre Edition (Theater)

Fourth Grade Math Tutoring (on-going class)

Biology and Geology Exploration!

Younger Breath of the Wild Weekly Video Game Social Club (Ages 6-8)

Private Reading Tutoring to Help Young Readers Thrive! (Once a Week)~ One on One Tutoring

Ignite Your Artistic Spark: An Imaginative Journey Into Drawing & Creativity 105

Ignite Your Artistic Spark: An Imaginative Journey Into Drawing & Creativity 104

Draw and Sign Club (Step-By-Step Drawing and ASL Practice)

Dog and Puppy Social Discussion and Learning Club

Flute 101 Intro - Discovering the Flute

FLEX Becoming a Streamer Youtube Influencer Creating a Successful Channel 6W1

LIVE Online Art Class: Easy Acrylic Painting Series: Sunflower

Publish Your Own Book on Amazon!

One-On-One Reading/Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Clay Sculpting for Beginner+: Eevee Pokemon Evolutions

Winter Water Reflections Watercolor Class

1:1 Learn Spanish With Profe Natalia - Ongoing Private Tutoring

The Art of Argument Ongoing Club

Grade 6 Math (Ongoing M/W/F)

FLEX Business 101 for Teens How to Start a Successful Business From Hobbies 9W2

Above and Beyond: A Space Adventure!

*Astrological Horoscope Hybrid Dragons! Drawing Libra-Capricorn: Sketch Series 3

*Astrological Horoscope Hybrid Dragons! Drawing Gemini to Virgo: Sketch Series 2

*Astrological Horoscope Hybrid Dragons! Drawing Aquarius-Taurus: Sketch Series 1

5 Day The United Nations UN Sustainable Goals - How We Change the World for the

Learn About Africa: Diaspora Studies - Society, Culture, and History (Kids) YEAR 2

50 min Math Tutoring One-on-One! Algebra, High School, Grades 8, 9, 10

Pen and Pencil Dragon Eyes!

Halloween Coding Class: Code a Game in Scratch to Catch the Monsters

All About the Carnivorous Meat Eating Sundew & Cobra Lily Plants

All About Hunting Hawks & Even More About the Beautiful Red Tailed Hawk

Adventures in Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten Readiness! (Full Curriculum)

Music History Middle School Ages 11-14

Non-Fiction Elem. Book Club SUMMER CAMP! (Ages 8-13) Lexile 1000+ Advanced Readers / ESL Students Welcome

Brick Building - Halloween Theme and Storytime with Room on the Broom

Mario Maker 2 Share and Play Course Worlds Make Friends and Play Nintendo Switch

Individual French Tutoring!

Dinosaur Trivia Battle 2: Sequel to the Fun Science Trivia Game!

Primus Summer Camp: Art Academy - Paint Like Famous Artists

Emergency Preparedness: Better Prepared Than Sorry

Self-Portrait and Beyond: Creating Art and Writing About Ourselves

Advanced Math SAT Tutoring (High Level Problems Only)

D.R.E.A.M. (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Social Club/Homeroom (Ages 9-11)

Circle Time Fun: A Fun Day for Preschoolers

Class Mini / Trial: Huh? Listen & Follow Directions (2nd 3rd, 4th Gr) Ages 7-10

My 3rd Grade English Language Arts: Fantastic Feats

Draw It: Merry Monkey

Seasons of Joy: Walking the December Path

Individual Norwegian Tutoring- Learn the Language of the Vikings!

Mapping the World With Architecture

FLEX Magic Tricks Class 2.0 Intermediate Perform Magic Tricks With Style 4W2

One-On-One Tutoring (3 Days a Week)

One-On-One Math Tutoring (Twice a Week)

Private 1:1 Recurring Private Voice Lessons: 25 Minutes (Ages 5-18)

It’s All Fun and Games

Caricature: Drawing People as "Cartoons" (Weekly Club)

All Things K-Pop Fan Club!

1:1 Private Ongoing Class: 2D Cartoon Animation Help W/ Flipaclip (Ages 5-18)

Fine Motor Play: Developing Fine Motor Skills!

Ukulele Basico en Español

Stress-Free Chess and Executive Function Club: Forced Checkmates and Strategy

The Piano Path: Lessons for Inspiration and Exploration

2Nd Grade Homeschool

Magic & Math! Think of a Number!

Let's Make Doll Furniture for the Bedroom_Multi Day

1:1 Ongoing Once a Week- Crack the Code to Reading

Make a Tiny Hat for Your Piggy

Culinary Math: Weekly Cooking & Baking Club

Level 3: Wild Rumble - Beginner Coding with Tynker Junior

Creative Writing Club for Girls | Unicorns, Fairies, Mermaids & More! | Ages 6-9

Olympiad Math / Scratch/ Python for Grade 2 - Grade 7 Students (1-on-1)

Ongoing Weekly Club How Money Works Class - Understanding Money - Credit Cards - Finance Life Skills 16W2

Transformers : Trivia and Chat For Transformers Fans

All About the Color Changing Chameleon and How He Changes His Colors!

ASL--American Sign Language With Deaf Culture, History and Deaf Community 13-18

Help Write a Story: Maisel the Pirate

Semester Piano Lessons or Electronic Keyboard Lessons

Let's Learn About Coding: Minecraft Education Edition Style! 1:1 Class: 2020 HOC

FLEX Magic 101 How to Perform Card Magic & Coin Magic Tricks 6W2

Semester Recorder Class

Big, Beautiful Flowers!

Kindergarten Math Summer Review in Spanish

Gardening for Kids - Let's Make a Container Garden!

How to Draw: Halloween Cat in a Jack-O-Lantern

How to Draw: Halloween Pusheen the Cat Part 3 (Other Parts Not Required)

History Game Show: World War 2 in the Pacific Part 2

Learn How to Draw/Paint: An Adorable Giraffe!

Weekly Fun and Interactive Writing Prompts - Ongoing

Ongoing 4th Grade and 5th Grade Math in an Inclusive Setting W/ Gimkit & Kahoot

1st Grade Writing Curriculum (Common Core Standards): Ongoing

Learning to Read-Kindergarten

Understand What You Read: Master Reading Comprehension Grades 3 and 4

Dino Mask Social Club - Design & Chat About Your Original Character (OC) Mask

Show and Tell Adventures

Writing Club: Intro to Writing Sentences - Structure and Grammar

Bee Kind and Stay Calm: Self Regulation for the Young.

Third & Fourth Grade Grammar - Comprehensive Grammar Full Curriculum - 3rd & 4th

FLEX Money Life Skills How Money Works Financial Credit Cards Save Banks 4W3

Violin Lesson With Mr Giles

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring for Middle Grades Through Algebra 1

Dino Discovery Club | Junior Paleontologists Weekly Dinosaur Class

The Violent Rhetoric of Julius Caesar

Disney World Vacation Tips and Tricks

Let's Draw Kawaii Dogs!

Being a Character (Teens Version)

Criminal History Among Us: Learn Crimes and Heists in History And Play Among Us

Let’s Travel to the Continents of the World!

Mentorship: Achieving Your Goals

Let's Travel to Russia, Learn World Geography, Culture, Food, Landmarks & More

FLEX Become a Bubbleologist How To Make Giant Bubbles Performer Artist 4W2

FLEX Staff Spinning & Juggling How to Spin a Staff Like a Circus Ninja Pro 4W2

The Anime Character Drawing and Social Club!

Drawing Anime Anatomy and Style: Sketchbook Art Club!

Superhero Drawing & Dress Up: Preschool & Kindergarten Games, Read, Draw, Math

Yes, I Speak French - 1:1 Tutor (40 Mins)

Art & Automotive History-Dedicated to the Kid Who Loves Cars & Art -One on One

Learn How to Write 3D Letters!

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