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New Classes on Outschool 2021-09-05

There are 551 new classes on Outschool the week of September 5, 2021 to September 11, 2021.

Microsoft Excel for Beginners: The Pet Sitting Project

How Memory Works

Learn English for Beginners Part 2 of 7

Boat Race Adding Double Digits

Rapid Reading Growth for Young Readers Level II

ASL Gobble Gobble: Thanksgiving Signs With Teacher Brooke

ASL Boo! Halloween Signs With Teacher Brooke

PE Fitness

3- 6 Years Old Chinese Mandarin Camp for Beginners Session 10

Advanced Reading and Writing Strategies (Level 1: 4th-5th Grade)

The Owl House Social Club

ASL Feelings: Sign Your Emotions

Chess for Sparrows | Beginner Crash Course

Drawing Study: Water Droplets

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Mentor Poem: Sonnet 43)

Fun Alphabet Montessori Circle Time With Miss. Jen (Preschool-Kindergarten)

Present Like a Pro- For Public Speaking, YouTubers, Podcasters, Vloggers

Private Math Lessons - Weekly

Performing Arts Camp: Young Playwrights!

Nous Aimons Voyager ! - Basic French Travel Conversation (Small Group)

Private 1:1 Cantonese Chinese Class for Young Learners of All Levels (Ongoing)

All About Horses: Individual Class

Undertale Fan Club: Sharing Your Passion for All Things Undertale!

Happy Handwriting! Roll-A-Letter, Write-A-Letter: Capital Letters for Beginners

Giggly Group Club: Socialization and Share Opportunities for Young Learners

Ongoing - One on One Private Art and Realistic Sketching and Drawing Lesson 1:1

Tween Social Philosophical Discussion: Is It Legal, Moral, or Ethical?

Draw an Anime Head From Different Angles!

Learn how to Draw Santa Pikachu! A Fun and Easy Christmas Class for Pokémon Fans!

Grammar Tales: Alfie the Apostrophe - A Lesson on Contractions!

Abnormal Psychology

Let's Learn About the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur!

A Little Spot of Anxiety - Recognizing This BIG Feeling

Storybook Study: Creepy Pair of Underwear! (Spooky Book Club)

Storybook Study: Creepy Carrots! (Spooky Book Club)

States & Capitals - Travel the United States to Memorize Locations & Fun Facts

Battle of the Bricks! Build Like a Brick Master -STEM Challenge & Prizes!

Queer Studies Club: LGBTQ+ History, Culture, and Social Hour (14-18)

The History of Halloween - Traditions of the British Isles

Kate's Reading & Writing Book Club: Myths and Creatures (Repeat) #ukteacher

Nature Journaling for the Wild: Interesting and Unusual Birds

Math Foundations: Multi-Digit Multiplication

Math Foundations: Subtraction With Regrouping

Middle School Geography of the World: Part 3 - Russia @ the Heart of Eurasia

Halloween History Part 2: Origins of the Monsters, Ghosts & Beasts of Halloween

Welcome to Ancient Egypt - Flex Class (Age 6-8)

If I Were a Super Hero: Creative Writing (Come Make Writing Your Super Power)

Human Anatomy and Physiology- Part 2- Joints and Skeletal Movement

Human Anatomy and Physiology- Part 1- Bones

Delicious Vegan Dessert Baking

Creative Writing: How to Write a Story

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring (Grades 2-4) With a Certified Math Teacher

Dia De Los Muertos - Let's Draw: History and Sugar Skull Drawing! (Hispanic Heritage Month, Halloween, Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial)

Calm & Confident Meditation Flex Class

Writing the Research Paper -FLEX Class

Flex: Preschool & Kindergarten (Spelling, Colors, Phonics, Cursive, Art, and Activities)

Halloween Alphabet Brew

All About Doctors and Human Body Systems

Beginning High School French

Travel to 5 MORE Coolest Cities in the World Winter Camp

Nonviolent Communication for Young Learners

Drawing a Black Cat With Watercolor Pencils

Psychology in Society - High School Elective (Part 4 of 4)

Psychology in Society - High School Elective (Part 3 of 4)

Social Skills & Character Building: Learn, Laugh, & Grow (Small Class Size)

High School Language Arts: Edgar Allan Poe: A Journey Into the Macabre

Let's Explore History: Haunted and Creepy

Private Tutoring - Reading/Comprehension/Grammar/Writing

Reading, Writing, Drawing Club

Battle of the Bricks! Build Like a Brick Master -Weekly STEM Challenge & Prizes!

Learn English for Beginners Part 1 of 7

Cereal Killing With Serial Killers

Pointillism Art - Practice and Create a Small Painting

Intro to Coding With Python: Level 1

1:1 Study Skills, Executive Function, Planning, & Organization Coaching/Tutoring

Let's Learn English 201! One-on-One ESL Class (Ages 9-12)

Pokemon Chemistry: Chemical Bonds

Musical Fact Jeopardy

Inviting Creative Writing 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade: Spooky Halloween Story Writing

Fourth Grade Math Skills Lessons with a Certified Teacher (2022-2023)

Creative Writing for Beginners: Descriptive Writing: Word Webs & Sentence Frames

Two-Digit Addition Practice for Kids Ages 6-8 (Math for First and Second Grade)

Awesome Autumn! Changes We See in the Fall: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Dungeons and Dragons 055: Adventure Camp, The Legend of the Nightfang

30 Minute Ongoing 1:1 Private Oboe Lessons

Zoology Study-Venomous or Poisonous, Featuring Live Animals

Planets Drawing Class: Out of This World Modern Calligraphy Lettering Wall Art

Grammar Review Boot Camp: Parts of Speech and Building Sentences (1-week)

Marine Science - Semester 1

Grandmaster's Group Chess Lessons for 2 Kids

Private Music Lessons: Piano

Math U See Beta - 2nd Grade Math - Multiple-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Constellations Club for Teens

Become a Youtuber | Video Practice!

Super Science Tutoring: One-To-One Lessons

Tutoring Through Music, Movement & Art (1:1)

Grammar Tales: When Comma Came to Town - A Lesson on Commas!

Learn English and Have Fun With ESL

Beginners Introduction to Watercolors, Other Mediums, and Crafts

Math Mystery: The Case of the Opened Ornament Box

Wild Rescuers : Sentinels in the Deep Ocean (Book 4)

Preschool and Kindergarten Letter and Sound Recognition

Let's Play Recorder - Level 2

Grymmworld: a Queer game of Dungeons and Dragons run by a crazed theater god.

1st & 2nd Grade Math in a Small Group~ Creative, Friendly & Fun!

Animal Crossing: Friends Club - Visit Sheila's Five Star Islands Weekly

Would You Rather: Halloween Theme

1:1 Summer Math Tutoring for Pre-Algebra to Calculus or SAT/ACT Prep (50 Min)

All About Finish Carpentry With A Professional Finish Carpenter (14-18yr)

The Space Race Series Part 1: Rockets in Space (10-14)

The Space Race Series Part 1: Rockets in Space (8-10)

Etiquette, Manners, Social Skills, Oh My! - Private Lesson

X2 Day Internet Safety Class How Not to Be Scammed Fooled Tricked Conned For Money by Criminals as a Teen Summer Camp

5 Day How to Be a Good Man - For Young Men on the Important Things in Life 8-13Y 5 Day Summer Camp

Japanese Vocabulary Camp

Disney Movie/Show Club + Story Elements and Drawing!!!!

Individualized 1:1 Tutoring for Foundational Reading Skills Ongoing

Grandmaster Chess Course for Beginners

Introduction to High School Physics for All Students (1st Semester)

World Geography Part 2

Chess Coaching | 1 To 1

World Geography Part 1

English and Language Arts Private One-On-One Ongoing Weekly Tutoring

Science Time Spanish - Dinosaurios (Dinosaurs)

Biology 1:1

Stretch and Split Club for Kids

4th/5th Grade Intro to Spanish Section II

Full First Grade Curriculum

Developing Literacy Skills Through Music

Art History - Musical Instruments' Whisper in the Visual Arts, One on One

Classical Middle Grades Literature and Writing-The Twenty-One Balloons

Narnia Book Club: 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by C. S. Lewis

Travel With Me: Kyoto (15-18yrs)

Travel With Me: Kyoto

FLEX: Russia's War: An Introduction to the Crimean War

A Little Spot of Anger: Story of Emotions

Sentence Types for 2nd-4th Graders Kahoot!

Animal Spelling Test Kahoot!

Animal Adventure Workouts!

Chinese Mandarin for Beginners - Private Class One Hour (Ongoing)

Social Studies: An Ongoing Middle-School Full Semester Course

Master College Reading & Writing: A Step by Step Approach for College Success

Phonics for Reading Writing and Spelling-Level D: "Advanced Phonics" Advanced K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Decoding, Fluency, & Comprehension)

Travel With Me: Japan 3 in 1

Mind Mapping (FLEX)

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing Skills (FLEX) (Ages 13 -18)

Surrealism Art - Collage and Drawing

How to Be a Knight and Joust. Awesome Medieval History!

Intermediate Creative Cursive Writing Camp: FALL Theme (FLEX)

Disney Princess Themed Watercolors! Weekly Art Class

Explore Hispanic Culture and Travel to Mexico: The Axolotl and Xochimilco

Halloween Fun- Learn to Draw a Witch

Halloween Fun- Learn to Draw a Silly Jack-o-Lantern

Private Tutoring - Social Skills for Shy Girls

Blended Landscape: Watercolor for Beginners

1:1 Individualized Reading, Writing, and Literature Tutor

Cooking: Baking Halloween Treats: 2-Day Camp, Make Chocolate Skeleton Cookies!

Creative Writing: Fun Fiction Writing Course- FLEX Class

BTS Singing Club: Learn Korean Lyrics With BTS

Private Tutoring for English

Fairies & Gnomes - Stories and Activities: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Halloween Cute Pumpkin Cats Acrylic Painting-Halloween/Fall Art Fun

(FLEX) Hands-On 1st and 2nd Grade Math | Addition, Subtraction, and Counting

Nightmare Before Christmas Directed Drawing Art Lesson

Games with Multiplication

Earth Science 1:1

Multiplication & Math Facts Puzzles, Games, Practice and More!

Flutterbys! Comparing Butterflies and Moths: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Show and Tell With Adjectives!

Let's Doodle! Learn to Draw a Togepi Pokemon

Tutoring in Hebrew (Reading, Writing, Alphabet) (Ongoing 45 Minute Sessions)

Book Club - Little House #3 - Little House on the Prairie

Private Student Driven 2D Game Design & C# Programming - We Code YOUR Game!

Make a Birthday Card With Hand Lettering and Colorful Birthday Cake Drawing

Distributive Property: Reinforcing Negatives and Positives(Pre-Algebra)

Gymnastics: Level 1 Floor Routine

Private Tutoring for Beginning English Language Learners

Fundamentals of Personal Finance and Financial Literacy for Teens (Ages 14-18)

Design a Halloween Costume With Teacher Char - Drawing and Painting Fashion

Greek & Latin Number Roots: Imposter Style Game

Automotive - The Big Picture of Car Movement (Age 14-18)

Automotive - The Big Picture of Car Movement (Age 11-14)

Procreate for Beginners 1-on-1 Lesson: Butterfly with The Bunny Lady

Making Halloween Themed French Macarons!

Strong and Powerful Paragraphs: The Example Paragraph

Let's Learn About UNIQUE pets: Show and Tell

Private Piano Lessons-12 Lessons Session

Let's Paint a Halloween Night!-Two Day Class

1 on 1 Drawing Tutor: Private Drawing Classes

Kitchen Safety With Steve: Safe and Sanitary Food Handling (Ages 9 To 12)

Small Group Beginner Drum Workshop - All Ages!

(1:1) One on One Drawing Lessons

1 on 1 Tutoring With Ms. Angie for Ages 4-7 (Sight Words, Math, and More)

Acting and Playwriting Workshop - 6 Meeting Camp!

Multi-Day Fall Acrylic Painting Art Set: Create 4 Easy Paintings! (Ages 7-12)

Gilmore Girls Fan Club : Weekly Trivia & Fun Stars Hollow Gossip With Other Fans

1:1 Private Polymer Clay Art Sculpting Lessons for Learner Motivated Projects

Waldorf Private Writing Course

"Bedazzling Butterfly Rings" Crafts With Mrs. Allison

Small-Group Beginning/Intermediate Level Ongoing Ukulele Lesson

Creating Critical Readers: Developing Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension

Cursive and Drawing: Learn 3-4 Cursive Letters Each Week and Draw!

Spanish Preschool for Young Learners

Reoccurring Private 1:1 Spanish Tutoring!

Exciting Writing: Ongoing Club for Super Kids!

Python Coding - Create Your Own Video Game! (Once a Week, 16 Weeks)

Cute Cactus Drawing Class: Cactus Free Hugs Hand Lettering Wall Art Class

Art Class - Oil Pastel Landscape Art (Once a Week, 5 Weeks)

Basic Subtraction 1 Camp: Master Math Facts up to 10 (Multi Day)

Master Order of Operations (With Exponents)!

Master Order of Operations (No Exponents)!

Basic Addition 2 Camp: Master Math Addition Facts Sums of 10 up to 20 -Multi Day

Frog and Toad Are Friends- Reading Is Thinking! Learn Critical Reading Skills

The History of Ancient Rome I: Aeneas to the Punic Wars (FLEX Class)

Basic Addition 1 Camp: Master Math Addition Facts Sums up to 10 (Multi Day)

Spring Semester 16 Week Book Club for Students Ages 10 - 12 - New Book List

Waldorf Third and Fourth Grade Library: Halloween and Ghouls

Military History: The American Civil War

'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Study Class: Character Development, Grammar, Etc.

Rebel Girls Lead- 25 Tales of Powerful Women

Grade 5 & 6 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 2 of 3

Grade 11 & 12 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 2 of 3

Makeup Club Course (On-Going) - Colorful Dramatic Eyeshadow Looks, Beauty

Individual Japanese Tutoring!

Gamecon Side Stage: Among Us Gaming and Socializing Class

Fashion Design Creation for Costume, Cosplay, Original Characters: STEAMPUNK

Ancient Greek and Roman History

Sneaky Sneakerton the Sock That Got Away: Explore Love &Diversity FREE Printable

All About Tarantulas. Adorably Creepy Pet That Can Also Live in the Wild!

My Plain Jane Book Club

Strategic College Planning for Busy Students - Flex Class

Biology One on One

Advanced: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Novel Study With Debra Shepherd

The Venomous Komodo Dragon. World's Largest Lizard With a Toxic Bite

Flex Class - Beginner Ukulele - Part 1

(FLEX) Hands-On Multiplication Boot Camp! 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade Math

Roblox With Friends: Let's Play Spider!

Let's Count With Ten Apples up on Top by Dr. Seuss Read Aloud and Number Craft!

Exercise Routine Adventures - I Am a Pal Pirate

Christmas: Creative Makeup, Jr Ambassadors

Christmas: Creative Makeup, Ambassadors

Anime Cosplay Makeup, Ambassadors

Study Smarter: Practical Study Skills for the College-Bound Student - FLEX Class

Advanced The Lightning Thief Novel Study & Greek Mythology with Debra Shepherd

Planetary Science With Star Wars Planets

FLEX Class: Vocabulary Workshop 5 (Wraith to Collusion)

Home Economics - FCS Clothing -Fashion - Basic Sewing FLEX

Preschool /Pre K Circle Time Numbers Math Flex Class Featuring: Simple Addition!

Understanding Geometric Concepts: One-On-One Tutoring

(Pokémon Edition) We Play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Ed.

One on One Spanish Tutoring

2nd Grade | Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies - 2nd Semester

Art of Zoology: Draw Your Way Through the Study of Animals (Ages 8-10)

Interactive Writing Prompt Essay Practice With Teacher Debra Shepherd

Daily Positive Affirmations | Confidence Boosting

Grammar: Crushing Complex Sentences With Energetic Debra Shepherd

One on One Trumpet Lessons!

Reading 1:1 To Help Your Child!

Individual Math Tutoring: 45 Minutes

3rd and 4th Grade Digital Math Quest: The School Jungle Jam

Place Value Jeopardy Ice Cream Party

Igniting Creativity! One of a Kind Acrylic Castle Painting (11-16)

Let's Play Recorder! Level One Flex Option

Gluten Free, Egg Free Thumbprint Cookies! (10-13)

Let's Play Recorder! Level Two Flex Option

4th and 5th Grade Digital Math Mystery: The Case of the Super Bad Superhero

Math: Review of Multiplication

Book Club on 'The Hobbit' by J. R. R. Tolkien

2nd and 3rd Grade Digital Math Mystery: The Case of the Super Bad Superhero

Fall Pumpkin Paper Craft for Developing Fine Motor Skills

Draw Wings of Fire Inspired Dragon ~ Rainwing Glory & Sloth Easy Step by Step

Learn How to Draw Realistic Mushrooms ~ Step by Step With Graphite Pencils

Draw Dragon Inspired by Wings of Fire Silkwing Luna

~3rd and 4th Grade Digital Math Quest: The Raiders of the Lost Egg (Easter)

~2nd and 3rd Grade Digital Math Quest: The Raiders of the Lost Egg (Easter)

Draw Dragon Inspired by Wings of Fire Rainwing Glory

Sewing & Fashion Design 101: Project Hit the Runway

~Seasonal-- 4th/5th Gr. Digital Math Quest: Over the Rainbow (St. Patrick's Day)

Chinese Mandarin for Intermediate - Weekend Private Class 30 Minutes (Ongoing)

~Seasonal-- Adv. 3rd/4th Grade Digital Mystery Math: Case of the Christmas Chaos

Improve Grades, Test Scores, & Confidence | 1:1 Private Math Tutoring

Kawaii Cuteness Thanksgiving Feast

Math Tutoring Just for You

Kawaii Cuteness Birds

Ancient Ruins Escape Room Maze Your own Story: Mazing U Escape Rooms

~Seasonal-- 2nd and 3rd Grade Digital Mystery Math: Case of the Christmas Chaos

Cooking Crepes With Madame Crouse & Speak French!

Create Your Own Virtual Background for Zoom Classes | Digital Design | Canva

Writing Tutor Session

Waldorf Library: Kindergarten Pumpkin Story Time

Certified English Teacher/Author Offering Academic & Creative Writing Tutoring!

ESL VIP Club! - English Second Language Small Group Reading and Conversation

Writing Club: Fiction Writing Workshop Ongoing Class

Earth Science for Middle Schoolers- A Project and Discussion Based Course

Art of Paleontology: Draw Your Way Through Prehistoric Animals (Ages 8-10)

Ongoing 1:1 Piano Lessons - Beginner (Ages 5-10)

The Writer’s Boot Camp: The Five Paragraph Essay (Sandwich, Color Coding, and Candy Method)

Animal Acrostics

Money. Money. Money: The Financial Literacy Ongoing Class

Dungeon and Dragon's Wednesday Adventurer's Guild

Fall & Halloween Story, Show & Tell, & Craft Class

Ongoing 1st Grade Math Class

Make Spooky Halloween Treats Using Marshmallows & Pretzels

Preschool Power Pals!

Ongoing 4th Grade Math Class

SpongeBob's Intro to English

Ongoing 3rd Grade Math Class

Octonauts Social Club

Listen, Learn, Love, Teacher Read Aloud! - Junie B. Jones Books #1-4

Ongoing Kindergarten Math Course

Current Events in Space Technology and Rocket Launches as They Happen! 5-7yo

Coding with Minecraft

Strategies for Advanced Multi-Digit Multiplication

Animals of Anime! Lets Draw More Cute and Fun Anime / Manga Animals

Book Club - Little House #1 - Little House in the Big Woods

Home Economics - Family Consumer Sciences -Positive Choices (FLEX)

Philosophy for Real! (Flex Schedule + Teacher-Student Meetings)

American History: States History Flex Part 3

American History: States History Flex Part 2

American History: States History Flex Part 2 (8-12)

American History: States History Flex Part 1 (8-12)

American History: States History Flex Part 1

Race to the Moon: The Apollo Program

What's in My Backyard?

Solo Adventure #3 (An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

FLEX Course Draw & Paint Star Wars Fun~ Mandalorian, Grogu, Porg, Ewok, Jawa

Happy Birthday, Washington State! a Celebration of the 42nd State in the USA

Fall Fun Fairy Thanksgiving Dance Party! Gobble Wobble Fitness With Pop-Up Class

Private Princess Tea Party Birthday Party : Celebrate Your Birthday Like Royalty

Dinosaur Preschool Drawing: Reading, Singing, Draw, ABCs, Dress Up,Writing, Math

The Endless Paper Drawing Club

Draw, Paint and Create Two Unique Pop-Up 3D Christmas Cards!

Create a Digital Thankfulness and Gratitude Card |

~Seasonal-- 4th/5th Grade Digital Math Mystery: Case of the Thanksgiving Thief

~Seasonal-- 3rd/4th Grade Digital Math Mystery: Case of the Thanksgiving Thief

~Seasonal-- 2nd/3rd Grade Digital Math Mystery: Case of the Thanksgiving Thief

Flex Class: The Write Club, Session 4

Intro to Art History for High School IV (Indigenous North and South America)

Private Piano Lessons With Weekly Specialty Lesson | Ongoing

Roblox With Friends: Work at a Pizza Place

Halloween Drawing - Black Cat

Summer SAT Boot Camp #2 (Focus=Literature Passages) (5 Days)

Online Sketching and Shading Class: Drawing People and Faces

Marine Biology: Marine Ecosystems & Research Organisms in Them! 14Wk (Age 9-12)

6th Grade Math Unit #2 (of 4): Computation [FLEX Class]

Private Clarinet Lessons | Ongoing | Beginner or Intermediate

Weekly Private Tutoring : Reading With Rachel

1:1 Psychology

1-On-1 Creative Writing Tutoring and Homework Help

Brain Games: Experience the World With Your Fascinating Brain (Ages 7-10)

Middle School Physical Science-Semester 2

Cryptography 101

One-On-One Private Art Class (Ongoing) [by Request]

Let Your Writing Sparkle: How to Write a Diamante Poem

What Did I Miss? One-On-One Private Tutoring in Writing (90 Minutes)

Build a Bed Time and Morning Routine - Open to All Learners | ADHD Friendly

~Seasonal-- DIVISION Digital Mystery Math: Case of the Zombie Elves

Grammar Tales: A Mega-Deluxe Capitalization Machine! A Lesson on Capitalization

The Basics of Art: Principles and Elements for Art History (9-12)

Storytime! Let's Read a Book Together for Preschool and Kindergarten Students

Second Grade Social Studies Ongoing Class Full Year Curriculum

Step Into a Painting; 'The Starry Night' Using Works of Art to Inspire Writing.

30 min Math Tutoring One-on-One Personalized Classes 4th, 5th ,6th, 7th One-Time

Private Music Lessons 1-to-1 With Teacher Liz

Happy Birthday, North Carolina! a Celebration of the 12th State in the USA

Private Math Tutor: Fun, Engaging and Relational Instruction

Word Problems? Not a Problem! Math Word Problem Tutoring

Home Economics - Family Consumer Sciences Housing & Interior Design (FLEX)

Draw It: Snake

Introduction to Business

FLEX Creating an Influencer Youtube Channel and How Video Editing Is Done Right 6W1

Intensive Middle School Human Biology-Part 2

A Gaming Club: Roblox Business Edition

Kid Travelers: An Ongoing Geography Country Study Adventure

All About Apples!

Art by April: Acrylic Painting Club for Tweens and Teens

Fun and Encouraging 1:1 Math Tutoring: Grades 4th - 6th

Introduction to Engineering (STEM): Let's Have Fun Being Engineers!

Be a Super Reader: 1 On 1 Reading Class

Science Day! A Weekly Science Experiment Class for Curious Kids

Flex Class: The Write Club, Session 5

Landscape - Art in the Style of Gauguin

Reading Comprehension Club: Non-Fiction Practice (October) Grade 4/5/6

1 on 1 Recurring Private Voice Lessons: 40 Minutes

Let's Learn English: Daily Journaling Series 3 with Teacher Helen

Piano Success in 20 Minutes | Ongoing

1:1 Math Tutoring Twice Weekly for Ages 10-18 ONGOING

Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Yellow Belt

1:1 Private Spanish Lessons or Tutoring (One-Time)

Marine Biology Ocean Explorers Club (1 X Week)

Ever Wonder? Story of Crayola & Lego

Spooky Snacks & Crafts Fall Camp

Superhero Fitness+ 30-Day Challenge!

I Once Met a Hippo!

Have Fun Writing!: A Quick Creative Writing Class

Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Writing Tutoring

|Welcome to the Haus| Six: The Musical on Broadway Chat and Cosplay Social Club

Math/Dyscalculia - Individualized Intervention/Tutor

Hindi for Beginners Level 1 (Once a Week, 12 Weeks)

Mini Book Writing Making Your Own Paper Book - Ages 7 to 10

Learning to Love Literature- Introduction to the Tragedy of Macbeth

Little Explorers Travel Club: Hispanic Culture in Mexico

Literature Circle of Fun! Reading Comprehension Skills-2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade

Rutan Clan Book Club: Student's Choice (Age 11-14)

History of South Asia (Part 1: Ancient & Medieval)

Escape the State: Travel the 50 States

Science Flex: Gravity, Friction, and Magnets, Oh My!: A Study in Earth's Forces

Nonprofits 101: How to Start a Nonprofit From Beginning to End, Ages 13-18

Read With Pinkalicious and Friends: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

Jump into a Princess Story Time Adventure with Teacher Cassidy!

First Grade Private Tutoring

Psychology of Life and Learning - Flex Version

Key Principles of Social Psychology - Flex Version

All About the Egg Laying Echidna Mammal. A Strange Wonder of the Animal World!

ASL II of Fleetwood Academy for High School Students

All About the Egg Laying & Venomous Platypus Mammal. Strange Wonder of the World

7th, 8th, 9th English/Lit

More 5 Day Comprehension Camp With Little Critters!

Tails of Equestria a Story Telling Game RPG Play as a Pony Unicorn or Pegasus

Famous Racehorses From Around the Globe

5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp With Little Critters!

American Sign Language (ASL) & the Deaf Community 7-12 Part 1--4 Weeks

Multiplying & Dividing Decimals

Kindergarten French Phonics: Exploring Letters in French Through Songs and Play!

Operations with Integers

The Reading Detectives Club-Comprehension Strategies-Third & Fourth Grade

Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grades

Do You Think Uke Can Dance?

Saxophones Take Flight: Beginning Saxophone Class - Level 1

The Story of Life: Part 1 (Full Curriculum Grades 1-3)

Western Sunset - Paint and Paper Silhouette Art

Montessori Culture Club: The Layers of Our Atmosphere

Virtual Reality Social Club: A Township Tale! (Meta / Oculus Quest 2 Required)

Teens: Graphic Design: Introduction to Canva - Digital Poster (Age 13-17)

Second Grade Morning Meeting - Ongoing

Writing in Secret Codes

How to Successfully Write a Personal Narrative

Circle Time - Dance, Story and Craft - Ongoing Class (Ages 5-7) - 3x/week

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter - Fascinating Facts About Grace Darling

A B C's for ESL/EFL Learners

Fall Fun Extravaganza! Fall Cooking, STEAM Activities, and More!

Marine Biology - 5 Week Cephalopod Course: Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish, Nautilus

Cubist Collage - Art With Paper and Markers

Piano 1:1 Lessons Once a Week

(FLEX) Baking for Beginners: A Flex Class to Learn in the Kitchen

Essay Writing Practice--5 Paragraph Essays

Introduction to Creative Writing

Halloween Fun Direct to Draw

Rainforest Ecosystems | Plants and Animals of the Rainforest | EdZOOcating

Chemistry Lite - Spring Semester

Make 4 Different Flavors of Hot Chocolate Bombs!

1:1 Individual Spelling Session (60 Minute)

Arctic Ecosystems | Discovering the Tundra and Boreal Forest | Edzoocating

ProCreate Animal Painting | Easy & Fun (70 min, weekly)

Haunted House Direct to Draw

Indoor Gardening Club: Grow Vegetables for Salads in 7 Days

Read, Write, Draw and Learn Wild Animal Fun

Flexible Schedule Historical Thinking Skills: Analyzing Sources for Teenagers

Carnivorous Plants - Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, and More!

Our Favorite Characters Show & Tell: An Ongoing Social Club for Ages 3-8

Multiplication for Beginners

Procreate Meet the Masters! Miro Snowperson: Art History With a Digital Twist!

Algebra Skills Practice and Support | One-On-One | Weekly Tutoring

Super Stars! Personalized Tutoring

Procreate Meet the Masters! Paul Klee Turkeys: Art History With a Digital Twist

Introduction to Art for High School (Semester 2)

Little Chef Baking School: Let's Bake Snickerdoodle Cookies

Pokémon Dinosaurs and Paleontology

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: A Woodland Gnome

Beginnings With Arabic: Level 1

Preschool/Early Elementary French With Madame Crouse

Constellations Club

Reading & Writing Through Exploration: Searching for Octopuses

Third Grade Math: Fun and Engaging 3rd Grade Mathematics {FULL CURRICULUM}

Pup Patrol Art Class (2X a Week - Ages 3-6)

Fishbowl Speeches: Public Speaking Practice!

High School Science Themed Book Club

Little Ninjas

Hands On Math "Multi-day Class"

I Can Be Gluten-Free: Cooking and Baking Club! (Ages 9-12)

Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics by Chris Grabenstein Book Study»

Pernicious Pirates! Weekly Lessons on Your Favorite Pirates

William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth': In-Depth Course

Halloween Activities - Crafts & Treats to Make

Private Sentence Diagramming and Grammar Tutoring (Flex Schedule)

Early Writers: Writing Skills Practice Club

I Like Myself! Book Study: A Young Lady's Guide to Self-Love and Empowerment!

Design a Resume or CV That Will Get You Noticed!

Resume Writing 101 - Learn the Basics of Resume Writing

Girl Power: Conversations for Girls

Private Tutoring - Public Speaking, Resume Writing and Other Life Skills!

Tips From a Prof: How to Succeed in College and University

Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out! Learn How to Build an Amazing LinkedIn Profile

The Gift of Gab - Come Chat With Us! (Ages 11-14)

*WARRIOR CATS! Sketching Existing Warriors Plus Your Original Concept Art: Flex

Music Appreciation - The History of Western Music

Frozen Themed Dance Party: A Ballet Class of Frozen Fun

Vivaldi's Autumn: Classical Music, Story, Game, Craft, and More!

Creative Writing: Let’s Write About Strange Writing Prompts

One-To-One Personal Tutoring - Spanish - 30 Minute Ongoing Beginners to Advanced

Learn Spanish With a Certified Teacher: 1-On-1 Spanish for Kids! (25 Mins)

One Time Kids Guitar Lesson: 1 on 1

Giant Manta Ray

One-Time Private Guitar Lesson: 1 on 1

Singing in Virtual Voice Class

Let's Play Commander! (Magic: The Gathering)

Teacher Jill's Science Class: Let's Make Fingerprints!

ESL English Second Language Group Class

Happy Catoween: A Warrior Cat Spooky Leaf-fall Festival

Boo! Halloween Ghost Sculptures With Air Dry or Polymer Clay

Flying Turkeys: Thanksgiving STEM

Manners! Etiquette Please and Thank You. Learn to Show Respect Past Excuse Me

"Little Writer’s Workshop"

LOL & OMG Doll Christmas Craft and Play Party! Make, Share and Dance!

Level 1 - Christmastime Piano Lessons With Hannah!

Sketch It Out!

4th Grade Complete Curriculum: Part II

3rd Grade Complete Curriculum (semester course)

'Tis the Season - Come Learn Some Christmas Songs With Me! - Primer Level

Private Dance Lesson

Monster Madness- Learn to Draw a Monster

Frankly, We Love Drawing! Learn to Draw Frankenstein

World Geography K - 2nd Grade

Draw and Paint in Procreate: Beginner’s Edition

Man Hunt: Escape Room

How to Draw: Kawaii Cats in Halloween Costumes!

Happy Fall Y'all! Learn to Draw a Scarecrow

Semi-Private Russian Language Class

Friendship Circle Time With a Real Princess: Preschool and Kindergarten Prep

Voice Over Club (7-10): Learn Improv, Acting & Voice-Over for Film & Animation

Voice Over Club (10-13): Learn Improv, Acting & Voice-Over for Film & Animation

The International Relations Debate Club

Art of Anatomy: Anatomy Component

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Robin Hood (Level 3) Part One

Life on the Cattle Ranch - Problem Solving, Kahoot, and Critical Thinking!

Welcome to Ancient Egypt - Multi Day Class

Let's Practice Math: Math Tutoring Session

1-on-1 Lower Elementary Math Tutoring: Blast off Into Math! (K-2)

1-on-1 Lower Elementary Tutoring: Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, & Reading Skills

This Is a Great Time to Get Ahead in Math

Soft Skills: Elementary Life Essentials

A Spooky Witch's Halloween Brew and the Biology Behind It

Kindergarten Language Arts - Reading, Writing, and Phonics (Ongoing 3x Weekly)

Farm Animal Friends Art Class (2X a Week - Ages 3-6)

Nintendo Switch Mario & Luigi Gaming Summer Camp

FLEX Chef's Cooking Club: Mexican Street Food and American Desserts

Escape the Haunted House! A Spooky Escape Room for Halloween

Elementary and Middle School Tutoring (Ongoing)

Grandmaster's Private Chess Lessons

History of Halloween 🎃

Little Princess Magical Math (Numbers 1-10)

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