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New Classes on Outschool 2020-10-18

There are 304 new classes on Outschool the week of October 18, 2020 to October 24, 2020.

Popcorn Ponderings: Lit Analysis With Film

English Grammar : Introduction Linking Verbs in Sentences

Classic Literature - A Novel Study (Middle School)

Comparative Religions: An in-Depth Look for Ages 13-18 (Semester Course)

Snowy Owl Draw and Paint Acrylic Art Class

Read Between the Lines: Inferences in Text, Comics, and Film

One-On-One Tutoring for Reading Success: 3 Lessons

Barn Dancing Farm Animals: Let's Read, Sing, Write & Color

Junior Bodybuilders Workout Club- Full Body Exercise for Active Fun and Fitness!

Spanish Immersion for Beginners (Meets Twice a Week)

Little Bodybuilders Workout Club- Fitness, Active Fun, Exercise, & Socialize

Stress Relief and Mindful Self-Care for High School Students

We're on a Roll! Our Favorite Patrol Pups Are Community Helpers

Tagalog 5-Day Summer Camp - Tungkol Sa Akin (All About Me)

U.S. Current Events in Context: Government, Politics, Elections & History

Anime and Manga Discussion Club!

Lights Out! Interactive Story Time with Hand Shadows

The Art and Magic of Writing

K-8 Reading Customized Tutoring for Special Needs - 3 Times Weekly

A Camp Christmas: WWII POWs During the Holidays

Let's Dance: Encanto!

Google Academy: Google Slides for Beginners

Vocabulary Detectives: Word Ladder Puzzle Class (Ages 7-9)

Ongoing Tutoring in English Language Arts (Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Reading)

Vocabulary Detectives: Word Ladder Puzzle Class (Ages 10-12)

Private Singing/voice Lessons - Learn Singing And Music Techniques One-on-one!

Weekly Themed Tagalog Lessons for Beginners

Minecraft: Yoshi's Realms (Bedrock Only, No Java)

Classical Ballet for 6-11 Years Old

Hip Hop Dance Camp

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners, One on One - Trial Class

Ready or Not, Here Comes 7th Grade!

Building a Gaming Computer- Private Tutorial and Advice on Saving Money

Weather Weekly! (Ages 8-12)

College Application Personal Statement & Supplemental Essay Tutoring (1 Hour)

History of the World: Medieval, Early Modern, and Empires

Ongoing Tutoring in English Language Arts (Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Reading)

One-On-One Practice (Multi-Day-One)

Sensory Storybooks: A STEAM Experience

Creativity Club: Coloring, Creating, and Stories

Beginning Spanish with Allie (Part 1)

Scandinavian Storytelling: Hygge, Tomten, Gnomes, and More

Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent: Shakespeare's Richard III

Flora and Ulysses: Book Club Fun With Escape Room

Halloween Party Making Edible Wands (Chocolate Covered Pretzels Beginner Baking)

Kahoot Geography: 50 States (and Capitals) of the USA (1x for 6 Weeks)

The Tale of Despereaux: Book Club Fun With Escape Room

'T' Is for Tyrannosaurus Rex! Letter Tracing and Facts About This Dinosaur!

The Sisterhood: Creative Writing & Social Club (13-18)

Let's Count American Money With a Sepecial Education Teacher

SELF-Paced Social Skills Course: The Power of Positive Thinking & Self-Awareness

Crossing to the Other Side... of Zero! Addition Using Negative Numbers

Write Like a Ninja - Developing Beginning Writing Skills

How to Train Your Dog to Help Others

Thanksgiving Story & Craft Class

1-on-1 Speaking or Acting with Professional Director/Actor/Speaker (30 mins)

Learn and Be Active - A Field Hockey Sports Camp for Beginners

Snow: Hands on Science!

Private Tutoring

More Than Once Tutoring: Let Me Help! Reading and/or Math Tutor (Certified Teacher 1st-6Th Grade)

Private Violin Lessons Ongoing

Born Baker Oh Crêpe! a French Pastry Workshop Baking With Our Chefs

Rain and Clouds: Hands on Science!

Author's Purpose Easy as "PIE"

Earth Science Exploration Club!

Private Tutoring: Your One Stop Shop for Motivated or Reluctant Writers

Intro to Drawing and Shading Using the Basic Shapes of Art

Spanish 1 for Middle and High School: Second Semester

A Cut Above: Intro to Sophisticated Writing

Art Illusion With Pets

Your Very First Spanish Class Part 1 | 5-day Camp

Jerome the Gnome Saves Christmas

Arguments and Debates: How to Win Your Case

Private Singing/Voice Lessons - 1:1 Coaching for Beginners/Young Learners

Unleash Your Superpower: Draw Epic Characters Have Fun & Friends!

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 4 Ages 5 To 8

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 4 Ages 13 To 18

Spanish 3 for High School Students With SeÑOra Nicely!

1:1 Writing Tutoring: Individual Attention to Your Unique Writing Needs

Epic Pokemon Summer Camp!

Start With Art: This Is Me!

Spanish Individual Tutoring - Package Of 10

Love to Dance - Let's Start Dancing (Ballet Elements) - Ages 3-5

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat in the Summer Part 1 | Art Class

Christmas & Winter Story & Fun Themed Craft Project

Creative Writing Short Story Telling

Private Tutoring in Early Literacy Skills: 2nd grade.

Pokemon Club for Pokemon Fans!

Piano Chording Camp - The Next Step

Holiday Songs for Piano; Two-Hand Songs

Ms Ella’s Circle Time Adventure (Letters, Phonics, Math & More 4x/Week)

Christmas STEM Camp Part Two

Christmas STEM Camp

Poet of the Piano - Frederic Chopin

Robotics STEM Club: Cracking the mBot Robots Code: for Young Robotics Enthusiasts

Let's Draw & Craft Three Different Christmas Cards!

Speak SPANISH with a Native, K3 to 1st Grade (1x week)

Algebra 1 for Mathematicians: Functional Algebra 1 Math Course (2 Semesters)

Let's Draw an Amazing Christmas Scene!

Let's Draw & Craft a Christmas Ornament!

Essay Writing For Beginners

Private Tutor: English Language Arts (1 Hour)

Private Drum Lesson (Ages 11 - 16)

The Ultimate Disney Princess Drawing Club | Art Class

Holly Jolly Christmas Movie Club!

Among Us Social Club

Scrooged: A Literary Study of "A Christmas Carol"

Axis and Allies:

1 on 1 Algebra 1, Pre Algebra or Integrated 1 Math Tutoring

Let's Study Life! An Introduction to Biology FLEX

Learning ASL: Beginners Part 4 Ages 9 To 12

Personalized Private Reading Tutoring for 10-14 Years

One Time Private Piano Lesson With Mrs. Karen

Peaceful Heart Mindfulness Meditations to Enjoy Ongoing Inner Calmness - 1:1

Book Study: Merlin Missions Christmas in Camelot!

Creature Feature: Sea Turtles (Animal, Marine Biology)

Intro to Three Calming Mindfulness Meditation Gems - One on One

Virology Course in Minecraft: Life-Cycle of a Virus (5-Session)

Economics: Christmas Edition~Needs/Wants~Consumers/Producers~Goods/Services~US coins

Google Slides Fun: Build a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern - Digital Art Craft

Back to School Math Bootcamp: 4th & 5th Grade-Division, Multiplication, Fraction

Among Us Game Play! Airship Map! Summer Break

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Spy Party, Save the Bank and Learn to Decode Ciphers

Personalized Private Reading Tutoring for 4-9 Year Olds

Holiday Songs for Piano; One Hand at a Time

D&D Descent Into Avernus w/ Jingleheimer (A Dungeons and Dragons Game)

Gingerbread Girl~Story Time~ Fluency and Expression~ Reading Comprehension

3 X 3 Rubik's Cube Club for Beginners (Ages 9-14)

Storytime: If You Take a Mouse to the Movies Story and Craft!

Siphonophores: Little Known Beauties of the Sea in Marine Biology Part 1

Struggling Reader? Decoding Survey and Fluency Check for Grades 2-12

Yoga and Mindfulness for Self Esteem

Fun Thanksgiving Class for Young Learners

Middle School and High School Level Spanish- Private Tutoring for All Levels

Phonics Fun With Ocean Animals

Halloween Is Here Let's Paint the Witches

My Tree of Joy Watercolor Art: What Makes You Happy?

Homeschool Chat Kids Club

Just Write! Intro to Writing Short Stories

Pete the Cat and the Itsy Bitsy Spider! Story Time Reading With Teacher Dianne

When Hearing "No" is No Fun, Learn New Ways to Be Okay!

Should I Do That?- Understanding Consequences

Reading Short Vowels CVC (Phonics)

2 Day Awesome Card Magic Tricks for the Perfect Christmas Party Fun

Little World Explorers

Private Math Tutor (One Time Class) Grades 3-8 Included Prealgebra and Algebra

Spice up Your Writing: Creative Writing Exercises for Young and Talented Writers (9–13)

Drawing Pokemon: Eevee

Popcorn Reading with a Twist: 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension and Sight Words

Drawing Pokemon: Charmander

Play the Keys: All Ages

Raise Your Voice: One on One Singing Lessons for Any Age

Learn to Draw Cartoon Animals (Ongoing)

Dungeons and Dragons The Shattered Obelisk

Learn to Rock: One on One Guitar Lessons for Any Age

Descriptive Writing: Fall Foliage

Preschool (PreK) Time With Ms Kristy

Coach Hall's AP® Lang Tutoring (40 Minutes)

Drawing Pokemon: Pikachu

The Premier League Football (Soccer) Club!

Let's Write Letters to Santa!

Transform Anxiety, Negative Thinking, and Anger Into Resilience 9-12

Percy Jackson Book Club: The Lightning Thief!

Learn How to Read

Because of Winn-Dixie: Book Club Fun With Escape Room

Ongoing Adventures (Continent Series #2)(An Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

The Alaska Triangle: A Place of Mystery

Are You a Sensory Seeker or a Sensory Avoider? (Ages 8-12)

Spooky Short Stories Book Study: Out to Get You 13 Tales of Weirdness and Woe

Bill of Rights Day - The US Celebrates the 1st 10 Amendments

A Miraculous Journey: Book Club Fun With Escape Room

English Language: Conversation Class Private 1:1 Tuition for confident communication

Reading Part 3 With Mrs. Bell

Girls Club: Princesses, Fairy Tales, Coloring, Show & Tell, Stories, & More!

Science Basics - Intro to Chemistry II (One Week)

Science Basics - Intro to Chemistry (One Week)

Beginner Typing or Keyboarding 101: Type Like a Pro Ongoing

Social Group for Shy Girls

Emotional Management for Teens

Positive Affirmations Watercolor Art: I Am Strong Like a Lion...

Math Level 1A Singapore Dimensions Curriculum

Pre-K Sight Word Bootcamp

Acrylic Painting Club: Paint Animals, Landscapes, and More! the Art in Steam

Z Book Study: Reading & Discussing "Animal Farm" by George Orwell for Teens

Owning a Rabbit 201: How to Care for Your Pet Bunny

Fall Tree Acrylic Painting

Drop-In Weekly Art Class: Learn to Draw Animals for Age 3-8

Small Classes! Preschool With Ms. Britney: Letters, Numbers, Stories, Art & Fun

Draw a Cat: Sketch a Tabby Cat

1:1 Math Tutoring 6th -9th Grades for 1 Day-One Student at a Time

The Outschool Gambit | Weekly Chess Tournaments and Social Chess Club (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

LOL Dolls - Show and Tell

Yoga in Russian! Theme: 5 Senses. Sight, Smell, Touch, Sound, Taste

Public Speaking for Kids

Intro to Research: Animals (8-12)

Sports and PE: Private Hockey Class - By Request

Book Coaching/Tutoring for Creative Writing

Sports and PE Camp: Hockey Fun and Exercise! (3-6 y/o, Ongoing Class)

Sports and PE Camp: Hockey Fun and Exercise! PART 1 (7-13 y/o, Ongoing Class)

Reviewing Parts of Speech With Mad Libs (Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Verbs)

Calming Your Race Car Brain Pt 1: Improving Focus & Attention

Reel Talk: Representation in Pop Culture & Entertainment (Social Group)

Individual Tutoring - Learning Math Skills

Fun Introduction to Playing Piano / Keyboard Beginner Music Class for Kids

Fun Intro to Playing Piano / Electric Keyboard Beginner Music Class

“Getting Ready for Third Grade and Beyond” (Ages 7-10)

Roblox Brookhaven Social Club

STEM: Built It! Engineering on-Going Club

Reasoning With Benchmark Fractions

Weekly Themed Preschool - American Sign Language (ASL) Class #Confidence

Review: Single-Digit Long Division

English Grammar: Introduction to Verbs and Helping Verbs in Sentences

Social Group for Teens With Autism 16-18

We Declare! : An Introduction to the Declaration of Independence

My Little Pony: Make and Bake Easy Treats With Your Favorite Ponies!

1 Day 1-2-1 Create a Holiday Christmas Bubble Show to Amaze Your Friends

Robotics Club: Crack the EV3 Mindstorms Code! for Robotics Enthusiasts

Treasure Hunt: Solve the Clue, Find Your Treasure, Show and Share

Magic Masterclass #1 - Learn the Torn & Restored Tissue Trick

Math: Rounding Those Numbers

Language Arts: Combining Sentences: Compound Sentences

Chibi Anime Art!!!

Science & Technology Advancements (Level 7)

Learn French with Ms. Erika: Weekly French Class Level 2

Would You Rather? Halloween Version

Procreate Kawaii Club: A Digital Painting Club for 9-10 Year Olds!

Private Reading Tutor: 1-on-1 Reading Tutoring for Kindergarten to Third Grade

Individual Math Tutoring: One-on-One

Social Studies for Fifth Grade - U.S. History - Part II

Reading Comprehension and Fluency - BECOME A READING DETECTIVE - 1st 2nd 3rd

Creature Feature: Otters (Animal, Marine Biology)

Dragon and OC Social Drawing Club! | Chat, Draw, Share Art!

Private, One-On-One Writing Class With a Certified Creative Writing Teacher

Let's Read and Play! Reading Practice and Games for K-1st| Reading Club~3X/Wk

Japanese Conversation: Individual Tutoring (One-Time 50-Minute Session)

Stretch and Flexibility Class for Dance, Gymnastics and Figure Skating

Stock Market for Beginners

Convict to Dictator: Hitler's Inexplicable Rise to Germany's Fuhrer

The Final Solution: How did the Holocaust Happen?

Introduction to Procreate 1: Let's Get Started With Digital Drawing! Ages 7-9

Introduction to French - Part 1 - Ages 6-10

French Halloween Class for Beginners- Vocabulary and Bingo Fun!

Positive and Negative Integers - Add and Subtract

STEM for Little Learners: Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment

Moana Magic ~ Island Princess Ballet Dance Class

Draw a Little Voter in the USA: Celebrate Independence Day (4th of July)

Celebrating Samhain: Halloween Folklore and Traditions

Little Astronauts!

The Exciting World of Military Aircraft

Bookworms Create: Get Creative With Classic Literature!

Dog Man Book Club (Book #9 and #10)

Let's Construct a Solar/Battery Car

Weekly Book Club for Gifted Kids Who Love to Read and Discuss!

Little Learner League: Let's Create Shape Monsters

Science With Miss Robyn: Chemistry: All You Need to Know About Atoms

ASL 2 - Intermediate American Sign Language Fall Class (Ages 12-17)

Yugioh Club (Intermediate/International Players) - Live Chats and Discussions

Yugioh Club (Advanced Players) - Live Discussions and Dueling

An Exploration of the United States of America - FLEX Version - Semester Long

ASL 1 - Beginners American Sign Language Fall Class (Ages 7-11)

Essay Writing for High School (Semester)

Bullet Journaling: Learn to Create Fun Doodles & Borders

Drawing Dragons: Art Inspired by Wings of Fire (Beginners)

Reading Comprehension and Writing Class- Both Subjects 3rd 4th & 5th Grade

5 Day Pre-K: Reading and Math Skills Through Stories, Games, Songs, Rhymes

Preschool Interactive Full Curriculum 3 Times Weekly

Among Us Weekly Social Club

Weekly Etiquette Lessons for Children

Among Us Teens Weekly Social Club

Pet/Mount Adventure (Loyalty)(an Unofficial Druidawn® Adventure)

Montessori Reading & Writing: Word Study for Emerging Readers 2x/Week

Reading Comprehension ~(Tutoring 1:1)

Escape Room Mania: A Breakout Science Adventure (Part 2)

Escape Room Mania: A Breakout Science Adventure (Part 1)

Preschool Interactive Full Curriculum

ASL 1 - Beginners American Sign Language Fall Class (Ages 12-17)

Multi - Step Equations and Inequalities Solved in Easy Steps

One or Two Step Equations and Inequalities Solved in Easy Steps

Animal Explorers: Weekly Club

How to Draw Realistic Watermelons With Colored Pencils/Art

Philosophy for Tweens (1): {17 Week Semester } Thinking About Thinking

Philosophy for Teens (1): {17 Week Semester} I Think Therefore I Am

Superhero Workout with Spiderman, Batman, Superman and More

Private ELA Tutoring: Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Writing Feedback, ESL Conversation & Homework (1:1 - 25 Minutes)

So You Want To Write... a Christmas Story

Elementary Math Tutoring for Kindergarten to 4th Grade With a Certified Teacher

Bake the British Isles - Traditional Bonfire Night Oatmeal Parkin Cake

Art for Curious Minds

Learn How To Code Your First 3D Game Using Unity & C# (Beginner)

Trial Class: Piano Made Fun, Ages 4-5

Let's Draw Together!

Vivaldi's Winter: A Snowy Day With Classical Music & Craft! (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

All About Opossums! Cool Fun Facts About America's Only Marsupial.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: How to Survive on Survival Beginners Course for Easy

Dinosaurs, Reptiles and Amphibians Club!

English Grammar: Introduction to Direct Objects in Sentences

Beginning Recorder - Level 1

Private Phonics, Reading and Writing Tutoring 1:1

Personalized Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Math, and Science

¡Hablemos Español! Beginner-Intermediate Spanish for Young Learners

Personalized Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Math, and Science

Photoshop for Young Learners Level 2

Let's Do Play Acting in a British Accent (Ongoing) With a Professional Actress

Unicorn Christmas Party

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