New Classes on Outschool 2020-10-11

There are 341 new classes on Outschool the week of October 11, 2020 to October 17, 2020.

Photoshop for Young Learners

Run a Candy Store: A Place Value Math Class With Ms.B

Friendship & Social Group for Non-Video Gamers (Ages 7-10)

Drawing the Magnificent Chicago Skyline

Dog Man Fans Unite: A Fun Filled Class All About Dogman!

Christmas/Holiday Reading and Activities

Reading that Encourages Creativity and a Growth Mindset

Cooking & Baking with DeAnn: Homemade Candy - Fudge, Caramel, Popcorn (9-14)

Project Based Python for High School (Level 1)

Dress up and Draw: It's a Hallowdoodle Party!

Stuffies Teach Social-Emotional Skills! Lesson 2 (Ages 4-8)

Draw Cute Food Animals - Fun Food Cartoons That Look Like Animals!

Drawing Club- Character Design and Cartoon Drawing-Unleash Your Imagination

The Standard Model

1:1 Ongoing Twice a Week- Crack the Code to Reading

FLEX 5 Minute Writing for Kids

Dark Energy

Unicorn Party! Story Time With Arts & Crafts

Crunching Numbers: Guided Mental Math Talk (Addition & Subtraction; 2-Digits)

Clay Sculpting for Beginners: Tiny Thanksgiving Turkey

Fashion Design Sketching for Aspiring Designers (5-9)

Already Know Long Division? Learn How to Check Your Answer

Review and Check: Single Digit Long Division

Nature's Wonders: Wildlife in Winter

Ukulele Holiday Favorites (Flexible Schedule)

Learning Colored Canvas - Imprimatura as a Painting Unity of Colors

Hand Shake for Cats

Critical Reading Strategies (Ongoing - Different Topic Each Week)

Money Management - Finance for Kids! (4-7)

Creature Tales: Dolphin Story Time (Animal, Marine Biology)

Art Class - Oil Pastel Underwater Theme Art

Trick Training for Cats!

1-1 Early Learning for Struggling Readers and/or Dyslexic Students [RR3]

ESL / EFL / English Writing / Grammar / ACT & SAT Writing Test Prep Tutoring

Creature Tales: Otter Story Time (Animal, Marine Biology)

Christmas Theme Jazz Dance Class

Private French Language Class & Tutoring

Phonics Fun With African Animals

Christmas Celebration: No-Bake Treats and Christmas Carols

Bats, Bats, Bats! **FLEX Class**

1-on-1 Skill-Targeted Sessions

We LOVE Cats! Bring Your Cat to Class. Let's Talk About This Amazing Companion!

Phonics Class: Sound It Out, Reading Class Part 3

Dance Dance Dance! ages 9-12yrs- ongoing

Beginning Ballet Dance Class for Teens- 3 & 4 Week Sessions!

Move and Groove Beginning Jazz Dance! Ages 6-9Yrs

Sign Language- Fun Intro Class- Popular Signs!

Let's Learn the Piano! (Beginner Keyboard Skills age 7-11)

Ghosts of the Saltmarsh Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventure D&D RPG

5 Magnificent Marsupials

Horror Camp: Scary Movies and Critical Thinking

A Sparkle Jolly Twinkly Christmas Dance Class!

African American History : What Were Jim Crow Laws? || Black History

Epic Fail: Ten Terrible Mistakes in World History

RWBY Fan Club and Watch Party

Influential Artists - An Expressive and Biographical Review - With Reading

Are You a Sensory Seeker or a Sensory Avoider? (Ages 4-7)

Discovering Your Emotions Through "Dog Man:" A Guided Relaxation Journey

Growing Up & Loving It! - For Girls - Period!

Young Learners "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens: Listen, Perform, & Enjoy

Story Time Art Club- taught by a licensed teacher

Top Predator Nature Trivia Battle! a Fun Science Game

Violin Holiday Favorites (Flexible Schedule)

Ongoing: Cooking and Baking Sweets and Cooking Savory Dishes

Game on! Spanish: Level 1 (Ages 9-13, Beginner) - Live Video Class 1x/Week

Flex: Beginner French Class Part 1 - Je Me Présente (Let Me Introduce Myself)

Cooking: Baking Halloween Treats: Spooky Spider Peanut Butter Cookies!

AMERICAN GIRLS CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS - Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, & Addy

Beginning Multiplication Sentences for Arrays Part 2

Accelerated Beginner French Camp - Part 2

Little Dreamers Character Art: Spongebob Drawing Series - Squidward

Private Writing Project Tutoring

Essay Basics: Expository (4-Square Method) **Recommended for STAAR Prep

Phoenix Manor Magical Summer Camp - Summer 2023

Dynamite Dancers: Beginning Jazz Dance

Essay Basics: Persuasive (4 Square Method) *Recommended for STAAR Prep*

College Prep, Organization, Time Management & Life Skills (Licensed Teacher)

Lego Ninjago Drawing: Cole

Finding Princess Rapunzel: A Math Escape Room Involving counting/Simple Addition

Fall Cooking: Dinner and Dessert!

It's Time to Rhyme: Learning Beginning Rhyming Words and Phonemic Awareness

“Learn to Drum Like a Rock Star” Jr High Edition Level 2

Small Group Math Help for Algebra 2

Fall Reflections Watercolor Painting Class

So You Want to Learn Japanese?

The Ultimate Frozen Story & Sing-A-Long!

Little Dreamers Character Art Halloween: Drawing W/ Shapes - Rectangle

Minecraft Drawing - Steve

Word Families and Short Vowel Sounds

Full Curriculum to 1st Grade Math Part 2: Interactive Math Concepts

1:1 Crochet for Beginners With Miss Angie

History Herald: Holiday Series~ Ancient Origins & Traditions of Christmas & Yule

American Symbols: Discover the Washington Monument!

Pottery Wheel Clay Art Class (Flex Schedule)

All About Latin and Ancient Rome

Editing and Proofreading Your Creative Writing

Animal Classification: Reptile, Mammal, Bird, and Insect! With Crafts. FLEX

Stack It! Multiplying Fractions

Language & Literature: 1:1 Private / Small Group ELA Tutoring

Let's Create SMART Goals

Storytime Reading, Discussion, and Social Time!!

The "Where" Reading Program (3rd and 4th Grade): Part 1

Escape Room - Haunted House Theme

Plant Biology - FLEX (8-12Yrs)

Intro to Piano Level 1

(Flex) Math Mystery Solving Games-Ready to Be a Detective: Level 1

Plant Biology Summer Classes (8-12Yrs)

Crochet a Hat and Scarf Set With Miss Angie (Flex Class for Beginners)

Crochet a Hat and Scarf Set With Miss Angie (Flex Class for Beginners)

Beginning Division and Practice

Single-Digit Long Division Practice

Cooking: Winter/Christmas Holiday Baking: Make a French Apple Pie!

Huff, Puff and Blow the House Down With Point of View - Reading Comprehension

Beginning Long Division and Practice

Roblox Club: Let's Play Adopt Me! Weekly Egg for All and Neon Projects Too!

U.S. History Thru the Eyes of American Girl Doll: Kit Kittredge's Read All About It

Let's Keep on Playing Among Us! Who Is the Impostor? New Fungle Map is Here!

Elementary Private Tutoring

Amy’s Amazing Animal Alphabet Preschool Circle Time With Hands-On Math, Emergent Reading, and Conversation

Thanksgiving Party: Preschool and Kindergarten Fun

Math Is Your Path: Become a Multiplication Tables Master 1/Week

Roblox Club: Royale High and more! Fashion Fun & Role Play Edition (Ongoing Class)

Thanksgiving: The Colonists and the Mayflower

Religions, Belief Systems & Practices, The Who, What, Why, and How

Drawing Dragons: Art Inspired by Wings of Fire (Intermediate/Advanced)

Morning Preschool Poetry Exploration (Ages 3-6)

A Perfect Princess Christmas Party!

Social Group and Games for Learners With Disabilities! (Tweens and Teens)

Seasons of Joy: Teddy Bear Tea Picnic

Vocabulary Challenge 1 New! New!New!

Ongoing Basic Addition

Getting It Together: Time Management, Organization and Study Skills

Discovering Dinosaurs- All About the T-Rex!

Private Tutoring (Pre-K to 3rd Grade)

Spanish With FUN Experienced Teacher - Everyday With Sra. C! - 5 Days/Week

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Mother's Day Celebration!

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Father's Day Celebration!

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat at Home! | Art Class

Individual Tutoring: Health and the Human Body

How to Draw: Pusheen the Cat Baking Goodies! | Art Class

How to Draw: Baby Yoda!

Beginner French: Learn and Practice Speaking French

Phonics for Beginners- An Organ-Gillingham Approach

Speech & Debate Club: For Continuous Improvement in Speech & Debate

Phonics Fun With Animals Around the World

Fun With Chinese: Daily Chinese (4x per Week)

Disney Princess Yoga: Workout for Kids

All About Essays: What They Are and How to Get Started

Learn Cursive Writing- Practice Upper & Lower Case Cursive Letters & Your Name

Private English Tutoring for Francophones. Cours Particulier/Tutorat ESL

Paint Like the Master Painters! Women in Art - Cassatt, Morisot, Okeeffe FLEX

Advanced Shark Dissection

Cakes From Around the World!

Paint Like the Master Painters! Pissarro, Manet, Seurat, and Klee Kids Art FLEX

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Let's Sing and Dance About Christmas

FLEX Enrichment: Vocabulary Supersleuths With Greek and Latin Roots - Part 2

(Flex) Spy School: Learning to Decode Ciphers & Secret Codes

Advanced Drawing - Draw to Improve Your Skills - Higher Art Level - Create FLEX

Acting for Teens-Introduction to Stage Technique


Seasons of Joy: December Story Time Series

Preschool Pokemon Social Club

Science for Young Scientists (Flex Class)

A Kaleidoscope of Music - Ongoing Classical Music Exploration Class

A World War II Christmas: Learning to Make Do

This Is Confidence. And It Changes Everything. 9-12

Hadestown: The Musical, the Myth, the Legend. Let's Do a Deep Dive Study!

Discover the Ancient World Part 2 - History and Art (Flexible Schedule)

Military History: The History of Veterans Day, Past and Present

Math: Introduction to Subtracting Fractions

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Counting & Singing About Christmas

Laura Ingalls Wilder: What Happened After the Books

The Thanksgiving Picture: Norman Rockwell and the Four Freedoms Paintings

Phoenix Manor Magical Winter Retreat - ALL NEW Winter 2023

Practical Homesteading: Duck, Duck, Goose: An Intro to Waterfowl (14-18)

Let’s Move and Act (Ongoing) With a Professional Actress

Dungeons and Dragons Teen 112: Descent into Avernus, an Ongoing Adventure

Preschool Music - Movin and Groovin - Singing and Dancing About Snow

Practical Homesteading: Duck, Duck, Goose: An Intro to Waterfowl (9-13)

Halloween Story Time: The Tell-Tale Heart

Beginning Coins (USD): Finding the Total Value

Social Studies Superstars: What are Community Helpers?

4X 1Week 1st Grade English, Reading Comprehension, and Vocabulary ESL/Homeschool

FLEX 5 Minute Writing for Teens

Beginner Reading CVC Words Kindergarten Camp (FLEX) W/LEGO, Minecraft, and Star Wars

Halloween Spy Kids & the Hunt for the Missing Halloween Candy

Make-It With Paper

Frozen Friends Ballet Dance Class

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Heidi

1:1 English Language Arts Tutoring and Homework Help !

Christmas Story Time and Santa Visit

Art With Miss Una: Art Around the World, England, India, America, Spain & China #Creative (Flexible Class)!

Crochet: Bumble Bee

Building Brick Adventures!

First Week Half off! Sam's 6th Grade Ongoing Math Full Curriculum

1:1 Private Tutoring - Snowy's Kindergarten Readiness

Draw Cute Kittycorn Kawaii Style! Unicorn Cats Drawing for Beginners

Private Drum Lesson (One-On-One)

Christmas Baking & Movie Trivia - Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Crochet: Snowman

Boo! Boo! Kindergarten Halloween Sight Word Review!

Explore Egypt: Get to Know Cairo!

Beginner Gymnastics Skills - 45 Minutes

Mini Middle School Science: Atoms and the Periodic Table (Flex)

Adventures in Standup: A Fun Course on How To Tell Jokes

Scavenger Hunt Stories

It's Snow Much Fun to Paint and Become a Snowman Or Snow Woman!

4-Week Drawing With Watercolor Pencils:Cardinal,Mountains,PolarBear,HotChocolate

Mini Middle School Science: Genetics and Heredity (Flex)

Seasons of Joy: Waldorf-Inspired Seasonal Circle Time for Little Ones

Homework Help K-3

Financial Adulting - An Essential Life Skill

Fractions & Decimals Revision - Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication,Division(Twice a Week, 5 Weeks)

Sewing Intermediate: 18" Doll Gymnastics Leotard like Molly the American Girl

Mini Middle School Science: Geological Activity (Flex)

Bossy E - Learning and Fun!

Book Club-My Louisiana Sky- Historical Realistic Fiction Book Club

History Herald: Individual One-On-One Tutoring for Historians in Training

Chess Club!

Minecraft 202 Class for Intermediate Players: Build & Design (Only Java Edition)

Private Tutoring: Chess or Subject by Request

Part 1 of Book 3 "Kuaile Hanyu/快乐汉语“ Chinese Text Book Course-Intermediate L.

Social Teen Club: Fun Games With a Theme

Preschool Music Movin and Groovin - Gobble & Wobble Like Thanksgiving Turkey's

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Procedural (How-To) Writing, FLEX Class

College Application Essay Writing Camp

Explore Egypt: Alexandria, Cleopatra’s Hometown

Star Wars Dungeons and Dragons 102: Empire's Edge, an Ongoing Campaign

Crochet Christmas Ornaments With Miss Angie (Flex Class)

Crochet Christmas Ornaments With Miss Angie (Flex Class)

Rainbow Yoga for the Neurodiverse Child - One on One

Stock Market News Club -An Ongoing Review of Trending Company & Economic News and How it Affects Stock Prices.

Preschool in French: Introduction au Français (Part I)

Private Piano/Keyboarding Lessons-Disney, Hamilton, Encanto, Broadway and Pop

African American History: Mr. Civil Rights - Thurgood Marshall || Black History

History Herald: Royal Rulers & Legendary Leaders- The Good, The Bad, and The Eh’

African American History: The First Black Female Pilot - Bessie Coleman

[Flex Class] Mi Casa: Rooms & Furniture in Spanish! (for Advanced Beginners)

Private Violin, Fiddle, Viola, or Cello Lessons

1-on-1 Private Math Tutoring (Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1)

Master Multiplication Facts: Multiply 0 To 12

Mastering Study Skills in High School

Japanese Drawing Class - Sumikko Gurashi!

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

Learn to Divide with Escape Rooms

Dragon Drawing Club Wings of Fire Edition Level 2

Get That Energy Out in Zumba Kids Jr!

Brick Camp: Challenge, Create, Build and Show

Pre-Calculus for Mathematicians: Functional Topics (Ongoing)

All About DÍa De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)- Is It Like Halloween?

Introduction to Essay Writing

African American Book Club & Discussion Group

Kindergarten/1st Grade Basic Math Skills: Seasonal Math Activities/Multi-Day

Fourth & Fifth Grade Language Arts Practice

Writing Good Paragraphs Summer Camp

4 Types of Sentences Summer Camp

AP United States History Private Tutoring

Age 7-12 FUNdamentals of Art: Weekly Drawing Lessons by a Certified Art Educator

Private Reading Assessment (Ages 5-9)

Age 3-6 FUNdamentals of Art: Weekly Drawing Lessons by a Certified Art Educator

Mythology 2: Greek and World Myths and Legends

Potential Career Paths for Biology and Chemistry

Intro Scratch Coding 3-Day Camp: Gaming and Animation for Beginners (Ages 8-13)

Leading Ladies FLEX Book Study for Girls: Unleash Your Inner Fairy-Tale Heroine

We LOVE Dogs! Bring Your Dog to Class. Let's Talk About This Amazing Companion!

Glycolysis and the Citric Acid Cycle

Survival Minecraft Club (Java Edition)

Travel the USA - South Dakota Facts and Trivia

All Things Pre-K ( Spring FLEX Part 1)

Courage Dear Heart: Journaling Through Narnia, The Silver Chair

Mythology 1: Greek and Roman Myths and Legends

Tell Me a Story: Literature for Teens

Seven Wonders of What?

Beyond the Book Reading Club: Gamer Squad Attack of the Not so Virtual Monsters

Wings of Fire Dragons Art - A Halloween Special!

Cooking & Baking with DeAnn: Homemade Cookies and Brownies (FLEX 9-14 yrs)

Ancient Mammals-Permian to Holocene

Learning Brazilian Portuguese

1-on-1 Essay Tutoring

Design a Descendant: Create Your Own Fashion Look (Class 1)

1:1 Piano Lessons For Beginners to Intermediates (30-Minutes)

Individual Spanish Tutoring 1:1 - Easeful Conversations & Happy Learners!

Acrylic Painting Class: Beautiful Birch Trees

1 on 1 Spanish Private Tutoring - Beginners, Intermediate or Advance Levels.

Thankfulness Craft and Chat (Ages 3-6)

Dog Man Drawing Class: Step by Step Approach!

BINGO Game With Treble Clef and Bass Clef Notes

Let's Play Roblox! Gaming Social Club New Games Weekly

Seasonal Art Club-Directed Drawings with Math, Science, & Social Chat

Private Violin Lessons for Ages 7-12

Pokemon Drawing Club!

Baby Animals Drawing Club: Learn Drawing Skills While Drawing Cute Animals!

Tasty Taco Tuesdays: Ongoing Cooking Class

Let’s Learn Letters and Sounds! Part D

You Create a Warrior Clan!

1 on 1 Private Tutoring - Math, Reading, and Writing Help and Enrichment

Hola, Let's Learn Spanish! (Nivel Intermedio)

Fifth Grade Math Skills Trimester 3 FLEX

Fifth Grade Math Skills 2 FLEX

Ballroom Dance - Private Tuition

Passion Four Pawz: Trick Training for Old and New Dogs

Second Grade Science-Second Semester Comprehensive Science/STEM (Part One)

Circle Time With Teri: Pre-K Objectives Full Curriculum - Twice a Week with a Certified Teacher

Crunching Numbers: Guided Math Story Problems (All 4 Operations)

All Things Kindergarten (Spring FLEX Part 1)

The Story of Titanic's Sister Ship, the Britannic - A History Class

Keto Cooking for Kids

Master Math (Ongoing Tutoring Class1:1)

Fun Second Grade Math

Fall Fair Exhibition: Share Your Talents!

Second Grade Reading: All About Animals

Math Tutoring (40 Min.) - 1St, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

Business Case Study: Disney Business Strategies #Academic

Pre-Historic fun! Learn About History with Escape Rooms

Nancy Drew & The Clue Crew Super Sleuths Book Club and Teacher Dianne!

Nature Meditation for Early Learners (Ages 3-5)

Social Skills Camp: Self-Awareness, Confidence-Building, Assertiveness, & Positive Thinking

How It Works! -Electricity (4-7)

Learn to Love Literature - Part 2 - 3rd-5th Grade (English, Literature)

To Be or Not to Be: A Character Analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet

History Herald: Travel By Maps- Latitude & Longitude - Geography Exploration

Polymer Clay Art 3: Sculpt a Wizard, Witch, or Magical Dragon Figure (Advanced)

The Excellent Reader Jr: 4th (Fourth) Grade Language Arts Course (Semester One)

Art with Miss Una: All Things Dinosaur, Art and Fun Facts #Creative (Flexible Class)!

Spanish Intermediate Immersion Conversation Class - 2X/Week

Weekly Painting for Early Learners: Age 3-8

Weekly Watercolor Painting for Young Learners: Age 7-12

Weekly Watercolor Painting for Early Learners: Age 3-6

Creative Writing for 3rd & 4th Grade: Writing Prompts, Story Structure and Vocab

Discover the Joy of Junk Journaling: An Introduction to Creating Junk Journals

Spelling, Reading and Writing

Discover the Joy of Junk Journaling: An Introduction to Creating Junk Journals

Creative Writing for 5th & 6th Grade: Writing Prompts, Story Structure and Vocab

Let's Talk About and Draw Lions

Everyday Gratitude for the Holidays and Beyond

The Story of the Salem Witch Trials - A History Class

2 Abcs in Spanish! #academic

Gacha Life Drawing and Chat Club With Biggie Ron

Bake the British Isles - Traditional Halloween Soul Cakes

Language Arts: Subjects and Predicates in Sentences.

Personal Leadership - The Leader in Me.

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