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New Classes on Outschool 2022-03-06

There are 378 new classes on Outschool the week of March 6, 2022 to March 12, 2022.

College-Bound Reader: John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

2 Day 1-2-1 Learn How to Juggle 3 Objects Focusing Exercise Skills by a Pro

5th Grade Math: Geometry Unit with Daily Kahoot Review

Creative Writing: 6th-8th Grade - Writing Prompts, Literary Elements, & Feedback

Roblox Gaming Social Club - Learners Game Choice (Private Server)

5th/6th Math: Calculate the Volume of Prisms and Composite Figures

Shading With Colored Pencils: The Basics

Cactus of the Week Volume 6 Art With a Science Notebook -Wolf Circus Art Studio

Private Drawing Lesson: Realistic Drawing Animals and People | 45 Minutes

Let's Make a Pirate's Map

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Bundle with Daily Kahoot Games Review

Bed Or Nap Time Stories (With a Stuffed Animal or Real Pet!)

Dog Man Book Club: Fetch-22 Book #8

Dog Man Book Club: Grime and Punishment Book #9

Dog Man Book Club: Mothering Heights Book #10

From the Desk of Zoe Washington Novel Study

Multi-Day Piano Class #7 (Ages 6-10) With Mrs. Karen

Spring Rice Krispie Recipe (No Stove Required)

Multiplication Private Tutoring 1 on 1 - Times Tables Made Easy From 0 To 10 - Math

Ongoing Fun in 4th Grade Math (1x a week)

Learn Spanish at Our Fun Stuffed Animal Party (A1)

Mini Private Spanish Class 1-On-1 Choose Your Class From the Full Spanish Course

Spanish Private 1-On-1 Full Course With a Native Spanish Speaker Professional

Individual German Tutoring 1:1: Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening

Art Craft Class: Make Simple Talking Paper Puppets From a Single Sheet of Paper!

Dog Man Book Club: For Whom the Ball Rolls Book #7

Math Camp: Learn Mean, Median, Mode, Range & Blooket, Fun Games, Socializing & Learning!

Dog Man Book Club: Brawl of the Wild Book #6

Funny Folk Tales!

Elementary Music Class - Kindergarten and First Grade (Ages 5-7)

Geography: MORE Most Beautiful Places. Travel/Weekly /Ongoing

Dog Man Book Club: Lord of the Fleas Book #5

Bridge to Terabithia Novel Study

Advanced Conversation in Spanish (Ages 9 -13)

Miss Delicia's Life Skills, Leadership & Character Academy (Age 7-9)

Introductory Karate Class With Sensei Helena

Keys to Becoming a Proficient Reader (45 Minutes)

Arthropod Biology: Insects, Spiders and Their Relatives!

Little Yogis Mindfulness Yoga Practice W/ Teacher Lee

Grammar Keepers Figurative Language: Hyperbole (Common Errors/T)

7th Grade Math- A Problem Solving Approach (Full Course)

World History II (Full Year) - Part 3 of 4 - Self-Paced

World History II (Full Year) - Part 2 of 4 - Self-Paced

World History II (Full Year) - Part 1 of 4 - Self-Paced

5 Weeks Camp Let's Draw Cat Toasts, Cat-Fee, Capioca, and More !

Real People Real History Teen Flex Graphic Novel Book Study: March Book 1 by John Lewis

Vocalize!: Small Group Voice Lessons for Young Singers

Focus Like a Ninja! | Beginner Karate Class | Ages 3-5

Exploring the Life Cycle of the Great White Shark!

Maxwell's Online Ukulele Recital

Little Pig & Train in Italian: Un Treno- Italian for Kids

Learn About Persian New Year, Nowruz, While Coding in Scratch.

Wild About Pets - A Pet Friendly Social Group

1:1 Tutoring in Reading: Phonics, Sight Words and Comprehension Skills

One Time - Stretch & Flexibility: Become the Best Athlete You Can Be (Ages 9-13)

"The Wind in the Willows" Read Aloud by Kenneth Grahame

Introduction to Swahili 101 of 108

Book Club for Early Elementary School Readers, Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

4Th Grade Math: First Semester

Fraction Skill Builders (Ongoing)

Marine Life and Pokemon! the Science of the Ocean and Its Animals

American History, Westward Expansion, Era 4

Beginner Coding Camp With Minecraft: Level 2 - The Basics of Programming

Spanish St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary & Bingo! El DÍa De San Patricio Super Fun

Advanced Techniques in Filmmaking: Beautiful Cinematography

ESL/EFL 1:1 - Color and Chat - English Conversation Practice!

ESL Show-And-Tell Club! - English Conversation Practice

Advanced Forensic Psychology: Criminal Behavior

The History of Fashion in the 20th Century - Part 1 1900-1950 Self-Paced

Learning Through Scenes: Japanese for Beginners (Home Scenes)

Storytime for the Ultimate Japanese Beginner: Food

Calling All Cheerleaders: 2 Day Cheer Camp for Beginners!

The Animal Drawing Experience: Explore the Wonders of Wildlife

Never Give Up! Effort, Determination, and Grit!

Art Club: Draw Fun Mash Ups of Food, Animals, Space and More. (Weekly Ongoing)

1-on-1 Personalized Spanish Tutoring

1-on-1 Personalized Spanish Tutoring

Little Pig in Italian: La Mia Famiglia- Italian for Kids

Private 1 on 1 Virtual School Tutor

Improving Reading Comprehension & Breaking Standardized Test Barriers (5th & 6th Grades)

1:1 Private Class: The Seven Habits of Optimistic People

Art Course Photography: How to Take a Great Photo

3D Shading- How to Draw 3D Squares and Rectangles! (Beginner’s Drawing)

Reading Workshop - A Fun Class to Practice Reading Comprehension Strategies

Let's Talk Anime/Manga Social:Make Friends,Talk Anime/Manga

Origami Social Group

Fun With Cantonese! Vocabulary 2 (Beginner's Course) FLEX Class

PRE-K/KINDERGARTEN Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 3-6) | 5 WEEK FLEX

Learn to Write a Persuasive Paragraph!

First Grade Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 6-7) | 5 WEEK FLEX

Music Theory 1

One Time - Stretch & Flexibility: Become the Best Athlete You Can Be (Ages 5-8)

M30 Marvelous Math 1:1 Tutoring

African Kingdoms and Empires in the Medieval Age.

Brain Gym - Math 4/5: Math Talks, Critical Thinking Skills, Word Problem of the Day

Super Pup Party Adventure!

Puppy Friends & Numbers in Italian (Italian for Kids)

6th Grade Math Review SUMMER CAMP Sixth Grade Math meets 2x a week

Hadestown: The Musical, the Myth, the Legend. a Deep Dive Study for Ages 12-15

The Tale of the Obsidian Fortress, a Minecraft Adventure and Gameplay

Social Realm: Minecraft (bedrock creative)

The Tutor Spot: Math and Reading 1:1 Tutoring Support for Grades 2-5 (Ongoing Class)

Clifford’s Happy Easter! Story Time and Egg Dying With Teacher Dianne

Introduction to Fractions

Math Escape Room Challenge: Where's Cupid? Ages 9 - 12

Math Escape Room Challenge: Runaway Hearts, Ages 7 - 9

All About Red Pandas

Mad Libs: Funny Summer Stories

Mad Libs: Funny Spring Break Stories

Addition and Subtraction Two-Step Word Problems

Savvy Spelling Strategies Camp - Improve Spelling With Memorable Animations

Geography Explorers: Let’s Explore New Countries While Traveling the World

The Amazing World of Parasites

Let's Sing in Italian: B-I-N-G-O and Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Super Spanish Speakers Immersion 2

The Bookmark - Story of the Day!

Learning Italian through Songs: Frozen- Elsa- Let it Go- All'Alba Sorgerò

Fun With Words: Onomatopoeia and Word Play-Creative Writing Techniques

2-in-1 Java and Python Coding| Year-Long 30-Mins Weekly Programming Class!

8th Grade Math

Wings of Fire Book Club: The Dragonet Prophecy Book 2

Conversation Skills in Italian: Learning Mini-Dialogues in Italiano

Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World: St. Patrick's Day Edition!

Shakespeare Monologue Coaching

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle: Book Club Read Aloud

Orchestral Music Group

Ongoing Spanish Full Course by a Native Spanish Professional Teacher (2X/Week)

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Drawing - Knuckles

Little Dreamers Character Art: 2 In 1 Drawing - Pokemon

1:1 Private Tutoring GCSE/iGCSE Geography

Let's Speak Spanish Together! (Intermediate Level 2)

Play Readings: Shakespeare's King Lear

Let's Practice Write Now! (One Time Session) 1:1 Reading & Writing Tutor

Social: Chat With Friends

Let's Get Something Done Today!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Reading Comprehension Camp

Insect Book Club With Story Elements and Reading Comprehension Strategies

Monster Book Club With Story Elements and Reading Comprehension Strategies

Study Hall: Let's Get Something Done!

Dominican Republic Is Not Just the Beach

Fairy Tale Twisted Tale Book Club With Story Elements and Reading Comprehension

Bedtime Book Club With Story Elements and Reading Comprehension

Dragon Book Club, Story Element Discussion, and Reading Comprehension Strategies

Cooking with Creativity & Courage: Spanish Cuisine

Dog Man Book Club--First 4 Books

ASL for Advanced - Part 8

Private Art Camp-Drawing, Watercolor, Acrylic & Pastel Painting

Session 1 - Japanese for Kidz II

Chibi Circus Drawing !!

Poetry Memorization for Tweens Made Easy

Gas Laws for Chemistry

Dungeons & Dragons Call of the Netherdeep

Thrive and Vibe With Arabic!

Individual Math Tutoring K-5 By Request

Blue Belt Level Two

Splendid Stories, Sharing and Songs: 3-6 Circle Time

Poetry Memorization Made Easy

Grade 3 Tutoring NJSLA Test Prep for Language Arts

Creative Writing: Introduction to Screenwriting Workshop

Introduction to French: Intermediate French 1

The Cat Kid Comic Club W/ Mr. Peden!

Ongoing Spanish Vocabulary for Beginners: Learn Spanish Through Games! (10-13)

Nonna's House Private Room

Art: Sunflower Painting, Symbolism and Significance

Physics Prep & Review (Fall 23 ongoing)

Third Grade Math: Concepts & Games

Digital Art: Sky Collage

Creatures of the Coral Reefs- A Fun Marine Biology Class! (Ages 6-8)

Digital Art: Geometric Giraffe

Digital Art: Butterfly

Introduction to Crochet: Absolute Basics for Beginners (4 Weeks)

1:1 Writing Tutor / For Ages 8-12 / One Sentence at a Time

Where’s the Easter Bunny Splat? Story Time and Art With Teacher Dianne

1 Hour Guitar Lesson!

Number Relationships: Multiplication and Division Fact Families

Junior Digital Creator – Creating Journals With the Zinnia App

Travel to Italy!

Wonderful Winds - Beginning Recorder and Tin Whistle Part 4

The Film Acting Industry for Aspiring Young Actors

Private One on One ESL Lessons

March Madness Chat

Needle Felting (1-on-1 Private Class)

Montessori Cosmic Education Series II and III - Space and Earth

Spring Art Workshop- Drawing, Painting, and Printing

Fun Creative Week Long Writing Camp

Craft for Creative Hands: Make a Bear Hug Valentine's/Mother's Day Card

Middle School English: A Full Semester for 8th Graders

Mirabel From Encanto -Dot Mandala Painting Technique/ Hang as a Frame!

Fun French Class With Kim. Beginners Taster Class for 14-18s.

ESL 1:1 Show Tell 5 Senses Practice Adjectives Fluency Favorite Toys, Pets, etc

Zoology of Pokémon: Testudinology! Turtles in Pokémon and Our World (13-18)

Zoology of Pokémon: Testudinology! Turtles in Pokémon and Our World (7-12)

Pokémon Paleontology! Fossil Pokémon & Their Real-Life Inspirations (Ages 13-18)

Preschool Playing With Dough: Letters and Numbers

1:1 Word Decoding With Certified Teacher

Who Was...What Was...Where Is...Book Club - More Books!

Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Set Sail: How to Draw the Titanic!

Intro to Long Division

Long Division Practice

Drum Zone! -- A Club For Drummers & Music Fans

Introduction to Executive Function

Happy Birthday, Louisiana! a Celebration of the 18th State of the USA

Mastering Math: 25-Minute 1:1 Math Tutoring (Basic Math to Algebra)

Happy Birthday, Maryland! a Celebration of the 7th State of the USA

Mad Libs Jr. Lets Make Silly Stories! Ongoing Class (ESL Students Welcome)

Explore PreK the Polyglots Way (ESL Friendly) (Academic Year)

Tutoring: Reading, Writing, & Grammar. (Ongoing.)

Kids & Keys One-On-One Piano Lessons

Pokemon Unite Video Weekly Video Game Gaming Social Club

Zoology of Minecraft: Frog Fun! (Ages 13-18)

Zoology of Minecraft: Frog Fun! (Ages 7-12)

Amazing Animals Safari Camp: Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Pokémon Paleontology! Fossil Pokémon & Their Real-Life Inspirations (Ages 7-12)

Sing & Play with Max & Jessy

Science With Miss Robyn: The Magic of Chemical Reactions Camp

4th Grade Complete Homeschool Curriculum

Russia's War: An Introduction to the Crimean War: Live Session

Animal Art: Realistic Baby Harp Seal Sketch

Animal Art: Realistic Full Body Wolf Sketch

Cell Function: The Animal Cell Vs. the Plant Cell

1:1 Private Class: Authenticity, the Real You

1:1 Private Class: Honesty and Truthfulness

Private One-Time ELA Tutoring: Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking; 1:1

Springtime in Prek

Dungeon Master & Campaign Tutoring With a Best-Selling D&D Author (1:1)

Becoming an Advanced Streamer: For Experienced Streamers

Reader’s Theatre - Exploring Stories and Characters Using Imagination

Roblox Brookhaven Gaming, Role-play, and Social Club on a Private Server

Learn Spanish Reading High-Frequency Word Books: Beginner & Intermediate Level

Learn Spanish With Fun Interactive Computer Games & a Native Spanish Teacher

Yas, Queen! an Art Critical Deep Dive Into Six: The Musical for Ages 12-15

Piano Level 2B - Part 1

The Magic of MOOD: Creating Mood and Tone: A Creative Writing Technique

French Self-Paced Class for Beginners: Let’s Have a Wild Time!

SAT & ACT Writing & Language/English Prep: English Grammar You Need

Blooket With Ms. B

Ye Olde Tyme Dungeon Crawl #1 (An Unofficial Druidawn® Sidekick Adventure)

Essay Writing for College Scholarship Applications

Essay Writing for College Admission

Math Tutor Short Session (English or French)

Intermediate / I Speak Spanish - Immersion Games and Conversation Spanish Class

Beginner Programming/Coding With a Robot 1 on 1 (4 Week Course)

Medieval Alchemy: An Introduction

Ongoing African Research Class (Ages 9-14)

Explore Math With Insects - Addition, Measurement, Patterns, Sorting & More!

Fabulous Fractions! Great Book Too!

Writing and Balancing of Chemical Equations

Star Wars Galactic History 101: The Basics for New Fans

Ongoing - Computer Building and Maintenance 8W2

Bastien Level 1 Piano Class for Ages 8 to 12 (Part II)

Anime Kahoot Trivia: How Well Do You Think You Know Your Anime Favorites!

Building Number Sense Through Math Games

Fun English Full Curriculum, Phonics, Fluency Private 1:1 ESL Tutor All Levels

Private Spanish-Learn to Speak, Read and Write in Spanish 5-15 Year Olds

Digital Journals – Using the Zinnia App for Ipad

Book Club: The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Travel to the Coolest Cities in Europe - (3 Day Camp)

Spar Lit Jr. Boot Camp 5: Understanding "Chasing Vermeer" Through Debate

Spar Lit Jr. Boot Camp 4: From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

Spar Lit Jr. Boot Camp 6: Understanding Harriet the Spy Through Debate

Spar Mystery Boot Camp: Understanding The Hound of the Baskervilles With Debate

Cambridge Minimus Secundus - Part 1

Let’s Draw a Bowl of Ramen Osen !

Little Dreamers Character Art: Pokemon Drawing Series - Grookey

LDCA (Student Request): Mario Drawing - Bowser

LDCA (Student Request): Sonic Drawing - Shadow

Turning Red: Dance and 'Feelings'

Fun With Perler Beads - Weekly Ongoing Creative Art Time

Anime Origami Art Club- Create Genshin Impact, Anime And Other Japanese Crafts!

Tutor for K-5Th Grade- Math, Writing, Reading, Science!

Kidpreneur Project™️ - Launch Your Own Booming Business as an Entrepreneur

Get Ready for First Grade Math Summer Camp

Get Ready for Second Grade Math Summer Camp

Private Math Tutoring with Certified Mathematics Educator (Ongoing)

Graffiti Name With a Twist

French Beginner 3

Flash Fiction-Short, Exciting and Challenging

Veterinary Science Book Club - Be The Vet Series (Book 2)

What's That Bird? Is He Really Angry?

Cute Cat Drawing Fun: Kawaii Drawing Self-Paced Class

Cute Food Drawing Fun: Kawaii Drawing Self-Paced Class

Cute Outer Space Drawing: Kawaii Drawing Self-Paced Class

Escape the Easter Bakery: Math Escape Room

English Fun Beginner 3! Reading, Writing, Songs and Games! EFL, TESOL, TEFL

Guitar Lessons for All Levels!

Summertime Rabbits, Tea, and Poetry

Individual Biology Tutoring

Dungeons and Dragons: Memories of the Southern Isles

Back to Basics: Intermediate Level Cooking Class with Chef Mary! (10-12)

Ongoing 1:1 Cooking With Kristy: Beginner to Intermediate Plus Chefs

1:1 Private Class: The Power of Gratitude

1:1 Private Class: Understanding and Applying Compassion

Individual Chemistry Tutoring (Ongoing)

1:1 Private Class: The Practice of Kindness

Let's Practice Write Now! 1:1 Tailored Tutoring in Reading & Writing 一对一英语课

Latin Cooking for Beginners!

1:1 Private Class: Simple Skills for Online Learning

What Did They Do Back Then? 8 Week Class Volume 3

Python Programming | Beginner | Python Coding Camp (Ages 8-12)

Middle School Math: Pre-Algebra (7th & 8th Grade) | Flex

Python Programming | Advanced | Connected Data w/ the Weather API

Little Dreamers Character Art: Pokemon Drawing Series - Chikorita

Mario Movie Drawing (One Time): Toad

1:1 Private Class: Introduction to Leadership

1:1 Private Class: Gentle Mindfulness

Chemical Quantities: Stoichiometry Practice

Earth Day Should Be Everyday

1:1 Private Class: Bringing Attention to Positive Events

3 Day Art Sampler - An Exploration of Drawing, Patterning & Art Journaling Ages 6-10

Let's Paint Our Fluffy Friends

LDCA (Student Request): Bluey Drawing Series - Bluey

Introduction to Poetry #4: Poetry Circle - Make Friends & Discover Poetic Forms

Girls’ Social Club, Makeup & Fun Games (Ages 6-11)

Sunshine Violin, Viola, or Cello, and Piano

6th, 7th, & 8th Literature & IEW Writing: ELA (1st Semester Year 2)

Teens Talk Tagalog: Conversation & Social Circle Learning Philippines' Language

Excel | Beginner | 05 Week SP | Speadsheet Murder Mystery

Fractions Are a Piece of Cake!

Bastien Level 1 Piano Class - Ages 8 to 12 (Part I)

Real People Real History Teen Flex Graphic Novel Book Club- They Called Us Enemy

Ace 3rd Grade Math in 4 Weeks! Summer Camp

Garden Biology Summer Camp: Science of Plants, Gardening, and the Environment

Matt's Primo Chinese Conversation Coverage

Abandoned Places Part 2: Alcatraz, the Maunsell Sea Forts, and More!

What's Your Name ? Students Will Recognize and Write Their Name

Be in a Play Advanced Teens

Marvelous Mathematicians: 2nd Grade Comprehensive With Games | Back to School

Middle School Science: Full Curriculum (Ongoing 23/24 Year 1 & 24/25 Year 2 )

Alphabet Chef - Cooking With the ABC's! (Letters a-H)

Thanksgiving Art: Draw a Mash up of a Turkey, Pie, and Bread Rolls.

Reading Comprehension Fun: Gimkit Reading Games

Ace 2nd Grade Math in 4 Weeks! Summer Camp

Reading Comprehension and Writing: Third-Grade | Fourth-Grade | Fifth-Grade

Private 1:1 Ongoing Creative Writing and Editing Class!

Super Spanish Speakers Immersion 1

Art Class: The Wonderful World of Watercolor Painting! From the Basics to Beyond

Discover Planet Mars

Private Japanese Class

An Entire Fractions Course | Sort, Compare & All Operations | Self-Paced

Personalized Tutoring: One on One - Fourth Grade Curriculum 30 (Min)

Personalized Tutoring: One on One - Third Grade Curriculum (60 Min)

Songwriting Workshop - Creating Chord Structure & Melody

Javascript Coding 4 Kids W/ a Certified STEM Educator (CAMP)

Beginner Programming/Coding With a Robot for Ages 4-6. (4 Week Class)

Beginning Coding/Programming With a Robot 1 on 1 One Time Class. 1/10.

ELA Test Prep for 4th and 5th Grade Using Common Core Standards- All States

Third Grade Herd: Full Year Curriculum & Weekly Review for 3rd Graders 4x/Week

Piano Lessons - All Ability Levels Welcome!

Meet Oreo, the Baby Goat: Farm Animal Meet & Learn Live

The Practical Step-By-Step Guide to Drawing and Painting Acrylic Scenes

Bakers in Training: Baking Fun- Make Rice Krispy Treats or Bake Cheesecake Bars

Summer Before Fourth: Academic Prep for Rising 4th Graders

1 to 1 Reading Intervention 2x per Week

Grammar Tales: A Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Nouns

World History Part 1 I AP World I Full Year Self-Paced

English- Let’s Read Stories (Effective Readers) (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: B1)

The Soil Food Web

English-Let’s Read Stories (Developing Readers) (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: A2)

Very Beginner Guitar

French Book Club: Chien Pourri à l'École (Chien Pourri at School) 10-13

The Human Body: Let's Explore 11 Major Systems of the Human Body!

Ongoing World Geography/Social Studies for Homeschool: Continent & Country Study

Ongoing: Road Trip Across Japan

Ongoing: Road Trip Across South Korea

US History Herald: Little Historians U.S. American Social Studies Part 2 3rd 4th

2nd Grade Critical Reading Skills! Learn and Practice Reading Comprehension Strategies

Freeze Drying Food Fun (Part 1)

FLEX Move Like a Ninja Jump Like Spiderman Parkour Freerunner Beginners 6W1

Show and Tell Social Club *Share With Peers and Meet New Friends!*

Intermediate Ballet

Move and Groove Beginning Jazz Dance- 4 Week Sessions! Ages 6-9yrs

Musical Theatre Nerds Club!

Private Tutoring - Learn to Read, Speak, and Write in Chinese

Draw & Watercolor Paint Cats Inspired by Warriors CAMP

Travel to the Coolest Cities in the USA - (3 Day Camp)

Travel to the Coolest Cities in Asia - 5-Day Camp

Easter Traditions and Dishes - Understanding Articles and Adjectives

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