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New Classes on Outschool 2022-02-27

There are 271 new classes on Outschool the week of February 27, 2022 to March 5, 2022.

Unwind by Neal Schusterman: A Read Aloud Book Club

Trekking Through Our Solar System: A Study of the Sun, the Moon and the Planets

Grade 7, 8, 9 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Summer Intensive

Book Club-Prisoner B-3087- A Will to Live in the Most Challenging of Times

Kahoot News Party-Learn About Trending Current Events & Business News

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 7 B1 CEFR

American Sign Language for Beginners: Summer Club

Drum Lesson One-Time (55 Minute Session)

Individual Art Tutoring

Let's Tell Stories - Creative Story Telling for Little Learners

Sculpt With Polymer Clay: Woodland Animals at a Tea Party

Amazing Rainforest Animals- A Fun Zoology Class! (Ages 6-8)

Black History Month: The Jazz Music of the Harlem Renaissance (Ages 15-18)

Super Narwhal - Read Aloud and Directed Drawing

Private Class 1: No Experience To Making a Great Video In Less Than One Hour! (i

Numbers on the Move

Science: Introduction to Butterflies and Moths

Easy English for ESL & Preschool 1:1 OR Sibling Class

Improve Your Reading and Reading Comprehension Skills

Summer in December! a 1:1 Creative Writing Camp

ESL (English as a Second Language) Private English Lessons 1:1 (Ongoing)

Figure It Out Middle School Math, & Logic: Rational Numbers & Coordinate Plane

1:1 Live Coding Class for Ages 6-17

Math Club Second Grade - English Immersion ESL

Get Krackin With Kandinsky Art Drawing Class! - Meets One Time

Art Course Photography: Exploring Nature!

Sibling--Reading, Writing, and Spelling Tutoring 2nd-8th grade

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Book Club

Book Club: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Narnia Book Club: The Magician's Nephew

1:1 Private Class: Improve Your Attitude!

Ongoing 1-On-1 Math Tutorials for K-Gr 6: Learn With Examples, Games, Lessons.

Reading: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ages 8-12 #Academic

Spanish Reading: Fairy Tales by a Native Spanish Speaker, Read Bilingual Stories

Beginner French Club: On-Going Level 1 (Ages 8-11)

Grammar Keepers Affixes: Prefixes & Suffixes (Common Errors/R)

Grammar Keepers Figurative Language: Idioms (Common Errors/S)

FLEX Move Like a Ninja Jump Like Spiderman Parkour Freerunner Beginners 6W2

Private Piano Lessons: a Multi-Day Class for Beginner or Experienced Learners

2 Day Business Administration for a Startup Company: How to Start + Run a Business

Intro to Makeup: How to Enhance Your Natural Beauty (for Beginners)

Monopolize Multiplication Math Game

Kid Business: Fun, Interactive Hobby + Entrepreneur Discussion

Art Course: Cellphone Photography-Explore Double Exposures!

Pokemon Fan Club

Adorable Swimmy Sea Turtle Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Fortnite Beginner Gaming & Skill Improvement Ongoing Social Club

iPad Digital Drawing for Beginners Using Sketches School (Pt 6) - Farm Friends

1:1 Custom Class -Singapore Dimensions Math - Certified Teacher - 2X 45 Min

1:1 Singapore Dimensions ESL Math - Choose your Grade level K-8- Certified teacher-25 min

Think “Where Has All the Time Gone” Because I Still Need Some Extra Help This Summer!

Read, Write, Draw, and Spell: 100 Sight Words and 22 Wild Animals

Philosophy for Children - Logic: Critical Thinking and Wondering About the World

Bakers in Training: Summer Camp Adventure : Bake Cake, Cookies and Pie ..Oh My!

Self-Paced Teen Nutrition

Let's Make A Dill

Art Club: Drawing Pokemon FOR BEGINNERS

Waldorf Archetype Bird Study for Middle/High School

Violin, Fiddle, or Viola Lessons - Private 1:1 Lessons

Animate a Dinosaur Using Scratch Coding. Beginner Animation and Coding-Level 1

Can You Trap a Leprechaun?

Essay Review and Feedback From an ELA Teacher for ANY Essay

Show & Tell Circle Time

Summer Camp: Michael Vey Novel Study

Parts of Speech Adventure Camp

Baking with Fractions

Reading for Beginners - Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade

Learn to Draw 1 Point Perspective With a Professional Location Designer

Creative Drawing With Prompts Social Club (Ongoing Art Class)

National Unicorn Day

Procreate Digital Drawing School: Line and Pattern

Book Talk: A Wrinkle in Time

Haunted Forest Escape Room Math/English/Language Arts Edition!

Multiplication Tricks!: Learn 6,7,8,9,10 Times Table in Minutes Using Fingers.

Inventions and Scientific Discoveries

A Koala's Life: Become a Koala Genius!

Mics, Cameras, Action (Advanced Drama Club for Actors)

Mad Libs: Santa's Summer Vacation

Guitar Stars

Camp Time: Let's Read R-Controlled Vowel Words

Hermit Crab Care

Creative Writing Prompts Camp

Crochet Club- A Place to Hang Out and Crochet Together

Where in the World Are We?: A Geography Game

Middle School 1:1 Math Tutoring Grade 6th, 7th and 8th

Malayalam Conversation Class (Private Group)

The Easter Bunny's Colorful Eggs

Introduction to Immunology and Immunopathology

European History: A History of Ukraine

Biology: Weird and Gross!

1:1 Arabic Lessons (30 Minutes Slot)

Spinning Tales

Pet Show and Tell for ESL and All Learners

Carpenter Ant's Construction Zone: Biology / Zoology of “Tool-Themed” Animals

Princesses and Unicorns: Past Tense Verbs for ESL and Native Speakers

Princesses and Unicorns: Past Progressive Verbs for ESL and English Speakers

Ballet Dance Class - Intermediate - Ages 7-11 (On-going)

Hej! Beginner Swedish (7-9 Years Old)

Dance Class - Dance in the Dark Theme - Hip-Hop

Phases of the Moon: Oreo Cookie or Cracker Phases

Gaming Club: Girls Overwatch, PC, Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch(Ongoing)

Gaming Club: Play Roblox & Socialize for Ages 9-12 (Ongoing)

Acrylic Tulip Paint - A - Long With Ms. Muse

STEM Camp Two...Back for MORE FUN #Academic

Art for All - A Weekly Creative Process Art Experience

Princess Ballet

Gaming Club: Play Roblox & Socialize for Ages 5-10 (Ongoing)

Holiday Themed Cake Pops: St. Patty’s, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Etc.

The Art Illusion Surprises With Lines and Colors

Scratch Jr Coding - Disney Princesses Game Level 3.1

Lets Chat: Have You Ever Thought About How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain?

E-TALK: Small Group English Language Tutoring for Multilingual Speakers ESL

Practical Homesteading: Plucky Ducks (8-13) - With Live Ducks!

Our Daily Meeting

Multi-Day: Multiplication Tricks!: Learn 9 Times Table in Minutes Using Fingers.

Horror Folklore: Urban Legends

Dance Class for 4-H

Advanced Small Group Reading Club: Classic Fiction

Creating Ornaments Martenitsa With Red and White Fun Craft

French Immersion Intermediate: Beyond the Basics (9-12)

French Immersion Beginner: Basics (11-14)

Powerful Preschoolers! Aware, Self-Controlled, and Relaxed.

Music Theory 101

Algebra 1 | Full Curriculum (3 Classes/Week)

Let's Draw & Paint a Cupcake: Watercolor & Mixed Media

Basic Elementary Grammar

Introduction to the Stock Market

Bridging Japanese 1 & Japanese 2 With Output Activities

Mandarin Chinese Immersion-Level1-Unit2(人教版教材)

Semi-Private French Tutoring 45 Minute Lesson

E-TALK: Personal Tutoring in the English Language for Multilingual Speakers ESL

Private Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaching

Yankees Camp - Baseball Talk for New York Yankees Fans

Intermediate Procreate Fashion Design: Learn to Draw and Color Beautiful Designs

Private Tutoring: Reading K-3

1:1 Private Math Tutoring With a Certified Canadian Teacher (40 Minutes)

Arduino Coding Camp

All About Flowers: The Science of Flowers, Plants, and Bugs

Let's Get Creative With Advanced Hand Art #Creative

Say What? Spanish Dichos- Sayings and Expressions

Writing Club - One Successful Sentence at a Time

Frozen Freeze Dance Party Ages 3-8

Adventures in Algebra

Introduction to Violin & Bow Parts!

Me & My Friend, Google (All About Google-Ages 10-13)

One-To-One Tutoring

Story Explorer England Part 2: English Fairy Tales and Folklore

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 4 (Age 13-18)

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 4 (Age 8-12)

Javascript Coding 4 Kids W/a Certified STEM Educator(CAMP)

Montessori Cosmic Education: My Cosmic Story

Let’s Create: Creative Drawing

Second Grade Together Ongoing - Full Year Curriculum

Learn With Ms. Price: Brain-Based Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Regulation Skills for Kids!

Pokémon Recreation: A-list Spring Break Camp

Physical Science- Physics -Review Notes +Activity/Experiment PART 2 (Meets 6X)

Physical Science- Physics -Review Notes +Activity/Experiment PART 1 (Meets 6X)

2A Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques

I Can Write Well! Part 2: A Four-Week Writing Program

Vocabulary Prep - Chemistry and Physics

Hawaii - Culture and History of Hawai'i for Teens

4A Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques

3A Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques

Dungeons and Dragons: The Dragon of Icespire Peak Campaign

Math Strategies: Partial Quotient Method of Division

Individual Classical and Contemporary Violin Lessons

Describe Faces and Use Classroom Survival Phrases in Chinese - Little Friends

Mandarin Chinese Small Group Tutoring With Native Speaker 1:2 (Age 3-18)

Writing an Argumentative Research Essay

Writing an Argumentative Research Essay

Geography | Where are We? The Exciting Geography Game

Ongoing Class for Pre-K, Drawing and Coloring With Step by Step Guidance.

Anger Management for Kids: Learning to Recognize and Control Emotions

Unlocking the Magic of Reading: 1:1 Private Tutoring for Elementary Learners

Plants VS Bugs: Battle on the Farm and Garden

Poetry Discussion: Engaging With Poetry

Pokemon Memory Math Multiplication Game-Let's Learn Our 6 Times Tables!

Pokemon Memory Math Multiplication Game-Let's Learn Our 5 Times Tables!

Photoshop Compositions Group

Private 1:1 Reading Tutoring With a State Certified Special Education Teacher

Unicorn Story and Unicorn Drawing How-To

Frozen II: Into the Unknown- Dance Routine!

Summer Fun Minecraft Bedrock Carnival

Pokemon Memory Math Multiplication Game-Let's Learn Our 2 Times Tables!

Digital Photography Club

High School Math 1:1 Tutoring

Become a Better Reader - Individualized Weekly Tutoring!

Introduction to Charcoal Still Life Drawing

Spring into Math: More Math Puzzles to Tickle the Brain (5-8)

SFX: Special Effects Makeup Camp (Camp: 5 Classes in 1 Week)

Space Mission 7: Astronauts & Human Space Exploration (Semester Course)

Guided One-On-One Reading - You Choose the Book(s)! **Scheduled by Request**

Super Mario Memory Math Multiplication Game-Lets-A-Learn Our 2 Times Tables!

African Kingdoms and Empires - Ongoing

Multiplication for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade

Formula One Weekly Discussion Group

Cooking In the Kitchen with Mrs. Morris (Bi-Weekly Ongoing Class)

Junior Explorers: Wild Animal Collectors' Club (Zoology + Nature Studies)

1st And 2nd Grade Science- Interactive Learning: Full Curriculum Quarter 1

Political Philosophy of the Western World

1 on 1 All About Fractions Private Tutor Makes It Simple - Builds Confidence

Mastering Language Arts, Achieve Your Writing Goals With One to One Tutoring

Fahrenheit 451 - A Dystopian Banned Book Study

Adorable Hamster Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Drawing Class - Let’s Draw Easter Bunny!

Oratory: Eloquence in Speaking

Grammar Tales: Miss Spell & The Interjection Rejector: A Lesson on Interjections

Summer Essay Writing Crash Course

4th Grade Math: Second Semester

Forensic Science 6: Frontiers of Forensic Science

American Sign Language Chat Club

Pre-K Small Group Math Class

Book Club: English Through Reading - Level 6 A2 CEFR

Animal Colors: It's Not Easy Being Green (If You're a Vertebrate) [animals, zoology, color science]

Spanish Virtual Tour: Frida Kahlo's House Tour With Spanish Teacher from México

Canadian Social Studies/Geography - People and Environments (Gr. 4-6)

Let's Travel to France, Learn World Geography, Culture, Food, Landmarks & More

(Ongoing) US Government--history and workings of American Government

Painting Beautiful Birds Four Seasons

The Unique Way to Paint as the Impressionists

Yummy, Frosted and Fruit Filled-Learn How to Make and Bake Hand Pies

Creative and Healthy Italian Cooking: Spaghetti Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Daily Music for Little Mozarts Piano Lessons

Homeschool Unschool Nintendo Switch Gamers Club - Mario Kart Racing

Nintendo Switch Winter Gaming Camp - Mario Kart Racing

Introduction to 4 Square Essay Writing for Young Writers Part 3 (Small Groups)

Nintendo Switch Gamers Club - Mario Kart Racing Tournament

Animals in World Art History: Van Gogh’s Animals (Ages 13-18)

Nintendo Switch Gamers Club - Ultimate Smash Bros Tournament

School Success! Weekly One-To-One Personalized Math and Science Tutoring -5 day

HS Super Human Anatomy & Physiology (Semester 2 of 2)

Marvelous Mathematicians: 3rd Grade Comprehensive With Games | Back to School

HS Super Human Anatomy & Physiology (Semester 1 of 2)

Beginner American Sign Language (45 Minutes/Week)

Circle Time With Miss Molly

Beast Academy 3B: Math for Gifted Students

Preschool-Kindergarten Circle Time Class: Letters, Numbers, & More!

I Love to Sing! Private Voice 1:1 Singing Lesson

Teen Craft Club - Fun New Arts & Crafts Every Week

Intro to Linguistics Part 1 (Pre-College Social Science, Age 15-18)

Main Idea: So....What is the Big Idea? Mystery Bag Class

IEW Fix It! Grammar Nose Tree Part Two

IEW Fix It! Grammar Nose Tree (Full-Year)

French Basic for Beginners - Level A0 (Ages 8-12)

French Basic for Little Beginners - Level A0 (Ages 4-7)

Saint Patrick's Day Cat Art

Music With Ms. Annette: Over and Under and Around the Rainbow

One-On-One Math Tutorials for K-Gr 6: Learn With Examples, Games, Lessons.

Become an Illustrator Using the app Procreate (Ages 8-12)

5 Day How We Can Change + Fix the World One Problem at a Time - Camp

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre Encanto Themed Dance Class #4 (Ages 5-9)

Stretching, Flexibility & Conditioning

Air Transportation

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Weekly Club for Beginners! | Age 7-11| Meet 2X/Week

Chit Chat Doodle Social Club

Spanish Immersion Beginner Level Conversation.

The Sumerian Dynasty of Ur and the Old-Babylonian Empire of Hammurabi

English Support (Essay Writing) - 1 On 1

Mrs.Stubb's Book Club (Treasure Island)

Next Level Individual Guitar Tutoring

Elementary Kids Chat

Exploring Positive & Negative Space in Art

4 Nonfiction Essay Styles | Lessons, Prompts & Writing Feedback | Self-Paced

Google Slides Fun: Sweet Lucky Owls - St. Patrick's Day Digital Art Craft

Reading Code Skill Builders Level 1 -CVC

Let's Practice Reading Facts About the Red Panda and the Clouded Leopard!

Drawing Class - Let's Build a Snowman With Unicorn!

Drawing Class - Baby Penguin's Christmas

Oil Pastels and Art History: Make Your Version of Cezanne's Mont Sainte Victoire

This Week in Nature (Ages 10 To 14)

Our Morning Meeting | Pre-K, Kindergarten Circle Time and Full Year Curriculum

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