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New Classes on Outschool 2022-03-13

There are 338 new classes on Outschool the week of March 13, 2022 to March 19, 2022.

Read to Write: A Book Group for Writers

3 Day BLAIRE American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day CORINNE American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day GRACE American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day MOLLY American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day JULIE American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day COURTNEY American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day MARYELLEN American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day NANEA American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day REBECCA American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day KIT American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day CECILE & MARIE-GRACE American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day CAROLINE American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day ADDY American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day SAMANTHA American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day KIRSTEN American Girl Baking Camp

3 Day JOSEFINA American Girl Baking Camp

6TH Grade Math Full Curriculum

The Gingerbread Man Reading Comprehension Camp

Fantastic Fabulous Fun With Figurative Language!

Guided Reading Club! (Grade 2 Standards) Let's Grow as Readers Together!

High School Grammar: Avoid Faulty Sentence Structure

Sonic & Tails Fun Fitness Escape Room Adventure Movement Workout : Level 1 ( Help Sonic Save The Donut Lord )

English/Language Arts Booster Class & Tutoring (Middle & High School) (Ongoing)

Let's Learn Greek - Part 6!

Draw Kawaii Bunnies With Me!

Discovery Keys: A Preschool Piano Class! (Ongoing)

Private Reading/Writing/Phonics Tutor 1:1 Perfect for Homeschool! (55 Min.)

1:1 Math (Focus on Any Concept in Saxon Math Level 1-3)

Spanish Immersion Kindergarten - Full Curriculum, Part 2 of 4

Late Beginning Piano - 1:1 Instruction - Level I

Wild Animal Science: The Red Wolf (Ages 8-10)

1st Grade Full Curriculum Weekly Summer Camp Readiness

1:1 Writing, Revising, & Skills Practice | Ongoing Private Essay Tutoring 55min

Let's Get Ready for Those Third Grade Fractions!

Chefs in Training : From Breakfast to Brunch, and Lunch to Dinner- Let’s Cook!

I Can Multiply By 8!

3 Day FELICITY American Girl Baking Camp

Animal Crossing: Let’s Play

A Geologist's Guide: Understanding Volcanoes

Private Dance Lessons

From Midas to Minotaurs: A Drama Camp About Myths and Fables

Let's Draw Mythical Creatures! (Series 1)

Consumer Math Level 1, Coins and Bills

Dav Pilkey's Cat Kid Comic Club on Purpose: Discover the Funniest Moments

The Miracle is You: Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical Dance Camp

Summer Drama Club!

You Can Write a Movie! | Film School for Kids

"Royal Dreamers: Be a Princess for a Day" With Ms. Abby

Unlock the Magic: Harry Potter Book Seven Club

Reading Like a Detective Part 1

Final Exam Revision and Practise Tables Multiplication Division the Fun Way

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw a Fancy Flamingo!

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw a Cute Toucan

Public Speaking for LAMDA Examinations Group Lessons

Let's Read! Ongoing Graphic Novel Club

1:1 Reading & Writing Tutoring (Ages 8-16)

Private Ongoing Tutoring Sessions!

Be Hermione! Spellbinding Room Cleaning Skills (Ongoing)

Animals From South America: Let's Learn About Llamas, Sloths, and Giant Tortoise

English Grammar & ELA Workshop for 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades: Interactive Notebook

One-Time Private Session in Reading (1:1 Lesson - Fluency Focused)

Food Waste Detective - Self Sufficiency Series

Get Ready for Third Grade Math Summer Camp

Advanced ASL: American Sign Language

One-On-One (1:1) English Language Arts (ELA) Tutoring - Ages 8-13 (2X's/Week)

Mr. Mike's Roblox Gaming Club: The Survival Game

Baking Workshop: Sweet Treats (and Sometimes Savory) Ongoing, 6-8

Kindergarten Weekly Circle- Fun Reading, Math, and Socializing! 1X Week

Let's Learn French: Introduction to French for Beginners - Level A

"You've got this!" - One on One Tutoring

Bit O'Luck Nail Art (Beginner Friendly) (7-12 Year Olds)

It's Golden! St. Patrick's Day Nail Art (Very Beginner Friendly)

Easter Preschool Dance: Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Roblox Gaming and Social Club (Ages 10-14)

Pre-Algebra Review: Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

Tap and Jazz Princess and Superhero Dance Camp

Beginning Tin Whistle Camp for Ages 7-12

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat: Intermediate Level Latin (Part Two)

5th Grade Math Review for Animal Lovers - (2 Times/Wk) with a Certified Teacher

4th Grade Math Review for Animal Lovers - (2 Times/Wk) With a Certified Teacher

Book Club: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Quartet

Learn About Collecting Pokemon Cards & Get Free Cards

Spanish Fun for Preschoolers

"The Mouse and the Motorcycle"-Reading Comprehension and Literature Class

Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Hunters Inc.

Learning Through Scenes: Japanese for Beginners

Watercolor the World, Learn the Art of Painting With Watercolor on-Going

Plié At The Barre With Mickey: Preschool Dance Class

Summer Math Games: Long Multiplication & Long Division (Grades 4-6)

Prek - Kindergarten Phonics: Interactive Alphabet Consonant Practice! (Ages 3-6)

adv.Beginner/Beginner Ballet And Lyrical Combo to Do You Want to Build a Snowman

The Stories of Ballet: Beginner/ Advance Beginner Ballet Dance Camp

Summer: Beginner Hip Hop and Jazz Fusion Dance Class to Party in the USA

Summer: Beginner Tap and Jazz Combo Class To The Song “Under the Sea”

Happy Birthday, James Monroe! a Celebration of the 5th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Ulysses S. Grant! a Celebration of the 18th U.S. President

Ongoing: Road Trip Across the United Kingdom

Decorating Our Words: Do I Use an Adjective or an Adverb?

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! (CVC, CVCE Words)

What Makes the Perfect Easter Egg? Story and Craft Time

2nd Grade Summer Math Camp!

1st Grade Summer Math Camp!

Let's Draw 'Wings of Fire' Dragons!

Science Exploration: Zoology!

Sketchbook Art Club

Piano Lessons ,Finding Your Talent.

How We Hear: What Is Audiology? (Self-Paced)

Easter | Pre-K & Kindergarten, Show & Tell, Craft, Sing, Story, & Handouts!

ESL Reading Word Families for English Learners

Science Mentorship - STEM Tutoring (Ongoing)

Kindergarten-1St Grade Check-In / Letters / Phonics / Write Name /Read CVC Words

Private Watercolor Art Class

Dungeons and Dragons: Monster Hunters Inc. (Extended 3-hour Edition)

Private Music Lessons

Piano Camp for Beginners - Ages 8 To 12

Foundations of Algebra 2 - Summer Edition (6 weeks)

Democracy Dies in the Dark: How to Read and Critically Analyze the News

Reading and Writing Horror: Novel Study and Creative Writing for Teens

Spanish Summer Camp- Spanish Beginners Fun With SeÑor Panda- Los Animales

Exciting Earth Science: Forces That Shape the Planet - Water, Floods, Sink Holes, Glaciers & Deserts

Encanto: A Fun Introduction to Magical Realism

Ongoing Horse Judging Workshop

Draw an Easter Bunny by Draw So Cute

Spanish Summer Camp - Spanish Beginners Fun With SeÑor Panda

Get Exam Ready! HS NYS Regents Physical Setting/ Chemistry Review Class

Draw a Spring Bunny by Draw so Cute

SETI: How NASA Searches for Aliens

Piano Camp for Beginners - Ages 5 To 7

The Book Thief ELA Novel Study

Geology of the National Parks

Book Club: The Sisters Grimm - Book 3 - The Problem Child

Meeting of the Minds: Preschool & Kindergarten Readiness

How to Eat Fried Worms: Reading, Activities, and Worm Science (LIVE Worms)

STEM St. Patrick’s Day Story Time

Elementary Music Class - Second and Third Grade (Ages 7-9)

American Girl TEEN Friendship Club

Private Math Tutoring for Promoting Achievement, Creativity, and Enthusiasm

Excel Math 6 – Multiplying Decimals

Excel Math 6 – Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Summer Camp: Learn and Explore with Isa the Cat on a Trip to France!

Math for Mastery: Graphing in Slope Intercept Form

Barnyard Buddies-Farm & Ranch Social Chat & Talking Time

Teen Gamer's Paradise: Jackbox Party

The Case of the Missing Town Jewels Escape Room: Can You Solve the Crime?

Grade 4 Singapore Math Dimensions Book B- Certified Teacher-SMALL GROUP

Ongoing Beginner Armenian Reading, Writing, and Speaking

First Grade, Here I Come! End of Kindergarten Boot Camp

Movie Magic: The Wonderful World of Sound Design: Part Two (Ages 14-18)

Movie Magic: The Wonderful World of Sound Design: Part Two (Ages 10-13)

Movie Magic! The Wonderful World of Sound Design: Part One (Ages 14-18)

Movie Magic! The Wonderful World of Sound Design: Part One (Ages 10-13)

Let's Learn and Draw: The Human Heart! (Ages 14-18)

Let's Learn and Draw: The Human Heart! (Ages 10-13)

Let's Learn and Draw: The Human Brain! (Ages 14-18)

Let's Learn and Colour: The Human Brain! (Ages 10-13)

How to Write Amazing Villains! - Creative Writing Class (Ages 14-18)

How to Write Amazing Villains! - Creative Writing Class (Ages 10-13)

Avatar the Last Airbender Social Party!

Inspirational Wall Art Drawing + Calligraphy Class: If Life Gives You Lemons

Math for Mastery: Remarkable Radical Skills!

Math for Mastery: Perfecting the Pythagorean Theorem!

Math for Mastery: Exceptional Exponent Rules!

Math For Mastery: Solving Equations

Math For Mastery: Integers Made Easy (Positive and Negative Numbers)!

Excel Pre-Algebra – Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Excel Pre-Algebra – Finding and Using Slope in the Coordinate Plane

Excel Math 7 – Writing and Solving Proportions

Excel Math 7 – Combining Like Terms and the Distributive Property

High School World History--Full Year Course (Part 3 of 3)

Summertime SAT - Accelerated Prep for College Entrance Exams!

Math for Mastery: Fractions Made Easy and Fun!

Math for Mastery: Fractions Made Easy and Fun - Part 2!

Excel Pre-Algebra – Solving One-Step and Two-Step Equations

Excel Math 7 – Adding and Subtracting Integers (Positive and Negative Numbers)

Excel Math 6 – Percent, Fraction, and Decimal Conversions

Excel Math 6 – Dividing Decimals

Accelerated Summertime Prep for Pre-Algebra!

Accelerated Summertime Prep for Geometry!

Accelerated Summertime Prep for Algebra 2!

Accelerated Summertime Prep for Algebra 1!

Famous Shipwrecks Part 2: The Lusitania, the Carpathia, and More!

High School Economics: Part 2 (Flex)

Encanto Trivia and Games

Awesome Anime Drawing for Young Artists! - Meets One Time

Introduction to Spanish: La Granja/the Farm (Ages 6-11)

High School English: English III, Semester I (11th Grade-Junior)

History Movie Review: Dunkirk & World War II

The Evolution of the Horse

1:1 Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1 Half Hour Tutoring Session With Mrs. Kennedy (Ongoing)

American Sign Language (ASL): Ongoing Class for Teens

Spying on Spiders: A Spider Series

Ho Ho Ho! It's Christmas in July!: A Very Merry Preschool Circle Time

Weekly Minecraft Bedrock Social Gaming Club

Debate & Public Speaking Tutoring / Coaching

Drawing Is so Much Fun -- Spring Break Arts Camp

Planting Spring Flowers Makes Me Happy!

Spanish Immersion Kindergarten - Full Curriculum, Part 1 of 4

Business:Young Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss. Start a Successful Business.

Beginner Gymnastics Skills - One Time

Music: Singing and Songwriting! (One Time Class) Crash Course Intro

1:1 Private Ongoing Class: 2D Traditional Cartoon Animation Help (Ages 5-18)

Early Elementary Hands-On Science

Science With Miss Robyn: Geodes

Brrrr! Polar Bear Nail Art

Custom Nail Art Party

Bulgarian Language for Beginners Level 4

Bit O'Luck Nail Art (Beginner Friendly- 9-14 Age Group)

Fundamentals of a Solid Paragraph

Let's Plan a Trip...On a Budget!

Awesome Paper Airplane Making - Bat and Boomerang Airplanes - Class 3

Middle School English: A Full Semester for 5th and 6th Graders

Me & My Friend, Google (All About Google)

Word Power: Building Vocabulary With Visuals and Memory Techniques

"Who Was...?" Books: Weekly Author Study Series

Wild Dog Den: Storytime and Social Skills for Fans of Foxes, Coyotes and Wolves

BIG Monster Mandarin x Singapore Math [Introduction]

Reading Readiness 1:1 Assessment for Pre-K, K, 1st, and 2nd Graders

Tiny Artist-Preschool Art and Hair Love Ages 3-6

American Sign Language ASL & the Deaf Community Part 2/3--8 Weeks For 7-12

Soft and Furry Bunny- Time for Spring Art

Seasons of Joy Preschool Creative Drama Club

Animal Adventures With Burgess

Out of This World! Back to School Space Camp (Part 2)

1:1 Lamda Tuition - Public Speaking, Acting or Verse & Prose - Lamda Grades 1-8

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw a Realistic Human Eye!

Private 1-On-1 Math Tutoring (Fixed Timeframe)

Academic Literacy Private Tutoring 1:1 (*1 Hour Lesson*)

Private Music Lessons

Advanced Adjectives - Everything You Need to Know to Enhance Your Writing!

Book Dragons: Ongoing Book Club and Discussion Group

Sloths: The World's Slowest Mammals ( Science & Art) (Ages 8-12)

1:1 Business Mentoring, Support, Critical Thinking, Career Exploration

Diverse Themes - Chinese Mandarin Class for Beginner Aged 7-10

Italian for Beginners, Travelers, and More!

Let's Practice Mandarin Chinese Conversation

3rd Grade Math Review for Animal Lovers - (2 Times/Week), with a Certified Teacher

Essay Writing Practice Group| Essay Writing Practice for Grades 6-11

Architecture and Economics in Minecraft

LOL Doll Extravaganza

Social Club for Minecraft Realms!

World War Two Trivia!

A Magical Harry Potter Book Club Part Two

Supermarine Spitfire Aircraft the Battle of Britain Equalizer

Minecraft : Ongoing Manhunt a Game Within the Game (JAVA Edition)

Baking Workshop: Cakesicles

Grade 6 One to One Private Math Tutoring (Ongoing)

Private Conversational Spanish Class With a Native Spanish Teacher (4x Week)

African American History || Robert Smalls || an American Hero || Black History

Introduction to Spanish: Multi-Day Class for 4 Days (Ages 9-12)

Transformers Across the Eras: Get Your Geek On In A Weekly Fan Club & Chat for Transformers Fans

Ninja Turtle Acrylic Painting

1-on-1 "Super Grammar en español"

Homeschool ELA Contemporary Classics 1A: Poetry and Literary Analysis

1:1 Phonics and Reading Class With Fully Qualified Teacher QTS Phase 1-6 Phonics

Pre-Algebra Full Course: Ongoing (Two Days per Week)

Phonics FUNdamentals: Blend, Read, & Write CVC Words with Word Families—Ongoing

Let's Read About Animals (Level 1, Levels GHI) Beginning Reading Small Group Class

Language Arts | Fourth Grade Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing Q4

Life in Twentieth Century Britain

Let's Read About Animals (3rd Grade, Levels MNOP)

Let's Read About Animals (K/1, Levels a - F) a Small Group Reading Class

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 5 (Age 8-12)

Preschool Signing Fun! (American Sign Language)

Math ABC Cincy Silverton Elementary

Cooking and Baking for Kids: What’s for Dinner? - Live Class

Squishmallow Social, Sketch, Share, and Drawing Club

Writing Essentials 2: Persuasive Essays and Argumentative Essays

5-Day Camp: Strategies for Academic Success in High School and Beyond

Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Beauty Camp | Become a Braidtastic Hair Expert Ages 9-14

Warrior Cat's Art and Role-Play World! (Group)

Legal News Chat Club for Teens! Learn Law School Topics Through Current Events

ESL 1:1 Private English Tutoring

Hands-On Science and STEM for Kindergarten, First, Second Grade

High School French! Alterego Method French for Foreigners A1- Dossier 5

Private Recorder Lessons for 8 to 12 Year Olds

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 1 - French for Foreigners A1 Unit 6

Private Tuition Public Speaking, Presenting, or Confidence Curriculum 1-On-1

Craft Camp: Recycle, Repurpose, and Create!

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 1 - French for Foreigners A1 Unit 5

Preschool Circle & Learning Time

Diverse Themes - Chinese Mandarin Class for Beginner Aged 3-6

ASL Pop Songs - Learn Sign Language Signing Todays Most Popular Pop Songs

Math Level 2B Singapore Dimensions Curriculum

Group Introduction to Reading Hebrew! (Alphabet, Vowels, Letters, Vocab) (8-11)

Digital Art: Cats! Intro to Procreate: The Basics for Beginners

JavaScript / p5.Js Computer Science Coding Club: Games, Animations, and More

Let’s Learn English: Alphabet, Phonics, Basic Phrases, Vocabulary (ESL, ELL)

Public Speaking & Debate 101

Charcoal Still Life With Shapes

Celebrate Earth Day: Discover Picasso's Sculptures and Make Craft!

I Love My Pet. Spanish Class to Talk About Your Mascota

Biology: Introduction to Genetics

Ongoing One-On-One Writing Lessons

High School French! Alterego Method French for Foreigners A1- Dossier 4

Learn English With Me! Beginner to Advance Esl

BEDROCK Minecraft in Spanish (Semi - Immersive Beginner Level Weekly Class)

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 2 - French for Foreigners A1 Unit 6

Dynamic Women of History in Color: 4 Day Camp to Paint & Learn for Teens

Drawing Pokemon: Snorlax

Drawing Pokemon: Wooloo

Read in French with Ratus the Green Rat -- Year 2, Unit 2

Time for Summer School: Preschool/Kindergarten Weekly Summer Camp

I'm All Ears: A Farm Animal ID Challenge! (a Stuffie Tagalong Class)

Get Ready for 3rd Grade Summer Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Writing Camp

Boop the Snoot: A Nose Picking Farm Animal ID Challenge! (a Stuffie Tagalong Class)

Intermediate Javascript 1

Nailing the SAT Math

Easter Bunny Found an Easter Egg - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Class!

Private Lessons With a Princess - One-On-One Lessons

Wings of Fire Ultimate Fan - Draw & Design Social Club

Adorable Mouse Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Reading Our Way Through Literary Genres! 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade

Elementary Level French! Les Loustics 1 - French for Foreigners A1 Unit 4

Fantastic Flight - An Introduction to Airplanes, Aviation, and Flying

Pinkalicious’s Eggstraordinary Easter! Story Time and Art With Teacher Dianne

Inside Out: Exploring the Amazing Human Body Systems for Elementary Kids

Grade 4 One to One Private Math Tutoring Classes (Ongoing)

5th Grade Math Camp Part 3 with Daily Kahoot Games Review

HP Magical Wizardly Characters and Figures! : Polymer Clay Art Sculpting

Amazing Math Adventures Club

Self-Paced Creative Pet Photography for Ages 7-12 With Erika Hatfield

Self-Paced Creative Marketing Photography for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Pokemon Creative Writing

The Holidays Are Here! - Nouns, Verbs and Pronouns

45 Minute - Tumbling Private Lesson (Cheer, Gymnastics, Acro, Flexibility...)

Sing With Me Math: Multiplying by 7, 8, And 9

Private 1-On-1 Reading Class

Miss Dani's Marvelous Scientists: Superhero Edition!

Watership Down ELA Novel Study

Self-Paced Creative Pet Photography for Teens With Erika Hatfield

Book Talk: Out of the Dust

Junior Scientists: Discovering the World through the Scientific Method

Build Vocabulary With Greek & Latin Roots

Art History for Middle and High Schoolers: Understanding Art in Context

Review Alphabet Sounds With a Robot

Art: Weekly Beginner Creative Drawing Class!

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