New Classes on Outschool 2021-04-25

There are 371 new classes on Outschool the week of April 25, 2021 to May 1, 2021.

Grammar Camp With Steve

A Science Fair With Pete the Cat! Story Time and Science Fun with Teacher Dianne

Beginner's Latin - Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2 - Part 1

Private One-on-One Art Lessons: Realistic Drawing

Animals That Are Deadlier Than Sharks! Can You Guess Them?

All About Finish Carpentry With A Professional Finish Carpenter (10-14yr)

1:1 - Learn Programming With Scratch

Beginning Art: Circle Doodles: Drawing Dogs!

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales Reading Club

Dog School - Everything You Need to Know About Dogs!

Cruising for Skills on MS Word - Pt 2 for Middle School - Camp

Movements in Art History: An Artistic Journey From Prehistoric to Modern Art

Cruising for Skills on MS Excel - Pt 2 for Middle School - Camp

Vintage & New Pokemon Card Collecting Club: Show & Tell/ Pro Card Tips!

Primary Science

Apatosaurus A.K.A. Brontosaurus. A Dinosaur With a Long Whiplash Tail

Roblox Game Design with Lua (Level 1)

Calming Your ADHD Race Car Brain Pt 2: Executive Functioning & Attention Skills

Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Homebrew Adventures Class

Crochet Club for All Skill Levels - Ages 13-18

Fraction Math Mystery Escape Room - The Case of the Pizza Party Gone Wrong!

Crochet 101 - Basics of Crochet for Ages 13-18

More Beginning Spanish With Allie (Part 2)

Summer Debate Camp - Two Week Intensive for Advanced Students

Latin and Greek Roots Flex Part 2

English Not Scary: Weekly Y1 Club (British Y1)

Journey into Medicine: Part 3

Journey into Medicine: Part 1

55 Minute Private Tutor! Let's Build Together.

Back to Basics: Beginner Cooking Class with Chef Mary (Ages 10-12)

Summer Camp: Reviewing Letter Sounds to Word Reading (ESL): Let's Get Reading with Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed)

First Grade Together Ongoing - Full Year Curriculum 2x per Week

CAMP - You're a Wizard Harry Potter! - Book One Book Club - Social Skills - Conversation - ESL - TWEEN Ages 8-13 - Neuro Diverse Learners

Game on! Spanish Conversation: Beginner Level (Ages 9-13) 3X Week

Super Soft & Thick Snickerdoodle Cookies

Middle School English: Creative Writing Short Horror Stories Camp

Beginner Japanese Language and Culture 06 (Once/Wk)

Art by April: Acrylic Painting Club

Sundays With Story Geeks: Games & Social Club

Fashion Famous | Roblox Gaming Club

Show Me the Money: A Virtual Tour of Washington, DC and US History (Ages 8-13)

1:1 Elementary Tutoring and HW Help Grades 3-5 All Subjects- 30 Minute Session

Stink, the Incredible Shrinking Kid by Mcdonald: Come and Read With Me! (6-9 Yo)

LOL! Did You Ever Hear the One About... Tell a Joke!

Anura (Frogs!) - Taxonomy Tales

Down On The Farm: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Geography: Around the World through Epcot!

Kick Like a Ninja - Kinderkicker Mixed Martial Arts

The History Behind Princess Films: A 3 Day Camp

Play Readings: Shakespeare's As You Like It

Ocean Animals With Yummy Names! | (Zoology) (Marine Biology)

Cnidarians (Corals, Jellies, and Sea Anemones) - Taxonomy Tales

Astronomy and Outer Space: One-On-One Class (Ongoing)

Mindfulness Bootcamp - 7 Days of Inspiration and Self-Care (13-17 Years)

Homework Help: Private Tutoring - K-5th Math, English Language Arts, & Science

Raya and the Last Dragon Escape Room

It All Began With a Squiggle...Creative Storytelling for Young Learners

Echinodermata (Starfish, Urchins, and Sea Cucumbers) - Taxonomy Tales

Frozen Ballet Dance Camp (M-Th)

Chemistry for Middle School Boot Camp

1:1 Art With Ms. Nikki

Mother’s Day How to Draw Rosalina Super Mario Art

Kate's Creative Art Club: Script Writing Skills #ukteacher

US Civics American Civics History of Government , Constitution and the Branches

Bass Guitar Lessons! Master Level Instructor

Neurodiversity Book Club (October) — "Figure It Out, Henri Weldon"

Neurodiversity Book Club — "Fish in a Tree"

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Social and Gaming Session With Coach Sam

Journey into Medicine: Part 4

Quantum Frontiers Camp: Dark Matter, Antimatter & Particle Physics! (STEM/STEAM)

Scratch 3.0 Coding - Disney Princess Video Games (Once a Week, 15 Weeks) Level 4.1

Scratch 3.0 Coding - Marvel Superheroes Video Games (Once a Week, 15 Weeks) Level 4.2

Graphic Design 101 - Camp

DSLR Photography for Beginners - Basic Camera Skills for Budding Artists

Coral Reef Ecology FLEX | (Marine Biology)

Ballet With Miss Jamie - Beginner Ballet Dance (4-7)

“Bee & Me” - ASL Nature Vocabulary, Music and Storytime with Miss Dena!

Chillout: Managing Stress as a Teenager

Science: Explore and Learn All About Dogs

Dilation- The Transformation That Grows on You

Science: Explore and Learn All About Cats

American Sign Language (ASL) Simple Sentences & Vocabulary

Stick Figure Upgrade! Sketch and Draw People in Action and in Proportion

Campfire and Spooky Tales!

Spanish Chat Club Intermediate (Ages 11-15)

Let’s Draw Anime Characters Weekly Using Procreate!

Ancient Egypt in 25 Minutes

Astronautics: The Science and Technology of Space

Train Your Brain: Executive Functioning Camp (12-17)

Magic Tree House Book Club!

Lost Tools of Writing - Lit. Analysis, Thesis Development & Persuasive Essays (Sem 1)

Conversational American Sign Language - Part 1

History Herald: The Story of France - Events and Players of French History

Reading Readiness: Get Ready to Fly Into First Grade Reading Camp

Touch Point Math Makes Addition & Subtraction as Easy as 123! (3 times)

Roblox Gaming and Social Club (Ages 6 - 11)

Endangered Animals & Paragraphs: Note Taking & Paragraph Writing (8-12)

Animal Adaptations Camp | Meet Live Animals | Ages 5-7

Wacky, Weird and Yucky History

Bougez Et Dansez! Let’s Learn About Our Body in French Via Movement

13-18 Years Old Black History From a Decolonized Perspective

Adopt Me Club: Roblox Gaming and Social Meetup (Ages 6 - 11) Free Eggs!

Orange Belt Level Three: Preparing for Green Belt

Adopt Me Club: Roblox Gaming and Social Meetup (Ages 9 -14) Free Eggs!

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch and Shade an Animal - National Geographic

English: Grammar Rules, Literary Devices, And Brain Games

Roblox Gamer Club

Dance Conditioning Ongoing

Piano Lessons Individual Ages 6-8

Piano Lessons Individual Ages 13-18

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine: Private Class

Disney Kids: A Fun and Easy way to Learn How to Sing, Act, and Dance!

Super Summer Science Camp

Summer Scribble Science

The Ongoing Creative Minecraft Gaming Play City Challenge - Bedrock

Positive Psychology : Why It Matters What I Think of Myself CAMP

Classy Ladies’ Reading Club: Book Discussions on How to Be More Ladylike

(Summer Camp) King Alexander III of Macedon (the Great)

History Herald: Private 1:1 Tutor- All History - All Ages-World, U.S. Government

Secrets to Getting Into College! Private College Counseling Coaching Sessions

The Brain in Color (Age 11-14)

Sketching, Monsters, Aliens, and Drawing Creatures 12-17 Ongoing Art Class

Let's Explore Insects (FLEX CAMP)!

London Virtual Tour Camp 5: The Monument, St. Paul's Cathedral, Cutty Sark

Middle School Essay Writing Camp!

High School Essay Writing Camp!

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Private One on One Voice Lessons for the Aspiring Sing

Tin Foil Costume Challenge

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe - Discussion and Story Writing

Reading Activities: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Book Club

*FLEX* Body Parts and Systems With Mr. Bob

Ongoing Origami Club

Draw, Paint, Sculpt and Explore Art History! Art for Homeschoolers - Level 1

All the World's a Stage Camp: Shakespeare's As You Like It

Phonics for Reading, Writing, and Spelling-Level B: "Wake up, Jake!" (One-Time Class) K, 1st, 2nd Grade. Ages 4,5,6,7. (Decoding, Fluency, and Reading Comprehension)

Effective Communication - Communicating Clearly & Concisely

Animal Farm - A Dystopian Novel Study

Fairytales & Stories in Italian: Jack and the Beanstalk

LIVE Online Art Class: Mary Blair's Colorful Abstract Castles

College Preparation and Study Skills

Cold Reading Scripts With a Professional Actress With an Optional British Accent

Intro to Drama Camp!

Individual Reading Tutor Ages 8-18

Beginner Morse Code Class 3: Communication When All Else Fails 9-13yo

Write and Read in Cursive: A Summer Camp

ABC's & 123's of ASL

Book Club for All Readers

Creative Writing: Structure, Strategies & More!

Math Middle School One-On-One Tutoring

All About Money! Small Group Learning for Ages 8-11

Defense! The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Immune System

Skin Deep: The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Integumentary System

Train Your Brain: Executive Functioning Camp (7-11)

Summer Debate Camp - One Week Workshop for Intermediate Students

Geometry Summer Math Camp!

Natural Disaster Survival (Roblox) Social Club!

Private Tutoring: Early Phonics Lessons in Reading and Writing

So, You Want to Buy a Pet? - Financial Goal Setting and Money Skills (Ages 6-8)

Private Reading Tutoring: One on One Reading Designed For Your Child

5th Grade Math, Quarter 2 of a Year Long Class!

Cats in Egypt. A Kitty Kat Detective Agency Drama and Math Mystery Game 5-7

Broadway Kids (A Fun Club for Acting and Singing!)

Music Lessons - Guitar, Piano or Voice - Beginner to Intermediate (Set Of 8)

The Pokemon Fanatics Club (Weekly Card Pack Opening!)

Be a Mathematician: 3rd Grade Full Math Curriculum

World History Through a Thematic Lens: Part 2 Of 2

WWII History: The WASPs, Tuskegee Airmen and other Stories of Diversity in the Second World War - World War Two - WW2

1:1 Math Tutoring With a Special Education Teacher

One-On-One Ancient Greek / Roman History Tutorial

Ancient Empires: India

Superhero Science Marvel DC and Others; Investigate Different Sciences Each Week

So, You Want to Buy a Lizard? - Small Group Financial Goal Setting (Ages 9-12)

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch and Shade a Portrait of a Dog (Dog Encyclopedia)

Drawing: Learn How to Draw and Color Flowers

Patient Math Tutor Available for Grades 1-9/ 55 Minute Session. Ongoing

Art Appreciation Camp With Crafts: Great Masters and Their Amazing Ideas!

Logic Puzzles: Battleships

All About the Sarcosuchus Prehistoric & Extinct Crocodile. Cool Facts

Brick by Brick: Grade 3 Fraction Skills

Logic Puzzles: Star Battles

Google Slides Fun: Create Your Own Spaceship - Digital Art Craft

Pre-School Online Class Basics: Learn How to Be a Virtual Student

Summer Music First Steps: Preschool / Kindergarten Music FLEX (3 - 5 Year Olds)

Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness- Early Reader Foundation (Ongoing)

Beautifully Notated Music - Learn the Basics of MuseScore CAMP

Math Tutoring-Priority Math Skills

Dream Big, Work Hard-How To Start Your YouTube Journey (Ages 8-13)

An Exploration of Canada - A Geography Study of Canadian Provinces & Territories

Learning Leadership Skills - In Minecraft Survival Mode (Bedrock Only)

Mario Party Superstars Small Group Social Club

How Do Butterflies Eat?: Hands on Science!

Minecraft Fans Gaming Club

Flute 101 - Part III (Lessons 7 - 12)

Grandmaster's Private Chess Lessons

Italian for Kids 1 (5 Day Camp)

What We Can Learn From A Tragedy: A Study Of The Holocaust

Safe Space Club: A Space for Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals and Allies

The Language of Healthcare: Building Your Word Bank in Medical Terminology

Back to the Future: A Tour of Ancient Civilizations

Customized Learning: Abstract Painting Ages 5-9

Introduction to Rocks and Minerals

Weekly Private Cursive Class

Waldorf Inspired Art Camp: 3 Days a Week

Draw It: Mischievous Mouse

Tween Minecraft Days Social Gaming Club: Project-Based Learning Java 1.20

Creative Watercolor Painting for Ages 8-12

Entrepreneur Skills for Kids

3D Video Game Designers Club With Atmosphir

Stars and Constellations for Kids

Gymnastics: Basic Bar Skills

Draw With Me Camp: Drawing Master Artist Portraits

Tik Tok Dance Camp (Ages 8-12)

Make-It With Paper: Origami Animals

Speak the Speech Public Speaking Camp 6-9 Year Olds Level 1

Preschool Gymnastics Beginner Balance Beam

1:1 Tutoring for UK Primary Maths Curriculum - Ages 8 - 11

Mindfulness Practices and Activities Summer Camp, Ages 7-11

The Epic Minecraft Creative Gaming Play Camp Challenge - Bedrock (5-10)

Custom Pre-K and Kinder Prep Lessons (Private 1:1) (Twice a Week)

Abstract Acrylic Painting Short-Term Class - 3 Sessions

(10 Lesson Flex Class) Wizard Taxonomy: Magical Beasts and How to Classify Them

The Doomed Queen - Fascinating Facts About Marie Antoinette

Feel Well, Think Well, Live Well - Flex Class

Epic Minecraft Builds Flex Classes That Teach: Math, Geography & Architecture.

Science Exploration: Space!

Russian Level 4 Advanced

Revolutionary War! Summer Camp! America's War for Independence in 10 Easy Lessons - Revolution History

U.S. Civil War History: Summer Camp! 10 Sessions- America's Struggle to Unite, 1861-1865

WWII History: Summer Camp! Tanks in the West! WW2 Armored Warfare in N. Africa & Europe During World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

World History II (Full Year) - Part 3 of 4

World History II (Full Year) - Part 2 of 4

World History II (Full Year) - Part 1 of 4

Middle School Physics (Ongoing)

Epic Minecraft Builders Camp - That Teaches Geography, History and Architecture.

Memorial Day: Remembering Our Veterans and Their Sacrifices - Military History

Travel Around the World, One Country at a Time (Age 11-14)

Introduction to Psychology (Age 11-14)

My Fellow Americans: A History of Presidential Elections

(Summer Camp) the Story of Jason and the Argonauts

FLEX - Words Words Words - Part 2 - 1st-3rd Grade (English, Spelling)

Essay Writing and Test Prep!

Seaside Summer FLEX Camp - Create the Timeless Look of Mosaic Using Procreate!

All About Me - Beginner Italian - Flex Class

Piano Kids Beginner Private Lessons

Let's Learn About the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens!

High School Chemistry Camp

Here There Be Monsters: A Drama Class Exploring Mythical Monsters, and Beasts

Reptile Summer Camp! - LIVE Animal Ambassadors / Snake / Turtle / Lizard

Phonics for Reading Writing and Spelling-Level C: "Intermediate Phonics" Advanced K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Decoding, Fluency, & Comprehension)

Unity Game Design and Coding: Level 2

1X1 Writing Tutoring, Organization, Editing

Let's Read! Baby-Sitter's Club Graphix Social Book Club

Puzzle Me This: A Class Exploring Brain Teasers and Optical Illusions

Camp Barbie Bunch: Chats, Challenges and Fun With Dolls

The Language of Healthcare: An Introduction to Medical Terminology

Grammar: Introduction to Adjectives and Adverbs in Sentences

Doodle It up: An Art Class Where We Make Doodles With Common Household Objects

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Ghosts of Saltmarsh! (2 Hours)

Coding for Beginners - Camp

Your Hero Academia Role Playing Adventure Club

Uke Can Do It Part 2: Group Ukulele Lessons for Young Beginners Camp

1st Grade Tutoring - Reading Comprehension and Language Arts

5th Grade Math Full Curriculum: Quarter 1

Vocalize Camp: Let's Sing With Our Best Voice!

Building Blocks of Music-Chords CAMP

Let's Write a Fairy Tale!

The Selfish Giant Writing Camp

Building Blocks of Music-Chords

Dinosaurs, Megalodon, and Archelon: Let's Draw and Learn Together!

Group Guitar for Beginners (8 Week) - Level 3

Social Skills & Personal Development Lessons You’d Rather Learn From a Stranger

Junior Wildlife Biologists Club

Uke Can Do It Part 1: Group Ukulele Lessons for Young Beginners Camp

Learn Spanish in 5 Min

1:1 One Time Private Voice Class With Broadway Performer Mrs. Tia!

Introduction to Watercolor Painting 2-Day Class (Mini-Camp), With Miss Una

Sleeping Beauty's Sing-A-Long!!

One on One ASL Tutoring

Social Studies for Fourth and Fifth Grade - US History - A Full Year of Classes

Magical Summer Camp - Arts, Crafts, and a Fun Escape Room

Science Talk (50 Minute) - Let's Discuss the World Around Us!

The Startup Way - Launch Your Business

Marvel Cinematic Universe Talk - Let's Discuss All Things Happening in the MCU!

Alphabet Craft Club - Learn Your ABC's With a Craft

Doodle Drawing: Cactus

Basketball Talk - Let's Chat About Basketball and All Things NBA

World History Through a Thematic Lens: Part 1 Of 2

English Finishing School (One Week Course)

WWII History: Summer Camp! Tanks East! Armored Warfare on the Eastern Front During World War Two, and the Battle of Kursk - World War 2 - WW2

WWII History: 2 Week Summer Camp! - World War 2, Course # 2 - Battles, Technology and BIG Mistakes - WW2 - World War Two

Grandmaster’s Chess Course for Advanced Players

Manners Matter: Basic Etiquette for Kids Summer Social Skills Camp (Ages 8-10)

One Time Piano Class for Beginners!

WWII History: Summer Camp! The Battle of Midway: Turning Point of the Pacific War During World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

Key Signatures, Scales, and the Circle of Fifths CAMP

Piano Lessons

"The Crossover" ~Basketball and Brotherhood~ Life as a Young Basketball Player (FLEX)

Bake Perfect Eclairs with Pastry Cream & Ganache | Born Baker Pâte à Choux

Beginning Art: Circle Doodles: Drawing Sleeping Cats!

Earth Science Club 3

Why Do Teeth Wiggle? The Fun Science Behind Your Loose Tooth

"The Chocolate Fudge Mystery" Reading Camp by Cam Jansen

"Food Chain Frenzy" science reading book club

"Detective Camp", An A to Z Mystery Reading Camp

Social Club - Chatting with Friends Gratitude Journaling (Includes Journal)

Learn Coding With Scratch Jr. - Beginners (Multi-Day)

Learn Coding With Scratch Jr. Camp - For Beginners

Rotating Rotations a-Round Fixed Points

Summer Flex Class Designing Presentations: Color Theory, CARP, Customization

All About Me - Beginner Spanish- Flex Class

All About Me - Beginner French -Flex Course

Sit! Stay! Learn! Dog and Puppy Obedience Training.

Learning to Read-Class 1 (Learning Phonics/Sight Words by Blending Sounds)

Detectives Needed: Let’s Learn How to Read! (Teacher and Reading Specialist)

Dinosaur Mania - Dinosaur Paleontology Camp

1:1 Math, Reading, Science Tutoring (K-7th):Certified W/ 23 Years of Experience

Princess Freeze Dance Mysteries

Quick Quest: Review Game for Human Geography

Jackbox: Weekly Social Gaming Club

Restaurant Ready: A Restaurant Etiquette Class for Teens

Beginner's Scratch 5-Day Coding Camp

Atom Camp 3: Hands-On Molecule Building! - Summer Camp (STEM / STEAM)

Voice Over Acting Summer Camp.

Introduction to Chemistry I & II (Semester)

Science Friday! a Science Experiment Class Ages 5-8

Algebra 1 Unveiled Part 4: Exploring Statistical Concepts

Marvel and the Avengers Teach You How to Write: Flexible Schedule

Introduction to 4 Square Essay Writing for Young Writers Part 2 - Small Group

Smarty Pants Summer Music Camp For Preschoolers

Kindergarten Readiness Camp: Tying Shoes, Zipping Jackets, Opening Lunch Items

Learn to Draw & Paint Baby Dragons From Mythology and Wings of Fire!

How to Draw: Cute Kawaii Cats Part 2 (Part 1 Not Required)| Art Class

Escape Room Club (11-16)

Private Guitar Lessons for Beginners

1 Day Leadership Skills: How to Be a Strong and Confident Leader

Private Guitar Lessons for Beginners

What Is Autism? Ages 13-18

The Heart of It: Mini Med FLEX Camp

Anger Management for Kids - How to Look Out for Anger #3

Camp Draw Doodles

Word Families in a Hat With a Cat!

Cat Sitting on Fence Drawing and Painting

Chemistry Club: All About the Elements of the Periodic Table

Acrylic Painting: How to Paint a Beautiful Butterfly and Flowers

Learning to Love Algebra 1: Saxon Math (Part 4 Of 4)

Reluctant Writers Find Their Voice, Build Confidence, Develop Skills Private

Learning to Love Algebra 1: Saxon Math (Part 3 Of 4)

Learning to Love Algebra 1: Saxon Math (Part 2 Of 4)

Ongoing Active Flexibility: Flexibility & Stretching for the Splits (Ages 7-9)

Ongoing Active Flexibility: Flexibility & Stretching for the Splits (Ages 10-12)

Creative Writing: Working With Words

Who Poisoned Mary? - Detective for a Day Murder Mystery

The Rolex Murder - Detective for a Day Murder Mystery

All Things Pre-K! (25Minutes)

Soccer Social Club! (English Premier League Football and International Football)

FLEX Let’s Learn to Read in French: Phonics Word Families

Mastering Math: Multiplying, Dividing, and Simplifying Fractions (FLEX)

Teen Bakers: Magical Cooking (Recipe Set 2) FLEX

10th Grade Language Arts: Part 1 (Flexible Schedule)

Let's Draw Rainbow Dragons!

Ongoing Science Camp: Let's Discover the Periodic Table!

Practice Learning English as a Second Language Through the Love of Drawing!

Montessori Dynamic Multiplication (Stamp Game) - Montessori Math

Montessori Dynamic Division (Stamp Game) - Montessori Math

Gaming Week - Play and Learn Finance as a Life Skill

Influential Artists in Color: 4 Day Paint & Learn Camp Part 1 (8-12 Years Old)

Marine Biology - Sharks of the Shallow! A Weekly Camp Exploring & Tracking Sharks (8-Weeks)

Masking Making

The Ultimate Kawaii Drawing Club! (Weekly Drop-in Class)

First Flute 101 Summer Camp

Flute 101 - Part I (First Flute Lessons)

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