New Classes on Outschool 2021-04-18

There are 382 new classes on Outschool the week of April 18, 2021 to April 24, 2021.

Preschool/Kindergarten Letter Practice

1:1 Private Tutoring Lang. Arts Complete Curriculum: The Good and the Beautiful

My Cicada Teacher: 2021 The Cicadas Are Coming!

Back to Basics: Beginner Cooking Class with Chef Mary (Ages 13-18)

Clay-Based Mosaic Making With Children Ages 5-9

Algebra 1 Topic 7 | Boom! Nailed It! | Functions, Sequences, Exponents, Factoring & Exponentials (Ongoing)

Carved Clay Relief Tiles

Introduction to Ukulele - Before Class 1

Ongoing Private 30 minute French Tuition With Kim for Students aged 6-18.

Algebra 1 | Part 2 of 3 | Boom! I Nailed It! | I Can Use Algebra to Plot a Line on Graph Fast | Solve Linear Systems of Equations (Ongoing)

Phonics for Reading Writing and Spelling - Level A: "Hello, Magic-e" (One-Time Class) K, 1st, 2nd Grade. Ages 4,5,6,7. (Decoding, Fluency, and Reading Comprehension)

Stay on Top of Third Grade Math!

Bilingual Storytime Adventures

One-Time Night Sky Art: Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners (Ages 5-9)

Mastering the Five-Paragraph Essay-Defending a Favorite Novel

Slice into Fourth Grade Math! (Fourth Grade Math Year Long On-Going)

Biology: Animal Adaptations

London Virtual Tour Camp 2: Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, West End

London Virtual Tour Camp 1: Trafalgar Square, the Mall, Buckingham Palace

Cosplay Prom Hosted by Mama Cosplay

Ancient Egyptian Adventure! FLEX

Makeup and Mythology: Glam Goddess Looks

Junior Bakers: Magical Cooking (Recipe Set 2) FLEX

Teen Bakers: Magical Cooking (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Brilliant Bakers: Tasty Truffles Edition (FLEX Class)

Cake Ball Creations

Let's Chat: Would You Rather...?

Let's Chat: All About Me! (Ages 4 To 6)

Preparing for IGCSE English

Kindergarten Readiness (Private Tutoring)

Summer Fashion Sketch Class

Great Elemental Dragons & Creatures! Socially Creative Clay Art Sculpting Club

Learn to Read with Word Families Phonics Groups! (Level 3)

Disney Characters Drawing Club

My Chill Zone: Create Your Own Personalized Relaxation Retreat

Spanish Speech Writing : Level One

Word Wonderland: Exploring Three-Letter Words, CVC Word Families, and Beyond

A Cinco De Mayo Celebration: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Cooking and Baking Recipe Club: Let's Make Peanut Butter, Banana, Chocolate Chip Muffins

Who Created Amazon.Com?

Eye Spy... Colors!

Flash Fictions 101: Try a New Creative Writing Style!

Chinese New Year! Color a Dragon, Write & Say "Dragon" in Mandarin

When You Trap a Tiger Book Study

Learning to Read: Learning the Digraphs and Blended Sounds

Stories and Activities Celebrating Mother's Day: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Chinese Mandarin Read & Game Club- Actfl Proficiency: Novice Low to Medium

One-On-One Math Confidence Tutoring (3A)

Logic Puzzles: KenKen (a.k.a. MathDoku)

Ancient Civilizations FLEX Class

Private Reading Tutoring

Critical Reading and Writing: Private Project Based Tutoring

Introduction to Oceanography

Travel Through America's National Parks: Trivia

(Expert) We Play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Ed.

Math: Addition and Subtraction Review

Life on Earth | Biology, Drawing, & Discussion for Kids

Ongoing Beginner Guitar (Ages 11-14)

Vehicles: How Do Helicopters Work? (and Build One!)

London Virtual Tour Camp 4: London Eye, HMS Belfast, Sky Garden

German Conversation: Let's Talk

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Gaming Club

Grandmaster's Chess Course for Older Kids

United States American History: Civil War to today| Semester One of Full Year

United States History: Civil War to Present | Semester Two Course

London Virtual Tour Camp 3 Victoria Station, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben

Jump Into a Few Sonnets From Shakespeare

Fast-Track to France: Beginner French Camp

Adulting 101 : Life Skills for the Young Adult

Life Skills With Virtues - Respectfulness ( Age 7-12)

Monthly One-On-One Private Piano Lessons (Ages 6-11)

Greek Mythology Camp: The Olympians (Teens)

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle Novel Study: Book 1

Get Ready and Prepared for 5th Grade Math

Reading: Kindergarten Phonics & Fluency Skills Level 4 (FLEX)

Fan Fiction for Beginners (Flex)

Let's Explore the Dinosaurs! (FLEX CAMP)

Let's Experiment: A Science and Math Class (Flexible)

Creative Writing Camp- 3rd & 4th: Prompts, Story Structure & Vocab (Flex-Part 2)

Let's Spoil Our Horse! (Flex)

Let's Pamper Our Horse! (Flex)

Reading: Kindergarten Phonics & Fluency Skills Level 3 (FLEX)

Delicious and Beautiful Berry Smoothie Bowls! (Ages 13-18)

Magnificent Mini Pepperoni Pizza Puffs!

Life Skills With Virtues - Orderliness (Age 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues - Justice (Age 7-12)

Life Skills With Virtues - Humility (Age 7-12)

Math Masters: First and Second Grade Weekly Math Club

How to Become a Youtuber (for Beginners, Ages 5-8)

Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons 101 Simplified: Minecraft

Step Into Imaginative, Drama Fairy Tales With the Story Fairy (FLEX)

Introduction to American Sign Language 1:1

Let's Talk About Minecraft Social Chat Club: Talk, Show and Tell, Tips, Tricks

Cherry Danish Ring!

Math: Addition Made Simple

Reading: Fix Those Sentences to Become a Grammar Ninja

Un Verbe Chaque Semaine: Weekly Verb Conjugation- Intermediate French Students

Cool Cats Pop Culture Social Club!

Private ESL Class- Fun, Engaging and Interactive Lessons! Experienced Teacher

6th Grade Math Practice

3rd Grade Part E, Creative, Interactive Elementary Math...Together, We Can Do This!

Monthly One-On-One Private Piano Lessons (Ages 12-17)

Obstacles: A Building Brick Adventure

I Can Name That State! Use Mnemonic to Learn United States Geography FLEX

What's for Dinner? #21 (FLEX) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Greek Mythology Camp: The Olympians

Snacks & Facts Blast: Dogs

Exploring Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones!: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Snacks & Facts Blast: Trains

Let's Make Our Horse a Cake

11 Grade Literature

Math Mystery Escape Room - All About Time!

1:1 Geology/Biology/Science Tutoring

Feminism at the Rosebud Motel

Circle Time Pre-K Fun: Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors

Creative Fun - An Art Club for Ages 6-8

History Herald: Weird & Deadly Fashion Looks, Design & Clothing of Killer Style

Sunset Painting: Watercolor Art

Animal Tracks Detectives

Cardinal Bird Painting: Watercolor Art

European History: The Hundred Years War

Youkoso! Beginning Japanese 1

The Earth and its Effects; Geography Grades 6-8, FLEX

* MY HERO ACADEMIA "Chibi" Style Anime Drawing & Sketching: Flexible

Watercolor: Learn How to Paint a Bird - Western Region of North America

Thanksgiving Roblox Socialize Gaming Fun! Gamers Camp!

Let's Experiment! Science Camp with Aunt Sam

Character Building: Essential Traits Every Child Should Practice: 7-11 Year-Olds

FALL Kindergarten Class - Curriculum- Circle Time - Phonics, Sight Words, Math

Animals 101: Lizards! - LIVE Lizard/ Reptile

Life Skills With Virtues - Courage (Age 7-12)

Volcanoes: Under Water and on Land! (Ages 9-12)

French Tutoring Class for 5-7 Years Old

Graphic Design: Learn and Design Posters, Logos, Flyers, Infographics and More

Force and Motion: Hands on Science!

I'm a Multiplication Expert: An Epic Math Camp!

Right Start Math Level A Lesson 1-31

Life Skills With Virtues - Patience (Age 7-12)

Stuffies Share, Kid’s Discussion Questions, Riddles and Fun!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons DIY Recipe Grab

Life Skills With Virtues - Kindness (Age 7-12)

Hip Hop Kids Dance Camp

Trampoline Tykes Jump'n Jacks Hopping in the House Pop-Up Class! 1x(4-8)

Full Semester Homeschool First Grade Reading: Swing Into Daily Reading

Draw a Realistic Foal Horse ~ Learn Step-By-Step Drawing Skills & Techniques

Draw How to Train Your Dragon Snafflefang ~ Step by Step Easy & Fun Lesson

Learn Chinese, Learn about Traditional Chinese Mothers, Create a Card for Mom!

Animals & Their Ecosystems | Zoo Camp | Live Animals | Ages 8-11

You Don't Look Autistic! and Other Myths About Autism - Ages 14-18

Wireworking Intro for Creating Unique Bracelets Using Pliers and Artistic Wire

Snacks & Facts Blast: Dinosaurs

Origami Club

Spanish 1 Prep Course - Get a Head Start on Spanish 1!

Mr. J's Video Game Social Club

Draw a Realistic Hummingbird ~ Learn Step-By-Step Drawing Skills & Techniques

Workshop and Edit Your Creative Writing

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion for Beginner Teens (A1)

Ocean Animals: Stupendous Seahorses; All About Seahorses.

Ocean Animals: Don't Be Crabby; All About Crabs

Pete the Cat's Out of This World Astronaut Space Adventure 3-2-1 Blast Off!

Drawing Mario Bros Fury Bowser Advanced Art!

Chess Puzzles Practice and Thinking Process With a Grandmaster

Fantasy Football Camp: How to Play This Exciting NFL Game!

Dungeons and Dragons: The Dragon of Icespire Peak Camp

Summer Debate Camp - One Week Introduction for Beginners

Merchants, Conquistadors, and Missionaries—History of Exploration FLEX

German Culture and Language (Flex)

Weekly Dungeons & Dragons Club: Dungeon Master Campaigns for other Learners

Dragon, Monster and Magical Creature Drawing Club

Time for German 101 - World Languages Summer Camp for Beginners

My Minecraft Social Chat Club Younger Students: Show and Tell, Tips and Tricks!

Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler Book Study

Social Studies and History | Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade

Draw Cute Cats With Food - Kawaii Cartoon Kitties and Foods

Civilization: Build and Defend Your Own Minecraft Town in Survival Mode!

(FLEX Class) Beginning Piano Class With Mrs. Karen for Ages 11-16

Reading: Kindergarten Phonics & Fluency Skills Level 2 (FLEX)

Banjo 1 on 1 Tutor Session

Private Ongoing Sewing Lesson With Mrs Aubrey

Defeat Long Division, FLEX

How to Get Rich...Slowly: Investing 101 (Flex)

Immersive Digital Minecraft Escape Room - Problem Solving, Team Work and Ciphers. (Not JAVA compatible)

Explore America! Let's Learn About the Fifty States

Reading and Writing Fantasy: Novel Study and Creative Writing for Teens

Muscle Making Moose - Use Procreate to Illustrate in 2D With Incredible Detail!

Murder Mystery Birthday Party!

An Introduction to Ukulele

Math Geniuses, Made Here! 3rd Grade Math HomeSchool & AfterSchool - Ongoing Math Camp!

Middle School Exploring Science Refresher Course

Becoming a Socially Skilled and Emotionally Intelligent Kid! Ongoing Class

Writing Short Sentences for Littles, Part One

Calendar Fun! the Adventures of Lori the Lizzard

Kindergarten Prep ABC Boot Camp

Science for Kids: Biology & My Digestive System

Spaceship Maze Game Using Scratch Coding

Winter Wonderland Stretch and Grow! (Ages 4-8)

Montessori All About Plants Club

ELA - Reading & Writing Comprehension Class

Multiplication Math Facts Camp - Learn to Multiply 0 to 12 - Third Grade Ongoing

Group Guitar Lessons Summer Camp With Colleen Ages 13-18 Years

3rd Grade Math Camp

Group Guitar for Beginners (8 Week) - Level 4

How to Draw: Patriotic 4th of July Cat | Art Class

Taking on the Nether and Netherite in Survival (Minecraft Bedrock)

1 on 1 Mindfulness Meditation Tutoring for Teens

Let's Spoil Our Horses Even More!

Let's Bake Our Horse Some Muffins!

Let's Bake Even More Horse Treats

Let's Bake Our Horse Some Cookies!

Let's Bake Some More Horse Treats!

Let's Spoil Our Horses Some More!

Fox Skunk Deer and Hedgehog Draw and Paint Art Class

SAT Math: Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Beyond Shapes: Geometry for Middle Elementary CAMP Level 1

Drawing Toad & Toadette From Mario Bros!

Passion Four Pawz: Perfect Puppy Potty Training for Primary Children (7-12)

Getting Ready to Ride: 3 Day Horse Camp!

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Baby Dragon (Dracopedia)

Life Skills With Virtues - Truthfulness (Age 7-12)

The Twelve Olympians of Ancient Greece

Crush Summer with Godzilla vs Kong Novelization Book Club! Reading is Kaiju Fun!

Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir Social Chat Club with Kahoot and Gimkit!

1:1 Individualized Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd Grade Bootcamp With Master Teacher

Learn Watercolor Painting: Bright Yellow Lemons

You Don't Look Autistic! and Other Myths About Autism - Ages 9-13

Building Reading Independence in Young Learners Course

US Geography Camp: Memorize the USA Map + Weird Facts About All USA States

African American History: Why Juneteenth Is Important || Black History

More London History: Hair & Make-Up of the 1700s (Ages 13-17)

All About Puberty! | Estrogen Edition (Beginners FLEX)

Emoji Algebra - Solving Basic Equations

Beginner Spanish for Young Learners (Complete)

Let's Learn CVC Words - Short A

Waldorf Daily Circle Time for Preschool & PreK with Storytime, Singing, Verses & Movement

Survival Social Club (Minecraft Bedrock Realm) (~Ages 10-15)

Improv Blast: Learning the Basics of Improv

8th Grade Language Arts: Part 2 (Flexible Schedule)

Tap Dance Kids! : Ongoing Tap Dance Club

US Geography: States and Capitals **FLEX** Class

Mastering Math: Advanced Probability and Statistics (FLEX)

Mastering Math: Advanced Patterns, Functions, and Algebra (FLEX)

Mastering Math: Advanced Measurement and Geometry (FLEX)

Sticker Design Society: Learn ProCreate Drawing (from Beginner 101 to Advanced)

Self Esteem and Confidence; How We "SEE" Ourselves Matters!

"Drawing is So Much Fun" Summer Arts Camp 2023

Reading in Pre-k and Kindergarten-Sight Words & Stories- (Flexible Schedule)

Reading: Kindergarten Phonics & Fluency Skills Level 1 (FLEX)

Creative Writing Camp-5th & 6th: Prompts, Story Structure & Vocab (Flex-Part 2)

Flex - Yummy KETO Sweets

Tabletop Miniature Painting Basics

Stretch, Strength, and Flexibility Club for Dance, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Ice Skating, and More!

Dungeon Master's Club

Multiplication Fun (0-12) - Quizlet Live

Multiplication Fun (0-12) - ZAP!

Why Does the Moon Change Shape?

Private Math Tutoring - Grades 4 - 8 Including Algebra

All About Carnivores

Where Does All the Water Go?

FLEX - Get Ready for Middle School Science - Physical Science

All About Herbivores

How Do Plants Grow?

Multiplication Fun (0-12) - Bingo

Multiplication Bootcamp: 3 Days of Math Fun!

Words, Pictures and Poetry...Oh My: A Found Poetry Class

Three Sweet Words in 3 Languages That Launch a Fun World & Art Exploration! 1:1

Let's Spoil Our Horse!

Workshop and Edit Your Creative Writing

Let's Bake Horse Treats

Scratch Programming: Level 1 Coding Projects - FLEX

No Bake Horse Treats

Zookeeper Training - Big Cat Edition - Zoo Animal Science

Summer Skillz Math Sharpener

Creative Writing Camp-5th & 6th: Prompts, Story Structure & Vocab (Flex-Part 3)

Beginning Group Guitar Level 2

Warrior Cats Camp! Draw, Chat and Create!

Mastering Math: GED Prep (FLEX)

Pig in the Pond: Singing & Story Time

From 8th to 9th Common Core Algebra Summer Camp

All About Money! Ages 6-8

Portrait Art: Realistic Human Portrait Sketch

Dungeons and Dragons: Birthright - Camp

Animal Life Cycles - Learn with Escape Rooms

Little Bakers: Magical Cooking

Scratch Programming: Level 2 Coding Projects - FLEX

Brainstorm Your Own Graphic Novel With Dog Man

Flex: Multi-Sensory Sight Words for 1st Graders

Weekly Brain Exercises for ADHD, Focus, Alertness, Memory, and More (FLEX)

"Days of the Week With Super Mario Characters!"

Animal Art: Realistic Quokka Sketch

Cinderella's Sing-A-Long!!

WWII History: 2 Week Summer Camp! Course # 1...Rise of Dictators to the End of the War - World War Two - WW2

Unicorn Handwriting: Learn Proper Letter Formation (Ages 3-6)

Our Spider Friends. Dancing Peacock Spider & the Black Widow and More

STEAM Camp: Construction Ahead! Learn About Construction Vehicles, Tools & More

Say 'N' Play: Preschool Alphabet Phonics Camp!

Sam's One on One Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring!

Social Studies for Fourth Graders - A Complete Year of Social Studies

Preschool Frozen Letter Hunt and Craft

Are There Any Feminists in Hawkins, Indiana? Weekly Discussion Club

Learn How to Draw Minecraft Mobs!

Sports and PE: Private Hockey Class - By Request - Ongoing

Intermediate (5th and 6th Grade Art): A Live Semester Course

Ballet Classics - The History, Stories & Dances

French Music Time - Planes, Trains, Cars & Boats! Le Transport!

5 Days Art Club - Drawing and Colouring - Enjoy the Variety 1

French Music Time - Let's Visit the Beach! Allons à La Plage!

Weekend Watercolors

Ongoing Drawing and Painting Class With a Guided Step-By-Step Approach

5 Weeks Art Activity -Drawing & Painting

Best Book Ever! (FLEX Book Club)

Among Us Airship Mystery 360° Escape Room

Art Club 8: Creative Decorative Cupcakes With Miss Mooni

Get Ready for Kindergarten: Preschool Letter Names & Sounds! (FLEX)

Art Club 7: Creative Line Art Illustrations With Miss Mooni

Magic School Bus Story Time Adventures Read Aloud + Science Experiments FLEX

Creative Lettering Flex Part 2: One Frame-Able Project a Week!

Winter Coding Camp: Learn How to Code The Flappy Bird Game With JavaScript

The McDonald's Fries Law Suits

Dyamonde Daniel: Rich Book Study

Reading Strategy: Compare and Contrast

Adopt Me! Pet Playland: An ONGOING Roblox Social Gaming Club

Study Skills 6 Week FLEX Class for Middle Schoolers

Disney Trivia: Princess Edition!

Private Tutoring : Beginner Mandarin (Chinese)

Student Centered Private Music Lessons

Learn to Play Piano for Young Beginners Part 2, Flex Edition

Get Ready for Kindergarten! with Kindergarten Reading Sight Word Superstars! (Flex Class)

Show Me the Money! Personal Finance for Teens Part B (Semester)

Mathdoku Puzzles for Beginners

5 6 7 8: Let's Learn a Cheer Dance!

High School French! Alterego Method French for Foreigners A1- Dossier 2

Brain Warriors Escape Rooms: Story, Math, & Fitness Fun - Advancing Math Skills

Let's Bake Breads! Bread, Rolls, Muffins, Scones, Sweet Breads & Cinnamon Rolls

It's Christmas Time! Let's Play on the Beach and Make Sea Glass Art

Music Theory With Music Mind Games

High School French! Alterego Method French for Foreigners A1- Dossier 1

ASL Beginners Summer Camp - American Sign Language (Ages 12-17)

ASL Beginners Summer Camp - American Sign Language (Ages 7-11)

Mass, Volume, and Density

"CVC and CVCE" Ice Cream Shop

Travel Through America's National Parks: Trivia Game

Storytime, Drawing Time , Snack Time, Social Time!!!!

Ukulele or Guitar - 5 Week Batch of Lessons

Medieval Spy Academy:The Templars Escape Room

Jeepers! I Crushed the Competition! Algebra Topics Match Up (Ongoing)

Warrior Cats Escape Room

Let's Visit the Rainforest! (With a Directed Drawing of a Toucan)

SAT Math: Heart of Algebra

Middle School French! Adomania. French for Foreigners A1 - Étape 3

Space Explorers: Famous Space Missions

Let's Go Camping and Learn About Constellations! (Ages 3-6)

Scratch Programming: Level 3 Coding Projects - FLEX

ASL for Advanced - Part 6 FLEX

Grammar Review Boot Camp: Parts of Speech and Building Sentences (2-Weeks)

Weekly Art & Craft Time- Creative Practice for 6-10 Year Olds

Novel Writing Cohort: A Creative Community for Teen Novelists

Middle School French! Adomania. French for Foreigners A1 - Étape 2

Get Ready for 5th Grade Math! Summer Math Camp | 4th Grade Math Review

What Did I Miss? One-On-One Private Tutoring in Writing (45 Minutes)

Big Bad Wolves and Glass Slippers: A Fairy Tale Drama Camp

Art Appreciation- Exploring Great Artists With Young Children #academic

The Chronicles of Narnia Literature Book Club!

Enter the Science Lab: A Science and STEM Camp

Invent Your Fantasy Kingdom - Worldbuilding Writing Camp

1:1. French Refresh Tutoring (4 Weeks)

Fashion Design: ELEGANT EVENINGWEAR: Designing, Sketching & Drawing Formalwear

My Minecraft World Geography: Travel and Visit Countries to Find Steve Alex FLEX

Adventures in German Mythology & Grimm Brothers Summer CAMP

Poetry Workshop: Express Yourself!

Creative Writing Workshop II

Learn How to Get Published This Year: For Serious Writers

Beginner Small Group Cello Class

Summer Math Tutoring 1-To-1 (50 Minutes) for Grades 4-8 and Pre-Algebra

Summer Math Tutoring 1-To-1 (25 Minutes) for Grades 4-8 and Pre-Algebra

Ratios: Writing Ratios, Equivalent Ratios, and Ratio Tables

Brain Games for Young Minds (Brain Teasers, Puzzles and Optical Illusions)

Urdu Immersion : Multiday Class

Private ESL Immersion Class

Nature Journaling for the Wild: Beautiful Birds

Private Tutoring: The Writing Process, 1:1 Essay Writing Help

Flamenco Dance Flex Class

Summer Procreate Fashion Illustration & Drawing Camp

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