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New Classes on Outschool 2021-05-02

There are 504 new classes on Outschool the week of May 2, 2021 to May 8, 2021.

African Safari Animal Art: Realistic Sketching

African Safari Animal Art: Giraffe Sketch

African Safari Animal Art: Zebra Sketch

African Safari Animal Art: Cheetah Sketch

African Safari Animal Art: Elephant Sketch

African Safari Animal Art: Lion Sketch

African Safari Animal Art: Rhino Sketch

The Wild Mustang Horses of the West

Gymnastics - Perfect Ten Floor Routine

Let’s Learn How to Embrace Our Mistakes! Teaching Children to Not Feel Defeated.

End of Year Music Recital!

Maths Mastery: Block 1 Place Value Within 10 (Ages 5-6)

Crazy About Cats Drawing Club | Art Class

Summer Camp: Spelling

Understanding and Applying Compassion (Ages 11-14)

Understanding and Applying Compassion (Ages 7-10)

Superhero Training Camp

Graphing Review for Algebra 1 & 2: Lines, Parabolas, Circles, and More!

Points, Lines, Plus! Mastering Linear Equations for Grades 6-10

Procreate Digital Drawing Club Let’s Draw People Flex Ages 10-14

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Starry Night

Public Speaking and Communications FLEX CLASS: Learn the Art to Great Speeches!

Word Problems: Single-Step Four Operations With Whole Numbers (5th & 6th Grade)

4th Grade Math Unit 4 (Division)

Typing Keyboarding 101 Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing Skills 3X Week/2Weeks (Ages 7-12)

Weird Wacky Weather: A Look at Nature’s Craziest Weather Phenomena! (On-Going)

Ukulele for Beginners! (FLEX)

Pollination: Let’s Pollinate Like an Insect

Preschool Summer Circle Time: Mornings With Mrs. M (Ongoing)

French Class - Small-Group, On-Going Beginner French, Semi-Private Tutoring EFL

Private Class: Social Skills and Life Coaching

Summer High School Speech and Debate Camp: Public Forum Novice

Detectives Apply: Critical Thinking Skills Class!

Roblox: Piggy Book 2

Read High Frequency Words Camp: Kindergarten Review! Part 3

Read High Frequency Words Camp: Kindergarten Review! Part 1

Read High Frequency Words Camp: Kindergarten Review! Part 2

Let’s Paint a Rainbow Sunset Landscape: Beginner Acrylic Painting Class

Kindergarten Prek Beginner Writer Workshop: Discover How to Write

Math Fun: What Two Numbers Add to Make TEN?

Grade 5 & 6 English Language Arts (ELA) Literature Semester 1 of 3

Turning Pages Book Club: Howl's Moving Castle

Minecraft Windsock Creeper Craft

Take Charge of Your Emotions (Students With Autism)

Angie's English/Spanish Preschool Fun With Colors

Sports Show and Tell

Can You Solve History's Greatest Mysteries? - FLEX Class

ABC Phonics: Learning the Alphabet Through Alphatales! (3x/Week)

Becoming a Youtuber Summer Camp

Everyday Life Skills (Students With Autism)

Artemis Fowl, Criminally Good

WWII: The Greatest Battles and Leaders!

Look! Now I Can Write Sentences! Part 2

US History: Win the American War of Independence!

British Literature & Composition Semester 1 (High School English)

Southern U.S. Summertime Snack Staples!

Delicious and Beautiful Berry Smoothie Bowls! (Ages 7-10)

Fun With Books: Private Guided Reading Tutoring ~2 Days/Wk

Roblox Gaming Camp (New games each day!)

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Story Time and Art With Teacher Dianne

Sell It! 3-Day Musical Theater Audition Intensive

British Composition & Literature Semester 2 (High School English)

It Looked Like Spilt Milk but…. Story Time and Crafting Fun With Teacher Dianne

FLEX- 4 Week (10 lessons)Fitness Challenge With a Marine

Ocean Animal Trivia Time

Bird Trivia Time

Animal Trivia Club (Ongoing)

Second, Third, or Fourth Grade Math Tutoring

Reptile and Amphibian Trivia Time

Horse Trivia Time

Let's Learn Spanish (2x a Week)

The Science of ADHD

Travel With Me: Hawaii

Weekly Digital Drawing Club: Fashion Design & Sketching With Procreate

Dungeons and Dragons 1-Week Summer Camp: How to Homebrew Your D&D World!

ASL Karaoke Club - Sing Along in American Sign Language

Dialogue in French: French Language Learners Social Hour!

Study Hall: Group Tutoring

1 Day Boosting Confidence: What It Takes to Be More Confident and Use It Effectively

Math Review With Friends - (Game-Based) 5Th Grade

The Care and Keeping of a Sulcata Tortoise (Flex)

Where Did the Letters Go? More About Contractions!

Design a Summer Collection & Make a Booklet

Let's Travel to Turkey, Learn World Geography, Culture, Food and More

Dance Your Wiggles Out: Fitness and Fun, Zumbini for Kids 4 - 5 Years Old

Easy Drawing of Animals

FLEX: IEW Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales (Part 2)

FLEX: IEW Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales (Part 1)

Japanese for Beginners: Part I (Ages 13-17) (Multi-Day)

Japanese for Beginners: Part I (Ages 8-12) (Multi-Day)

Roblox Gaming Club

Addition Math Mystery Escape Room - The Case of the Missing Class Pet!

zzzEnrolling for March/Circle Time Class: Stories, Site Words, Letters and Math

Drawing Realistic Animal Textures: Fur (Camp)

Let's Write Perfect Paragraphs Together! Step-by-step English Paragraph Writing Ongoing Class

Table Manners Matter: Learning Dining Etiquette

Emerging Readers

¿Qué Tiempo Hace? Summer Spanish Camp (Weather, Months and Seasons)

¡Animales! Summer Spanish Camp (Animals)

¡Todo Sobre Mí! Summer Spanish Camp (All About Me)

Learn to Draw & Paint Wolves and Wolf Pups Step-By-Step!

Drawing in Purely Pastels Art Class

Scratch Jr Coding Camp - Disney Princesses Game Level 3.1

Learn to Play Piano for Beginners, Piano Adventures Level 2A FLEX Version

Animal Crossing New Horizons Disney Movie Challenge

Learn to Play Piano for Young Beginners Part 3.0 Flex Version

Beginning Babysitter Comprehensive Course

Drawing 101! Draw Like an Artist, Certified Educator FLEX

5 Days of Preschool Music Camp || Music Is Life

Different Types of Portrait Drawing

Magic Masterclass - Learn the World's Best Card Tricks

Pirate Adventures and Scavenger Hunt: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

BookStudy & Build FLEX: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe & Minecraft Mash-Up

Learn to Read With a Silly Monster! CVC Phonics Word Families Camp! (Week 2)

Learn to Read With a Silly Monster! CVC Phonics Word Families Camp! (Week 1)

Biscuit Smash Smiley Face Pizzas!

Middle School US History Part One: Unit 1 Of 6 Indigenous People & European Exploration

7th Grade Math Full Curriculum, Quarter 1 of a Year Long 7th Grade Math Class

Media Meet-Up: TED Talks, Documentaries, Films

Watercolor Mountain Scenery Piece! Art Class, Watercolors, & Techniques

Writing Short Sentences for Littles, Ongoing

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 1-5 (Age 8-12)

Genetics: A Recipe for You! (Ages 13-17) (Flex)

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 1-5 (Age 13-18)

Winter Art Camp With Miss Margie

Chemistry 9-Week Course w/ Lab Experiments | (Part 2 of 4) Semester Course | w/ Report Card

ESL Kindergarten Summer Camp 1 Week of Learning Sight Words, Letters, & Numbers

Prek/Kinder Boot Camp; ABCS and Math with clay!

Friendly and Supportive Math Tutoring: Ongoing

Clay Sculpting - Kawaii Animals: Magical Autumn Animals

1 on 1 Immersion Russian Language Tutoring (50 Minutes)

Word Problems: Two-Step With Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide (4th Grade)

4th Grade Math Unit 3 (Multiplication)

An Acrylic And Water Painting Social Club! Paint Sceneries And Fun Abstracts

Pilates Workout With Props


Fashion Designer of the Week- Teen

Subtraction: Multiple Digit With Regrouping

Exponents: Multiplying and Dividing Exponents

Ratios: Unit Rates

Ocean Animals: A Four Day Camp Experience

Reptiles: A Four Day Camp Experience

Taming Your Anger Dragon Presents: Flexible Strategies to Keep Calm (FLEX)

Taming Your Anger Dragon Presents: Flexible Strategies to Keep Teens Calm (FLEX)

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Escape Hyrule Castle Escape Room

First and Second Grade Reading Group

Escape From Dinosaur Island

Entrepreneur Summer Camp - How to Start an Online Business That Makes Money

Godzilla and His Rivals

Spring - 4 Day Camp - Basic - 100% Spanish Immersion - Spanish Paw Some Fun by Native Speaker - Ages 3 to 5

Fresh Floral Design for Kids: Ages 6-9

Logical Fallacies With the Fallacy Detective

Odd Animals: A Four Day Camp Experience

Growth Mindset - Unstoppable Me Flex Class

Deceivingly Cute, Deadlier Than a Shark, Nasty and Mind-Boggling Animal Camp!

Extinct, Endangered, Intelligent, and Oddly Cool Animals Camp!

"Rising Star Musical Theatre Performance Group (Drop-In Class!)."

Landscape Acrylic Painting From a Photo

Spanish 2 Semester 1- Grammar/ Conversation (Middle/High School)

*Cool Sloth Summer Drawing Art Flex Camp Ages 8-12

*Cool Sloth Summer Drawing Art Flex Camp Ages 6-9

*Cool Cats Summer Drawing Flex Camp Ages 8-12

*Cool Fennec Fox Summer Drawing Art FLEX Camp Ages 8-12

*Cool Fennec Fox Summer Drawing Art FLEX Camp Ages 6-9

*Cool Cats Summer Drawing Art Flex Camp Ages 6-9

Little Dreamers Character Art: Numbers - 4

Jumpstart High School Chemistry

Teacher Beth's Office

Field of Flowers Watercolor Painting Class

Daisies Watercolor Painting Class

A Sus Criminal Law Class: Learn About Criminal Law Then Play Among Us

Mummify a Doll: A Hands on Exploration of Ancient Egypt

American History: The Pony Express

Scratch 3.0 Camp - Disney Princess Video Games Creation Level 4.1

Organizational Skills for Success and Calmness

Plants that Eat Things: A Look at Carnivorous Plants

Discover Chess: No Experience/ Semester Series I - III / Ages 5 -9

Success Mentorship

Urdu Immersion : Let's Go on an Exploration ! (Enriching Urdu Vocabulary )

Chemistry 9-Week Course w/ Lab Experiments | (Part 1 of 4) Semester Course | w/ Report Card

Roblox’s Piggy 100 Edition!

Easy Ventriloquism Camp

1:1 Private Math Tutor Explains Step-By-Step - 2ND Grade - 8TH, Grade, Algebra

Silly Monster Letters Camp! (Phonics Fun) Week 2

Private Tutoring: Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade Math or Reading

Discovery Chess: Intermediate / Semester Series I - III

Mannequin Challenge: A Drama Class Exploring Tableaux

Magic Treehouse- Night of the Ninjas Book Club

Move Your Body- Dance/Yoga/Fitness (4 Day Camp)

Animals - A Scientific Discovery

Camp Perfect Paragraph

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 5 (Age 8-12)

Junior Explorers: Let's Meet Our Community Helpers (Learn, Play + Draw Together)

Camp for Making Sense of Fractions

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 1 Part 5 (Age 13-18)

Smart Animals From Around the World.

Preschool Skills Practice: Learning All About Me

Exploring the Ocean

Genetics: A Recipe for You! (Ages 8-12) (Flex)

Learner-Led Impromptu Japanese Conversation Club

Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp: An Adventure Into the Stranger Things World!

Down on the Farm

Our Community Helpers

Bilingual Chinese & English Story Time - Little Mouse Wants an Apple.想吃苹果的鼠小弟

Place Value Fun "Ones, Tens, Hundreds"

Genetics: A Recipe for You! (Ages 13-17) (Multi-Day)

English Reading, Writing & Speaking With Miss Ashley

Genetics: A Recipe for You! (Ages 8-12) (Multi-Day)

Precalculus | Summer Review and Prepare | Foundations

Chinese Cooking Class - Pan-Fried Dumplings

French Immersion Morning Meet-Up

French Summer Camp: Let's Go on an Adventure!

Summer Reading Club: Preschool

Learning for Life Tuition - An Introduction 😀

Pre-Algebra - 7th / 8th Grade Accelerated Ongoing Full Year Math - 2x Per Week

Preschool Summer Club - Phonemic Awareness

Thirty Minute Improv for Any Level!

Poetry Tea Time - Christmas Is Coming!

Weekly Individual Flute and/or Piccolo Lessons. (30 Min)

100 Years of Monsters and Horror in Film Part 2 Twenty More Years!

Podcasting: Learn the "How To's" of Podcasting and Publish Your Podcast!

“Monkey Around!” - ASL Vocabulary, Music & Storytime with Miss Dena!

Sketching: Love Among Animals - Giraffe

1:1 Private Spanish Tutoring Lessons (30 Minutes)

Learning Leadership Skills -In Minecraft Dungeons Can you beat the Evil IIIager?

Poetry Tea Time - I LOVE Fall!

Survival on Disaster Island (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Only)

Young Entrepreneurs: Brainstorming Session to Start Making Money Tomorrow

Typing - Keyboarding 101 Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing Skills Summer Camp 2X Week / 2 Weeks (Age 7-12)

Animals You Wouldn't Believe Exist!

1:1 Math Tutoring Session (50 Min.)

Gacha Life & Gacha Club: Creative Corner and Social Club!

Extinct: Animals From the Past!

5 Day Intensive Dance Camp! (Ages 8-12)

5 Day TEEN Intensive Dance Camp! (Ages 13-18)

Valentine Flowers Art Project!

Multiplication Mastery Camp with Gimkit Games

Arts and Math: Multiplication Properties

Let's Crochet an Amigurumi Doll- A Project-Based Class- Advanced

Geography Study - Let's Travel to Las Vegas!

American Girl Historical Doll Baking Camp! - PART 2

Spring Into Summer!: Story Time & Art

Watercolor Painting Class: Chickadee

2nd Grade Skills

Division Math Mystery Escape Room - The Case of the Locked Candy Box

STEM :Dinosaurs, Letters, Math Challenges, and Science Social Camp

Help! We're Endangered. Do You Know Who We Are?

Discovery Chess: "Square" Time, Movement and Math! / Early Childhood

Hand Sewing for Beginners (Ages 8-12)

Social Cubing Club for Cuber's (Ages 9 - 14)

Through the Keyhole

Cool Fennec Fox Summer Drawing Camp Ages 6-9

Cool Sloths Summer Drawing Camp Ages 8-12

Cool Sloth Summer Drawing Camp Ages 6-9

Third Grade Math: Word Problem Workshop (Weekly, Ongoing)

Movie Of The Week For Teens: Thinking About Movies

Entrepreneurship for Kids: How to Start a Business

Montessori Culture Club- The Year and Its Parts

Private Math Tutoring and Homework Help

History’s Heroes and Villains: You Be the Judge

Starwars, Minecraft, Robotnik and Bowser Workout Series - Flex Course

Disney Descendants - 20 Questions - Social Class

Sweet Chibi Sloth Drawing

Writing A Worm Biography

Best the Fourth Time Around Level Four in the Introduction to Beginner Piano Series

Star Wars Weekly Training- Ongoing Class

The Fourth Time is a Charm Fourth Class in the Beginner Piano Series

Elena of Avalor Princess Dance to Save the Kingdom Pop-Up Class!

Full Introduction to Realistic Drawing - Flexible Schedule Course

Weekly: Mastering Drawing People- Level 2

Flex- Anime Fashion Design Course

Insect Trivia Battle! an Exciting Science Game About Bugs

Flex Version: Mastering Anime Characters Using Procreate

Art Club: Drawing Animal Crossing Characters (Ongoing Subscription)

Colorful Science Experiments!

Gymnastics Uneven Bars Basic Skills-Let's Get the Kip

Internet Safety. How and Why to Protect Yourself Online

Gymnastics - Floor Cardio Warm Up

Gymnastics Balance Beam and How to Maintain Perfect Balance

Private English Tutoring: Reading/Writing/Spelling (3-8 Years)

Fifth Grade Math Review Games

Mind-Boggling Animals Facts! Can You Figure Out What They Are?

Roblox: Its a Gaming Club

Cold War: Immerse Yourself in This Call of Duty Multiplayer Social Club

Camp: Intermediate Spanish Practice Through Playing Games (NO English)

Creative Cursive

4th Grade Math Unit 2 (Addition and Subtraction)

STEM Career Exploration

Let's Learn About You: Introduction to Anatomy (Ages 13-17)

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: A 6-Week Adventure! (Ages 13 - 17)

Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners: A 6-Week Adventure! (Ages 10 -13)

Art Club: Drawing Pokemon (Ongoing Subscription)

4th Grade Math Unit 1 (Number Sense)

Pre-K and Kindergarten Circle Time (2X/Week) | Songs, Letters, Phonics, Math & Show and Tell

3X3 Megaminx- Dodecahedron Puzzle Ages (10-14)

Sculpture Art Camp: Drawing/Making Animal Sculptures From Recycled Cardboard

Duck Tales, Woo Hoo! (Workout Class)

Genshin Impact Cosplay Group With Bucky

Roblox Spring Break Fun Club! 3-Days

Who Is the King of BBQ!

Back to the Wild: Lets Explore the Wild Ponies of Assateague Island

Let's Learn About You: Introduction to Anatomy (Ages 8-12)

Percy Jackson Escape Room

Cool Cats Summer Drawing Camp Ages 6-9

First and Second Grade FLEX Reading Fluency for June

Eerie Elementary Book Club!

Cool Cats Summer Drawing Camp Ages 8-12

Weekly Ongoing 4th Grade Math - Complete Curriculum - Printables Included!

Creative Writing Through Literary Devices

Creative Writing Club: Write Your Own Adventure!

French Grammar Flex: Verbs in the Past Tense Le Passé Composé

First Grade Sight Word Bootcamp

Smarty Pants Music Camp - Frogs, Bugs and Bumblebees

Learn to Create Stylish Earrings Using Chain and Jewelry Pliers Like a Pro

How the Skin Works: Anatomy and Physiology (Future Doctors Class)

Conversational German for Beginners III

All About Animals: Social Club With a Fun Trivia Game of Kahoot/Blooket! (8+)

Father’s Day Fun About Fantastic Fathers

All New!!!! Baking incredible cookies With Mike


Scratch Coding Semester 1 - Beginner Level

Roblox Crew

Learn to Draw & Paint Cute Anime Cats and Kittens Step-By-Step!

Take Things Apart With Boomer

Summer Singing Lessons: 1:1: 30 Minutes, 8 Classes

1-1 Reading Tutor | Improve Your Reading Skills and Confidence

Intensive Study - Private Lessons in Public Speaking (45 Minutes 2 Times Weekly)

Let's Make Paper Dolls! Ongoing Fashion and Paper Doll Club - Drawing, Painting, Fashion Design

Sun Wave Acrylic Painting Class

Groovy Grammar: Parts of Speech for Writing - Advanced

Bully Busters

Non-Fiction Elementary Book Club (Lexile 400-600 / ESL Students Welcome)

Level 3 Creative Photography Class for Teens: Great Light Everywhere

Level 3 Creative Photography Class for Ages 6-10: Great Light Everywhere

Level 3 Creative Photography Class for Ages 10-13: Great Light Everywhere

Literature ELA Reading Club: Animal Farm by George Orwell

Famous Shipwrecks: The Titanic, the USS Indianapolis, and More!

Individual Tutoring-Multi

Wizard Book Club- Year 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Video Editing for Beginners *FLEX*

FLEX: How to Create Your Own Babysitting or Mothers Helper Business

A New You! A Comprehensive Self-Development Course (13-18) Part 1

Life Skills: Step-By-Step College Application & Essay Course

Creative Pet Photography #1: Sit, Stay, Click for Ages 3-6 w/ Erika

Ultimate First Grade Curriculum (Flex)

One-on-One Creative Writing Tutoring

[FLEX CLASS] YouTube Gamers: Record and Edit Like a Pro!

Camp Entrepreneur: Design, Build & Launch a Website, Online Business, Shop, Blog

D&D Adventure! the Marauders of Shadow Swamp!

Irish Dance Hard Shoe Summer Camp: Let's Make Some Noise!

Design Your Own Land! Creative Writing

Godzilla, King of the Monsters

7th Grade Math - Full Curriculum | Unit #1 (of 4) | Integers & Expressions

Musical Drawings: Part 1

Let's Go Dance and Exercise at a Father's Day Dance Party

Desert Ecosystems | How Plants & Animals Survive in Harsh Desert Climates

Mathematical Thinking: Singapore Math Full Curriculum 3A/3B (Ongoing Class)

Fifth Grade Science-Core Curriculum Class for First Semester

Drawing 101: Learn to Draw a Mandala

Roblox Gaming Social Club! Let's Work at a Pizza Place

Godzilla, King of Monster Island

Word Problems: Two-Step Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide (3rd Grade)

Mathematical Thinking: Singapore Math Full Curriculum 2A/2B (Ongoing Class)

All About Fish! | Goliath Groupers, Great White Sharks, and More!

Amazing Birds | Parrots, Penguins, Eagles, & More | Animal Classification

Guinea Pig Mania: A Guinea Pig Hangout and Social Club

Marine Biology M10: Research & Explore Marine Organisms! 10 Weeks (Ages 9-12)

1:1 With Ms. Sara! Playschool, Preschool, Reading, ESL, Customized Class

Drawing Is a Piece of Cake!—Draw Pop Art Like Wayne Thiebaud.

Let's Learn Ballet Camp: Primary Camping Adventure

Let's Learn Ballet Camp: Primary Beach Adventure

Ballet Adventure Camp: Dance the Story of Frozen and More

Preschool: Alphabet & Signs!

Ongoing Tutoring to Help Prepare Your Learner for School and Beyond

Among Us Summer Social Camp

Learn to Draw Hair

Sketch Animals From Reference

Intensive Study - Private Lessons in Public Speaking (30 Minutes 2 Times Weekly)

Summer Hip-Hop Dance Class with Ms. Brandi

States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases!

Summer Dance Camp: Beginner Tap, Jazz, & Ballet

Alma De Flamenco (Soul of Flamenco)

Let's Sketch Cute Anime Girls

Elsa • Frozen Painting Party

Creative Dance & Improvisation

IEW Writing Lessons: All Things Fun and Fascinating (2x/Week) Part 2

Tease That Brain! Learn about the brain through riddles and challenges.

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color a Warrior Cat Lionblaze

IEW Writing Lessons: All Things Fun and Fascinating (2x/Week) Part 1

Let's Draw & Color Pokemon Snorlax Watercolor Paint, Colored Pencils, Markers or Digital

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color a Warrior Cat Bristlefrost

Camp for the Kid Who Loves Culture, Geography, History and Languages

Flexible Journalism 101

Elementary School Drawing Club: Ongoing Weekly Social Group

Tackle and Write an Organized Five Paragraph Essay- Crash Course! ( Part 1)

Camp for the Kid Who Loves Horses & Art History - No. 3

Math Masters Long-Term or Drop-In; 3rd Grade

Homeschool High School Middle East History - Semester 1

Learning to Count Is Super Fun! Let's Count 1-100

Miss Allys Creative Drawing and Acrylic Painting Art Class

Exploring Tornados!

Decide With Danny - The Power to Choose

The Heisei Series: Kaiju's Greatest Villains and Their Roles in the Second Era

Journey into Medicine: Part 2

Camp for the Kid Who Loves Cats & Art History - No. 2

Cooking Chinese Food Flex Class: Favorite Take-Out Recipes!

The Key to Being a “ Social Magnet “ : How to Attract Friends and Keep Them !

"Eggciting" Mini Veggie Frittatas! (Gluten Free)

Science: What the Difference Between an Alligator and a Crocodile

Fossil Explorers Camp: Dinosaurs, Ancient Sea Creatures, and Ice Age Mammals

So Many Crazy Reading Rules: Digraph Reading - Part 2

"Advanced Anatomy Concepts-Head to Toe- For 9-12 Year Old's"

"Advanced Anatomy Concepts-Head to Toe-For Ages 13-16"

Let's Make Pumpkin Horse Treats (Flex)

Let's Pamper Our Horse Some More! (Flex)

2nd Grade Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing Oh My! Ongoing

Volcano Explorers Camp

Latin Level 4 for Kids (Ages 7 to 8) - Building Onto Latin Level 3 for Kids

Latin Level 4 for Kids (Ages 9 to 12) - Building Onto Latin Level 3 for Kids

Summer: Semester Guitar 1 (45 Min.)

Guinea Pig Jeopardy: Test Your Furry Potato Facts!

Preschool Art Club - Arts & Crafts - Weekly Art Class for Young Learners

Intermediate Writing Essentials

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 4 Ages 9-12

Learning ASL: Intermediate Part 4 Ages 5-8

Sea Turtle Explorers Camp

Herpetology Explorers Camp: Reptiles and Amphibians

Stop Motion Movie Making Class!

Book Club: The Trumpet of the Swan by EB White

Wild Cats Explorers Camp

Camp - Let the Sun Shine in - Cultivating Wellbeing at All Levels - One on One

Talk With Your Hands: Advanced ASL 2

Middle-School Literature -- Dystopian Genre

Marine Mammal Explorers Camp: Whales, Sea Otters, Seals, and Manatees

Fantastical Beasts and How to Draw Them Step by Step

Camp for the Kid Who Loves Dogs & Art History - No. 1

Individual Tutoring - Learning Math with Multiplication and Division

Graphic Logo Design Class 1: GIMP (a free Photoshop Alternative) 10-15yo

Kinder Connections: Summer Morning Meeting

Bird Explorers Camp

Beginner Spanish Class - Parts of the Body - (Pre-School)

Get Peace of Mind With a Great College Application Essay and Interview Skills!

Ongoing Book Club With Elephant & Piggie: Storytime, Fun, and Games!

Media Literacy for Teens

5th Grade Part F, Creative, Interactive Elementary Math...Together, We Can Do This!

Amazon Explorers Camp: Sloths, Pink River Dolphins, Poison Dart Frogs, & Jaguars

Borneo Explorers Camp: Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys, and Clouded Leopards

Madagascar Explorers Camp: Lemurs, Fossa, and Chameleons

Nature Journaling Club: Weekly Drawing and Learning About the Wild

Zookeeper Training Class - Ages 9-13 - Zoo Animal Science

Look! Now I Can Write Sentences!, Part 1

Puzzle Camp! Fun Logic Puzzles to Exercise Your Brain

Art Club: Drawing Cartoon Animals (Ongoing Subscription)

Preschool / Kindergarten Prep Math: Hands-On, Interactive (Certified Teacher)

Where Did the Letters Go? Let's Talk About Contractions!

Multiplication Masters!

Camp- Hula Hoop Tricks Beginner

Nature & Art Lovers Show & Tell: Conversation Club With Mystery Box Activity

Interior Design 101: Learn the Key Elements in Designing Interior Spaces

Summer Camp: Ocean Animals - Animal Lesson and Step-By-Step Drawing

Violin Level 1 - Part 2

Violin Level 1 - Part 1

Calculus Introduction-Basic Differentiation Techniques-Summer Camp

Summer Camp: Camping STEM Activities and Learning About Constellations(Ages 3-6)

Kids Learn to Play Guitar Part 4

Full Preschool Pre-K and Kindergarten Circle Time (Homeschooling Pod)

How to Bake Pumpkin Ball Horse Treats

Sudoku Club for Young Minds!

Disney Fun! Elsa Direct to Draw

Summer Business Class: Brainstorming to Business Plan (Age 12 - 15)

Disney Fun! Forky Direct to Draw

Ongoing Multi Instrument Class (Guitar Piano Ukulele Guitalele Drum Singing Trumpet Bass)

Discovering Science Camp: Daily Project and Demo (Version B)

Coding Games in Unity: Level 1

Summer Business Class: Brainstorming to Business Plan (Age 16 - 18)

Beginner Ballet Dance 1 - Creative Movement (12 Week Ballet Dance Course)

Python Coding| Become ZERO to HERO| A 16-Week Project-Based Class for Beginners!

Science Camp: Discovering DNA and Family Traits

Dance Class - Beginner Series (8 Week)

ACT Math Prep 1:1 Tutoring

Right Reading and Writing! 1:1 Tutoring for Reading Comprehension and Writing

Art Journaling: Weekly Tween Art Journaling Group

French Spring Camp: Chez Le Géant, At the Giant's House

World War II Military History Escape Room Camp!

ACT Math Prep - 4 Week Bootcamp

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein Book Study

FLEX Advanced Beginner Cantonese: Social Emotional Skills and Learning

KS3 Lessons on Medieval Life

Look at Me...I'm Learning to Read! (Series 1)

All About Python Programming for Beginners | 8- Week Flexible Coding Class

One Line Picasso Figure: Draw and Design Your Own Autograph in One Stroke

Young Learners and Butterflies!

Kandinsky, Abstract Art, and Music: Draw or Paint Through Improvisation

Middle School Physical Science Part 1: Flex

Cryptocurrency Spring Camp for Beginners - Learn to Make Money Trading Bitcoin in a $100K Crypto Game

Camp Entrepreneur: Design a Website and Launch an E-Commerce Shop, Blog in 7 Wks

6th Grade Math Full Curriculum Quarter 1 of a Year Long Sixth Grade Math Class!

Baking Class : Ice Cream Cake Pops

French Immersion: Talent Show

Crafty Kids Summer Camp

Monotremes (Egg-Laying Mammals) - Taxonomy Tales (Zoology)

Zumba: Dinosaur Dance Party!

Yoga Show and Tell (Public Speaking for Kids)

Explore Chair Yoga for Kids!

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