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New Classes on Outschool 2021-09-12

There are 507 new classes on Outschool the week of September 12, 2021 to September 18, 2021.

Princess Ballet Dance and Movement Class! (Ongoing)

Splat the Cat & the Pumpkin-Picking Plan! Storytime and Fun With Teacher Dianne

Teen Roblox Super Golf: Miniature Golf Social Game Night

Astronomy: An Exploration of Our Universe

Ongoing Club: Second Grade Math Fun!

Young Beginner Piano Class - Part 8

Let's Speak in a British Accent With a British Teacher (Ongoing)

1:1 Private Tuition Public Speaking, Presenting, or Confidence Classes

Anne of Avonlea Book Club by L. M. Montgomery

Intro to PBT! (Dancers 9-12)

Intro to PBT! (Younger)

1:1 Private Spanish Lessons or Tutoring (45-Minute, Ongoing)

Piano/ Keyboard Lessons With Gigi | All Levels | Ongoing

Pete the Cat Trick or Pete! Story Time and Halloween Fun With Teacher Dianne

Space Explorers: The International Space Station

Mastering Multiplication Facts Times Tables | Strategies, Tips, Tricks, Stories, & Games

Pre-School & Kindergarten Interactive Learning With the ABC’S & Teacher Dianne

Parts of Speech Party: Grammar to Get You Going

French Conversational Class

Private Knitting Class

Stay Ahead of the Game! Core Math Tutoring to Support Middle School Students!

Ongoing 1:1 Spanish Lessons and Tutoring (30 Minutes)

Ongoing 1:1 Spanish Lessons and Tutoring (50 Minutes)

What Can You See in Fall? Story Time and Craft With Teacher Dianne

English Grammar Workshop: Punctuation

Dinosaurs Untamed: Spinosaurus

Psychology: The Science of Learning and Behaviour (FLEX)

7th Grade Math Unit 4 (Geometry)

Kawaii Drawing: Art and Socialization Club

Preschool Pumpkin Patch Party

Race Across the Globe: Geography Themed Escape Rooms

Core Reading Strategies That Work! 7th thru 12th Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Private 1:1 Spanish Classes and Tutoring With a Native, Certified Teacher

Beyond the Book Reading Club: The City of Ember

Halloween Party Circle Time! Counting, Dancing, Coloring and More!

How to Draw: Fall Candy, Snacks, Food, Pastries, Desserts. / Pumpkin Pie, Coffee

How to Draw: Fall Pumpkin Spice Pup-uccino Puppy Frappuccino / (Dog, Sweater)

1:1 Professional Writer - Teacher Feedback on any Essay! | Oxford Educated

How to Draw: Halloween Cats - Fall, Autumn, Season, Holiday, Witch, Mummy, Candy

Procreate Faux Calligraphy-Hand Lettering...With a Digital Twist!

Making Memories: New Year Memory Jar and Wishes

One on One Homework Help For Reading, Writing, Math, Science, or Social Studies

Ongoing - One on One Private Tutoring for Writing | Choose Creative Writing or Essays 1:1

Seasons Greetings Santa: Write a Letter to Santa

Math Can Be Puzzling: Adding and Subtracting Numbers 0-20

What Did I Miss? One-On-One Private Tutoring in Writing (45 Minutes) Ongoing

Teen Nutrition for Beginners

Lego Movie: Addition for Beginners

Spooky Doodles - Halloween Themed Drawing Camp!

My Father's Dragon Novel Study

Poetry of Maya Angelou- Reading, Learning and Writing in Her Style!

Middle School English Language Arts Semester 2 | 6th & 7th Grade

Life Science For All! Weekly Biology Classes For 11-14 Year Olds

4th Grade Language Arts

(FLEX) Hawaiian Hula, Learn Beautiful Dances Straight from Hawaii. Beginner - Section 1

(FLEX) Hawaiian Hula, Learn Beautiful Dances Straight from Hawaii. Section 2

Crafty Kids Making Pop up Cards for Thanksgiving

5th Grade English Language Arts-Learn and Practice

Ghost Stories From History. Halloween Haunted History

Success in the Teenage Years

Brain Things!: Famous Psychologists and Research Methods

Carly's Weekly Pen and Ink Class: How to Draw for Beginners

Intro to Improv Camp!

English Language Arts for Third Grade

Second Grade Math-Learn and Practice

Geography Is Where It Is At!

The Happiness Journal: Social-Emotional Learning Club

Middle School Book Club, a Reading Adventure Awaits

Carly's Seasonal Watercolor Class: How to Paint Watercolor for Beginners

Learn Spanish Vocabulary and Sentences Through Fun Songs (4 Months Duration)(A1)

Middle School Science: Heredity, Punnett Squares and DNA (Flex Course)

Middle School Science: Heredity, Punnett Squares and DNA

Miss Ally’s Art Class: Drawing and Painting a Baby Wolf Puppy

Let's Learn Japanese 1.5: Likes and Dislikes

Let's Draw Your Favorite Anime Characters (on-Going!)

Guided Reading Growth Level 3: Small Group Tutoring Growing Intermediate Readers

Homeschool Hub - A Social Skills Club for Homeschooling & Remote Students

Crafty Kids Making Monster Pop up Cards

Dinosaurs Untamed: Triceratops

1:1 ESL Speaking Practice and Tutoring With Teacher Emily (Ongoing)

Fantasy Basketball Club for Kids 8-13 Play in a Real Fantasy Basketball League

How the Heart Works: Anatomy and Physiology (Future Doctors Class) Advanced

Primus History of Ancient Egypt: Pharaohs, Pyramids, and Mummies

Big History of Earth: From the Big Bang to the Rise of the Roman Empire

Clue Club: Mysteries in Spanish for Young Detectives (Ages 3-5)

Social Homeroom for Older Teens (15-18)

Kawaii Cuteness Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Holiday Special! Two Hour Game Tournament!

How to Give a Speech: Intro to Public Speaking

Teen Stardew Valley Social Gaming Night Nintendo Switch Version

Spanish Learning for Beginners - With Teacher Ashley! (Flex)

Let's Learn K-Pop Dances: BTS - Boy With Luv

1-on-1 Math Tutoring W/ Certified Teacher (Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1)

Science With Miss Robyn: Hodge Podge Science Club (Ongoing)

Let's Go Add: Gobbling up Addition Within 20

Complete 1st Grade Language Arts and Math: Semester 1

First Grade Math Games

Conversational Chinese Ages 5-8 Month 1: Names and Numbers

30 min Math Tutoring One-on-One Personalized Classes 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, Ongoing

How to Draw an Eagle/Bird With Colored Pencils/Art

Art Club - Acrylic Painting

Google Slides Fun: Create a Cartoon House - Digital Art

Apollo 11: A Journey Like No Other

Save Stokes From Mazing Marble Mansion: Escape room & Choose your path

Gymnastics, Acro and Tumble Dance Class - Beginner (Ongoing)

Small Group, Private Singing Lessons for Little Learners!

Igniting Creativity! Drawing Dogs and Puppies (6-10)

Creative Kid's Café

Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite Characters, Chapters & Quotes - Book 2

Igniting Creativity! How to Draw Cats and Kittens (5-10)

Voice Acting: Radio Plays for the Holidays

Learn to Love Language Arts (1st + 2nd Grade) 1x/Week

FLEX Prek Circle Time: School Readiness Skills for Preschool Learners (Semester)

English Language Arts: Build a Grammar Notebook Series (Unit 5 - Pronouns) FLEX

English Language Arts: Build a Grammar Notebook Series (Unit 4 - Verbs) FLEX

English Language Arts: Build a Grammar Notebook Series (Unit 3 - Nouns) FLEX

English Language Arts: Build a Grammar Notebook Series (Unit 2 - Sentences) FLEX

FLEX Kindergarten Learning and Fun Month 1

Martin's Minecraft Creative Realm - Epic Builds & Machines (Bedrock Edition)

Draw Dragon Inspired by Wings of Fire Rainwing Glory & Sloth Silver ~ Easy & Fun

Back to School (Full Year): The Middle 9 Weeks of First Grade (Full Curriculum 2nd and 3rd Quarter)

6th/7th Grade Semester English Language Arts II

Pumpkin Club: Let's Read All About Pumpkins and Make Silly Pumpkins!

Building Reading Fluency 1st Grade

Building Reading Fluency 1st Grade

Back to School (Full Year): The Last 9 Weeks of First Grade (Full Curriculum 4th Quarter)

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel : Season One

Prep for the American Computer Science League (Elementary Division Grades 3-6)

Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite Characters, Chapters & Quotes - Book 1

Discover Russian Rock Music

Building Self-Esteem With Personal Strengths & Confidence Boosters

Travel the World- Part 1- Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Mexico for Ages 5-8 FLEX

FLEX Class: The Amazon Rainforest Science-Based Research Course

Impress With Chess! Level 1 Beginner Chess (Video Only Course)

Private Cello Lessons

Kangaroos: Reading Time

Tick Tock Around the Clock: Let's Tell Time the Montessori Way

1:1 Chinese Monthly Class for Beginner Learners

Chemistry One on One

How to Edit Videos for YouTube, TikTok, and More!: Introduction and Basics

Land of Stories The Enchantress Returns (book 2)

Spanish Verb Phrases With Mermoo and Friends

Multiplication by 6, 7, 8 and 9! Times Table

Snow Animal Themed Workout!

Gartic Phone Online Gaming Social Club - Wings of Fire Edition

English Language Arts: Build a Grammar Notebook Series (Unit 1 - Rules) FLEX

Learn With Ms. Price | Customized 1:1 Writing Tutoring With a Certified Teacher {On-Going, Weekly Class}

Exploring a Victorian Halloween

Career Exploration: Psychiatry Versus Psychology

Women's History Through Media (FLEX)

Zumbini Time Spanish - Bilingual With Kalino & Friends (Ongoing)

Private Book Club With a Variety of Chapter Books

Private Actor Coaching: Reach Your Acting Goals With Professional Guidance

Science Escape Room: Escape From the Science Museum for Ages 9 - 11

Discovering the World - One Country at a Time : South Africa

Middle School English with Scholastic Scope (with Pre-Class Reading Assignments)

Fashion Design -Build Your Style and Portfolio - Figure and Fashion Drawing

Self-Esteem: How to Be Mentally Healthy!

Science: Introduction to Snails and Worms

Composer Spotlight - Mozart

Dinosaurs Untamed: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Alphabet Names and Letter Sounds: Halloween ABC Story Time and ABC Order Game

Composer Spotlight - Haydn

WWII History: Obscure # 2: Even MORE Obscure Subjects and Interesting Facts About World War 2 - World War Two - WW2

Private Tutor: Phonics, Reading, Spelling, and Language Arts.

Spanish Class For conversation

1:1 Diction Practice With Tongue Twisters (3x per Week)

1 on 1 Private Let's Learn and Play Minecraft Together - Bedrock or Java Edition

Beginner Sign Language (Private Class)

Phonics Fun Private Tutoring (1x a week): Read, Sing, Write, Color

Meaning Miners: Digging Deeper Into Books

Draw Your Own Detailed Dragons, and Other Mythical Creatures!

Finger Paint Fall (Autumn) Tree Art Project With Me!

Star Wars Porg Easy & Fun ~ Draw & Watercolor Paint - Beginner/ Intermediate

Weekly Spelling Words for 5th and 6th Graders

Hallo-Wonderful Songs and Stories: A Holiday Circle Time Class

First Grade Math Skills (Full School Year-Ongoing)

Intermediate Skilled Gymnastics Class With Strength and Conditioning Included

Let’s Play Piano! One-On-One- Level 2A

Finger Paint Fall (Halloween) Pumpkin Art Project!

Let's Write About It Club: Writing Activities to Discover the Creativity Inside

Cursive Club: A Weekly Interactive Practice with Cursive Writing

Kawaii Cuteness Sea Creatures

Play Genshin Impact Together! (Ongoing Gaming Club)

Digital Art - Spooky Symmetry With the Procreate Drawing App

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - Let's Squad Build!

Fun and Fluency: Fairy Tales and Reader's Theater Level 1

Super Math Strategies: Individualized Tutoring

Math Made Easy: Ongoing Middle School and High School Math Tutoring (30 Minutes)

Draw/Paint an New Animal Every Week in This on-Going Art Class

D&D The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

FIFA 22 Coaching | 1 To 1

One on One Reading Tutor (English or in French)

Pre-School Basics, Sing-A-Long Phonics, Reading and Maths. ( Multi-Day)

Happy Birthday, Zachary Taylor! a Celebration of the 12th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Franklin Pierce! a Celebration of the 14th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Joe Biden! a Celebration of the 46th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Andrew Johnson! a Celebration of the 17th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Woodrow Wilson! a Celebration of the 28th U.S. President

Happy Birthday, Texas! a Celebration of the 28th State in the USA

Happy Birthday, Iowa! a Celebration of the 29th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, New Jersey! a Celebration of the 3rd State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Alabama! a Celebration of the 22nd State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Pennsylvania! a Celebration of the 2nd State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Indiana! a Celebration of the 19th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Mississippi! a Celebration of the 20th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Martin Van Buren! a Celebration of 8th U.S. President

Preschool With a Princess |Full Curriculum Full Year Interactive Pre-K | 5x/Week

Princess Kindergarten 5x/Week Full Curriculum

Fun Prek & Kindergarten Boot Camp on Your Own Schedule (FLEX)

Vocabulary Builders No.2 - Sight Words, Meanings, & Common Grammar Fixes!

Java Coding | Level-2 | Computer Programming Flex Class for Beginners!

Afternoon Tea With Artists: Claude Monet

Afternoon Tea With Artists: Salvador Dali

Art Club: Let's Create Together!

Private Music Lessons - Weekly - 11 Lessons

Nerd Girls - Teen Social Group

Nerd Girls - Tween Social Group

Camp: Music and Art the Animal Crossing Way

What to Listen for in Music - Harmony

What to Listen for in Music - Timbre

What to Listen for in Music - Texture

What to Listen for in Music - Dynamics

What to Listen for in Music - Silence

What to Listen for in Music - Pitch

Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry

Musical Sandwiches and Snacks (Ages 10-13) - Flexible Schedule Edition

Musical Sandwiches and Snacks - Form and Structure in Music

What to Listen for in Music - Rhythm and Pulse

Probability and Odds in Games

All About ME! A Personal Narrative Writer's Workshop

Fabulous Fractured Fairy Tales...a Writer's Workshop!

Poetry Palooza!

Messenger by Lois Lowry Reading and Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Let's Paint a Halloween Witch!

A Local's Guide to Hawaii: Hawaiian Language, Food, Places, Customs, and History

Science Exactly for You

History and Folklore of Halloween. Spooky, Scary, and Ancient. World History

Simple Skills for Online Learning (Ages 7-10)

Let's Create Legendary Fantasy Creatures From Mythology! Polymer Clay Sculpting

Narnia Book Club: 'The Magician's Nephew' by C. S. Lewis

Asian Art- Chinese Painting With Watercolors: Paint Birds, Trees and Flowers!

Colors of the Rainbow

Asian Art- Chinese Painting With Watercolors: Paint Sumi-e Cherry Blossom Flowers!

Happy Birthday, Delaware! a Celebration of the 1st State in the USA

Drawing the World's Strangest Animals: Weird and Wacky Zoology and Art

Calculus I (2 x 45 Min/Week)

One-On-One Tutoring

Happy Birthday, Illinois! a Celebration of the 21st State in the USA

Cracking the Kanji Code: Level 1 - Basics (Live Class)

Social Skills Game Time: Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Individual Piano Lessons for Beginners or Intermediate Learners

Glitter Art Using Procreate: Digital Art Class

Sixth Grade Math Lessons with a Certified Teacher (2022-2023)

Ongoing Algebra 1, Pre Algebra, or Integrated Math Private Tutoring

Mastering Anime & Manga - The Writer's Toolbox

ABC Fun Private Tutoring (1x a wk): Show & Tell, Read, Sing, Write, Color & Draw

Algebra Thinking: Crack the Code With Puzzles! (Flexible Class)

Fall Pumpkin Watercolor Painting - DIY Gifts for Family & Friends - Fall Crafts

Happy Handwriting! Roll-A-Number, Write-A-Number: 0-10 For Beginners: 1X a Week

Happy Handwriting! Roll-A-Letter, Write-A-Letter: Lowercase Letters: Beginners

All About Glider Airplanes - Experiment, Fun Facts, and Paper Airplanes

Would You Rather : Silly Edition Play Based Learning & Socialization

Art - Drawing Escape Room: Anime Emotions 2 (A-D) (Flex)

Art - Drawing Escape Room: Anime Emotions 1 (A-C) (Flex)

Pop It Multiplication & Division- Multiplying and Dividing With a Fidget (FLEX)

Fall Leaf Painting: Watercolor Art

Spanish Prek Preschool Circle and Fun Storytime

Let's Learn Greek - Part 5!

The Amazing Tiger Shark!

Dungeons and Dragons Private Lesson: Expand Your Dungeon Master Skills!

Down on the Farm

Mrs. B's Pioneer Book Club: Let’s Read Two Laura Ingalls Wilder Books!

Let's Create a Halloween Ghost Cat! Clay Art Sculpture (Porcelain Clay Recipe)

Evergreen Tree Painting: Watercolor Art

One-on-One Tutoring!!! (Reading ,Writing, and Math) Ongoing "Sight Words, Phonics, Fluency, Letters, Sentence Struture, Creative Writing, Stories"

The Magical World of Fungi + Mushrooms Part 1 (Ages 12-16)

Halloween Science: Spooky Teacher Demonstrations and Ghostly Student Experiments

1:1 English Language Support Tuition: Reading, Writing, Spelling With Certified Primary Teacher: Kindergarten to Upper Elementary

Private Piano Lessons for Young Beginners

Food Chains & Food Webs | How Energy Moves Through an Ecosystem | Edzoocating

Wonderful World of Drawing and Trivia: Marvel and Star Wars

Introduction to Public Speaking: Speak With Confidence!

Private Art Class - Drawing and Painting - Portfolio Prep- One on One

10 Week Private Voice Lesson: 25 Minutes

Math - That Was Easy! Pre-Algebra Course With Certified Teacher

Art - Drawing Escape Room: Anime Portrait (Flex)

Introduction to Project Management

Private Reading Tutoring With Certified Reading Specialist

French Composition & Dictation for Beginners - Level A0 - Teens

French Composition & Dictation for Beginners - Level A0

Cursive Writing for Beginners

Barclays Lifeskill Lessons

1 on 1 Singing/Voice Lessons - Ongoing Weekly Sessions

Reading Skills Analysis With Certified Reading Specialist

Entrepreneurship 101: The 7 Keys to Starting an Info Product Business

Brazilian Portuguese: Speaking Intermediate (Level 5)

Clay Sculpting - Spring Baby Animals: Puppy, Kitten, Piglet, Duckling, Calf

FLEX Internet Safety: Web Safety for Teens: Essential Rules for Staying Safe Online 8W2

FLEX Internet Safety: Web Safety for Teens: Essential Rules for Staying Safe Online 8W1

Stories From This Week in History

Girl Voices, Girl Power - Gaining Confidence Through Public Speaking, Ages 10-12

Private One on One Tutoring for Essay Writing

"Kids in the Kitchen" Let's Get Baking: Chocolate Chip Cookies (Beginner Level)

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Wild Animal - Koala

Book Me! Reading and/or Math Tutor (Certified Teacher K - 3rd Grade)

Drawing: Learn How to Draw a Bird - Peacock (Indian Peafowl)

Science: What About Those Hurricanes

1:1 Minecraft Tutoring (Learner Led)

Escape the Corn Maze! an Autumn Escape Room

Middle School English with Scholastic Scope (Twice-Weekly with Pre-Class Reading Assignments)

Start a Babysitting Business - 10 Tips & Tools!

Potions, Potions, Potions! Intro to Chemistry (Halloween Edition)

One-On-One Reading Support for Grades 1-3

Music Bingo : Bingo, Dress Up, Sing Along & Dance Party

My Snowman Is Having a Meltdown: Anger Management Strategies

Intersectional Feminism, Queer Theory, and Social Justice for Teens

Amazing Minecraft Creations - Autumn Edition

A Little Mystery in Your History: The Titanic!

Brain Teaser Jeopardy: Strengthen Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills #1

Sunshine Violin for Young Beginners One-On-One

Not so Spooky Haunted House Escape Room: Alphabet Names and Letter Sounds

Private Spanish Lessons for Beginners

Art History - Inspiration & Synesthesia, Painting Your Feelings to Debussy - S/P

Around the World! Geography Lessons for Secondary/ KS3 Students (Ages 11-14)

X2 Day Travel / Holiday Scams - Not Being Scammed Fooled Tricked or Conned by Criminals Summer Camp

Upper Elementary Reading Skill: Introduction to Annotation

Shalom! Hebrew for Beginners

Telescope Lab

Gamer Girls Video Game Play and Chat Social Club! (9-13)

Get Ready for 5th Grade!!

Private Piano, Guitar, and Bass Lessons With Phil Romo

Human Body FLEX Part 2

Chemistry: Atoms and the Periodic Table

Essay ER: Jr High, High School, College Essay Editing (Private Class)

Intermediate Piano Course 2

Baking for Fall and Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Bread Muffins

American Girl Historical Character Doll Craft Class - Part 3 - FLEX

American Girl Historical Character Doll Craft Class - Part 2 - FLEX

American Girl Historical Character Doll Craft Class - Part 4 - FLEX

Tutoring in English, Writing, Reading, English as a Foreign Language (45 Min)

Mrs. Stephanie's Ongoing Writers' Club

1:1 Writing, Math and/or Reading: Tutoring With Mrs. Allison

9 Strategies to Improve Your SAT Test Reading & Writing Score

One on One Calculus Tutoring

Preschool Playtime With Ms. Julie and Pippa [Ongoing, 5-Day, One-On-One Class]

Let's Draw Anime Cats and Dogs!

You Can Learn to Love Reading: 1-On-1 Reading Tutoring (Introductory Class)

Private Tutoring: Writing a Paragraph

Guitar Lessons - Absolute Beginners Individual

Forensic Science 101

One-On-One Elementary Math Private Tutoring Homework Help- Ongoing

"the Art of Sketching" - Class 1

Six Amazing Animals: Backyard Creatures! [Part 2] Mammals/Snakes/Birds/Reptiles

A Closer Look: The Norwegian Fjord (Horse Breeds of the World)

Elements of Art - A Watercolor Study of the Natural World

Beginners Video Editing Club For YouTubers, Gamers, and Influencers!

Mindfulness in the Jungle: Breathing as Bird and Moving as a Turtle

The Sight Word Castle: Princess Sight Word Practice

Semi-Private Ukulele for Young Beginners - Level 2 and 3 (Ages 5 -6)

A Closer Look: The Akhal Teke (Horse Breeds of the World)

Six Amazing Animals: Creatures of the Night! [Part 1]- Mammals/ Birds/Spiders

All About Doctors and Human Body Systems FLEX Class

Mindfulness of Emotions for Kids, Ages 8-11

It's the Great Halloween Hoax!

Mrs. T's - 1:1 Personalized Reading Tutoring in Foundational Reading Skills

Learn the Basics of Music Production With Ableton Live!! (Once a Week Course)

Travel to Ecuador: Compare & Contrast Your Country &Ecuador (Elementary English)

I Love My ADHD Brain for Teens

Exploring the Human Body: Anatomy and Physiology for Middle School.

Spanish One-On-One Tutoring for All Levels

Weird but True: Book Discussion, Fact Exploration & Game

1:1 Common Core Math Tutoring - Ongoing Class Package (Private Link)

Pre-Algebra and Algebra Help!

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 2 Part 2 (Age 8-12)

Christmas Mini Book Club!

Beginning Art: Drawing Among Us Crewmates! (Ages 6-10)

Halloween Mini Book Club!

Cat Trivia: Kahoot Style!

Introduction to Sentence Diagramming

Let's Get Organized!

Five Star Sentence Writing Camp for Beginners (Kindergarten & 1st Grade) FLEX

One-On-One Math Private Tutoring: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Trig (one class)

Human Body FLEX Part 1

Beginning Reading with a Chapter Book: Nate the Great

Virtual Tour: Oregon Trail

One-On-One Math Private Tutoring: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trig Ongoing

Mini Chefs Cooking Club With MS Abby- Food Science- Cooking- Lots of Fun

Soccer Rules Explained

Anime/Manga Drawing Club: Learn to Draw While Hanging Out With Fellow Fans!

1-on-1 Writing Tutoring: Papers, Applications, and Creative Writing (50 Mins)

My Hero Academia Art Club! *Updated

How to Draw: Spooky Halloween Pusheen the Cat and Stormy!

Beginning ESL Art Class: Learn English and Draw With Directed Drawing

Surviving Zombies: A Fun Halloween STEM Game

1:1 ESL Speaking Practice and Tutoring With Teacher Emily

Happy New Year/Winter Sing-Along and Drum!

Grammar Time! Comprehensive Grammar Full Curriculum- Middle School 6/7/8 Grade

E 3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) Aircraft

ALIEN RPG Camp 001: Life in the Colonial Marines Adventure

All About Tugboats: A Day Out With Theodore Tugboat!

Let's Play on Chrome Music Lab Club!

Amazing Animals Social Club! Let's Learn About and Discuss Our Animal Friends

Fun Halloween Sing-Along and Drumming!

My Lady Jane Book Club

Fall Sing-Along and Bucket Drumming!

Learn Spanish With Games and Crafts, for Beginners, Create, Play and Learn: Spring and Earth Day.

Halloween Dress up Party: Story Time, Dance, and Craft!

Scavenger Hunt: Nouns

Tiny Tumblers - Ongoing Gymnastics / Cheer -

Math: Super 6th Grade Math 1

The Halloween Hotel: 3-4th grade Math with Ms. B.

Let's Write a Story: A Creative Writing Class for Young Authors (Ongoing)

Drawing Your Own Dragons & Other Cool Creatures! for Younger Kids

Private Reading, Writing, English, or Homework Tutoring With a Certified Teacher

Pokemon Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators Math Class

1:1 Early Elementary Math Private Tutoring, Grades Pre-K - 2nd

Tumblers: Handstands, Cartwheels, Bridges, Splits & More - Gymnastics / Cheer

One-On-One ELA Tutoring

How to Draw Your Dragon Step by Step- A How to Train Your Dragon Drawing Club

Fairytale Adventure: Cinderella Story-time- Sing, Dance, and Act through the story Ages: 5-7

Telling Time Class With a Super Mario Theme - Ongoing

6TH Grade Math Practice

Club Disney for Tweens & Teens (Ages 11-14)

Super Math Strategies: Individualized Tutoring 4x

Math Tutoring for Learners, 5-8

Mathnatiles=Math for Lovers of Magnetic Tiles!

Public Speaking for Beginners and Shy Students - ADHD and Anxiety Friendly

Private Math Tutoring: K - 5th grade (ongoing)

Learn to Draw Luz and Eda!

FLEX Video Game Addiction: Understanding + Preventing Strategies by a Programmer 8W1

FLEX Leadership Life Skill Development: How to Be a Strong and Confident Leader 8W1

FLEX Why Video Games Are Addictive Minecraft Roblox Etc Avoid Gaming Addiction 8W2

Private Tutoring: Procreate Digital Drawing-Half Hour

My Hero Academia MHA Dungeons & Dragons DND Ongoing Campaign, What's Your Quirk?

American History: States History Flex Part 4

Escape From Alcatraz

A Chemistry Curriculum for Middle School Students (Unit 2)

A Chemistry Curriculum for Middle School Students (Unit 3)

Can You Survive: The Black Death Simulation Game

Be Vocabulary Wise With Wordly Wise Grade One Part Two

Dungeons and Dragons: Return of the Lost City

Create Your Own Thanksgiving Parade Float! - Hands-on STEAM Activity

One-to-One Private Pre-Algebra and Algebra I Tutoring Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Money in Our Lives - Save Spend Share - Financial Literacy - Money Management Summer Camp

Perspective Drawing: Wavy Papers

Is It Odd or Even?

Road Trip Through the USA: Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon

Road Trip Through the USA: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas

Road Trip Through the USA: New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut

Road Trip USA: Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire

Alef-Bet Hebrew Music & Movement

Road Trip Through the USA - Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas

Relaxing With Greek and Roman Mythology! Heroes of Olympus Book Club & Relaxation

Road Trip Through the USA: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland

Reading Comprehension Club (Book a Week): The Third Grade Detectives Series!

U.S. History - Icons and Legends Flex

U.S. History - Icons and Legends

Social Studies and Cultural Exploration: Let's Go to Europe!

Voracious Readers Book Club: Discuss a New Book Each Week and Create Art!

American History: States History Flex Part 4 (8-12)

American History: States History Flex Part 3 (8-12)

Tell Me a Story - Learn Public Speaking Basics Through Storytelling

Math Geniuses, Made Here! 4th & 5th Grade Math Support!

Weekly Writing Workshop: Expand Your Imagination!

1:1 Personalized Math Tutoring Sessions: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade (One Time)

Cool Chess History 2-- The Ruy Lopez Opening--Ages 7-12

Happy Handwriting! Roll-A-Number, Write-A-Number! Numbers 0-10

1:1 Elementary School Private Tutor/Certified Teacher: Reading (Phonics, Fluency, Comprehension) Writing & Math

Level up! Private Tutoring - Reading and Writing (Ongoing)

Time to Tell the Five Minute Intervals!

Daily Premium Private Piano Lesson-With Fun and Games!

1:1 Private First 4 Piano Lessons! Introduction to Piano for a Beginner Player

Road Trip Through the USA: Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota

Road Trip Through the USA: Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii

Road Trip Through the USA: Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan

Brain Things!: Sleep and Dream Processes in the Brain

Brain Things!: ADHD in the Human Brain

Let's Read! Reading Comprehension and Fluency Practice for Middle School

Geometry Fundamentals (Ongoing)

Weekly Private Tutoring : One on One Writing Help With Rachel

Let’s Talk: ESL Conversational Practice (Ongoing)

Private 1 on 1 ELA Tutoring : Engaging Personalized Tutoring Tailored To Your Childs Interests One Time Class

All About Months of the Year

Guthriegabs About Salt to the Sea Young Adult Historical Fiction Book (FLEX)

Spooky Science! – Not Just for Halloween Experiments (STEM / STEAM )

How to Build a World for Your Creative Writing Stories!

Ongoing Acting Lessons (Ages 8-13)

Space Music

Write a Personal Manifesto or Rant

Individual Reading Assessment

The Fabulous 4 Reading Strategies

In Depth Book Discussion - 'The Giver' by Lois Lowry

Teacher Dennis' Book Club: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Full Year of 2nd Grade Singapore Math| the Path to Math Mastery (1x/Wk Ongoing)

Beginner's Cooking and Baking: Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cake with Buttercream Icing

Acrylic Painting - Hand-Painted Cards: Happy Winter Holidays & New Year 2022

Social Skills Class- What Would You Do?, for Ages 4-7.

Intermediate Cursive Writing Camp: Christmas Around the World (FLEX)

Make Your Year: How to Make a Squish Painting

You're The Photographer Now! Professional Assignments for Young Photographers

Halloween Cute Ghost Watercolor Painting Fun

Art & Writing Portfolio~ 24 Teacher Led Drawings ~ Flexible Schedule ~ 12 Weeks ~ Recorded Videos

Wild Animal Adventure: Learn About Five Astonishing Predators

Comma Correction: Using Commas With Energetic Teacher Debra Shepherd

All About Clocks: What Time Is It for Beginners

Private Math Tutoring | 3rd-9th Grade, Pre Algebra & Algebra 1 (One-Time)

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