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New Classes on Outschool 2022-06-19

There are 825 new classes on Outschool the week of June 19, 2022 to June 25, 2022.

1:1 PreAlgebra Basics Bootcamp FASTTRACK! Calculating, Evaluating & Simplifying

Prealgebra + Algebra 1: Summer Class

Pre-Algebra for Homeschool Students 22/23 School Year - 1st 9 Weeks

Pre-Algebra for Homeschool Students 22/23School Year - 2nd 9 Weeks

Pre-Algebra for Homeschool Students 22/23 School Year - 3rd 9 Weeks

Reading for the ESOL Student

Primer Piano Part 1 (Flex)

Explore the Eastern Point of North America: Cape Spear

Personalized 1:1 FLEX Strings - Tailored Violin, Fiddle, Viola, Cello Lessons on Your Schedule

Scratch Coding Intermediate Level Program a Minecraft Scrolling Platformer Flex

Open World D&D Mid to Advanced

Beginning Guitar Boot Camp: Level 3

Martin's Minecraft Survival Realm 2 Gaming Club (Bedrock Edition 1.19 SMP)

Conversation and Fun Social Club for Intermediate Spanish Learners

Grammar Games: Beginner Grammar Activities for Kinder, First and Second Grade

Excite to Write Academy: Where Grammar Meets Writing

Spell and Play: Games and Songs from A to G

"Write With Me" - How to Write a Short Story!

AP World History Unit 7 FLEX Class: Global Conflict After 1900

LGBTQ+ Musical Storytime

The Book Was Better Book Club: The Giver

Diversity and Inclusion Winter Camp (Ages 8-12)

Intro to Public Forum Debate: One-Time Class

Little Artists - Under the Sea - Let’s Draw & Colour Together!

The Science of Successful Studying : Study Smarter Using Brain Science (9-12)

Animal Alphabet Preschool Circle Time: Learn Your Letters! FLEX Class

Toys Can Be Part of Fraction Fun!

Private Group Class! Math, Reading, or Homeschool

Hidden Messages in Music: Compose Your Own Coded Musical Message! (Flex Class)

College Prepped: Study + Life Skills Course for College Bound Students

American Girl Book Club: Kit Kittredge (Book 3)

Lets Learn Animal names

Private Math Tutoring Class With a Veteran Math Teacher (9-12Th Grades)

K-2 Spanish Camp!

Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp: How to Create the Perfect Villain!

Summer Camp Week 3: Stretch Your Sentences in 20 Minutes

Winter Camp Week 2: Stretch Your Sentences in 20 Minutes

Mad Libs Create a Story Camp

Let's Write: Ongoing English Upper Writing Course Intensive

Let's Write: Ongoing English Upper Writing Course Super Intensive

Tales of Terror Book Club - Book 2

Notebook of Doom Book Club - Book 10

Mythology Symposium: The Story of Agamemnon (Aeschylus's Oresteia Trilogy)

1:1 Spanish Tutoring

Introduction to Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary Drawing Class!

Wings of Fire: Map Skills, Drawing, & Writing to Create a Fantasy World (Flex)

Let's Play Foxfire: Post Apocalypse Story Telling Game

Calgary Stampede: The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth

Discovering Puerto Rico Spanish Immersion Flex Class

Spiderman Themed Creative Writing Class, Movie Response Camp

Essential SAT Reading, Writing, and Language Drills

After School Camp (Ages 6-10) Stress Release Through Painting!

Critter Corner Social: Drawing!

Advanced Math League With Teacher Mel: Word Problems and Solutions

How to Draw a Dancing Fairy

Ongoing World Geography Challenge - Blooket Style (Ages 10-14)

8-Week Mandarin & Chinese Ink Painting: Summer Life

Ongoing Singing Lessons - Individual Tutoring 40 min.

Storytime With Santa (for Ages 3 To 6)

Draw With Me: 10 Animal Drawings for Young Artists

Draw With Me: Minecraft Characters

Draw With Me: Minecraft Animals

Draw With Me: MORE Minecraft Characters Part 2

Draw With Me: Minecraft Animals Art Club

Draw With Me: Minecraft Art Social Club

Chat With Me: Minecraft "Would You Rather?"- Chat and Snack Edition

Halloween October Fest Art Club

Draw With Me: Winter Wonderland Art Club

Little Explorers' Travel Summer Camp: Hispanic Culture in Mexico

AP World History Unit 6 FLEX Class: Consequences of Industrialization ~1750-1900

Bespoke & Unique Laws From Around the Globe Part 1 of 2 - 7y to 12y

Comedy Club

Draw with Mrs. Howard: “Enchanted Garden” Inspired by Artist, Romero Britto

Draw With Mrs. Howard: “Blue Dog” Inspired by Artist, Georges Rodrigue

Draw With Mrs. Howard: “Animal Art” Inspired by Artist, Romero Britto

Exciting Entomology: Enchanted Insects!

Weather Investigators - What Makes a Rainbow?

Summer Camp Under the Sea Theme-Let's Make Crafts!

Level 8 Dutch | Nederlands Using Dialogues - A Trip to Europe! - Ten Week Format

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 5--Draw Games and Stalemates

Recorder Karate 101: Beginners Learn How to Read Music and Play an Instrument

1:1 Bite Size Basics PreAlgebra: Adding/Subtracting Using Negative Integers

1:1 Bite Size Basics PreAlgebra: Multiplying/Dividing Using Negative Integers

Preschool Weekly | Circle Time and Literacy Skills

1:1 Bite Size Basics PreAlgebra: Creating Solutions Tables (if X then Y)

Ongoing Private Math Tutoring (3-Day Weekly - Upon Request)

1:1 Bite Size Basics PreAlgebra: Evaluating Expressions by Using Substitution

Trivia Game-50 States of the U.S.A. One Time Class

PreAlgebra is Elementary(3): Still More Basic Algebra Concepts You Should Know

PreAlgebra is Elementary(4): Final Set of Basic Algebra Concepts You Should Know

1:1 Bite Size Basics PreAlgebra: Simplifying Expressions by Combining Like Terms

After School Camp (Ages 11-15)- Stress Release With Mindful Painting!

The Science of Successful Studying : Study Smarter Using Brain Science (Teens)

Grade 6 Math Skills Common Core Standards (Ongoing - Full Curriculum) - Math Success with Teacher Bob

Body-Positivity Tween Camp: Starfish by Lisa Fipps (ages 10-15)

Diversity and Inclusion: A Guide to Understanding Others

Inviting FLEX Journal Writing 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade: Writing Mini Stories

1:1 Google Workspace Apps: Exploring & Mastering (Private Class)

US History by the Decade: The 1960's

Flex Spelling Games Gr 7-8-Part 1

Learn With Laurie: 3D Print or Laser Cut Your Own Design Using Tinkercad- CAMP

PreAlgebra is Elementary(2): More Fun Basic Algebra Concepts You Should Know

Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition Homebrew for All Levels (Ages 13- 18)

¡Me Encantan Animales! I Love Animals Conversational Spanish Class! Ages 6 To 9

Sonic the Hedgehog: Social Club with Trivia, Fast Facts, and Show & Tell

Clay Sculpting - Animals Camping In The Great Outdoors

WWE: After Summerslam Discussion Class

Part 2 Hexa-Hexaflexagon. All About Hexaflexagons a STEAM Inspired Paper Project

Cool Chess! Beginner 2 Lesson 4--The Smothered Mate

Private Flute Lessons 45 Minutes

Drawings Basics Spiderman Step by Step

One-On-One Onetime Creative Minecraft With a Computer Scientist

Beginning ESL - Part 2

PreAlgebra is Elementary (1): Basic Algebra Math Concepts You Should Know

Dancercise Kids Ongoing Dance Class

One on One Private Tutoring

Paint Like the Master Painters! Focus on Artist Vincent Van Gogh Kids Art FLEX

¡Me Encantan Animales! I Love Animals Flex Spanish Class! Ages 7 To 12

1:1 Personal Reading Fluency & Comprehension Tutoring (Ages 8 -14).

Google Apps Winter Break Camp (Slides, Sheets, Drive, Docs)

Let's Play Stardew Valley - Pelican Town Social Club - Chat and Play

Creative Writing - Master the 5 Sentence Paragraph - 4 Square Method + Feedback

Trolls World Tour: Dance Party!

Disney-Mini Movement Class!

Ecosocial Justice Club: A Current Events Discussion Group for Young Historians

Screenwriting Sessions With Nicola - Writing Scripts for Film and TV

Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World: 8-Week Semester

Explore Egypt! (Flex)

Intro to the Dinosaur Extinction- Was it an Asteroid or Volcanoes? Explore evidence of the Dinosaurs' last hour

Camp Short Stories: Analyze a Variety of Short Stories

Guthriegabs About the National History Day Project Research

Mr B Vs Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy

Guthriegabs About the National History Day Project Middle and High School

Private French Lessons With Nicola

Wings of Fire Book Club: The Dragonet Prophecy Book 3

English Galore! Fun English Classes for Ages 7 to 9 (4 X a Week Class)

Bubble Pop It Fidget Multiplication | 2nd & 3rd Grade Math | Hands-On Math

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing (4x Weekly On-going) A

Become a Viking! Stories of Myth, Writing With Runes, and Creating Crafts

AP World History Unit 5 FLEX Class: Revolutions from c. 1750-1900

CodeKidio! Game Lovers Coding Camp

French Bilingual Storytime With Nicola: Fairy Tales & Other Stories

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli Read Aloud

Review Numbers, Math Skills, & Solve Problems in Spanish W/ Interactive Games!

Money Smart Kids (Includes "Adulting" Game): Learn How to Budget and More

Games With Minecraft Vocabulary in Spanish! Beginner Level 7-12

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 4--Tactic: Pins!

Let's Learn "Chopsticks". Part 1. Fun Piano Lesson Series for Beginners.

Reading Intervention for Elementary Students

Credit Smart Teens: What Teens Should Know Before Taking Out Credit

2nd Grade Science Fusion: Physical Science - Full Curriculum (Semester Part 4)

Persuasive Opinion Essay Writing Camp

Money Smart Teens: How to Create a Spending Plan to Manage Money

Introduction to Microsoft 101 (Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Sway) Winter Break Camp

Animal Art: Realistic Tortoise Sketch

Be Money Smart by Playing "Adulting: A Financial Literacy Game" for Teens

Grade 7 Math Skills Common Core Standards (Ongoing - Full Curriculum) - Math Success with Teacher Bob

Multiplication Tricks!: Learn 6,7,8,9,10 Times Table in Minutes Using Fingers.

Grade 5 Math Skills Common Core Standards (Ongoing - Full Curriculum) - Math Success with Teacher Bob

Chemistry - Electron Configurations

2nd Grade Science Fusion: Earth Science - Full Curriculum (Semester Part 3 of 4)

Elementary Writing (IEW SSS Level 1A) FLEX- Second Semester

4th Grade Science: Full Year Curriculum- Ongoing

Be Money Smart by Playing "Adulting: A Financial Literacy Game" for Kids

Eerie Elementary Book Club - Book 10

Princesses, Dragons, & Unicorns! Creative Writing Club (Ongoing)

Babysitter Preparedness - Level 2

A Year of 6th/7th Grade Language Arts: Semester 2

Winter Camp Week 1: Stretch Your Sentences in 20 Minutes

A to Z Mysteries Book Club

Multi-Day - Learn the Top 3 Tricks of Online Predators

Younger Crowd - Multi-Day - Spotting Online Creeps And Avoiding Them

Reading Small Group Tutoring

CodeKidio! Code a Space Dog Star Catcher Game | Intermediate Scratch Coding

Skyscraper & City Building (Minecraft Bedrock)

Explore Science | Full 2nd Grade Science Curriculum - 1st Semester (Flex)

One on One Math Class | 1:1 Math Tutor

Private Math Tutoring (45 Minutes, Once a Week)

Private Reading Tutoring (Once a Week)

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing (4x Weekly On-going) B

Epic Sneaker Battle: Show Me Your Shoes!

Super Summer Treats Kids Can Make | Flex

HJ - Private English ESL Tutoring for Japanese Students

Ready For First Grade! (Summer Camp)

Sapere Aude: Beginners Level Latin for High Schoolers (Part Two)

Learn English With Mermoo and Friends Story Time (ESL)

Introduction to Coding With Java

What Is It Like to Be a Physical Therapist?

Etiquette Camp: Mind Your Manners Challenge!

1st Grade Math On-Going

NBA Basketball History Social Club

Miss Melissa's Piano Small Class: Beginner Level Lessons

Camp Grammar: Making Grammar Easy!

Life Skills: How to Make Healthy Friendships Socializing, Reading and Art

Stretch Your Creative Writing Muscles | Pokemon Themed Handwriting | Ages 7 - 10

Cool Chess History 2: The Ruy Lopez and the King's Gambit Openings--Ages 13-18

Book Babble: Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

Guthriegabs About NHD and the National History Day Project Grades 6 to 12

Monarch : Queen Elizabeth I

Western Military History: Exploring History Through Battles.

Space Mission 8: Theories of the Universe, Wormholes, & the Multiverse

Camp Poetry: Learn Poetry Analysis and Writing

Multi-Day High School Chemistry Class Part 1!

Math With Mrs. M : Get on the Division Bus Part 2 ( Division With Remainders )

Intermediate Java Coding

Advanced Coding with Java

Pointed Toes: Beginner Ballet Class

Intro to Exceptionalities and Neurodiversity Book Club (ages 9-13)

Exploring & Mastering Google Workspace Apps

Homeschool Fun With Ms. Steph: Games, Dress-Up Days, Sharing and More!

1:1 Handwriting Tutoring With a Handwriting Without Tears Certified Specialist

Grade 8 Math Skills Common Core Standards (Ongoing - Full Curriculum) - Math Success with Teacher Bob

(FLEX) Learn French Through Storytelling in 4 Weeks! (Ages 6-10)

Tchaikovsky the Story Orchestra Swan Lake Story Time

Mini Piano Adventures: Lesson Book A - Session 1

Watercolor Painting - Perspectives Study - Seascapes, Landscapes & Skyscapes

1-on-1 Science Basics: An Overview of Life, Earth & Space, and Physical Science

Exciting Writing!: Adjectives

Trigonometry: Further Trig | Precalculus, Module 6

Crafty Kids making 4th of July Pin Wheels

4th of July Star Streamers Craft

Sweets & Sugar Stories: Let’s Read Poems About Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream, Baking!

Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: Dungeons of Drakkenheim!

All About Great White Sharks and How to Draw One | Life Science Art Class

Bloxburg Weekly (Roblox) 1 on 1 Class - Learn to Build or Improve

Information Literacy 101: How to Find, Evaluate, and Use Information

Spanish Homework Help

ASL for Advanced - Part 9

Let’s Draw Chibi Sailor Moon

Beginning ESL - Part 1

Sentence Savvy - Beginning Reading Comprehension and Writing

Private 1 on 1 Chinese/ Cantonese/ English Tutor (Ongoing)

Algebra 1 (Ongoing - Full Curriculum) - Math Success with Teacher Bob

Sketchnoting Romeo and Juliet High School Drama Study and Art Project

Grade 4 Math Skills Common Core Standards (Ongoing - Full Curriculum) - Math Success with Teacher Bob

Introduction to Flute: Beginning Flute Camp!

Let's Read Together: Amelia Bedelia Story Time Adventures Social Book Club ESL

Music All Around Us: Let’s Listen to Magical Soundscapes & Stories!

Full Kindergarten Science Curriculum

In Arabic, We Read and Learn

Most Excellent Minecraft Social Club - Bedrock Edition (Private Realm)

Girl Talk: Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Boosting Activities for Young Girls

FLEX: Division Facts For Life! Quickly Solve & Memorize Division Facts 0-12!

Story Makers Creative Writing Club

Python Game Developer Spring and Summer Camp | Code Fun Games Using Python!

Introduction to Business and Marketing Summer Camp

Private Guitar Lessons Each Week for Any Level of Experience.

Draw Snoopy & Woodstock From Peanuts as Squishmallows Art Class

Kindergarten Math One-Time Class: All the Ways to Make Numbers 7, 8, 9 & 10

Chicken Keeping - Roosters 101: Problem Solving

Create a World Using Augmented Reality on the iPad With AR MAKR

Private Flute Lessons 60 Minutes

Outschool Choir (Virtual Online Chorus - Chorus Singing for Ages 9-14)

Spanish/English Immersion Full Curriculum: Grades 3-4

In Flander's Fields: WWI/Veteran's/Remembrance Day Poem, Analysis & Drawing

Book Club: National Geographic Level 3 English Reading Club

Become a Chess Pro: Intro for Beginners (HOLIDAY CAMP)

Book Club: National Geographic Level 2 English Reading Club

Astronaut Training 101 - Stars and Other Objects in Space

Travel Adventures Around the World: Explore Countries, Geography, and Culture! (Ages 6-8)

Let's Knit a Pretty Cotton Dishcloth

STEM Be an Engineer for a Day - Upper Elementary

Montessori Static and Dynamic Subtraction With the Dot Game - Montessori Math

Reading Fluency and Phonics Tutoring 1:1

Private Flute Lessons- 30 Minutes

Hands-On Science 5/6! Ongoing Full Curriculum | 36 Week | Middle School | STEM

Anime Girl & Chibi Animal Art

Candy Club

Book Club: National Geographic Level 1 English Reading Club

Book Club: National Geographic Pre-Readers English Reading Club

Draw and Color 12 Cute Warrior Cats Step by Step Flex Version

Fortnite Gaming and Social Ongoing Club (Xbox, PC, Switch, Play Station)

Let's Chat: Broadway Club

Creative Writing Camp

Tasty Math Adventures: Cereal Sort and Solve

2nd Grade Super Spellers

An Introduction to Fractions

Creative Writing: Story Sequencing and Writing Sentences/Paragraph!

Teen Writers Club: Portal to Your Own Book

Astronaut Training 101 - Planets

HJ - Easy Japanese Katakana Writing Camp FLEX A

Reading in Russian Level 7 (Advanced)

Book Club: Nancy Drew #2 The Hidden Staircase

Talk Time: Girl's Social Chat Club (Ages 4-7) (2X/Week)

HJ - Easy Japanese Katakana Writing Camp FLEX B

Your Inner Cheerleader: Self-Confidence Class

Introduction to Google Slides for Beginners: Technology for Young Creative Minds

Creating & Writing From Outlines With IEW's Modern World History Writing Lessons

Chemistry - Balancing Equations

CVC Words Phonics Games!

Tap Dance Class for Beginners (Ongoing)

Introduction to the Guitar

Healthy Kids! Summer Camp: Health, Fitness & Wellness Club (Ages 7-11)

Who Kidnapped Santa?!: A Christmas Mystery Experience

Petmas: A Pet-culiar Christmas Mystery 🐾

SAT Verbal Crash Course

Make Your First 2D Video Game With Unity! Basic Coding Using C# - Part 2

Year 1 English Suited for EAL

Group Piano and Music Reading Lessons for Beginners

Life, Travel and Fun in Japan - My Story Living Abroad in Tokyo, Japan

Sneakerheads Unite!

Jumpstart Trigonometry

Let’s Draw & Learn Easy Spanish | Art Club

Write Without Fear: Edit Without Mercy!

Creative Writing: The Basics + Several Fun Writing Activities

Let's Speak French! (Intro to Conversational Phrases)

French Level 1: 5-Week Course (French Lessons for Beginners)

5th Grade Punctuation Review With Kahoot!

Book Club: Think Critical Camp (10 Week Novel Study)

An Introduction to Gothic Literature and Edgar Allan Poe's Tell Tale Heart

Travel to Calgary, Canada: The Coolest Cities in the World - Stampede Edition!

Cell Phone Manners - Winning Tips in Telephone Etiquette

Cell Phone Manners - Winning Tips in Telephone Etiquette

Financial Skills - Developing Success Habits

Financial Skills - Developing Success Habits

HJ - Private 1-1 Korean Language Tutoring

Better Nate Than Ever: On Broadway Dance Routine!

Pacman Arcade Minecraft Adventures Summer Camp

Life Lessons Life Skills

6th/7th Grade English Language Arts Through Literature - Tuck Everlasting (MBTP)

6th/7th Grade English Language Arts Through Literature - People of Sparks (MBTP)

Right Start Math Level B Lesson 107-138

Right Start Maths Level B Lesson 77 -106

Story Time - The Mystery at Hilton Head by Carole Marsh

Unicorn Diaries Book Club- Ongoing

Whimsical Writing- Let’s Describe a Creative Character!

Code Kidio! Code a Cat Pong Game | Beginner/Intermediate Scratch Coding

Private Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring (One 55 Mins Meeting/Week w/ a 5 Mins Break)

Private Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring (Two 55 Mins Meetings/Week w/ a 5 Mins Break)

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers: What Are They and How to Create Them

The Dream Escape Room

Makeup: Learning the Everyday Basics

Commercial Acting With Improv

Peanut Butter Monster Escape Room

Music Games for Young Beginners | Musical Notes, Rhythms, Terms, and Symbols

What's the Problem? Problem Solving with Graphs

Proper Nouns (Ages 8-12)

Private Mandarin Chinese Tutoring (One 25 Minutes Meeting per Week)

Private Chinese Pinyin Course (Two 25 Minutes Meetings per Week)

Draw a Cute Elephant

Private Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring (Three 25 Minutes Meetings per Week)

Math and Art: Creating Art Using Functions

Private Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring (Two 25 Minutes Meetings per Week)

Draw Princess Jasmine by Draw So Cute

Nintendo Art Paper Craft Club! Create, Discuss & Have Fun!

Writing Camp Opinion, Informative, and Narrative Writing

Draw Cotton Candy

Science Basics: A Weekly Overview of Life, Earth & Space, and Physical Science

Drawings Basics Sonic the Hedgehog Step by Step

Debate Camp: Become a Confident Public Speaker!(ESL Friendly)

Garfield and Friends Paper Art Craft Club! Create, Discuss and Have Fun!

Desserts the Healthy Way! Three Great Desserts in One Class!

The Flexible Club (Stretching, Strength & Social Club for 7-12)

Summer Watercolor - At the Beach

Latin for Teens | Latin for Beginners | Ongoing (Age 12-16)

Spanish/English Immersion Full Curriculum: Grades 1-2

Animal Trivia Social Club | Connect With Your Animal Loving Friends!

Shakespeare for Kids Reading Club: Literature for Children

1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor with American Girl Nanea

The Great Depression with American Girl Kit

Youtube for Creators: Summer Camp!

Make 4th of July Tie-Dye! Learn to Paint With Markers - Art & History Class

Hindi (Ongoing) Conversation Class (Private Group)

Encanto Dance Party

Mixed Multiplication Masters FLEX

Preschool colors and shapes

Collaborative Writing in a Minecraft Realm! Write and Build Together. (Bedrock)

Learn the Scoop About Animal Poop-Weird, Gross and Fascinating Facts

Piano Class Fast and Fun Winter Session

Recorder Summer Camp for Beginners: Level 1

Zookeeper, Zookeeper, What Do You See? (Ongoing)

Algebra I - Full Curriculum | Unit #2 (of 4) | Functions & Exponents

Can We Build It? of Course, We Can! - A STEAM Brick Builder Challenge Class

Point and Shoot / Polaroid Photography Club

Making a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign -- Summer Camp

A Year With the Lion: A Study of the Complete Chronicles of Narnia

Let's Learn About the 50 States

Flex Course: How to Become a Successful College Student (Ages 16-18)

Early Elementary Math: Learning Numbers 1-20

One on One Lesson: Japanese for Young Beginners (Ages3~5) [Nikoniko Nihongo 1]

Story Time: An Interactive Read Aloud

Early Elementary Play My Way Through Math 2

Roblox Horror Experience: HALLOWEEN Edition

Learn to Type Keyboarding Typing Summer Camp (Older Kids)

Let's Get Cooking: Cake Pops!

Sewing: Scrunchies (Sewing Machine)

Guided Drawing: Watercolor Hibiscus

Gaming Club: Girls Roblox, Socialize & Play Fun Games!

Guided Drawing: Let's Draw Sharks and Other Sea Creatures

Stop Motion Animation 3-Day Summer Camp (1.5 Hours Each Day)

The Eyes Have It! (Cow, Sheep and Pig Eye Dissections) - ages 10-13

Investigative Report Writing

1 on 1 Recurring Private Voice Lessons: 55 Minutes

Let's Take a Virtual Tour of the Tower of London

Virtual Grocery Store Tour: Learn How to Shop, Budget, and Read Nutrition Facts

Visual Lit Presents: Graphic Novel Writing Introduction

Beginners Point and Shoot Film Camera Class

Learn English (ESL) With Stories: The Elves and the Shoemaker

7th Grade Marvelous Math (Entire Year)

American Girl Tea Party Summer Camp

Meet the Athens and the Spartans: Introduction to Ancient Greece

The Eyes Have It! (Cow, Sheep and Pig Eye Dissections) - ages 14-18

Mythological Fire Creatures

FLEX - United States Physical Geography and 50 States (and Capitals)

Flappy Bird: Scratch Coding & the Engineering Design Process (Beginner)

Guided Drawing: Summer Flip Flops

Kindergarten PREP Summer Camp - School Readiness Skills

Distributive Property- Fall Review, Fun, and Games

Movie Trivia Summer Fun (Ages 10-14)

Coding for Beginners: Scratch, Minecraft, Star Wars, Flappy Code, and more! One-On-One.

Brown Bag Show and Tell Social Club

Mythology Symposium: The Curse of the House of Atreus

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt: Mummification

Harry Potter Debate Book Club: Character Edition (Ages 12-16)

The Power of Positive Thinking to Create an Amazingly Awesome Day

Le Mont Saint-Michel, One of Coolest Places in France!

Learn Art Fast! Private + Flex iPad Art & Design Lessons No Matter Your Schedule

Math Skill Builder! Interactive On-going 5th Grade Math Curriculum Class

Animal's From Around the World Chat Club

Mythology Symposium: All About Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home

Mythology Symposium: All About Hephaestus, God of Fire and Blacksmithing

The Last Firehawk Book Club - Book 8

Dragon Masters Book Club - Book 6

Meet My Axolotls

Five Amazing City States of Renaissance Italy

Born Baker Baking Small Cakes, Cupcakes, and Icing Techniques Cook With Us

Сказка о царе Салтане -the Tale of Tsar Saltan Literature Unit in Russian

Flex Creative Writing: Analyze and Write!

Intensive 4-Day Nutrition Bootcamp for Teens

Ballet Dance Class - Princess Jasmine

Creative Writing - Have Fun With Folk Tales

1-on-1 Private Tutoring, Mentoring, & Homework Help in Legal Studies BY REQUEST

Halloween Special History Mystery: The Island of the Dolls

Private Math Tutoring: MJ

U.S. Strategy With Nuclear Weapons During the Cold War

D.R.E.A.M. (Do Right Each Audacious Minute) Personal Development (Life Coaching) (One-Time)

Level 1 SAT/ACT Vocabulary Adventures FLEX #2

School Readiness: Learn to Wipe Your Bottom Experiment!

Hot Wheels Cars Scavenger Hunt

Stamina & Comprehension - Reading Workshop: 2nd Grade Series Book Clubs

Little Adventurers World Trivia Club! (Kahoot)

Writing Road Trips Part 2: Gas Station Sequence Writing

French Conjugations & Verbs (8 Weeks to Learn 8 Verbs!)

Math Topics: Exploring and Practicing

Ecology and Environmental Science

7th Grade Science Inquiry Lessons

Review of Cambridge Igcse Mathematics Core and Extended & Practice Twice a Week

ESL Practice Camp

Learn How to Read (Phonics)-Most Commonly Used Beginning Consonant Blends!

Math Middle Grades 6Th-8Th Skill Builders

Under the Sea Escape Room

Travel the Coolest Cities in the World - Canada

Travel the Coolest Cities in the World - USA Edition!

Women in History: Fearsome Female Pirates

Book Club for Beginners- Owl Diaries: Eva Sees a Ghost

Sketching: Sketch a Human Portrait With Pencil and Brushes (Facial Expressions)

Acrylic Paint: Desserts (Weekly)

Bonjour, Learn French With Me!

Georgia O'keeffe! Create Be Inspired by Her Artwork & Paintings! Painting Class

The ArKIDecture Academy: Up-cycled Houses (8-10 yo) (Architecture) (Camp)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Upcycled Houses (Architecture) (Camp) (Beginner) (5-7)

Drawing Technique: 3-D Hand Drawing

Paragraph Writing: Structure and Writing Details

Law School for Teens - Crimes Against Property (FLEX Class)

English 1:1 Tutoring for Reading, Writing, and Language Arts

Introduction to Essay Writing: Learn to Write a Thesis and 4 Essays

Butterfly Camp

Piano Music Exploration

Social Skills- Sharing is Caring: Learn to Be a Good Friend by Sharing!

Summer Cartoon Drawing (FLEX Class) 4 Weeks of Fun Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons

Creative Writing Workshop: Write Something New Every Week (Ongoing)

Ramp up Your Reading Skills: Easy as 1,2,3! (Asynchronous/Flex Course)

Robotics II: Motors, Coders, and Robots Winter STEM Workshop

Read, Think, and Respond: Reading Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension

Who Is/Who Was/What Is Book Club All About Sports

Beginners Mandarin Chinese Conversations - Part 2/2 -> 7-13 Yrs Old

What's in the Mystery Bag? A Fun Game Using Adjectives

All About Ducks: Reading for Discovery and Application

(FLEX) Build, Draw and Write: Playful Paths to Literacy

Zumba Princess Dance Party (one-time)

Clown, Town, Crown- These Are All Nouns! Wait, What's a Noun?

1:1 Bite Size Basics PreAlgebra: Working with Absolute Values

Relax and Watch Encanto Scenes. Fun Social Time

FNAF Special Edition: Let's Play Roblox

`MINIONS Drawing!!

Princess Social Club: Dress up, Play Dolls, and More!

Making Choices- Think Like An Economist!

Private Family Spanish Mini Class

Reading Club: Kindergarten Level Reading, Drawing & Socializing!

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Watercolor Cactus in Planters!

Intermediate Bento Box Cooking Camp ~Rice Balls ~Mini Hamburgers and More

Audition 101 - Fundamentals of Auditioning for Theater, TV, and Film!

3-Week Musical Theatre Singing and Acting Camp!

Cool Cats - Sleeping Kitten Drawing with Pencil (Graphite) Art Project!

Ongoing Math Tutoring (1:1 With Certified Teacher)

Hatchet Novel Study (Flex Class)

Adorable Giraffe in the Sky - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Class!

Summer Camp! Macrame Friendship Bracelets (Intermediate)

GEMS Order of Operations

College Prep Intro to Human Anatomy: Bones (for Health Science-Interested Teens)

Spanish Immersion: “Let's Get Talking! ABC's En EspaÑOl!” El Alfabeto

1:1 Tutoring for Elementary Learners (Ongoing; 45 min.)

Reptiles From Around the World | Summer Camp With LIVE Reptiles | Ages 8-11

Animal Trivia | Test Your Animal Knowledge & Learn Amazing Facts | Ages 12-15

Let's Play Guitar: Independence Day Songs

Learn English (ESL) With Stories: The Snow Queen

A Book Study - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Cambridge Minimus Secundus - Part 2

Sensitive Learner G/PG Movie Chat

Level 1 SAT/ACT Vocabulary Adventures FLEX #3

Let Mindfulness Lead You To Your Happy Place!

Pre-Algebra Workshop #4: Linear Functions (Slope)

A Child Astronomer's Christmas!

AP European History Private Tutoring

Music Lessons for Beginners! (1:1 Tutoring, Ages 8-18)

Pre-Algebra Workshop #3: Exponents, Pythagorean Theorem, Monomials/Polynomials

Chalk Art Drawing Class ~Beginner Friendly ~Summer Ocean Theme

Reading Foundations: The Alphabet, Letter Sounds, and Phonics (1:1)

Pop Songs: Guitar Boot Camp

The Bad Guys Book Club Discussion Group

Creative Writing Camp: Short Stories

A Book in a Week: Summer Reading Camp for Preteens

Beginners Mandarin Chinese Conversations - Part 1/2 -> 7-13 Yrs Old

Gaming Club: Girls Minecraft Club on Bedrock: Build, Socialize, & Have Fun!

Law School for Teens - Criminal Defenses (FLEX Class)

Law School for Teens - Crimes Against the Person (FLEX Class)

Law School for Teens - What Is a Crime? (Flex Class)

Mini Summer Themed Poetry Camp: Creative Writing & Self Expression (Class A)

Spanish for Preschool - Second Grade FLEX

Law School for Teens - Basics of Law - Ongoing Class

Confidence and Social Skills Coaching 1:1

Principles of Business

Nintendo Switch Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout! Play With Friends

Cooking: Mango Tapioca

Bright Beginnings for Strings - Jump Start for Violin or Viola

SAT Math Prep

Empowered Kids Camp

FLEX: Our Favorite Star, the Sun! A Space Science Class for Creative Scientists

It's Clay Time!

Latin Vocabulary Club

Friendships- Dealing With Conflicts and Learning to Compromise

High Strangeness: Exploring the Science of the Paranormal

Not Your Average Greek and Latin Roots Class

Let's Learn How to Make Inferences While Reading!

Math Is Your Path - Grade 7 Full Year 2022-2023 - Once a Week Ongoing

Empowering Youth With (or Without) ADHD: Strategies for Success

Painting With Words: Poetry and Art Appreciation for the Very Young

Strategies for Building Self-Confidence

Visual Lit's High School Classics: Fahrenheit 451 Book Club for ADHD Brain

Pass-Around Stories

Deep Dive Into Everything Art! College-Level Concepts for Kids

Learning to Love Shakespeare CAMP: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Let’s Make Upcycled Art Using Recycled Materials!

Splendiferous Spelling, Reading, Writing Tutoring (Private-Ongoing) (4 X Week)

Genshin Impact Weekly Gameplay & Fan Club

Barbie Social Club

Character Builders! Learning the Importance of Kindness and Empathy

Pre-Algebra Workshop #2: Geometric Measurements

Saturday Summit for All Performers. (Open Mic Format)

Self-Publish a Poetry Chapbook / High-School

Math Enrichment 🧑‍🏫 for Mathletes: Trial Session

Learn to Type- Beginner Typing / Keyboarding Flex

FLEX Cooking for Kids--Easy Dinners for Beginning Chefs

A Kawaii Animals & More Social Drawing Club Ongoing Keefe Art Academy Homeschool

Science & Crafts - Animal Adventures: Tigers

Summer Boredom Buster: FLEX Class to Keep You Busy!

Science & Crafts - Animal Adventures: Mice

One Time 1:1 Private Acting Lesson (Ages 7-18)

Science & Crafts - Animal Adventures: Llamas

Science & Crafts - Animal Adventures: Giraffes

Star Tide Part 3: Into the Epic World 5E Level 20 Adventures Dungeons & Dragons

1-on-1 Private Tutoring - Read and Earn Rewards With Me!

1st Grade Semester English Language Arts Full Curriculum (1x/Week)

Creamy One-Pot Shells with Peas and Sausage!

Slime Club - Let's Create Your Own Unique Slimes

Ballerina Book Club - Ongoing

Broadway Bound: Ongoing Musical Theater Dance Class! (ages 7-9)

What Are Cells?

Simple Art Summer Camp

Summer Science Research Paper

Cookie Craze Summer Camp - An Adventure Through Cooking

Leadership - Create and Run Your Own Compassion Project

Nature Journaling: 4 Ink and Paint Lessons to Observe Like a Scientist. (Flex)

Amazing Animals: Spider Monkey Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Roblox Gaming Club (Ongoing Scary games)

Pick Your Project Clay Sculpting: Wild Animals FLEX Class

Camp: Creative Writing Learn 5 Incredible Writer's Tricks to Write a Story

Worldwide Art & Craft Club - Painting & Drawing To Music | Play-Based Learning

Math Skill Builder! Ongoing 4th Grade Math Curriculum Support and Homework Games

Abrsm Theory Exam - Intensive Summer Camp/Course

Private Lesson With Sensei Jess | Ongoing

One-On-One Read,Write,Spell—-100 Sight Words to Know by Age 10– (Preview Class)

Speed Comprehension and Tips to Read Faster

Russian Alphabet - Read, Type and Write in Russian (FLEX)

Craft Fun: Learning the Crocheted Granny Square

Trivia: The Hardest Marvel Quiz Ever!

Guitar Class That's Easy and Fun

United States Flags Club (Vexillology of the 50 State Flags of the USA)

1 on 1 Elementary Math Tutoring

English Conversation and Speaking Games (ESL)

A Toast to Mercy Watson: Introduction to Reading Comprehension

Literature Fun With Science, Cooking, and Crafts

Kitchen Cleaning Bootcamp Flex

Color Theory: Beautiful Design & Visual Storytelling for Young Photographers & Film Makers

Ms. Kirbie's Cozy Corner Book Club: Realistic Fiction

Make a Balloon Car | Hands-On STEM Project

Spanish Mini Camp 4

MCU Superhero Singapore Number Bonds

Pride and Prejudice Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 4--The Staircase Checkmate

The Beginner's Guide to Yoga: A Practice Practice!

Mrs. Kenefick's Crafts: Colored Dough

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing (1x Weekly On-going) A+B

1:1 Early Elementary Reading, Writing, & English Tutoring: Pre-K - 3rd, 45 Mins.

Creative Writing: Turn a Blank Page Into a Story for Middle School

Homeroom, Snack, Chat, Games, Social Club

One on One Recorder Time

All About Bugs (Insects) Q to T With Teacher Lisa S for Big Kids

Private French Lessons (2x a Week)

Learn How to Draw Animals - Cat

Pet Care 101 (Ages 5-8)

Draw a Cute Ariel From The Little Mermaid by Draw So Cute

Draw Summer Popsicles by Draw So Cute

1-on-1 Tutoring. The Mechanics of Writing Correct Sentences. Grammar & Usage

Mandarin Chinese Course/Tutoring - Siblings-Only (Two 25 Mins Meetings per Week)

Hake Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 Semester 1 Flex

Play Digital Games to Learn Kindergarten Math, Reading, and Grammar Skills

Mrs. Kirbie's Writing & English Workshop 1:1 Tutoring

Pen to Paper: A Fun Creative Writing Class for All Writers! (One Time)

Daily Salutations - For Healthy Minds and Bodies

Beginning Guitar Boot Camp for Teens Level 1

Time Travel with Books and Minecraft: Learn Some History! Part 1 (Flex)

Time Travel with Books and Minecraft: Learn Some History! Part 2 (Flex)

Habitats Minecraft Challenge and Books (Flex)

Health Heroes and Nutrition Gurus!

The Mechanics of Writing Correct Sentences. Grammar and Usage. Brick by Brick.

Preschool Crafting in Spanish (Taught in Spanish)

Cheer Extreme: Intermediate Cheerleading Class

Supportive Algebra 1: Part 2 Of 3

Creative Writing Story Chain: Scary, Funny, True, Made up; Any Kind You Think Up

Pre Algebra & Geometry (2 hours)

Create an Instrument, Learn Rhythms and Ignite Your Child's Passion for Music! FLEX

All About Snakes for Young Learners

How to Draw Cute Creatures-Social Time/Learn to Draw Kawaii Style Animals Club

1:1 Reading Support for Older Students

The Debate Academy

Garden Biology Semester: The Science of Plants, Gardening, and the Environment

Sketchnoting High School Lit: Introduction Fahrenheit 451 for ADHD Brain

I Can Write Well Six Week FLEX Writing Program

Respecting Animals: Interacting With Animals in a Kind and Safe Way (Ages 7 -10)

5th and 6th Grade ELA (Literature, Grammar, Writing) 12-Week Class

Private 1:1 Math Tutoring with Certified Math Teacher (Grades 4th - 12th )

Learn to Type/Keyboarding Intermediate Session Summer Camp

Ready to Read: Fun with Phonics (3x Week)

Math Jeopardy for 3rd Graders (One-Time)

Summer Math Camp- Middle School Edition

Private Piano Lessons for Ages 4-18 (45-Minutes)

Dancercise Kids Occupations Dance Camp

Summer Violin Classes - All Levels Welcome!

Ready, Set, Write! - Creative Writing Class

Squash School Stress Now: Workshop for Teens

Become a Homework Hero: One-Time Class for Elementary Students

Dance It: Hip Hop & Pop Teens Club

Poop Explosion Reading Club! (CVC and Sight Words)

Scrapbook Fun Self-Care Summer Camp

Homeschool Writing Portfolio Part 1: Semester Long Writing Course

FLEX Reading Comprehension UNIT 2 (4th Grade Reading Level) for Ages 8-11

Summer World Travel Club! Explore a New Country, Continent & Culture Each Week!

Expressive Reading With Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Reading Tutoring for Kindergarten, First, or Second Grade (2X/Week)

Logical Fallacies - Think Better, Reason Better, Argue Better...

101 Private: Homework Help & English Curriculum Grades 4,5,6 -30 Minutes Weekly

2nd Grade Science Fusion: Life Science - Full Curriculum (Semester Part 2 of 4)

Harry Potter: A Book Discussion Fit for a Wizard (Weekly Club)

Marine Biology - Shark Showdown! A Weekly Camp Exploring & Tracking Sharks *FLEX* Part 2

Camp Snack! No-Bake Raw Brownies (Vegan)

Writing for Higher Education: Essays and the Research Paper

Spelling Bees, Grade 1 - With Miss Tiffany

The Rule of Law Part 2 of 2: The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

"Cool"est Father's Day Popsicle Card

Fairy Tales With Steam Activities

Princess Ballet Dance Class! Part 2 (Ongoing) - Ages 4-8

I Love This Book! (Jr Edition)

The Catcher in the Rye Book Discussion: Flexible Schedule

Writing is Exciting! Private Tutoring

HJ - Easy Korean Konglish A

Painting Emojis Rocks!

Learn English (ESL) With Stories: Thumbelina

Principles of Public Speaking

Learn to Read: Guided Reading Repetition

Private Tutoring in Writing: Creative and Opinion Writing

Private ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutoring-Extended

Oh Snap! DSLR Photography Fundamentals Summer Camp

ESL || Let's Learn English - ABC's (Letters U-Z)

Little Notes Music and Movement Class Ongoing

HJ - Japanese Katakana Vocabulary Camp FLEX B

Kid's Intro to Japanese III

Christmas on the Piano Flex Class

Mini Bakers: Winter Stained Glass Cookies

Words: Think, Speak & Write About Quotes From African-Americans (Black History)

Russian for Beginners: SAMPLE CLASS

Weekly Kawaii Art Club

Write Your Name in Japanese Calligraphy!

Early Reader's 4-Day Reading Comprehension Camp- New Book Each Week!

First Grade: Time, Coins, and Addition To 20

K-First Grade: Writing Words to Sentences (Ongoing 1x/Week)

Ongoing Spanish Immersion Class (for Intermediate Speakers) (Imagine Immersion)

Math: Prime Factorization

Math: Least Common Multiples

Math: Greatest Common Factor

First Grade Math: Quarter 1

Canva: Learn Graphic Design With Canva

Mastering Fractions - Multiplying and Dividing Mixed Numbers

Kindergarten and First Grade: Writing - Class 1

Mastering Fractions - Multiplying & Dividing

Math: Mastering Fractions - Adding and Subtracting With Like Denominators

Math: Mastering Fractions - Adding & Subtracting Unlike Denominators

Summer Bootcamp: Kindergarten: Math Concepts

Kindergarten Phonological Awareness and Alphabet Beginning of School Year Camp

Kindergarten - 1St Grade Word Families (1x/Week)

Preschool, Kinder, First Grade Social Club

Kindergarten to First Grade Bound Refresh Skills Summer Camp

First Grade: Kick Start - Learning to Read: Full Year Word Families (2x/Week)

1:1 Stop Motion Animation - Private Lesson

Teen: Graphic Design: Presentations Using Canva

Aqua Dance Blast -For Dancing Outside and Inside the Pool (FLEX Class)(5 Week-D)

Creative Writing Spring Camp: Let's Have Fun Writing Over Spring Break!

All About Cars Hands-On 3-Day Summer Camp | Science and History

Introduction to Screenwriting

Let's Craft It! An American Girl Doll Magical Vacation Part 2: Food & Snacks

Let's Craft It! An American Girl Doll Magical Vacation Part 1 Crafting Camp

Writing a Compelling College Admissions Essay

Learn American Sign for Beginners: Manual Alphabet & Greetings

Fall Guys Gamers

Hello, Kindergarten! Let's Get Ready for School Together! 1:1 Tutoring

Fortnite Gamers

Essay Writing for Beginners

Design a Bug With Patterns: A Crayon Resist & Watercolor Painting (Small Group)

An Introduction To Finding The Slope of A Line

Automotive 101- Curriculum Based Semester Courses for the Beginner- Twice a week

Reading and Math Magicians Circle Time

Piano Level 1 - Part 3

Flex Class: American Sign Language 101

Pokémon Chemistry 2

Tween Book Lovers' Chat and Game Group

Cat Club & Crafts

Group Recorder Lessons: Beginner: Level 1

Fun With Spanish 1: Weekly Classes for Beginners (Part 1) 3 Months Duration (A1)

Write and Read in Cursive Part 2 Improving Cursive Skills: A Summer Camp

Game Talk for Beginners: Minecraft

Teen Book Lovers' Chat and Game Group

Read to Succeed! Private Tutoring

Writing is Exciting! How to Write a Paragraph- Gr. 3-5

Virtual Field Trips to the Art Museum

Visual Arts Private Lesson: Expand on Technique, Creativity, Fine Motor Skills

Aqua Dance Blast -For Dancing Outside and Inside the Pool (FLEX Class)(5 Week-C)

Aqua Dance Blast -For Dancing Outside and Inside the Pool (FLEX Class)(5 Week-B)

Writing is Exciting! How to Write a Paragraph-Gr. 1-3

Exploring Space for Pre-K

So Much Drama! Let's Read Plays (Theater Book Club)

Autism Cooking Class: Safe No-Stove Cooking - Chocolate Mug Cake

Let's Make Easy Origami

Let's Design a Maze!: A Drawing Lesson for Beginners (Small Group)

Aqua Dance Blast -For Dancing Outside and Inside the Pool (FLEX Class)(5 Week-A)

Beginner's Drawing Bootcamp With Mrs. Howard: You CAN Learn to Draw!

Show and Tell Pet Party (Pet Not Required) - A Preschool Social

Let's Draw a Fire Engine!: A Drawing Lesson for Beginners (Small Group)

Escape Math Castle: An Escape Room Math Class

Princess Ballet Dance Class! Part 2 (Ongoing) - Ages 3-6

Colorful Underwater Painting: Crayon Resist & Watercolor Painting (Small Group)

4 Day Art Camp! New Project Everyday. Draw, Paint, 3 Dimensional Art, Create!

Bugs Club With Teacher John: Insects, Arachnids and Arthropods!

Advanced Drawing/Sketching- How to Draw and Shade a Realistic Face!

ESL ELL EFL Learn English Grammar, Vocabulary, and Conversation Skills in Kahoot

Hindi Conversation Class (Private Group)

Growing Sentences - Improving Sentences in Your Writing

Strategies for the Reading Section of the SAT Test

Become a Youtuber | Video Practice! (Summer Camp)

Disney's Pixar Movie Trivia Club (Multi-Day Class)

Summer Glow up: A Teen Camp About the Growth Mindset!!!

Dinosaur Debate - Intro to Public Speaking & Debate With Paleontology

Unwholly: Book 2 of the Unwind Series by Neal Shusterman

Self-Publish a Poetry Chapbook / Middle School

1-1 Tutoring (45 minute sessions - Ongoing)

Story Time for Young Ones - Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Gaming Club: Among Us Social Club, Let's Hang Out & Find The Sus!

Write an Easy Paragraph Using the Sun Method: Beginning Writing

Learn English (ESL) With Stories: Cinderella

Choice & Voice: Interest and Play-Based Learning | Private 1:1 Meet-The-Teacher and Assessment Session

Middle School Life Science: How Do We Heal? Cells, Systems, and the Human Body

Custom Pre-K and Kinder Prep Lessons (Private 1:1) (5 Times a Week, 45 Minutes)

Three Crayon Challenge: Animal Kingdom Edition

Adventures in Reading: ELA, Phonics, Phonemes, Word Families and Writing for Preschool

Space Explorers and Math Problem Solvers

NaNo Workshop - A Group for Writing and Sharing Your World

United States History (Semester 1) High School Social Studies Class 1607-1877

United States History (Semester 1) Middle School Social Studies Class 1607-1877

Travel the U.S.A the Minecraft Way (Flex)

Spelling Bee Club, First & Second Grade: See It, Say It, Read It, Write It With Nearpod!

Spelling Bee Club, Kindergarten: See It, Say It, Write It With Nearpod!

GameNook: You Scream/We Scream/We All Scream for Game Themes

1ST Grade Math: Missing Numbers, Place Value, Inequalities, Time and Fractions

Race & Politics

Camp for Cooking Creatives

Dancercise Kids Manner Dance Camp

Dancercise Kids Animals Dance Camp

The Life and Poems of Shel Silverstein

Frindle Novel Study (Flex Class)

Reading the Classics - Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen Read Aloud Class

Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time and Full Curriculum (1:1 / 2x weekly)

Roman Military History: The Battle of Cannae

Theory I for the Aspiring Composer

Rabbits - Rare and Unusual Breeds

Finding Self-Confidence - Finding Your Voice!

The Write Stuff - Creative Writing Private Lessons With a Published Author

Play Dough Play and Learn

Primus Science Class: Viruses

Learn an Easy Way to Sketch Girls Faces and Give Them Some Fun Hairstyles

Basic Horse Anatomy and Common Horse Terminology (4-7)

Looking Like Me! I Am Me! Poem Writing

Tools for Growing a Growth Mindset and Emotional Intelligence

BIPOC Book Club, Read & Discuss Books by Authors of Color [Ages, 8-12]

Story Time for Young Ones - What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night

For Teens: Current Events Social Club!

Rainbow High, LOL, and OMG Doll Fans Unite Club!

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