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New Classes on Outschool 2022-06-12

There are 359 new classes on Outschool the week of June 12, 2022 to June 18, 2022.

Summer Art Camp - Picasso Self-Portrait - Acrylic Painting - 2 Day Camp!

Song-Writing for Young Musicians - Part 3

Create an Artistic Optical Illusion Worm Tunnel!

Baking Basics (Self Paced)

Scrapbook and Chat - Journaling and Papercrafts

Things They Didn't Teach You in School but You Do Need to Know

Cat Lovers Chat!

Kid Paleontologists: Dinosaur Collectors' Club, Level 2 Dino Study + Field Guide

Unicorns & Beyond | Pre-K & Kindergarten | Facts, Music & Move, & Show & Tell!

2nd Grade Science Fusion: S.T.E.M. (1 of 4)

Strategies for the Math Section of the SAT Test

Guitar Lessons: Beginner to Pro 45-Minute Weekly Class

1-on-1 Korean Tutoring - Let's Learn Korean Like in Sunday Korean School

Cool Chess! Beginner 2 Lesson 3--The Back Rank Checkmate

Science & Crafts - Animal Adventures: Cats

ASL Course 1: Develop Your ASL Skills | Beginners Guide

All About Finish Carpentry With A Professional Finish Carpenter ( 8-10yr)

Accelerated Beginner French Summer Camp (Part 2)

Let's Learn STEM: The Inventor's Academy B1+

Recital Time for Piano Students!

Pokemon Vs Star Wars Camp

Explore the Rainforest With Me!

Spanish Made Easy- Class One -Let’s Learn 150 Words

Jump Into Juneteenth - Learning Through Crafting

Dad is My Superhero Directed Drawing Art Class

Algebra II, Semester 1

One on One Kawaii Drawing 30min

Second Grade Super Skills! Phonics and Spelling for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade

Guided Painting: Covered Bridge

Guided Painting: Lighthouse

Summer Magic, Music & Games (Ages 4-6)

Summer Magic, Music & Games (Ages 7-12)

Improve Your Writing With BLACKPINK: Using Figurative Language

Pokemon Chemistry 1

Zumba Princess Dance Party (Camp)

Reading in Spanish for Pre- Schoolers III - I Can Read Books!

Middle Grade Readers Book Club With Miss Robyn

Violin/Viola Performance Clinic- Bowing Technique

Ancient Greek Mythology And Archaeology: Herakles And Theseus

Investing - Introduction to Investing - Personal Finance

Princess Ballerina at the Royal Ball: Ballet Class for Beginners *FALL SECTION*

Let’s Learn Feelings in Spanish While Playing, and Drawing.(A1)

Private Harp Lessons

Intro to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) POPULAR CLASS

Find Your Voice! a Beginners Singing Class

Intro to Graphic Design Apps for Your Business or Hobby: Create a Canva Post!

Roald Dahl Children's Stories Book Club (Ongoing)

Art History - America's Story Through Its Monuments, Memorials & Art -One on One

Vocabulary and Spelling For Kids

Improv Icons: Ongoing Acting Drama Theater and Improv Club for Kids (Ages 7-12)

Improv Icons: Ongoing Acting Drama Theater and Improv Club for Teens (Ages 13-18)

Succeed to READ! | Beginning Reading

Social Skills and Etiquette Through Discussion and Games

Black Music Legends of the 20th Century

Private Beginners American Sign Language Practice

Science & Nature Rainforest Animals & Prepositions Mystery Adventure

Ace It! Intense Study - ONE Section - SSAT / ISEE

HJ - Private 1-1 Japanese Language Tutoring

Book Club: The Beatryce Prophecy by Kate Dicamillo

100 Years of Monsters and Horror in Film Ongoing

Elementary Math Group 2

Class 1: The Science of Emotion - What Are Emotions?

Financial Literacy Fundamentals Camp

2 Day Mini CAMP: Reading Fluency & Comprehension 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Ages 11-14

Personalized IEW Writing 1-On-1 Tutoring (Ongoing - 25 Minutes)

Flute Studio Class

Multiplication Math Fun: One-On-One Tutoring Multiplication Facts (Ages 7-15).

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Color and Chat (Ages 10-14)

Anti-Anxiety Practices for Neurodivergent Teens: LIVE Class

3Rd Grade Fraction Fun! 5 Day Camp

American Girl Doll Camp

Ancient Empires: The Origins of Humanity

Art Course: Learn to Draw Zentangles!

Seventh Grade Math: Full Curriculum With Small Group ( once a week)

Explore Africa - Summer Class

How To Double Your Money! (Ages 8-13) #superstar

Model UN Summer Camp - United Nations and Politics for Intermediate Students

Let’s Learn How to Read (PreK) - Level 2 (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: Pre A1 A1 A2)

Why Are Flamingos Pink?

Reading Comprehension: Reading Closely for Meaning

Zoey and Sassafras Book Club!

Perfecting the Paragraph, Beyond the Basics (Asynchronous With Feedback)

Game Design With Roblox (Part 2) - Ages 9-13

The Amazing States: Once a Week Camp to Learn the Fifty States of the USA

One on One Tutoring for Reading and Math

Independent Baking: A Teen Beginner Class

1-on-1 Reading Comprehension Tutoring: Reading Closely for Meaning

Learn to Code on Minecraft - Project Based Programming Group for Beginners!

Artist Corner: Lets Learn About Famous Artists!

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 6 Part 1 (Age 8-12)

Intro to Spanish Part 1

Akata Witch Book Club

Customized 101 Complete English Curriculum Grades 1-8 (ESL welcome) - 30 Minutes Weekly

Camp Crystal Lake: Film Study and Horror Movie Fall Social Camp

Kindergarten Prep: Private Tutoring

The Gunpowder Girls of the Civil War

Read With Me and Skip the Summer Slide

Experimenting With Function Families

American Sign Language (ASL) --Semester Long Class-PART 2-Twice a Week

Phonics for Struggling Readers 2: Blends, Digraphs, VCe

101 Private Customized Creative Writing for Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 (ESL welcome) - 30 Minutes Weekly

101 Private Customized Creative Writing for Any Age- Any Grade - 30 Minutes Weekly

Middle School Music Technology: Ongoing

Ongoing Puppy Place Book Club for Ages 10-12

(SP) Explorations

Digital Art: Character Design in Procreate!

Disney Fashion Styles & the 1950s and 1960s Fashion

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 6 Part 2 (Age 8-12)

An English Elementary Grammar Discovery (2x a Week)

Project Based Physics and Engineering Camp: Learn Physics by Building and Doing!

Fortnite Club (Ages 13-18)

Pre-Algebra, Full Curriculum, Semester 2, With a Licensed Math Teacher.

Year 1 Spanish Immersion-Learn Through Reading A Novel (Brandon Wants a Dog), Discussion and Interactive Games and Activities!

A Science Discovery (2x a Week)

World History: The Cold War Part 1

World History: The Cold War Part 2

World History: The Industrial Revolution

Summer Spanish 3 Semester 2 Immersion Course (Middle/High School)

Princess First Grade Camp

Art Life Pastels - Beautiful Tulip Flowers - Drawing & Oil Pastel Art Project!

HJ - Learn Japanese With Anime A

Reading/English Tutoring TESOL

Art Life Pastels - Beautiful Tropical Flower -Drawing and Oil Pastel Art Project

Black History | Tulsa Race Massacre | Destroying Black Wall Street (Ages 10-15)

Asian American History | Wong Kim Ark | Defining Birthright Citizenship

Digging Through Poop of Animals in South Africa One Time Class

The Writer in You: Narrative Creative Story Writing for Grades 3-5

The Great Gatsby: High School Book Club

Magic School Bus Book Club

Sea Creatures, You Didn't Know Existed

Algebra for Future Scientists (Part 5 Of 5)

Test-Taking Tips: How to Ace Your Multiple Choice Exam (Ages 14+)

Geometry - Introduction to the Circle - Area & Circumference (Ages 11-13)

Geometry - Circle - Area, Circumference & Shaded Regions (Ages 14-18)

Chemistry- Inside the Atom - Introduction & Practice [for Ages 9-13]

Karate for Preschoolers!

Book Club for Adventurous Readers: Matilda

Private Flute Lessons 30 Minutes (1:1 Tutoring, Ages 8-18, ALL Skill Levels)

Zoology of Minecraft: Awesome Arthropods! (Ages 13-18)

Zoology of Minecraft: Poisonous Pufferfish! (Ages 13-18)

Zoology of Minecraft: Flying Friends! (Ages 13-18)

Summer Camp: Living and Working in Space—Mission to Enceladus (Age 7-8)

1:1 Tutoring Elementary Math

Precalculus For Homeschool Students 23/24 School Year - 3rd 9 Weeks

Precalculus For Homeschool Students 23/24 School Year - 4th 9 Weeks

Beginner Conversations

Math: Elementary: Math U See Delta, Division Concepts and More!- 2nd Quarter

Drawing Class - Mermaid Unicorn!

Drawing Class - Beach Day With Unicorn!

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 3--The Rules of Castling

Play Guitar: Beginning Guitar Level 1 (Ages 6-9)

Cursive Writing

Year 2 Spanish Immersion- Learn Through Reading A Novel, Discussions and Interactive Games and Activities! (Novel-Frida)

How to Get Your Point Across Without the Argument

Art 1- A Semester Long Flex Class

Biology Wildlife Rehabilitation - Care for Wild Animals.

Heart And Soul: The Story of America and African Americans History Class- Part 1

Adopt Me Free Eggs Club With Mrs. Meaghen (30 Min Class)

The Music Game Club

Fun with Phonics - Second Grade

Multiplication Mastery With Times Tales in 3 Classes!

HJ - Kawaii Food! Cute Japanese Food - Learn Japanese & Culture (Multi-day) A

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Customized: 101 English as Second Language (ESL) - Any Age, Any Grade - 30 Minutes Weekly

Summer Camp: Latin for Kids - Combined Intro and Latin Level 1 (Ages 7 to 8)

Learn Good Manners With Bob and Friends (Private Lesson)

Summer Camp: Latin for Kids - Combined Intro and Latin Levels 1/2 (Ages 9 to 12)

Are You Afraid of The Dark? Summer Camp Campfire Spooky Stories! Creative Writing!

ASL Intermediate Class I/Grammar, Body Language, Expression, Classifiers

Spring Break Beginner Guitar Camp

Photography - Beginners ~ Get Creative in Manual Mode! Teens

Low Intermediate French Semester Course - Part 1

Mandarin Chinese Character Camp 汉字 for Age 9-14

Nessie - Scotland's Real Monster? Drawing

Butterflies, Bees, & Ladybugs, Oh My! a Lesson on Beneficial Insects

Chemistry Camp: Project-Based Introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements

Let's Play Build a Boat for Treasure on Roblox! Weekly, Gaming Social Class.

Reading Comprehension Camp: Mercy Watson to the Rescue

Jump Start to Kindergarten ( Blending, Sight Words, and More)

Procreate Dreams Intro to Animation 101 - Project Based Portfolio Class

Coding Scratch Summer Camp Intermediate/Advanced- Scrolling Minecraft Platformer

Build Time: Animal Play Dough Challenge

ESL Escape Room Adventures

3 Marker Challenge

Little Learners: Butterfly Life Cycle | Pre-K & Kindergarten Science

ASL 1- American Sign Language Summer Course Beginner Ages 8-13

Encanto Themed Would You Rather Ages 3-6

Storyteller’s Spring: Creative Prompts to Inspire Stories & Poems This Spring!

Level Up Your Cursive Boot Camp! Private One-On-One Class

Let's Get Inspired! a 1:1 Creative Writing Camp

One-On-One Reading Tutoring

Multiplication Camp - Lesson, Tips, Tricks, Practice, Fun and Games

One-On-One Tutoring: Computer Science Subjects :Python, SQL, HTML, Java Netbeans

ASL American Sign Language Camp - 100 Words!

Private Tutoring- Math, Reading, or Writing- Weekly 10-15 Year Olds

Private Tutoring- Math, Reading, or Writing- Weekly 4-9 Year Olds

Mirabel • Encanto Color, Chat, and Sing-A-Long Class!

Paint, Dance, Make Dough and Create!

The Literacy Enthusiast: Upper Elementary Language Arts (PART 1)

Book Club: The Beatryce Prophecy by Kate Dicamillo

Karate Meets Yoga With Sensei Helena! (One-Time, Fun-Filled Class)

1:1 Private Writing Tutoring | Writing Success With Special Ed Teacher

Steam Science Adventures 2: Self-Paced Class

Counting Fun With Teacher Jodi (11-20 And Counting by 10's)

Escape Math Museum: An Escape Room Math Class

Reading Word Families Bootcamp

Art Class Where We Draw or Paint a Sun and Moon Using Warm and Cool Colors!

Problem Solving Summer Camp

Animals 101: The Purpose of Pollinators! (LIVE Animal)

Private 1 on 1 Filmmaking: Ongoing Video Editing Class

Circle Time With Miss Tracy

It's Elementary Tutoring

Road to Grammar: Weekly Grammar Practice Full Curriculum (Grades 4th-6th)

August Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

July Poem: Poetry Memorization Made Easy for Tweens

Marine Biology: Intro to Marine Ecosystems, Research, and Present Animals! 14Wk (Ages 12-17)

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 3--Tactic: Fork Attacks!

Brain Gym - Math 6/7/8: Math Talks, Critical Thinking Skills, Problem of the Day

Fast Facts: Basic Addition and Subtraction Fluency Strategies

Learn the History of Nordic Languages

United States History for Kids: Part 1

Summer Arts & Crafts: Beach Art Construction Paper Craft

Criminology for Kids! (FLEX)

The United States (American) Revolution for Kids!

The United States (American) Civil War for Kids!

United States History for Kids: Part 1 (Live)

Let's Explore the Natural Sciences! (3-6)

SUMMER Spanish 3 Semester 1 Immersion Course (Middle/High School)

High School English: Shakespeare & Research

Learner Community Welcome Crew (Ages 10-15)

Reading Level Assessment (45 Minutes)

Zoology of Pokémon: Owl Ornithology! Owls in Pokémon and the Real World (13-18)

Zoology of Pokémon: Owl Ornithology! Owls in Pokémon and the Real World (7-12)

“Let's Get Talking! En EspaÑOl!” For Elementary Level Learners (LEVEL 2)

1:1 Learn with Games (Special Education)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Reading Quest! (RPG)

Tiny Cat Adventure Quest (RPG)

Big Cat Adventure Quest (RPG)

Monster Hunter Adventure Quest (RPG)

Wild Cat Geography, Ecology and Conservation: Become a Feline Expert!

7Th Grade Math Tutoring: Two Weekly Sessions

Active Games Social Time Ages 3-5

Active Games Social Time Ages 6-9

1-1 Private SAT/ACT Math Test Prep Tutoring - 60 Minutes

Do You Know What I MEME? - Figurative Language Camp *Certified Teacher*

Introduction to Human Anatomy Terminology (for Health Science-Interested Teens)

Element of the Week- Meet the Elements of the Periodic Table

Social Skills Class - Exploring Your Emotions

(1:1) Custom Animal Science, Vet Tech, and Veterinary Class Intensive

Social Skills for New Friendships and Social Events

Individualized College Application Support

Beyond the Brochures: Uncover the College Fit Right for You

Grammar III: The Fun Continues-Synonyms,Antonyms,Compound Words,Homonyms & More!

College Search Intro

Bookmaking and Creative Writing: Pop-Up Books

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 2--The Rules of Check, and Checkmate!

Gamer’s Chat With Teacher April-Nintendo Switch!

Back to the Basics: Intro to Beginner Guitar

Stretch Like an Acrobat: Flexibility 1 (9-14)

Preschool Gymnastics

Animals Around the World - Featuring Live Animals

Create a Business to Help Humanity! Business and Entrepreneurship Class

Algebra 1, Full Curriculum, Semester 2 With a Licensed Math Teacher

Music Technology Camp: FLEX

Amazing Animals: Jaguar Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Animal Lovers Group Club

Use Lines & Shapes to Draw People, Places, & Things Prek - 1St

Private Roblox Tutorial : Learn the Basics of Roblox and Have Fun

Pointed Toes: Introduction to Ballet Class for Beginners

Microsoft Excel for Data Analytics and Visualization

Elementary Consonant Letter Blends: Interactive Learning With Friends (Ages 4-7)

Writers Summer Camp: Workshop Readiness

Fundamentals of Python Programming- Ongoing

Japanese Katakana Vocabulary Camp FLEX A

What Book Are You Reading? Show and Tell To Recommend Great Books to Friends

Arduino Coding Private Session 1:1

ASL Story Time Vocabulary & Reading Building (One Time Class)

Science: Hummingbirds Directed Drawing While Learning, ESL Friendly

Algebra 1, Full Curriculum, Semester 1 With a Licensed Math Teacher

Introduction to Voice-Over Acting Camp

Write an Outstanding College Essay With 1-On-1 Coaching (30 Minutes)

Ancient Egypt Summer Camp - An Adventure Through History

French Summer Camp - Learn A New Language In 8 Weeks (Level 1: Beginnner)

Art Course: Abstract Photography!

Meet the Teacher, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2 and Geometry by a Licensed Math Teacher

Science With Miss Robyn: Science of Ice Cream

Camp Write Away: An Interactive Creative Writing Summer Camp

Procreate Fashion Design Drawing Camp 1 FLEX

GCSE Poetry Anthologies - Revision Club

Ongoing: Cooking & Baking With Mini Chef’s Sweet and Savory Dishes

Fun With Watercolor Painting Summer Camp #7: Galaxies

HJ - Learn Japanese With Pokemon A

Sing Fourth of July Favorites!

Draw With Me: People

Extinct Giant Prehistoric Water Predators

Little Musician's Intro to Piano

Finding Missing Addends 12+__=25 (Common Core)

Creative Writing: A Step By Step Approach To Writing Interest Based Biographies

Let's Speak Farsi! Conversational Farsi/Persian Tutoring-Ongoing-For 2 Learners

Animal Color Craze

Element Detectives: Finding the Chemistry in Everyday Life

Mastering 6s, 7s, and 8s Multiplication Facts!

SSAT Vocabulary Workshop: Analogies

3rd Grade Math Review Camp

Let's Learn Money 102

Journey to the Dinosaurs (Private Lesson)

Ukulele Summer Camp: Sing and Strum for Beginners

Algebra 1 Crash Course - Through the Eyes of an Equation

Shapes - Crash Course for Geometry

Making a Comic Book or Manga! The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Artist

The Odyssey by Homer - An Ancient Greek Book Club

Creating With Shapes! Imagination Exploration & PreK Learning with Ms. Liz

The Imagination Social Circle: Pajama Party Edition

1:1 Computer Science Tutoring (Java, JS, Python, Etc...)

Private Spanish With a Native Spanish Speaker

The Incredible Lives of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan

Reading Beginning Blends Camp (Phonics)

Private Spanish With a Native Spanish Speaker

Intro to Screenwriting Camp : Write Your Own Hollywood Movie!

Pre-K Piano Lessons

Preschool Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons!

Think and Draw: Summer Camp Art Class

Slime of the Day Summer Camp~5 Days & 5 Different Kinds of Slime

Word Work, Reading, and Writing for Beginning Readers Lesson 1A

History of Hip-Hop Music

Discussing Dragons: Wings of Fire Book Club (Books 1-5)

3Rd Grade Math Interactive Class: Full Curriculum Included

Decimals for Beginners: An Introduction to Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

World Mysteries - Perplexing Places & Cryptic Creatures!

Guided Reading: A to Z Mysteries

Stretching, Flexibility & Conditioning- Beginner

Study Skills and Digital Apps, & Study Habits for the Ipad

Encanto Dance: Introduction Hiphop Class for Beginners

101 Private-Python Programming -Basics for Beginners- Level 1 - 30 Minutes Weekly

101 Private-JAVA Programming -Basics for Beginners- Level 1 - 30 Minutes Weekly

Digital Art Camp for Beginners (Medibang, Krita, Autodesk, CSP, Procreate)

Elementary Writing Tutoring, One-On-One--Single Lesson (25 Minutes)

Escape Room Club (Ages 4-7): Story Telling With Math, CVC Words, Rhyming & More (Ongoing)

Let's Get Buzzing: Private Trumpet Lessons!

Geodes Painting - STEAM Project With Watercolour, Marker, & Salt!

Creative Writing - A Totally Tale Tale!

Dungeons and Dragons Private Lesson: You Are the Dungeon Master!

Creative Writing Club for Teens With Coach Jen:Led by Award-Winning Screenwriter

A Full Curriculum Draw & Paint Art Class for Artists & Homeschoolers 8-10 With Mrs B

Spanish Immersion: "Let's Get Talking! En EspaÑOl!” Spanish Curriculum for Beginners (REVIEW)

Learn How to Read (Phonics): Identify Beginning Sounds (Certified Teacher)!

2 Day Mini CAMP: Reading Fluency & Comprehension for 2nd & 3rd Grade, Ages 7-9

Digital Investing and Payments

Cool Cats - Cat and a Butterfly - Drawing and Colored Pencil Art Project!

Preschool & Kindergarten Full Curriculum Circle Time Fall Semester Sept-Dec (2x/Week)

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 2--The Do's and Don'ts of Development!

Adorable Dolphin Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art

Adorable Seal Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Preschool & Kindergarten Full Curriculum Circle Time Fall Semester (4x/Week)

Taking Notes for the Absolute Beginner!

Reading Level Assessment & Check-In

Semi Private Teens - Stretching, Flexibility & Conditioning

Semi Private - Stretching, Flexibility & Conditioning

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