New Classes on Outschool 2022-06-26

There are 333 new classes on Outschool the week of June 26, 2022 to July 2, 2022.

1:1 Intro. to Python Coding 4 Kids W/a Certified STEM Educator

Abstract Photography: Three Days of Creative Photography

Get Ready for Reading! Sight Word Bingo

Music Theory : Major Scales , the Circle of Fifths , and Chords

Pokémon Drawing, Trivia and Trading Club! A Drawfully Fun Draw with Me Series!

Biweekly Piano Lessons

LIVE Online Art Class: Kawaii Cuteness Fun Drawings Part 1

1:1 Tutoring - Practice Reading and Phonics Skills Through Play Based Activities

Spell Well Level 2: Common Spelling Rules for ages 5-7 (Flex)

Learn Japanese for Kids!

4th Grade Math Full Curriculum | Multiplication, Division, Fractions, & More!

Writers Workshop: Moving From Words to Sentences!

E Is for English - 1:1 Private ESL Tutoring

1-on-1 English Composition & Grammar: Learn Writing From the Greats.

FLEX: Beginners German 101 - FULL Semester Course (8-13 Years)

Hmmm...Could It Be? How to Ask & Answer Questions for Reading Comprehension

Let's Explore Dinosaurs!

Ballet Adventure: Dance the Story of The Little Mermaid

LIVE Online Art Class: Robin Mead's Spectacular Sunsets

Mindfulness & Happiness Storytime - Relax Breathing Like a Bear - One on One

Private English Tutoring: Reading, Writing, ESL

Private 1:1 Reading Comprehension Writing ELA (ages 6-11) MD ~ with Mrs. Christine

Airports & Airplanes in Minecraft

Dog Lovers Group!

Kindergarten Full Curriculum Ongoing

1 on 1 Tutoring to Prepare Young Learners for Kindergarten

Superhero Rescue Pup Mystery Adventure Escape Room

Adobe Photoshop Magic: Intro to Compositing Level 1 KIDZ

La Sala - Spanish Social Club for Kids!

Beginner Spanish Immersion - Middle School - Level 1: Unit 1

ASL Level 1 - High School Course

U.S. History From a Decolonized and Inclusive Perspective

This or That: French Conversation Class (Beginner)

Learn to Type II (FLEX - Ages 7-12)

All Things Animal Crossing Group

Let's Craft with Cricut! Tutoring

Beginner Ballet

Reading in Math With Nana-Bee (7-10)

Middle School Math, Logic, and Problem Solving: Similar Shapes, Scale, and Slope

Gymnastics Book Club! Perfect Balance Gymnastics Series Book 1 "I've Got This!"

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Today? Class for *ADVANCED* Learners (Ages 8-13) #superstar

Essential Strategies for Young Writers

English Composition & Grammar: Learn Writing From The Greats.

Investigating Insects - A Creative Look at Ancient Bugs FLEX

SSAT Writing Workshop Bootcamp

Draw a Yorkie Puppy by Draw So Cute

1:1 Private Acrylic Painting Class: Paint Colorful Landscapes With Confidence

Reading Strategies (Notice and Note)-Crash Course to Becoming a Better Reader

Kindergarten / First Grade One on One Guided Reading - Phonics, Sight Words, SOR

Islam and Ecology

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 6--Introduction to Opening Traps!

Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 3 & 4

English 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 3 & 4

Verbal Reasoning 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 3 & 4

1:1 Biology

Let's Make Money: Start Your Own Business and Make 5 Grow Flex Course B2+

Maths 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 5 & 6

English 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 5 & 6

ESL (English for Kids)

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! ("L" Blends)

Thank You Letter Writing Course

Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 5 & 6

Maths 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 3 & 4

Verbal Reasoning 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 5 & 6

Let's Learn STEM: How Things Work Flex Course - Series 2 B1+

Let's Learn STEM: How Things Work Flex Course - Series 1 B1+

Shoeless Joe Jackson: 2 Day Reading Comprehension Camp for Baseball Lovers

11th Grade English and Literature Semester 2

Turkey Painting Class ! Gobble Gobble !

Cool Ghost Craft !

Drawing Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Procreate for Beginners: How to Draw a Cute Panda with an iPad and Apple Pencil

Taming the SPaG Monster: Tackling Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Small Group Reading: Grades 6-8 Middle School

Small Group Reading 5th Grade Levels Y-Z

Small Group Reading 4th Grade U-V

Conversation Group for Teens!

Story Time Live! Let's Sing, Dance, Share, & Read a Book with Teacher Lisa

Logic of English Foundations Review Games Levels B, C, and D: One-On-One (1:1)

Travel Around the World: Geography Course

Video Game Talk - Special Education (ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, etc.) *Small Group*

Zoo Animal Phonics! Learn Letter Sounds & Identify the Letters in the Alphabet

Fortnite Beginners: Outschool Competitive Tournaments

Overwatch 2 Gaming Club

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You!, Part 4

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! (3 Letter Blends)

Food Groups for Strong Kids!

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! ("R" Blends)

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! ("S" Blends)

Small Group Reading 3rd Grade S-T

CV, Let's Get Ready to Read Words

Kindergarten Prep | Full Pre-K & Preschool Curriculum & Circle Time

Scratch Coding Semester 3 - Test Your Computational Thinking Skills

Beginner Spanish Conversations: Intro to Spanish

First Semester Chinese - Getting to Know You - Little Friends

Dinosaur Skull Drawing: T-Rex

Primer Piano for the Creative Kid / Ages 5-7

Small Group Reading 4th/5th Grade Levels W-X

Pre-Latin: The One Course to Take Before You Begin Learning Latin

Beginning Editing - FLEX

Spanish/English Immersion Full Curriculum: Grades 5-6

Summer Astronomy Mini Camp

3rd Grade Math Summer Review!

1:1 Math Tutoring & Games

Tutoring: English Grades K-1

Intro to Jazz Dance!

Tutoring: Math Grades 2-3

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem for Pre-Teen Girl Ages 9-12

3rd Grade Minecraft Math - With Gimkit and Kahoot!

2nd Grade Minecraft Math - With Gimkit and Kahoot!

4th Grade Minecraft Math Review Camp - With Gimkit and Kahoot!

5th Grade Minecraft Math Review Camp - With Gimkit and Kahoot!

The Kids' Guide to Manners and Basic Social Etiquette (Ages 5-10: FLEX)

Let's Get Moving! Complete Physical Fitness

Guess The Picture! Part 4

Crash Course on Social Media Safety-Privacy, Texting & Cyber Bullying Awareness

Summer Camp: Dissection 1 for Hands on Learning (ages 10-13)

Summer Camp: Latin for Kids - Combined Intro and Latin Levels 1/2 (Ages 7 to 8)

Public Speaking: Creating Confidence - Crash Course Edition

Public Speaking: FLEX Edition

Advertising Your Business

1 on 1 ESL Tutoring

Lions and Tigers and Bears: Explore the Zoo With Ms. Jenna!

Public Speaking 101

Public Speaking: Creating Confidence (10-14 Year Olds)

Animal Spotlight: All About Red Pandas

Show and Tell - Circle Time!

Public Speaking: FLEX Edition (Older Students)

ESL Conversation Club with Teacher John!

Weird & Wonderful: Exploring the Most Interesting Elements on the Periodic Table

Plan Your Lemonade Stand Camp: Make a Business Model!

Beginner English ESL / EFL Speaking Club - Experienced, TESOL-Certified Teacher!

Dungeons and Dragons Epic Adventures Sample Class

Spelljammer Dungeons and Dragon 5e Adventure

Clean and Chat! 13+

Private ESL English Lessons: Conversation Practice and Free-Talk

Paragraph Practice: Write, Edit, and Read a Fun Paragraph Every Week!

Circle Time _Zoo Animal Theme!

Draw With Procreate | One on One Private Lesson 1:1 | Drawing with Digital Art

Zoology of Pokémon: Ursinology! Bears in Pokémon and Our World (13-18)

Zoology of Pokémon: Ursinology! Bears in Pokémon and Our World (7-12)

Easy English for ESL & Preschool 1:1 (Ongoing 2X Weekly)

Builder's Club; Minecraft Survivalists (Bedrock and Pocket Edition)

Roblox Game Builders I

9 Supreme Court Cases Every Kid Should Know

Two- Hour New Years Eve Game Night!

Music: Piano Adventures Levels 1-5, Live Private Piano Lessons: All Ages/levels

Draw an Ice Cream Tiger by Draw So Cute

Advanced Chess Tournament Club - New Fast Paced Arena Tournament Each Week

School Year Success: Reading, Writing, Math- 1 to 1 Tutoring

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 5--Tactics: Skewers!

Beginner Level Japanese for High School Students Part 4 of 5

The History of the Home Run - Sports' Most Exciting Moment

Math Is Fun Game Club for Hands-On Learning

Beginner Coding With Tynker Junior (FLEX) 4-Week Course

Move With Phonics: Beginning Reading and Phonemic Awareness for Kindergarten

Spanish Book Club: Matilda!

Space Mission 7: Astronauts & Human Space Exploration-Ages 10-14 (Semester)

Space Mission 8: Theories of the Universe, Wormholes, & Multiverse (Ages 10-14)

General Science:Middle School Full Year Chemistry, Biology, Earth & Physical Sci

Graphic Design Summer Camp | Create an Animal Themed Design With Canva

Coding Camp: Comics in Elm!

101 Private Customized - Basics for Beginners- Java Programming- 1 Hour Weekly

Intro Math Tutor for Deaf Children (One-Time Class) 6-12 Grades

101 Private-Python Programming -Basics for Beginners- Level 1 - 1 Hour Weekly

Math Tutoring 1-To-1 For Grades 5 - High School Calculus- 2 days

Advanced Art: Drawing Horses in Detail

Make Your Own Pokemon Card Club

Coding Camp: Advance Animation in Elm!

ASL Kids Club 2 -Sign Language Practice Intermediate Ongoing- Ages 11-16

Build a 3D Obstacle Course Game in Unity - For Beginners

Middle & High School English Language Arts Tutoring 1:1

Solfege 101: Learning the Do Re Mi's of Music!

5th/6th Grade Math Fractions: Multiply Mixed Numbers

Elementary Full Curriculum Science for Grade 4 - 5, Part 1

Brain Boss Boot Camp: 3 Day Emotional Regulation Camp for Kids

HJ - Japanese Katakana Vocabulary (On-going 2x Weekly) A

STEM MCE-CLB1 Minecraft Education Coding Club (Beginner) Become a Master Builder

Russian Language Through Stories - Read, Type and Improve Vocabulary (FLEX)

Horse Club: Why Do Horses Do That?

Personalized Math Tutoring: Fun and Engaging Lessons (1x per Week)

Math Camp: Making Math Real for Fourth Graders

American Doll Tea Party!

Research Writing FLEX Class

Mini Entrepreneur Series: How to Turn Your Ideas into Money

Procreate Summer Camp | Learn to Draw People, Pets, Buildings, and More on iPad!

Kickstart Vocabulary

Curious Cat Acrylic Painting

Kindergarten Math Fun Review

2 Day Mini CAMP: Reading Fluency & Comprehension for 4th & 5th Grade, Ages 9-12

Starting ASL Fun: Fingerspelling and Greetings (Sign Language)-Class 1

Photography Camp - beginners!

Private Beginning Violin Lesson!

Summer Camp Let's Dance: The Little Mermaid!

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch and Shade a Portrait of a Cat

1-on-1 Private Math Tutoring, 4th - 6Th Grade (1 Hour)

Goal Setting for a Successful Year!

Anne of Green Gables Novel Study Flex Class!

Jump-Start or Fill in the Gaps for Better Reading - Reading Specialist 1:1

Super Spanish Speakers: Beginning Spanish 1:1 Class for Awesome Kids Ages 6-13!

Understanding and Converting Units of Time

Radial Design Painting With Q-Tips! Easy, Fun.. Be as Creative as You'd Like!

Summer Precal Review/Preview, Session 2

The Hive: Entomology Chat!

FLEX Spelling and Vocabulary - Mastering Bossy R Vowel Words

Etiquette Private Group: Manners and Public Speaking

2nd Grade Math | Full Curriculum | 2nd Semester - Flex

Upbeat Beginning Hip Hop Dance Camp - 7-12!

Let's Learn to Code a Game!!!

1-on-1 Private ELA Tutoring

American History Through the Lens of Memorials and Monuments in Washington, DC

Four Days of Intensive Cursive Writing

Adorable Koala & Baby Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Cool Chess! Beginner 2 Lesson 5--The Arabian and Hallway Checkmates

The Temple of Elemental Evil 5e- The Town of Hommlet Needs You! (DND, D&D)

Award Winners | Ongoing Book Club for Tweens (9-12)

Splatoon 3 Weekly Video Game Gaming Social Club

Ninja Powers: Private Martial Arts Classes

Me 262 the First Operational Jet Fighter of WWII

Uke Can Sing and Play: Advanced Beginner Ukulele Club

STEM SJ-CLB - Learn Coding With Scratch Junior Club - Beginner Level

Essential Skills for Kids: Organization and Time Management (FLEX)

All About Volcanoes (Ages 8-12)

3rd Grade Math Ongoing Full Year Curriculum

Camp 626 Day: Stitch and Friends

AP Biology Support Club

Prep for the American Computer Science League (Junior Division Grades 7-9)

Pre-Algebra Foundational Math Class for Struggling Students or Dyscalculia 1

Etiquette Essentials Private One-On-One: Manners and Public Speaking

The Kids' Guide to Manners and Basic Social Etiquette (Ages 5-10: Overview)

STEM MCES-0 Semi-Private Intro to Minecraft Coding Using Makecode Scratch Coding

HJ - Japanese Katakana Vocabulary Camp (Multi-day 4x Weekly) A

Presidential Portraits: Drawing the Faces of US Presidents

Design Like an Architect! (FLEX)

Fortnite Elite: Outschool Competitive Tournaments

Anne of Ingleside Book Club by L. M. Montgomery

Marine Biology - Shark Showdown – Who Would Win? A Weekly Ongoing Class

Creative Writing: Using Figurative Language to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Portuguese Please!

Guess The Picture! Part 5

Guess The Picture! Part 3

Math Tutoring - Private One on One (& All Subjects)

Sofia the First: Princess Dance Party!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Weekly Gaming Social Club

Social Skills: Self Regulation With the Zones of Regulation

Ukulele Friends

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Sun

The Titanic in Minecraft

The Battle of Hastings in Minecraft

Pompeii in Minecraft

Medieval History in Minecraft

Virtual School Paper: Senior Editors

Watercolor Jellyfish (With Crayon Resist Techniques)

Spanish Camp for Beginners: Me Gusta Aprender Español

Cursive Writing Practice

Spanish Creative Writing for Advanced Spanish Learners Flex Class

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 7--Trading Pieces: Simple Exchanges

A Christmas Nutcracker Winter Ballet Dance Class

Jazz and Jingle: A Christmas Dance Class

A Frozen Christmas Adventure Dance Party!

Cursive Handwriting-14-18 Yrs.

Greek Myths Beyond the Basics

Halloween Class- Hocus Pocus - "I Put a Spell on You" Jazz/Musical Theatre Dance

Weekly Semi-Private Writing Tutor by a Certified Teacher (K/1st Grade & 1st/2nd)

Architecture Studio: A Weekly Makers Workshop

Out in Space: Our Solar System (ages 14-18)

Out in Space: Our Solar System (ages 10-13)

Easy Watercolor Art Camp #2 - Flower Bouquet

More Than Circle Time K/1st Grade (Advanced) - Math, Word Study, Social Skills!

First Grade Math Summer Boot Camp: Let's Get Ready For First Grade Math

English/Language Arts: Tutoring for Reading, Writing, Speaking (55 Min Sessions)

Spring/Summer Pottery Art Class

Let's Learn STEM: The Inventor's Academy B1+

1:1 Drawing and Digital Art Tutoring

Project Think!

Private Tutor, Writing, Math, Calming and Life Skills

Home Alone Math & Multiplication Escape Room

The Hobbit ELA Novel Study

Fantastic Phonics: R-Controlled Vowels (-Are, -Ure, -Ire, -Ore, and More)

Crazy Glasses CVC Words (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) (Certified Teacher)!

Discovering Prefixes: Sub

Learn to Type Weekly Keyboarding and Typing for Beginners

Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing FLEX B

AP World History Unit 8 FLEX Class: The Cold War and Decolonization

Become a Youtuber: Ongoing

First Grade Literacy and Math With Ms. Emily

Unicorns & Rainbows Pre-K Kindergarten Prep/First Grade Readiness FLEX Class

(FLEX) Learn French Through Fun Stories in 4 Weeks!

Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing FLEX A

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 6--The Rules of the En Passant Pawn Capture

Summer Camp: Singapore Math 3rd Grade (3B)

Private Siblings Spanish Class

Daily Grammar and Writing Practice - 5th and 6th grade

How to Do Long Division - Flex Class

LIVE Online Art Class: Drawing and Learning About the Principles of Design

1:1 Private Tutoring Ages 8-13: English (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Etc.)

Watercolor Art Landscape Painting Inspired by Jenn Aranyi

STEM SJL0 - Intro to Coding With Scratch Junior - Coding Is Fun!

Let's Make a Sensory Bag Together

Creative Writing & Poetry (Flexible Schedule) P.A.I.N.T. with Your Words (12-18)

ART CAMP: Paint Watercolor Orbs

Patriotic Princess Escape Room (Ages 3-6)

Shakespeare for Kids Reading Comprehension Club FLEX: Literature for Children

Clicker Training for Dogs - With Your Dog or Puppy

Let's Play Dolls: Share Dolls, Play Pretend and Meet Friends

Trivia Masters: Sports Edition

Private Tutoring and/or Mentoring 1:1 in Legal Studies in Your Jurisdiction

Capture the Moment: Intro to Photography

Part 3 of Book 3 "Kuaile Hanyu/快乐汉语“ Chinese Text Book Course-Intermediate Level

Travel With Me! Japan (Ages 8-12) (Flex)

Travel With Me! Japan (Ages 13-17) (Flex)

Little Bakers: Unicorn Treats (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Mini Bakers: Unicorn Treats (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Mini Bakers: Unicorn Treats

Gaming Club: Socialize & Play Minecraft In Java Edition!

Learn Japanese With Anime FLEX A

Private / One on One Personalized Cooking or Baking Experience ( 1:1 )

Korean Language Writing Camp FLEX B

Korean Language Writing Camp FLEX A

Learn Japanese With Anime FLEX B

STEM MBTL2 Robotics Level 2 - Learn Coding With mBot & Scratch

Animals Around the World - A Fun Zoology Class! (Ages 9-12)

Beethoven’s Musical Mansion: An Ongoing Escape Room Adventure

Spanish Immersion: Traveling Around the World - Visiting a New Place Each Week

Spanish Immersion: Marine Biology -Life in the Oceans of the World

LGBTQ+ Pride Month Musical Storytime Camp: Love and Families

Reborn Doll Social Club: Playing House While Making Friends!

Camp Sign Language: Learn the Basics of ASL

FLEX Little Explorers' Travel Club: Hispanic Culture in Mexico

Doll Show & Tell Social Club: Barbie, American Girl, LOL, Reborn Dolls and More!

Magic Tree House Book Club

Preschool Academy Course (5x's/Week, Ongoing, Complete Curriculum)

How to Be an Abstract Artist - Painting Course (FLEX)

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