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New Classes on Outschool 2022-06-26

There are 771 new classes on Outschool the week of June 26, 2022 to July 2, 2022.

Game Show Night With Ms. B! - Birthday Party!

Abstract Photography: Three Days of Creative Photography

Get Ready for Reading! Sight Word Bingo

Igniting Creativity! Private 1:1 Art Lesson/Tutoring

Music Theory Class Understanding Major Scales , the Circle of Fifths , and Chords

Let's Play Among Us With 15 CREWMATES! Ages 10 - 14 (Bi-Weekly) - Public Server

Game Show Night With Ms. B! - Disney Princess Wheel of Fortune

Let's Play Among Us! Game Mods For PC!

Pokémon Drawing, Trivia and Trading Club! A Drawfully Fun Draw with Me Series!

Biweekly Piano Lessons

Spanish Made Simple for Youths | Twice a Week | A2

Kawaii Cuteness Fun Drawings

1:1 Tutoring - Practice Reading and Phonics Skills Through Play Based Activities

Spell Well Level 2: Common Spelling Rules for ages 5-7 (Flex)

Calling All Dragons! Creative, Collaborative Acting and Storytelling Session

Black History Month: Bessie Coleman

The Bold Ones Camp Part 1

Beginner Chess Camp Online

Learn Japanese for Kids!

4th Grade Math | Building Essential Skills With Personalized Instruction & Individualized Feedback

Writers Workshop: Moving From Words to Sentences!

Javascript Coding Language ( Introduction Part 2 ) Ages 9 -Up

Piano Adventures: Sing, Dance & Play (Lesson Book C Part 1)

E Is for English - 1:1 Private ESL Tutoring

Spanish Made Simple for Youths | Twice a Week | A1

Doodle Time: Let's Draw!

1-on-1 English Composition & Grammar: Learn Writing From the Greats.

Kindergarten Readiness Fun With Mrs. Benjamin (Full Curriculum Pre-K)Weeks 13-16

FLEX: Beginners German 101 - FULL Semester Course (8-13 Years)

Elementary Reading Tutor - 55 Mins, Multi-Day

Book Club: "When You Reach Me" by Rebecca Stead

Hmmm...Could It Be? How to Ask & Answer Questions for Reading Comprehension

Haunted House Escape Room-Spelling and Logic Puzzles Ages 7-9

Full Curriculum Pre-K Fun With Mrs. Benjamin (An Arrows Learning Academy Course)

Let's Explore Dinosaurs!

Art Class: Draw a Dog & Cow Squishmallow!

Ballet Adventure: Fairy Friends

Ballet Adventure: Dance the Story of The Little Mermaid

Read, Write, Grow! 3rd Grade Comprehension (Small Group Classes)

Dino's in PJ's - Book Fundamentals and More!

Lulu Ladybug Reading Comprehension - Let's Learn Together!

Paint a Spectacular Sunset in the Style of Artist Robin Mead

(FLEX) Learn Phonics, Spelling, & Reading With Short Vowel CVC Words

Time for Mindful Happiness Breathing Like a Bear - One on One

Internet Safety Online Course for Younger Students! (Digital Citizenship Course)

Geography Fun With Lizzie - Wonderful Weather!

Art Camp: How to Draw Cute Animals Eating Fruit with The Bunny Lady

Spanish Beginner: Whose Tail Is This? ¿De QuiÉN Es Esta Cola?

Learn to Draw Squishmallows Art & Social Camp - One Week Camp

Spell Well Level 1: Common Spelling Rules for ages 4-6 (Flex)

Rainbowfish Read Aloud, Drawing, and Sharing Lesson

Social-Emotional Intelligence & Regulation With Mrs. Benjamin (Weeks 1-4) 3-4 year olds

Private English Tutoring: Reading, Writing, ESL

Sort Colors and Shapes While Making a Virtual Pizza

Book Club: "Counting by 7s" by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Right Reading and Writing Tutoring Flex Class

Private 1:1 Reading Comprehension Writing ELA (ages 6-11) MD ~ with Mrs. Christine

Airports & Airplanes in Minecraft

Dog Lovers Group!

5th Grade Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Writing Oh My! (Ongoing)

What Time Is It? #3- Telling Time to the Minute

Candy Shop Letter Sounds

Make-Up Class With Ms. King

Pre-K Kindergarten Full Curriculum Year Round Read Write Explore

Finding Your Zen: Mindfulness for Kids

Nana-Bees Reading in Math (9-10Yr Olds)

Nana-Bees Reading in Math Camp (5-6Yrs)

Koi Fish on Canvas (Weekly)

In the Footsteps of...Pop Art Movement I (Weekly)

Superhero Rescue Pup Escape Room (Ages 3-6)

Igniting Creativity! Wonderful Water Painting - Waterfalls (11-16)

La Sala - Spanish Social Club for Kids!

ASL Level 1 - High School Course

U.S. History From a Decolonized and Inclusive Perspective

This or That: French Conversation Class (Beginner)

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Book Study

Book and Art Club! What Was It Like to Be a Kid in Pre - Colonial Philippines?

Fraction Action! Fun, Interactive (Flex) Math Class for Fraction Mastery

Aviation Science- What Animals Do Aeronautical Engineers Study?

Let's Learn to Read! A Beginning Reading Class for Kindergarten

Learn to Type II (FLEX - Ages 7-12)

Spanish Beginner: Spanish and Numbers in Spring! QuÉ Veo En Primavera.

All Things Animal Crossing Group

Beating Minecraft Enderdragon- No Cheats, Recieve Achievement

Nana-Bees Reading in Math (3-4Yrs)

Royale High Gameplay: Let's Play Royale High and Make New Friends (Ages 7-12)

Let's Craft with Cricut! Tutoring

Private Beginner French Tutoring (Ages 12-18)

Beginner Ballet

Nana-Bees Reading in Math for 7-8Yr Olds

Alex's Ultimate Minecraft Camp

Master the Hamburger Paragraph and Learn to Write a Three Paragraph Essay

Baby Sharks! Lets Learn Together

Middle School Math, Logic, and Problem Solving: Similar Shapes, Scale, and Slope

Gymnastics Book Club! Perfect Balance Gymnastics Series Book 1 "I've Got This!"

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Today? Class for *ADVANCED* Learners (Ages 8-13)

Calm Story Time: Winnie-The-Pooh

Accelerated SAT & ACT Reading Prep | Be Ready for Test Day in 4 Weeks

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Out Summer Social Hour

Young Writer’s Workshop: Making Rock Star Writers!

English Composition & Grammar: Learn Writing From The Greats.

Little Art Studio: Superhero Snapshots Club- Drawing Superheros (and Villains)!

Cursive Handwriting Made Easy! (Learn in 6 weeks!)

The Art of Vocabulary and Grammar (Ages 10-12)

Investigating Insects - A Creative Look at Ancient Bugs FLEX

Introductory ASL: American Sign Language for Beginners - Flex Schedule

Funny Fractions | Learn to Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, and Simplify - FLEX

Kinder Yoga

Conversational English, Step 1: Learn the Basis of English

SSAT Writing Workshop Bootcamp

Dividing Fractions With Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Whole Numbers

Semester Long: Weekly Word Work With Ms. B, Class 6

Draw a Yorkie by Draw So Cute

Little Art Studio: Superhero Snapshots- Drawing Spiderman!

Reading Strategies-Crash Course to Becoming a Better Reader

Let's Get Cooking: Cupcakes

Multiplying Fractions With Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Whole Numbers

Let’s Paint a Tropical Pink Sunset Landscape: Beginner Acrylic Painting Class

Kindergarten / First Grade One on One Guided Reading - Phonics, Sight Words, SOR

Notebook of Doom Book Club - Book 11

Merry Christmas; Happy December Birthdays!

Ongoing Typing Keyboarding Maintenance and Practice

Islam and Ecology

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 6--Introduction to Opening Traps!

Learn English (ESL) With Stories: Alice in Wonderland

Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 3 & 4

English 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 3 & 4

Verbal Reasoning 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 3 & 4

1:1 Biology

Let's Make Money: Start Your Own Business and Make 5 Grow Flex Course

Maths 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 5 & 6

English 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 5 & 6

ESL (English for Kids)

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! ("L" Blends)

Thank You Letter Writing Course

Silly Hair Sight Words (Dolch-1st Grade) (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 5 & 6

Maths 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 3 & 4

Verbal Reasoning 11+ Plus Tuition for Children in Year 5 & 6

Let's Learn STEM: How Things Work Flex Course - Series 2

Let's Learn STEM: How Things Work Flex Course - Series 1

Silly Hair Sight Words (Dolch-Primer) (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Shoeless Joe Jackson: 2 Day Reading Comprehension Camp for Baseball Lovers

Math Adding and Subtracting Rolling Game

11th Grade English and Literature Semester 2

11 -13 Years Old: Mobile App Creation With JavaScript - Level 1

8 - 10 Years Old: Mobile App Creation With JavaScript - Level 1

Five-Finger Story Elements!

Ready, Set, Dance- You're Invited to Ms. Miller's Friday Dance Party!

Thursday Dance Party!

Beginning Literacy-Phonics, Reading and Writing Instruction

The ArKIDecture Academy: Making Paper Row Houses (Beginner) (Architecture)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Making Paper Houses (Beginner) (Architecture)

The ArKIDecture Academy: One on One Custom Architecture Lessons (On-going)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water (Architecture)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Philip Johnson's Glass House (Architecture)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Antoni Gaudi's Casa Batllo (Architecture)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Skyscrapers - An Introduction (Architecture) (8-10yo)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Skyscrapers - An Introduction (Architecture) (Beginner)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Skyscrapers - Building Burj Khalifa (Architecture)(5-7)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Making Halloween Paper Houses (Beginner) (Architecture)

The ArKIDecture Academy: Skyscrapers in Perspective Part 1 (Architecture)

Igniting Creativity! Cute Cows Acrylic Painting Class (11-16)

Astronaut Training: 101 Let's Take a Dive Into Space

Silly Hair Sight Words (Dolch Pre-Primer) (Taught by a Certified Teacher)!

Procreate for Beginners: How to Draw a Cute Panda with an iPad and Apple Pencil

Second Grade Grammar Taught Through Stories

Taming the SPaG Monster: Tackling Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Beginners Spanish Club

Summer Readers Theatre for Two

Small Group Reading: Grades 6-8 Middle School

Small Group Reading 5th Grade Levels Y-Z

Small Group Reading 4th Grade U-V

Creative Writing & Literature with Mrs. Benjamin (An Arrows Learning Acadmey Course)

Conversation Group for Teens!

Story Time Live! Let's Sing, Dance, Share, & Read a Book with Teacher Lisa

Logic of English Foundations Review Games Levels B, C, and D

Travel Around the World: Geography Course

Deciphering History's Mysteries

Pre-K Spanish with Mrs. Benjamin (Semester Course) Weeks 1-4

Pre-K Spanish With Mrs. Benjamin (Semester Course) Weeks 9-12

Video Game Talk - Special Education (ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, etc.) *Small Group*

Practicing Leave No Trace

Let's Learn How to Use Context Clues to Decode Words

Zoo Animal Phonics! Learn Letter Sounds & Identify the Letters in the Alphabet

Broadway Birthday Party!

Anime Drawing Party

A Day With Allie (Greetings in Spanish)

Young Girls Summer Book Club: Reading Skills and Socializing

Fortnite Competition for Beginners/Intermediates With Coach Sam

Slumber Party Sewing Club FLEX Class - Use a Sewing Machine and Make 2 Projects

Fall Guys Gaming Club

Overwatch 2 Gaming Club

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You!, Part 4

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! (3 Letter Blends)

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! ("H" Blends)

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! ("R" Blends)

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! ("S" Blends)

Understanding Decimal Place Value

CV, Let's Get Ready to Read Words (C, H, M, R, W)

Show & Tell

Small Group Reading 3rd Grade S-T

Little Art Studio: Princess Portrait Club- Drawing Princesses and Heroines

I Can Read CVC Words! Explicit Phonics for Kindergarten or First Grade

Computer Basics - Introduction to Information Technology

CV, Let's Get Ready to Read Words

Kindergarten Prep | Full Pre-K & Preschool Curriculum & Circle Time

Basic Photography: Outdoor Sports

Summer Fun- Color by Number

Scratch Coding Semester 3 - Test Your Computational Thinking Skills

Private One on One 10 Week Math Tutoring

Beginner Spanish Conversations: Intro to Spanish

Beginning Mandarin Chinese Phase 1 - Getting to Know You, Ages 5-8

Dinosaur Skull Drawing: T-Rex

FAST Track Beginners Winter Spanish Camp, Part 1

Editing Level 1 - FLEX

Primer Piano for the Creative Kid / Ages 5-7

The Mysterious Benedict Society, Book One Novel Study (Flex Class)

Small Group Reading 4th/5th Grade Levels W-X

Pre-Latin: The One Course to Take Before You Begin Learning Latin

Let's Talk Super Heroes Ongoing Class!

Beginning Editing - FLEX

Spanish/English Immersion Full Curriculum: Grades 5-6

Summer Astronomy Mini Camp

3rd Grade Math Summer Review!

More Public Speaking for Teens

1:1 Math Tutoring & Games

How to Write an A-Grade Essay & Thesis

Learn Russian: In 13 Lessons

Private 1:1 Course

Intro to Jazz Dance!


Building Confidence and Self-Esteem for Pre-Teens Ages 9-11

Summer in Alola! Paper Collage the Pokemon Island Guardians

Subtraction Action- A FLEX Course for Learning to Subtract Within 20!

Writing Sentences, Can Be Challenging Multi-Day

Draw & Read Short Classic Fables - Science, Art, & English

3rd Grade Minecraft Math - With Gimkit and Kahoot!

2nd Grade Minecraft Math - With Gimkit and Kahoot!

It's Money Time! Let's Learn All About Money! FLEX

How to Learn Stuff: 3 Learning Theories and the Psychology Behind Them

4th Grade Minecraft Math Review Camp - With Gimkit and Kahoot!

5th Grade Minecraft Math Review Camp - With Gimkit and Kahoot!

The Kids' Guide to Manners and Basic Social Etiquette (Ages 5-10: FLEX)

Second Grade Tutoring Class- One-On-One

Who Stole the Cupcake?

Addition is Our Mission! A FLEX Course For Learning to Add up to 20!

The Titanic: National Geographic Kids

Super Science Escape Room Camp Extravaganza!

Japanese Fun FLEX Course 2: Parts of the Face, Shapes, Counting, and More!

Let's Make and Read Maps

Let's Get Moving! Complete Physical Fitness

Make Awesome Stop Motion Animation Movies: Let's Get Started!

Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp

Guess The Picture! Part 4

Crash Course on Social Media Safety-Privacy, Texting & Cyber Bullying Awareness

World History: History of World War II, 1939-1945

Spanish -IR Verb Present Tense Conjugation (Age 9-12)

Spanish -AR Verb Present Tense Conjugation (Age 9-12)

Spanish -ER Verb Present Tense Conjugation (Age 9-12)

Physical Science - States of Matter, Heat and Light

Let's Learn Some Animales in Spanish! A Lesson for Beginners!

Full Speed to 5th Grade Math! Transitional Math for Future 5th Graders

How Do I Use the Accents in Spanish? an Overview

Beginner English ESL / EFL Speaking Club - Experienced, TESOL-Certified Teacher!

Dungeons and Dragons 3 Day Camp for Beginners

Leave No Trace, Please!

What Is Mental Health? - Exploring Positive Mental Health With Young Learners

My Multiples Mastery

Numberblocks Party! Show-And-Tell, Coloring, and Fun With Friends!

Spelljammer Dungeons and Dragon 5e Adventure

Phonics FUN - Consonant Blends & Digraphs FLEX Pt. 2

Are We Alone? Do Aliens Exist?

Preschool/Pre-K Circle Time

Beginner Yoga for Young Teens

Clean and Chat! 13+

Understanding Bills

Learn About CVCe Words With Me!

Paragraph Practice: Write, Edit, and Read a Fun Paragraph Every Week!

Pre-K Circle Time _Zoo Animal Theme!

Ongoing - Draw With Procreate | One on One Private Lesson 1:1 | Drawing with Digital Art

Numberblock Subtraction- Introduction to Subtraction Within 10

Numberblock Addition- Introduction to Addition Within 10

Zoology of Pokémon: Ursinology! Bears in Pokémon and Our World (13-18)

Zoology of Pokémon: Ursinology! Bears in Pokémon and Our World (7-12)

Easy English for ESL & Preschool 1:1 (Ongoing 2X Weekly)

Builder's Club; Minecraft Survivalists (Bedrock and Pocket Edition)

Roblox Game Builders I

Learn to Play Wipe Out on the Ukulele! (for 10-14 Year Old Beginners)

Play Surf on the Ukulele! (for 10-14 Year Old Beginners)

Budget Fundamentals

Introduction to Principles of General Chemistry

Why All the Fuss About Immigration? Learn the Basics From Disney Examples

9 Supreme Court Cases Every Kid Should Know

Two- Hour New Years Eve Game Night!

Music Class: Weekly Piano Adventures Level 1 (Live Private 1-On-1 Piano Lessons)

Draw an Ice Cream Tiger by Draw So Cute

Math Grade Level Assessment - Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Math

Advanced Chess Tournament Club - New Fast Paced Arena Tournament Each Week

School Year Success: Reading, Writing, Math- 1 to 1 Tutoring

Cool Chess! Intermediate 1 Lesson 5--Tactics: Skewers!

Spanish Tutoring- All Levels-Small Group Instruction

Who Was Walt Disney?

Beginner Level Japanese for High School Students Part 3 of 4

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean: Knowing Your East Asian Characters

Beginner Level Japanese for High School Students Part 4 of 4

Roblox Gamer Club: Dragons Life

The History of the Home Run - Sports' Most Exciting Moment

Roblox Gamer Club: Wings of Fire-Seven Thrones

Roblox Gamer Club: Simulator Games

Math Is Fun Game Club for Hands-On Learning

Beginner Coding With Tynker Junior (FLEX) 4-Week Course

Comic Book Collecting Secrets: 201 Advanced

Lets Create: A Watercolor Chameleon

The Art of Retelling Stories

Beginner Level Japanese for High School Students Part 2 of 4

Little Art Studio: Princess Portraits-Drawing Ariel!

1:1 Tutoring for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Reading Comprehension for College: Strategies & Tips for Improvement

Move With Phonics: Beginning Reading and Phonemic Awareness for Kindergarten

Spanish Book Club: Matilda!

Introduction to CVC and CVCe Words

Space Mission 7: Astronauts & Human Space Exploration (Ages 10-14)

Space Mission 8: Theories of the Universe, Wormholes, & Multiverse (Ages 10-14)

Discovering the Parts of a Tree Trunk

Discover the Parts of a Flower

Birds of Pennsylvania

Flex Course: College Essay Writing for 2022 - 2023 Topics

Backyard Birds of Pennsylvania

Construction Destruction: Garbage Truck!

General Science:Middle School Full Year Chemistry, Biology, Earth & Physical Sci

Graphic Design Summer Camp | Create an Animal Themed Design With Canva

Jello Slime Time!!

Algebra I - Full Curriculum | Unit #4 (of 4) | Functions & Statistics

Coding Camp: Comics in Elm!

Private Piano Lessons-Piano Safari Friends' Adventures

101 Private Customized - Basics for Beginners- Java Programming- 1 Hour Weekly

Algebra I - Full Curriculum | Unit #3 (of 4) | Inequalities & Polynomials

Learn to Count Numbers Using American Sign Language! Part 1 (1-20)

101 Private-Python Programming -Basics for Beginners- Level 1 - 1 Hour Weekly

Math Tutoring 1-To-1 For Grades 5 - High School Calculus

Advanced Art: Drawing Horses in Detail

Make Your Own Pokemon Card Club

Coding Camp: Advance Animation in Elm!

Kate's Summer Camp: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sign Language ASL Club: Learn Basic Sign Language Phrases, and Words

Empathy STEM: Critical Thinking Future World Changers Weekly Class

Hippo Session of Rhythm Kids® by Music Together® (Hand Drum)

Build a 3D Obstacle Course Game in Unity - For Beginners

Roblox - Beginner Spanish With Native Speaker Ongoing - Ages 7-12/Meets Twice a Week

Middle & High School English Language Arts Tutoring 1:1

Guthriegabs About Sight Words for Beginning Readers & ESL Winter Camp

Beginning Ukulele Camp for Ages 6-8

Solfege 101: Learning the Do Re Mi's of Music!

Build An Arcade Game!

Mo Willems the Pigeon Read Aloud and Drawing!

5th/6th Grade Math Fractions: Multiply Mixed Numbers

5th Grade Super Science: A Semester of Science Inquiry and Discovery, Part 1

Encanto Winter Camp (Zumba, Colombian Culture and Spanish Introduction)

Let's Draw Isabela From Encanto Step by Step!

Brain Boss Bootcamp: Emotional Regulation Camp for Kids

Recorder: Reading and Making Music

Heroes Battle Bullying! Comic Arts-Based Workshop on Difference & Inclusion

Micro-Lesson Academy - The Midpoint Formula!

HJ - Japanese Katakana Vocabulary (On-going 2x Weekly) A

Comic Book Collecting Secrets:101

The Last Firehawk Book Club - Book 9

Dragon Masters Book Club - Book 7

Lets Grow Nutritious Survival Food in Five Days!

One-Time Empathy STEM: Critical Thinking for Future World Changers

Partir Du Bon Pied: French Assessment

STEM MCE-CLB1 Minecraft Education Coding Club (Beginner)- Learning Coding Is Fun

Create a Cartoon Animation Step by Step! (Weekly Club)

Early Intermediate Piano - Small Group Class - Level L

Herogram Workshop! (Ages 8-11)

Learn English (ESL) With Stories: Mulan

Creative Writing With 'Wall-E'

Wacky Socks Word Families (Identifying the Most Commonly Used)!

Russian Language Through Stories - Read, Type and Improve Vocabulary (FLEX)

Puppets Preschool Circle Time and Craft! (Social Club)

Start a Youtube Channel! Step by Step Complete Guide! ( 2 Day Tech Camp)

Bell-a-Palooza Animal Crossing Bells Video Game Social Club

The Never Girls Book Club Literature Lessons: Book 8: Far From Shore

Beginning Art Tutoring With Mrs Esther: Sketching, Pastel, Acrylics

Pre-K: Math Treasure Adventure

Horse Club: Why Do Horses Do That?

Personalized Math Tutoring: Fun and Engaging Lessons (1x per Week)

Math Camp: Making Math Real for Fourth Graders

Build Your Own Christmas Feast - Food, Math, Socialization, and More!

Hot Chocolate Writing Club

Kickstart Vocabulary

Kindergarten Math Fun Review

CAMP Reading & Listening Comprehension (Ages 9-12)

Art Camp: Learn a Variety of Simple Art Techniques

Camp: Young Illustrators: Drawing Basics

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch and Shade a Portrait of a Cat

Craft Corner

Milk N' Cookies: Cookie Baking Camp

All About the Amazing German Shepherd Dog!

One-To-One Private Math Tutoring, 4th - 6th Grade (1 hour)

Goal Setting for a Successful Year!

You Pick! 1:1 Tutoring Math, Reading, Writing with a Certified Teacher

Anne of Green Gables Flex Class!

VR Gaming "Supernatural" Workout Party - Virtual Reality Fitness for Gamers!

Jump-Start or Fill in the Gaps - Private Reading Tutor (Intro Session)

Build Super Spanish Speakers: A Beginning Spanish Immersion Ongoing 1:1 Class for 5 to 8 year olds! (1 x a week)

Clean and Chat!

All Together Now: A Flex Dance Fitness Class Adventure

Understanding and Converting Units of Time

Load the Dishwasher Properly!: Help Clean Up!

Creative Social Soup: Cooking With What You Have!

Radial Design Painting With Q-Tips! Easy, Fun.. Be as Creative as You'd Like!

1:1 class: How to Actually Start Your Health & Wellness Journey as a Teenager!

Summer Precal Review/Preview, Session 2

The Hive: Entomology Chat!

Show and Tell: Themes and Friends

Art Tutoring With Mrs Esther: Sketching, Pastel, Acrylics

Skill Drills: Multi-Digit Multiplication - Math with a Certified Teacher

Draw with Mrs. Howard: "Super Tails" from Sonic the Hedgehog

4th Grade Math - Math With a Certified Teacher (Flex Class)

Let's Chat: How Does Nutrition Play a Part in ADHD? Strategies for ADHD.

(Multiday) Have You Ever Thought About How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain?

Weekly Stress Busters Club: With Drawing, Writing and Socializing

Etiquette Private Group: Eating, Speaking, and Communicating

Gaudi Mosaic Art

Stop the Spanish Flu! an Interactive Pandemic Game

Phonics Fun! Word Families for Beginning Readers

2nd Grade Math | Full Curriculum | 1st Semester - Flex

2nd Grade Math | Full Curriculum | 2nd Semester - Flex

Reading Comprehension Tutoring: Private Skill-Building Sessions

Public Speaking for ADHD Brains: Practice Communication Skills with Sketchnotes

D&D Campaign: Feylight Festival

Empathy through Storytelling

Believe in the Force! Using Star Wars to Teach Essay Writing

Upbeat Beginning Winter Hip Hop Dance Camp - 7-12!

Beginning Russian Lessons Level 2

Let's Learn to Code a Game!!!

Russian for Beginners - Level 2

Pokemon Escape Room Puzzle Battle Chanllenge

1-on-1 Private ELA Tutoring

American History Through the Lens of Memorials and Monuments in Washington, DC

Animal Pose Yoga

Super Mario Math: Quadratic Equations With Mario (Flex Class w/ Office Hours)

Creative Writing: Flex Class

Four Days of Intensive Cursive Writing

New! Math Break Out Room: Grade 3-4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

New! Math Break Out Room: Grades 5-6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Adorable Koala and Baby - Drawing and Watercolor Painting Art Project!

Hands on Math Multi-Day Course With a Montessori Approach

Cool Chess! Beginner 2 Lesson 5--The Arabian and Hallway Checkmates

The Temple of Elemental Evil 5e- The Town of Hommlet Needs You! (DND, D&D)

Introduction to Functional Programming | Start Creating With Code! (Age 12-14)

Theatre for All: Improv, Acting, and More!

Award Winners | Ongoing Book Club for Tweens (9-12)

Introduction to Essay Writing With Cursive!

Talk and Play Games: Social Club for Boys (Minecraft, Gaming, Pokemon, Trivia!)

How to Tie Your Shoes! Personalized One-On-One

Splatoon 3 Weekly Video Game Gaming Social Club with Miss Devyn

Animation & Java Programming With Alice - Level 2 (Ages 9-14)

Let's Laugh: A Dramatic Reading Class for ages 8-11

Ninja Powers: Private Martial Arts Classes

Justice for All: Women's Rights in American History

Me 262 the First Operational Jet Fighter of WWII

Weekly One on One Math Readiness for First Grade

Read, Write, Grow! 4th/5th Grade Comprehension (Small Group Classes)

¡Espanol and Encanto!

DIY Stress Balls Two Ways

Beginners Boxings Basics and Fundamentals

Uke Can Sing and Play: Beginner Ukulele Club

Introductory Physics Fun: Part I (5-Week Flex + Office Hours)

Everything Musical Camp- Broadway and Movie Musicals -Day 4 - The Sound of Music

1:1 Private Recorder Lesson

Introduction to Functional Programming | Start Creating With Code! (Age 10-12)

Number Magic Camp

STEM SJ-CLB - Learn Coding With Scratch Junior Club - Beginner Level

Unicorn Yoga

Essential Skills for Kids: Organization and Time Management (Ages 5-10: FLEX)

Ongoing Weekly Beautiful Nature Drawing Art Club!

Art Camp - Let's Draw Star Wars - C-3PO

Everything Musical Camp- Broadway and Movie Musicals - The Greatest Showman

Everything Musical Camp- Broadway and Movie Musicals -Day 3 - Wicked

Art Camp - Let's Draw Star Wars - Chewbacca

Write Your Own Adventure Book: An Intensive Writing Class for Creative Minds

Ice Cream Fun With Rhyming Words (Pre-K 3-5)

7th Grade FLEX Language Arts

De-Clutter and Clean Your Messy Room!

Monologue School of Drama

Five Paragraph Essay Writing

One-To-One Meeting w/ Teacher Kelly

It's Letter Time! Review the Alphabet With Your Favorite Toy

All About Volcanoes (Ages 8-12)

Prep for the American Computer Science League (Junior Division Grades 7-9)

Middle School Math Interactive Pre- Algebra Math Class With Extra Practice

Social Skills: Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

Etiquette Essentials Private One-On-One: Eating, Speaking, and Communicating

Building Practice Skills for Musicians

The Kids' Guide to Manners and Basic Social Etiquette (Ages 5-10: Overview)

Animal Phonics: Letters, Letter Sounds, & Alphabet W/Animals & Crafts (A-M)

Simple and Scrumptious Beginner Baking: Cherry Strudel (7-9)

Halloween Book Club: Coraline

This Week in Law - Discuss International News Related to the Law - 8y - 12y

Simple and Scrumptious Beginner Baking: Cherry Strudel (10-13)

Book Babble: The Science of Breakable Things by Tae Keller

STEM MCES-0 - Introduction to Minecraft Coding using SCRATCH - Coding is Fun!

HJ - Japanese Katakana Vocabulary Camp (Multi-day 4x Weekly) A

Presidential Portraits: Drawing the Faces of US Presidents

10th Grade English Language Arts - World Literature and Composition - Semester B

Design Like an Architect! (FLEX)

Book Club: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

DIY Fashion: Adventures in Textile Art Ages 13-18

DIY Fashion: Adventures in Textile Art Ages 7-12

Fortnite Competition for Sweats With Coach Sam

Lunch Bunch for Disney Fans

Amazing Animals Book Club With Mrs. Rose (M.S.Ed.)

ESL || Let's Learn English - ABC's (Letters K-P)

Anne of Ingleside Book Club by L. M. Montgomery

Marine Biology - Shark Showdown – Who Would Win? A Weekly Ongoing Class

Public Forum Debate - Weekly Club

Accelerated Grade 1 One to One Private Math Tutoring (Ongoing)

Middle School Literature-Based Language Arts: Middle Ages Historical Fiction

Creative Writing: Using Figurative Language to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Portuguese Please!

Beginner Ukulele Bootcamp

Guess The Picture! Part 5

Guess The Picture! Part 3

Math Ninjas: Custom Math Tutoring for All Ages

Sofia the First: Princess Dance Party!

How to Create an Amazing Cover for Your Story in Canva

3rd Grade Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Writing Oh My! (Ongoing)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Video Game Social Club - Miss Devyn (Flexible Ages)

Italian Language Unit 1.B Beginners Ages 6-10

Italian Homeschool!

Social Skills: Self Regulation With the Zones of Regulation

Ukulele Friends

Private Class - Custom Project: Sathja

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Sun

The Titanic in Minecraft

The Renaissance in Minecraft

The Korean War in Minecraft

The Fire of London in Minecraft

The Dark Ages in Minecraft

The Crusades in Minecraft

The Battle of Hastings in Minecraft

The Afghanistan War in Minecraft

Pompeii in Minecraft

Napoleon in Minecraft

Medieval History in Minecraft

Virtual School Paper: Senior Editors

Science Book Study: All About the Sea (Part 1) Critical Thinking Course

Roblox Social Gaming Club Ongoing Backrooms

Watercolor Jellyfish (With Crayon Resist Techniques)

Roblox Social Gaming Club Tycoon Owner One Time Class

Spanish Camp for Beginners: Me Gusta Aprender Español

Cursive Writing Practice

Spanish Creative Writing for Advanced Spanish Learners Flex Class

Animal Crossing: Fourth of July Carnival & Fireworks Party - Fun Items Included!

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 7--Trading Pieces: Simple Exchanges

New! Math Break Out Room: Grades 1-2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5Th Grade Math: Summer Review

A Christmas Nutcracker Winter Ballet Dance Class

Summer - Intro to Violin Classes

Jazz and Jingle: A Christmas Dance Class

Easy Ukulele Play Along Camp Song #3: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

Easy Ukulele Play Along Camp Song #2: Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

A Frozen Christmas Adventure Dance Party!

Story Time With Little Ones - Dinotrux Dig the Beach

Cursive Handwriting-14-18 Yrs.

Dance to Your Favorite Taylor Swift Songs! (Ongoing)

Greek Myths Beyond the Basics

Halloween Class- Hocus Pocus - "I Put a Spell on You" Jazz/Musical Theatre Dance

Weekly Semi-Private Writing Tutor by a Certified Teacher (K/1st Grade & 1st/2nd)

Draw With Me: Batman

Draw With Me: Iron Man

Draw With Me: Flash

Draw With Me: Baby Yoda

Draw With Me: Unicorn

Architecture Studio: A Weekly Makers Workshop

Draw With Me: Spider-Man

5th Grade Science 9-week Semester Course (Part 1 of 4) | w/ Report Card

X Marks the Spot, A Pirate's Treasure!

Backyard Biology : Learn About Osmosis With a Gummy Bear Experiment

How Do We Move? Muscles and Movements of the Human Body.

Ukulele Boot Camp Part 6 - All About Songs - Fall Camp

Easy Shaving Cream Marbling Art for Kids

Easy Princess Drawing of Elsa from Frozen

Floating Chalk Art

Fun Musical Experience

Easy Princess Drawing of Anna from Frozen

Bones of the Human Body

Art Camp - Let's Draw Star Wars - Darth Vader

Ukulele Boot Camp Part 7 - All About Songs - Fall Camp

Out in Space: Our Solar System (ages 14-18)

Out in Space: Our Solar System (ages 10-13)

Piloting the Body: The Human Brain

Easy Robot Drawings using Shapes

Drawing Easy Castles

Art Camp - Let's Draw Star Wars Day 6 - Stormtrooper

Art Camp - Let's Draw Star Wars Day 5 - Mandalorian

Easy Watercolor Art Camp #1 - Hot Cup of Cocoa

Art Camp - Let's Draw Star Wars Day 4 - BB-8

Art Camp - Let's Draw Star Wars Day 3 - R2-D2

Art Camp - Let's Draw Star Wars Day 1 - Baby Yoda Holding Item

Easy Watercolor Art Camp #5 - Cityscape

Easy Watercolor Art Camp #4 - Landscape

Easy Watercolor Art Camp #2 - Flower Bouquet

Easy Watercolor Art Camp #3 - Portrait of Frida Kahlo

I Get It! 5TH Grade Language Arts, Reading and Writing Curriculum, and Practice

How It's Made: Pointe Shoes

Music Class with Friends

Speaking Anatomy (Junior)

More Than Circle Time K/1st Grade (Advanced) - Math, Word Study, Social Skills!

First Grade Math Readiness Summer Boot Camp: Let's Get Ready For First Grade Math

Game Time! - Let's Play Fall Guys on PC!

Turning Red- Introduction to Hiphop for Beginners

Name That Sight Word - Learn and Practice Sight Words Level 3

English: 1:1 Tutoring for Reading, Writing, and Other English Topics (Ongoing)

Private Flute Lessons for Darsh

Autumn Clay/Pottery Art Class

Mathematicians Place Value Addition

Let's Learn STEM: The Inventor's Academy

World Geography Challenge Activity

Digital Art 1:1 Tutoring 30 Minutes

Clay Summer Camp

Speaking Anatomy (Teen)

Rubber Eggs Science Camp: The Importance of Calcium for Our Bones! (Ages 3-6)

Clay Pot Project

Private Tutor, Writing, Math, Calming and Life Skills

Flex Novel Study - The Black Cauldron

Travel to London with Paddington

Travel Ireland: Attractions, Natural Wonders, and Cities

Sketchnoting Writing Camp: Storyboarding for the ADHD Brain Level 2

Sketchnoting Writing Camp: Storyboarding for the ADHD Brain Level 1

Celtic History in Minecraft

Spending Other People's Money: Credit 101

Science Skills: Science Communication

Paint Club for Besties- Join This Group With a Friend or Make Friends Here!

Knitting a Beanie: Learn to Knit in the Round and Decrease Stitches

Knitting a Beanie: Learn to Knit in the Round and Decrease Stitches

Creative Photography: Levitation

Science Skills: Reading Scientific Articles

Teens Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World: 8-Week Course

Weather Investigators - What Is Severe Weather? Part 2

1:1 Gamer Class for Beginners: Let's Play Animal Crossing

Take Flight With Paper Airplanes!

Mini Bakers: Unicorn Treats Camp (Recipe Set 1)

Knitting for Beginners: Learn to Cast-On, Knit, Purl, Bind-Off, and More

Home Alone Math & Multiplication Escape Room

Writing Whiz: 5 Paragraph Essays Made Easy

Learning Important Life Skills With Musical Activities, Rhymes and Socialization

Spanish for Kiddos - ¡Learn Español Conmigo! Summer Camp Edition #2(8-12yrs old)

7th/8th Grade English Language Arts Through Literature - The Hobbit (MBTP)

A Reader's Theater Private Party (by Request)

Fantastic Phonics: R-Controlled Vowels (-Are, -Ure, -Ire, -Ore, and More)

Crazy Glasses CVC Words (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) (Certified Teacher)!

Small Changes in Your Writing Can Make a Big Difference!

Discovering Prefixes: Sub

Learn to Type Weekly Keyboarding and Typing for Beginners

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing FLEX B

AP World History Unit 8 FLEX Class: The Cold War and Decolonization

Become a Youtuber: Ongoing

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Part 4 (Age 13-18)

Hey! You're a Poet! Let's Learn About Acrostics - For Younger Learners

History Hunters - London's Burning - The Great Fire of London!

First Grade Literacy and Math With Ms. Emily

Unicorns & Rainbows PreK Kindergarten Prep/First Grade Readiness FLEX Class

Aliens Alien RPG Roleplaying Role Play

(FLEX) Learn French Through Storytelling in 4 Weeks! (Ages 11-14)

Social Club and Conversation Group in Spanish for Older Teens - Beginners

Pre-K Foundational Math Flex Class

Flex Class: Pre-K Reading Foundational- Semester I

HJ - Japanese Kanji Writing Painting and Drawing FLEX A

Science Book Study: All About Space (Part 2) Critical Thinking Course

Whimsical Writing- Let's Describe an Animal Character!

Cool Chess! Beginner 1 Lesson 6--The Rules of the En Passant Pawn Capture

The Amazing States: Twice a Week Camp to Learn the Fifty States of the USA

What Did I Miss? One-On-One Private Tutoring in Writing (1 Hour) Ongoing

Writing Tutoring (1:1) Creative Writing, Opinion Essay, Story Sequencing and Writing Sentences - Ongoing

Summer Math Camp: Singapore Math 3rd Grade (3B)

ESL || Let's Learn English - ABC's (Letters Q-T)

Art with Aubrey: Drawing Star Wars Characters - Baby Yoda

Cook, Learn and Chat Camp

Math: 100s Board Mystery Pictures Using Addition and Subtraction

CodeKidio! Code a Cat Chase Mouse Game in Scratch | Beginner Scratch Coding

Making Math Marvelous! (Developing Mastery of Math Fundamentals)

Let's Learn Kindergarten | Kinder Class | Reading + Math + a little SteAm! | STEM

Guardians of the Galaxy - Practical Money Skills - Financial Literacy

Brooder Basics: How to Get Started With Chickens

Private Siblings Spanish Class

Intensive Spanish Vocabulary Lessons for Intermediate Learners- Ongoing

Ghosts of Saltmarsh D&D Adventure

Breakdance Battle Social Club

Daring Women in History

Daily Grammar and Writing Practice - Part Two

Daily Grammar and Writing Practice for Teens - Part Two

How to Do Long Division - Flex Class

Let's Learn the Animal Names in Spanish & Make a Craft!

Drawing and Learning About the Principles of Design

1:1 Private Tutoring Ages 8-13: English (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Etc.)

Spanish Lessons for Kids - Beginners - 2 Times per Week

Watercolor Art Landscape Painting Inspired by Jenn Aranyi

STEM SJL0 - Intro to Coding With Scratch Junior - Coding Is Fun!

Geography Fun With Ted the Bear - Let's Tour the United Kingdom! FLEX

Flex Class: How to Draw Animals With Procreate

CodeKidio! Code a Donut Dodge Game in Scratch | Intermediate Scratch Coding

Creative Writing & Poetry (Flexible Schedule) P.A.I.N.T. with Your Words (12-18)

Beginning Spanish One Time 1:1 Class for Awesome Kids! (Ages 5 to 13)

Math Jeopardy for 4th Graders (One-Time)

A Paragraph a Day

The Legend of Zelda Social Club

ART CAMP: Paint Watercolor Orbs

Public Speaking Camp - Learn the Art of Persuasion Through Speech

July 4th Patriotic Escape Room (Ages 3-6) | SMALL CLASS Princess/Storybook Character Escape Rooms

Shakespeare for Kids Reading Club FLEX: Literature for Children

American English Idioms - Their Meanings and How to Use Them

Clicker Training for Dogs - With Your Dog or Puppy

The Spirit of Ghostbusters: A Fan Group

Plan How to Write a Science Fiction Story - Creative Writing

Let's Play Dolls: Share Dolls, Play Pretend and Meet Friends

Trivia Masters: Sports Edition

BY REQUEST 1:1 Private Tutoring/Mentoring in Legal Studies in Your Jurisdiction

Little Bakers: Unicorn Treats Camp (Recipe Set 1)

Piano Primer II - Part B: White Keys - Summer Camp

Non-Fiction Creative Writing Skills-A Fun and Essential Writing Class

Intro to Photography: Photography Basics 101

Elementary Art Ongoing Club: Lets Create Awesome Artwork!

Part 3 of Book 3 "Kuaile Hanyu/快乐汉语“ Chinese Text Book Course-Intermediate Level

Summer Camp: Minecraft Education Edition

Who's the President? A Study of the Presidents of the United States (ages 10-13)

Travel With Me! Japan (Ages 8-12) (Flex)

Travel With Me! Japan (Ages 13-17) (Flex)

Where Is Walt Disney World?

Write What You Love; Love What You Write!

Little Bakers: Unicorn Treats (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Mini Bakers: Unicorn Treats (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Mini Bakers: Unicorn Treats

Gaming Club: Socialize & Play Minecraft In Java Edition!

Letter Writing.... Informal/Friendly Letter

Private Piano Lessons

Learn to Bake Macarons FLEX

HJ - Learn Japanese With Anime FLEX A

Writing: The 4 Types of Sentence Structure and Other Essential Elements

Holiday Camp for BRICK lovers! Build, Inspire and Share Your Creations

Chefs in Training: Private / One on One Cooking or Baking Experience ( 1:1 )

HJ - Easy Korean Language Writing Camp FLEX B

HJ - Easy Korean Language Writing Camp FLEX A

HJ - Learn Japanese With Anime FLEX B

STEM MBTL2 Robotics Level 2 - Learn Coding With mBot & Scratch

Tiny Architecture Lab: Design a Nature Pavilion

Animals Around the World - A Fun Zoology Class!

Tiny Architecture Lab: Design a Bus Stop

One-To-One Tutoring: All Things Middle School Math

Wizardly Creations Clay Class (Weekly)

Tiny Architecture Lab: Design a Microlibrary

STEM CRL5 - Coding & Robotics Level 5 Learn to Program Codey Rocky With Scratch!

Weather Investigators - What Are Clouds?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Class (Nintendo Switch or PC)

Weather Investigators - What Are Seasons?

Let's Draw Some Doodle Distractions! Destress with Doodles :)

Dinosaur Math: Early Math Skills for 5-7 Year Olds

Readers Theater in Spanish with Puppets for Intermediate Learners - Ongoing

Spanish Immersion: Marine Biology -Life in the Oceans of the World

LGBTQ+ Pride Month Musical Storytime Camp: Love and Families

Reborn Doll Social Club: Playing House While Making Friends!

Summer Singing Lessons

Camp Sign Language: Learn the Basics of ASL

Weather Investigators - What Is Severe Weather? Part 1

FLEX Little Explorers' Travel Club: Hispanic Culture in Mexico

Doll Show & Tell Social Club: Barbie, American Girl, LOL, Reborn Dolls and More!

Magic Tree House Book Club

Preschool Academy Course (5x's/Week, Ongoing, Complete Curriculum)

How to Be an Abstract Artist - Painting Course (FLEX)

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