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New Classes on Outschool 2022-04-24

There are 753 new classes on Outschool the week of April 24, 2022 to April 30, 2022.

Explore Korean for Teens 4

Poetry Book Club - Inside Out and Back Again

Book Club - E. B. White #1 - Stuart Little

Elephant and Piggie Storytime, Drawing Time, Snack Club!

Negotiation 101: What You Need to Know to Turn Conflict Into Conversation

Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations (Craft Camp Edition)

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Camp of History & Crafts (Taught by a UK Teacher)

First Grade Addition and Subtraction Math Games | 1st Grade Math Review Class

The Life of Martin Luther King Jr.

This Month in Black History (Self-Paced Class)

Disney Travel: Let's Visit Mirabel in Colombia to Learn About Her Country!

Avancemos (Let's Keep Going) Spanish Next

Private Class for Video Game Recording, Editing, & YouTube-Related Content

Kindergarten Readiness: Art Skills

Spanish Immersion for Kids: Three times per Week. Ages 4-7 (Beginners)

Cut & Color: Art Skills for 3-4 Yr Olds

Spanish Immersion For Kids: Ages 10–12 (Beginners) Three Times per Week

Spanish Immersion for Kids: Ages 10–12(Beginners)One Time per Week.

Private Reading Tutor (Grades K-3)

Ukulele Time: Young Beginners (Flexible Class)

Outer Space & Beyond | Pre-K & Kindergarten | Facts, Music & Move & Show & Tell!

Learn to Play the Wellerman Sea Chanty Song for Easy Violin

Amazing Animals of Encanto-Science/Zoology Social Time and Art Worksheet

Project-Based Python Coding Class | Master Python Programming in 50 Weeks!

Acrylic Painting: Mother's Day Gifts Made With Love - Mommy & Baby Owls

Picture Book Club with Reading Comprehension Skills

Typing - Keyboarding Semester Course - 1st & 2nd Grade Homeschool

Fable Fun in the Sun/Phonics, Reading and Writing Class -Level 2

Math Made Easy: Private Math Tutoring With a Certified Teacher (Ages 6-12)

Read and Analyze Poetry

Design a Beautiful Patterned Butterfly: Wax-Resist Watercolor/Mixed Media

Cookin' Like a Chef: Butter Chicken and Naan

Physical Education P.E Nintendo Switch Sports Online Ongoing

Sing, Dance and Discover Music

Ongoing Young Scientist Club: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and More Science Fun!

Grade 4 One to One Private Math Tutoring (Ongoing)

We're Speaking Spanish! Teen Intermediate Conversational Spanish 4 weeks "A"

Hands on Astronomy (FLEX)

All About Dinosaurs! (Ages 8-12)

Tutor Me Terrific! a K-6 1-To-1 Learning Opportunity for Academic Assistance

Science With Miss Robyn: The Science of Thunderstorms

I Heart Tie-Dye

Math Encanto Escape Room

Fable Fun in the Sun/Phonics, Reading and Writing Class -Level 1

Private lessons: Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Acting

I Can Read Books! (Preschool & Kindergarten Reading Practice)

Show and Tell and WRITE - Advanced Writing Workshop

Show and Tell and WRITE - Advanced Writing Class Inspired by Stuffed Animals

Conversational English for English Language Learners ESL, EFL - Intermediate

Comics & Game Design Team (Summer Club)

Bite Size Preschool! (Yellow and the Number 7)

Practice Math and Make Art: Symmetry and the Art of Henri Matisse

Grammar: Amazing Adverbs for Writing!

Dragon Drawing Club

Power Ranger Dance Party Ages 3-6

Second Grade Math Games

Computer Programming, Coding, Python, Javascript, C#, C++ One on One Tutoring

Nintendo Switch Sports Summer Camp Fun!

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Save The Gingerbread Man By Using The Alphabet & Math

3-Day Digital Art Summer Camp Part 3 - Background Concepts & Design

Musical Theatre FUNdamentals: Sing, Dance, and Act! Frozen Edition.

Chemistry Explorers Science Club

Musical Theatre FUNdamentals: Sing, Dance, and Act! The Weekly Class!

Doodling: Amusement Park Theme

Let's Paint Cute Watercolour Galaxy Milk Carton

Colombian Dance Workout: Zumba Kids

Power Ranger Dance Party Ages 5-10

Let's Write Sentences

Summer Fun - Games Camp - Ages 7-11

Animal Adventures: Non-Fiction Animal Research & Drawing (FLEX)

Pencil Sketching: Mother's Day's Gift Special - Mommy and Daughter Portrait

Math Enrichment for Lower Intermediate Students

Board Game Design for Young Beginners: Part 1 "Choosing the Game"

A Week of Holidays: Summer Camp Ages 7-10

A Week of Holidays: Virtual Camp Ages 3-6

Escape the Titanic (Escape Room): The Mystery of the Unsinkable Ship

History: The Real Stories Behind the Movie National Treasure

Self-Paced Foundational Lessons (Age 5-8)

Narnia Book Club: The Last Battle

Greek and Latin Roots: Gotta Catch 'Em All! (Course 2)

Kawaii Procreate Club: Drawing Food (Ongoing Subscription)

One-On-One Tutoring for Reading Success: 4 Lessons

Mythological Creatures: How to Draw a Friendly Dragon

I Love U Mom Unicorn -- Magical Land Drawing Club (One-Time)

K-2 Math Concepts Practice and Games

Let's Get Together: Co-Ed Social Club

Social-Emotional Skills Summer Camp for Ages 10-12

Splash Into Second Grade: Reading & Langague Arts

Make It a Game! Multiplication Math Fact Games

Young Writers From Around the World Clubhouse

Make It a Game! Addition Math Fact Games

Astronomy Continued: Planetary Science

ASL Circle Time Level 2 Calendar

Summer Camp: Anger Management Tools

Learn to Read & Write Korean for Kpop Fans

Level 2: Sketchnoting for the ADHD Brain: Note-Taking for Divergent Thinkers

Blast off to Kindergarten! Summer Camp: Math

Blast Off to Kindergarten! Summer Camp: Phonics & Language Arts

3rd/4th Literary Comprehension

A Book a Week: The Best Summer Book Club FLEX Edition

Public Speaking - Facilitated by a Toastmaster

Licht in Mir Licht in Dir (Light in Me and in You): Loving a Little More German

Dance Party Workout: Zumba Kids.

FLEX: IEW U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, Part 3

Are You a Scientist or Engineer? Put Your Skills to the Test!

Math Private Tutoring - 6 To 11 Years - 1:1 - Individual Tuition

Fun with Fibonacci: A Nature Hike Through the World of Math

Private Piano Lessons

Let's Draw Anime and Manga Style Characters

Drawing Class - Mother's Day Unicorn

1st Grade Science Fusion: Life Science - Full Curriculum (Semester Part 2 of 4)

To the Moon and Back!

Splash Into Second Grade: Math

First Grade Math: Standards Based Learning

First Grade: Reading and Language Arts

Marvelous Mars - Let's Go Out of Space!

Marvel Movie Marathon Summer Camp

Private Tutoring / Individual Lessons — Spanish, English, Math, and more!

Introduction to One Cup Acrylic Pour Painting - Tree Ring Technique

Roblox Math Series: Let's Play Roblox and Practice Math at the Same Time-Lev. 2

SAT Writing & Language Made Easy

American Money: All About U.S. Coins

Fun With Third Grade Math: Semester 1

Theory I for the Aspiring Composer

Rockstar Kid Piano: An Introduction to Beginning Piano With a Popular Song

Fun With Third Grade Math: Semester 2

SAT Reading Made Incredibly Easy

Draw a Dragon by Draw So Cute

ACT English Made Incredibly Easy

Be a Cold Case Detective!

Animal Crossing Shooting Stars Summer Camp - Items Included!

Beginner’s Guide to Driver’s Education- Prep For Your Driver’s Ed Test (Ongoing)

1-on-1 Art Tutor: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Digital Art (40 min One-time)

1-on-1 Art Tutor: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Digital Art (One-time)

Book Talk: Pictures of Hollis Woods

Become a Rockstar Photographer: Digital Photography for Beginners

Ongoing Reading and Writing Tutoring Grades K - 12: 25 Minute Sessions 2x's/Wk

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Is Around the Corner

On-Going Reading: Basic Alphabet Weeks 13-18

Adding Fractions 2 - More about Adding Fractions - 9 - 11 Years Old

Adding Fractions - An Introduction

Early Elementary Beginning French

Chapter Book Semester Class (Flex) Ages 8-11

History: Night at the Museum's Historic Characters

AMA With a Family Physician! Learn Anything About the Human Body and Biology

Musical Theatre FUNdamentals: Sing, Dance, and Act for Beginners! (4-6).

Father's Day Card-In French!

Reading Comprehension Boost!

How to Draw: Summer Hedgehog at the Beach | Art Class

How to Draw: Pusheen and Friends Ice Cream Truck | Art Class

Let's Learn Geography: Around the World Travel Class With Barnabas Bear -Español

Europe in the Middle Ages FLEX

Fashion Illustration for Aspiring Designers: Beginner (Ages 8-12)

Story, Spelling, and Vocabulary Mastery

Summer Fun Developing Reading Comprehension - Main Idea and Supporting Details

Intro to Procreate for Beginners! Draw Digital Art on Your iPad ~ Procreate 101

Ukulele Camp: Learn to Play The Rainbow Connection

Smartphone Filmmaking Essentials

Flex: Minature Clay Donut Shop / Bakery Inside of an Altoid Tin! (Polymer Clay)

Club First Grade

American Girl Doll Play Along

Animal Science: All About Horse Colors

Story, Spelling, and Vocabulary

Social Club: Roblox Bedwars

Nintendo Switch Kirby Fighters 2! Weekly Gaming Fun! Gameplay Summer Camp Summer Fun!

College Admissions Essay | Writing the Personal Statement for College App FLEX

Outdoor Adventure Camp: Create a Mini-Camping Experience

On-Going Reading: Basic Alphabet Weeks 7-12

Animal Adventures: Warm Blooded Like Us? Let's Explore Mammals Together!

Speed-Run Minecraft Challenge Camp (Bedrock Edition)

Individual Tutoring - 40-min. Private Singing Lesson

Turning Pages Book Club: Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald Bk2

Summer Math Meetup: Rising 5th Graders

Essential Study Skills: How to Take Notes

Summer Math Meetup: Rising 4th Graders

Summer Math Meetup: Rising 6th Graders

Ongoing Third Grade Math Curriculum

Kindergarten Phonics! Master Phonological Awareness, Letter Sounds and Digraphs.

Letter Sounds and Dancing Dough - Phonics

Acting for Lamda Exams - Group Class

Let's Have Fun Reading and Writing (1:1 Tutoring) Ongoing

Private Creative Writing 5-Week Course

Realistic Sketching With Make-Up Brushes: Sketch a Dog (Good Dog)

Eleanor: Before Becoming First Lady of the United States

The Power of Yet

ELA: Reading: Merlin Missions #1-#24 Magic Tree House Book Club ESL, EFL Welcome

Camp: Air Dry Clay: Fairy Wonderland

Story Yoga! Mindfulness, Movement and Stories with Friends

How to Identify the Theme in Literature (13-16)

Tutoring - Writing Sentences

Learn & Write About Reptiles- Cursive Handwriting Practice With an OT

Essential Study Skills: How to Summarize (Write a Summary)

Grammar Time: Weekly Grammar Practice

Sketching: Become a Little Master of Realistic Animal Sketches (Animals)

Math Club: Division, Division: Third to Fourth Grade

Dungeons and Dragons Virtual Reality: Quests of the Radiant Citadel Summer Camp!

Preschool Interactive Story Time - Colors! - Ages 3-5

1:1 ESL Tutoring : Learn English With Me! (Ages 4 - 9)

Private Conversational Skills and Public Speaking Practice for Confidence

Essential Japanese for Travel Class 3 Part 2 (Age 8-12)

Fourth Grade Math: Learn, Review, Grow

Comics & Game Design Collaboration (Class)

How to Draw Spring Art for Beginners May 2022 FLEX

How to Paint Spring Watercolor for Beginners May 2022 FLEX

FLEX ScratchJr Semester 1 for Beginners

Algebra Equations: The Easy Way - Level 2

Let's Learn/Draw Bluebirds With Some Help From Disney

Division Camp! Intro Division Basics: Arrays, Equal Groups, Repeated Subtraction

Roblox Gamer Camp: Brookhaven, Color Block Tower, Hide & Seek, & More

Intro to Multiplication Camp: Basic Multiplying With Repeated Addition & Arrays

Pig Show and Tell: Meet My Potbelly Pig

zLearn English Small Group Ongoing ESL Tutoring Conversation Ages 5-8 45 Minutes

One-on-One Spanish Language and Literacy Tutoring

Discrete Math Part III: Recursive Thinking

Managing Money and More! Financial Literacy for Teens

Private Language Arts and English Tutoring All Grades (Afterschool!) - ELA

Practice English - Small Group Ongoing ESL Conversation Ages 9-13 25 Minutes

Summer Prep - Getting Ready for Algebra 1 (Series 4 Of 4)

Art by April: Elementary Art- Weekly Art Class for Grades K-2

Super-Duper Music Class

Reading Tutoring

Publish Your Own Comics and Manga

Italian Private, One-on-One Tutoring (Ongoing, 45 minutes, Once a Week)

Fun With Cantonese- Summer Camp B - Space

Sunset Silhouette Painting - Explore Watercolor Techniques

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 9

The Doodle Club

How to Draw: Foundations

Pete the Cat Five Little Bunnies Read/Spring Count and Sing-Along

3-Day Digital Art Summer Camp Part 2 - Character Design

Read Faster! Improve Reading Fluency, Accuracy, and Comprehension!

ASL Circle Time Level 2 Animals of the World

ASL Circle Time Level 2 Animal Extravaganza

Spanish Immersion for Kids: Ages 10–12 (Beginners) Twice per Week

Roblox SCP 3008: Teamwork and Fun Social Gaming Class

Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure: Weekly Gaming, Social Class

Little Bakers: Recipes From a Galaxy Far Away

High Energy Junior Roblox Summer Camp!

Junior Bakers: Recipes From a Galaxy Far Away

Building a Path to a Career in Business or Technology

Animal Adventures: Creepy, Crawly, Slithery, Slimy Reptiles

Small Group Flute Lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Level Students

Healthy Habits & Learning Tools: Sensory Motor Support for Students

Animal Adventures: Wings and Feathers Oh My! Exploring Birds!

1 on 1 Tutoring: [Reading Comprehension Skills, ELA Test Prep, Writing Skills]

Animal Adventures: Let's Dive into the Sea and Explore!

Ukulele Time: Beginner (Flexible Class)

Cute Cat Drawing Club for Beginners (Step by Step)

Physical Science With Weekly Labs (Semester 2): 18 Weeks

How to Solve the Big Cubes - 6x6 - 21x21

Physical Science With Weekly Labs (Semester 1): 17 Weeks

Reader's Theater: On the Road to Bremen

5th Grade English Language Arts THIRD Semester (Part 1)

5th Grade English Language Arts THIRD Semester (Part 2)

Earth Day Madlibs

Small Group Private Math Tutoring: Grades 4 To 12

Kindergarten and First Grade Reading Keys

The Great Animal Crossing Baking Show Social Club (One-Time)

Special Topics in Biology- Let's Explore Beyond the Basics! Ongoing Class

Next Level Public Speaking

Recorders ROCK! - Advanced Part 1

Word Detectives | Common Latin and Greek Roots for Decoding Vocabulary TEEN

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Today? Making Money - Even as a Kid! (Ages 13-17)

Encanto Singing Lessons Camp- Sing Like the Stars!

Introduction to Public Speaking

Bite Size Preschool! (Pink and the Number 4)

Bite Size Preschool! (Black and the Number 8)

Yoruba Level 2 (Nigerian Language)

Mastering the Middlegame: Moves to Improve Your Chess Game

Beginning Battles: Openings to Improve Your Chess Game

Fashion Illustration for Aspiring Designers: Beginner (Ages 5-9)

Spanish Summer Camp (Teenagers) 4x Week

Piano Level 1 - Part 2 (2.0)

AP Chemistry Tutoring

Flex: How to: Clay Ocean Animals / Sea Creatures (Polymer, Sculpt, Axolotl)

Oh Wow! Origami: Ninja Star

Practice English - Small Group Ongoing ESL Conversation Ages 5-8 25 Minutes

Pete the Cat and Missing Cupcake- Craft-Story-Game-Cupcake in a Mug

High School Musical 2: What Time Is It- Dance Routine!

Circuits 750 Club | The Big Set for Big Inventors

zLearn English 1:1 Private Ongoing ESL Tutoring Conversation Ages 5-8 45 Minutes

Let's Play Hide and Seek - Weekly Themes // Pre-School Kindergarten Skills

Practice English 1:1 Private Ongoing ESL Tutor Conversation Ages 5-18 25 Minutes

zLearn English 1:1 Private Ongoing ESL Tutoring Conversation Age 9-13 25 Minutes

3rd Grade | ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies - 1st Quarter

Ukulele Basics: Part 6 *Private Class*

Wings of Fire Book Club (Books 1-5)

Dog Man Fan Club

I Get It! 4TH Grade Language Arts, and Reading comprehension

Propaganda Techniques, Ethics, Literature, and Media (Live)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 5 Multiday (Age 13-18)

Respect is My Super Power!

Words Have Power - Use Them Wisely!

The Travellers of Kern (D&D 5e)

Private Music Lessons: Piano, Singing, Music Theory

History Herald: Crazy, Zanny, Ridiculous Laws of the US! Part 3! Weird & Wacky

Kind Words Are My Super Power!

Lincoln Douglas Debate: Learn the Trial-Like Style of LD

Junior Bakers: Recipes From a Galaxy Far Away Camp (Recipe Set 1)

Sketch Your Pet! Private One-On-One Drawing & Sketching Session: Semi-Realistic

Misinformation in the News? Become a Human Lie Detector (Ages 13-17)

Learn To Sing Like A Pro: Semi-Private Voice Lessons for the Teen/Tween Singer

Freehand Geometry - 5th Grade Waldorf-Inspired Math

Writing History Research Papers

Analyzing Civil War Photographs - Trial Class for United States (Full Year)

Terrible Tyrants: A Look at History's Worst Dictators

Ongoing English Speaking Class for Intermediate to Advanced ESL/ELL Learners

Nail Design: Create an Ombre Nail Pattern

The Amazing World of Formicidae (Ants!)

ESL Discussion Group for Intermediate Speakers. Let's Talk!

Public Speaking Practice. All Welcome!

Show and Tell Our Favourite Toys!

Let's Match Our Abcs With Everyday Objects!

Show and Tell Our Furry and Non Furry Friends! All Pets Welcome

Story Mountain: From Blank Page to Author, Creative Writing

From Cells to Systems: How Our Bodies Are Formed!

Summer Reading Club

Learn to Play Piano, Piano Adventures Level 4

Draw Your Request With Dustin

Adventure Reader’s Social Club: Trapped In A Fairy Tale

Tick Tock Telling Time

Understanding Affixes: Prefixes, Root Words, Suffixes | Expand Your Vocabulary

Historical Geology Camp: Geologic Time and Fossils

Draw Along Snail in the Rain

1:1 Private Language Arts, Creative Writing, and Reading Tutoring (1 hour)

Personal Safety: Always Check With a Trusted Adult First, Avoid Stranger Danger.

Bubble Trouble: 5 Bubbly Experiments for the Budding Scientist (Ages 6-10)

Bubble Trouble: 5 Bubbly Experiments for the Budding Scientist (Ages 3-6)

Group Piano Practice for Beginners!

Summer Spanish Intensive

3 x 3 Mirror Cube Club for Beginners (Ages 9 - 14)

1:1 4th Grade Math Tutoring

One-On-One English - ESL Trial Class

FLEX Tart Pastry Baking Life Skills 101- 4 Handmade Sweet Tart Desserts by a Pro Chef Cooking 4W1

FLEX Tart Pastry Baking Life Skills 101- 4 Handmade Sweet Tart Desserts by a Pro Chef Cooking 4W2

Middle School Earth Science With Weekly Labs: Semester 1: 17 Weeks

Prove It! Finding Evidence for Literary Analysis

Let's Learn Science: The Amazing Animal Club en Español

Otis and Friends: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

Video Game Social Club

Mother's Day Card

IEW Fix It! Grammar Level 2: Town Mouse & Country Mouse - 1st Semester

1 on 1 Literacy Tutoring for 1st and 2nd Grade

Let's Play Sight Word Review Bingo: Ongoing

Third Grade Science- Life Science Animals

Third Grade Science- Life Science Plants

Love to Dance - Learn to Dance "Hava Nagila"

STEM Design Club- NASA Series, Ongoing Class

Circle Time Joy - Once Per Week (Multi-Day: Part 1)

Turning Pages Book Club: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Bk1

Summer Camp: Drawing Ocean Animals

Personalized 1:1 Tutoring - Preschool and Kindergarten

Summer Camp: Drawing Animals

Sight Word Shuffle - Small Group! (Ages 3-4, Ongoing)

Beginning and Intermediate Bb Trumpet Lessons

1st Grade Class - With Teri: Full Year Curriculum with a Certified Teacher

Wild and Unstructured Science Camp Series: Weather Science

Wild and Unstructured Science Camp Series: Earth Science

Wild and Unstructured Science Camp Series: Nature Science

Wild and Unstructured Science Camp Series: Animal Science

Fun and Fluency: Fairy Tales and Reader's Theater Level 2

Preparing For 6th Grade Math

Preparing for 5th Grade Math

Preparing for 4th Grade Math

Fun With Cantonese- Summer Camp A

Draw and Color Cute Warrior Cats Step by Step

Creative Writing Club: Twice a Week Exercises

Princess Dance Club- Beginner Dance- Exercise and Move with Princess Pals!

On-Going Reading: Basic Alphabet Weeks 1-6

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 8

FLEX ASL Beginner 8-Week Class 1: ABCs, #, Food, Animals, Sentences (Ages 4-9)

FLEX ASL Alphabet and Animal Exploration! Movement, Games, Show and Tell!

1:1 5th Grade Math Tutoring

Coding Summer Camp-Learn to Code:Intro to Block Coding With Fun Characters(Ages 5-8)

The Little Mermaid Fairy Tale Story Time and Craft

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: Cashflow for Kids

3rd Grade | ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies - 2nd Quarter

Coding Summer Camp - Learn to Code: Intro to Block Coding Puzzles and Projects for Ages 8-12

Draw & Paint a Spring Flower Garden

How to Sketch People Procreate Art & Drawing Club

Algebra for Young Learners Summer Camp (Level 2)

Meet and Learn About Live Goats!

Let’s Learn How to Read (PreK) - Level 1 (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: Pre A1 A1 A2)

Ongoing 1:1 Business Mentoring, Collaboration, Exploration and Hobby Support

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story and Play Time

Spring Semester Reward Class- Private Class

National Scavenger Hunt Day, A Scavenger Hunt Through The World Of Animated Film

American Sign Language: Basic Level

Animal Mythbusters - Featuring Live Animals!

Summer Sessions Reading Placement/Check-In

2-Day Course; Conflict Resolution and Having Good Manners and Etiquette Skills!

Spanish Two Week Intensive (Beginner) 4x Week

Draw With Me: Animals and Baby Animals

Pet Rock Project: Create a Pet and a Tall Tale

ESL Beginner Coloring and Conversation One on One Class (One Time)

Mothers Day Coloring Class

Plant Power Gardeners! Annuals, Perennials, & Biennials. What's the Difference?

Let's Sketch: Pusheen Fun!

Pods: English, Art, and Geography Pod June (Summer Camp)

Beginning Reading Practice: Oral Blending and Sight Words Practice

Algebra for Young Learners Summer Camp (Level 1)

Convince Me! - Argumentative Writing for Middle Grades Learners (Summer Camp)

Algebra for Young Learners Summer Camp: Word Problems!

Algebra for Young Learners Summer Camp (Level 3)

The Regular's Roundup (Social Hour for Class Regulars)

What Are Sensory Differences?

101 Private -Customized Private Drum Lessons -All Levels, All Ages - 30 Minutes Weekly

Mr. B and the Magical Book Club 7

Private 1:1 Maths Tutoring- Personalised to Your Child! One Time Class.

Maths Galore! Moving on (Ages 7 - 9)

FLEX Leadership Life Skill Development: How to Be a Strong and Confident Leader 8W2

FLEX Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Altcoins Blockchain: Future of Money: Finance Life Skills 6W1

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Tea Party (Taught by a UK Teacher)

Private Tutoring — Spelling Intensive Camp

U.S. History Summer Review for Middle Schoolers

College Admissions Essay | Writing the Personal Statement for the College App

Hamlet Reading and Discussing Shakespeare: Flexible Schedule

Private Reading Tutor Sessions

Summer Super Science: Making a Magical Potion (Ages 4-7)

Build Art Skills and Confidence - Bespoke Tuition for 2 Friends/Siblings

Beginners Reading and Phonics: Level 1

My Weird School Series-Fast Facts: A Nonfiction Reading Book Club

Bite Size Preschool! (Orange and the Number 6)

Macbeth: Reading and Discussing Shakespeare: Flexible Schedule

Cat Cafe: Curling up with the Kitten Kingdom Book Club #1

World Geography - Country by Country- Ages 4-9

Blends and Beyond: Level 5c Phonics, Reading and Spelling Rules Ongoing

Sprinkle's Social Snack Time Club (Virtual Show and Tell (Ages 6-8)

Super Mario CVC Reading Memory Game! Lets-A-Go!

Radical Reptiles - Featuring Live Animals!

Spanish Summer Camp (Beginner) 4x Week

Let's Practice Reading! Elephant & Piggie Book Club - Short Word and Multisyllabic Decoding

Learn With Laurie: Like Anime, Cats, Zelda, Kawaii? Make Shrinky Dink Trinkets!

Ongoing Subtraction with Borrowing

English Language Arts Third Grade Grammar Grains From the Grammar Geek, Ages 7-9

Goldilocks Adventures: 5 Day Reading Comprehension Camp

ASL Alphabet + Animal Exploration! Ongoing Movement Games Show + Tell (Ages 4-9)

Encanto Art & Drawing Party: Draw Bruno and Sing Along With Our Encanto Friends!

Encanto Art & Drawing Party: Draw Encanto’s Luisa & Sing Along With Friends!

Encanto Art & Drawing Party: Draw Encanto’s Mirabel and Sing Along With Friends!

Grammar the Mad Libs Way

Kindergarten Camp

ASL Animal Safari Movement Adventure! Tigers Elephants Giraffes + More! Ages 4-9

Riddle-Based Puzzles & Brain Teasers - Improve Executive Functioning Skills

Alphabet Memory Matching: Preschool/Kindergarten/First Grade (Letters O - Z)

Alphabet Memory Matching: Preschool/Kindergarten/First Grade! (Letters A - O)

Let's Create Fantasy Dragon Sisu! Raya & the Last Dragon: Polymer Clay Sculpting

2nd Grade Social Studies (2nd Semester)

Photoshop 101: Cartoons in Realistic Places

Let's Sketch the Challenging Rubik Cube!

Summer Phonics Fun with a Certified Reading Specialist

Scooby-Doo 3rd Grade Book Club! - Reading, Socializing, and Drawing (Ongoing)

Wild About Cooking: Baking Club

Design Your Own Mushroom Village: 2-Day Mixed Media Art Camp

Algebra Summer Camp (3 Days per Week)

Super Math Strategies: Private Tutoring

Pods: Age 10-12 Growing Our Confidence With English and Mathematics Full Curriculum Pod

Paint a Silly Emu While Learning French

Seasons Morning Circle Alumni-Weekly Chat

Pods: Age 8-10 Growing Our Confidence With English and Mathematics Full Curriculum Pod

Easter Spelling Bee, Words N Words, & Bunny Pencil Topper Craft + Bonus Activity

Dragons and Marshmallows: Zoey and Sassafras #1 Book Study & Science Journal

Flex: How to: Clay Desert Animals (Kawaii, Polymer, Sculpt, Camel, Snake, Eagle)

¡Conjuguemos! Part 2 - Spanish Irregular Verbs Ser, Estar, Tener in Present FLEX

Science and Spanish: Six Week Edition

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Small Group Coaching

3-Week Pencil Sketching Art Series Part 2 - Fundamentals of Portraiture

1:1 ESL/English Conversation Practice (Customizable)

Pluto: An Icy World of Wonder

Kalimba Class

Sketchnoting Lit: Read My Chosen Book: BOOK CLUB for the ADHD Brain

Disney Character ABC Adventure: Alphabet Names, Letter Sounds, and Blending!

Pods: 1st Grade Complete Curriculum Pod Full Year

Let's Sign the Alphabet Together: ASL Class

Pods: Preschool Full Curriculum Pod All Subjects

Preschool for Age 3 And 4.

Let's Learn Spanish Summer Camp: Ongoing small group 2x a week with a Native Speaker

Italian Intermediates: Adjectives, Adverbs, Trapassato Prossimo, Verbi Reciproci

Tutoring Reading Is Fun

Arabic - Let’s Read Stories (Developing Readers)

Singapore Math 3rd Grade (3A)

All About Rocks! (Ages 8-12)

A Celebration of Diversity and Representation in the Show "Our Flag Means Death"

Among Us Gaming for Teens (Ages 12-16)

101 Private Customized Individual Acoustic/Electric Guitar Lessons - 30 Minutes Weekly

Paper Currency Academy Summer Camp - Money - Finance

Solving Simple Algebraic Equations With Virtual Games | Part 2 | Pre-Algebra

Kids & Kindness - Words Have Power!

Semester Long Weekly Word Work With Ms. B, Class 3

Spring Storytime and Craftivities

Camp Billionaire: Financial Principles for Life

Converting Between Fractions, Decimals, and Percent (FLEX)

Creative Craft Club!

Middle Grades Writing (1 On 1)

Flex: How to: Clay Forest Animals (Polymer, Sculpt, Deer, Rabbit, Owl, Fox)

Math Games

A Basic Phonics and Reading Discovery:Ending Blends,R Controlled Vowels & Oy/Oi

Deep-Sea Creatures - Frightening and Fascinating Marine Biology! Part 7

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: ESL A2 Discussion Club, Ages 8-13

Public Speaking & Debate - Student Congress - Weekly Club

LGBTQ+ Creative Writers of NaNoWriMo

Reading and Phonics: Level 2

Creative Writing: Let's Write a Roblox Story! (Four Weeks)

Creative Writing: Let's Write a Minecraft Story! (Four Weeks)

R Is for Rhino

Intermediate Violin Camp: Learn to Play Crystallize by Lindsay Stirling

Individualized Reading Intervention 5 Week Session

Dyslexia Intervention for Primary Grades

College Research Project & Optional Presentation (Ages 11-13)

AP Biology Summer Prep- 2 Week-Long Course

Writing to Perfection: Once Weekly 6 Paragraph Essay Writing Practice 8-12

AP Biology Final Exam Review- 5 Day Crash Course

FLEX Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Altcoins Blockchain: Future of Money: Finance Life Skills 6W2

Greek Mythology Camp: The Heroes (Teens)

Animals Around the World Creative Writing and Drawing with Social Time and Games

FLEX Making Money With Video Games: Turning Your Gaming Hobby Into a Business 7W1

FLEX Making Money With Video Games: Turning Your Gaming Hobby Into a Business 7W2

5 Day How to Make Money From Video Games Seriously - Playing Developing Marketing Etc.

The Magic Closet: One-on-One Private Phonics Class for Preschool, PreK & Kindergarten

Magnificent Mushrooms: Create a Mixed Media Masterpiece with Ms. Amy

English Comprehension 1:1

Easy Glass Bottle Art for Kids: Masking Tape & Shoe Polish

Let's Learn Spanish: Intermediate Discussion Club

Ornithologist in Training: The Origin and Diversification of Birds (Flex)

𓂀 Interview with King Tutankhamen (King Tut) - 1 session 𓂀

Famous Shipwrecks Part 3: Costa Concordia, RMS Empress of Ireland, and More!

High School Earth Science Semester 2: Our Place in the Universe (Astronomy)

Late Night Poetry Slam

Summer Camp for Kindergarten and Pre-K: Art, Grammar, Math & More

Roblox Gamer Club: Make New Friends and Play 12 Different Games

Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus: Intermediate Latin for High Schoolers (Part 4)

Hulk Smash Some Goals!

English as a Second Language Conversation Practice With Show & Tell - 1X Class

Elementary Music Class - Fourth and Fifth Grade (Ages 9-11)

Ms.Abby's 1st & 2nd Grade Full Curriculum: ELA-Math-Science-Art-Reading

Explore Human Body Systems With Virtual Activities, Labs, & Games! (Ages 10-14)

Reading Comprehension Middle Grades: Characters Who Change and Grow

Upcycle - No Sew T-Shirt Bag

Let's Draw A Roblox "Self-Portrait" Avatar!

Forensic Science: 17 Week Condensed Flex Format

Ornithologist in Training: Bird Evolutionary Biology and Systematics (Flex)

FLEX All About Outer Space & Beyond: Facts, Crafts, Games, Sing & Handouts!

Kids in the Kitchen 1-on-1 Private Cooking and Baking Classes

How to Draw Like a Fashion Design Illustrator!

Fashion & Sewing 101 Challenge: Sew & Style the Nina Skirt for a Photoshoot

1-on-1 Geometry: Making It Make Sense!

Math Without Pressure 3

Study Skills: Project and Assignment Planning ; Where Do I Start?

Sight Word Class - Learn to Read (or Review Kindergarten)

Animal Ears- Read Aloud

Let’s Paint Spring Blossom Tree 1:1 Art-In Acrylics

Spanish Immersion-Storytime. Practicing Spanish With Books!

Fossil Shark Teeth Identification Class: Where and How to Find

Meet America's Most Famous Bird: The Northern Cardinal

FLEX: Soap Making 101 - Flexible Schedule

Block Challenge and Storytime: A Pirate's Need for Speed

Creative Writing Club

Fun With Watercolor: Cute, Colorful Hummingbird

Super Cool Science! Your Weekly Science Experiment Club

Semi-Private Music Lessons - Voice - Weekly Class (Ages 7 - 10)

Let's Sign Together: ASL Camp for 5-7 Year Olds

ESL English One on One Beginner to Intermediate Levels (Vipkid Levels 1 To 6)

Cartoon Camp!

Playing Games and Learning Phonics (Vowel Teams)

Unique Piano Class! Discover Comping / Chording on the Piano

Bingo Blast- CVC Words (Short A)

Solo Study: The Beautiful World of Jan Brett

Find the Text Evidence! Reading Comprehension Summer Camp

Expand Your Imagination: Creative Writing About Sci-Fi and Space!

Inspiration for Creative Writing

Crocheting for Beginners

Slugs & Bugs - Show & Tell with Insect Facts - "It's Not Easy Being a Lazy Bug"

Private 1-On-1 English as a Second Language Ongoing Classes - ESL Levels 1-5

Pods: Kindergarten Complete Curriculum Full Year

Pods: Complete Curriculum for Ages 12-14 Pod Full Year

Five Little Seahorses: A Fingerplay and Craft

Pods: Complete Curriculum for Ages 10-12 Pod Full Year

Cat Comic Club: On Purpose (Book 3) Reading, Comprehension, and Discussion

Italian 101

Pods: 4th Grade Complete Curriculum Pod Full Year

Discover the World Geography and Culture | Virtual Field Trips to Latin America Europe Australia Asia

Mother's Day Card - 3D Flower Arts and Crafts!

Pods: 3rd Grade Complete Curriculum Pod Full Year

Five Little Fish: Fingerplay and Craft

Programming Python Ender Pearls in Minecraft

Pods: 2nd Grade Complete Curriculum Pod Full Year

Trial Drum and Percussion Lesson: 1-On-1 Beginner to Advanced

Spanish 101

Summer Bootcamp: To Make Sure We Understand Grade 3 Math

Edgy Origami for Preteens

Spanish Alphabet, Days of the Week and Numbers 0-10 (Flex Class)

Chemistry Made Easy: Summer Prep Course

Financial Prosperity Camp: Learn How to Build Wealth...and Become Independent

Apex Legends Game Club

Playing and Learning Python With Minecraft: Education Edition

Stuffed Animal Bedtime

Making a Summer 2023 Art Journal

Kalimba Class - On-Going, 7-10 Years Old

Survive, Thrive, Get Rescued Camp: A Game About Survival Skills (Multi-day camp)

Baby Doll Bedtime

Art Camp Using Minimal Supplies! New Art Activity Each Day. Paint, Draw, Create!

Multi-Day: K-3 Reading and Writing Private Tutoring Package (8-Week Course) Homeschool or Charter Friendly

Telling Time With Mr. Fox: Crafts, Games, Songs, and Fun!

Let's Create a Fun Story With Puppets (Focus on Adverbs)

Family Treasure Show & Tell: Let’s Talk About Histories of Antiques & Vintage

Let's Create a Fun Story With Puppets! (Focus on Adjectives)

Spanish With Maestra Paola-Spanish Verb Series: To Be (ser) vs. To Be (estar)

Roblox Bed Wars!

Let's Make Art: Exploring Monochromatic Scales! (9 to 13)

Learn Spanish With Games, Arts and Crafts for Beginners Christmas Camp.

Drawing and Experimenting With Ink and Ink Washes

Bridging From 2nd to 3rd Grade Math | Combat Summer Slide

Violin Summer Camp - Disney Ballads

Who Would Win!? Character Battle Debate!

Dinosaur Math Hide and Seek (Pre-School Kindergarten Numbers, Patterns, Shapes)

Easy English - Beginner ESL Class - Let's Have Fun Speaking English Together

Boxcar Children: Sleepy Hallow Mystery

Teen Beginner Sign Language Class

You Tell a Warrior Story!

You Are a Warrior Cat! Private Birthday Party

Warriors Writing Workshop

NHD National History Day Introduction (Ages 11-14)

4th Grade Summer Math Camp: FLEX

My Pee Smell Like Asparagus & Other Interesting Facts

Intermediate Sign Language Course - Part 1

Little World Explorers: Road Trip USA

Science Camp! CHEMISTRY (6 of 7) - Advanced Reactions [2 weeks long]

Science Camp! CHEMISTRY (5 of 7) - Nuclear Chemistry [2 weeks long]

Collaborative Fiction Writing for Tweens

Science Camp! PHYSICS (3 of 3) - Key Properties [2 weeks long]

Science Camp! PHYSICS (2 of 3) - All About Waves [2 weeks long]

Science Camp! PHYSICS (1 of 3) - Classical Mechanics [2 weeks long]

Science Camp! CHEMISTRY (4 of 7) - Electrons and Light [2 weeks long]

Weekly Minecraft (Bedrock) Survival Gameplay and Social Club!

Ongoing Biology (9 Weeks With Projects)

How to Write an IEW Keyword Outline and Turn It Into a Paragraph

Beginner English 4x Week Private Ongoing Lesson EFL/ESL/Tesol Teacher for 5-18 year olds!

Let's Grow: Building Empathy and Social Skills

Let's Grow: Building Empathy and Social Skills

Intro to American Politics

Journey Through the Wardrobe: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Book Club

Beginner English 3x Week Ongoing Private - EFL/ESL/Tesol-Certified Instructor for 5-18 year olds!

Writing Simple Sentences With Sight Words & CVC Words

4th Grade Math (2nd Quarter)

4th Grade Math (1st Quarter)

Blox & Blocks! Roblox Summer Camp: Play the Game & Build a Scene!

Draw, Animate, Repeat! - Traditional Animation Techniques Multi-Day Workshop

The Never Girls Book Club Literature Lessons: Book 3- "A Dandelion Wish"

The Never Girls Book Club Literature Lessons: "The Space Between"

Art Club: Drawing People for 10-13 Year Olds

Art Club: Drawing People

Let's Paint Wildflowers!

Let's Paint a Mountain Scene!

Algebra 2 Review for Finals

Adorable Cheetah (Big Cat) - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Class!

Ask and Answer Reading Discussion Questions Like a Detective Part 2!

Adorable Blue Macaw Parrot - Drawing & Watercolor Painting Art Project!

Cooking With Sheila - Summer Fun Popsicle Making Class!

A Mermaid's World of Learning and Fun Camp

Semester-Long MLA Research Class for College-Bound Learners

Kingdom Fungi: Into the Amazing World of Mushrooms

Wild Chile: Ecosystems of Patagonia

Understanding Photosynthesis: a Comprehensive Lesson

Semester-Long English Composition Course for College-Bound Learners

Learning the Animals From the Farm in Spanish

Learn Spanish & Day of The Dead Through Coco: Elementary Spanish Club

Private Piano, Song-writing, or Music Theory Tutoring Session

The Distributive Property Using Units Of 2-5

Cooking With Sheila - Chocolate Dutch Baby Sundaes!

Creative Writing in Veterinary Science Camp by Author of Be the Vet Books

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You!, Part 2

Learning Numbers With Math Multiplication Lesson Private Tutoring 1:1

Cooking With Sheila - Crustless Quiche!

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! (Contractions)

Let's Talk, Read and Write German for Intermed. - Advanced Speakers 10-12 Years

Let's Sketch the Beauty of a Rose!

(FLEX) Super Hero Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction With Virtual Games!

(FLEX) Solving Simple Equations with Virtual Games!

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! (Compound Words)

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You! (Irregular Plurals)

Relax and Color Isabela Madrigal (Encanto)

One Time : Private Violin Lesson for Beginner – Intermediate Students

Art by April: Clay Bee, Air Dry Clay Sculpting

Ralph Breaks the Internet Trivia With Kahoot

Phonics at the Zoo, Part 2: CVC Words and Phonemic Patterns

Let's Play! Mario Party Superstars Social Friendly Video Gaming Club

FLEX: Calendar Skills

Why Do Dogs Do That? Decoding Canine Behavior and Body Language.

Let’s Learn How to Read - Level 5 (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: A1 A2)

Let’s Learn How to Read - Level 1 (ESL Friendly) (CEFR: Pre A1 A1 A2)

Insects, Arachnids, and Crustaceans: Amazing Arthropods!

Bass: One-On-One Lessons, Beginner to Intermediate

SAT Math Prep: Focus on Functions

Kalimba Class - On-Going, 9-14 Years Old

Just Desserts for Intermediate Chefs #4 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Hide and Seek Among Us

Relax and Color Spongebob Squarepants

Immersion Russian Club: Beginner Level, Hands On, Semi-Private

Let’s Draw Mythical and Magical Unicorns 3 Day Camp 8-12

Let’s Draw Mythical and Magical Unicorns 3 Day Camp

Ongoing Weekly Cool Cats Drawing Club! Ages 6-11

Be You & Become a Better Writer: Expository Essay Writing, 8-Week Course

Introduction to Repeated Addition and Multiplication for Beginner Learners

The Origins of Fossil Pokemon

World Geography, Country Study - Small Interactive Fun Class, Semi-Private

You Will Be Proud That You Did This Math Review! - One On One Math

Stop Motion Animation: Brick Building Mania

Arabic Pre School Fun Learning Level 3

Beginner ASL: Circle of Friends

Draw a Sand Art Terrarium in Procreate for the Ipad

zESL Show & Tell 5 Senses Practice Adjectives & Fluency Bring Favorite Toys, Pet

Grade 1 Spelling Class - Grow in Confidence and Have Fun!

Mythology Symposium: The Story of Circe

Science Tutoring 1-On-1 (Ongoing) (Chemistry, Physics, Life Science, Test Prep)

Ancient Civilizations FLEX: End of the Ice Age, Mesopotamia & Ancient Egypt

Ancient Civilizations FLEX: India, China & Greece

Ancient Civilizations FLEX: Rome, Maya, Aztec, & Inca

Book Talk: One Crazy Summer

Book Talk: The Giver

Book Talk: Savvy

Fraction Action Junior! Beginner Fun and Interactive Fraction Math Class

Fun With Fractions! Beginner to Intermediate Work With Fractions.

Fashion Escape Room

Weekly Arts & Crafts Social Club

Elements of Poetry! Analyze, Plan and Write a Poem.

1st Grade Reading Class. Summarize Stories and Analyze Characters!

Warrior Queens - Women Who Changed the World

Book Talk: Hatchet

F6F Hellcat the WWII Zero Eliminator

Guitar: One-On-One Lessons, Beginner to Intermediate

Algebra 1 review for Finals (1st semester)

Awesome Writing - Sentences, Grammar, Paragraphs, Punctuation and Writing

Drawing Superheroes With Jason Nuttall!

Golly! I Mastered Pre-Algebra | Part 6 Of 6 | Exponents & Coordinate Plane | FLEX

Florence Nightingale - Nurse, Statistician, Author, Sanitation Advocate

Exploring the Mysteries of the Arabic Language (Level 1)

Third and Fourth Grade Science- Interactive Learning: Full Curriculum Quarter 1

Reading for Meaning: The Study, Analysis and Psychology of Fairy Tales

American Sign Language (ASL) Through Interactive Storytelling: Teens Level 2

English Language Arts Tutoring With Polyglots Academy

Math Tutoring With Polyglots Academy

Spanish - 1, 2, 3 Chat With Me! (8-12yrs)

Spanish - 1, 2, 3 Chat With Me! (Ages 4-8Yrs)

Explore Science through Read Alouds, Observation, Building, and Drawing!

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You (Plurals "Y" to "I")

Spelling Class: Spelling, Clues, and a Message for You (Plurals Adding "Es")

1-on-1 Pre-K and Kindergarten Preparation

Fairy Tale Word Problems - Combining a Love for Storytelling and Math

Small Group: French Beginner Level 3

Weekly Clarinet Lessons (One Hour)

Human Anatomy for Middle Schoolers (+new activities each week)

Code Breakers Club: Outer Space Fun With Grammar Symbols

Horse and Pony Behavior, Colors, Equipment, and More!

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