New Classes on Outschool 2022-05-01

There are 354 new classes on Outschool the week of May 1, 2022 to May 7, 2022.

Teen Bakers: Recipes From a Galaxy Far Away (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Fun Introduction to Ukelele for Beginners Music Class

Marvel Blooket Camp (MCU Trivia)

Le français c'est cool - La température (French Is Cool - The Temperature)

5-Day Hiragana Camp

Summer Slide Social Studies: Historical Inquiry and Research

Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay: Writing for ESL & ELL FLEX

1st Grade Science Fusion: Earth Science (3 of 4)

All About Airplanes for the Littlest Aviators

Math: Elementary K-8th, Private Math Tutoring with Math U See!

Mayor Good Boy Book Club (Graphic Novel)

Space Camp! Let's Travel Through the Milky Way Galaxy!

Mindfulness Exploration

Let's Practice Reading: Fly Guy Book Club - Short Word and Multisyllabic Decoding

Lets Create! Painting With Acrylics Art Class!

Conquering Monica’s Closet: Three Day Decluttering Camp for Teens

Summer Slide: Getting Ready for Accelerated Middle School Math

1-1 Math Tutoring - Fact Fluency - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade

5-Day Katakana Camp

Snowy's Number 1 Fun!

Let's Learn Italian: Beginner Conversation Club with Orchard Academy

Let's Learn Italian: Beginner Conversation Club with Orchard Academy

Spanish Trial Class for Private Tutoring

ABC Snack With Me Camp

Spanish Immersion: Zoology or Animal Science for Advanced to Native Speakers

Social Studies 1:1 Tutoring

Social-Emotional Talk & Play Time with Bluey

STEM MBI-M: Introduction to Microbiology - Microorganism Adventure

World War II History: B-25 Mitchell – Its Design and Place in WWII

4 Day Camp Fun Philosophy: Metaphysics, Consciousness, Epistemology & Psychology

Reflexive Verbs/Reciprocal Actions, Know by a Certified Teacher: Spanish 2

Practice Makes Perfect: Private Ballet Lesson

4 Day Investing Club: (Stocks, Options & Everything You Need To Know To Succeed)

Exercise and Dance to Disney Favorites!

Math: Introduction to Evaluating an Algebraic Expression

Math: Introduction to Multiplying and Dividing Powers in Algebra

How to Draw a Frog!

Use Positive Thinking to Overcome Negative Thinking: Inner Coach Vs Inner Critic

Identifying & Calming Your Anger Animal Through Guided Relaxation & Mindfulness

Clay Sculpting for Beginners: Pokemon Classics Club

Introduction to Psychology

Christmas in Camelot Magic Treehouse #1 a Merlin Mission

Beautifully Nature - Expressive Flowers - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Sunset Sailboats Watercolor Painting Class

Roblox English Practice Club - Practice Using English While Playing Roblox

Breezy Beach Watercolor Painting Class

Beach Time Watercolor Painting Class

Private Lessons for Pre-K in French

Mario’s First Grade Homeschool Class

Natural Disasters - Wildfires, Bushfires & Resilience in Fire Prone Places | Play-Based and Child-Led Learning

How to Read a Film - Winter Semester Film Appreciation Class

Marvel TV Series Marathon Summer Camp

5 Effective Study Strategies & Test Taking Tips

Astronomy: High School Curriculum (1st Semester) - Planets, Stars and Space!

Adopt Me Diamond and Golden Eggs Club With Mrs. Meaghen (Ongoing)

Private Ongoing Intermediate Video Editing Using iPhone or iPad iMovie App 9-12y

Paint With Me- Oil and Acrylic Paint- Mountain Scene

Coding Fun & Learning Club: Puzzles and Projects (Ongoing) - 1X Weekly (Ages 5-8)

ESL Vocabulary & Conversation Club (Certified Instructor)

Learn Spanish With Games & Crafts Camp: Beginners Level 2

Singing Club | Ongoing Voice Lessons for Beginners

How Matter Works 2: The Periodic Table (Full Curriculum for Grades 4-6)

Ancient Mysteries Escape Room: Escape the Egyptian Museum

Happy Birthday, New Hampshire! a Celebration of the 21st State of the USA

Beginner 2 Summer Spanish Camp- Let's Plan a Vacation

TEEN Art and Social Club

HJ - Learn Japanese With Pokemon B

Happy Birthday, Virginia! a Celebration of the 10th State of the USA

Procreate Fashion Illustration and Sketching Summer Camp: Let’s Design Swimwear

The 4 Species of Gojira (Godzilla)

How Matter Works 3: Molecules & Matter (Full Curriculum for Grades 4-6)

Let's Experiment: Learning Science The Fun Way! B1+ CEFR

Let's Experiment: Learning Science The Fun Way! B1+ CEFR

Introduction to Swahili 107 of 108

Baton Twirling Camp (With Marching and Dance)

Clarinet Boot Camp - March, March, March!

Animals 101: Vertebrate Zoology (Ongoing)

Storytelling With Lisa

1 ON 1 Tutoring (Ages 4-10) Homework Help-Reading, Writing & Math

Comprehensive Japanese Language/Culture Lower Elem. Class 1 Pt 5 (Age 13-18)

Happy Birthday, Arkansas! a Celebration of the 25th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Tennessee! a Celebration of the 16th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, Kentucky! a Celebration of the 15th State of the USA

Happy Birthday, West Virginia! a Celebration of the 35th State of the USA

Primus Summer Camp: Art Academy -Paint Like The Cubists Mini Camp

Private Math Tutoring: Ongoing Twice Weekly

Neurographica, Epic Artful Drawing

Daily Grade 3-4 Math Class (Ongoing)

How Matter Works 4: Chemical Reactions (Full Curriculum for Grades 4-6)

Building Brick Fun for Pre-Schoolers!

Holiday Time Spanish - Cinco de Mayo - Art & Culture

Photo Stories: Dorothea Lange's Photography in the Great Depression (Teens)

Mythology Symposium: All About Demeter, Goddess of Grain and the Harvest

Travel With Art and Animals! Group for ART-Venturous Kids

Rise and Thrive: Mastering a Growth Mindset (Summer Camp)

The Gardens of Biltmore Estate

Relax and Color a Pegasus

Travel to Seoul, South Korea, Coolest Cities in the World: K-Pop Edition!

Personal Finance: Credit/Debit, Savings, Taxes, Investments | Ages 12-17 | Flex

Non-Stop Movement Op

Draw Together: Fantastic Landscapes & Backgrounds

1:1 Private Tutoring | 30 Min | Introduce or Review Any K-8 Concept

Campfire Stories Summer Camp: Scary Tales to Tell in the Dark

Drawing the Eternal City of Rome With Pencils

Drawing Super Mario Odyssey 5 Day Summer Art Camp with Ms. Jes

Celebrating Nonbinary and Gender Non-Conforming Kids

Battle of Little Bighorn - Trial Class for US History (Full Year)

Little Bakers: Recipes From a Galaxy Far Away (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Junior Bakers: Recipes From a Galaxy Far Away (Recipe Set 1) FLEX

Stretch Your Creative Writing Muscles! Creative Writing Summer Camp

Exploring Cell Biology: Immune Cells, Neurons, Red Blood Cells & Stem Cells!

Spanish Made Simple | 1st Time Speakers

Let's Study: 1:1 Ongoing Private Tuition Spanish Class

Essay Writing With 'Little Women'

Clarinets Take Flight: Beginning Clarinet Jump Start Summer Camp

1- on- 1 4th-9th Grade Supportive and Personal Math Tutoring

1-on-1 Private Lessons for Kindergarten

Adorable Anime Girl~ Valentines Sketch Step by Step

Wild Animal Science: The Giant Panda (Ages 8-10)

Intro to Hand Drumming (Individual Lesson)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Today? Making Money - Even as a Kid! (Ages 8-13) #superstar

What Makes a Shark a Shark? - An Introduction to Sharks

Independent Cooking: A Teen Cooking Class

Private Conversational English - Let's Talk! (Ongoing)

25 Minutes of Reading: 1-On-1 Tutoring

1A Singapore Math Methods: Advanced Math Techniques (Ongoing)

Beginner Hip Hop Summer Dance Camp

Let's Explore Our Solar System & Beyond! (Flex Class - Ages 6-8)

Building our Social Skills !!! 2x a week for two weeks (with a Family Specialist) Camp This is taught by Felecia Woods, see you soon

Cooking with Creativity & Courage: Young Chef Challenge

Beginning Violin Club (Ongoing Small-Group Class)

Procreate Watercolor Flex Class: Fruits and Desserts

Cursive Writing Camp

Flex Class - Music Appreciation - Rock Music

Book Study: Charlotte's Web Flex!

Let’s Talk About Jurassic World Dominion

Beginning Ballet Dance Class for 9-12yr Olds!

Creative Writing & Drawing Winter Camp

Day-To-Day Etiquette Tips for Teens

Music's in Me! K - 2nd Grade General Music Class

Language Speaking by a Certified Spanish Teacher Part 3: Conversational Spanish

Forgotten Black History: Black Wall Street {African American History for 14-18}

History and STEM: Mash-Up Madness

Happy Birthday, Donald Trump! a Celebration of the 45th U.S. President

4 Days of Obscure Military History, War Stories - 1775 - 1945

Encanto Dance Party Workout: Zumba Kids

Be a Star! a One-Time Beginner Singing | Voice Lesson

Art: Beginner Drawing Class: Anime, Manga, Chibi, Kawaii and More!

French Circle Time Fun With Friends! (Beginners)

The Tutor Spot: Math 1:1 Tutoring Support 2x/Week

Choo Choo! Relax and Color a Train

Geometry for Beginners: Area & Perimeter (FLEX)

Wild Animal Science: Giraffes of Africa (Ages 8-10)

Patterning Is Fun

Primus Summer Camp: Art Academy Paint Like The Impressionists

Spanish for Middle Schoolers Summer Camp

Dragonbane: The Dark Forest of Davokar (a DND Alternative)

Ocean Animals of the Kelp Forests - A Fun Marine Biology Class! (Ages 9-12)

High School Chemistry - Semester 1 (General)

Geometry for Beginners: All About Triangles! (FLEX)

Demon Slayer Coloring and Chat

Ancient World Civilizations- High School History Camp

Summer Slide: Accelerated Middle School Math and Problem Solving 7th/8th Grade

Amazing Animals Ocean Camp: Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Camp Nuttin' but Fun! a Full Day (& Night) at Sleep Away Camp in Just 55 Minutes

Typing - Keyboarding Semester Course - 5th & 6th Grade Homeschool

World Music Club for Kids

FLEX: Summer Math Review (5th Grade)

FLEX: Summer Math Review (7th Grade)

All About Rocks (Ages 5-8)

Weekly Multiplication Practice (4th-5th Grade) with Kahoot

Spanish for Beginners: Ongoing Spanish Vocabulary Class

Math- Pre-Algebra Prep Summer Camp (7th/8th Grade) w/Certified Teacher

Write With Me | Creative Writing Workshop for ESL & ELL

Math-That Was Easy! Algebra 1 Prep Summer Camp(8th/9th Grade)w/Certified Teacher

Middle School Summer Spelling Review

Groovy Grammar: Parts of Speech for Writing - Beginners

1-1 Class in Becoming an Entrepreneur With Nana-Bee

1-1 Puppet Making Paradise With Nana-Bee (8-12Yr Olds)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 5 Part 1 (Age 8-12)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 4 Part 5 (Age 8-12)

Book Club: The Sisters Grimm - Book 5 - Magic and Other Misdemeanors

Book Club: The Sisters Grimm - Book 6 - Tales From the Hood

Mythology Symposium: All About Ares, God of War

This, That, & the Other: Historical Research Term Paper

Happy Birthday, George H.W. Bush! a Celebration of the 41st U.S. President

FLEX: Summer Math Review (6th Grade)

Puppet Paradise With Nana-Bee (All Ages)

Grandmaster's Private Chess Lesson

Math Enrichment for Primary Students

Adding/Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers (Flex Course)

AP Chemistry ( Advanced Placement Chemistry)

Our Hair Story: Black History [12-16]

Flex Class Wings of Fire Dragonet Prophecy / History of Dragons Around the World

Success with 4th Grade!

Mad Libs Silly Story Club! Let's Write & Practice Our Own Crazy Stories!

Spanish Reading, Comprehension and Writing Lessons (for Intermediate Level)

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Flex!

Private Violin Lessons

Writing Kernel Essays, Text Structures, and Outlines: Make Your Words Pop Out!

Chatting about Cats

Fun With Silent E Words

Uke and Me - Beginners Ukulele Summer Camp

Adorable Rabbit in the Grass Draw & Watercolor Painting

Interactive Science Story Time: Who Would Win? Series (Ongoing)

Writing a Research Report (MLA Format, Grades 10, 11, And 12)

Growth Mindset: I Can Make Mistakes & Do Hard Things (Ongoing 8-10 Year Olds)

1:1 Minecraft Fun Private Gaming Lessons

Apple Horse Cookies

Horse Rice Krispie Bites

Intro to Hip Hop-Dance Class!

Advanced ASL Part 2 Ages 13 To 18

Advanced 2 ASL Part 1 Ages 9 To 12

Summer Robotics Camp with the Micro:bit

Yummy Horse Treats (Flex Class)

Relax and Color Moana

Animation and Programming With Alice - Level 1 for Intermediate/Middle Schoolers

Relax and Color Mirabel Madrigal (Encanto)

Comics! Basic Skills to Master, Pt 2: Storyboarding (Semester Long)

Puppy Care: What Does Your New Puppy Need?

Early Intermediate Piano - 1:1 Instruction - Level K

Private 5th Grade Science Hands-On/Project Learning (Full Curriculum Part 1 Of 2

Let's Bake Nothin' But Muffins! A Breakfast, Brunch And Snack Club (Ages 8-12+)

Travel to Toronto, Canada: Travel to the Coolest Cities in the World

Typing - Keyboarding Semester Course - 3rd & 4th Grade Homeschool

Backyard Bug Explorers

Art: Draw a Mash up of a Duck and Rubber Ducklings.

Mother's Day Homemade Gifts With Ms.Abby-Painted Vases and Painted Pictures

Corruption and Corruption Reform

Buzzing with the Bees

Strategies for the Writing and Language Sections of the SAT Test

Building Confidence: Mathematics Help & Enrichment

Private 1:1 English Tutoring

Science Curiosity Club: Weather, Dinosaurs, Volcanos, and Animals, Oh My!

Let's Learn How to Read the Periodic Table of Elements and Chemical Equations!

Fun and Strum - Guitar Beginners Camp

Understanding Gaming Addiction: A Project Based Learning Class

Garden Biology: The Science of Plant Life, Gardening, and the Environment

Integrated Chinese ( Level 1 ) A

1:1 Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite HP Books or Themed Classes

Drawing Nintendo- Kirby

How to Start a Clothing Line: From Idea to Runway Flex Class

Full Semester (3x a Week) - 5th Grade Grammar and Composition

Sustainability Lab Winter Camp in Minecraft Java (5-Session)

Book Club - Who Is? Who Was? What Was? Where Is? Series!

Pen to Paper: The Literary Analysis Essay

Mrs. B's Semester Book Club: Let’s Read Anne’s House of Dreams!

Encanto Academy (Flex Class): Encanto's Spanish Vocabulary, Food, Animals, & Culture

Draw Baby Animals Camp

Multiplication Tricks!: Learn 11-15 Times Table in Minutes Using Fingers.

FLEX ASL Beginner 8-Week Class 1: ABCs, #, Food, Animals, Sentences (Ages 9-13)

Sight Words and Sentences (Set 2): Let's Read and Write Together!

Grammar Tales: Silly, Savvy, Smart Superheroes! - A Lesson on Alliteration

Shakespeare Scene Work for Tweens! (Summer Camp) a Midsummer Night's Dream

Let's Study: 1:1 Oxford Reading Tree English Class

Dinosaur of the Week Club (Ages 8-12)

Let's Learn Science: The Amazing Animal Club B2+ CEFR

Science Vocabulary 3

Survival Social Club in Peaceful Mode - Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Ongoing STEM Experiments for Young Learners

How to Draw a Tropical Hibiscus Flower With a Monstera Leaf!

How to Draw a Deep Sea Octopus!

How to Draw a Crab!

How to Draw a Puffin Bird!

How to Draw a Whale!

Le français c'est cool - Les parties du corps (French Is Cool - The Body Parts)

School Success! Weekly One-To-One Personalized Tutoring (10 Session Bundle)

Exercise and Dance

Spanish Immersion For Kids: Ages 10–12 (Intermediate) Twice Per Week

Social Group for Shy Girls

Coloring Fun in French

Middle School Language Arts Mini-Course: 02 (Flexible Schedule)

History: Rock and Roll, 1950 Through 1989

Semester Class Middle School Exploring Science-Summer Camp (Grades 6-8)

Chemistry Prep & Review (on going)

Fun and Interactive Circle Time (Unicorns & Rainbow Edition)

Drum Lesson Ongoing (55 Minute Session)

Election Workers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Improve Your English Skills: ESL Program for English Language Learners

Fantasy Fiction Creative Writing Camp: Gothic City

Fantasy Fiction Creative Writing Workshop: City of Secrets (Semester Long)

Reading Camp - Let's Learn CVC Words

10 (45 Minutes) Private Spanish Tutoring Classes With a Native Speaker

Spanish Immersion for Kids: Weekly Sessions Available for Ages 4-7 (Beginners)

Good Day Yoga and Positive Affirmations FLEX

Summer Camp: Group of Friends

Women in Science: Female Scientist of the Week!

Girl Talk 101: Principles of Confidence and Hygiene During Puberty

1:1 Math Tutoring (K-6) From Teacher With 23 Years of Experience (30 Min)

Fall Emergent Reading Camp (Non-Fiction Lexile Level 100-190)

Let's Practice English! (FLEX Class - Translated With Google Translate 中国人, 한국인)

French Story Time - Seasons and Weather

Through My Camera Lens - A Visit to Kruger National Park

Music Rhythm, Counting, and Theory: Rhythm Cups Stage 1 Ages 5-7

The Process of Making Movie Magic - Summer Film Camp for 12-17 Yr Olds

Music Academy: Private Piano Lessons

Fifth Grade Math Quarter 2 (Fractions)

Fifth Grade Math Quarter 1 (Multiplication, Angles, & Division)

FLEX: Summer Math Review (4th Grade)

Find Your Current Reading Levels

Creative Writing Dungeons and Dragons DND D&D Holiday Camp

Perfecting Punctuation: Comma, Semicolons, Colons, Quotes & More | Multi-Day

Mini Maestro: Flute Lessons for Intermediate Level Group Ongoing

Relax and Color Multi Day Camp

Stellar Story Study 2: A Bear Called Paddington (the Original Chapter Book)

Book Club: James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Individual Music Theory & Aural Skills Lessons: Beginning Through Advanced

Encanto Dance Class: Beginner Jazz!

One-On-One Private Ukulele Lessons

PRE-K/KINDERGARTEN Digital Escape Rooms and Crafts! (Ages 3-6) | 12 WEEK FLEX

ESL Calendar and Circle Time (K-2) (CEFR: A1, A2) (Academic Year) (Level 1)

Let’s Talk YouTube - Shorts Summer Camp - Channel Strategy, Growth, & Success

Ancient and World History

iMovie Workshop: Private Sessions for iMovie Video Editing & Skills Development

Interactive Math Tutoring With Teacher Dana

Drawing: Skills and Techniques for Drawing People | Ongoing

Sketching and Drawing Animals

Coding for Early Programmers: Scratch Jr. Weekly Club

Roger That - ABC's of Radio Communication in the Air!

How Airplanes Fly - The Aerodynamics of Flight

Individual Violin Lessons: Beginning Through Advanced

Coding for Elementary Programmers: Scratch Weekly Club (Beginner/Intermediate)

Writing the College Admissions Common App Essay #Creative

Storybook Workshop: A Four Day Creative Writing Camp

Beginners Survival Minecraft Class/Camp

A Sunny Maze: Fun With Scratch Jr.

Let's Draw Summer Cats - Cute Cats Having Fun in Summer! Kawaii Style

Among Us Social Group, Hang Out and Let's Figure Out Who the Impostor Is

Flex Piano Lessons: Learn How to Improvise With a Bluesy Happy Birthday!

Understanding Ablism Ages 16-18

Understanding Ablism Ages 6-10

Understanding Ablism Ages 10-15

Google Sheets for Beginners: Pet Sitting Project

Create a Father's Day Coupon Book!

Understand Poetry: Shel Silverstein

Book Club - E. B. White #2 - Charlotte’s Web

1st Quarter Spectacular Science: 7th- 8th Middle School Comprehensive Science

Book Club - Deep Water by Watt Key- Action, Adventure, Suspense, Reliance

Beginner's Latin - Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 - Part 5

Advanced Fashion History and Design Club - Fashion Drawing and Figure Poses

Book Club: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Process of Writing Stories With a Plot by a M.A. Sp Ed Teacher Certified in Eng

Little Musician's Piano Class

100 Day Minecraft Survival Challenge (Bedrock Edition)

Getting Started With Chickens & Poultry: Backyard Flock Basics for New Chicks

One on One Conversational Spanish With Weekly Themes! Ages 7-12

Pathfinder: Menace in Otari (a Role Playing Summer Campaign)

FLEX--2nd Grade Opinion Writing

Book Club - E. B. White #3 - Trumpet of the Swan

🕯️Learn Spanish Vocabulary Through Encanto: Elementary Spanish Summer Camp (Part 1)

Get Creative Camp!: Short Stories, Scripts, Photography, Art, Comics & Poetry

I Can Read in Mandarin Chinese-Novice Level 1

I Was There…on the Mary Celeste: A Creative Writing Trip to the Past

Word Detectives | Common Latin and Greek Roots for Decoding Vocabulary PRETEEN

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