New Classes on Outschool 2022-01-16

There are 424 new classes on Outschool the week of January 16, 2022 to January 22, 2022.

Beginning Knitting

Beyond Intermediate Arabic: Focus on Conversation!

American Girl Doll Julie- Learning About the 70s

American Girl Doll- Courtney Moore and the 80s

FLEX Class- Executive Functioning Skills

Methods to Writing Sentences and Paragraphs (Self-Paced)

Photography 101 Flex - A Beginners Guide to Photography

Flex Schedule: How to Become a Hollywood Working Actor [Masterclass]

Charlotte's Web Book Club

Algebra 1 Class Full-Year Small Group Instruction For 2-4 Students

Music Makers: Private Piano Lessons for Kids

Memory Minecraft Math Game! Introduction to Multiplication!

English Language Arts (ELA): Ongoing Quests

Let's Speak French! - Vocabulary Builder

Cool Ocean Animals: The Octopus

1:1 Math Tutoring (60 Min, 1x per Week)

Writing: Introduction to Process, Purpose, and Audience

Super Mario Memory Math Game! Introduction to Multiplication! Lets-A-Go!

CHEMISTRY 601 - Advanced Reactions (6 of 7) [SCIENCE-FLEX]

Let's Do This Pre-Algebra FLEX Style: Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

Fun With Figurative Language - Meets Once for 30 Minutes

Middle School English Language Arts (ELA): Ongoing Style

Freeze Dance Party! Ages 4-8yrs old

Private 1:1 Draw Cartoon Characters | Disney & Pixar Movie Characters

A Valentine's Day Celebration With Music, Rhymes, and a Craft!

Phonics Skills One on One Tutoring

Murder is Served: A Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Experience

English Language Arts/Reading Private Tutoring Ongoing (25 Minute 1:1 Tutoring-Writing, Grammar, Phonics, Spelling, Reading) ESL Welcome*Meets twice weekly

Music Education - Elements of Music FLEX Class (Ages 5-9)

Happy Birthday, George Washington! a Celebration of the 1st U.S. President

Guthriegabs About What's Special About Pancakes Candlemas Chandeleur Mardi Gras

M&M's Mania: Intro to Multiplication Using M&M's Candies! Numbers 1-4 X 5-7

Math Club: Fraction, Fraction, I Love Fraction

Fashion Design & Sketch Club: London Fashion Week: Romantic Florals and Pastels

Fashion Design and Clothing Illustration: The Oscars Academy Award Gowns

Your Dream Career Journey: Personalized 1-On-1 Career Exploration

World Play Your Ukulele Day Celebration!

Who Lives on a Farm?

Learn About Georges Rouault | Art History | Create Inspired Art | Ages 8 - 13

Artist Trading Cards | Mixed Media | Art Class | Collage | Ages 13-18

Calligraphy & Brush Lettering | 4 Weekly Sessions| Ages 12-18 | All Skill Levels

Watercolor Maps | Drawing & Watercolor | 3 Sessions Drawing Painting| Ages 13-18

Oil Pastels and Self Portraits | Portrait Art | All Skill Levels | Ages 8-13

Color Wheel | Color Combinations & Blending | Color Concept Basics | Ages 12-18

Learn About Vincent Van Gogh | Art History | Create Inspired Art | Ages 8 - 13

Learn About Claude Monet | Art History | Create Inspired Art | Ages 8 - 13

Watercolor Basics | Learn About Watercolor | Watercolor Painting | Ages 12-18

Watercolor and Drawing Houses | Drawing Painting | All Skill Levels | Ages 9-15

3rd Grade Homeschool

Robotics Made Simple! for Young Learners (Spike Essential - Introductory Level)

An English Elementary Grammar Discovery 1

Games & Show and Tell Social Time

Making Equivalent Fractions: Grades 3-5 Math

“Private Music Theory Lessons”

1:1 Tutoring: Reading, Writing, & Grammar Ongoing (Certified K-6, Reading Specialist K-12)

Hand Sew a Felt Needle Book: Beginning Sewing Workshop

Alphabet Fun on-Going Class for Three and Four Year Old Learners

Valentine's Day Crack the Code: 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping

Cool Leopards. A Leopard Can't Change His Spots but You Can Join Us in Class!

Farm Animal Study- Animal Science - Pigs, Goats, Chickens, Bunnies (FLEX)

Super Sweet Science Experiments (February)

Phonics Fun With Folk and Fairy Tales

One on One Private Sketching and Drawing Art Class

Faces of Black History:Mary Mcleod Bethune Paint & Learn Class

Early Reading: Reading CVCC Word Families and Short Sentences

Paint Along Landscape Painting With Oils

Book Series Study: Warriors: The New Prophecy Series by Erin Hunter

Weekly Reading Club | David Walliams Book Club: The Heir to Roald Dahl

Beginner Hip Hop

Survey of the Psalms (8 Week Semester)

Art of Dinosaurs : Drawing Dinosaurs & Art Story Draw Zoology Adventure

You Be You Songwriters' Club: Early Elementary

Private Elementary Tutoring Grades 3-5 All Subjects- 60 minute/week

Kids' Social Club - Show and Tell, Games, Directed Drawings, and More

Introductory Structured Query Language (SQL) Programming

The 5 Paragraph Essay for Upper Elementary & Teenagers | Oxford Educated Teacher

Group Piano Lessons - Introduction to Piano (Beginner)

An Immersive Guide to "Romeo and Juliet"

Exploring Dinosaurs: The Mesozoic Era, Fossils, Extinction and More!

Early Reading Class

Private Tutoring Math

The Weirdest Things Animals Do - And Why! Parts 1, 2 and 3 BUNDLE + BONUS Class (FLEX)

JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Fantasy Literature Study Book Club

Personalized 1-On-1 Math Tutoring: Algebra, Geometry, Elementary Math

Partners: 1 Hour of Semi-Private Acting Coaching for 2 Students

Introduction to Spanish: Dias De La Semana/Days of the Week (Ages 7-12)

1:1 Keyboarding/Typing Instruction QWERTY *Taking Requests (Ask for sib options)

Escape Room: Octopus Escapes the Aquarium!

Sharks and Other Monsters of the Deep Part 2

Biology Through Weird and Wacky Animal Facts: Africa

Biology Through Weird and Wacky Animal Facts: Europe

The Beautiful and Bizarre Creatures of the Reef! Part 1

The Strange and Spectacular Animals of the Galapagos Islands

The Cool and Creepy Creatures of the Cave

The Strange and Spectacular Animals of Costa Rica

The Fantastic and Fascinating Animals of the Kelp Forest!

Sharks and Other Monsters of the Deep Part 3

The Beautiful and Bizarre Creatures of the Reef! Part 2

Biology Through Weird and Wacky Animal Facts: South America

Biology Through Weird and Wacky Animal Facts: Asia

What's the Stink About?! Animal Poop and Other Gross Facts

The Strange and Spectacular Animals of Madagascar

Our Wonderful and Mysterious World of Animals (Ages 7-10)

Our Wonderful and Mysterious World of Animals (Ages 10-13)

Our Wonderful and Mysterious World of Animals (Ages 13-15)

The Incredible World of Insects

Biology Through Weird and Wacky Animal Facts: North America

Powerful and Cute Animal Babies

The Odd and Outstanding Creatures of the Open Ocean

Biology Through Weird and Wacky Animal Facts: North America (Part 2)

Biology Through Weird and Wacky Animal Facts: Australia (Part 2)

Sharks and Other Monsters of the Deep Part 1

Escape Room: Red Pandas Escape the Zoo!

Biology Through Weird and Wacky Animal Facts: Australia

Cool U.S History: The Constitution

Balance of Power: The 3 Branches of Government

Draw a Kitten in a Box by Draw So Cute

D&D Chaos at Strixhaven University W/ Jingleheimer (a Dungeons and Dragons Game)

Decoding & Discussing Vintage Ads (Intermediate Feminism)

1:1 Creative Writing & Drawing ~ Gratitude & Positive Thinking

Just for You! ESL-1X Week-Private English Tutoring-Vocabulary and Conversation

Dog Man Fan Club: Character Drawing and Creative Writing

6th and 7th Grade Math Review

Wars of the World: An Ongoing Exploration

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Math Review (Ongoing)

Introduction to Spanish: Mis Colores/My Colors (Ages 7-12)

2nd and 3rd Grade Math Practice and Review

Math Review: 4th and 5th Grade Math Practice and Review for 9-11 Year Olds

Intro to Art History for High School: Art Crime! Heists, Forgeries, and More!

Let's Learn About Stars

Mastering the Paragraph : 5 Sentence Structure (Superhero Prompt)

Cars and Trucks Engineering STEM Club - Course 1 (Flex) 9 -15 YO

Mindfulness & Meditation 3-Day Camp

Evening Math Homework Tutor (Once per Week for 5 Weeks)

Private Math Teacher (1:1): Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trig, Pre-calc, Homeschool

Find the Circumference and Area of a Circle.

High School Spanish I Quarter 4

Let’s Sign Our Feelings Together: Signing Class for Beginners

Corruption and Corruption Reform

Hands-on Science Experiments, Fun Science Activities Elementary and Measurement Standards

Public Speaking & Debate Tournament

Pokemon Division FLEX!

4th Grade Curriculum Review (Flex)

Math Is Your Path -- Private Math Tutor for 25 Minutes -- Certified Math Teacher

Let’s Sign Our Favorite Colors Together: Signing Class for Beginners

Weekly Writing Work: IEW Writing-Two Twenty-Five Minute Meetings/Week

The Complete Writing Experience: The Writing Revolution Workshop

Quilting Class: Learn How to Make a Disappearing Nine-Patch Block

Quilting Class: Learn How to Make a Disappearing Four Patch Block

I'm All About Algae; Aren't You?

ESL (English as a Second Language) Private Lesson

Adventures in Wildlife Biology for Teens: Researching and Saving Wild Animals

Let's Talk About Your Favorite Animal! (Ages 8-10) | One-Time

Baking Workshop: Cakesicles with Homemade Icing

Biology: Real-Life Zombies in Nature

Movie Making Camp | Film School for Kids | Production | Video Editing

The Dragon Hatchery- A Wings of Fire Baby Dragon Drawing Club

Let's Create Rosie the Sweetheart Dragon! Valentine's Polymer Clay Art Sculpture

Funny Cat Libs: Practicing Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives With Cat Stories

Action Cat Libs: Practicing Verbs and Adverbs With Exciting Cat Stories

Horse Chat Minecraft Ranch Club

Model Horse Club Social: Collector's Corner!

War of the Roses: An English Civil War

Art & Culture Around the World

6th Grade Full Curriculum Homeschool Learning Pod: Marking Period 5

STEM: Science Experiments and Kahoot Fun! Ongoing!

The Creative Musician: Level One Music Theory for Pianists

Get Ready for Piano Lessons: Pre-Lesson Piano Club!

Princess Freeze Dance Party Ages 7-12

Princess Freeze Dance Party Ages 3-8

All About Scientific Latin Names of Animals!

Novel Study: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

English Vocabulary and Speaking Practice with Games for ESL/ELL (CEFR A1-B1)

Novel Study: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Introduction to High School Chemistry

Young Entrepreneur: Interactive + Collaborative Business and Hobby Discussion

Orton Gillingham Reading and Writing: Step 2 (2x per Week)

One on One Private Pokemon Class!

Dragons, Wizards, Goblins, and Monsters "Fantasy Art Club"

The History of Spring Customs and Rituals - Traditions of the British Isles

ESL 1:1 Reading and Grammar With Free Talk

Spanish Immersion Arctic and Winter Animals FLEX Class in Spanish

1:1 Creative Writer’s Workshop Tutoring

Adventures in Reading Comprehension - Main Idea and Details (FLEX Class) -

Group Reading Intervention

*FLEX* Montessori Multiplication and Division Bead Boards and Word Problems

Party Treats: Cupcakes, Chocolate Strawberries, Candy Crunch & Sugar Cookies

Orton Gillingham Reading and Writing: Step 2 (1x per Week)

Group Singing Lessons for Beginners Ages 8-11

Movement and Fitness: P.E. for Preschool- Winter Fun!

Did You Know Snowmen Have Fun at Night? Story Time/Craft With Teacher Dianne

Investing: The Basics

Practice Public Speaking: My Favorite Show and Tell

College Readiness 101: Who Are You?

Grade 5 Math: Homeschool Full Curriculum!

Digital Painting: Drawing People and Landscapes

Wild Animal Science: The Red Panda (Ages 8-10)

Acting for the Camera (Film Acting)

Beginners Spanish for Teens: Semester 1A

5th Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum

1 Hour Gymnastics/Acro Private Lesson

Weekly Fun Free Talk With Cantonese for Beginners!

3-D Valentine's Day Heart Ornament

Private Math Tutoring for Pre-Algebra

Introduction to Spanish: Mis Colores/My Colors (Ages 3-6)

Beginner Step by Step Pianos Lessons 1:1

Travel to the Burj Khalifa, Dubai - Travel to the Coolest Landmarks in the World

Travel to Beijing, China: The Coolest Cities in the World

STEM Mentoring with Teacher Tom! Explore STEM Projects 1:1 at Your Own Pace

Flex Your Spanish: Vocabulary and Conversation (12-15)

Flex Your Spanish: Vocabulary and Conversation (9-12)

Phonics Games! Learning to Read: Grade K-Ongoing

Plate Tectonics: Science With S'mores

Third Grade Common Core Math FLEX

Roblox Summer Camp: 4 Days of Social Gaming Sessions on a Safe, Private Server

Flex Your Spanish: Vocabulary and Conversation (15-18)

Optical Illusion Art With Mrs.D

A Shark Story: All About Great White Sharks

Animal Sanctuary Minecraft Club! Everything Furry and Cute. (Bedrock Realm)

The Shell Smashing Shrimp: All About Mantis Shrimp

Bunny Rabbit Love - Draw and Watercolor Paint Art Project!

Birthdays in Music This Week, Bio & Performance!

Graphic Design Camp | Summer Break Comprehensive | Canva!

Fashion Styles, Designers and Art: One to One Private Class

French Mistakes Detective Club

Dungeons and Dragons: Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage

1:1 Math Tutoring for Grades 6-12 (30 Min. Session, Once per Week)

Music, Movement and Crafts in Spanish for Toddlers and Preschoolers (Flex Class)

Music and Movement in Spanish

Public Speaking & Guided Impromptu Speech - Level 2 (ESL Friendly)

Let's Play Roblox Hide and Seek Games: Extended Gaming Event on a Safe, Private Server

Among Us: Extended Gaming and Social Event on a Safe, Private Server

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Level 4 Mowgli and Shere Khan Semester 1

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Level 4 Mowgli and Shere Khan Semester 2

Easy Animation for Beginners Using Keynote on the iPad (Part 2)

Dog's Valentine's Day: No Bake Treats for Your Dog

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Book 2 Town Mouse and Country Mouse Semester 2

IEW Fix It! Grammar: Book 2 Town Mouse and Country Mouse Semester 1

US History: Gilded Age, Roaring 20s & Depression

Let's Play Piano! Level B Group Class Part 2- Elementary

Let's Play Piano! Level B Group Class Part 1- Elementary

'Twas the Summer Before Calculus (Limits & Derivatives)

The Purpose of an Introduction in an Essay: How to Write One Sucessfully!

1 on 1 Pre-K Tutoring with Mrs. Darlene

A Book Club for Writers: Secrets of Storytelling

Grammar in 3D: Beginners ASL Grammar & Sentence Structure ASL Part 2

Grammar in 3D: Beginners ASL Part 2, Grammar & Sentence Structure ASL

Penguins Around the World - A Fun Zoology Class! (Ages 9-12)

Disney Detective Series: Encanto - Let's Find Mirabel, Bruno, Luisa, and More!

Spanish Classes Based on Individual Needs: Elementary by a Certified Teacher

LOL and OMG Dolls: Show, Chat, and Play a Photo Hunt Game!

Drawing Pokemon: Ivysaur

Analyzing Aesop's Fables

3rd Grade Learning Pod: Full Curriculum Reading, Writing, & Math Meets 4X/Week

Kindergarten Learning Circle Time - Fun, Standards-Based Reading, Math, & More!

The French Corner: Beginner French Level 3

Conversational German for Beginners V

The History of Halloween

Fun 1:1 Private ESL 12 Week Course With Slides

Spanish Book Club! Rodrick Rules - La Ley De Rodrick. Diary of a Wimpy Kid #2

Babysitting Basics

A Breath of Fresh Air: Mini Med FLEX Camp

Fairies From Around the World Pt. 2! - Fairy Stories, Geography, Culture

Role Playing in the Forbidden Lands ( a Dnd Alternative)

Writing Tutoring & Homework Help With an IEW Registered Instructor

Pop-Up Holiday Greeting Cards! (*New Designs 2023!)

Flex: Winter Art Flex Class

A Walk Through the Zoo

How to Draw Tropical Birds!

How to Draw a Sea Turtle!

How to Draw an Owl!

How to Draw an Elephant!

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party-With MS Abby- Homemade Pizza and Kahoot

Investing in the Stock Market - Flex Class

Lets Draw a Kawaii Self Portrait, Pets and Favourite Foods! Flex Bundle Version

Lets Draw Anime Eyes and an Anime Boy! Flex Bundle Version

Piano Music Class 6 - Ongoing (Part G) Advanced Piano

More Deductive Detectives Skills: Solving a New Mystery

1:1 Chemistry Tutoring With an Experienced Chemistry Examiner (Phd)

Algebra Students: Let's Learn How to Solve Literal Equations

Algebra Students: Let's Learn Equations With Variables on Both Sides

Royal Shapes

Algebra Students: Let's Learn How to Solve Equations With Fractions

The Case of the Gnomes Hidden Valentine Candy: A Math Mystery Escape Room

Their Eyes Were Watching God and Zora Neale Hurston -A Novel and Author Study

Paint a Fun Cactus

Tulips/Flowers Bouquet Drawing and Shading/ Art/ Mother's Day

Summer School~Early Childhood Education

Multiplication Mini Math Mystery: Case of the Toilet Paper Troll

Expand Your Imagination: Creative Writing All About Vampires

Fun Encanto Trivia With Kahoot!

United States Geography Fun With Games: Can You Collect All of the Postcards?

Waldorf Library Summer Solstice Reading Class

Office Hour--Help Session for Currently Enrolled Students

Teaching Children Peace the Montessori Way

ESL Conversation Private Tutoring

Mandarin Chinese with Games and Music Level 2D

Individual German/French Tutoring: Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Speaking 1:1

Fashion Designers: Fashion Sketching Group

Red Panda Trivia: Kahoot Style

Christmas Fun! Story and Sweet Treat Craft: No-Bake Gingerbread House

Christmas Fun! A Christmas Story, Songs, and Making a Christmas Tree Ornament!

All Aboard: Come Join Me on the Polar Express!

1:1 Private Acting/ Drama Lessons

History: Who Was Elvis Presley?

History: Rock and Roll: Who Were the Beatles?

4th Grade Homeschool Full Curriculum

1:1 Private Ongoing Class: Learn Photoshop: Create Art & Edit Photos! Ages 6-18

What is Kerbal Space Program & How Can I Use It To Learn Rocket Science? 13-17yr

What is Kerbal Space Program & How Can I Use It To Learn Rocket Science? 8-14yr

Level 6! Part 1 Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Guitalele

Photography 101 (Ages 9-13)

Multiplication Made Easy Ongoing - Fun Ways to Learn

Middle School French - Level 2

Full Year High School French - Level 2

Draw a Medieval Castle

Fun Water Science - Building an Ice Skating Rink

Book Club: I Survived Series

Addition Within 20 Mini Math Mystery: Case of the Stolen Cupcakes

Economics: Semester Course (Flex Class)

Python Programming | Beginner | Geocoding Part 1 = Geography + Python

1:1 Weekly Private English Tuition (Reading, Writing and Rich Conversation)

Addition Within 100 Mini Math Mystery: Case of the Gemstone Grab

FLEX: 3rd Grade Math Unit 2 (Addition and Subtraction)

Double-Digit Multiplication Mini Math Mystery: The Missing Monster Medicine

Area and Perimeter, the Building Brick Way!

Full Year French Class - Level 1: Semester 1 (Middle School)

Addition with Regrouping Mini Math Mystery: Case of the Stolen Jellybeans

High School French - Level 1: Semester 1

Blooket: Fraction Representations

Painting Huge Fearfully Great Dinosaurs With Acrylics

Valentine’s Escape Room

Draw a Cute Cat With Dustin!

Nature Inspired Creative Drawing for Young Artists.

Spanish Immersion: World Geography for Advanced to Native Speakers - Ongoing

Guess That Animal - Interactive Preschool Game with Colors and Letters!

Introduction to Weather: Kid Style!

Social Group for Children With Autism/Anxiety (Ages 6-9)

Race to the Podium: Winter Olympics Escape Room

Let's Start a Youtube Channel! Youtube Basics for Beginners (Ages 11-16)

Building Number Sense with Multi-Digit Multiplication Strategies

Escape the Haunted Heart

Private French Class

ABC, Read, Write, and Draw With Me!

Learn to Play Guitar!

SING 2: Could Have Been Me- Dance Routine!

Pokémon Drawing--Ash Ketchum

Animal Crossing New Horizons Weekly Gaming Class

ASL Counting Fun

Fun on the Farm With ASL

Algebra 1 Tutoring One-On-One 30 Min

Pink Rose/Flower Drawing/ Realistic/ Art

Oh, Freedom! Celebrating Human Ingenuity & Resilience -50% 0ff Sale!

1-on-1 Tutoring Reading Fun ( With a Certified Teacher)

Let's Travel to Ukraine, Learn World Geography, Culture, Food, Landmarks & More

Draw & Design 3D Art With Letters & Numbers in Pop Art Style!

Martin Luther King Jr Virtual Field Trip- Memphis (Lorraine Motel, Park, & More)

Homeschool Hangout - Ages 3-7

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Morris: Sponge Painted Fall Tree

Drawing Pokémon: Leafeon

One to One Private Math Tutoring (One Time)

Because of Winn Dixie - A Novel Study (Grade Level 3 - 6/Lexile Rating 550 - 900)

Glowing Fairy Jar With Acrylic Paint

Three Day Aerial Drills Boot Camp

Individual Book Study: One to One

Introductory Russian Cursive Writing

Learn to Code - Star Wars Edition

The Water Cycle: From Snowman and Back Again

Let's Talk - A Social Class for Practicing English Conversation Skills

Animals of the 7 Continents

(FLEX) Preschool & Kindergarten Photography: Colors, Foods, Animals & Toys

Private Party

Greek & Latin Roots - Building English Vocabulary + Prefixes

Private Spanish Session or Class.

Encanto Fan Kahoot!

The Active Animals Game -- "Join the Herd!" Ages 6-7

Experienced Tutor for Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Chem, Physics, Calculus

Private Spanish Mini Lessons

Guided ACT Math Practice

Middle School Language Arts: Ongoing Class

Let's Create a Musical! (Ages 4-8)

English Homework Help for High School/Middle School - 45 Minute Private Lesson

ESL (English as a Second Language) Talk Time With Teacher Elisha

Geo-Political Book Club for Passionate Teens

B 17 Flying Fortress a Dependable WWII Bomber

Musical Theatre Dance Kids: Encanto “We Don't Talk About Bruno” (Theater Dance)

Pre-Algebra: Support and Tricks

Figuring Out Fractions | Sort, Compare & All 4 Operations | Ongoing

What's for Dinner? #28 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Intermediate/Advanced Yoyo Tricks

Essay Evolution - A 1-On-1 Essay Writing Session for Specific Assignments

Cute Doodle Drawing Club - Let's Draw Kawaii Cuties Ongoing Class

How the Eyes Work: Anatomy and Physiology (Future Doctors Course)

Amazing Animals: Blue Whale Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Amazing Animals: Shark Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

What's for Dinner? #29 (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Amazing Animals: Dolphin Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Amazing Animals: Sea Turtle Science Facts & Directed Drawing!

Rose Flower/Tulip Drawing With Colored Pencils/ Realistic/ Art/Valentine

Grammar Tales: Herd of Cows! Flock of Sheep! A Lesson on Singular & Plural Nouns

If Feelings Could Talk. Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Boundaries. Let’s Manage Anger!

Reading Social Club for Littles!

Writing Workshop for Serious Authors

"Fantasy Fairytale Portrait Photography Secrets" The Magic Camera

For the Love of Pumpkin #2 Cooking Class (Flex) - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Long Division With Remainders Kahoot Game (Level Two)

Disney Easter Eggs (Class Two)

Adorable Tree Frog Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Life Is Better With Algebra: Systems of Equations, Operations With Polynomials

(FLEX) 8 Weeks Private Photography Tutoring With Erika Hatfield for Ages 7-18

Philosophy & Critical Thinking Discussion Club | Big Ideas That Matter for Teens

Fun Fluff Desserts (Beginner Chefs) FLEX - Cooking Confidence With Kristy

Forensic Detectives: Solving Crimes and Mysteries through Investigations

Word Problem Mania: How to Solve Algebra Word Problems

Gift Wrap Like a Pro! Use Lovely Paper and Real Ribbon to Make Gifts Special

Book Club: The Sisters Grimm - Book 1 - The Fairy Tale Detectives

The Black Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Meet the Nubians (Small Class!) 𓃀𓃭𓄿𓎢

Preschool & Kindergarten Prep (Full Curriculum - 3 Days/Wk)

Learn to Draw Just Using Shapes! - Beginning Drawing With Shapes

English Language Arts / Writing Tutoring, Private

Reading Comprehension and Phonics One-On-One Tutoring

Be the Vet for the Youngest Future Veterinarians: A Day at the Clinic With Pets

Private Group Class Dance Class: (Beginner-Advanced) 30min

Encanto Color and Chat Ages 3-6

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