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New Classes on Outschool 2022-01-23

There are 326 new classes on Outschool the week of January 23, 2022 to January 29, 2022.

Telling Time to the Hour & Half Hour on Analog and Digital Clocks

45 Minute 1:1 Personalized Tutoring (Ages 7-17)

Advanced Encanto Fan Kahoot

Art Camp: Draw and Paint Like Four More Famous Artists

Let's Play Animal Crossing New Horizon: Visit the Teacher’s Bellionaire Island!

Game on: US States (Self Paced)

How to Re-Sell Items on Mercari!!!

Math Mania (SEAM Plus)

Expand Your Imagination: Creative Writing About Middle Earth

Spanish for Kiddos: 1:1 Clases Privadas de Continuo (Ongoing Private Classes - All Ages)

Art Camp: Draw and Paint Cats From Famous Artworks

Adorable Fluffy Puppy Drawing & Watercolor Painting

Unicorns Are Magical - Let's Play a Bingo Game and Sing Songs

ULTIMATE Reading Test Prep |SAT, ACT, State Testing| Weekly Practice & Guidance

Draw Spongebob Squarepants With Dustin!

Counting Critters: One-To-One Correspondence and Pre-Algebraic Fun!

I Love to Read Book Club! (New & Beginning Readers-Ages 5-7)

Black History Book Club: Stella by Starlight

Beginner ESL With the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Style Study: Classical Piano 1

Let’s Dance! Halloween Costume Party Beginner Ballet (Ages 4-8)

Beginning Ballet Kids: Encanto "All of You"

Doodle Masters Club! Easy Drawing for Kids Part A

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Video Gaming Social Club

Baby Ballerinas!

Growth Mindset Journaling & Chat (Summer Camp Edition)

Intro to Film Studies: Five Elements of Film

SFX Camp: Special Effects Makeup, MUE's

Sketching: Learn How to Sketch a Semi-Realistic And Cute Baby Animal

Encanto: Surface Pressure- Dance Routine!

Minecraft Nights: Older Teen Edition For 14 and Up: Java 1.20 Social Gaming Hour

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 3 Multiday (Age 8-12)

Disney Trivia Blooket

Private Spanish Tutoring: 1-On-1 Classes With a Certified Teacher in Mexico City

Anne of Green Gables Sewing Circle

The Amazing Eye Science & Art

Needle Felt an Owl

Amazing Polar Bears Science & Art (Ages 5-7)

Summer Camp-Yummy Edible Science Camp-Part 3-Earth Layers, Volcanoes, Erosion

Solving Two Step Equations

Singing Kids: Encanto "We Don't Talk About Bruno"

Spanish Immersion for Children: Ages 8-12 (Beginners) Three Times a Week.

Draw With Me: Superhero / Avengers (Part 2) Self-Paced Class

Disney Drawing Club: Encanto!

Let's Practice Writing on Our Own! (Ages 6-8)

Python Programming Fundamentals for Beginners Level 1.2 (Once a Week, 12 Weeks)

Encanto Themed Dance Party: A Magical Workout

1:1 Math Tutoring With Certified Teacher (45 Minutes)

Let's Talk, Read and Write German for Intermediate - Advanced Speakers (8-12 Yr)

Individual Tutoring (25 Minutes)

One-To-One Private Tuition in Phonics, Reading, Writing, Maths, ESL

Debate Club for High School

All Things "Park and Recreation" TV Social Group

You Can Write a Movie! Level 1 - Screenwriting School (Teens) FLEX

Wants and Needs / Small Group Class

Draw Realistic Animals! | Learn Animal Art and Sketching Techniques

Let's Eat and Chat (4 Day Social Camp)

Hip Hop/Musical Theatre Encanto Themed Dance Class #1 (Ages 5-9) - English

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gung Hey Fat Choy! Let's Learn about Lunar New Year and Craft a Red Envelope!

Shakespeare Through Dungeons and Dragons RPG Beginner / Int Roleplay DND D&D

Patchwork Heart Arts and Crafts Project

Paper Strip Heart Arts and Crafts Project

Where the Red Fern Grows Book Club: A Boy and His Coonhounds

The Captain Feral Kat Mysteries. A Drama and Math Pirate Adventure Game.

Neptune, the Last Planet in the Solar System

Growth Mindset Social Club Semester Course: Confidence, Positivity, & Goals

"Let's Learn Ballet" Beginning Ballet Dance Class for 6-9yr Olds!

The Theater of Self - Sociology (Focus on Court)

Scavenger Hunt in Reverse! Can You Make Your Items Fit the Category?

Shakespeare Sleuths (Don't Read Shakespeare Alone): Julius Caesar

Private Japanese Tutoring (One Time Class)

My First Piano Adventure (Level ABC): Private Piano Lessons With Ms. Grace

Reading Through the Year- Reading Comprehension Lessons

Learn to Speak & Read Hebrew From a Hebrew School Teacher - Tutoring Block

Primus Summer Camp: Space Camp with Projects

Preschool Hebrew/English Circle Time (3-5)

Full Curriculum Phonics, Letters and Their Sounds, Blends, Reading and More!

Climate Change and the Environment - FLEX Class

1:1 Calming and Relaxing Yoga

Scratch Coding for Beginners- Creating an 'all About Me' Interactive Infographic

Alla Prima Art Academy: Paint Like Famous Artists in Art History - Secondary Grades

Taxes, Taxes, Everywhere! / Small Group Class

Ukulele Ongoing Private Lessons

Individual Tutoring: Ongoing

Math Tutoring: 1-On-1 Ongoing

Tutoring in English / Language Arts / Grammar / Spelling / Vocabulary / Ongoing

Musical Theatre Camp

The Wonderful World of WHY: Ongoing Science Club (Ages 7-10)

Awesome Writing Skills- FLEX Class

Encanto: We Don’t Talk About Bruno- Dance Routine!

Wags and Whiskers Pet Club

Storytime with Laura: The Story of Lazy Jack — Young Learners (Ages 3-7)

Discovery Keys: A Piano Class for Preschoolers! (Class1)

Beginner Lindy Hop; Shim Sham

Storytime with Laura: The Story of Lazy Jack — Elementary (Ages 8-12)

Beginner Piano Lessons: Music Moves for Piano Book 2

Kids Spanish Immersion Class- All Levels - 2 On 1 With Native Speaker

Let’s Doodle! Learn to Draw Mythical PokÉMon in This PokÉMon Camp

Greek Mythology: Reading, Crafts and Social Club for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade

Book Report Masters - Learn to Write a Top Notch Book Report

The Art of Theatre History Ancient Times to Today - The Improv Time Machine!

One on One AP US History Tutoring

Prepare for Wonderful Amazing Kindergarten: Circle Time With Miss. Daniele

Horse Writing Fall Camp

Multi-digit Multiplication and Long Division (Twice a week)

Private Tutoring With Teacher Elisha

Beginning Multiplication Facts 5 To 8

Draw With Me- Directed Drawing Beginner [Weekly]

1:1 Harry Potter Club - Discuss Favourite HP Books or Themed Class

Valentine Math Puzzles to Tickle the Brain

Gardening for Fun 1

Beginning Violin Encouragement Club

Building on Beginning Violin Foundations: Play Faster!

Middle School Life Science (Flex)

Ongoing Montessori Elementary Private 1:1 Tutoring - English & Math (30 Minutes)

Atom Camp 4: Advanced Hands-on Molecule Building! - Summer Camp (STEM / STEAM)

Storytime with Laura: The Story of Fox's Sack — Elementary (Ages 8-12)

Storytime with Laura: The Story of Fox's Sack — Young Learners (Ages 3-7)

60 Minutes 1:1 Private Violin Lessons for All Levels and Abilities

Alice in Wonderland Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Hatter!

Tumbling at Home: Stretching, Acrobatics, Flexibility (Level 2)

Encanto: Dance, Numbers in Espanol and Bruno!

The Munch Bunch: Trying New Foods With New Friends!

How Things Work 3: Invisible Forces (Full Physics Curriculum for Grades 4-6)

Math Is Your Path-Middle Schoolers! Master Your Multiplication Tables

Escape Room Challenge-Escape the Solar System! (Ages 10-14)

The Complete Artificial Super Intelligence PART #2

Private Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

LIVE Online Art Class: Draw and Paint a Heart Gemstone!

Ongoing Tutoring for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade Reading Writing and Math

What?... Pink Animals and Insects!

Fashion Design & Sketch Club: London Fashion Week: Winter Romantics

Encanto Ballet Dance Class - "We Don't Talk About Bruno"

French Beginners / Reading Sequence / Age 4 To 6

Adding and Subtracting Fractions With Like Denominators

Valentines Squishmallows: Draw & Share

Scratch Coding Semester 4 - Intermediate Level Focused on Game Design

School Success! Weekly One-To-One Personalized Math and Science Tutoring

Premium Daily Violin Lessons

The Supreme Life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Biography, History, and Art

Mardi Gras Kahoot!

1:1 One-Time Reading Tutoring and Homework Help for Pre-K - 3rd

Critical Thinking: Valentine's Day Edition

Patterns in Algebra: Critical Thinking Class

4th Grade Math Review! Getting Ready for Fifth Grade With a Licensed Teacher.

5th/6th Grade Grammar, Reading- Full Year Curriculum ~Licensed Teacher

Seasons of Joy: Valentine's Day Circle Time

Discover the Sensory Science of Water Through The Wonder of Puddles | Play Based & Interest-Led Learning

5th Grade Math - Full Year Curriculum, Interactive & Engaging ~Licensed Teacher

Make and Use a Rain Gauge to Measure the Weather | Play Based Kindergarten & Preschool

Create a Water Cycle Science Terrarium & Miniatures World | Play-Based & Interest-Led Learning

Hey...Those Flowers Drank My Rainbow! Learn Water Science Through Art | Play Based Kindergarten & Preschool

Flowers, Leaves and Sweet Honey Bees: Explore Math Using Ephemeral Nature Art | Play Based and Child Led Learning

Mathletes Geniuses: Place the First Digit (Traditional Division)

Snails, Shells, Spirals & Slime | In The Real Wonderland: Play-Based Learning

Create a Water Science Artwork With Open Ended Art | Play-Based Kindergarten & Preschool

Blocks, Bricks, Boxes…And Beyond | In The Real Wonderland: Play-Based Learning

Eggs, Nests & Animal Architects | In The Real Wonderland: Play-Based Learning

Learn to Write and Draw Letter Shapes With Play-Based Art, Map-Making & Imagination | ADHD -Dyslexia - Autism & Neurodiverse Inclusive

Learn To Read and Write With Play and Story-Making - Part 2 ("Talk For Writing" Program Online Class)

No-Rush Phonics - Speech, Sound Blends & Segments | Preschool & Kindergarten

Open-Ended Art & Book Club: Conversation, Friendship & Emergent Literacy | Play Based & Interest-Led Learning

Cooking with Creativity & Courage: Italian Cuisine

Holiday (Reading and Drawing Class)

Mindful Drawing: Abstract Drawing for Fun and Relaxation

Meteorology for Kids: How to Observe and Forecast the Weather (Ages 7 to 8)

Making a Feminist Zine--A Class for Writers, Artists, and Designers

The Magic Station

Math Is Your Path -Long Division & Multiplication for Middle Schoolers- Mastery!

Grammar Keepers Which Word? (already/all ready) (less/fewer) (Common Errors/E)

Book Club-The Ambassador of Nowhere Tx- Sequel to When Zach Beaver Came to Town

Fast-Tracked Spanish - Me Gusta/No Me Gusta (Basic Conversations 4th-6th Grade)

A "Splash" of Phonics! Brain-Friendly Phonics & Decoding 5-Day Reading Camp

Learn With Ms. Price | Customized Writing Lessons / Tutoring | 25-Minutes

Chinese Immersion Fun Circle Time: I Love Chinese, Mandarin

Private Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

Minecraft Bedrock Survival or Creative Realms Weekly Social & Skills Club

Learn to Read and Write Kanji

Gaming Overcooked All You Can Eat Ongoing Weekly Club Nintendo Switch

Cricut Design Space Stickers

English Tutoring: Listen, Learn and Love Practicing English

Style Study: Blues Piano

1:1 Weekly Ongoing Bass Lessons, Beginner to Intermediate!

Escape the Clock Museum- Telling Time on Analog & Digital Clocks

Private Flute Lessons With Ms. Lynlie - 25 Minute Weekly Lessons

Fifth Grade Math l Decimals Bootcamp! l Add, Subtract,Multiply & Divide Decimals

Homework Help for Elementary School ELA, Math

Summer Camp: Roblox Game Design With Lua (Level 1)

Little Mozarts: Private Piano Lessons With Ms. Grace

Homeschool High School Art Curriculum #1

Princess Drawing Club: How to Draw Disney Princesses

1:1 Weekly Ongoing Guitar Lessons, Beginner to Intermediate!

Holiday/Christmas Card Making Class With Poetry!

Animals From China: Let's Learn About Giant Pandas, and Red Pandas!

Beginner Dance Class


Garageband Camp - 3 Day Introduction to Garageband on the Ipad (Spring Break Cam

Trial Class! Little Mozarts: Private Lessons With Ms. Grace

Discover the World: Ireland & Celtic Knots

Introduction to Spanish: El Unicornio Magico/the Magical Unicorn (Ages 5-8)

Debate Club: Supreme Court Cases

Italian Level 1. Spring Semester

French Intensive for Beginners: Summer Camp Level 1

Cookie Run Kingdom Weekly Social Club

History Scholars: The Art of Researching and Writing History

Do Snowmen Have Jobs? Story Time Reading & Winter Craft Fun With Teacher Dianne

Mr. Chris' Art Group

Homeschool Second Grade! 2nd Grade Full Curriculum Blooket!

Encanto Dance Routine- What Else Can I Do

Computer PC Repair and Troubleshooting a Crash Course in Mending Fixing I

Private 1:1 Tutor | 50 Minutes | Pre-Calculus & Calculus | This Is EPIC! |

Test Prep: Reading Comprehension (5th & 6th Grade)

Photography Club (Ages 9-13)

The Human Body by Adventure Learning

Exploring the Universe

Journey Around the 50 United States: A One-Year Ongoing Course

Conversation Hearts Valentine’s Day Elementary Science Class

Escape Room: Encanto Part 1 With Ciphers & Secret Codes: Let’s Help Mirabel Get Her Magical Door!

Let's Learn and Create With Play Dough or Clay ~ Weekly Themed Chat ~ Social Time Club

Knitting 101 (Private Class)

My Spanish Club for Kids: Intermediate and Advance

Dining Dynamos 2: Restaurant Dining, Respect for Others, Table Settings, & More!

Phonics in Focus With Reading Comprehension Practice

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners - One on One (4 Weeks)

The Process of Making Movie Magic and Visual Effects Workshop - One on One Class

Learn to Play Minecraft Creative for Beginners (Bedrock Edition)

Encanto Baking/Cooking Class: Let’s Cook Arepas De Queso (Arepas With Cheese)

Learn to Play Minecraft Survival- Beginners Class (Bedrock Edition)

Create Your Own Suspense! Write a Thrilling Short Story!

Valentine's Day High Energy Dance Party!

Closed-Private Piano Lessons

Ongoing One-To-One Private Math Tutoring 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Grades

Roblox BedWars Camp With Mr. Mike!

Let's RAP: Using the RAPS Strategy to Write Effective Paragraphs

Robots: Hands on Science!

Would You Rather: Valentine's Dating Game

Make Your Own Geodes, Gems, Treasures and Sparkles | Play Based and Interest-Led Learning

Travel to Space and Paint Your Own Galaxies, Skies and Rainbows | Play-Based & Interest-Led Learning

Australian Animal Wildlife Safari: Make Your Own Outback Animal Tracks...With an Aussie Teacher!

Laundry Basics to Increase Independence

Housekeeping Basics to Increase Independence

Creative Writing. How to Write Stories People Will Want to Read! (Ages 10 - 14)

STEM: Gummy Bear Osmosis - 2 Day Class #Academic

I Can Read - Predictable Vowel Teams

English Language Arts (ELA): Ongoing Adventures

Wizards and Witches Live Improv Roleplay Adventure Cosplay Theatre "Fae Saga"

Beyond Shapes: Geometry for Middle Elementary Level 1 Weekly

Eevee Eeveelutions Drawing Club

American Girl & Civil Rights: Melody - No Ordinary Sound

Beginner Writers Camp: Learn to Write Sentences Level 2

Reading Tutoring and Assessment

Acrylic Painting - Spring Flowers & Animals

Tumbling at Home: Gymnastics, Acrodance, Flexibility (Level 1)

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Poem: Postcard From Texas)

Kids and Keys: Beginning Piano Class Part 1

ASL Story Time Self Paced Course

Pre-Algebra: Addition, Subtracting and Variables Part 2 Practice

Weekly Animal Spotlight

Roblox Club: The World of Pet Simulator (Weekly Prize Egg/Chance to Win a Huge)

Order Real Numbers Using a Graphing Calculator

Kindergarten Readiness One on One!(Request a Time)

Review: Mixed Number Subtraction With and Without Regrouping (One Time Class)

Music Theory Super Course for Piano

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Because of Libraries...)

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (Still Life With Summer...)

Use Mentor Poems to Read, Analyze, and Write Poetry (When I Was One-and-Twenty)

The Sweetheart Dance: A Valentine's Day Mystery

Interactive Third Grade Math Class: Full Curriculum ( Small Groups)

One-on-One Tutoring!!! (Reading ,Writing, and Math) Ongoing 5 days a week

Middle School Physical Science: Emphasis on Real-Life Physics

Imagination Playground, One!

All About Beginning Fractions Math Camp Part 2 (Multi-Day)

Basic Pre-Algebra Review: Addition, Subtraction, and Variables Part 2 (One-Time Class)

Basic Pre-Algebra Review: Addition, Subtraction, and Variables (Ongoing)

Sing With Me! Princess Singing and Voice Lessons

Ccvce, Come Blend With Me and Let's Add "E"! ("R"Blends!)

Planet Explorers: Let's Learn About the Planets!

Birds & Powered Flight: How Do Birds Fly?

Young Beginner Piano Class - Part 10

Pre-K to Kindergarten Readiness: Full Curriculum!

Intro to Public Speaking

Guitar Lessons - Learn With a Friend!

Private Tutoring With Danny (6th, 7th, 8th Grade & Algebra; Single Session)

Metric System of Measurement & Unit Conversions (Multi-Day)

U.S. Customary System of Measurement & Unit Conversions (Multi-Day)

Create a Pop-Up Valentine Card

Stop Motion Animation (Ages 9-12)

Crochet for Beginners: Create a Beautiful, Blanket, Bear, Purses, and More!

Gestural Study: Drawing Trees

When I Grow up! ( Learning About Careers)

Drawing Hands: Peace and I Love You

Brain Gym - Math 3/4: Math Talks, Critical Thinking Skills, Word Problem of the Day

1:1 Authentic Communication (Ongoing)

Financial Literacy and Personal Finance for Teens Semester 2

Barbie Social Club (45 Minutes)

Stop Motion Animation for Young Learners 3 Day Class

Valentine's Day Logic Puzzles

German 1 for High Schoolers (Part 4 of 4) - full year core academic curriculum

Barbie Club Weekly

LAMDA 1 to 1 Musical Theatre Singing Class with a Professional (Ages 7-18)

1:1 Reading Tutoring

Draw & Watercolor Paint / Color a Warrior Cat Bramblestar

Draw & Watercolor Paint or Color HTTYD Dragon Cloudjumper a Stormcutter

Pro-Social Skills for Teens Ages 13-15 (50 Minute Class)

Private Tutoring: 1 on 1

Story Time & Drawing- Elephant and Piggie

Alphabet and Letter Sound Identification Class

Handwriting With Thumbprint Art Series (Reindeer)

Primus Science: Life Science - Microbiology & Labs for Primary Grades

Top Class-Lessons for Brass

Acting 101 - An Introduction to Acting

Walter's Wonderful Shapes

A Pirate ABC

1 2 3 Numbers and Me

Our Feelings and Emotions

Friendship Pie

Helpers Around Our Community

Monsters and Manners

Building a Minecraft Java Server

The Ultimate MLA Camp: Citing Sources and Creating a Works Cited Page

Gross & Fun Animal Science: Barnyard Farts, Puke, & Other Disgusting Things

Not Your Ordinary Magic Tree House Book Club

Make Your Case: Detective Investigation and Mock Trial - Honeymoon Murder

Jumping into 5th Grade Math Ongoing Class: Mini Lessons, Practice, and Games!

Let's Explore Las Vegas - A Virtual Day Trip for Kids

Jumping into 6th Grade Math Ongoing Class: Mini Lessons, Practice, and Games!

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