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New Classes on Outschool 2020-12-20

There are 228 new classes on Outschool the week of December 20, 2020 to December 26, 2020.

Ongoing Private Piano Lessons

Super Spanish Semester Class A

Learning Grammar Through Literature (Ongoing) Ages 9-13

Ms. Colleen's Guided Reading and Guided Writing Class - Grade 3 - Small Class

My Minecraft Fun Lab: Puzzles, Games, Art and More Social Learning Club

(3X/Wk) Kindergarten Circle Time: Literacy, Numeracy, Show and Share, Social Skills, and More!

Google Slides Fun: Create a Boho Unicorn Design - Digital Art Craft

Weekly: Anime Style Digital Painting & Drawing Using Procreate!

Tasty Treats - Ongoing Class

Social Skills Club Mobilize to Socialize: A Game a Week Is the Fun You Seek.

Get the Tea on Famous Artists in this Weekly Art History Club. 8-13.

Private Tutoring Math

Google Slides Fun: Create a Boho Beach Scene (Set 1) - Digital Art Craft

Weekly Scratch-Athon: Lets Build Scratch Programs!

Star Wars Universe Fanatics

We Love Art!-Weekly Art Course~ Ages 6-8

Private Piano Lessons: Traditional/Creative Combo- Beginners Welcome! Ages 6-18

In Their Own Words: African American Speeches that Made History

Greek Myths Minotaur: Read, Discuss and Draw

The Life of Helen Keller. Fascinating Story of a Blind & Deaf Girl.

Irish Dance Academy: Ages 7-12 (Ongoing)

Drawing Super Mario Faves (Set 1) Self-Paced

Mini Middle School Science: Earth's Spheres (Flex)

Mini Middle School Science: Objects in Motion (Flex)

Mini Middle School Science: Protists & Fungi (Flex)

1:1 Licensed Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring

1:1 Elementary and Middle School Reading Tutoring

Dissecting Word Problems :Weekly Word Problem

U.S. History Thru the Eyes of American Girl Doll: Rebecca

Money Management: Comparison Shopping

Money Management: Saving and Investing

College Search 101

Asian Stories Book Club #3: When the Sea Turned to Silver (Grace Lin Trilogy)

Irish Dance: Saint Patrick's Day (Ages 7-12)

Let's Paint Fireworks!

Growing Aspiring Writers in Writers' Workshop

Creative Writing and Journaling Club: Improving Your Writing

The Ongoing Dinosaur Expert's Club: Paleontology, Dinosaur Species, and More

Music and Movement: Ongoing Private Piano Lessons With Ms. Joanna

Fifth Grade Math Ongoing Math Skills

Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Weekly Ongoing Video Game Social Race & Battle Club

Hamilton the Musical - History & the Play - Ongoing

Waldorf-Inspired Norse Mythology Part One: Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes

Ultimate Anime Art! ~ Manga Mastery

Let's Explore the Wonders of the Ancient & Natural World! Geology & History 6-9

Geography: North America the United States

Full Semester Morning Meetup: Social Homeroom for Homeschoolers!

Fractions Simplified! Reducing Fractions using Greatest Common Factors!

Seasons of Joy Playdate: The North Wind Doth Blow

1:1 Elementary and Middle School Reading Tutoring

Tutor Math

Monster-of-the Week: Challenging and Fun D&D 5E Monster Hunting

Kids Conversation Book Club

Magic Moments in Math- Solving Middle School Math Emoji Puzzles! (Ages 10-13)

Create a Comic

Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple

Le club français avec Kim. French Club With Kim. Fun Activities For 9-12s.

One Time Class: Charlotte Mason Nature Study: Turtles! Ages 8-13

High School Chemistry Full Curriculum - Segment 3 of 3 (Flex)

Take off on the Recorder, in One Day

How to Draw the World's Deadliest Animals | Art Class for Animal Lovers

Animal Alphabet Club! Movements, Facts, and Fun

French Music Class - Les Comptines Et Chansons

Orton Gillingham 1-on-1 Private Multi-Sensory Reading, Spelling Tutor (Dyslexia)

Awesome Flip Book Animation (7 to 13 Yr Olds)

Cursive Club: Handwriting Life Skill With Fun Weekly Themes (Ongoing)

Hands-On Preschool: Let’s Make Snacks With Mrs. Loren- Silly Sandwiches

How to Lose a War

Trial Class: Preschool Circle Time (2x) and Kinder/First Grade Curriculum Class (3x/5x)

Paranormal and Supernatural History - What Just Happened?

Creative Cake Decorating: Beginner to Advanced (8wks-LIVE Class) Age 12-16 1:1+

Creative Cake Decorating: Beginner to Advanced (8wksLIVE Class): Age 9-11-1:1+

I Have Confidence Daily Affirmations

Advanced German Part 3

Here's Katakana! Part 1 (a Japanese Alphabet) (Age 13-18)

Mobilize to Socialize: Interactive & Inclusive Camp. Have Fun & Make Friends!

So You Want to Write... a Science Fiction Story?

Middle School English: Introduction to Short Horror Stories and Edgar Allen Poe

Valentine’s Day Trivia Kahoot

History of Germany: A Story of National Identity

Mandarin Chinese Class for Beginners (50 Minute Sessions)

Cool Continents, Countries and Cultures Multi Day 9-13 Yo

Space Weekly! (Ages 5-7)

How to Become an Actor on TV Commercials - Auditions and Technique

Pokemon Physics: Force, Friction and Laws of Motion

Understanding the Life & Teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King

Pokemon Math

All About Beginning Multiplication and Arrays (Multi-Day Math Class)

Assertiveness : Helping Teens Find Their Voice

Top Six Strategies to Overcome Negative Thinking

Dungeons & Dragons Ongoing Class: In Search of the Unknown!

Successfully Writing Common App & College Essay Prompts - What You Need to Know

The Great Grammar Adventure Plus: Weekly Language Arts for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade

Thinking Games: A Weekly Social Games Club

Summarizing to Expand Your Reading Comprehension Ages 10-14

Fun Skills, Escape Room: Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 1 Trivia With Ciphers, Cryptograms, and Secret Codes

Pop Diva! Spotlighting Your Favorite Queens of Pop Sing/Dance With Pop-Up Class

Star Wars: The Movies Discussion

Let's Talk About: Manatees!

Seasons of Joy Story Time: The Elves and the Shoemaker

Level 2 - Beginner Violin Group Class - Next Steps!

WINTER BREAK CAMP Breyer & Schleich Horse Craft Camp: Blankets, Jumps & More

Level 1 - Beginner Violin Group Class | Learn While Having Fun!

How to Be a Kitty Cat Detective. A Drama and Math Adventure Game 8-11

Biology Colouring: Cranial Nerves

Science With Miss Robyn: Geochemistry: Birthstones and Minerals #academic

Biology Colouring: The Human Brain

Individual Violin, Viola, or Cello Lesson

Biology, Chemistry - High School Curriculum Private Tutoring Session

Tutus and Tiaras Ballet Jazz Combo Dance Technique Fun With Pop-Up Class!1x(4-8)

Plan and Write an Exceptional College Research Paper

🌸 IJC Exclusive - 4th Annual Spring Hanami Watch Party + Trivia Games 🌼

Tackle and Write a Five Paragraph Essay: An Organized Way of Writing (Part 1)

Draw Cute Unicorn Mermaid and Pusheen Mermaid - Kawaii Mermicorn and Purrmaid

Individual Violin, Viola, or Cello Lessons.

Writing Silly Stories

Individual Violin, Viola, or Cello Lessons

Reborn Doll Social Club: Positive and Engaging

Martin Luther King, Jr. StoryTime

Mythology Symposium: The Story of Achilles

Animal Adventure: More Big Cats [Jaguar, Leopard, Cheetah, Cloud Leopard, Lynx]

Ocean Animal Adventure: Five Astonishing Prehistoric Sea Monsters

Prehistoric Dinosaur Adventure: Learn About Five Astonishing Dinosaurs

Animal Adventure: Big Cats [Tiger, Snow Leopard, Lion, Clouded Leopard, Cougar]

Spanish Immersion: Intermediate Level (13Y-17Y)

Spanish Immersion: Intermediate 1

American History - The Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Corps of Discovery: Lewis and Clark's Expedition Through the American West

Tearin' up My Art: Collaged Magical Landscape Bookmarks

Love to Dance - Ballet for Beginners, Ongoing Class (Ages 6-8).

Book Club: Life Lessons From "Harry Potter"

Chess Club - Learn and Play (Elementary)

Beginner Japanese Level 1 (Twice a Week)

Plan, Create, Build, Explore!

Magically Scientific!

Enrichment: Vocabulary Supersleuths With Greek and Latin Roots - Part 3

Let's Celebrate December & Create: Reindeer

Doodle Drawing: A Winter Gnome

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Series

Deserts, Mountains & Glaciers! The Real World Geology of Star Wars Part 2 (6-9)

Social-Emotional Learning Class for Early Learners With Teacher Nikki

Anime Drawing Intro ~ Time to Shine Artist!

Learn Letters Through Sensory Play!

Let's Write Your Opinion!

Let's Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Dog Treat Baking Club

Christmas Reindeer Watercolor Fun!

STEM: Traveling Water

Art and Craft Club: Around the World ( 6 Weeks / Once a Week / Homeschool )

Design and Draw (or Paint!) a Dragon

Travel Through America's National Parks: Round 3

Earth Day Camp! (Bird Feeders, Dirt Cups and Art!)

Preschool/Kindergarten Circle Time (1/Week):Letter Recognition, Writing, Phonics

Preschool/Kindergarten Circle Time (2/Week):Letter Recognition, Writing, Phonics

Oh No, I Made A Mistake--But It's OK!

Introduction to Piano Part 2

Ancient Greek History 1: From the Origins of Greeks to the Greco-Persian Wars

Beginning Arabic - Level 3 (Trimester Course)

Stuffy Makes a Mistake--But It's OK!

Earth Science for High School Students - Semester 2

Sewing Lessons - Learn to Sew, YOU Choose the Project - Beginner to Advanced

Letter Reading and Writing Reversals: Tips & Flips: B, D, P, Q, M, W, N, U, Etc.

Earth Science for Middle School Students - Semester 2

Art History - 40,000 Years of Majestic Horse Might - One on One

Art History - Birds Through 40,000 Years of Captivating Portrayals - One on One

Dance Kids: Beginning Ballet and Tap

Dance Fitness Club

Awesome Alphabet Adventures

Colors and Drawing Four Seasons Impressions

Social Club for Girls- Building Strong Character + Arts and Crafts (2x a Week)

Introduction to Criminal Law (Flex Class): To Kill a Mockingbird (Novel Study)

Japanese: Road to Fluency Beginner Class 1 Part 1 (Age 8-12)

Fun Theatre Games for Kids! on-Going Class

Crafts and Chat Class for Tweens and Teens! on-Going Class

Hindi for Tiny Tots: Private Tutoring

Geometry for Mathematicians: Proofing Geometry 2 Semester Full Year Math Course

DIY Doll Furniture: Let's Make a Garden Gate

Dancers Private’s for Miss Ariel’s Current Students

Creative Drawing: Drawing Wacky Animal Chicken Cartoon Portraits! 🐔

Happy Rooster Drawing

Individual Tutoring

Beginner Hip Hop and Jazz Dance Class Ages 7-10.

Real Life Dragons! Drawing and Learning About Komodo Dragons

Learn ASL Club Preteen/Teen

DIY Doll Furniture: Let's Make a Grandfather Clock

DNA: Decoding the Universal Language of Life

Grade 6 Weekly Spelling Focus (6th Grade)

Division: Dividing by Two-Digit Divisors

How to Draw! Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Art Class | Weekly Drawing Club

Preschool in French: J'apprends le Français (Ongoing)

The Movie Was Better: Using Film to Understand Literature

Magna-Tiles Creations Club

Creative Drawing: Parts of a Cartoon - Eyes, Noses, Ears, Mouths, Etc.

Let's Just Draw! Drawing Abstract Art Using Visual Prompts

STEM: States of Matter #Academic

Public Speaking and Communication Ages 10 to 13!

Let's Learn Spanish Pets & Numbers: Mascotas Y MÁS!

Using Context Clues #Academic

What Is a Direct Object? #Academic

Young Stars Break Winter Camp

Creative Writing: How to Complete a Story (Multi-Day Class)

Creative Writing: How to Build a Character (Multi-Day Class)

The Vietnam War

Little Singers Intro to Singing

Private Tailored Lesson With a Native Speaker - Mandarin (2 Siblings)- 4 Lessons

Singapore Method Math Topics

Magic Tree House Book 2 Book Club: Knight at Dawn FLEX

Get Ready for Kindergarten this Summer! with "Kindergarten Reading Sight Word Superstars"

Mastering Middle School Life Science: Hands-On Activities/Labs/Games! (Q3/Flex)

Deep Dive Debates: Monthly Topics in Current Events

Fun With Compound Words #Academic

Prefixes and Suffixes #Academic

Differentiating Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative& Exclamatory Sentences #Academic

There's No Such Thing as an Ordinary Scribble: PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Piano Lessons for Ages 15-18, Spring Term A

Piano Lessons for Ages 10-14, Spring Term A

Piano Lessons for Ages 5-9, Spring Term A

Little Farmers: Farm Animal Experts

All About Penguins. They Live in the Cold, yet Warm Our Hearts.

Spanish 1 Semester 2- Grammar (Middle/High School) (FLEX)

All About the Great White Shark.

The Ultimate Monster Art Class: Creature Design for Young Artists

Life Stages of a Caterpillar and Butterfly #Academic

Basketball Talk! - Weekly NBA Discussions and Predictions (ALL AGES)

Rising to the Challenge: Developing a Growth Mindset to Overcome Obstacles

Paint an African Penguin on the Beach

Become a Confident Reader! - Reading and Language Arts Tutoring

A "How-To" Writing Stories

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