New Classes on Outschool 2020-11-29

There are 373 new classes on Outschool the week of November 29, 2020 to December 5, 2020.

All About Beginning Double Digit Division Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

All About Beginning Long Division With and Without Remainders Math Camp (Multi-Day Camp)

1:1 Coding Class - One-Time

All About Single-Digit Long Division Camp

The Foundry: Dungeon Masters Workshop ( Ages 10 -14)

Miss Ally’s Art Class: Draw and Paint Polar Bear and Whimsical Tree

Learn to Play "Jingle Bells", Christmas Themed Piano Lesson for Beginners

Let's Bake a Treat for Our Kitty!

Engineering Club: Cracking the Design Process for Future and Young Engineers

Coding - Intro to HTML and CSS for Website Creation for Beginners (Once a Week, 10 Weeks)

The Science Lab: Hands on Science Club!

Mastering the Art of Drawing Realistic Portraits and Faces!

American Girl Doll New Years Party: Welcome 2023!

Nutcracker Story Time With Guided Listening Activities

Circle-Time With Your Favorite Stuffed Animal!

Santa Tracker Code Lab

Christmas Party With Ms. Allie: Singing, Dancing and Playing!

Making Friends Social Club: Snacks & Chats ! Let’s Chat !

Gingerbread House Decorating- Holiday Story and Yummy Treats

Superhero Drawing #1: Super Santa Flying on Christmas Eve

Junior Ed Weekly Builds in Minecraft Creative - History, Geography & Architecture.

Story Spies: Halloween Fun Edition

Individual ESL Conversation Practice - Private 1:1 Class - Request a Time

Christmas Elf Training Academy

1:1 Writing to Achieve: 24 Techniques to Boost Your Writing Speed Part 1

Mindfulness in Motion - Understanding Yoga for Body & Mind - 1:1

Train Your Brain: Workshop on Executive Functioning (weekly)

Volcanoes, Islands & Forests! The Real World Geology of Star Wars Part 1 (6-9)

Exploring Classical Music with Art

Being a Good Friend- The Power of Confident Communication and Getting Along! (6-8)

American Sign Language (ASL) Fun-Advanced Part 1 of 3 -Ages 6-11

Imagined Kingdoms - Create Your Fantasy Kingdom (13-16 Years)

Social Skills- E Is for Empathy: The Importance of Being Understanding and Kind!

Spelling Rules For Older Students - Long Vowels & Suffixes: FLEX CLASS 4

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Story Time & Rudolph Handprint Ornament Craft

Creative Writing From Pictures - FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE

Language Arts, Grade 2, Reading Comprehension, Grammar , and Spelling.

Crochet a Snowflake!

Hip Hop: Beginning Dance Camp (3x a Week)

Hip Hop: Ongoing Beginning Dance Class

Draw Together: Realistic Animals (For Beginners!)

Christmas Music and Movement for Preschoolers

Let's Speak English! Gain Confidence Through Conversation

Weekly Speech & Debate Club - Ongoing Course

The Ultimate Frozen Holiday Sing-A-Long Class!

Let's Go Add: Reindeer Games Addition Within 20

Disney Voice Over Acting Camp - Learn Voice Over for Beginners

Tutoring Session With Ms. Rebekah

Turning Pages Book Club: Weekly Private Tutoring by Request

Explorer Art Club | Drawing & Painting | Art & Zoology for Animal Lovers!

Kindergarten Readiness

Preschool & Kindergarten Readiness: Complete Semester Phonics Curriculum FLEX!

English Language Arts & Social Studies: Literary Discussions & Writing

The Mesmerising Steppes of Mongolia

Algebra Students: Let's Learn How to Find the GCF for Variables

Cosplay Hangout With Lore

Kitchen Table Weekly Science and STEM Experiments

FUNdamentals Preschool And Kindergarten Class: For Prek and Kindergarteners

Ancient Greek Literature and Archaeology: Reading and Understanding the Odyssey

Compare Fiction & Nonfiction Texts: Analyze the Past to Learn Today

Let's Learn English and Make Friends: ESL Beginner A1 Conversation Club, Ages 3-7

Shakespeare Retold for Young People (Multi-Day)

Roman History Part 2: From Julius Caesar to Octavian Augustus

Literature Mini-Studies I: The Yellow Wallpaper

Guthriegabs About World History-World War I: The Great War 1914-1918

Calming Your Inner Sonic the Hedgehog: After School ADHD Executive Functioning Skills for Reducing Fidgeting

Winter Holiday History & Stories: Global Winter Festivals, Folk Tales & History

An Improvised Christmas Show! (Improv Comedy for Ages 5-8)

All About Blood: Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets.

Snowman Drawing and Writing Activity

Polar Region Inhabitants - Bears, Penguins and More -PreK Learning With Ms. Liz

Yoga en Español - Namaste Amiguitos - 1:1

Sonic and Mario Workout Series- Flex Course

Natural Disasters (Flex)

Let's Pamper Our Bunnies (Flex)

Finances Used Everyday at Home and in the Real World

Roblox With Friends: Let’s Play Royale High! (Social Group)

Handwriting With Thumbprint Art Series (Sea Turtles)

A New Year's Time Capsule: Elementary Fun

Handwriting With Thumbprint Art Series (Ladybugs)

Let's Spoil Our Bunnies! (Flex)

Drawing Cartoon Hands in Action!

Let's Sing & Learn About Hanukkah!

Handwriting With Thumbprint Art Series (Lion)

Private Reading Tutoring: Help and Discussion for Any Book/Novel Study

Mini Gingerbread Houses

Let's Learn Colors in Korean!

Writing Skills and Story / Novel Crafting With a Published Author / Illustrator

Let's Play Math Games! (3rd and 4th Grade)

Play Roblox - Welcome to Bloxburg - Challenges, Puzzles and Escape Rooms

3-4 Competition Math: Challenging Elementary Problems (Ongoing)

Ballet Gymnastics (Floor Barre) - Placement, Turn Out, Core and Flexibility

Stranger Danger - Learn How to Stay Safe From Strangers!

Love to Dance - Ballet Gymnastics (Floor Barre) - Quality and Technique Starts Here_Online Workout

New Year's Day Story: Super Queenie, a Super Hero

Roblox One-On-One: Let’s Play Adopt Me!

Prepare 5th/6th Graders for ELA Assessments: Common Core Comprehension & Writing

Dragon Fun: Draw and Create Your Own Dragon!

Let's Bake Dog Treats

Even More No Bake Dog Treats

3-Day Gymnastics Camp

Intermediate Gymnastics Skills

Private Tutoring for Elementary Math

Show, Share, and Learn. (Show and Tell)

Introduction to 4 Square Essay Writing for Young Writers 1 English - Small Group

No Bake Bunny Treats

Our Time to Shine! Weekly Broadway Dance Class (8-12)

CVC Word Fun “Consonant Vowel Consonant”

Maestra Arelis: Multi-Sensory Spanish Immersion for 3-5 Year Old's

Norwegian for Intermediate Learners!

Ongoing Beginner Guitar (Ages 6-10)

Stock Market -Introduction to Investing in the Stock Market Ages 8 - 13

Handwriting With Thumbprint Art Series (Bumble Bee)

Math/Science Tutoring: Pre-Algebra Through Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, & Physics

Supercharge Your SAT/ACT Math Mastery

Discover Chemistry With Inquiry: The Fundamentals (Unit 1 of 4) (Flex Schedule)

Discover Chemistry With Inquiry: Reactions (Unit 3 of 4) (Flex Schedule)

Discover Chemistry With Inquiry: Heat Acids Redox (Unit 4 of 4) (Flex Schedule)

Discover Chemistry With Inquiry: Atoms Compounds (Unit 2 of 4) (Flex Schedule)

Understand French Easily! Review Grammar & Vocabulary on Your Own! (FLEX)

Learn to Read and Learn to Write! (1:1 Tutoring- Four 25 Min. Classes, 1 Per Week)

Let's Go Learn: One-On-One Elementary Math Reinforcement

1-on-1 Middle and High School Math Tutoring - With a Certified Tutor!

Vocabulary Curriculum - High School (Ages 14-18 / Grades 9-12)

New Year Bullet Journal Camp

Holiday Club: Freeze Dance + Holiday Drawing!

Playing With Sight Words Part 2- Fry's Second 100

Awe-Inspiring Antarctica

1:1 Individual Tutoring

Highschool Finance : An Ongoing Introduction to Money Management for Teens

Ancient Military History 6: Roman Republic in Crisis

Ancient Military History 4: The Persian Empire

Hip Hop Kids: Ongoing Beginning Dance Class

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell! Story Time and Santa Sleigh Craft

Turning Pages Book Club: LOTR Bk3 Return of the King

Holiday Music: Learn the History & Listen to Popular Holiday Songs

Weekly Art Class - Wolf Circus Art Studio (Ages 5 - 7)

Blackpink Lovers! Weekly K-Pop Dance Class

6th Grade Math | Spring (Semester 2)

Weekly Art Class - Wolf Circus Art Studio (Ages 8-12)

Pluto: A Winter Wonderland on the Edge of the Solar System

Focus and Flow Pilates Study Break: Ongoing Club for Tweens 11-14

Phonics Focused Kindergarten Prep & Readiness Camp!

All About the Mosasaurus. Extinct, but Still Alive in Our Hearts!

Confident Communicating: Public Speaking for Ages Four and Five

The Ultimate Pusheen the Cat Drawing Club! | Art Class

English Language Arts/Reading Private Tutoring Ongoing (25 Minute 1:1 Tutoring-Writing, Grammar, Phonics, Spelling, Reading) ESL Welcome

Montessori Story Time: The Stories and Fun With Grammar Symbols

Procreate Digital Art Tutoring or Private Class of Your Choice With Miss Allison

Word Families for Beginning Readers: Short Vowels

Procreate Landscape Painting Camp: Create Beautiful Procreate Art

Weekly Vocabulary Fun! *ENRICHED* Improve Writing, Spelling, Speaking, and Listening Skills (Certified Reading Teacher)

Scientific Discoveries and Inventions From History and the People Who Made Them!

Merry Fitness: Holiday Dance Workout for Kids with a Christmas Elf!

Winter Holiday Drawing Camp: Santa-Pug, Christmas Kitten, and Festive Deer

Elementary Science: All About Blood! What Is Blood Made Of?

Private Tutoring / Phonics / Letter Sounds and Blends / Reading / Semester Long

Paint Winter Holiday Paintings of the Masters! Van Gogh, Monet and More Art FLEX

Creative Writing Club: Let’s Get Creative & Write!

Digital Citizenship Flex Class

Kindergarten Fun: Creating a PB&J "How to" Story!

Warrior Dance Academy: Hip-Hop + Jazz Conservatory Program

No Bake Dog Treats Take Two

Winter Animal Art: Penguins in the Snow Sketch

Beyond Shapes: Geometry for Early Elementary Weekly

Winter Animal Art: Bunny Sketch

Vocabulary Curriculum - Middle School (Ages 9-14 / Grades 4-8)

Private Writing & English Tutor

Small Group Writing & English Tutor

Beyond Shapes: Geometry for Early Elementary

Holiday Animal Art: Christmas Santa Pug Dog Sketch

Geography Geniuses Club: Let’s Learn About the 50 States of the USA

Holiday Animal Art: Deer and Sleigh Bells Sketch

Holiday Animal Art: Christmas Kitten Sketch

Dinosaur ABC Academy (Learn ABC’s)

Private 1:1 Beginner Guitar Lessons (Ongoing)

Art Class for Creative Teens Part 2: Drawing and Conceptual Developememt!

Dinosaur Math Academy (Let's Count and Learn Numbers)

Smarty Pants Music Classroom - ‘Twas the Night...

Earth Sciences Escape Rooms Learn About Biological Cycles

Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master Bootcamp (Flex Class)

Flex Your Spanish: Verbs (Teens)

Science Experiment: Make an Indoor Rainbow!

Write it! Peform it: Writing Poetry (2 days)

Animal Investigators

Poetry Fun: Winter Edition

American Girl Doll Club: Craft, Socialize, Learn and Make New Friends

Fun With First Grade Math: Semester 2 (Summer Camp)

Waldorf-Inspired Winter Form Drawing for Ages 6-9

Glitter Academy Girls Only Club: W/ Storytime, Show and Tell, and Crafts!

Holiday Science Fun

Ancient Empires: China

Guided Drawing: Snow Globe

Turning Pages Book Club: LOTR Bk2 Two Towers

Turning Pages Book Club: LOTR Bk1 Fellowship of the Ring

All About Feelings Part 2

The Incredible Brain and Managing Emotions Utilizing Our Five Senses - Ongoing

Wild Animal Adventure: The 10 Strongest Animal Bites in the World

Cosplay Games

Spanish Social and Conversation Club (NO ENGLISH)

Math: Introduction to Adding Decimals

Santa Puzzle Escape Room

Exploring Our Dynamic Earth: An Intro to Earth Science for 5th & 6th Graders

Neil Schusterman's Star Shards Book Club. Let's Read Scorpion Shards!

Math: Introduction to Rounding off Decimals

Hip Hop Dance Winter Break Camp

Preschool Circle Time

Winter Sight Word Bingo:1st Grade

Research Paper Writing Made Easy

Intro to Theatre and Improv Winter Break Camp

Math: What's the Point ! Introducing Decimals

Winter Sight Word Bingo: 2nd Grade

Cooking: Baking: Christmas Chex Snack Mix Puppy Chow/Muddy Buddy Gluten-Free!

Improv Acting Club (Ages 12-14)

Flex Your Spanish: Verbs

Math: Introduction to Dividing Fractions

Rising Star Performance-Weekly Acting Drop in-Class!

Happy Little Acrylic Painting Art: Paint a Cozy Polar Bear Step by Step!

Language Arts: Introduction to Correcting Run on Sentences

Extreme Weather Escape Rooms

Ongoing Social Book Club: Where We Read Together and Have Fun With Friends!

Book Club: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Elementary Science: Exploring Our Muscles! (5-8 Year Olds)

Princess Creative Movement and Dance Party!

Video Editing: Let's Have Fun With iMovie! (iPad & iPhone)

Clay Sculpting for Beginner+: Christmas Mug

Spanish for Kiddos - Learn Mis Números #1-20 (Beginner Edition)

Winter Camp Poetry for Kids

Tutoring Reading Ages 5-8

So You Got a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera! Crash Course

Clay Sculpting for Beginners: Christmas Ornaments

Exploring Word Families: A Lively Beginning Reading Class

Beginner Sign Language Topic Classes (ASL)

Creative Writing - Meet Your Goals and Become a Novelist With NaNoWriMo!

Your Very Second Spanish Class | FLEX

Cooking: Valentine's Baking: Peanut Butter Blossom Hershey's Kiss Cookies!

DIY Christmas Ornaments Using Homemade Clay

Cooking: Christmas Holiday Baking: Chewy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies!

Mixed Media Snowman Painting

Fun With Watercolor Painting: Draw and Paint Holiday Gnomes (Ages 5-8)

Insect Inspector - Bug Hunt Show and Tell

High School Genetics

Crochet Social Club: Beginners Practice the Basics

Beginner Spanish Verbs and Conjugations

Animals Move from A to Z for Preschool and Kindergarten

Create a Masterpiece With Monet | Travel Through Time! | Art for Kids!

An English Elementary Grammar Discovery 2

PEE Your Way to Success: 'Point, Evidence, Explain' in Non-Fiction Writing.

FLEX Beginner Exploring American Sign Language

Book Club: The Witches by Roald Dahl

Prehistoric Animal Adventure: Five Astonishing Ice-Age Creatures

Audition Rep and Prep Your Book: Flex for Ages 11-16.

One Step Up - Ballet Class - Work on Technique, Placement, Coordination (Ongoing), Joy of Dance.

Apex Legends Gaming Club

Writing Club: Let's Share Our Writing!

Let's Create Winter Cutie Characters! Polymer Clay Art Sculpting for Beginners

Summer Camp - Game Design 1 With Scratch

Is She a Geek, Freak, or Magic? Middle School Book Club: Stargirl by J. Spinelli

The Reading Room for Struggling Readers and/or Dyslexic Students [RR9]

Exploring the Human Body: Anatomy and Physiology for Elementary (9-12)

A Look at Octopus Around the World Part 2 - Marine Biology/ Zoology

Nutty Nutcracker: A Week-Long Dance Adventure Into the Land of Sweets Ages 8-12

High School Art and Portfolio Development Level 2: Drawing & Creative Thinking

Unicorn Bookmark Origami

Nutty Nutcracker: A Week-Long Dance Adventure Into the Land of Sweets Ages 4-7

Minecraft ASL Adventure Part 1 (American Sign Language)

Dark Knowledge: Famous Cases of Evil Deeds

Preschool Workshop: Beginning Math ~ Simple Addition 2

Fantasy Basketball Fun! For Kids 11-16 Play in a Season Long Fantasy League

Homeschool STEM for Kids: Experiments You Can Do at Home

Joyful Music Makers

Saint-Saëns' The Carnival of the Animals With Games & Crafts! (Pre-K-2Nd Grade)

Learn About Mathematics in Nature

Winter Camp: Holiday Draw With Me for Beginners!

Beginner Lyrical/Contemporary Dance Class

Girls' Survival Club in Minecraft: Play, Survive, and Thrive Together! (Ongoing)

Girls' Builder's Club in Minecraft: Design & Build With Friends (Ongoing)

All About Africa - The Course - History, Geography, Animals, Myths, Music, Stories and Culture

A Look at Octopus Around the World Part 1 - Marine Biology/ Zoology

Learning to Knit- Beginner-Knitted Dishcloth/Washcloth

Hip Hop Dance Class Beginner Level Coed Girl and Boy

Scratch Jr Coding Class for Young Learners

The Ultimate Kawaii Drawing Club! | Art Class

Private Bass Guitar Lessons With Dave (Ages 14 - 18): 1 Day/Week

French Conversation Club - Theme-Based Intermediate Lessons (Immersion Style)

Winter Wonderland : Acrylic Painting Paint - A - Long

Super Heroes of Christmas: Winter Drawing Camp

Gymnastics Class: Beginners With Experience (Part 2)

Piano Level 1, Part 2

Teen Minecraft Nights: Java 1.20 Edition Gaming Hour

Reading the Classics - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Read Aloud Class

Girls Creative Time with Ms. Niki | Art, Painting, Drawing, and So Much More

Art Camp | How to Draw Basics: Still Life

Hindi: Private Tutoring 1:1 Twice a Week

Holiday Classic: The Nutcracker

Exploring the Past: History Enrichment and Tutoring

Easy Beginner Japanese for Kids: Unit 2 (4 Wks, for 6-10Yr Old)

Creatures & Beings of Myth: Winter Holidays - Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas, Lunar New Year & More

Geography and History of the World

Zoology Unit Study: The 6 Main Animal Groups FLEX

Mindfulness Practices for Kids Age 7-11, Ongoing

Inclusive Cartoon Club for Teens and Tweens

Deep Thinkers - Weekly Philosophy Discussion

Percy Jackson Speech and Debate Club for Beginners

Let’s Draw Studio Ghibli Illustrations Weekly Using Procreate!

F 35 Lightning II the Joint Strike Fighter

Fun Logic Puzzles and More! For 11 and 12 Year Olds

Magic Masterclass - Amazing Magic Tricks With Rubber Bands

Google Slides Fun: Add-A-Dinosaur to Your Photos - Digital Art Craft (Set 1)

Honors Biology

Improv Comedy Summer Camp

Project Based Python for High School Students (Level 2)

Beginning Photoshop (or Photopea) - Creating Unique Images, Memes and Enhancing Photos (Ages 12-17)

All About The Megamouth Shark. World's Rarest Shark, Full of Mystery.

Hot Wheels Littlest Engineers Club (4-5Yr)

Beginner's Guide to Japanese II

Fun With Chinese: Level 2c

Fun With Chinese: Level 2b

Ongoing Private Reading Tutoring Once a Week

How Did That (Grand) Canyon Get There?!

Crocheting and Knitting Club

Fun & Finance Summer Camp: How To Use Money: Saving, Investing, Giving and Math

Silhouette Landscapes: Paint or Draw

Writing Tutor

1:1 Private Math Tutoring for Grades 1 to 8: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & Geometry

Public Speaking: Let's Give a Speech! (Ages 6-9)

Yarn Dolls

Acting Skills: Acting With Feelings.....Let's Perform! (Ages 6-9)

Division: Dividing Multiple Digits (up to Four) by Single Digit Divisors

Drawing Club: Animals and Backgrounds!

Math: Multiplication Made Simple

Alphabet Recognition - Private Tutoring

Fraction - Addition & Subtraction

How to Create and Effectively Use a SWOT

1:1 Math Tutoring for Algebra 1 or 2, Trig, Pre Calc, and Calculus - 1 Hour

Homeschool Math: Second and Third Grade Drop-In Math Games

Explore Yellowstone National Park

One or Two? What Do We Do?, Part 1

Let's Talk About Food! ESL for Beginners - Gain Confidence Through Speaking

Fashion History: Wedding Dresses Through the Ages

15-Week Private Tutoring Session - 1 Time/Wk

Singing Time With Teacher Jamie

Z Holiday History: Hanukkah for Teens (One Time Class)

Spanish for Kiddos - Learn mis Colores (Beginner Edition)

Kinder Connections: Christmas Camp

Phonics Fun With Australian Animals

Guess that Sound! Animals of Africa

Phonics Fun With Rainforest Animals

Effective Note-Taking Strategies

Guess that Sound! Animals of the Arctic Circle

Pop-Up Zumba Kids Dance-Fitness Class: Lower Elementary!

#2 Magic Tree House: Knights at Dawn Camp

Little Artist's Drawing Club (Preschool & Kindergarten)

Introduction to Latin Course V

I Gotta Feelin': A Ten Week Social-Emotional Class for Kids

Psychology of Middle School Essentials- Friendship, Memory, Bullying, & Stress

Biology - Advanced Vet / Veterinary Science 1 Animal Science (13-17) FLEX

Biology - Advanced Vet / Veterinary Science 1 Animal Science (8-12 Yrs) FLEX

Youkoso! Beginning Japanese 2

Dungeons and Dragons 101: The Basics of D&D

Creative Women in History

Our American Presidents: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Ages 8-11)

The Universe: A System in Motion

Funny Money & Strange Change Part 2

We Need Diverse Books - Book Club

Here's Hiragana! Part 5 (a Japanese Alphabet) (Age 8-12)

Happy Catmas: A Warrior Cat Leafbare Celebration

Private 1:1 - Certified MATH Teacher - Homework Help/ Remediation / Enrichment

Magic Math Talks Ages 4-6 Extending Mathematical Thinking

Here's Hiragana! Part 4 (a Japanese Alphabet) (Age 8-12)

Ballet & Creative Dance for 3-5 Year Olds

Escape Santa's Workshop!

Edible, Fluffy Slime

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