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Homeschool STEM for Kids: Experiments You Can Do at Home

Elene Feigenbaum
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This ongoing class will teach important physical science topics through while performing fun and engaging STEM experiments including building a motor, a battery, an electroscope and a balloon-powered car using materials found at home.

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US Grade 6 - 9
Students will learn physics concepts such as Newton's Laws, Bernoulli's Law, and Electricity. Students will perform experiments safely, learn to develop hypothesis and make observations. 
I have been a science teacher for over thirty years.  I have a masters degree in chemistry and I love to teach children through hands-on inquiry-based experimentation. I have taught students of all ages a wide range of science content including physical science, forensic science earth science, engineering and chemistry.  I look forward to teaching your child!
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Week of August 27 - Sept 2- First law of Motion – Inertia Experiments 10 coins of the same type Paper Cardboard Golf ball or similar object Toilet paper roll (empty) Plastic cup Week of Sept 3-9 - Second Law of Motion Experiments Clothespin Pieces of dry spaghetti 2 objects of different masses – like blocks String Clay Toy car Stopwatch or clock with second hand Week of Sept. 10-16 - Third Law of Motion Experiments: Pencil Plastic spoon Tongue depressers Marshmallows or cotton balls or wads of tissue 2 rubber bands Balloon Straw String Toilet tube roll Week of Sept. 17- Sept. 23 – Third Law of Motion Experiments Balloon Pencil Plastic cup String or yarn Tape Straw that bends 4 marbles or 2 AA batteries to use as wheels Scissors Rubberband Book  Week of Sept. 24 – Sept 30 - NO CLASSES Week of Oct. 1 - Oct. 7: NO CLASSES Week of Oct. 8-Oct 14 - Make a Balloon Car Tube or water bottle or cardboard Empty toilet paper tube, disposable water bottle, or cardboard for body of car Balloon Cardboard circles or bottle caps for wheels Scissors Pencils or wooden dowels Tape Straw Rubberband Week of Oct 15-20: - Centripetal Force Balloon Penny plastic plate or heavy cardboard String 3 clear plastic cups Tape 2 ping pong balls Pencil Week of Oct. 22- 28: – Make a Homopolar Motor AA battery Copper wire - stiff but bendable Several small cylindical neodymium magnets about the same diameter as the battery Week of Oct 29 – Nov 4: – Making a battery Salt vinegar 5-6 pennies 5-6 zinc washers (most metal washers are anodized (zinc plated) Paper cup Pencil Scissors 2 lemons or 2 potatoes (or one plus a knife to cut into 2 pieces) Alligator clips or wire Small hobby LED or voltmeter   Week of Nov. 5 – Nov. 11: – Make an electroscope Empty soda can or paper plate with clear drinking glass or clear jar with metal lid with hole punched in the cap. Plastic cup Tape Aluminum foil – thinner is better Scissors Balloon Large paper clip Tape Week of Nov. 12- Nov. 18:– Bernoulli Effect – 2 empty soda cans 2 mugs that soda cans fit into – preferably the same size as each other Paper Scissors 2 Straws that bend prefereably 2 Balloon String Tea light and lighter or matches Ping pong ball Hair dryer Duct tape Cup with water Funnel or top of water bottle with hole in cap Week of Nov 19- Nov 25: Pasta rocket – hybrid engine Glass mason jar or baby food jar with lid Nail to make a hole in metal lid round pasta – ziti match hydrogen peroxide yeast Week of Nov 26 – Dec. 2 – All About Pressure Empty soda can Box of dixie bathroom cups – only one will get ruined Shallow bowl of ice water balloon Water bottle with cap Scissors or nail to make a hole in the water bottle Glass of water Note card big enough to cover the opening of the glass Week of Dec. 3- Dec. 9 – Paperclip Pendulum Many paperclips of the same size A ziplock bag Pennies for weights String Stopwatch Week of Dec. 10 – Dec. 16 – chanuka no class Week of Dec 17 – Dec 23: – Seeing and hearing waves Template of a cylinder shape – will be provided Scissors Rubber bands of different lengths and thicknesses Pencil Printout of Black and White Stripes – will be attached Shoebox or plastic cup Week of Dec 24 – Dec 30 – STEM challenge: Building a bridge with paper and a paperclip Piece of computer paper Scissors Two paperclips Bag of pennies Week of Dec. 31- Jan 6: – Boats and Buoyancy Aluminum Foil Bowl or dishpan filled with of water Lots of pennies for adding weight Week of Jan 7- Jan. 13– Momentum Paper or cardboard Scotch tape 3-4 Ping pong balls 3-4 Golf balls Week of Jan 14 – Jan 20 - Center of Mass Pencil Stiff Wire Corks or potato or clay Forks Bottle Toothpick Toy/object/clay to suspend from wire Robot picture printed out on cardstock (will be attached in a classroom post) - colored in if you want. Two coins (pennies) Tape Empty soda can Week of Jan. 21 – Jan 27: – Combustion Hardboiled egg or water balloon Glass bottle with opening a little smaller than the egg Paper Match or lighter Glass Shallow bowl of water Tea light Week of Jan 28 - Feb. 3: NO CLASS Week of Feb. 4 – Feb. 10– Total Internal Reflection Glass Small ziplock bag that will fit inside the glass when held flat. Paper Permanent markers Water Penny or other coin Week of Feb 11 – Feb. 17: – Convection Currents 2 clear bottles of the same size Two different color of food coloring Cold water to fill one bottle Warm water to fill the other bottle Note card or stiff cardboard – larger than openings of bottle Paper Scissors String Desk lamp or small candle Week of Feb. 18 – Feb. 24: – Making a Bimetallic Strip Aluminum foil Printer paper Scissors Glue Candle Lighter or matches Optional: other material sheets (plastic, copper, etc.)   Week of Feb. 25 – Mar. 2– Make a Compass Bowl Water bottle cap Water Paper clip Magnet Week of March 3 – March 9: – Paper Rocket Design Two sheets of paper Scissors Pencil Drinking straw Ruler Week of March 9 – March 16: – How Fast Will it Fall? (Terminal Velocity) 2 sheets of paper (computer paper is fine) 1 coffee filter (or paper cupcake holder) Stopwatch Meter stick or tape measure Calculator Week of March 17 – March 23: - Why Flaps and Folds Matter on Paper Airplanes Sheets of paper Ruler Scissors Something to measure distance Week of March 24 – March 30: – Make a Hovercraft Pop-top lid from a water bottle or dishsoap An old CD or DVD or small plastic disposable plate Medium sized balloon hot glue or duct tape Large flat surface or kitchen counter Week March 31 – April 6 : – Roto-Copter Paper Scissors Timer Penny Paperclip   Week of April 7- April 13: – Rubber Band -Powered Toys (Energy Transformations) Empty soda can, or empty cardboard can with plastic cover Scissors or nail – to poke holes Two Rubber bands Duct tape Two small paper clips Two toothpicks Spool of thread (empty is better) 4-5 washers Water bottle (alternative to spool) Straw (if using water bottle) String Week of April 14 – April 20: – Fidget Spinner Gyroscope String Pencil (straight normal number 2 pencil, not a mechanical pencil) Fidget spinner where you can expose the center hole Tape Scissors Week of April 21-April 27: NO CLASS Week of April 28 – May 4: NO CLASS Week of May 5 – May 11: Simple Machines: Levers Ruler Pencil or pen Weight of some sort like a ball of clay Optional: Spring Scale Week of May 12 - 18: Simple Machines: Pulleys Yarn or String Spools from ribbon or thread Paper clips Place to hang pulleys (cabinet or tape to table top) Weight to lift Option 2: Piece of thick foam board or cardboard and some straws or wooden dowel Week of May 19-25: Simple Machines - Gears Pictures of the gears printed on cardstock OR Corrugated Cardboard and cut out cardboard circles. Scissors Tape or glue 2 long pins or toothpicks Foam or cardboard
Average rating:4.8Number of reviews:(119)
I have been a private school middle and high school science teacher for over 30 years. During that time, I taught classes in chemistry, engineering, earth science, life science, chemistry, forensic science, biology, and health.  I enjoy teaching... 
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